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December 31, 2019 - So as the Dollar goes between XMas and New Year, so goes the Dollar in the New Year.

Updated Sections: $-Gold, €-Gold & €/$,

"$-Gold has broken out - see our candle charts."

  • So as the Automobile sector goes, so goes the economy (old Wall Street saying)
  • So as the Dollar goes between Xmas and the New Year, so goes the Dollar in the New Year (old Bankers' saying).
  • 38% of the Millenniums are pro-Communism...or it looks like we will have to go through this nightmare once again.
  • We are living a déja vue of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Only 10% see and understand what is happening. Only a maximum of 5% does something about it. The other 5% has no balls but some good excuse for doing nothing and still hope the authorities will save them. The remaining 90% continue to live in LALA-land of unlimited Fiat Paper Money and of unlimited debt. They are convinced that History is BS and will NEVER repeat itself.
  • 95% of the Investors still think Switzerland (and Liechtenstein) are safe...just like in 1939, 90% of the citizens were convinced the neutral countries (The Netherlands & Belgium) were a safe heaven. Today, Out of Political Reach is no longer Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore....
  • At this time, The Plunge Protection Team, the 21st century Gold Pool is losing the battle against Gold and Silver like it lost the battle in the 1960-70s'.
  • If in 2020 a democrat (read socialist) becomes a president in the USA, hell will break lose.

Important Technicals:

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December 30, 2019 - Yearend updates

Updated Sections: Coal-Solar & Rare elements, Agriculturals, Copper-Platinum & non-Ferro's, 
US-Dollar, Silver ,

The Gartman Rules

Screen Shot 2019 12 28 at 8.27.21 AM

  1. NEVER, EVER, EVER ADD TO A LOSING POSITION: EVER!: Adding to a losing position eventually leads to ruin, remembering Enron, Long Term Capital Management, Nick Leeson and myriad others.
  2. TRADE LIKE A MERCENARY SOLDIER: As traders/investors we are to fight on the winning side of the trade, not on the side of the trade we may believe to be economically correct. We are pragmatists first, foremost and always.
  3. MENTAL CAPITAL TRUMPS REAL CAPITAL: Capital comes in two forms... mental and real... and defending losing positions diminishes one’s finite and measurable real capital and one’s infinite and immeasurable mental capital accordingly and always.
  4. IN BULL MARKETS ONE MUST TRY ALWAYS TO BE LONG OR NEUTRAL: The corollary, obviously, is that in bear markets one must try always to be short or neutral. There are exceptions, but they are very, very rare.
  5. "MARKETS CAN REMAIN ILLOGICAL FAR LONGER THAN YOU OR I CAN REMAIN SOLVENT:" So said Lord Keynes many years ago and he was... and is... right, for illogic does often reign, despite what the academics would have us believe.
  7. THINK LIKE A FUNDAMENTALIST; TRADE LIKE A TECHNICIAN: Be bullish... or bearish... only when the technicals and the fundamentals, as you understand them, run in tandem.
  8. KEEP YOUR SYSTEMS SIMPLE: Complication breeds confusion; simplicity breeds elegance and profitability.
  9. UNDERSTANDING MASS PSYCHOLOGY IS ALMOST ALWAYS MORE IMPORTANT THAN UNDERSTANDING ECONOMICS: Or more simply put, "When they’re cryin’ you should be buyin’ and when they’re yellin’ you should be sellin’!"
  10. REMEMBER, THERE IS NEVER JUST ONE COCKROACH: The lesson of bad news is that more shall follow... usually hard upon and always with worsening impact.
  12. PAY ATTENTION: The market sends signals more often than not missed and/or disregarded... so pay attention! Watch these charts as often as you can.
  13. LET YOUR PROFITS RUN AND CUT YOUR LOSSES SHORT. Such is only possible if you check your portfolio at least once a week.
  14. LISTEN TO AND FOLLOW PEOPLE WITH EXPERIENCE. The best pilots are old pilots and the best advisers are old advisers. It takes a lifetime to learn how the financial system operates. So stop buying advice from yuppies who most of the time don't know the difference between a Share and a Bond or have never owned any equities. 

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Tuesday & Wednesday,  December 24/25 - Has Silver broken out?

Updated Sections: Natural Gas shares, Uranium shares, Banks & Financials, Crude Oil , 

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to all...

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to all...

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Monday, December 23, 2019 - HOCUS POCUS of Central Banks CREATES 1 TRILLION MAN DAYS!?

Updated Sections: Recession proof shares, Recession proof (hold), Bio-Pharma, Oil shares, ,

Hocus Pocus of Central Banks Creates 1 TRILLION MAN DAYS. Global working population is estimated at 3 billion. Let’s assume on a conservative basis that on average a person works 200 days per year. That would make 1.2 trillion man days for two years. So central banks and governments can with some hocus pocus do the work of over 1 trillion man days. Well, that certainly beats working and is in line with MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) which states that countries can print themselves to prosperity. Society, the Central Bank system, the Political system is ROTTEN to the bottom and there is not the slightest doubt in my mind that this will soon end in misery. (Von Greyenz)

There is no mystery to how China has been able to maintain a high growth rate over the last decade despite increasing authoritarianism and tighter government control. The answer is debt... Chinese also created HUGE AMOUNTS of DEBT (and fiat Money). However, when the the day of the reckoning comes, Cina will have PHYSICAL GOLD to negociate it's position...while the USA will probably only have PAPER GOLD.

"China is estimated to have 20,000 tonnes of Gold and the USA 'pretends' to have less than 8,000 Tonnes."

The emperor is naked!. As the world discovers that the last 100 years have been an illusion with fake money, fake assets and fake debt, we are all in for the biggest shock in the financial history of the world.  The bitter reality is slowly seeping into the bird-brains of politicians and Central Bankers, and yet, they still don't seem to realize the misery this situation will end in and they are not prepared to do what one must do: cut the expenses!!. Instead they are creating even more fiat money out of thin air and are pointing their finger to the RICH MULTI-NATIONALS and other wise citizens which are trying to do whatever they can to pay as little taxes as possible. They don't realize that Socialism dies when the money of the others is spend.

"Mind boggling is the fact that so many savers live in the conviction that they will be safe by investing is Fiat Paper Gold. The same is true for those who buy Physical Gold & Silver but for some stupid reason refuse to store it OUT OF POLITICAL REACH.  Out of Political Reach ALSO includes SWITZERLAND & LIECHTENSTEIN. Today, even Hong Kong has become a dangerous location...and Singapore ain't any better."

Important Fundamentals:

  • Planes falling out of the sky and a space craft missing its rendezvous is not exactly confidence inspiring. Boeing is a major defense contractor so it is not gong out of business but the catalogue of errors keeps growing and it is only a matter of time before activists starting calling for scalps. Maybe time to look at our PF-chart of Boeing for our chart tells more than 40 pages of fundamental analysis.
  • The collapse of Fiat Money and debt as money will probably come together with... Click here for more...
  • Fundamentally we are now at the end of the end of this incredible bull market. It will end with a bang and does not have far to go. The market could top at any time between today and  December 2020. We are not just talking about the US market topping but all stock markets globally. Anyone buying the dips will end up in tears this time and exacerbate the losses that stock investors will suffer.
  • A GREEN Xmas gift!   Major Shipping Change Is Coming, and So Are Higher Fuel Prices..Click here for more... 
  • A new Real Estate CRASH is close. In December, the National Association of Homebuilders’ (NAHB) reported... Click here for more...

 Important Technicals:

  • Technically we are NOT YET at the end of the end of this incredible bull market Remember the STOP BUY. However, the situation is so fragile and dangerous and the bubble so big that a POP, a SEVERE CRASH can occur at any time now. Therefore we advise NOT to stay invested in Stock Markets: the day the Stock Markets pop, it will be impossible to get out, to sell...like it was impossible to sell and get out during to 1929 crash and during the 1987 crash. What one must realize is, that because of the DEBT BUBBLE and FIAT MONEY today's situation is a lot more explosive than it was in 1987 and in 1929.
  • This time when Stocks start their journey to the bottom, we expect a loss of at least 95%.
  • Once the metals turn up, Silver will be...Click here for more...

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Friday, December 20, 2019 - The Coming Super Bubble Collapse Will Be Terryfying.

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De Gaulle"Authorities are lying, cheating, printing fiat money, increasing taxation, pushing their citizens deeper into debt, creating Ponzi Schemes and doing whatever is required to stay in power"

Not one country publishes CORRECT inflation figures, neither the BIS & IMF do.  They ALL cook the figures to their advantage. The Federal Reserve uses the Core Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) index for their inflation figure. The PCE, which measures rises in prices for U.S. household consumption, absent food and energy costs, dropped from 1.8 percent to 1.6 percent this year. Analysts predict inflation will remain under this target level for at least five years...

If you ask your average American, there’s plenty of inflation going around. add to this that nearly half of U.S. workers earn less than $30,000 a year, and nearly 40 percent of Americans can’t cover a $400 emergency expense.

CPI 2019


"Money = Debt & Debt = Money"

The official US national debt in 1913 was $2.91 billion. In 1971, when President Nixon lied about temporarily disconnecting gold from the dollar, the official national debt was $398 billion. By 2019 the official national debt has grown to $23,000 billion. Politicians borrow and spend to reward cronies and buy votes. They also increase their personal wealth. Human nature doesn't change.

It has taken 107 years to create global debts and liabilities of over $2 quadrillion with most of it generated in the last 25 years. Just look at global debt, which has trebled in this century from $80 trillion to $258 trillion. This is another example of the final phase being exponential.

Although debt has gone up the last 20 years, what we will see in the next final 5 years will be even more spectacular. As Central Banks attempt to save the system, they are now embarking on the biggest money creation in history. Saving the financial system will require more than $2 quadrillion including derivatives and the shadow banking system. Hyperinflation will multiply these figures many times. The debasement of fiat money is the most common method that governments use to defraud their people. By destroying the value of money, ordinary people are robbed of their savings and their pensions.

"In 5 years from now, Pension Funds and Assets of Insurance Co's will be worth less than 5% of what they are worth today."

The fact that it will all implode over a short period doesn’t mean that the problems will be over by then. It just means that debt and asset values will have disappeared into a black hole. The debts will be gone and all the false paper assets, like $1.5 quadrillion of derivatives, will be gone too. Virtually all bonds will be worthless as well. Pension funds and assets of insurance co's will be wordth less than 5% of what these are worth today. Real Estate will be worth nothing because there will be money left to buy/invest into real estate. Many good companies will survive but profits will crash and so will P/E ratios. The result will be that stock prices will come down by 95%, on average, in real terms. 

Buildings and land held by the rich will still exist even though they will be worth a lot less. But when Marxist/Socialist governments take over they will either expropriate the properties of the wealthy or tax them so high that owners can’t afford to keep them. This happened several times in History and it will happen again!

A world economy that was based on fake money and false values will take a very long time to recover to where we are today. It will likely take decades or even longer. Zimbabwe still sits in it's depression. So does Argentina where the situation is still so bad that the authorities have to levy taxes on the EXPORTS of Agricultural products. People in Venezuela are starving...

compliance gestapoCompliance has become a real cancer. Governments are prying into our personal affairs and control the people’s every move with nothing being confidential. Orwell was so right, as we now have BIG BROTHER watching every step we take. But that will end too. As the system collapses so will government’s ability to police the people. The state will run out of money and systems necessary to control the people.

When stock markets fall, precious metals will continue their secular bull market, which initially started in 1971, with the last leg starting in 2002. Anyone doubting that we are in a bull market needs to look at our PF- charts of gold in US dollars, Euros, Swiss, Pound Sterling, Aussies, Loonies, Krona, Yuan, Indian Rupees, South African Rand,...

Important Fundamentals:

This is a prelude to higher price inflation into 2020...

  • Sugar Rises To A New High In 2019
  • Coffee prices rise
  • Cocoa prices higher.
  • Oil jumped on bullish EIA report.
  • Analysts point to the record price-earnings ratio. It’s zoomed to 30, which is about twice its usual size, indicating that ...Click here for more...

Important Technicals:

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Wednesday-Thursday, December 18/19, 2019 - Spectacular: Goldonomic advises to "sell" a STOP-BUY on the Indexes!.

Updated Sections: Investment Pyramid, World Indexes expressed in Real Money(Gold), 
Long Term Charts, Royalties, Majors ,

russian rouletteToday's financial and economic constellation can be compared to a Russian Roulette. This is BLUFF POKER.

Major Stock Market Indexes have broken out and we have a STOP-BUY situation. In other words, technically speaking, one should BUY Commons shares at the present levels. However, because of the inherent enormous bearish risk of the Stock Market Bubble we STRONGLY advise against doing so. We even advise to (continue to) SELL common shares at the present levels and to invest the funds into other SAFER financial instruments...more in the subscribers' sections.

Those who listen to JP Morgan and sell Gold & Silver and buy the Stock Markets are in for a big surprise and will pay a heavy price for their actions. Few know that earlier this year, JP Morgan bought important quantities of "physical" Silver. The "physical" silver is an important requirement to allow JP Morgan to continue to rig the Silver-Paper-Market.  A certain amount of PHYSICAL Gold & Silver is a must in order to rig the PAPER markets.

It is 100% clear that the Great Depression of the 21st century is an EXACT playback of the Great Depression of the 1920-30s. In the following video's a one just need to replace 'names' and 'events'...nothing more and nothing less. The similarities are really mind-boggling and another proof that mankind doesn't learn from its past mistakes.

 1929 The Great Depression I  1929 The Great Depression II

note: a Stop-Buy means that a stock, bond, commodity of index should be bought if the price breaks through the resistance level. Technical speaking, it is a BUY signal.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Don't expect to see a HIGHER Pound Sterling. The Britons are very happy about today's exchange rate and will try to keep it at this level.
  • JPMorgan Top 2020 Trades Say Short Gold, Buy Raft of Stocks...but is buying tonnes of physical Silver (and rigging the Gold price)!
  • xxxxx (xxxx) saw its outlook upgraded to Overweight by Atlantic Equities. The firm said that xxx has a 20 percent upside potential, with a price target of $75 per share.
  • xxxxxx (xxxxx) saw its share price jump after it announced a one-year contract for one of its drillships in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Bitcoin is Fool's Gold. Real Gold has completed it's BACKTEST and the price of gold will go up in 2020. Once it goes up, it can go up very quickly. The key is to own GOLD & SILVER BEFORE the Herd starts the stampede...Click here for more...

  • ETF's are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS investment vehicles and one should under 'no condition' invest in these. The BELIEVERS: the people who think and are convinced that the situation will be corrected in time and that there will be no drama will be taken by surprise.

Important Technicals:

  • Look like we have a situation where the PRICE of CRUDE OIL... Click here for more...
  • In the end, what counts, is what the NET YIELD is of a Stock Market expressed in Gold. The past years the Net-Yield has been VERY BAD. Over the past 5 years, we had some consolidation. However, it looks like the downtrend is about to resume soon. See below - Bar chart of the DAX (German Stock Market Index) expressed in Real Money or gold.


  • xxxxx has just broken out of a consolidation-accumulation zone and is a STRONG BUY at the present level. Also, check on the 2-month progress made of our Silver miners. xxx Mining (+59%), xxxx (+66%) . Bearing in mind that the SP500 did perform very well over the past weeks, the performance of our Miners is dramatically better.

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 xxxxxxxxxx breakout + strong buy
 10 week % change versus SP500

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Monday & Tuesday, December 16/17, 2019 - The World Is Sleepwalking Into A Depression.

Updated Sections: £-Gold & £/€/$, World Stock Market Indexes,  ,
Screen Shot 2019 12 12 at 6.27.31 PM
A crushing defeat for Communist Corbyn and fresh wind for Brexit
. Exit polls are indicating that Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party will secure a decisive majority in what was Britain’s third general election in six years and seen as the most important vote in a generation. The Conservatives have been forecast to win 368 seats - a majority of over 80 - with Labour suffering major losses and down to only 191 seats.

With those numbers, the Tories gain 51 seats, while Labour loses 71, a crushing defeat for Corbyn. The Scottish National Party (SNP) will win 55 seats (a gain of 20), while the Lib Dems will win 13 (a gain of 1), the exit polls predict.

The UK accounts for about 1/3rd of the EU-income. With Brexit, the remaining member states will have to cover for the deficit. Hence, it is 100% sure that taxation in the EU is about to rise A LOT.

"The EU's Green Deal is A deja vue of Hoover & Roosevelt's Great New Deal who ensured the world remained in a deep recession until after World War II."

UrsulaThe EU's Green Deal is A Deja vue of the Hoover & Roosevelt Great New Deal who ensured the world remained in a deep recession until after World War II. It didn't work last time, so WHY are IDIOT-POLITICIANS doing exactly the same?  What is wrong with these people? As a matter of fact, few people know that during the last great depression, the Great New Deal was supposed to take the USA out of the Great Depression of the 1930s. The action didn't work and we had to wait until after the end of the Second World War before the economy started to grow again.

According to Ursula  (the EU), the "European Green Deal" will  solve the climate crisis, and change the economy. The mechanism will mobilize at least 100 billion euros. The question for the EU is how they will pay for it.  In supporting documents released Wednesday, the EU noted that meeting just its current 2030 emissions target would require an additional 260 billion euros in investment every year, from both the public and the private sector. So the new annual outlay would likely top this number. (read more TAXES and more FIAT Money)

The European Green Deal calls for the European Investment Bank to come up with a sustainable investment plan ( read MORE DEBT) in the early 2020s to help close this gap while still moving in a “green direction.”

But getting the amount of money at the pace needed would likely require a more radical transformation of Europe’s financial sector & tax system. “Critically, a green direction will mean redesigning all EU instruments, including those used by the European Central Bank and financial regulators, the European Investment Bank, structural funds, investment funds and funds for small and medium-sized enterprises. A green direction will also mean Taxation at a European level (with the implementation of CRS, those guys in Brussels will have a blast..)At the same time, a re-design would take the Deutsche Bank (and Commerzbank) out of their near-bankrupt position.

Important Fundamentals:

  • The World Is Sleepwalking Into A Depression That Will Collapse Currencies Across The Globe.
  • QE for the people to finance the government debt and buy votes. These guys really don’t and won’t let a 20%+ stock market correction occur that would dovetail them into QE to infinity. Instead they are going right into covert QE infinity. 
  • This coming QE, will go mostly toward government transfer payments to be used for consumption. This is the “QE for the people” for which left- wing economists and politicians have been clamoring. It will be “Milton Friedman’s famous ‘helicopter drop’ of money.” The Fed wants inflation and now it’s going to get it, good and hard and more than they wished for...Click here for more...

Important Technicals:

  • Next year, we expect much higher prices. The gold and silver prices... Click here for more...
  • Technically speaking, major Stock Market Indexes show a STOP BUY...in other words, Resistance Levels are broken and this signals we shall see MUCH HIGHER Stock Markets.
  • A potential BREAKOUT of the Pound Sterling versus...
  • IMPORTANT: The Dow, SP500 have .... See section for World Stock Market Indexes.

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Thursday-Friday, December 2019 - This is the beginning of the "Great Depression of the 21st Century"!

Updated Sections: ,

santa bankrupt 2019The global “reset” as they sometimes refer to it, has already begun. Going into 2020, the question is will the fantasy fall completely away to reveal the grotesque economic swamp our foundation has been built on top of? Even inflation misrepresented as "profits" will not save Christmas stats this year. A dramatic crash in Christmas retail will end the delusion of a stable Western World system and cause the public to start asking questions.  In France, the Yellow Jackets have been asking questions for more than one year.

"In France, the Yellow Jackets have been asking questions for more than one year."

If we are to measure the concept of “economic recovery” in real terms, then we would have to look at the fundamentals (not stock markets) and whether or not they're improving. Unfortunately, not all economic data is presented to the public honestly. Very often it is mired and obscured in a fog of disinformation and false standards. Figures are COOKED to look better than they really are.

There is relatively accurate information out there in certain areas of the global economy, and it tells us our economic structure is destabilizing. Beyond that, even the rigged numbers are moving into negative territory.

Video only for Subscribers: Click here for more...

The US doesn't manufacture and export much of anything anymore beyond agricultural products. China, which has seen plunging export data at least the past three months. South Korea, another major manufacturing and export hub in Asia (5th largest in the world) has seen declining exports for 11 consecutive months. Japanese exports are witnessing a 9.2% year-over-year drop in October, the largest decline in 3 years.  The EU is performing poorly and economists already consider Germany to be in recession, as official GDP numbers are constantly manipulated by governments to the upside.

"The trade war & Global Warming are a smokescreen designed by the globalist establishment to mask the bitter reality."

Global Warming and Trade Wars are a déja vue of what Hoover and Roosevelt did during the great depression in an effort to break it while in reality, they made it worse. This time over, the Crooked FEMALE politicians (Ursula will spend €100 billion on Global Warming) are not building roads, bridges,...no, this time it's even worse. They are spending the money of their taxpayers on IDIOT, NON-ECONOMIC Green projects.

Their actions try to hide a crash in the greater economy. A collapse of the economic bubble is being caused in part by massive debt and a lack of consumer demand due to a lack of consumer savings and cash flow.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Years ago, Greek pensioners lost 50% of their income. Tomorrow French pensioners will lose 30% of their income and the last private pension funds will be nationalized (read seized) by the Communists.  Soon Belgian, Dutch and German pensioners will experience the same. [Pension Funds were an invention of Capitalists!]
  • Aramco soars in trade debut and the Saudi's need...Click here for more...
  • Banks (especially European Banks) are in TERRIBLE shape. Only Idiots and Retarded keep their savings with these banks.
  • Technically speaking, DEUTSCHE BANK IS BANKRUPT!!! Those who keep deposits/savings with this bank are out of their minds.

bookvalue banks eu 2019

  • A wise man with good and honest advice. Excellent short video.

Click here for more...

Important Technicals:

Click here for more...

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - Paul Volker, the last president of the FED "with brains" died at the age of 92.

Updated Sections: ,

VolkerPaul Volker passed away at the age of 92. He was chairman of the Federal Reserve under Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan helped tame inflation with 22% interest rates that also crunched American manufacturing, farming, real estate, and the price of Gold.

"Volker was the very last president of the FED who did something right."

Today we have negative and inverted interest rates that signal the end of the bond market. The end of the bond market signals the end of fiat money. Central bankers, the IMF, the FED, the ECB are panicking since – contrary to what is pretended – there is NO GROWTH. The recession is becoming visible in several countries (France is only one good example) and is the prelude to the great depression of the 21st century.

"Today's generation cannot believe the money they are born with is about to die."

Central banks have pushed interest rates to abnormally low levels and debt to abnormally high levels. This results in record BUBBLES both for the Stock Markets, Real Estate, and Bond markets. It is important to understand that this sends dangerous INCORRECT signals to the entrepreneurs (Von Mises). As a matter of fact, Central Banks are already MONETIZING the DEBT. Any economist knows that 'debt monetization' always ends in HYPERINFLATION.

The day the stock & bond markets collapse, there will be no sound pension fund left on planet earth. At that time all the efforts of today's authorities (ex. make people work longer,...) will be in vain.

"When one pushes interest rates down to zero and below zero during 8 years , SHIT will happen."

At a certain point, all fiat currencies will collapse and people will panic into real money or Gold and Silver. Only after Governments STOP trying to control the economy, the debt is reset and we return to a system of real money, the economy will resume a healthy growth. During this process, ANY Stock, Bond, Real Estate buy and hold investor will be crushed.  We only don't know WHEN the Catharsis will happen.  Therefore one must prepare NOW. 

Important Fundamentals:

  • Chinese trade data out showed shipments to the US -23% y/y, which is quite incredible, and what you call a trade-war impact in a US economy sucking in goods from everywhere else.
  • Excellent interview with Peter Schiff. A video one MUST see. It is a Click here for more...
  • This picture we publish especially for those who still don't understand that ART, especially Modern Art has little or no REAL VALUE. Modern art, however, tells us one thing and that is how much Fiat Money is really worth: NOTHING. Art is perhaps imitating life here given at Art Basel, Miami this weekend artist Maurizio Cattelan taped a banana to a wall and it was suddenly valued at USD120,000 and sold to French collectors. Then another artist, David Datuna, took the banana off the wall and ate it as a piece of ‘performance art’ called “Hungry Artist”. Value: zero. As another artist cried with zero sense of irony as he did so, “Are you kidding? This is so stupid. This is so stupid.” Not to worry though: there is a surviving edition involving another banana valued at USD150,000. See? Central banking does work! Perhaps with a bit more NOT-QE we can get a USD1,000,000 banana?


Important Technicals:

  • Financial Markets are in ...Click here for more...
  • Whether or not the Stock Markets break out above their resistance levels and geyser higher is not so important. Utmost important is what happens with the stock markets when you express these in Gold or Real Money.  For those who still don't know, those charts show a SOLID BEAR MARKET! (see section of Stock Market Indexes expressed in Gold).

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Monday/Tuesday, December 9-10, 2019  -  Brexit: why is it so hard and why is the UK still in the EU? 

Updated Sections: Corporate Bonds, $-Gold (check the candle charts) , Majors (the HUI-candle charts),

Screen Shot 2019 12 07 at 3.39.55 PMIn France, many people are hungry and don't have enough money to feed their children properly. In the EU and in France all the money of the others has been spent and debt levels have reached dangerously high levels.  Hence Macron has no choice but to clean up the French pension system as a whole: read reduce its overall cost, make the people work longer, take away financial privileges,... The problem being that over the past years the REAL income of the french people has already come down sharply (you can cook the inflation figures, but you can't cook the reality of life). The reality is that the average income of the french labor class (Euro 1,000 to Euro 1,400) is insufficient to make the ends meet at the end of the month. The situation is even worse for pensioned people.

no inflation 2019 12 07

Brexit: why is it so hard and why is the UK still in the EU?  #1 is that it is wrong to let Bad Smelling Professional Politicians decide about business matters, #2 is that these professional politicians have their own agenda and don't give a F***K about the citizens, #3 is that there is a lot of POWER involved, and if you say Power, you also say MONEY. 

Instead of FREE MARKETS, we have POLITICAL REGULATED MARKETS...or politicians decide about which Tomatoes can be imported and where these can be sold, politicians decide about how many cows farmers can hold and what these can be sold for, politicians decide where potatoes can be grown and how much these can be sold for.  Everyone with some brains knows that such a system is doomed to fail.

Contrary to the general belief, Politically controlled markets come with lobbying and ALWAYS results in monopolies, oligopolies, and COMMUNISM. A Free market economy or an economy controlled by entrepreneurs results in exactly the opposite, in lower prices, in less debt and in more prosperity for all.

"Let politicians manage the Sahara and in 5 years time, all sand will be gone."

Things to get uglier and very serious in 2020.  Next year may well be the year where the remaining 93% of the stadium could get filled in only 5 minutes' time.  

Why are they creating money out of thin air like drunken sailors?…

Debt is too hight, Taxation (government income) is too low and the creepy politicians elected by retarded people are in misery. On Monday, 25 November 2019, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York pumped a grand total of $118.5 billion into the U.S. financial system. The following day, Tuesday, 26 November, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York added another $92.7 billion by purchasing $72.75 billion in overnight repos and $19.95 billion in 14-day repos. On Wednesday, 27 November, the Fed of New York again injected a total of $108.95 billion by accepting all $87.9 billion in overnight repos and $21 billion in 15-day repos. On Friday, 29 November, the Fed Reserve of New York went back at it on Friday, when it flooded $88.45 billion into the financial markets in the form of overnight repos. Earlier this week, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York pumped in another $97.9 billion

Important Fundamentals:

fed balance sheet vs. gold price 2019

<- Fed & Central Banks Balance sheets vs. Price of Gold


Important Technicals:

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Thursday/Friday, December 5-6, 2019 - Europe Set to Overhaul Its Entire Economy in Green Deal Push and to destroy EU-economy.

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Screen Shot 2019 12 04 at 10.47.59 AMEurope Set to Overhaul Its Entire Economy in Green Deal Push and to destroy EU-economy. The Eu's political elite view the climate argument as a voter winner, plus a source of revenue for their constrained social services and an additional control on the economy that would be impossible under normal circumstances. It is also a response to the fact the region is a major energy consumer and has long had to deal with regimes it is politically at odds with because of its dependence on imports of energy commodities. This Green Deal will break the back of the European Economy and push the EU into more Communism.

"When the cost of Energy gets too expensive, the economy always dies."

Everybody starts to see and understand something is not OK...However, the multi-million-dollar question most people have is how long it will take before something bad will happen. One can find the answer below. Extremely dangerous is that in the final 5 minutes the stadium goes from 7% full to 100% full.

There is a more scientific illustration of how exponential moves occur and also how they end.
Imagine a football stadium which is filled with water. Every minute one drop is added. The number of drops doubles every minute. Thus it goes from 1 to 2, 4, 8 16, etc. So how long would it take to fill the entire stadium? One day, one month or a year? No, it would be a lot quicker and only take 50 minutes! That in itself is hard to understand but even more interestingly, how full is the stadium after 45 minutes? Most people would guess 75-90%.
Totally wrong. After 45 minutes the stadium is only 7% full! In the final 5 minutes, the stadium goes from 7% full to 100% full.”

Important Fundamentals:

  • New tariffs from U.S. President Trump threatened to slap 100 percent tariffs on $2.4 billion of French imports. He also announced steel tariffs on Brazil and Argentina, accusing the two countries of manipulating their currencies, a bizarre claim, particularly in the case of Argentina, where the government has scrambled to prop up the falling currency amid the economic crisis.
  • xxxxx sets 2050 net-zero carbon target. Spanish oil company set a 2050 target for net-zero emissions, arguably the boldest goal within the industry to date. The company aims to use clean energy for its refineries, add bio-fuels to its mix, cut flaring, and use offsets such as carbon-capture and tree planting. The company also plans to take a 4.8-billion-euro impairment charge in the fourth quarter on some of its oil assets.
  • xxxxx saw its net profit fall by 43 percent year-on-year, due to lower export volumes and lower natural gas prices in Europe.
  • Russia-to-China pipeline to start up. The “Power of Siberia” pipeline is set to open on Tuesday, a long-distance, a 3,000-km natural gas pipeline connecting Russia and China. The project was initially inked back in 2014, and the contract lasts for 30 years. The pipeline could knock out coal demand, as well as LNG imports, in China.
  • Stocks are in a bubble...and the chart below proves it.
stock buy in 2019 Click here for more...
Stock Buy-In $-Gold price versus Fiat Money supply at a historic low.

Important Technicals:

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average took a large dive on Wednesday. Stock Markets are in a BUBBLE and the non-believers will pay a very high price for staying in stocks and/or buying stocks.
  • This is without any doubt the time to Click here for more...

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Wednesday, December 3, 2019 -  Governments don't create wealth, they consume it!

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Screen Shot 2019 12 03 at 9.59.58 AM
Iran's security forces shot and killed 'rioters' in gasoline price protests.
Iranian security forces shot and killed “rioters” in multiple cities amid the recent gas price protests, according to a report by the state-run television on Tuesday. Iran has faced growing international criticism and pressure over the security force crackdown on demonstrations that spread across at least 100 cities and towns throughout the Islamic Republic. What many people don't realize is that Oil and Gasoline prices go up all over the world. Even in Oil producing countries.

Oil products and gasoline, automobiles,..for Governments the easiest and fastest way to milk their citizens. The authorities, however, don't realize that this is a short term vision and that expensive Oil products (and expensive energy) are a damper on the economic activity.  The Belgian revolution started because the tax on BREAD was raised. The French Revolution started because SOAP became too expensive. Maybe the next revolution will start because Gasoline has become too expensive!?

ZhivagoMost people have no assets, only DEBT. For the ones who own real estate with a mortgage, the value of their property is likely to be lower than the debt. When the crisis occurs, Governments will legislate to let defaulting property owners stay in their houses. The same will apply to people who rent accommodation. This is a standard rule in the coming Marxist environment.

Even though the wealthy will see colossal destruction of their wealth, some will still be left with sizable assets (on condition they don’t have major debt) which will be worth a lot less. However, when Marxist/Socialist governments take over they will either expropriate the properties of the wealthy or tax them so high that owners can’t afford to keep them. This happened in the USSR at the beginning of the Great Communist Revolution. Those who don't, believe me, must watch the movie: Doctor. Zhivago.

"The UK Labor leader Corbyn has already suggested that luxury properties in Central London should be occupied by ordinary people and not the current wealthy residents."

This is exactly what happened in Russia and Moscow at the time of the Great Red Revolution. Homeless people were housed in the luxury dwellings of the Russian Rich. People tend to forget that when things get really bad, politics ALWAYS become RED and the Middle and Upper classes suffer most.

"Today, co-housing is sold in a more subtile way...as being good for the environment."

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

  • The following shares show a BUY signal. Many other miners do and they indicate HIGHER Gold & Silver.

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Cyber-Monday/Tuesday, December 2-3, 2019 - The global economy is on crutches!

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la patate   charles michelWhy should one have elections in a Democrat (alias Communist) regime?!  Europe has a new president although nobody voted this man in place. La Patate (alias Charles Michel) is the “fils a papa” alias son of a Belgian politician by the name of Louis-Michel. He's is not the only one who's been promoted to an important position within the EU without being elected by the people. After the appointment of Christine Lagarde as head of the ECB, more women ended up in key EU-positions just because they were females and NOT because of their talents. Why should one have elections in a Democrat (alias Communist) regime?! These appointed politicians are the people who have their mouths full of the word 'democracy'.

The global economy is on crutches. This is why it requires constant central bank intervention and hence the talk of fiscal stimulus everywhere. The plain truth is it can’t do without. Organically it already is in recession. Intervention/stimulus/debt keeps kicking the can...

"So as the automobile sector goes, so goes the economy." (old saying)

Screen Shot 2019 11 30 at 5.52.22 PMGerman Manufacturing Job Losses Top 100,000 With Daimler Cuts.  The evolution of the global automotive sector represents a major challenge for the Germany economy. Electric vehicles have fewer parts and therefore require fewer component suppliers. The battery is also the biggest constituent of the vehicle’s cost and Germany does not yet have its own production facility. In fact, it is unlikely to ever become a dominant force in the production of batteries considering China and South Korea’s already huge leads.

They tried it all..dieselgate, hybrids, electric cars, green cars,...VW merged with Nissan to cut expenses. Nothing works. Daimler, Audi, and BMW are firing people and the automobile sector keeps sliding into a deep depression.

"A Minsky Moment in China!"

China Financial Warning Signs Are Flashing Almost Everywhere. Two years ago China’s central banks Zhou Xiaochuan gave a speech where he talked about the risk of a Minsky Moment and what could be done to avoid it. A Minsky Moment is when asset prices experience a sharp reversal following a long and prolonged advance. That kind of risk evolves from deploying procyclical policies for a prolonged period.

"Too late for people in Lebanon to send their savings to a safe heaven. Last week, authorities in Beirut have decided to implement capital controls..."

The Bundesbank is a “gold bug.” European central banks are slowly preparing for plan B: gold. German Central Bank: Gold Is the Bedrock of Stability for the International Monetary System. Underneath the pyramid is gold that forms the base of most reliable value; all asset classes within the pyramid on progressively higher levels involve more risk. Exter would sometimes refer to his model as the debt pyramid; hence, he positioned gold outside of it as it’s the only asset that has no liability against it.

The IMF considers all financial assets to have counterparty risk, except gold. This safe haven is gold, the only asset refuge that has no counterparty risk. The IMF lists all international reserve assets by descending order. Crowning the lineup is physical gold, followed by cash, debt securities, equity, and finally derivatives.

"A bar of gold always retains its value, crisis or no crisis."

investment pyramid IMF IMF top holdings

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Important Fundamentals:

  • Last week Morgan Stanley lost $100 million..breadcrumbs and the loss didn't affect the stock price which sells again at a top price.
  • The quantities of natural gas that can be brought to market, almost at will, are nothing short of astounding and suggest a price war is inevitable. With Australia now producing almost as much gas as Qatar and the USA exporting the bounty from shale wells, the global market for gas is likely to continue to grow.
  • If correct, Both the dollar and Wall Street will come down in 2020! The dollar is a bear trap as the USA is on the next QE the Dollar comes under heavy pressure. We expect the dollar to go down in 2020 and will be able to confirm this end of the year.
  • xxxxx lake buys xxxx Gold for $4.89 billion.
  • Large pharmaceuticals companies have effectively outsourced research and development to the speculative biotechnology sector and are prepared to pay up for those that approach commercialization.
  • If France, Italy or Spain leave the EU, Germany goes bankrupt!
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Important Technicals:

  •  All shares in our Platinum section are strong buys.
  • This is a negative and plausible view of the German stock market. (see chart below)
  • Only Idiots buy/hold stocks and have NO Gold and/or Silver. (see chart below). As usual, when they realize their mistake (like people in Lebanon realize today), it will be too late.
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DAX 2019 03 28 gold vs stocks 2019 11 28

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