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Payment method for Worldwide residents using a Major Credit Card


Make payment using any credit card OR PayPal.

Instructions for the Shopping Basket and PayPal:

-  click on the SUBSCRIBE logo below to go to the shopping card.

-  click on the Service you have selected.

-  complete the BILLING INFORMATION in the next window and click on PROCEED.

-  an invoice will be generated and a new window will open.


-  in order to pay using a credit card you MUST click on the PayPal logo on the top of the new window.

-  if you want to pay by check or bank transfer, click: PRINT and CALL.


screen-print of shopping basket


-  Action # 5 opens a new window: the left side has to be completed for a payment using your credit
   card and the right side




- You don't need to have a sign in and you don't need a PayPal account or to open one to pay by Credit Card.

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