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Friday August 18, 2017 - The Great Disconnect: Markets Vs. Economy - the disconnect between the economy and the financial markets will merge.

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"While the Central Banks and Authorities keeps promising with each passing year the economy will come roaring back to life, the reality has been that all the stimulus and financial support can’t put the broken financial transmission system back together again. Eventually, the current disconnect between the economy and the markets will merge. Such a convergence is not likely to be a pleasant one." 

household debt

Government assistance is at an all time high and is made possible because Central Banks can create FIAT MONEY out of thin air and the fractional reserve Banks use to create even more money. The problem is that because of the Depression and the Aging Baby Boomers, the pressure on Government expenditures will even increase....but there is no MONEY nor CREDIT left to cover the demand.

food stamps 2017

Gold is an excellent instrument to preserve BUYING POWER...on condition that you keep it in the right place..out of politicial reach.

Gold is a store of value because of its immutability, relative scarcity, beauty and global acceptance as a fungible asset. The fact it has history on its side as a store of value ensures there will always be investment interest in the "barbaric relic".

Important Fundamentals:

  • We have a DAMN DEPRESSION...like I have been telling for years now. Wal-Mart Slides, Free Cash Flow Fails To Cover Dividends And Buybacks. If it wasn't for FOODSTAMPS, the soup lines would be longer than during the 1930's.

Important Technicals:

  • The SP500 had a healthy pullback, but the long-term bull market is still intact. The END of the Summer Rally however is near...
  • The Bond market is still topping out.
  • Gold & Silver are still on the verge of a breakout...however we need to see MORE action.

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Thursday August 17, 2017 - (big) Government ALWAYS brings misery. It by definition always has and always will!

Updated Sections:

The countries with the highest public spending (and highest taxation level) are those where over the years Gross National Product is performing WORST.

public spending  GDP M2-sp500-gold 2017-05

The problem is that Central Banks are no longer in a position to DECREASE the Money Supply. If they do, Interest rates will soar and what we call today a Recession will become  a SUPER-DEPRESSION overnight.  The Bond bubble can no longer be inflated (interest rates are zero percent). And the Real Estate bubble will deflate even at today's low interest rates because REAL SPENDING power is gone [real spending power is gone because REAL INFLATION RATE is a lot higher than the official figures pretend]. Stocks and Stock Markets can be further rise on condition the Central Banks continue to BUY Shares...and that is exactly what they are doing now.

The world has been thriving on debt and more debt for the last decenia. More debt means consumption is "pulled forward" from the future so consumption can occur now. This usually ends badly. The same can be said about REAL ESTATE. Low interest rates and the Real Estate Mania has pushed more and more people (and also investors) into the Real Estate market although demand will fall over the coming years.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Euro Junk bonds are worth as much as US-Treasuries....and this spells not a lot of good for the US-Dollar.

Euro junk bonds vs Fed

Important Technicals:

  • The long term xxxx chart shows a huge CUP & HANDLE pattern. [long term chart patterns are more reliable than short term chart patterns]

see subscriber's section for chart

  • xxxx chart shows a staircase uptrend and remains a BUY.

see subscriber's section for chart

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Wednesday August 16, 2017 - EU citizens will have to pay taxes to the EU sooner than they think!

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EU-BrexitWhen the EU falls apart, thousands of (mainly government) jobs will be lost. Not only politicians will loose what they saw as the utimate EU-job, but all petty government employees which come with the EU and the ECB also will ... Having said this, I am not sure at all the when the EU breaks up the Euro will also disappear. The odds are that the stronger European coutries may decide to keep the Euro as their currency.

As the UK leaves the EU - BREXIT - the EU will stop receiving the billions which the UK paid each year to the EU.  Therefore the EU will have no alternate but the INCREASE the general level of taxation.  The odds being that EU citizens will also have to pay an EU-TAX sooner than they think.

On gold and silver, never mind the price drop we had since 2011. "They're real money, always have been, and you are going to need it. . . . How can it be silly to hold real money? Americans (but also Europeans) are going to have to face up to the fact that wehave been deluded by a propaganda press that was attempting to sow a particular viewpoint around the world. We tried to conquer the world with dollars, euro's and the threat of bullets . . . . Our dollars were accepted all around the world, and people gave us real stuff for those green pieces of paper.  They're not going to do that anymore.  So, if you want that coconut from Malaysia . . . you are going to have to pay something that has value.  Those little green pieces of paper will not after a short period of time.  They are going to have value inside the country for a while, but outside the country, people are going to say I want gold or silver or oil.  I want to see something of value."

"At some point in 2017, probably past mid-year, we're going to be looking at hyperinflation so bad that the DOW will be measured around $100,000 to $125,000. Meaning, the dollar will be so worthless that it will take $125,000 to buy the little basket that is the DOW. I also have language that says an ounce of gold will be approaching the DOW in terms of value. This is not ludicrous. In the last depression in 1933 and 1934, after the shutting of the banks . . . we had a point where gold and the DOW were the same, and gold dominated the DOW for decades." 

euro tax

Important Fundamentals: see subscriber's section

Important Technicals: see subscriber's section

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Tuesday August 15, 2017 - Is the breakout of Bank shares stalling?

Updated Sections: Uranium shares , Bank & Financial shares , Video Section , 

Excellent German video about Money...with subtitles in different languages. 

BITCOIN and DIGITAL currencies is nothing but THIN AIR!  If we ever gonna have digital currencies they will have to be backed by GOLD!

Important Fundamentals:

Under normal conditions, the profit figures of Banks improve when Interest Rates rise. This time however the situation is different: (see section for Banks & Financials for more...)

  1. there is little, NO ROOM for higher interest rates.
  2. the value of the High Order Capital Goods (Real Estate in particular) will continue to suffer...and this will severely impact the balance sheets of the Banks and Financials.

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The West is lost: low IQ cultures don't mix with high IQ...even worse, they overtake the high IQ culture!

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes , Indexes in Gold (bearish) , 

Better prepare for SHARIA-LAW now - Everybody should watch this video clip. The EU will be dancing to the tunes of the Barbarians in less than 5 years from now.  An economic depression can be overcome...a Barbarian cultural invasion NEVER unless there is a WAR, Civil War, Revolution,...Having said this, a society without a RELIGION never survives and a Religion cannot be replaced by the surrogate of Global Warming Religion, or Green Energy Religion.

Germany Migrant's crime rise by 50%. Those who keep buying Real Estate in Europe, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy,...are just CRAZY people who refuse to see the REALITY of tomorrow.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Central Banks CANNOT risk/allow a crash. In due time they will start QE4 and this will push stock markets even higher!!! (and the US-Dollar lower)

Important Technicals:

  • A Pennant is a COIL and a VACUUM develops beneath and above the pattern. The formation is mature as soon as 3/4 - 4/5th of the pattern has been completed. Once the pattern is completed, price will break DOWN or break UP.  See individual sections for larger detailed charts and PF targets after breakout.
  • The gold miners’ stocks have largely ground sideways this year, really lagging gold’s strong rally. That lack of upside has decimated sentiment, leaving a bearish wasteland bereft of hope. But this deeply-out-of-favor sector is actually a coiled spring, ready to surge dramatically as psychology shifts. Sentiment, technicals, and fundamentals all point to much-higher gold-stock prices even at today’s prevailing gold levels
  • The Dow Jones Industrials, SP500, Dow Transportation index: all are seriously OVERBOUGHT and a correction would be very positive for markets in general. See section for World Stock Market indexes for details. [section has been re-organised]
  • XXX  XXX shows a BEAR trap, has broken out and is a buy! [see section of Uranium shares for chart and more]

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Friday August 11, 2017 - North-Korea and his leader may be helping Gold & Silver to break out..or will it just be the excuse CNN will use!?

Updated Sections: Indian Rupee-Gold & IR/$ , Yuan-Gold & Yuan , Kro-Gold & Kro/$/€ , R-Gold & R/$/€ , £-Gold &  £/€/$ , ¥-Gold &  ¥/€/$ , 

ATMEU to ban cash withdrawals. Another very dark new development is that the European Union is considering measures to stop people withdrawing cash to stop bank runs. The plan is currently being discussed and would block pay-outs for 5 to 20 days. Once this law is in place, it is very easy to extend to much longer periods or to become permanent.

The trend is clear. Governments worldwide know that the banking system is totally bankrupt. The problem is that most governments are also bankrupt. The only solution they have is to print money but as I have discussed above, money printing will solve absolutely nothing. Nobody holding cash or assets in the bank must believe that the government guarantees of $100,000 or €100,000 is worth anything. Firstly, governments haven’t got any money and secondly they will renege on their commitments.

Those who have bank accounts OUT of POLITICAL reach (outside the EU) won't encounter these problems as they will be able to use their foreign Credit/Debet cards to withdraw money out of the ATM machines. It is naturally a lot easier (and often mandatory) if you have a 2nd residency/passport to have a bank account abroad where you can park money in a legal way.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Silver traded very differently Tuesday than it has in some time. And then today, we haven't seen this sort of power to the upside all year. Silver is The Gold Cartel's kyrptonite. If JP Morgan & Co. have reached a Tipping Point in their ability to supply enough physical silver at these lowly prices, then we are off to the races towards $100 an ounce.
  • Gold and silver are the cheapest assets on the planet. Meanwhile the precious metals bullish sentiment in the United States is at the lowest levels in decades, thereby creating a contrarian's dream investment play.
  • xxxxxxx xxx is to sell its 90% stake in its Ghanaian gold mine Nzema for $65m to BCM International, a mining and civil contracting company. As a result of the proposed transaction, the mine has dropped full-year production guidance for its 2017 financial year.

Important Technicals:

  • note the dramatic comeback of the xxxxx xxxx...orchestrated?
  • the bigger the COIL (=accumulation) , the bigger the vacuum and the more dramatic the next upleg for xxx and xxxxx.
  • technical indicators for xxxxx keep turning bullish. See charts below.
see subscriber's sections for more....

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Thursday August 10, 2017 - The weaker US-Dollar will impact more than you expect it will.

Updated Sections: Silver$-Gold (PF-targets) ,

As nothing is manufactured in the USA (except for Airplanes, Guns, Ammunition, Canons,...), a lower Dollar will push up the Cooked Inflation numbers. Most hardware is MADE in CHINA and most food stocks in Mexico, Central and South-America. In all cases, the price of Commodities which are expressed in US-Dollar will bounce up; including the price of ENERGY and OIL, NATURAL GAS.

 Important Fundamentals:

  • Silver production of the 4 largest Silver miners decreased by 50% over the 1st half of 2017.  When mining becomes a loss, miners simply stop mining... and because PRICE is rigged, Supply dries up. According to the most recently released data from Chile’s Ministry of Mining, the country’s silver production declined a stunning 26% in the first quarter of 2017. This is a big deal as Chile is the fourth largest silver producing country in the world. The majority of Chile’s silver production comes as a by-product of copper production.

    Not only is Chilean silver production (plata) down 26% in the first three months of the year, gold mine supply (oro) is also down 22%.  While a 22% decline in Chile’s gold production is substantial, the country only produced 43.3 mt (1.4 million oz) in 2016, compared to 1,496 mt (48.1 million oz) of silver.
    Chile isn’t the only country suffering from falling silver production this year.  As I stated in a previous article, Huge Decline In Peru’s Silver Production Suggests Future Production At Risk, Peru’s silver production declined 12% FEB 2017 versus the same month last year.

  • xxx may have discovered new shale gas source in New Mexico. xx (xx) said that one of its shale gas wells in the Mancos Shale in New Mexico reached the highest production rate in 14 years – 12.9 million cubic feet of natural gas per day in the initial 30-day period.

Important Technicals:

  • xxx section: see medium term targets for xxx expressed in US-Dollar and Euro...click here
  • xxxx is a buy at present level...see recession proof shares.

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Wednesday August 9, 2017 - Gold was more than a full moon...it was also a full lunar eclipse.

greek plunderUpdated Sections:

Have you got your second PASSPORT (Perm. Residency)? A lot will change in the world as of January 1st, 2018 . Today it is still not too late to prepare yourself. Be advised that next year it all will become more difficult and cost you more money. Now is the time to avoid the trap....the longer you wait, the more it will cost you (also in taxes). For more information, send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it now.

Lesson: the smartest Greeks simply sold all their belongings, real estate, slaves and kept their savings in Gold and/or Silver. It was even better to emigrate to Rome where Goverment gave away FREE land to all new immigrants.

353 BC Ancient Greece had become deeply divided. The new trade routes created a lot of wealth for many people. Others were left behind. Plato called it “the two cities” of Athens -- “one the city of the poor, the other of the rich, the one at war with the other.”

Eventually the poorer citizens were able to take over ancient Greece’s prized democracy. And, putting themselves firmly in control of government institutions, the new politicians came up with the most creative ways of raising taxes, seizing property, and redistributing wealth. They doubled taxes. Import duties and export fees were increased. Real estate transfer taxes soared. Naturally they targeted the RICH citizens first.

But their methods weren’t working. The poor remained poor. So the government raised taxes even more and ‘broadened the base’ to also include most of the middle class. It still didn’t work. They failed to realize that stealing people’s money doesn’t create long-term prosperity.

Commerce and economic growth ground to a halt. Anyone with any wealth, savings, or assets focused almost exclusively on protecting themselves against government confiscation.

In 355 BC the government established a new, special police force to seize assets and imprison well-to-do citizens. Violent outbreaks became commonplace. Class warfare erupted. In the 4th century BC, the lower classes in Argos and Mytilene banded together and massacred over 1,200 wealthy citizens.

The ancient Greeks were so busy fighting each other over their own money that when Alexander the Great’s father invaded Greece, he was practically welcomed as a liberator.

If you have money, you are GAME and be advised that over the coming years Taxation will only get A LOT worse..a LOT WORSE!

Important Technicals:

  • Following shares are a BUY at present levels.
 see subscriber's section for details...
 see subscriber's section for details...
  • Full lunar eclipse for Gold and long term trend.
 see subscriber's section for details...
 see subscriber's section for details...

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Tuesday August 8, 2017 - Fly me to the moon or exact the same scenario as during the 1920's...until 1929 that is!

Updated Sections:  Gold & Silver Majors, Juniors,  Royalties , dow new high

Just like in the 1920's Stock investors are rejoicing about stock markets making new highs in many countries, totally oblivious of the risks or the reasons. It seems that this is an unstoppable rally in a "new normal" market paradigm. No major increase is expected in the inflation rate or the historically low interest rates. The present rally has lasted 8 years since the 2009 low. There is virtually no fear in markets so investors see no reason why this favorable climate would not continue for another 8 years at least

"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is." 

China will probably pull the plug on the Western World....When The Crisis Hits, Financial Markets Will Shutdown Throughout 80%-90% Of The World....By manipulating markets and creating infinite liquidity, central banks are not just temporarily putting off the demise of the financial system, they are also creating a false prosperity by fueling global stock markets to new highs.

For stock prices to grow, money must be printed. For GDP to grow by one dollar, credit must be expanded by several dollars. At the same time, billions of dollars of paper gold contracts must be created and sold to keep the gold price down. Because a high and true price of gold would be a sign of economic mismanagement and must therefore be prevented at any cost.

Whenever people starting buying up some item or asset exclusively because they expect to sell it quickly after a rapid price increase, and not for the asset or item’s originally intended purpose, you can be certain that you are in a bubble.

Important Technicals:

  • Breakouts on candle charts and buy's:
see subscriber's section for details...
  • This are rather important candle charts for $-Gold. VERY SIGNIFICANT if price breaks the $1280 - $1320 ( check the bullish triangle on the short candle for $-Gold in the section of $-Gold).

    see subscriber's section for details... see subscriber's section for details...
    Full Moon Pennant to resolve in Q3-Q4 of this year

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Monday August 7, 2017 - Full Moon...

Updated Sections: Recession Proof shares, Pharma-Bio shares , 

full moon august 7Those who still don't know and see that politicians are Sicko's who only care about themselves must check the unrest in Venezuela. The recent election was a fraud (because all candidates were pro Maduro) and a mockery and yet, POLITICIANS go on like nothing is happening in the streets. Politicians don't give SHIT about the people. Nor does the Police force and Army who receives the best possible financial and other advantages from their bosses the politicians. REMEMBER at all times that Politicians in your country are NOT DIFFERENT! Referenda and Voting have become a JOKE and Authorities and Politicians don't give about the people and the country. They never do!

On Friday, Venezuela's Bolivar plunged, tumbling 16% to 20,142 in the black market, down almost 40% in just the past three days and down over 96% in the past year.

Fears of Venezuela default spike. Venezuela is careening towards default later this year as billions of dollars of debt come due. Both the Venezuelan government and the state-owned oil company PDVSA have enormous debt obligations maturing soon, and there is little cash left with which to pay. Between now and the end of the year, the government and PDVSA owe $5 billion, but according to S&P Global Ratings, the government probably only has about $3 billion left in foreign exchange. A default is looking increasingly likely.

Today's Politicians are no better than at the time of Louis XIV, Louis XVI & Marie-Antoinette, Philip le Beau ,....first they take your money, next they take your life (WAR).

Most people who fled the USSR came over (in the USA) dirt poor; because anyone who dared leave a Communist country, even legally, was first stripped of all money and assets. The plane tickets were by far the most valuable assets immigrants had on their persons when they got on a rickety old Soviet-made jet for a flight to JFK. Therefore it it everybody's responsibility to see that part of their savings are kept OUT OF POLITICAL REACH now. Even better is to also have a SECOND PASSPORT.

Having a Second Passport doesn’t mean you think the world is coming to an end. It’s something that any rational person has, especially in light of today's obvious risks. By diversifying  internationally, you can dramatically expand your freedom, and take advantage of worldwide opportunities to increase your prosperity. These strategies used to be available only to the super wealthy and to multinational corporations with access to armies of lawyers and advisors. 

Today these solutions are accessible to just about anyone with the right education and the will to take action.  A second passport is like a personalized insurance policy that increases your freedom, protects your current and future assets, helps increase your prosperity, ensures that you legally save tens of thousands of dollars in taxes every year.

Important Fundamentals:

  • In Venezuela the price of Real Estate plunged 96% over the past 12 months. Soon one will be able to buy a complete street for a couple of gold coins only.
  • Although there still are buyers around, it becomes obvious that the Belgian Real Estate Bubble starts to deflate.
  • xxxx: net earnings increased to $33.1 million, or $0.03 per share, compared with a net loss of $25.0 million, or $0.02 per share, in Q2 2016...
  • Key metals see surging prices because of electric car demand. Lithium is one of the hottest commodities in the world right now because of surging demand for batteries in electric vehicles (EVs) and for energy storage. But other metals are also on the rise, including copper, cobalt, nickel, and aluminum. Cobalt prices are up 70 percent this year, copper is up 14 percent and aluminum is up 13 percent. The gains are expected to increase in the years to come as EVs capture more market share...see subscriber's sections for selected shares.

Important Technicals:

  • American shares are OVERBOUGHT and there a lot of BUY CLIMAXES visible on our charts. There is no way to tell when and at what level the BLOW OFF will end. Prices can double and triple before it happens. Two things however are sure as death and taxes: 1. at some point it will end and reverse and 2. it will catch us all by surprise and there will be no time to leave the sinking ship.
  • I am not superstitious, but the next full moon is August 7, 2017 and there is a correlation with the price of gold. see gold objectives for more

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Friday August 4, 2017 - Libya was Clinton's war and designed to weaken the Euro, EU & Europe...so is the BREXIT!

Updated Sections: Investment Pyramid , Natural Gas shares , 

The foreign policy of the USA is based on destablisation. By pulling out the cork of Libya, the US knew it would result in a massive migration...a migration which for some good reason was and is NOT STOPPED by the EU-Governments. We'll probably never find out what happened behind the screens and in how far Merkel was bribed by Obama.

The million Dollar question is whether or not the USA will let the Dollar devaluate by another 22% or increase the political pressure on the EU and the Euro. It is widely known the cost of migrating is high. Some migrants pay up to $ 15,000 for a single ferry flight from Calais to England. Nobody seems to know where the migrants get their money from...Nobody seems to understand how it is possible that thousands of young people can simply walk in the EU without any papers...Nobody seems to notice the young men with expensive smart phones drawing huge quantities of money out of the ATM machines....VERY INTERESTING video clip.

The collapse of the financial system first walks the path of Hyperinflation, and ends on the path of Deflation. In a deflationary scenario, as soon as the losses become visible to all participants, the herd psychology changes, and participants no longer believe that central banks "are the ultimate power."...and the Banking System collapses.

The collapse of the financial system first walks the path of Hyperinflation!

Central banks can create currency and credit, but they can't create earnings or productive real-world wealth. These are the limiting dynamics of any debt-dependent system. The fantasy is that free money--limitless credit to corporations and Universal Basic Income to debt-serfs--will magically create earnings and expand productivity. In the real world, free credit is used to buy back stocks and indulge in other financialization trickery like Green Energy (we call it misallocation of funds) , not invest in higher productivity.

The other pathway to implosion of the financial system is to print currency so that debtors have enough money to service their debts. Creating new free money to re-set all the unpayable debt destroys the purchasing power of the currency: it is an implosion that is little different than the deflationary implosion. The inflationary pathway results in the destruction of the currency, impoverishing everyone holding the currency.

Only those holding Physical Gold & Silver out of Political Reach in their own safety box will financially survive the coming reset...Goldonomic knows how and where to keep yours!

While the idea of debt jubilee is appealing to everyone who doesn't own debt-based assets (mortgages, auto loans, student loans,etc.), it is anathema to those who do own most of the debt-based assets--who just happen to be the wealthy and powerful who run our pay-to-play "democracy."[Real Estate also is a debt-based asset]

If history is any guide, the wealthy and powerful who run our pay-to-play "democracy" will never relinquish their wealth. Only a financial collapse can re-set the system.

The financial implosion triggers social and political upheavals.Recall that one person's debt is another entity's asset. When debt is blown off in either a deflationary or inflationary implosion, all the "wealth" represented by debt is also blown off. [during the Weimar revolution one could buy a whole street with some gold coins]

The happenings in Argentina and Venezuela are an excellent guideline for what is going to happen in the near future in the Western World.  Rencently Argentina issued billions of dollars worth of bonds with a 100-year maturity. Bear in mind that Argentina defaulted at least five times on its debt in the previous 100 years. Those who buy these bonds are fools.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Dow Tops 22,000 As Dollar Drops To 27-Month Lows - Get OUT of domestic xxxxxx shares and into domestic xxxxxx shares NOW!...[xxxx and xxxx shares also are good]
  • Crypto-currencies, Bitcoin and the Dollar: Over 90% of all US dollars in circulation, in fact, are already in digital form. People can create their own bitcoin, whereas they can't create their own dollars. . . To me, the idea that people can create currency and have it accepted as legal tender makes no sense.
  • xxxx profits beat expectations. xxxx reported second quarter earnings today, posting a $684 profit. Those figures beat expectations.
  • Canadian and Toronto real estate house market is imploding. And a 2nd real estate top is in the make for the USA.
  • APPLE is a SHORT. Price is over-extended and the co owns bn $515 Treasuries. Better SELL the stock before the price implodes!

seattle home price index

Important Technicals:

  • When the Stock Markets continue to break new record after new record one can be sure that Hyperinflation will soon be a reality.

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Thursday August 3, 2017 - Once you are a permanent resident in Panama you can live in almost any other country in the world and keep the advantages!

ond bubbleUpdated Sections: Oil Shares, 

Goldonomic has been warning for a BOND market bubble since 2011...Greenspan now also is! Reality is that the BOND market has been TOPPING out since 2012 or about 5 years. Technically speaking the Topping has to be considered as a DISTRIBUTION. The bigger the distribution zone (5 years), the stronger action we expect once the new trends sets in. Therefore we expect to see very high interest rates over the coming years.

Central bank balance sheets are at levels that were previously unimaginable and nobody knows what the medium to long-term consequences of that are going to be. Generally speaking central banks either tightening too much, or too quickly, is one of the leading causes of crashes, so there is an increased risk of trouble for the simple reason that we are in unchartered monetary territory.

The ECB bought Portuguese Government bonds with a 9,999 year maturity!?

By any measure, real long-term interest rates are much too low and therefore unsustainable, the former Federal Reserve chairman, 91, said in an interview. When they move higher they are likely to move reasonably fast. We are experiencing a bubble in bond prices. This is not discounted in the marketplace.

Some laws of mother nature can't be broken and if central banks create money out of thin air, nothing by creating more debt, like they do now, it should be WORTHLESS. We are living in the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world.  In 1980, total government and personal debt in the United States was just over the 3 trillion dollar mark, but today it has surpassed 41 trillion dollars. That means that it has increased by almost 14 times since Ronald Reagan was first elected president.  There are no words to describe how completely and utterly insane this is.  The Western World is committing suicide, and yet most Americans and Europeans don't even understand what is happening.

A currency created at no cost, is worth NOTHING.

Once the RIG breaks. It breaks...so don't expect a lot of warning signs...because they rigged the markets with derivatives. If they loose the rig, the loss of the derivatives is massive. Interest rates will go up like we have never seen in the past.  Cash may go to a premium...because physical cash will become scarce...but immediately there after, gold and silver will be remonetized.

This time when the system goes there is no longer a white knight to save the system...expect the standard of living to go down by 50%.  Expect the new (digital!?) currency to have maybe 10% of the value of the old currency...only gold and silver will be good. Real Estate will also strongly DEFLATE because it is an asset which has been heavily borrowed against...because it is a high order capital good!

Important fundamentals:

  • Just like in the 1920's Stock investors are rejoicing about stock markets making new highs in many countries, totally oblivious of the risks or the reasons. It seems that this is an unstoppable rally in a "new normal" market paradigm. No major increase is expected in the inflation rate or the historically low interest rates. The present rally has lasted 8 years since the 2009 low. There is virtually no fear in markets so investors see no reason why this favorable climate would not continue for another 8 years at least. It is simply impossible to forecast as to WHEN this MADNESS will stop and Stock Markets will crash....but when it does, it will take no prisoners!
  • The available INVESTMENT instruments and HOW to keep your savings SAFE (out of political reach) are extremely LIMITED. Goldonomic knows HOW and WHERE...inquire.
  • Tesoro (TSO) and Western Refining is now Andeavor!

Important technicals:

  • The Dow just hit 22,000 for the first time ever. In fact, it’s surged over 4,000 points in the last six months alone. Remember a TOP most of the time comes with a BUY CLIMAX...and August to October are DANGEROUS months...Certainly because the spike is not confirmed by the Dow Transportation and other indexes. De Transportation-dow is actually LOWER...
  • xxx SHARES are OVERBOUGHT. GET OUT of xxxxx  xxxx shares and into xxx-Americans: European, China, Canadian.....

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Wednesday August 2, 2017 - Price of Real Estate is NOT depending upon the level of interest rates as many believe.

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Talk is cheap: whenever anything else fails or whenever it becomes impossible to use other instruments, authorities use TALK...This indicates the end is near......and Janet may through her oracle talk well have worked the Dollar. A higher dollar is important for controlling the import/exports. A lower Dollar will push the US-cooked inflation figures further up...but technically speaking, a LOWER Dollar we shall see!

But I think there is an enormous appetite out in the country to get a different perspective than what you have from the media day in and day out, so I say the fed is out of control. Its balance sheet has exploded. It's printing money like never before. It's buying Stocks, it's rigging Interest Rates, it's rigging Energy prices, it's rigging Gold and Silver...What we don't know is WHEN the rigging will stop working.

Interest rates topped out in 1981 under Volcker together with GOLD and Silver. We had a BEAR MARKET for interest rates and a BULL MARKET for Bonds for the last 36 years....and we recently hit the NOMINAL ZERO LEVEL and the NEGATIVE REAL LEVEL. Real interest rates are the Nominal rates less the Inflation rate (even with cooked inflation rates, we end up in the red).

As a result of Money Printing and Communicating Fiancial Vessels both the Stock Markets and Bonds have been rising during almost 36 year. The million Dollar question is whether or not this trend will be able to continue without a CORRECTION and WHEN and WHY the correction will happen. Having said this, if Central Banks adapt a 100% DIGITAL MONEY SYSTEM it will be even easier to rig the system.

LT-interest 1960 Interest SP500 and recessions 1960 Money and stock markets
Interest rates spiked in 1981 Since the 1960's investing in Stocks has been very rewarding Stock markets keep rising because of the creation of more money, lower interest rates and Central Banks buying STOCKS...

The DANGER and the PROBLEM we have is that once the Central Banks stop printing money, the Stock Markets and the Financial System will crash...because there are NO BUYERS in the market which can absorb the majestic quantity of equities. Hence they have no alternate but to keep printing money and fooling the people & investors until we have HYPERINFLATION and the system collapses under a Civil War/Revolution. And this is exactly what will happen. The question is not a question of buying/selling EQUITIES but one of keeping your savings safe out of political reach....for over the coming years, the Governments increasingly will come after your savings....

Important Fundamentals:

  • Why does the Swiss remain so weak? The banking system is interconnected and very weak, "Look at what happened when the Swiss dropped their peg to the euro. That basically has tanked the Austrian banking system. The Austrian banking system is on the verge of collapse because they lent in Swiss Francs.

Important Technicals:

  • If the xxxx-xxxx breaks down the present support level of .93 the down Target is . 72 or 22.50% lower.
  • If you have xxxx holdings, better is to convert these into other currencies or park the funds by buying xxxxx and xxxxxx.

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Tuesday August 1st, 2017 - Shit happens if you are a politician in Venezuela: what goes around, comes around...!

Updated Sections:

Shit happens if you are a politician in Venezuela...it always does when the money of the others has been spend, even if you try to sell the system as a democracy! To be continued in Socialist (they call it democracy) Europe...when it does happen, expect the same scenario.

The country’s fate is largely tied up in the bond market, where yields on Venezuelan bonds recently soared to 36% as Maduro renewed his calls to rewrite the Constitution. With the US threatening sanctions, investors are worried that the situation could reach a crisis point by Christmas.

Regardless of what happens to the Maduro regime, the country’s citizens are already living in hyperinflationary hell. As we recently reported, Venezuelans are paying 1000x more for dollars than they were in 2010. The collapse in social services like police has created lawlessness reminiscent of the Mad Max film series, where members of the public routinely lynch suspected thieves, and gangs of bikers waylay merchants carrying commodities to market.

The country’s economy is in free-fall: By the end of this year, it will have shrunk by 32 % compared to where it was at the end of 2013, according to International Monetary Fund. Also by the end of this year, the government is on the hook to pay back more than $5 billion in debt - including bonds owed by the state-owned oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela S.A., or PdVSA - plus billions more in interest. As of this week, Venezuela's international reserves stood at less than $10 billion.

High time to reshuffle your savings if you haven't done so yet.

  • Some major trends are due to change and/or are already changing and this has been a theme in these reports for the past few weeks. First it was the euro that reversed trend as the US dollar showed signs of all round weakness as reflected in the dollar index. Then gold in dollars and in euro held at or close to support and showed signs of recovery and is definitely bottoming out.
  • The Bond market seems to be topping out and we may have seen the lowest interest rates of the 21st century and more Real Estate markets are deflating: Canada, Belgium,....
  • Finally, after a series of new all time highs, the DJIA reached to the top of its long term bull channel which resistance has held, despite a new all time high on Wednesday that was still below resistance at the top of the rising channel.

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