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Today's Gold pool is about to fall apart. The BAD guys can no longer stop it (March 16, 2020).

They can ONLY rig the PAPER MARKETS and can only rig these for so long. The Bad guys & Central Bankers, the BIS can no longer stop it. There is a $4 dollar premium on Silver Eagles – Gold and Silver are soon going ballistic...Soon Gold will be too expensive for ordinary people, and they will rush on Silver like there is no tomorrow. $50 Silver will be cheap! 

"Friday, March 15th, 1968 we had a “bank holiday”

On Friday, March 15th, 1968, Queen Elizabeth, after a meeting at Buckingham Palace the evening before, declared a ‘bank holiday’. The London gold market was officially closed for two weeks, and when it re-opened 2 weeks later, we were introduced to ‘two-tier’ gold prices. One for banks, and one for the private sector.  Once the banks threw in the towel, gold rose to $ 850.00 in February of 1980. A rise of almost 2400%.   It took Paul Volcker and interest rates of over 25% to finally halt the price rise.

1961 Gold pool - who is the one to trust: the Manipulating Authorities/Banksters or the Physical Market?... mix a lot of lies with a lot of market manipulation...


The Gold pool was set up as the US was running high deficits to cover for the Vietnam War and "The Great Society". Its goal was to prevent the gold price to break through the $ 35/oz. Each time the Gold price was about to overrun this level, the international pool sold gold until the price was rebalanced.

The Marshall Plan, the Bretton Woods Agreement, and the instoration of the US-Dollar as a world reserve currency were possible because 97% of the World's Gold had fled into the safe that time land of the free.

General De Gaulle looked through this game and simply requested the exchange of his dollars for PHYSICAL GOLD. And he requested physical delivery of the Gold. As a result in 1970, Nixon had no other choice than to close the gold window. That very day the US dollar became a worthless piece of paper...the same applies to all other Fiat currencies keeping huge amounts of US-Dollars as reserve assets (Marshall Plan). The irony was that the Marshall plan had to prevent the spread of (2013) in  Europe Communism is widely adopted (under a different label) and Socialism (Obamacare) has become an inherent part of American society.

(I remember this television broadcast...I was a Teenager)

Maybe Nixon had to close the Gold Window because the USA had no Gold left to deliver!?

In 1950 the USA owned about 20,000 metric tons of gold - approximately 640,000,000 troy ounces.  By August 15, 1971, when President Nixon? temporarily? closed the "gold window" that hoard had decreased to about 8,100 tons (Fort Knox, the NY Fed, and other locations). The US government had been overspending, exporting dollars overseas, and other governments had "cashed in" those dollars for gold.  At that rate of decrease, the US gold hoard would have been entirely dissipated by now.  Perhaps it is gone!

The 2008 paper Gold pool has triggered a run on the Dollar and the World Gold reserves.

The actions of the PPT (plunge protection fund), the ECB, and the Banksters (JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, HSBC) can be compared to the Gold Pool which existed before the last great financial crisis and was revitalized in 1960. But instead of selling PHYSICAL Gold and Silver (there is little left), they sell PAPER Gold and PAPER Silver. Just like in the 1960's the manipulation is mathematically due to failing. It will the day the Physical market clashes with the paper market. Banks and Financial institutions will again suffer billion of losses...and the price of Gold and Silver will skyrocket.

Many think gold manipulation is a conspiracy theory, only dreamed up in recent years. Those people are wrong and ignorant of history. Instead, gold price control and manipulation is a conspiracy fact and it has been ongoing for over 60 years, since the introduction of the current, dollar-based global currency regime."

The 4-12 (April 2013) Coup is "The Coup de Grace" for the Banksters and Financial System...they will be killed by their own sword! A similar action indicating we had a dead cat bounce of the manipulators happened in the 1960-70s. (see below)

This action, however, is backfiring: the lower they take paper Gold and Silver down, the more physical Gold and Silver is being bought! (see what is happening Dec. 2013 in India and China) . Also, one day the physical and the paper market will crash and the paper market will explode....that day Gold/Silver can double, triple and more...As of July 2013, the Physical Gold stocks are coming down: JPMorgan, COMEX, LMA, Brinks, Bank of England...Today the shortage is growing each day and so big that even JP Morgan won't be able to survive the coming Short Squeeze. The picture below shows the PRODUCTION DEFICIT of SILVER.

Silver production deficit since 1951

This is today's version of the Gold Pool: The US financial markets are slowly being revealed as a series of corrupt Ponzi schemes. The gold market is the vulnerable linchpin for the Us-dollar and US Treasury markets. That is why gold is so important to be controlled and suppressed.

Under the 1944 Bretton Woods agreement, foreign banks could convert US dollars to gold at a rate of $ 35.20 per oz. (or this is how the US Dollar took over the role of the British Pound as Reserve Currency - ironically, the US dollar has been walking the same path as the British Pound is...) Markets that have been artificially capped, catapult dramatically when the market suppression ends: since 1968 the Gold price has risen by 2,500 %!

Know of any better investment? Got Gold?

Throughout the post-war years of the 1950s and '60s, the daily price of gold rarely moved outside of a 15 cent trading range of $35. In 1944, the Bretton Woods conference saw the US dollar overtake the function of the British Pound as the sole reserve currency of the world. This time we may see the Chinese Yuan take over the role of reserve currency...

Over time, the glut of US dollars held abroad began to threaten US gold reserves and by 1959, as more and more Dollar holders were exchanging them for Gold, a Gold Pool was set up to control the Gold price. It was especially important to maintain the London fixing at $ 35.20 because it was cheaper to purchase gold in London than across the Atlantic as shipping and insurance would increase the final price.

correlation gold money supply

"The longer the Central Banks & BIS try to hold down the gold price, the harder and the higher it will shoot up once the rigging stops working!"

It was in 1961 under Kennedy that a Gold Pool (to prevent the market price of Gold from exceeding $ 35.20 per oz.) arrangement was set up. It all went well until November 1967 the devaluation of the British pound caused another run on Gold. In a matter of weeks, the pool had laid out in excess of 1000 tons. It was the Coup de Grace of the Sterling...

Charles de Gaulle (French president at that time) withdrew from the pool and demanded gold for the US dollars they held instead of US-treasuries. The drain on US gold became acute.

This rings a bell: holding the gold price artificially down - in fact - created even more demand! The more London Gold-pool reaffirmed its determination to defend the $ 35.20 per oz gold price (ironically), the more gold was bought and the more Gold the pool had to deliver. As the London Gold pool continued to fight the free market process by defending $ 35.20 (like today they defend $ 1,000), the stronger demand became.  As daily turnover mushroomed to 30 times the normal sales, the British Queen declared a "bank holiday" (upon request of the USA). The London gold market remained closed for 2 weeks while France and Switzerland continued to trade Gold at a price exceeding $ 45 per oz.

The resulting two-tier market for Gold was completely abandoned in 1970 when Nixon closed the gold window. This was the day, the US dollar (and at the same time many other currencies that held US Dollars as Reserve) officially became Fiat Paper Money.

By 1965 the gold pool was consistently supplying more gold to cap prices than it was winning back. The beginning of the end for the London Gold Pool was the devaluation of the pound sterling in November 1967, causing yet another run to gold. Through December that year, London sold close to 20 times its usual amount of gold at the market. Under pressure from the pool, both London and Zurich ceased the sale of forward gold. In a matter of weeks, the pool had laid out in excess of 1000 tons, in those days valued at the not insignificant amount of over $1.1 billion.

On Friday, March 8th, London sold 100 tons of gold at the market, up from around 5 tons on a normal day. The following Sunday evening, the pool released the statement "the London Gold Pool re-affirm their determination to support the pool at a fixed price of $35 per oz". Fed chairman William McChesney-Martin announced the US would defend the $35 per oz gold price "down to the last ingot". That week the London Gold Pool continued to fight the free market process and defend $35.20 gold. By midweek it had emergency airlifted several planeloads of gold from the US to London to meet demand. On Wednesday the London market sold 175 tons, 30 times its normal daily turnover, and by Thursday demand exceeded 225 tons.

That evening emergency meetings were held in Buckingham Palace, with the Queen subsequently declaring Friday 15th March a “bank holiday”. Roy Jenkins, Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced that the decision to close the gold market had been taken “upon the request of the United States”.

The London gold market remained closed for two weeks, during which time the London Gold Pool was officially disbanded. During those two weeks, Zurich and French markets continued to trade with open market prices for gold exceeding $44 per oz (up 25% from London’s official price of $35.20 per oz).

A fortnight later, an official “two-tiered” price was announced to the world, where the official price of $35.20 would remain for central banks dealings, while the free market could find its own price, the London market re-opening again on the 1st April.

Markets that have been artificially capped, catapult dramatically when market suppression ends. In the 12 years from 1968 to the peak of the bull market, the price of gold had rallied by 2300%. It has been said that “the greater and the longer the manipulation, the greater the eventual price is going be”. Today, with far greater amounts of gold involved in the price suppression scheme (10,000 – 15,000 ton versus 3,000 ton in the gold pool era), over a longer period of time, and with far more at stake, it can only be concluded that the eventual price of gold may well run much higher than the 2300% of the late ’60s and ’70s. At today’s prices, a similar move of just 2300% would price gold at a staggering $6,400 per oz.

Today, Gold is manipulated using the 'DERIVATIVES' or the 'PAPER MARKET'. The result being that Physical demand and physical delivery keeps on growing. Someday the physical market will clash with the Paper markets and the price of gold will explode and/or a new 'Bank Holiday' will be seen. This time it will be declared by the USA.

1961 Gold pool (representatives of 7 countries who tried unsuccessfully to control the price of Gold between 1961 and 1968 at $ 35.20 per oz.):

Was set up as the US was running high deficits to cover for the Vietnam War and the Great Society. Its goal was to prevent the gold price to break through the $ 35/oz. Each time the Gold price was about to overrun this level, the international pool sold gold until the price was rebalanced.

General De Gaulle looked through this game and simply requested the exchange of his dollars for GOLD. As a result in 1970, Nixon had no other choice than to close the gold window. Looking at the chart below, it is not hard to understand why De Gaulle took this decision.

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“The winner takes it all, the loser standing small” (Abba song) is the next phase in the world economy.

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