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A Bull Run often ends with a blow-off spike!

Monday July 31, 2017 - The Central Bank of Japan owns 75% of all Japanse Stocks (it's stocks backing the Yen)!

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gold bar in vaultOur storage facilities in Panama come with an important package of advantages, security and full flexibility:

  1. Our designated Vaults have 365 days access per year. Sunday to Sunday.
  2. Vaults are out of the banking system.
  3. Vaults are out of political reach.
  4. Content of box can be insured for 100% of the stored value (almost impossible in Bank-Vaults). In some cases you can insure your valuables against political risk.
  5. We assist with your DOOR to VAULT/BOX shipping and any shipment can be secured in your box with witnesses and if you wish so, confirmed with an official NOTARY statement.
  6. At any time you are able to sell part or full content of your box or store new goods into your box. Either by yourself or by designated parties.
  7. Upon sale the funds can be wired to your designated bank account.
  8. You keep the keys to your box.
  9. Only 2 other countries in the world offer advantages which can be compared to Panama.
  10. We offer special conditions to our new Subscribers and new Coaching relations. (send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details)


Important Fundamentals:


  • We have peak Silver and supply is coming down. When supply comes down but demand stays level, prices ALWAYS go up. Even if prices are RIGGED!. Rigging can only control prices in the SHORT RUN. Chile's Silver Production Down A Stunning 32%. The world's fifth largest silver producer saw its production plunge 32% in May versus the same month last year. Chile, a country which produced a record high of 54 million oz of silver in 2014, is forecasted to see its mine supply decline to less than 40 million oz in 2017
  • As expected - Oil majors see profits improve. So far, the largest oil companies are posting much better financials in the second quarter. xxxx profits tripled, but it wasn’t the only one enjoying profits on the upswing. xxxx (xxx) saw adjusted profit of $2.5 billion, a 14 percent increase from a year earlier. xxxx (xxxx) said profits jumped to $3 billion, or triple the level from a year ago. And xxxx (xxxx) said its earnings doubled to $3.35 billion in the second quarter, year-on-year. Still, most of the majors feel pressure to remain cautious with oil prices not showing any signs of a rebound. [ see subscriber section for Oil shares for more]
  • $ 50 Oil is back!
  • Bearing in mind that Central Bankers all over the world have been buying STOCKS ...and keep buying these, the odds for a BEAR MARKET in stocks are extremely small.

Important Technicals:

  • The Gold price is BOUNCING UP the Long Term Secular Uptrend...check our PF charts for Gold in Euro, Pound Sterling,....such is extremely Bullish! Even more bullish is the fact that last Monday we had a BEAR TRAP for Gold/Silver and Miners....
  • The Aussie has also broken out versus the US-Dollar and this points to a much LOWER US-Dollar and much HIGHER price of Gold, Silver and Commodities. The breakout of the Aussie versus the US-Dollar is a precursor of the pending BREAKOUT of MINERS.
  • For some reason the SWISS remains VERY WEAK versus the Euro. Exchange rate of the Swiss remains almost unchanged versus the US-Dollar.
  • xxxxxx stocks (xxxxx) are among the best performing stocks since the beginning of June with an approximate 16% gain over the past seven weeks.  It's not unusual for xxxx to remain on a tear for an extended period of time so pullbacks should be considered for entry.  The rising 20 day EMA is one such level to consider after a bout of selling as the weakness from late June...
  • The Canadian Dollar is also breaking out versus the US-Dollar...and most currencies are. This confirms the BEAR TREND for the US-Dollar.
  • Stocks below can be bought at present levels:
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buy now buy now

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Friday July 28, 2017 - A Plan B ( a second permanent residence), as longtime readers know, is the ultimate insurance policy. 

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2nd passportA Plan B, as longtime readers know, is the ultimate insurance policy. No matter what happens in your home government, instead of being “triggered” and cowering hysterically in a corner, you can simply get on a plane and go. It's getting harder, but you still can get a second residency in a STABLE country overseas. and what's more: it's still affordable for everyone. We know HOW and WHERE.

If you sense that your home government is about to enact capital controls, guess what? As a permanent resident or citizen of another country, you can likely open a foreign bank account and move your savings abroad. (You can do this as a foreigner, too, but in most countries, residents and citizens find it easier to open bank accounts and it often is impossible to open a bank account if you are not a resident.) If some socialist mandate of a tax code is crippling your business, guess what? You can move your business somewhere that doesn’t cannibalize its most productive citizens.

Opening up to Government and confessing every cent/asset is not a good idea. Even if you keep these abroad the Authorities can take you and your local assets hostage and force you bring back your foreign savings. Remember Government takes no prisoners and Philip le Beau tortured the Crusaders to get hold of their Gold. Government has become a MONSTER which is only interested in it's own survival. Politicians don't give SHIT about the citizens. Only the votes count and these they get by cheating and lying.

In the recent past and in all cases, Governments have in one way or another seized the GOLD holdings of their citizens: Argentina (where they also seized the Forex holdings), Venezuela,..and now even Turkey. Only one year ago, Turkish banks created a special Gold-plan for Turkish people where interest was paid on Gold deposits with Turkish banks. Today these very people see their Gold holdings confiscated!....it only has to happen once for you to become THE TURKEY!

gold home seized 

Important Technicals:

  • Stock markets are dangerously high while Gold & Silver and Commodity markets are completely out of fashion! As usual one must be PATIENT....but there is little doubt in my mind that SOME PAINFUL CORRECTION of the Stock markets  sits around the corner and that the Gold & Silver sector will SHINE by the end of the year. I still have no idea as to what will kick open the Rotten Door...but the hell ROTTEN it is!
chart in the subscriber's section chart in the subscriber's section
Sentiment for stocks is extremely bullish. The number of investors buying shares on credit has never been so high.
Sentiment for Gold & Silver is extremely bearish.

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Thursday July 27, 2017 - Wealth taxation is now also a reality in Communist Belgium

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Fake news is dangerous news and most of the people (80%) don't understand it's mechanism. It is only years ago, when I emigrated to South-Africa, that I realized FAKE NEWS was a reality and that I  also had been brainwashed for years. Luckily my brain damage was not permanent. Fake news comes in a sneaky way and those who bring it, often don't realize what they are doing.

Wealth taxation is now also a "reality" in Communist Belgium. The Kingdom of Belgium became a Communist-Socialist country in the 1970's. They still call it a Democracy although the the country is run by elected and mostly not elected Politicians (EU). takszegelAs usual, the PEOPLE need to be hungry (like now in Venezuela) before they wake up. In the mean time, it is business as usual and Politicians do all within their power to keep the illusion alive: Bread (social security) and Games (Soccer, music festivals, Tomorrow land). Even the upcoming Green 3rd and 4th generation doesn't care to clean up the mess left after a music festival...

As usual the implementation of the 1st step of an "important taxation change" happens with extreme care and extreme low taxation levels. Important for the Authorities is that the tax becomes a law (...to serve the people and increase employment!?). So that in the next years, it becomes easy to raise the taxation levels and lower the taxation limits according to the needs of Government. Few remember that the introduction of the VAT (value added tax) in Belgium and Europe followed a similar pattern...it was said it would be a lot easier and cheaper for all than the use of Tax Stamps. In reality it made legal theft easier for the Authorities. 

Slightly higher Interest Rates and higher Stock Markets (we still have to see the exponential CLIMAX) will ensure that over the coming years the Belgian Authorities will cash a lot more than what people are realizing. Having said this, the Belgian Deficit will continue to grow (like the deficit of the Western World will continue to grow) and I expect that as soon as next year Governments will once more have to increase the taxation. Certainly if interest rates resume their climb. Jim's formula explains WHY...click here for more (education hall)

Important Fundamentals:

  • One way to finance the golden years is to retire abroad. Abroad the cost of living can be half what it is in your country. With older Baby Boomers increasingly responsible for their own financial security, people are becoming steadily more pessimistic about their future economic prospects as they approach retirement age, according to a study by United Income, a startup that aims to apply big-data analysis to financial planning. Malta and Portugal offer tax breaks to new immigrants. Spain has dangerous inheritage taxes and is part of the EU. Malaysia is a Muslim country. Colombia's economy is improving. Ecuador in not bad...but Panama is better and Mexico is unsafe. In our opinion Panama is the best country to emigrate to. That also is the opinion of most Venezuelans...who flee 'en masse' their Socialist-Dream-Country.

baby boom retirement countries

Important Technicals:

  • Every primary bull market has ended up (and will end up) with a wildly speculative 3rd phase where the public and crowd rushed headlong into the market. We see rising volume and massive entrance of the public assisted by the endless hype by so called "Wall Street Experts". It is during this madness that the early 1st phase buyers systematic sell their positions. Stock Markets have not yet entered this 3rd phase! Therefore we still expect higher Stock Markets and a Dow Jones breaking the 30,000 level.
  • Bond and Real Estate Markets however have entered the 3rd phase; this is visible to each one who realizes the delusional attitudes and firm convictions of Bond and Real Estate investors. Some Real Estate Investors don't hesitate to mortgage their whole fortune in order to buy even more Real Estate.
  • The US-Dollar index is nearing potential major support level. (2016 lows)

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Wednesday July 26, 2017 - Bitcoin bubble dwarfs tulip mania from 400 years ago.

Updated Sections: Treasuries in the EU , Corporate Bonds , 

Bitcoin bubble dwarfs tulip mania from 400 years ago, Elliott Wave analyst says. Bitcoin leaps 15% to highest in nearly a month on increased confidence in currency's future. "A bearish trifecta — the Elliott wave pattern, optimistic psychology and even fundamentals in the form of blockchain bottlenecks — will lead to the collapse of today's crypto-mania," analyst Elliott Prechter wrote in the July 13 edition of The Elliott Wave Theorist newsletter.

Technology has advanced greatly, but human psychology is still the same...

The price activity and manic sentiment that led to present prices have dwarfed even the Tulip mania of nearly 400 years ago. The success of Bitcoin has spawned 800-plus clones (alt-coins) and counting, most of which are high-tech, pump-and-dump schemes.

Regarding bitcoin, "under the Elliott Wave model, what we're seeing, we're making a final fifth wave from six cents," the younger Prechter told CNBC in a phone interview Thursday. "It does not imply it will go to zero. It does not imply it will go to six cents. I do however think it will happen to the clones [newly formed digital currencies]."

On several occasions Goldonomic has warned for Cryto-currencies. Although they may - at some point in the future - become "money", it's way too early and it's way to easy to STEAL and/or to Counterfeit.

tulip mania Bitcoin madness
 find the differences...  find the differences...

also see the Mississippi Bubble...click here.

Important Technicals:

  • Bond markets still don't show any signs of Trend Reversal.
  • Yesterday's weakness in the sector of Gold and Silver mines doesn't reflect the reality and makes no sense and today we don't see any follow up by the Gold and Silver sector. The weakness could be the result of a FORCED LIQUIDATION. (and/or manipulation by the Central banks). We did no see any follow through but rather MORE BUYING and higher prices.
  • Flash crashes in gold and silver are caused largely by computer trading algorithms probing for stops in the futures markets. Lanci saysThis is market manipulation. Manipulation of the gold and silver markets already has been admitted in the pending anti-trust lawsuit against Deutsche Bank and other investment banks.
  • Following shares are a strong buy: see subscriber's section

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Tuesday July 25, 2017 - A situation becomes really dangerous when everybody starts to be convinced nothing BAD will happen!

Updated Sections: Bonds General & USA , $-Gold (candle chart) , 

If everybody would believe that we would have a Hyperinflation tomorrow, we would have it today. The Bible is the Bible....but a story goes that Abraham (not Moses) was only able to convince an extremely small number of people to leave Sodom en Gomorrah before the city was destroyed and all the residents killed. The majority believed nothing bad would happen and/or all had some 'excuse' to remain in the city.  Same is true for Venezuela. Only an infinite number of people left the country when it was still possible and/or sold their REAL ESTATE and moved their assets abroad. The MAJORITY lived in the conviction that it would never get as bad as it is today and all had fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and children they could use as an excuse for not doing what a responsible person had to do.

Not even government is able to stop what is happening today in Venezuela. Evil was done over the past 25 years by the politicians duly elected by the Democratic Majority. Their Social-Democratic dream has become REALITY. In a country dreaming of free Medicare for all, today one can no longer buy medicines!

The price of crude oil is only one factor and part of the problem. It however also is a problem for other countries in the World.

bolivar OPEC fiscal squeeze

Important Fundamentals:

  • xxxxx 'Problem Child' Tongo Gold Mine Coming Right.
  • Russia’s xxxx looks to take over Venezuelan oil fields. xxxx is negotiating to exchange its collateral in Venezuelan-owned but U.S.-based Citgo for stakes in Venezuelan oil fields, according to Reuters. xxxxx has a 49.9 percent stake in Citgo as collateral for a $1.5 billion loan the Russian company made to PDVSA. But potentially forthcoming sanctions from the U.S. has xxxxx seeking to avoid getting ensnared in the actions.
  • As we forecasted the price of Television sets/screens has come down A LOT and so will the cost of batteries. Such does however not mean that we shall see more ELECTRIC CARS! Most of what is called GREEN-RENEWABLE energy has only been made possible because of the creation of Fiat Money out of thin air and fractional reserve banking. The day Fiat Money disappears and Fractional Reserve Banking fails, the ENERGY SECTOR will look completely different. What Politicians fail to say, is that Electrical Cars get their electrical charges from traditional (read DIRTY) energy stations.

car battery cost

Important Technicals:

  • The xxxx has resumed it's bear trend. See section for BEARISH TARGETS. Be advised a trend change during the Summer months is extremely indicative.
  • The candle chart for xxxx shows an interesting pattern: a Rising (bullish) triangle. xxxxx breaks out at $ 1320.

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Monday July 24, 2017 - Prosperity we have when ACCUMULATED LABOUR or CAPITAL is used to build machines which bring down the retail price of goods and services.

Updated Sections: Agriculturals , Copper & Platinum & non-Ferro's , Inflation , 

Prosperity we have when ACCUMULATED LABOR or CAPITAL is used to build machines which bring down the retail price of goods and services.. In a well educated society with a well run government, prices actually should come down and not up. The fact that prices go up, proofs government and Central bankers are doing a shitty job.

Capital is accumulated labor...

donkeyRich know money is an illusion, like a carrot for the donkey. It's only out of fear and greed that the illusion of money is kept together by billions of people who believe money is real. It's only because of the illusion of confidence and the ignorance of the masses that the house of cards stands. Hell breaks loose when the poor, the middle class and the Ignorant realize their live is ruined as the house of cards collapses while they continue to believe the Company they work for and Government will look after them. Government in particular only cares about itself.

In the long run, it's not about how much money you make, it's about how much money you keep, and how many generations you keep it.

Know your enemy III: the real life of Interest Rates or Supply and Demand of Capital.

interest rates Supply-Demand

This is how the reality works....the SHIT sold by Yellen and Draghi really is SHIT! They pretend they can tune the economic system by manipulating down and up the level of interest rates...like they think they can manipulate the inflation figures by cooking the inflation index. NOT SO! The weekly and monthly attention given to these Snakeoil Merchants is misleading...as misleading as the comment sold by the CNN-Mainstream Media (populated by ignorant journalists).

Important Fundamentals:

  • Western Authorities rig any possible item to keep cooked inflation indexes under control (low). ENERGY is an important factor because it has a catalysor effect on the retail prices.

Important Technicals:

  • So as Agriculturals go, so goes Gold. See section

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Friday July 21, 2017 - Know your Enemy II and how the EU-leaders are in total denial for the collective EU suicide

Updated Sections: crude oil , Wind, Solar, Coal & rare elements 

olive treeItalians are geniuses: debt to GDP is over 130% , youth unemployment is 40%, unemployment is 15% , ...the country sits in a severe depression. Reality is that Government itself has been creating it.

In the EU and Italy it’s more of the same every year. More taxation and more regulations. Capital controls (Italy-export of Gold is forbidden and the Italian Jewelry Industry has disappeared). Wage and price controls. Debilitating regulations. In an effort to ‘protect’ workers, Italian bureaucrats imposed a minimum wage so steep that farmers could no longer afford to harvest olives. Although workers were perfectly willing to accept the normal, lower wage, the government wouldn’t allow it. Fines are heavy....

Paying the higher wage, however, meant that entrepreneurs are 100% guaranteed to lose money. End result? There is no harvest… nobody makes any money. The Italian Olives rot in the trees. Same stories in Southern Spain. There even Oranges are rotting in the trees and with financial help of the EU (tax money) most farmers moved to Morocco.

Over the years NOTHING has changed....only "we the people" FAIL to see it.

Know your enemy II: About (negative) interest rates: In addition to negative real interest rates, there are other clandestine steps a Central Bank is performing in to separate the people from their hard-earned savings.

The INTEREST RATES are rigged! The Central Banks keep talking about raising interest rates, but in fact the real interest rates ( nominal interest rate less inflation rate) keep falling.

Interest rates are technically the RESULT of the amount of money in the system: less money means that interest rates go up and more money results in lower interest rates.

Interest rates are technically the RESULT of the amount of money in the system: less money means that interest rates go up and more money results in lower interest rates. This means that the amount of money is the main driver of the interest rates. You don’t set interest rates (like Central banks happen to do today), you control the amount of money in the system, and the interest rates follow along. They are the result, not the cause. Or at least that’s how it used to be. But not any longer.

In the past, when the Fed ‘hiked rates’ what it actually did was drain money from the system: Less Money = interest rates up. Now when the Fed hikes rates it removes zero money in the system, and this is why a rate hike is not actually a rate hike at all, but the opposite because it leaves 100% of the money in the system but raises the amount that banks and other financial institutions can charge you for new loans and outstanding credit.

Gold and Silver are the most undervalued money today...and Government will do ALL in their power to kick it out of your hands...into theirs. They will make Gold holders believe it is a BAD investment, that it is a Barbarian stupidity to hold it...until they day they have again full control of it and it's status is restored.

gold home seized

Now that CASH TRANSACTIONS have become ILLEGAL, it has become extremely eazy to control and tax (wealth taxation, capital gain tax, windfall profit taxes) GOLD and Silver. Gold and Silver EXPORTS are a task only professionals can bring to a good end. As soon as export becomes illegal and any sale of Gold/Silver has to be made through a local dealer, there is a 100% transparency of the operation and it is extremely easy to tax the result of the sale.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Wind, Solar and other so called GREEN and RENEABLE energies exists because of the creation of fiat money out of thin air and fractional reserve banking.

Important Technicals:

  • A bullish Head and Shoulders formation it is...and the 5 year strong pattern has an enormous potential.

see subscriber's section for charts

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Thursday July 20, 2017 - Know Your Enemy: What are the central banks most likely to do next, and what will the repercussions be?

Updated Sections: Banks & Financials , 

inflation over the yearsMany nations have gone through periods in the past where they've had very high levels of government debt. And there are four traditional ways of dealing with that.

  1. One of them is austerity. Everyone understands that. You raise the tax rates. You lower the government spending. This is a painful choice. It can last for decades. And what do you think the voters think about that? The answer is easy: they stop voting for the politicians and revolt.
  2. The Argentina option. And that's defaulting on government debts. It's radical. Everybody understands it. How do the voters feel about it?
  3. There is a third option is rapidly destroying the value of currency. Creating high rates of inflation that very quickly wipe out the true value of a national debt. But that also wipes out the true value of everyone else's savings and salaries and so forth. It is such an obvious process you can't really hide it. So how do the voters feel about that?
  4. Now there is a fourth way of doing this: Financial Repression or negative real interest rates. It's what the advanced western nations did after World War II. It was a process that took 25 to 30 years, depending on the country. The West went from an average debt as a percentage of national economy from over 90% to under 30%. So we know it works in practice. You've got to get the money one way or another. But financial repression is, just complex enough that the average voter never gets it. If the rate of inflation is higher than the interest payments you are taking in, savers are losing purchasing power every year. We're living in the era of negative real interest rates right now. The purchasing power of our savings is being siphoned off to sustain the government's debt orgy, making the elites filthy rich in the process. The financial repression playbook is well underway. But while financial repression extends the lifetime of an over-indebted economic system, it does not avoid the consequences of Too Much Debt. It merely serves to shift the worst of the inevitable losses from the government onto the public.
There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final or total catastrophe of the currency system involved. Ludwig von Mises

People get the impression Real Estate prices go up. In reality they don't and barely reflect the inflation rate.

dollar purchasing power 2017

Important Fundamentals:

  • Australian dollar soars to two-year high on Royal Bank of Australia minutes. The Aussie dollar jumped more than 1 US cent to as high as US79.04¢, its highest level since May 2015, after rallying 3 per cent last week.
  • Copper futures trading on the Comex market in New York jumped on Monday on renewed optimism about economic strength in top commodity consumer China. Copper for delivery in September jumped to a high of 2.7375 a pound (just over $6,000 a tonne) in lunchtime trade, up 1.7% on the day to the highest level since end-March. LME copper's 2017 year to date gains in percentage terms are now within shouting distance of 10%.

Important Technicals:

  • Commercials cover their shorts for a good reason...see charts in the subscriber's section.

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Wednesday July 19, 2017 - Our Economies Run On Housing Bubbles 

Updated Sections: Oil shares , Natural Gas & Shares , Uranium shares , 

house bubbleWhat Real Estate owners and Investors fail to understand is that YES...they will keep cashing the monthly NOMINAL rent for their rental properties. However what they don't seem to grasp is that in a couple of years - with this rental income - they will barely be able to buy a loaf of bread. Examples we had many during the Weimar revolution where one could buy a whole street for a couple of gold coins. Caracas, Venezuelawhere the average monthly rent hoovers around the 150,000 bolivars ($40 to $50) ain't better. South Africa where today it is possible to buy MANSIONS for ridiculously low prices is another example.

Dollars, Euros and all hard currencies are like gold dust in Venezuela.....hard to find and expensive when you do find them.

Large swaths of the population are just as concerned about deflation as inflation. Well, let me tell you, central bankers own a printing press and are determined to prevent us from having deflation. They can and will prevent deflation. All they have to do is run the printing press hard enough. Look at Japan. They have powerful deflationary pressures, and they’ve been able to prevent deflation by simply running the printing press hard enough. So if central banks can and will prevent deflation, then at some point inflation does crop up and then the question is, ‘Do central bankers today have a stiff enough spine to intervene and crush inflation before it gets ugly?’ I’m not at all sure that the central bankers at the head today will do so…I'm not sure at all that when we get into the final stage, it even is possible to stop inflation becoming Hyperinflation. Zimbabwe and Venezuela are good modern examples: once inflation gets out of hand, it can no longer be stopped.

In the end when the HERD looses faith into the money system and (central) banks...the hyperinflation becomes an exponential and implodes after the Climax taking along everybody who's in it.

The unexpected surge in US government spending means that quietly and mostly behind the scenes, the student debt bubble has begun to burst, and the Treasury is "provisioning" for it in real time, with all US taxpayers once again on the hook.

Finally, since the $1.4 trillion and rising student debt bubble is expected to end up with discharges of 35% if not higher, it means that over the next several years, the budget deficit will be incrementally boosted by approximately $500 billion as America's taxpayers are once again taken to the cleaners, this time to bail out millions of liberal arts majors who for one reason or another just can't pay back their student loans.

The US-Automobile Debt bubble has also been deflating for some months now.

Important Fundamentals:  see subscriber's section

Important Technicals:

  •  Several BREAKOUTS with high volume and BUY opportunities in out section of URANIUM shares.
  • The  Canadian Bank sector will continue to be adversely affected by the DEFLATING Canadian Real Estate Bubble.

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Tuesday July 18, 2017 - The Gold price is FAKE NEWS and way too low....

Updated Sections: Bio Tech-Pharma , 

record dowExpect Dow Jones above 22,000 in the coming weeks. This is not unexpected and we want to remind our subscribers about our 30,000 Dow Jones target published years ago. Since the elections, there have been 169 trading sessions of which 42 (1 in 4) have seen a new Dow Jones all-time high.

The main cause of financial struggle is FEAR and IGNORANCE. Not the economy, the government or the rich. Also most investors (especially the young inexperienced) invest with a way too short vision. As a rule, they go for Immediate Satisfaction and 10%-20% gains. They have NO vision and structure in their investments and handle their investments as chips in a CASINO. Good, profitable investments are sold out with a 10%-20% profit and often bad investments are not "stopped out". As a result, with time many Frustrated Investors start to invest like bankers do: they spread the risk over too many investment instruments. Not hard to understand that it is impossible to score with a over-diversified portfolio!?

bitcoin theft

Canadian Real Estate sector crashes: The Canadian Real Estate Association says home sales in June posted their largest monthly drop since 2010, with the Greater Toronto market leading the decline. This is the third monthly decline in a row...

On a real basis, Canadian housing prices experienced a much smaller, shorter decrease in prices during the financial crisis and a much larger, longer increase in prices during the recovery. When you couple an unfathomable rise in housing prices with near-record high household debt-to-income ratios, the Canadian housing bubble starts to look scary. No one knows when the crash will come to an end. Bubbles are like an avalanche. The longer they build up, the worse they will be when they eventually destabilize.

Important Fundamentals:

  • OVERPRICED are Real Estate, Bonds, Stocks,....
  • UNDERPRICED are Gold, Silver, most commodities

Important Technicals:

  • xxxx xxx (pharma) is breaking out.
  • xxxx xxx (xxx) has broken out and next targets are $54-$59
  • Gold shares below should be bought at present levels:
  see subscriber's section  
    click to enlarge

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Monday July 17, 2017 -  They can not allow the price of Gold get out of control because that would blow up the derivatives

Updated Sections: Gold Objectives (gold & moon) , 

Gold & Silver have been reversed financialized and they at the same time surpressed the price....Gold is actually  a leveled down asset. The actors in the video clearly don't know the strenght and capabilities of Goldonomic as far as VAULTING, TRANSPORTATION and HOW to HOLD your physical Gold & Silver holdings...

Banks and Central Banks are BANKRUPT. Everything Central banks have done since 2008 are EXPERIMENTS...Having said this, QE-4 we shall have and see SOON! The stock and bond markets however are ILLIQUID: either they keep rising or they crash...The DRAMA being that the SYSTEM has used all of its arrows. The only thing THEY hope is that it doesn't go broke tomorrow....

marginal us productivity 2017 gross debt ratio
The more DEBT...the more Depression we get! And a lot of debt we already have....
central bank Bolivar hune 2017
and too much debt we already have..
and this  ALWAYS results in a crash of a currency!

Important Fundamentals:

  • When the price of Oil goes up by too much, the World economy will crash...When the price of Oil comes down by too much, the World economy will also crash....CHESS it is.

Important Technicals:

gold seasonal silver seasonal

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Friday July 14, 2017 - Panama is not on the list of TAX PARADISES...!

Updated Sections: Recession Proof shares (still bullish?) , 

diamondsTax Inspectors in particular are often mean, dirty thinking people using FEAR and LIE to terrorize the civilians. Whatever these mean petty government officers pretend, countries like Panama are NOT on the list of the Tax Paradises and companies and civilians can conduct business with Panamanians like with each other normal country. Having said this, each informed civilian should be advised that the "Panama Papers" were mainly a MEAN, DIRTY POLITICAL event made possible by CNN-like Mainstream Media. (it starts to be widely known that CNN actually STAGES happenings with actors...that is how low they get).

While the Diamond business is chased away by these petty government officials in Antwerp, Belgium and Amsterdam, The Netherlands, they are more than welcome in the Tax free zone of Panama. After Dubai and Antwerp, Surat and Mumbai-based diamantaires are eyeing a big chunk of the $8 billion diamond market in Latin America. Over a dozen firms have already purchased office space in the Panama Diamond Exchange (PDE) which recently opened on April 30.

Also, for the first time, polished diamonds processed in the world's biggest diamond cutting and polishing center, Surat, would be directly flown to the newly opened Panama facilities. About 15-20 Indian diamond and jewelry firms like Rosy Blue, Kiran Gems, Diarough (NV), Bhavani Gems, Interjewel, Jewelex, M Suresh, Niru Group, etc have purchased office space at the PDE and the upcoming World Jewelery Hub (WJH) to cater to the Latin American market.

These companies are joined by over 30 other companies from Israel, Belgium, United States, Italy and Latin America, to make up what already is the largest concentration of diamond and jewelry specialists in all of American continent.

Pankaj Parekh, vice-chairman, Gems and Jewelry Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), who represented India at the inauguration of PDE told TOI, "The diamond bourse and jewelery centre in Panama is set to provide a major boost to the Indian diamond manufacturing centre. Until now, the Latin American market was isolated due to the absence of bourse, but now the diamonds and jewelry from India could directly reach to the consumers and buyers there."

The Panama jewelry market is expected to reach at $10 billion in the next two years."

The entire PDE complex is located in the Vaguil Free Zone, which was established by an act of Panama's Parliament for the benefit of the international gem and jewelry trade, and exempts transactions conducted within its area from payments of customs duties and taxes, and corporations registered in the Free Zone from paying company tax.

Important Fundamentals:

  • We’ve got a weak economy. A depression it is! The retail economy in the US is a total disaster, take a look at the number of retail closures. We’ve got a subprime auto crisis going on and the defaults are already beginning to pile up. Inflation is far higher than any of the indicators are showing; the price of oil is masking the price increases in everything else. The price of oil is going to go back up and when it does Americans are going to be in for quite a shock. The automobile industry is a disaster, the financial industry is a disaster, the banking system is a disaster. We have already started the great crash.

Important Technicals:

  • Several shares have reached our Long Term Target and should be sold/converted into other shares. UNILEVER is a schoolbook example of a share we advised to buy years ago. See section for Recession Proof shares for more examples. The Unilever chart shows a 1st upleg (2000 - 2008), a halfway correction (2008-2009) and a 2nd upleg (2009-2017). As the TARGET has been reached, we expect little more than a TOP CONSOLIDATION (distribution). The MAJOR problem is that one CANNOT stay liquid and MUST rotate the stock into another one as good as Unilever....or better.


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Thursday July 13, 2017 - Often Important pivot/flex points do come during the Summer period....like is the case now!

 Updated Sections: Indexes in Real Money (Gold), Long Term Stock Market Indexes , Investment Pyramid , 

fools goldGold currently looks very sluggish with a tendency to drift down easily. What most investors don’t understand is that the gold price has nothing to do with the real price of gold. As with most financial markets today, the gold price is fake news. The Gold price is the result of financial manipulation at the very highest government and central bank level. This manipulation takes place in the paper gold market which is 100 times bigger than the physical gold market. The real players behind this dark paper market are never revealed. Virtually every trade that is executed to depress the gold price is done when most gold markets are closed and there are no buyers. The amounts traded are also massive. No commercial seller would ever trade in such a blatantly idiotic fashion. Who would ever sell gold in huge quantities when there are no buyers and no market?

If this was a real market backed by physical gold, this type of trading would be impossible. With a seller dumping several months’ production in a few seconds, there is of course not a single ounce of physical behind it. If the buyer demanded delivery, the seller would either default or pay $100s or even $1,000s above the market price to acquire the physical. But the truth is that the physical doesn’t exist to fulfill the trade. 

The real gold market is the physical and in this market all gold produced has already been pre-sold. In the real gold market, long term contracts absorb all the gold mined and refined. But the West doesn’t understand this market because the West trades false markets based on false values. Most trading in the world financial markets is in the form of derivatives with no delivery of the underlying assets. 

This is why most of the people trading gold in the West have no concern about ever getting delivery. They see physical gold impractical and expensive to trade. Why hold physical when all you need is an electronic entry saying: GOLD. Virtually nobody realizes that these electronic entries at some point will not even be worth the electricity that has been used to create them.

Important Technicals:

  • The GURU's pretending we shall see a SEVERE market crash soon, will be wrong.... Most Stock Markets (see World Stock Market Indexes section) have completed their PULL-BACK (sometimes only visible on Candle-charts and not on PF charts) and Long term Resistance is now Long Term support. Markets (PF-charts) point to MUCH HIGHER LEVELS and Hyperinflation.
  •  The Breakout confirms the BULLISH TRIANGLE. The BREAKOUT and positive BACKTEST is clearly visible on the PF-chart for the DAX (German Index below). These patterns are visible on several PF-charts. Exceptions are Portugal, Greece,....see section for World Stock Market Indexes for the other charts.
DAX pf1 DJW pf1
click to enlarge  click to enlarge

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Wednesday July 12, 2017 - A golden opportunity in silver we have!

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes (still bullish?) , 

The Bank of Japan has committed itself to print all the requested Yen's so it can keep buying the Japanese Debt (which is the World's biggest). Over time this will result in Hyperinflation...As Hyperinflation is a PSYCHOLOGICAL phenomenon, we can't forecast as to WHEN it will happen. Video clip is also interesting for those which don't know the difference between the REAL Silver Quarters and Dimes and the FAKE ones (those manufactured by Government).

Money printing will create hyperinflation and all attempts to lower the already low interest rates will fail. Central banks will be totally powerless in stopping the biggest financial crisis in history. As interest rates rise and house prices collapse, the next mortgage debt crisis will be much bigger than 2006-8. House prices could decline by (another) 75-90% in real terms. The coming crisis will also involve two new subprime crises: student, and auto loans.

Most investors see no danger in stocks, bonds, property and debt at all-time highs. This is the most dangerous of bubbles that has ever existed in history. Of course, bubbles can expand further before they implode but who wants to be in a bubble that bursts, resulting in losses between 75% and 100% in real terms. Because this is what will happen to stocks, bonds and property in most countries.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Keep dancing but keep close to the exit door. Summer markets tend to instill a sense of false security. Stocks and property are near all-time highs, interest rates are at 72 year lows and many investors feel richer than ever. Central banks signal strong economies with indications of higher interest rates and tapering of their balance sheets…
  • xxxxx, xxxxx and xxxxxxx Stock markets will perform better than USA-Stock Markets.

Important  Technicals:

  • The xxxxxx is breaking out and points towards HIGHER stock markets in general...

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Tuesday July 11, 2017 - Royalty companies play a significant role  in the mining business.

Updated Sections:  Royalties (new section) , R-Gold & R/$/€ , Kr-Gold & Kr/$/€ , Yuan-Gold & Yuan/$ , Rupee-Gold & Rupee/$ ,

Royalties 1Many investors don’t realize what a significant role royalty and streaming companies play in the mining business. Royalty companies serve a special role in the mining industry. Developing a mine property to start producing gold or other precious metal is an expensive, often time-consuming process. Infrastructure needs to be built out, permits applied for, laborers hired and more.

A royalty company serves as a specialized financier that helps fund exploration and production projects for cash-strapped mining companies. In return, it receives royalties on whatever the project produces, or rights to a “stream,” an agreed-upon amount of gold, silver or other precious metal.

When looking over the last 12 months, many of the royalty companies have outperformed gold. While this is indeed remarkable, it is important to remember that royalty companies do have a robust business model. Their ability to generate revenue in times when the gold (or other precious metal) price is both rising and falling is what makes them attractive.

Since royalty companies set fixed, lower-than-market prices for mining output, they can better manage the volatility that is inherent in the gold market. Also, he three big royalty names boast impressive sales per employee. Take a look at the 12-month revenue per employee of Franco-Nevada, Royal Gold and Wheaton Precious Metals. Wheaton has only around 30 employees, but has one of the highest rates in the world, generating $25.8 million per employee. By comparison, Newmont, which employs around 30,000 people, generated $310,000 per employee during the same period. Barrick also falls short by comparison.

Paying dividends is important to investors, as it reflects the health of a company in terms of its cash flow and profits. Even more favorable in the eyes of investors is a company that is growing its dividends. Between 2012 and 2017, royalty companies had a combined annual dividend growth rate of 17 percent. Compare that to 11 percent growth for the S&P 500 Index, and as low as negative 23 and negative 32 percent for global and North American precious metal miners. In fact, 2017 marks Franco-Nevada's 10th straight year of dividend increases since the company went public in 2007.

Royalties 4

Royalty companies are better allocators of capital than some of the biggest gold miners. Take a look at Newmont Mining, which has a 43 percent debt-to-equity ratio, and Barrick has a massive 91 percent. By comparison, many of the royalty companies have much lower debt, and Franco-Nevada has zero debt. This history of profitability and fiscal discipline is one of the main reasons I find royalty companies so attractive.

Conclusion: Royalty co's are a lower risk then Majors, like Majors are a lower risk then Juniors.

Important Fundamentals:

  • By manipulating markets and creating infinite liquidity, central banks are not just temporarily putting off the demise of the financial system, they are also creating a false prosperity by fueling global stock markets to new highs.
  • U.S. government is authorized to rig all markets, GATA secretary says

Important Technicals:

  • A correlation between the Gold price and Full Moon?..see subscriber's section for more

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Monday July 10, 2017 - Those who bought the Gold & Silver sector to make some quick money probably start to realize the huge mistake they made!?

Updated Sections: Silver, Juniors (new share) , $-Gold , Majors , 

sponge mopFed Officials Divided on When to Begin Balance-Sheet Unwind – something we know is TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE (unless one is prepared to wreck what is left of the system). Fed officials updated their balance-sheet policy in the gathering, laying out a path of gradual reductions with caps. The central bank wants to start winding down the $4.5 trillion bond portfolio without roiling longer-term interest rates, while gradually raising the policy rate. The minutes indicated that the committee wants to begin the balance-sheet process this year.

The only example we have of withdrawing liquidity following a bout of quantitative easing is from the ECB between 2012 and 2014 when they took €1 trillion out of circulation. That resulted in deflationary pressures picking up and forced a change of emphasis in Frankfurt which has subsequently seen the size of the balance sheet more than double.

Let's face it. There is no way Governments are ever going to pay back their debt nor is it possible to unwind their Balance Sheets. They can only try to (hyper)inflate their way out. During the process the taxpayers will just continue to pay interest on it, year after year...until we have so much hyperinflation that the people stop trusting the Central Banks, the Banks and the Governments altogether....

Deflationary PROPAGANDA is an important instrument which helps  to keep the HERD away from Hyperinflationary Sentiment...

We never promised nobody a Rose Garden, a walk through the park and some quick bucks. Also WHAT would you have done with the "Quick Buck" once you made it? put it back on the table? keep it under your mattress? deposit it with your Bank? buy more Shares? Buy more Bonds?  Those who bought Gold and Silver and hoped for a quick sell have been stuck for 5 1/2 years....and it may take another year or so before they are out of the red figures. And yet, under the present circumstances they probably did the best what one could do with their savings.


It is simply amazing when we look around at the staggering amount of insanity taking place in the financial markets. Regarding the equity market, keeping dancing but stay close to the door!

Important Fundamentals:

  • xxxxxx lost the Escobal (the second largest silver mine in the world ) licence in Guatemala. Last year, 21 million ounces of silver were produced. Technically speaking we have a stop loss situation.
  • xxxx encountered more problems in East Congo and a new CEO was appointed.

Important Technicals:

  • xxxxx FLAT...but all xxxxx-shares sit on the very Bottom (lower part) of their Trading zones...a clear hint to Short Term Investors: xxxxx are again a SCREAMING BUY!
  • xxxxx remains extremely VOLATILE...
  • xxxxx a Full Moon reversal!?

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Friday July 7, 2017 - Authorities need the assistance of the Mainstream Media in order to sell their LIES...

Updated Sections: Aussie-Gold & Aussie/€/$ , Swiss-Gold & Swiss/€/$ , Can-Gold & Can$/€/$ , ¥-Gold & ¥/€/$ , £-Gold & £/€/$ ,

Authorities need the assistance of the Mainstream Media in order to sell their LIES and misinformation...and the Media (CNN, BBC, CNBC, VRT, NOS, TF1,...) are over-happy to assist their Rulers. Not only are they "over-happy" but fact is that the IQ and Moral level of Journalism has fallen to the lowest level ever.  Journalists often don't even realize they are being "used".  Luckily because of the advent of Internet and You-Tube the power of the Mainstream Media is being broken. In 5 years from now, JOURNALISM will be completely different...

Not only are the Media dancing to the tunes of the Authorities but the real EU-Leaders are UN-ELECTED,  gather in SECRET and leave no Minutes of what is said and decided. There are no longer economics in the EU, nor Politics...only bureaucracy ! The Eurogroup rules your live in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands,...but NONE of the members has been elected,...and there are NO Rules...no minutes are made and everything said during meetings remains secret. Each single meeting is attended by a representative of the IMF (Lagarde or her assistant) . Exactly like the communist party of the USSR. The Eurogroup is replicating in a dark way the USSR!

 The Euro-group has a hidden agenda, no doubt about it. Greece died in order to WARN the others that the system is broken and dying. Euro-leaders and the Establishment have trapped themselves in a way even Shakespeare is not even able to solve it. Likewise the Greek Bailout was all about the rescue of the French and German banks...not about Greece! Worse is that when the Euro-group is engaging in the future of the Euro-zone they are never engaging in ECONOMICS but limit all discussions to POLITICS!? A 21st Century ABERRATION....we really are  leaded by DANGEROUS PSYCHOPATHS!

Important Fundamentals:

  • When there are important trend changes it normally takes some time for the Financial Machine to realize what it happening and to start adjusting their Investment policies. However, once all players are ready, it most of the time goes VERY FAST....so fast, people call it a CRASH.

Important Technicals:

  • Silver sits on the bottom if it's trading range. We expect a price hike of at least $2 over the coming months (see Silver section for charts and details)

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Thursday July 6, 2017 - Communicating Financial Vessels are for real, especially today

Updated Sections: 

World financial Markets have 'once more' at a PIVOT point where the Air/Money is about to violently flow out of one Bubble (sector) into another sector. As a rule such happens every 4 to 7 years and always takes the bulk of investors (whether private or institutional) by surprise. Last time the big surprise was the crash of 2008/09. This change in trend most of the time wipes out all profit made during the last years as investors panic out of their positions. This time over will Investors scramble out of their positions into bank deposits???....or follow a different path?

Market Statistics, GNP, Inflation, exchange rates, oil price, commodity prices, unemployment figures,....are cooked in such a way that the GENERAL PUBLIC is withheld the reality of the worsening DEPRESSION. And although the LALA-public is shown the world through rosy glasses, it surely senses something is astray, fishy....

Thanks to Obamacare there is a record of Americans having 2 or 3 jobs but earning less than before...We all know what this does to the unemployment statistics, don't we. If we had a decent measurement of inflation, we would see the economy is in a depression where real wages and real income are coming down...

Important Fundamentals & Technicals:

  • Bubbles which are about to deflate or already are deflating: following markets will come down -  the bond markets (interest rates will go up) , the US-Dollar, US-Stock Markets (US recession proof shares), Real Estate,
  • Sectors which are about to receive the money/air out of the deflating ones : following markets will go up - commodities, Energy: uranium, oil, gas, Gold, Silver, Platinum,....and the Miners.

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Tuesday & Wednesday July 4-5, 2017 - Happy 4th of July....or whatever is remaining of it.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 17.28.13 

Independence Day, also referred to as the Fourth of July or July Fourth, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago on July 4, 1776.

The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America, and were no longer part of the British Empire and would therefore no longer pay taxes to the British Crown.

Today or 241 years later the Tax-situation has become as bad as it was before that time...

Monday July 3, 2017  - Bull Markets so often end with a blow off spike!

Updated Sections: $-Gold, Silver , US-Dollar , €- Gold & €/$ , 

closing down2017 Is Going To Be The Worst Retail Apocalypse In U.S. History - More Than 300 Retailers Have Already Filed For Bankruptcy." Not even during the worst parts of the last recession did things ever get this bad for the U.S. retail industry. As you will see in this article, more than 300 retailers have already filed for bankruptcy in 2017, and it is being projected that a staggering 8,640 stores will close in America by the end of this calendar year.

The dangerous central bank policies which have flooded markets with "fake" money will ultimately lead to collapse. Throughout history, governments have attempted to set aside the natural laws of sound money by manipulating the financial system using criminal methods like counterfeiting and creating money out of thin air. With their hubris, they believe they can get away with their evil deeds. All they would need to do is to look at history. Long term, no one has ever got away with creating a system based on fake money, unlimited debt, zero or negative cost of money with the government and the bankers being the main beneficiaries. They will of course not succeed this time either but the power and massive wealth created by a small elite make the 'Powers That Be' so corrupt and so arrogant that they can't even see the consequences…

In the next few years, we will experience the consequences of the failed experiment in creating wealth from printed money. The signals will be quite obvious like: Rising inflation; Higher interest rates; Falling dollar. Interestingly, all those three factors are already happening, albeit at a slow pace currently. In the next year or so we will see much higher inflation and interest rates as well as a crashing dollar…

Cryptocurrency is today's MONEY printing press – a truly game-changing technology that the ruling elite sees as a threat to their control...The only reason banks enjoy such immense power is because they control the money... Cryptocurrency disrupts this absurd middleman monopoly. It however remains FIAT MONEY

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 14.51.53Just like in the 1970s, physical gold and some silver will protect investors from the ravages of inflation. At that time, gold went from $35 to a high of $850 or up 24x. A similar increase this time would take gold over $6,000. But history won't repeat itself but it will rhyme very nicely. This means that gold will go up substantially more than 24x due to the massive amount of money that will be printed to cover $2.5 quadrillion of debts, derivatives and liabilities…

This time the "Crash of the Crypto-currencies will be part of the debacle...."

Bull markets so often end with a blow off spike. They run up and up, much higher than what bears can either understand or afford, until piling funds into the market Is the only game in town. They end badly when the spike reverses and it was the whole market that rode the bull,as happened with the dot.coms in the late 90s to early 2000. This one is an elite bull,  with a small number of heavyweights carrying the stock indices into the stratosphere, while the rest of the market moves mostly sideways. Every fund manager seeking alpha is overweight in these heavyweights to the extent allowed by their mandates. When the crash comes, it is your pension and your managed savings that take the big hit.

Important Fundamentals

  • Since 2009, gold has not reflected the massive money printing and credit creation that has taken place. The best time to buy an asset is when it is unloved and undervalued like gold and silver were in the early 2000s. What few investors realize is that the current levels of gold and silver, when real inflation is taken into account, are very similar to where the metals were in 2000-2. Thus, gold at $1,255 and silver at $17 is an absolute bargain and unlikely to remain at these levels for long…
  • Since 2009, stocks in the US have tripled and many other asset classes such as property have appreciated substantially. Global debt since 2006 is up by 75% or $100 trillion, and short-term and long-term rates in the Western world are down from 5-6%, to anywhere from negative to around 2%. This has fueled stocks and property, but so far had limited effect on gold and silver.
  • Soros financed the last BAIL OUT of the Canadian Banks.

Important Technicals:

  • xxxxxxx: Point & Figure measurements continue to provide targets of $32 and $34 plus an additional target of $37 (6%, 13% and 23% appreciation potentials from current levels).
  • Canadian gold miner xxxxxx is to take over TSX-listed explorer xxxx in an all-share transaction which values Avnel at US$122m in order to acquire Avnel’s 80% stake in the Kalana Gold project in Mali.
  • The US-Dollar is resuming its downtrend (as we have been forecasting for months now). A major problem many people have (especially the youth) is that the have NO PATIENCE and want IMMEDITATE SATISFACTION. Many investors live with the idea that when something is forecasted, it is false if it doesn't happen the next week.
  • Technically here is NOTHING wrong with the charts for Gold and Silver. We only have MORE BOTTOM!

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