10 month forecast

This is our scenario for the next 10 months

This is what the next 10 months probably will look like (posted November 2018).

Important Technicals - Medium term outlook - The Charts below are EXTREMELY interesting and a lot more important than the Daily Updates of the last months!

  • Many investors become EMOTIONALLY affected in a negative way as far as Gold and Silver is concerned. Since September 2011 the sector hasn't performed at all and today all patience is gone....is it really wise to throw the towel and sell or should one continue to be patient?
  • Are Gold & Silver about to fall a lot deeper and should I sell my positions NOW and hold the funds into a bank account or use these to buy Real Estate? After all the system is surviving!?
  • Many investors make terrible mistakes because they pin themselves on the SHORT TERM (Gambling CASINO) while the MEDIUM and LONG TERM are in fact important.
  • True or False. We have a medium term correction on the Stock Markets and these will resume their uptrend as soon as Central Banks restart the printing press and digital money machine.
  • Is this is the last "Hoerah" of the US-Dollar?. Should we continue to expect a much stronger dollar index and will the Euro continue to slide because of the problems in Italy...or will the USA and the Dollar be overwhelmed by even bigger DEBT problems in 2019?!
  • On Gold & Silver: once the actual leg C bottoms, it is highly probable that this will trigger the up-explosion in the direction of the larger trend or Secular uptrend...see how and why.
  • Will the price of ENERGY, OIL, URANIUM follow in the wake of the price of Gold and Silver...or continue to be a desillusion?

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 Don't be an EMOTIONAL investor!!!

buy sell panic herds


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