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How to buy physical Gold and Silver

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For enquiries about current prices and availability of any products, we suggest you telephone us, rather than e-mail, it's much quicker. We ship all over the world.  

We also BUY Gold and Silver bars, coins, jewelry, watches.... 

You can buy Gold ingots (mostly of 1 kg) or Gold coins. When you buy Gold ingots, make sure it has a purity of "9999". In some cases - for example for French kilo bars - they come with a certificate. Be aware that it is extremely easy to check gold on purity. We strongly advice to take physical delivery of Gold and Silver and to store it in a safe place.

South African Krugerrands and Maple Leafs are a low-priced, high-quality gold bullion coin that is avidly traded throughout the world. Krugerrands remain one of the most successful of all modern bullion issues.

Gold Krugerrands were the first gold bullion coins produced in exact 1-ounce size, and sold for simply the spot gold price and a slight mark-up to cover manufacture and distribution. Here was a way for people to buy tradable quantities of gold, without having to buy big bars of gold bullion or odd-weight gold coins that you had to get out a calculator to figure out their value.

The South African Krugerrands made gold ownership simple by providing a one troy ounce unit of gold that was easy to buy and sell all over the world. Instead of odd-weight bars of gold, the market for private gold owners now had the convenience of mass-produced bullion coins.

Today, the huge supply of Krugerrands on the market makes it the least expensive choice in tradable gold bullion. Krugerrands are the choice of many veteran gold buyers.

Using the durable gold standard established for gold circulating coinage more than 300 years ago, each Krugerrand is minted in 91.67% fine gold alloyed with a small amount of silver and copper added to harden and protect it against damage. Pure, 24-karat gold is actually quite soft. Adding alloy to pure gold makes it many times more durable than gold itself. However, each coin still contains its 1-ounce of pure 24-karat gold. The alloy weight is extra.

Krugerrands are easy to sell at gold market value almost anywhere in the world and anytime. Since their inception in 1979, Krugerrands were long considered to be the international standard for gold bullion investment coins.

Easy to store and transport
Gold bullion coins are compact, convenient, and easy to store or transport. There are securely packed in small, break-proof plastic tubes that are perfect for home safes and bank safety deposit boxes.

The UK and all other EU members abolished VAT on all investment gold as from midnight December 31st 1999. From January 1st 2000, all purchases of investment gold within the EU are exempt from VAT. Exports of investment gold will be zero rated.

When you buy Gold bars or Gold coins, you ONLY pay for the Gold content of the Gold bar or coin. A gold bar with a gold content of 9999 is better than a gold bar with a gold content of 999. If you buy a Gold bar with a Gold content (purity) of 999, you only pay for the 99.9%.

Gold coins come with a premium which normally rises when the demand for the coins rises. The smaller gold coin, the more premium you pay. Try to buy those Gold coins with the smallest premium even when they have scratches. The ideal is to buy scratched Gold coins with a ZERO % premium.

    min premium max. premium
Krugerrand 1 oz/ 31.10gr Au 0.5% 3%
Maple Leaf 1 oz 0.5% 3%
Eagle 50$ 1 oz 0.5% 3%
Nugget 100Au$ 1 oz 0.5% 3%
$ 20 US 30.09 gr gold    
$ 10 US 15.05 gr gold    
Krugerrand ½ oz - 1.01% 5.01%
Maple Leaf ½ oz - 1.01% 5.01%
  ¼ oz - 1.01% 8.04%
  1/10 oz - 1.06% 10.03%
Vrenelis (CH) 5.085 gr gold 0.50% 2.50%
Belgian Louis (20 fr BE) 5.8 gr gold -1.01% 1.10%
Napoleon* (FR) 5.8 gr gold 0.39% 2.50%
10 Gulden (NL) 6.05 gr gold -1.00% 1.07%
Mexican Pesos 50 37.5 gr gold -0.01% 2.00%
Old Pound (UK) 7.32 gr gold -1.10% 1.07%
New Pond (UK) 7.32 gr gold -1.10% 1.07%

Silver:  Bid - Ask spread is min. 10%...and don't forget to add the VAT!

Can be bought either in pellets, coins or ingots. Silver is more cumbersome to store.  Silver Maple leafs (1 onz.) are coined in Canada. Be warned certain countries charge exorbitant taxes (up to 21%) on the purchase of silver and silver coins. Shop around!

  • In the Netherlands Silver bars are taxed with 19% VAT. Silver coins are taxed either at 6% (valid for silver coins which were used as real money in the past) or 19% and it is impossible to recuperate the VAT when you sell your Silver position. Try to buy GOOD DELIVERY bars. [Schone (gold and silver) and Argentia B.V. (only silver). Old Dutch silver coins are not taxed but contain only 72% pure silver. The balance is copper.

  • In Belgium there is Umicore (gold and silver). [Be aware that the Belgium tax man levies 21% VAT on Silver]. Other names are Argentor, Bosmans and Goetz.

  • In Germany the VAT on Silver coins is 7%.

  • In Switzerland the VAT on Silver is 6%.


Taxation varies when you buy NEW silver coins.

(the table is indicative)

If for example a Belgian citizen buys new Silver Eagles in the USA or new Silver Maple Leafs in Canada he will only pay 6% on imports.

In Switzerland there is 7.5% tax on any purchase but also 7.5% on any sale of Silver bars.

If you declare Silver coins on import in France the French custom officers will charge the highest rate and it will be up to you to claim the difference (and you are convinced the whole system is honest!?...good luck).

Note that there is a difference in taxation of Silver bars, new Silver coins and collection Silver coins. Silver is silver and buy only Silver items with the lowest tax rate.

When you buy Silver coins or Silver bars, you ONLY pay for the Silver content. Assuming a Silver bar has a content of 99.9 (or 99.9%) you will only pay for the 99.9% of Silver.

Silver coins are sold at a premium above the Silver price because they are coins. Only buy those coins with the smallest premium.

Other good delivery bars (Gold and Silver) are Johnson Matthey, Metalor, Degussa, UBS and Engelhard.


Gold and Silver will rise in conjunction with the interest rates!.... 

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