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Although we don’t have INFLATION now, you don’t have it until it’s there.

Friday July 29, 2016 - A never ending story: after France, Belgium and Germany we now also have Morocco

Updated Sections: Natural Gas & shares
Geopolitics make out 50% of a GOOD investment.

You're not going to see important news on CNN: A German MP - Sahra Wagenkhneht - has blasted the United States as the most dangerous country in the world, certainly the biggest danger to European peace.  - During her speech in German Parliament she was frequently interrupted by applause.  "The Americans are placing nukes in Germany, supposedly to counter Putin's aggression in the Baltics. Do the Americans seriously expect us to believe in such stupidity?" asked Mrs. Wagenknecht to an applause from other MPs

Can Helicopter Money Overcome Global Deflation?

Warning: if you see this kind of heading, you know the author doesn't know nothing about economics and you should NOT read the Article. Check out the CORRECT DEFINITIONS of Inflation and Deflation (click here)...and be aware Inflation and Deflation are Monetary Phenomenons...not economic ones.

super marioThe MAIN problem is that , although REALITY proofs over and over again that such is impossible, Japanese Authorities also continue to think they can kickstart the economy by printing money. I think nobody will mind we call these guys IDIOTS. Even if they are high ranking [Japanese] officials.

Japan's prime minister unveiled a surprisingly large $265 billion stimulus package on Wednesday to reflate the world's third-largest economy, adding pressure on the central bank to match the measures with monetary stimulus later this week.

The announcement to boost the flagging economy sent Japanese and other Asian stock markets higher while it weighed on the safe-haven yen. The 28 trillion yen ($265.30 billion) is nearly 6 % the size of Japan's economy. It will consist of 13 trillion yen in "fiscal measures," which likely includes spending by national and local governments, as well as loan program.

Not sure that the Middle East will become a long-term U.S. LNG export market. But the industry will take whatever demand it can find it now. For much of the last century natural gas was in such abundance that it had no economic value and was burned off as a by-product of oil drilling. With increasing demand for less polluting, but energy dense resources, to provide heating, cooling and cooking natural gas has experienced a renaissance...more in the Subscriber's section

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Thursday July 28, 2016  - The West has opened a can of worms.

can of wormsUpdated Sections:

What happened and is happening in Belgium, France, Germany,...is terrible and destabilizing. And it should stop NOW!. But let's be honest. It was the WEST which opened the can of worms. It was Bush Sr. and later Bush Jr. & Tony Blair who invaded Iraq and hanged Saddam Hussein in 2003. It was the West who invaded and destabilized Libya and the French who shot Muammar al-Gaddafi (Tunisia, Mali, Mauritania,...) It was the mercenaries trained by the West (CIA, Mossad, UK, France) who started to roam in Northern Africa. It is the West who is trying to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria. It is the West who tries to control Afghanistan...Pakistan.

The Reality is that as Politicians  take care of the Terrorist-Problem in "an eye for an eye"  way , it will get a LOT worse before the geo-political situation improves....

How would YOU feel if your country was occupied by foreign forces, if your house was bombed, if you had to leave your homeland because of war!? What if the West would halt hostilities in all these countries and locals were allowed to rebuilt their homes and lives...and live in PEACE!?

Hillary Clinton Is A Threat To All Of Humanity  ! ...if she gets elected, it will be Bye Bye World Peace"!

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Wednesday July 27, 2016 - The EU to break up because of CIVIL unrest and Depression

spain sanctionsUpdated Sections: Recession Proof Shares,

The eurozone finance ministers decided this month to start sanctions procedures against the two countries (Spain & Portugal) for breaching EU spending rules. Sanctions could be a fine of up to 0.2 % of a country's GDP and the suspension of commitments or payments from EU structural funds of up to 0.5 %. In other words, if a country runs a deficit because it has problems, the EU-Dictators will make the problems WORSE!  Exactly how Politicians BEHAVE: the do exactly the opposite what should be done at the wrong time.

Politicians are people who do exactly the opposite of what should be done at the wrong time.

Can YOU connect the DOTS!? It's been years now since Goldonomic warned it's subscribers that we would enter an era of Civil Unrest, Terrorism, Civil Wars, Revolutions, Wars...Today whether you live in Europe or the USA doesn't make a lot of difference. Economic RECESSIONS and DEPRESSIONS always come with trouble!  We expect it to get worse over time as the Depression grows.

Important Fundamentals:

Cash on Deposit- Cyprus taught us in 2013 that a country can allow its banks to simply confiscate depositors’ funds should they decide that there is an “emergency situation” – i.e., the bank is in trouble. Unfortunately, the US (in 2010), Canada (in 2013), and the EU (in 2014) have all passed laws allowing banks to decide whether they’re “in trouble.” If they so decide, they have a free rein in confiscating your deposit. For this reason one should keep deposits, securities ONLY with Investment banks which have no commercial & credit risks....and run their business in SAFE COUNTRIES.

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Tuesday July 26, 2016 - Are you ready for Negative Interest Rates and more taxation!?

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Is it not intriguing to see a bank that is run by a bureaucrat rather than a banker being the first one to formally start talking about charging customers to park their money at the bank!? One of the largest Dutch banks, ABN Amro, has now warned its business clients a negative interest rate on the business accounts is in the works. The bank is currently updating its terms and conditions and will more specifically include its right to reduce the interest rates below zero.

Negative rates

ABN AMRO is a government-owned and government-run bank. The bank’s CEO , Gerrit Zalm, used to be the Dutch longest-serving Minister of Finance being in office for no less than 12 years.

Because we know  NEGATIVE interest rates will become universal we will over the coming months re-tune our Investment Pyramid.

Negative Interest Rates is similar to TAXATION. It is a new experiment run by the Authorities who are still living with the faith that they are able to control the economy.

Authorities Have Been Calling A 'Depression' A 'Recovery' For Nearly A Decade. (how stupid can you be!?)

Weimar Hyperinflatin - German monetary officials, particularly Reichsbank head Rudolf von Havenstein and Minister of Finance Karl Helfferich, denied that Germany had an inflation problem at all – right up until the end. Minister Helfferich declared that Germany had better gold coverage after the war than before it, despite that more than quadrupling of currency volume. One economics professor, Julius Wolf, wrote in 1922 that, “in proportion to the need, less money circulates in Germany now than before the war.” As much as the easy-to-see Versailles excuse played a part, there can be no doubt that beyond 1921 the German people themselves began to recognize that authorities had no idea what they were doing; worse, they came to see that even though policymakers were inept and incompetent, officials themselves would never admit as much and thus nothing would prevent Germany from its fate. That awakening resulted in the Weimar Hyperinflation.

real growth 2016

Venezuela Hyperinflation: Authorities, Maduro also refuses to admit the Hyperinflation. High Prices and the shortage of Supply in Groceries and Toilet Paper is the fault of OTHERS and has NOTHING to do with his failing policy we simply call SOCIALISM.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Negative Interest rates will grow more BUBBLES ...as it become a widespread phenomenon. Be careful you don't invest in the Wrong, Dangerous Bubble.
  • The GEO-POLITIC situation in Europe is rapidly DETERIORATING...also in Turkey. Erdogan is holding 1500 Americans hostage in NATO bases where TACTICAL NUKE WEAPONS are stored.
  • Be happy is you have a plan B ....and be worried if you have NO.

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Monday July25, 2016 - Draghi just told us the markets will resume their uptrend before yearend!

Updated Sections: Krona-Gold & Krona/$/€ , Yuan-Gold , Rupee-Gold , Long Term Stock Market Indexes ,

The BIGGEST LOOSERS will be those who keep their savings in BONDS, TREASURIES (all Debt instruments), Bank Accounts...but also those who keep their savings in Real Estate. During the Weimar Hyperinflation "one month's rent' didn't suffice to buy one loaf of bread (Rents were blocked by Government). Stocks always go up as long as Money is PRINTED and Interest Rates are artificially kept low. Caracas/Venezuela is another excellent example. The BAD NEWS however is that the advance of the Stock Market is neutralized by the Fall of the Currency (Bolivar)....

Caracas 2015 Venezuela hyperinflation

Note: we had a similar evolution in Japan with the Yen and the Nikkon (see World Stock Market Indexes en section of ¥-Gold & ¥/$).

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Friday July 22, 2016 - If you have Physical Gold & Silver but you keep it within political reach, they will SEIZE it...

Women Turkish flagsUpdated Sections: €-Gold & /$Aussie-Gold & €/$/Aussie , Swiss-Gold & FS/$/€ ,   
Can$-Gold & Can$/$/€ , ¥-Gold & ¥/$/€£-Gold & £/$/€ , R-Gold , Gold Objectives , Literature

What happens today in Turkey is a deja-vu of the pre-world war II situation. Of course....the 4th generation doesn't remember the prelude to WW II and the actions of A. Hitler in Germany before the real War actually started. Jews were prosecuted, borders were closed/controlled. Germans who were against the war/Hitler were arrested... Those who saw the War coming, tried to leave the country. Even if it meant that they had to pay a HEAVY TAX on the belongings they were allowed to take out of the country.

British teachers caught up in Turkey crackdown as Erdogan bans academics from leaving country and orders those overseas to return

Erdogan announces three month state of Emergency as the after-coup is taking even bigger dimensions. Erdogan is Hell bent and the situation in Turkey is taking EXTREMELY dangerous dimensions. A NATO Air Base storing Tactical Nuke War heads is now more or less under the control of Turkey. Thousands of people have been arrested, others lost their jobs as a result of religious cleaning. Scientists all over the world are ORDERED to return to Turkey. Judges and Academics are fired...

Turkey to suspend European human rights convention !

The rulers of Turkey want to re-instate Sharia Law. The country has more than close ties with IS. It is Erdogan's dream is to built a new Ottoman Empire. Under the emergency measure, the Turkish president and his ministers are allowed to bypass the parliament in passing new laws. Rights and freedoms in the country may also be limited or suspended if the government decides to do so, the news agency explained.

venezuela hungerThis is how a Erdogan-type-leadership always ends: Venezuela or the wet dream of Socialism. The estimations of growth and inflation levels in Venezuela are the worst in the world, the paper continues. “Economic activity is expected to contract by 10 percent in 2016, and inflation is expected to exceed 700 percent”

The IMF forecasts for Venezuela have taken a turn for the worse since the last report. Previously, the organization predicted that the nation’s economy would shrink by only eight percent while inflation was not supposed to exceed 480 percent this year.

Inflation is BAD for the Economy. Inflation is a monetary phenomenon and a depression an economic phenomenon.

Venezuela faces a deep recession/depression and a serious supply crisis while the population struggles with food shortages and growing prices. The painful truth is that Venezuelans (the majority, the Stupid Democratic Voter) are to blame for this crisis. THEY voted Chavez into power, THEY voted Maduro into power...whas goes around, comes around! This is a lesson for all of us: the rule is that BREAD and GAMES are extremely dangerous, Socialism and Government Intervention DESTROYS a society...and although things can stay stable for a very long time, changes come all of a sudden like a Hurricane does...and it takes away everything and everybody with no PLAN B.

The Salamanca school of economics.

We have added 2 books to our Literature section:

  • The Tower of Basel
  • Rouble Nationalization

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Thursday July 21, 2016 - Bears are making the mistake of their lifetime - Stocks have only one way to go and that's UP !

Updated Sections.

The recent breakout of a 18 month mature consolidation/accumulation to new all-time highs in the S&P 500 and in the Dow jones Industrials was significant. It also confirmed the breakout of the FOOTSIE. We have a lot higher to go from here. The next leg up will be broad-based among many sectors, and investors should begin to accumulate. Notes that gold and stocks can both go up at the same time (click to enlarge). Only the Gold miners will go up at a faster pace.

INDU-target 30000

With Low and Negative interest rates, stocks have no way to go but UP! Stocks are the ultimate instrument to preserve purchasing power during hyperinflationary depressions. Common people in Zimbabwe, Argentina, Iran,...lived it. Today Venezuelans also experience it. Even with an economy and SOCIALIST social system falling apart, the stock market went up by 300% over the last 24 months. Of course, Gold & Silver did a LOT better as the advance of the Stocks was offset by the loss of the Currency (Bolivar).

10year yields 2016

Important Technicals:

  • Basic trend for Dow Jones, SP500, FOOTSIE = BULLISH!
  • Microsoft nears new record : see section of Recession Proof shares for our other advised shares.

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Wednesday July 20, 2016 - Shall we see more correction or nothing more than a consolidation of the Gold & Silver sector?

Updated Sections: $-Gold , US-Dollar ,  Silver , 

This is the proof on the pudding. NEGATIVE interest rates are UNABLE to boost the economic activity. Printing Money doesn't boost the economic activity...

The Central Bankers and Authorities are without doubt the MOST STUPID people on planet Earth as they try over and over again to remedy to a problem (the economic depression) using monetary tools which do not work. Interesting is that today is a deja vue of the 1930's where these Authorities and Bankers did exactly the same...with NO positive results whatsoever.

There is only one way to boost the economy and that is by 1. Honoring Capital instead of punishing with negative interest rates and taxation and 2. attract Entrepreneurs by creating a fair and positive trading environment. Instead they create more and more rules which suffocate the system.

Negative interest rates and QE (printing fiat money out of thin air) only result in MISALLOCATION of funds (I.e Green Energy) and BUBBLES: Bond market bubble, Stock Market bubble, Real Estate market bubble,...

Important Fundamentals:

  • Yesterday RABO Bank, Netherlands published an article explaining that GOLD sits in a bubble and will come down BELOW $500. Such articles tell us GOLD will go A LOT HIGHER!

Important Technicals:

  • Silver technicals point to a correction...but we may just have a consolidation.

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Tuesday July 19, 2016 - Should one consider to sell his Physical Gold & Silver and Miners and cash the fat profit?

Updated Sections:

Paris, Brussels, Orlando, Dallas, Nice, Turkey, Baton Rouge...Why can most people NOT CONNECT the DOTS!?

FIRST THE BANKS WERE TOO BIG TO FAIL, NOW HILLARY IS TOO BIG TO JAIL …and what happened in the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas, in Baton Rouge, LA, but also in Europe and Turkey is an apt reflection of what happens when a nation loses its Rule of Law. This is a PRELUDE of WORSE to come. Economic DEPRESSIONS always come with a Major War, Civil War, Revolutions....the drama is that the 4th Generation can't even IMAGINE such can happen....and keeps on living in a World of Bread (Social Security) and Games (Word Cups).

Once people have no income, no hope and there is no light left at the end of the tunnel, drama's happen! These drama's are an inherent part of the depression CREATED by POLITICIANS.

Important Fundamentals:


Important Technicals:

  • He or She who even dreams of selling his/her physical Gold & Silver positions and/or Miners and cash the profit has still not understood nothing! This person still doesn't understand that by selling out positions, you are just exchanging REAL VALUABLE ASSETS for WORTHLESS FIAT MONEY. (how stupid can one be?).

Gold LT

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Monday July 18, 2016 - Government has become a Monster. Modern Politicians fail at what they are meant to do: protect their citizens. But also fail at what they are not supposed to to: run the economy.

Nice2Updated Sections: US-Dollar ,

The American Revolution in 1776 overthrew the bankrupt notion that Politicians should regulate and control its citizens. For the first time in history, a citizenry openly proclaimed that their lives, their liberties, and their properties were rights endowed not endowed by government. (Adam Smith, The Invisible Hand)

Government officials, the American people said, were simply servants whose job was to protect, not regulate or destroy, the God-given rights. Throughout most of the period from 1787 to the 1914s, there was no income taxation, welfare, Social Security, public schooling, war on poverty, or war on drugs. People were free to travel and trade anywhere in the the world without the interference of government officials. The result however was the most unusual society in history and the BIGGEST economic Boom ever in history.

People could transit any country without passport or any other formality. The market was the entire globe, and one’s trading partners and potential customers were all the other citizens of this free-trade world. There was NO government interference and control at all.

The IRONY is that the Economy and Society is being DESTROYED by the very people the Democratic VOTERS have voted into power...Even Adolf Hitler NEVER did anything illegal!

Modern politicians is a breed which is worse than Louis XIV (après-moi le deluge). Today, politics intrudes into everything. Both domestic commerce and international trade are regulated and controlled by the state. NATO and American's even go and invade and control countries where they have nothing lost in the first place (Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria,...) and so create dramatic and severe economic and human unbalances.

We live not in the era of liberty (democracy) but in the age of politics. The worst part of the story is that Politicians are not able and even worse not willing to do what they have been elected for. They are a bunch of sick, slimy psychopaths. Snake oil merchants only acting for themselves.

Today, international trade is no longer the cumulative pattern of private exchanges among a multitude of buyers and sellers. Today all international transactions are matters of politics and controlled by those who hold high political office and speak for the collection of special interests who have brought them to power in the last election: GATT, World Bank, IMF, BIS,...

These groups are lobbying with the politicians and authorities, and bribing these to bring into power the legislation which favors their monopoly or oligopoly positions best. The worst part of it is that the people who pay the biggest price for this are the poor, because the taxes are regressive and their weight falls greater on poor people.

Monetary systems as a rule FAIL because of sick politics. Because of Louis XIV we had a John Law, a Mississippi Company, Assignats, Hyperinflation and a French Revolution,... Each time ONLY the real money (Gold) remained and those who kept it out of political reach financially survived.

I was working in my kitchen when all of a sudden I heard Helicopters, Jets, detonations, shootings and people yelling (Turkish housewife). This is how fast it goes once TIME has come. Those who have not prepared, who have no PLAN B can be trapped like rats. Today a wise investor has to reckon with TWO factors: 1. be invested in the correct investment vehicles and 2. the investments must be kept out of political reach...more in the subscriber's sections

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Friday July 15, 2016 - Breakout of the Dow Jones Industrials and SP500 or this largely covers the $ 675 subscription fee !?

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes , 

Bank of England brings key interes rate down. The Bullish SIGNALS and IMMIMENT BREAKOUT of The FOOTSIE (and BULLISH signal) was visible BEFORE the Brexit actually happened. Hence in our opinion the rising FOOTSIE has NOTHING or little to do with the Brexit but rather with the fact the the Bank of England  had also decided to lower interest rates and increase money supply. Clear is that those Central Bank Junkies and Authorities still don't understand they are doing more harm than good to the economy by pushing the interest rates to and below zero. For some reason they still don't see that the ecoconomy and the money supply/interest rates are two different horses. Conclusion however is that this policy always results in inflation and that in the near future the inflation shall be seen in the Stock Markets (and Gold & Silver sector).

The Financial System will NOT CRASH. At least not today nor tomorrow.  Central Bankers and Authorities are aware of the minefield of problems and that is EXACTLY why we have REAL NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES and QE (printing of Money). Only HYPERINFLATION can and will kill the Financial System. Therefore, as long as we have no Hyperinflation, we may see some Dramatic Correction but NO destruction of the system.  Having said this, if you are convinced that the monetary system is to crash, you should have NO Bank Deposits, NO Saving Accounts, NO Financial Products manufactured by Financial Institutions,...

system to crash

Most Investors INCORRECTLY expect a Financial Newsletter to call the market each day, each week and each month. Fortunately things don't work like this. Important and GOOD calls come most of the time not even once a year. Important however is to have a subscription to a GOOD newsletter issued by people which have MARKET EXPERIENCE like we have (+45 years).

Most Investors want IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION...Buy and sell within the next weeks or months with a 10% to 30% profit. Let me tell you that markets don't work like this and that those amongst you seeking immediate gratification ALWAYS take the BAD investment decisions and ALWAYS end up LOOSING MONEY.

Charts below tell a thousand words. We may or may not have a BACKTEST. Every decent Breakout however should have one.  The Backtest should confirm the support level and indicate that the breakout is genuine and sustained.

Our section of World Stock Market indexes show which stock markets will profit most in the near future and which once remain dangerous/critical and must be avoided.

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Wednesday July 13, 2016 - Politics are one big SCAM...nothing more but a live theatre with sicko players

farage goUpdated Sections: Treasuries in the EU & UK , 

Varufakis...here we come! They did not expect us to win the Referendum, but now that we did, they told us we now MUST leave to keep ourselves and our family SAFE...and allow them to resume their dirty little games and keep fooling the PEOPLE. To achieve their goal Theresa was DECLARED Prime Minister on Monday and will be 'coronated' today (Wednesday).

In America Bernie Sanders and Obama had a short private chat and Bernie was promised heaven if he would endorse Hillary...this is how it works.

Meanwhile European (Italy) banks need another 150 billion to survive...Deutsche Bank’s Chief Economist Calls For €150 Billion Bailout Of European Banks....This is only part of the bill as Italian banks are in desperate need of a bailout as a result of €360 billion in bad loans growing worse by the day to avoid a freeze and/or collapse of Italy’s banking sector. A bail-in, as European regulations mandate, would lead to an immediate bank run. However, the core risk for Europe is not just the Italian banking sector but the biggest bank of all in Europe: Deutsche Bank. Having said this, Italy may have to choose between the EURO and it's own economic survival!

Remember at all times that the Economy and the Stock Markets are TWO different animals...and Stock Markets grow as more money is printed!

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Tuesday July 12, 2016 - So far the Bull run of the Miners has been impressive!

Updated Sections: Gold & Silver Juniors (all charts), Majors (all charts) , Bonds General & USA , 
gold price in curr Gold  Recessions 2016
8% average yield per annum...ZERO% risk! and Gold performs during recessions...

Important Fundamentals:

  • Still shopping around for BONDS...in that case think of PANAMA: Panama’s economy is set to grow 6.1 percent this year, the fastest pace in Latin America. The nation’s dollar bonds have returned 9.8 percent this year ! 

Important Technicals:

  • The advance of Gold & Silver miners (both Juniors and Majors) has been so impressive (too fast, too high...) that one should expect at least a consolidation and even a correction. Because of trapped Shorters the correction may have SHORT or NO legs.

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Monday July 11, 2016 - Real Estate after all not so safe as many think it is!?

Updated Sections: Buy Gold (video) ,

6 U.K. property funds are frozen: Three more U.K. property funds froze trading Wednesday, bringing the total to six. Canada Life, Columbia Threadneedle and Henderson Global Investors on Wednesday announced they had halted redemptions in their U.K. commercial property funds. This comes after M&G Investments on Tuesday joined Aviva AV, -0.42% AV., +1.84% and Standard Life SL., +0.72%  in announcing a temporary suspension of trading in shares of its open-ended property fund. The moves come as worries mount over the outlook for U.K. commercial property prices following the country’s vote to leave the European Union, or Brexit. More broadly, the moves are feeding anxiety about the long-term ramifications of the Brexit vote and possible ways that financial stress could be transmitted to the U.K. economy and beyond.

The actions mean that more than half of the U.K.'s 25 billion pound ($32.8 billion) property investment sector has been frozen

Redemptions can put a strain on such open-ended real-estate funds. Unlike stock funds, they can’t move to quickly liquidate holdings to meet redemptions. Most carry significant cash cushions, but those appear to have been sharply eroded. Complicating matters, unlike stocks, properties can be hard to value and liquidate during times of stress.

The 1st president of the ECB (Trichet) retired having wreaked the sort of destruction on the European economy that hostile powers could only dream about.

It's not the price of Gold going up...it's the price of Fiat Paper money coming down!

Important Fundamentals:

  • The problem however is that the American Oil Reserves are maily SHALE OIL with a much higher exploitation ( > $ 100) costs! U.S. has more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia. Not Saudi Arabia or Venezuela. The U.S. is sitting on an estimated 264 billion barrels of reserves, compared to Russia’s 256 billion barrels, and Saudi Arabia’s 212 billion barrels. More than half of the U.S. reserves are located in shale.

Important Technicals: click to enlarge

USD month1 Gold correction
 Secular Trend for Dollar is still BEARISH Bullish sentiment is way to high. UBS analysts publish Gold sits a new Bull market = expect a CORRECTION! 

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Friday July 8, 2016 - Are you brainwashed or brain dead!?

Updated Sections: €-Gold & $/€ , 

Europe’s banking system never fully recovered from the financial crisis. Europe’s bank will be “severely tested” as a result of the Brexit. This is another reminder to stay away from bank stocks–especially European ones—at this time. The charts of the Financial Institutions we follow (see section for Banks & Financials) tell more than one thousand words: best are Panamanian Banks, next Canadian Banks, next American Banks and last European Banks. Super Mario (ECB) will - in order to kick the can further down the street - have no alternate but to push interest rates lower and print even more money...that is until people REALIZE they are cheated on and we have HYPERINFLATION.

The European banks, insurance co's and pension funds under their Basel regulations, much like the US Dodd-Frank, are forced to hold a certain amount of assets on their balance sheet [and] those assets have to be government-issued debt. So they’re forced to own those assets. For that reason, no matter how low yields fall, “there’s a buyer in the marketplace”. We all know that BASEL I and BASEL II were ineffective and that BASEL III has not been implemented yet....hence, accidents can happen!

Anybody buying BANK and/or FINANCIAL SHARES, Insurance co's, Pension Funds and ANY INVESTMENT PRODUCT manufactured by those Banksters is SIMPLY RETARDED...Anybody keeping large deposits in their bank account(s), storing Gold & Silver in a SAFE DEPOSIT BOX with a Bank is out of his/her mind....

housing bubble

Quite often TOP FORMATIONS come with a HIGH VOLUME...similar to the volume we see NOW for the Belgian Real Estate Market. 

In the year 2006 in Florida DEMAND for Real Estate was so high the Real Estate Promoters worked with LOTTERIES: whoever wanted to BUY a property had to make his/her request through a Lottery....only the LUCKY one could buy a property AT THE TOP of the Market and loose at least 50% of his investment during the following years....

The past years we did see a SMALL CORRECTION of the Real Estate Market in Florida/USA. Nothing goes up or comes down in a straight line. We regret however that accoording to our research the Real Estate CRASH is not over yet.

Real Estate cycles are approximatively 76 years long: 50 years up and 26 years down. The final REAL ESTATE BOTTOM in the USA won't be seen until 2006 + 26 = 2032.  For Belgium it will be 2017 + 26 or 2043.  Note that the situation in the EU and Europe is A LOT WORSE than the situation in the USA because of the OVER-REGULATION .

Important Fundamentals:

  • Don't touch the shares of Banks and Financials and/or their products...not even with a 10 yard long stick.
  • Keep your PORTFOLIO OUT OF POLITICAL reach....preferably with an Investment bank offering some kind of insurance in case an accident occurs with the bank, broker or transfer agent.

Important Technicals:

  • This IS NOT the beginning of a new Bull trend for Gold & Silver. NO, it is simply the continuation and the 2nd upleg of a SECULAR  BULL TREND which started in 2002/03/04. Only short sighted, inexperienced financial analysts who work in the Bank sector sell this kind of BS. See the Subscriber's section for the designated investment instruments which will PROFIT MOST.

 Gold month

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Thursday July 7, 2016 - Propaganda there was BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the Brexit Referendum!

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The EU- and the World Financial System will crash independent of the fact that we have a Brexit. Let there be an Euro-tax so that the European Citizens realize the EU is a SCAM, a RACKET! [the propaganda was and is so strong that even Goldonomic readers BELIEVE it]...and what is that wicked SOROS doing in the European Parliament...!?

All the United Kingdom did, was to become an ordinary country again. The Referendum was a victory for the ordinary people and defeat of the Multi-Nationals, Globalism,...We did not leave Europe, we only left a FAILING and EXPENSIVE and IRRESPONSIBLE and UNDEMOCRATIC European Union. Nothing is gonna be the same again in Europe...this is the END of the EU and the Euro. LAst but not least, I am NOT a CAREER POLITICIAN!

Brussels will try to now punish Britain (and FARAGE) as they punished the Greeks for daring to vote against them. The attitude behind the curtain is turning nasty as in how dare those “limies” vote to leave. Brussels will try to be hard on the Brits because there are already movements to enter referendums to leave the EU surfacing in the Netherlands, France and the Northern League in Italy.

The Brits just slapped the face of those elitists in Brussels who refuse to see they are ever wrong. It is always everyone else’ fault. The entire EU project has gone way too far. It is no longer about trade – it is an autocratic anti-democratic establishment hell bent on federalizing Europe.

The slingshot is coming. The next elections will change the perspective of government for the next few decades. Those in power will fight back tooth and nail. The slingshot comes WHEN everyone realizes the future will not be anything they dreamed of. The negative interest rates are destroying pension funds, Central banks have lost control and credibility, and socialism is dying very hard because government is consuming the bulk to fund its own pensions. The slingshot comes when people realize governments are collapsing. Then there will be the mad rush into all private assets...and Gold & Silver. At that time the danger will be that the Authorities will SEIZE these assets and use these for their own support.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Red lights are flashing in the Italian Banking sector. This could cause another EU-crisis.

Important Technicals:

  • Although we may have a small correction/consolidation, it is ALWAYS advisable NOT to TRADE/SELL positions in the hope to buy-back at a lower price. Best advice we can give is to RIDE the positions and the wave, even if you already have a large profit.
  • If you see articles in the Telegraph explaining the Pound Sterling is DONE, about to be terminated.... it's normally time to BUY! ...click here

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Wednesday July 6, 2016 - Super Mario (ECB) also NEVER expected to see a BREXIT!

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Super Mario (ECB) stated that the ECB would do whatever it takes to stop the Euro breaking up. He probably never anticipated that the UK would vote to leave in June 2016. It may well be that - just like they got rid of Varufakis - they now blackmailed Nigel Farage out of Politics....those guys are worse than the MAFFIA!

The EU-law overrules the law of the Member countries. The EU-Maffia made local governments change the constitution (ex. Spain and Greece) where Supra-national DEBT gets preference above National Debt. Because it would have been very hard to change the constitution in many EU-countries, they just over-ruled the local legislation. Today the EU-law overrules the law of the Member countries. Stalin or Lenin would not have been able to do it better....

The EU is a racket...over the last years every country has grown, except for the EU and Antarctica! Why would one become a member of this failing monster!?

A monetary union of such disparate economies cannot work. Most economists know this and say it . Politicians pretend they know better and create history.  Clearly their plan is not working and is doomed. The question is how much more misery they will bring before a civil war or revolution will terminate those politicians and their vassals...because this is what will happen!

The death of the EU-monster will come with a lot of Energy, Money, Depression, Riots, Revolution...and probably BLOOD!  so PLEASE GET OUT of THIS SINKING TITANIC AS SOON AS YOU CAN...Stop listening to the band and jump into SAFETY!

Brussels (the EU) is Taxation without Representation...

Important Fundamentals:

  • Get out of the Banking System, get out of the EU, get out of the Euro, get out of Europe. DO IT NOW!...the EU is a RACKET...

Important Technicals:

  • The odds are that at this time we are experiencing the end of the present BULL run for the Gold and Silver sector and we may slide into a correction which may last until some time in August.
  • xxxxxxxxxx has broken out of a bottom and is a BUY.
  • xxxxxxxxxx has broken out and is a BUY.
  • xxxxxxxxxx has broken out and is a BUY.

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Tuesday July 5, 2016 - Silver...or this is the BULL RUN we talked about TWO years AGO !

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Most of the time MAJOR technical signals occur when only Mr. NOBODY expects it. Like NOW. That is the main reason why Mr. Nobody is stinking rich and Mr. Majority remains poor. Mr. Majority reads and listens to the Mainstream Media and subscribes to Cheap Financial Newsletters...and believes what the Politicians preach.

Important Fundamentals: see subscriber's section

Important Technicals:  see subscriber's section

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Monday July 4th, 2016 is Independence Day and Financial Markets are closed.

july 4th

Friday July 1st, 2016 - Radical Change Is Never Without Risk. But I Truly Believe That History Will Thank US for Brexit (A. Heath)

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Brexit refAm I nervous? Absolutely, but I always knew what I was signing up to when I voted Leave. Self-government comes with massive potential upsides as well as huge potential downsides. Being able to choose a different path implies the possibility of doing better as well as that of doing worse.

I have been saddened beyond words by the fact that so many Remainers, including many close friends, not only cannot see any of this but are actually still refusing to accept the outcome. Such people are now explicitly post-democratic: they no longer believe in majority rule, just as they no longer accept the idea that there should be no taxation without representation or even, in the case of many younger people, that speech should be free. Their rejection of liberal democratic culture extends to no longer feeling able to give their political opponents the benefit of the doubt. They believe themselves to be part of the forces for good, and that their opponents are not just wrong but also obviously, unarguably evil. Many lead relatively gilded lives yet have allowed themselves to embrace a shameful snobbery that was supposed to have died out last century.

Apart from insulting working-class and non-urban voters, their analysis of the referendum, which pins the responsibility for Leave entirely on northern Labour voters, is deeply faulty: 61 per cent of Tories, including in the shires, voted leave, as did 40 per cent of Londoners, far more in absolute numbers than voted for Sadiq Khan. Allister Heath in the Telegraph

What we explained to our subscribers last month about the way SILVER behaves versus Gold is also the opinion of Peter Schiff. Seems he also reads Goldonomic!? Those who attended our last symposium in Europe know that his vision is an total confirmation of our vision. The quality of certain Belgian Financial Analysts is at least as good as the quality of many American analysts...if not BETTER! For some reasons European investors keep wasting their time and money by subscribing to foreign Newsletters....

Good financial analysis always costs money. Either you subscribe to a GOOD Financial Newsletter, pay a good experienced investment advisor, either you will loose your savings in the market or to the Tax Authorities. It has been like this for the last Centuries..

Another BIG MISTAKE many investors make, is that they are IMPATIENT. They want IMMEDIATE SATISFACTION. Once they have bought an selected investment vehicle, they will sell it as soon as they have 10% to 20% profit and shop for another one. The problem being that this investing pattern ALWAYS ends up by buying the crappy investment vehicles.

Important Fundamentals: see subscriber's section

Important Technicals:  see subscriber's section

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