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The equity markets are acting like the Zimbabwe 500 or Weimar Index & The next black swan may well be the cryto-currencies



Friday 29 September 2017 - We are been lied to from cradle to grave.

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The "Coup de Grace" was given in 1971 by Richard Nixon. The charts below show how much WORLDWIDE inflation we had since the year 1200. Note the bump before WW I (Weimar) and the exponential taking off in 1971.

inflation irony

This is how the lie starts... In the USA real inflation is 8% above the official figure of 2%.

inflation lie sep2017

This is how the lie ends...Venezuela: the gap between the official and real exchange rate of the Bolivar is enormous.

Venezuela inflation 2017 oct Bolivar vs dollar sep 2017
Annual Inflation Rate Black Market exchange rate

Note:Minimum wage in Caracas is $40 PER MONTH and average wage is $50 PER MONTH. Average Monthly RENT is $50 for an average property. A one way airfare from Caracas to Panama costs $1,500. 

Since 2011 The Russian Ruble was devaluated by 50% versus the US-Dollar and  the Euro. The charts are telling us that the SANCTIONS and weak Oil & Natural Gas prices severely impacted the Russian economy.

Ruble Gold: see how good Gold has saved the Russian Gold holders...

 RUBLEGold candle2

Ruble versus US-Dollar & Euro.

RUBLE candle2 eRUBLE candle2
 Ruble vs Dollar is down 50% since 2011   Ruble vs Euro is down 50% since 2011

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Thursday September 28, 2017 - Chinese yuan to become the 1st currency convertible in Gold by end of 2017

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The Chinese have announced that they have perfected a scheme, to be launched formally in the market by the end of the year, by means of which exporters of oil to China will accept the Chinese currency, the Yuan, in payment for the oil; for this deal, the Chinese have added an incentive: the Yuan received by the oil exporters will be exchangeable for gold. This gold will be "sourced" i.e. "purchased" outside of China, for the oil exporters.

Russia has sufficient gold reserves to follow suit. The Chinese and Russians will then be able to demand gold in payment of their exports and be willing to pay gold for their imports.

We are one of the few in the world offering a precious metals investment service outside the banking system, with direct ownership and full control by the investor...click here for more

If free markets were allowed to function and not be "managed" by the few in charge the markets would determine prices and the absurd nature of the markets these days could have never happened. 

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Wednesday September 27, 2017 - Orwell 1984: The Legal Entity Identifier Regulatory Oversight Committee - LEI ROC number.

Updated Sections: Bonds general & USA

The Legal Entity Identifier Regulatory Oversight Committee - LEI ROC. Every investor will need one before January 2018. The Regulatory Oversight Committee (ROC) is a group of 71 public authorities with full membership and 19 observers from more than 50 countries established in January 2013 to coordinate and oversee a worldwide framework of legal entity identification, the Global LEI System. Read more about the ROC organization, membership and objectives...click here for more (Orwell 1987 and COMMUNISM are here)

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20-character, alpha-numeric code, to uniquely identify legally distinct entities that engage in financial transactions.

The ROC was established as a stand-alone committee after recommendations by the international Financial Stability Board (FSB) and endorsement of the ROC Charter by the Group of Twenty (G-20) nations in November 2012. LEIs are issued by "Local Operating Units" (LOUs) of the Global LEI System (see how to obtain an LEI). As of 9 May 2017, over 500,000 entities from 195 countries had obtained LEIs from 30 operational issuers endorsed by the ROC or accredited by the GLEIF.

A result of joint public and private sectors efforts, the LEI supports authorities and market participants in identifying and managing financial risks. In particular, LEIs may be used for reporting and other regulatory purposes in the various jurisdictions represented in the ROC (more about LEI uses). The LEI code is associated with reference data for each entity, currently including core identification information, such as the official name of the legal entity, the address of its headquarters and address of legal formation (more about the LEI and ROC work on reference data expansion), as well as, since 9 May 2017, parent information.

Democracy in Europe is dead and the Europeans are not even aware of it.

The Global LEI Foundation (GLEIF) was established in June 2014 as a not-for-profit organization overseen by the ROC to act as the operational arm of the Global LEI System. The foundation provides on their website a centralized database of LEIs and corresponding reference data.  A search function was added in October 2015, where you can check if an entity has an LEI, or access the reference data associated with an LEI, including verifying whether the LEI is current and can be used in regulatory reporting (registration status: "issued"or "pending transfer"). From 7 October 2015, new institutions that wish to become LEI issuers need to be accredited by the GLEIF, which will monitor their compliance with the standards of the Global LEI System. As of this date, the GLEIF also assumed the tasks of defining and maintaining the operational and technical standards of the system. The GLEIF also publishes the combined list of authorised LEI issuers. Find out more about the Global LEI Foundation here and on their website www.gleif.org. The ROC will continue to uphold the governance principles of and to oversee the Global LEI System, in the broad public interest, including the development of policy standards for the LEI.


  1. The legal identifyer will cost € 65 the 1st year and €40 for each yearly renewal and will be delivered based on a Personal Identification.
  2. Time to seek an extra layer of security before Government kills you.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Surging Oil prices keep xxxx world's strongest currency...that is after the xxxx. Soon Germans may have to rebuild the Berlin Wall...to ensure citizens don't flee from COMMUNIST West to the FREE East. The North Sea Brent benchmark, which is used to price Russia's Urals blend, almost reached $60 per barrel before retreating to $58.68 on Tuesday. The gains still represent a more than $3 surge compared to last week. US West Texas Intermediate was trading near $52 per barrel.
  • Multinationals are boosting Panama City rental market. There is an over-supply of hotel rooms and we may soon see an over-supply of apartments as everybody is rushing to build sky-scrapers. Multinationals keep coming to Panama thanks to the IDIOTS which are running West-Europe.
  • xxxxx said its Fekola Project in Mali was expected to produce up to 410,000 ounces of gold in the firm’s 2018 financial year which represents slightly more than the upper end of its previously adjusted guidance.
  • xxxxx has bought the Miradani prospect neighbouring its xxxxx Mine in Ghana from AngloGold Ashanti, and will begin a drilling campaign in the fourth quarter of this year.

Important Technicals:

  •  $-Gold closed Monday's GAP  ($15) . IMPORTANT BULLISH action...
  • xxxx xxxx show BUY signals on the candle charts. See subscriber's section for Majors and Juniors for the PF charts.

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Tuesday September 26,  2017 - What happened and happens in Africa is a BLUEPRINT of what will happen in any country and on any continent where  society is taken over by LOW I.Q. IMMIGRANTS. whether BLACK, MUSLIM, ARAB,..

Updated Sections: ZAR-Gold & ZAR/$/€ , 

What happened overnight in South Africa during the 1990's (I lived it), is what is happening today in the Western World. Whites will soon be outnumbered. South-Africa has always been the most European country of Africa. It was also the country which was ruled the longest by white people. Since the sanctions of 1960 the Rand has been a weak 3rd country currency. In 1960 one could fill up his car with ONE RAND. We did some research about the financial situation of South Africa years ago (1990) as The Mountainlands project was started up and at that time the figures looked rather good. Today they look BAD. Ever since the previously disadvantaged have become advantaged.

In 1960 one could fill up his car with ONE RAND.

People with a LOW I.Q. (average IQ of the African population is 70) have taken over South Africa and CORRUPTION and MISMANAGEMENT has become part of daily life. Proof of this we have all over Africa, in Venezuela,... Up to the 1950-60's the standard of living in Africa was excellent (also for the black population). There was law and order, medicare for all and a good infra-structure. As country after country kicked out the White Colonist, the continent was propelled back to the Middle-Ages. Shit happens if you let a nurse operate a patient! Enraging is that the RED MAINSTREAM MEDIA have stopped reporting what is really happening in those countries.

In the 1970s, South Africa was the world's most prolific exporter of gold. Over the years, industrial decline has seen widespread closures of the mines across the country. However, Johannesburg sits on the biggest gold basin ever discovered. It's perhaps not surprising that many of these abandoned mines have seen a recent boom in illegal mining activity...like we have for years in other African countries. In Lubumbashi (Congo) mines are flooded and the industrial mining has almost disappeared.

The Rand must be avoided by all means. It has become a BLACK COUNTRY CURRENCY. During the 1950's & 1960's South Africa was a modern and prosperous country with NO UNEMPLOYMENT. In those years, - under the rule of Apartheid -  the life of BLACK people was on average better than it is today. The country was destroyed by the Media & Communists during the 1990's. [extremely interesting interview below]. A NAIVE de Klerk gave South Africa away to BLACKS and COMMUNISTS and he did it on a silver plate. Mandela's life brought more misery for all South-Africans: black and white. Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, the Socialists, the Media can be proud of themselves...

This is a very interesting video and must be watched.


What goes around, comes around: it was Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands which engaged most into what they called Anti-Apartheid. ANC members received their Detonators and Dynamite from these countries. It was the USSR who financially supported all ANC members in Europe. Maybe that was the reason why the USSR went bankrupt in 1998 and Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands have seen such a large inflow of Immigrants.

Important Fundamentals:

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Important Technicals:

  • see subscriber's section

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Monday September 25, 2017 - Physical Gold - The only Pension to survive !

Updated Sections: Commodities expressed in Gold , Long Term Commodity charts , Copper-Platinum & Non-Ferrous shares , Coal, Solar & Rare Elements shares , 

This is mandatory lecture for all BITCOIN and Crypto-Currency lovers. Read the book after reading our TULIP MANIA and MISSISSIPPI BUBBLE articles. The book has been published in Dutch, French, German,....What Humans don't kill will be taken down by Governments as they will keep closing down cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin as soon as they get too big.


The Chinese Yuan to become a GOLD guaranteed currency by the end of 2017. China Readies Yuan-Priced Crude Oil Benchmark Backed By Gold, China sees new world order with oil benchmark backed by gold Yuan-denominated contract will let exporters circumvent US dollar. China Begins To Reset The World's Reserve Currency System, "The rules of the global oil game may begin to change enormously."

The new NON- US Dollar-Oil-benchmark will dramatically affect the exchange rate of the US-dollar and the price of Crude Oil. So much for those who still think Gold is BARBARIC. If so, they soon will experience the Barbarians have a lot of Gold, and hence a lot of power and also that there are a lot more Gold-Barbarians roaming planet Earth than they are aware of.

A Gold guaranteed Yuan/Renmimbi will terminate the PETRODOLLAR and US-Dollar. Because of the weakening US-Dollar the cost of imported goods (Made in China) will go up and result in higher domestic prices.  This may well initiate Hyper-Inflation in the USA.

Physical Gold - The only Pension to survive.  There are probabilities in markets and there are certainties. It is very probable that investors will lose a major part of their assets held in stocks, bonds and property over the next 5-7 years. It is also probable that they will lose most of their money held in banks, either by bank failure or currency debasement. EvG.

Note: China has decided it will build a RAILROAD from Panama City to David....

Important Technicals:

  • Copper is completing a gigantic bullish head and shoulders pattern and this is also extremely important and bullish for Gold & Silver shares. [Gold Miners often mine other metals as by-products]. (Visit the Copper section for the large chart)
  • The Chinese Yuan has after completing a BEAR-TRAP broken through and out of a HUGE Consolidation-Accumulation zone. As the Yuan will be exchangeable by Gold at the end of 2017, the exchange rate of the Yuan will also be function of the price of Gold. (visit the Renmimbi section for the large chart)

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Friday, September 22, 2017 - The US and A will do "everyting" it can so the US-Dollar maintains its status of Reserve Currency...including WAR!

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The US and A will do "everything" it can so the US-Dollar maintains its status of Reserve Currency...including - more - WAR!. A status of reserve currency means one can simply PRINT any required amount of money to pay for goods & services. Including IMPORTS. In order not to loose this status, the USA and FED will LIE, CHEAT, FORGE, RIG, MANIPULATE and KILL....or will do whatever the country thinks is required not to loose this privilege. This is EXTREMELY important as the USA sit on the verge of more SEVERE DEPRESSION and HYPERINFLATION. The main opponent of the USA is China. Did you notice that over the past months, China has in fact RE-VALUATED the YUAN by 15% versus the US-Dollar making Chinese products more expensive!  Today Americans have to pay a lot more for "made in China" than beginning of 2017...[this also means China is now paying 15% less for $-Gold]

China has been and is filling any VACUUM and does it worldwide. It was already happening in Africa during the 1990's. Bridges and important roadworks were "donated by the people's republic of China". As soon as the USA created a vacuum by destabilizing a country, Chinese fill it...and nobody seems to notice.

The Rigging of the Gold price ain't over yet. To watch the Large Speculators buy into the $1,310-1,315 "breakout" for gold and the $17.25 "breakout" for silver, KNOWING FULL WELL that the bullion bank behemoths were selling phony paper gold and silver contracts worth a notional value of hundreds of millions of dollars, verges on something between the ridiculous and the absurd.

Important Fundamentals:

Bucket list for the Intelligent Investor.

1. Don't trust the traditional financial institutions: banks, Hedge fund managers,...but make your own home work and take you own financial decisions. Banks work on their own agenda!
2. Don't invest in BONDS or Money Market funds as you can be 100% sure you will loose ANY cent you have invested: short term because of negative real interest rates and long term because of a debt moratorium.
3. Don't invest in ETF's, Options, Warrants, Futures,...especially not in PAPER GOLD & PAPER SILVER.
4. Real Estate won't save you as the price/income of real estate always gets ridiculously low during inflatory depressions.
5. Don't keep large deposits/saving accounts with Banks. Soon or later you will loose these. Short term because of Negative Real Interest Rates, long term because of a financial drama.
6. Don't buy nor invest in Bitcoin & Crypto-Currencies. Although the mechanism will survive, a lot will happen before they will be safe. Be advised that in their present form, they are a HAZARD.
7. Don't fall in love with Financial-Movie-Stars. They mainly try to sell their books, and like to appeal to the EMOTION of the public. Extreme situations rarely occur  all of a sudden. .
8. NEVER ever trust Government. Authorities don't give a damn about you. They LIE, CHEAT and are only interested in how much money they can LEGALLY STEAL from you. If they can't take it from you today, they will find a way to take it tomorrow.
9. Out of political reach you must keep at least 60% of your assets. Out of Political reach means "on another continent". For Europeans, Asia or better the America's and for North-Americans, South & Central America and Europe. On Another Continent means that one is subject to a different system...
10. Today one should keep at least 60% of his/her assets in Physical Gold & Silver and keep it in you OWN BOX in a NON-BANK-SAFE. TO be safe it is best to insure the goods.
11. Make sure you have at least one bank account with credit/debit cards with a bank on another continent. If a local problem occurs you will still be able to use the other cards. Also, some day a second bank account can be your ticket to freedom.
12. Extreme situations rarely occur  overnight. Venezuelans had 15 years to leave the country....only IDIOTS stayed and kept their savings & real estate  in the country.
 13. The END is NOT NEAR. If you are properly invested you will see that over time the financial markets will favor your investments by rising your personal purchasing power.
 14. Make sure you have a 2nd permanent residency/passport. Life will get GRIM because Bankrupt Authorities will keep stealing from you and will at some point in the future limit your freedom (ex. DDR) and/or we get a Civil War, more terrorism..or simply a War. With your 2nd passport you can hop on a plane and leave...and fly to your savings you stored "out of political reach".
15. Keep a limited amount of savings in SHARES (out of political reach). Shares can be sold and you can use the funds to start another business...Shares will fluctuate but as they are participations in REAL ASSETS, they ALWAYS survive financial catastrophes. In less than 12 months after the October Crash, Stock Markets recovered more the 60% of their 1929 losses. 


  • Keep your Physical Gold & Silver in a personal non-bank-vault out of political reach in a stable country.
  • Keep your portfolio with a safe financial institution in a country where you are insured for losses created by Banks, Brokers, Transfer Agents,...
  • Have at least one bank account in a stable county out of political reach. Make sure you have active Credit/Debit Cards.
  • Invest in a 2nd passport-permanent residency in a stable country.
 Note: We (Goldonomic) can and will assist  any relations to bring the above to a good end.

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Thursday September 21, 2017 - Reserve currency status is a license for monetary abuse. 

Updated Sections: $-Gold , Silver , US-Dollar , 

Ayn Rand destroys Socialism for ever in 10 minutes.

Venezuela is a precursor for what starts to happen in the Western World...

Important Fundamentals: see subscriber's section

The less action (manipulation) works, the more Politicians and Central Bankers TALK (F. Schutte - my experience)

Important Technicals:  see subscriber's section

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Wednesday September 20, 2017 - Another nail in the coffin of the US-Dollar: Russia stops trade of US-Dollars at Russian Seaports.

russian portsUpdated Sections: Majors , Bio-Tech & Pharma ,

Putin orders to end trade in US-Dollars at Russian Seaports. This decision comes after Venezuela decided to stop trading Crude Oil in Us-Dollars. Putin and Maduro, China and the BRICS are terminating the US-Dollar and ensuring Gold & Silver will soon SHINE. What is being done NOW is breaking any existing and future FOREX manipulation. We explained this several times in past updates. Don't expect the US-Dollar's death will go unnoticed for the consequences will be DRAMATIC.

Search the site for PETRODOLLARS for more details we published in the past (HOMEPAGE-top right). Basically one must understand that as the volume of goods traded in US-Dollar declines, these PETRODOLLARS (a notional unit of currency earned by a country from the export of petroleum) will seek their way back to the United States and dramatically increase the SUPPLY.  In other words, the chickens come home to roost as the PETRODOLLAR holders are finally cashing their Dollar-promises. As the foreign volume of Dollars decreases it becomes extremely hard, if possible at all to rig the Dollar.

Now that we have a new benchmark for CRUDE OIL (China), the US-Dollar can be slaughtered and the price of Crude Oil will substantially rise! (and so will Gold & Silver)

Note: it certainly is possible that at a certain time, the USA will stop accepting all non-domestic US-Dollars (PETRODOLLARS).

The BIS (Bank for International Settlements - Central Bank of the Central Banks) will without any doubt try to control the game by trying to enforce the worldwide use of SDR's (Special Drawing Rights). However, I doubt countries like Russia, China and the BRIKS will accept it. Especially NOT as they hold the LARGEST QUANTITIES of PHYSICAL Gold & Silver and it is those who hold GOLD & SILVER who dictate the rules.

"There is a direct correlation between the sudden leap in the amount of gold swaps conducted by the BIS between July and August and the price attack on gold that began two weeks ago.   The gold swaps provide bullion bar “liquidity” to the bullion banks who can use them to deliver into the rising demand for deliveries from India, China, Turkey, etc.  This in turn relieves the strength and size of “bid” on the LBMA for physical gold which in turn makes it easier for the same bullion banks to attack the price of gold on the Comex using paper gold.  This explains the current manipulated take-down in the price of gold despite the rising seasonal demand from India and China."  

Gold & Silver are ON SALE...and BITCOIN, Crypto-Currencies show a BUY-CLIMAX . As usual investors often select the WRONG investment instrument because of GREED, GREED, GREED...look the price is going up, therefore it must be good!? Really..??


Important Fundamentals:

  • Lately there was a lot of action by the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) and this may point that a new coup on the Gold & Silver market has been planned.

Important Technicals:

  • Beware if Bitcoin breaks the support level of $3,000

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Tuesday September 19, 2017 - The ECB bought Portuguese Treasuries maturing in the year 9,999 (NOT a joke)!

Updated Sections: Long term (stock market) Charts , Agriculturals , 

As of today – with our assistance - you can buy and sell GOLD and SILVER and take physical delivery of the metal worldwide. Each shipment is done by professionals and insured door to door. In case of a sale of metals, the funds can be transferred EVERYWHERE. Any Gold & Silver bars can be bought but also sold through our contacts. ANY means ANY bars, coins, etc.... (all metals are tested upon receipt and the correct value is paid out....whatever gold/silver bar it may be).

You can buy Physical Silver without being subject to the painstaking 21% VAT which is levied by most EU-countries. After purchase, your silver is shipped to the address you instruct...your shipment is fully insured from door to door.

We offer a service where Gold & Silver can be bought and sold 24/5 (from Sunday night to Friday night) and is not subject to TAXES. Restrictions apply.

For storage, we now have vaults where through Lloyd's of London you can insure your stored goods for 100% of their value. Boxes are accessible 7 days a week. Soon we shall also be able to direct relations to a vault where it will even be possible to insure your metals against terrorism and/or war. As a rule Bank-Vaults NEVER insure the content of the boxes and even worse, Banks often block access of box(es). The old trick of 2 adjacent boxes no longer works.

silver  gold gold  safe

The ECB bought Portuguese Treasuries maturing in the year 9,999.  US-Treasuries are yielding as much as JUNK-BONDS. In other words both have the same value...would that by accident be ZERO?

junk and treasuries

In a CRISIS you don't sell what you want to sell; you sell what you can sell and you do it at a bargain-basement price. We have monster mutual funds and ETF's investing in these high-yield-corporate markets, and the redemptions from them are going to force selling into a market where there are NO buyers. If you're wondering what will push the world into a DEPRESSION, look at the financial markets....that's where excesses are being created.

Important Technicals:  see subscriber's section

Important Fundamentals see subscriber's section 

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Monday September 18, 2017 - Violent Orwellian censorship: Brussels exhibition rejects caricatures of EU (EUSSR) leaders & Policies.

Updated Sections: Juniors , Junior Fundamentals , Gold Targets (new chart) , 
Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 8.26.48 AM Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 8.29.27 AM

The EU has rejected 12 caricatures by Greek artists for a Brussels exhibition as the “inflammatory” cartoons mocking EU leaders and their policies allegedly go against “European values.” Organizers denounced it as an act of “violent censorship.”  Note the LIBERAL - DEMOCRAT sticker or the modern term for COMMUNISM.

George Orwell 1984 or how FICTION has become REALITY. Scary it is...

Bitcoin, a crypto-currency can and will NEVER replace Gold because it is  man-made.

The PETRO-DOLLAR is dying: Dropping the dollar: Venezuela lists oil price in Chinese yuan .

oil chinaIn response to sanctions from Washington, Venezuela has started reporting its oil prices in Chinese yuan, going against the international trend of listing prices in US dollars. Venezuela's decision follows plans announced by China to start a crude oil futures contract priced in yuan and convertible into gold, which could lead to the emergence of a new Asia-based crude oil benchmark.

As China is the world's biggest crude buyer, the new contract may allow exporters to bypass American sanctions by trading oil in yuan, something that has interested countries such as Russia and Iran. In 2012, Iran began to accept yuan for its oil and gas payments, followed by Russia in 2015.

If this takes off, this could literally spell the beginning of the end of US global power.The dollar is the world's leading reserve currency, in the main, only because oil is currently traded in dollars.

Important Fundamentals:

  • EVERY SINGLE DOWNTURN in stocks has been rejected by way of mysterious (or not-so-mysterious) CENTRAL BANK interventions usually in the EARLY hours of North American mornings when traders are unable to react. By way of incessant interventions, the emerging wave of millennial traders and 3rd generation portfolio managers have all been re-programmed and are now accustomed to a "risk-free return" formerly the domain of government bonds but now the sole realm of stocks. 
  • We shall see NO CRASH until stocks have reached 1929 like TOPS and your maid tells you which stock to buy.
  • Oil topped $50 a barrel for the first time in more than a month amid heightened optimism that a demand resurgence is in the offing. Two of the most influential organizations in world oil markets -- the International Energy Agency and OPEC -- nudged their demand forecasts higher, signaling continued erosion of a global glut that has weighed on prices. Oil demand for 2017 will expand by the most in two years, the Paris-based IEA said on Wednesday. That followed OPEC’s increase of its estimate for how much crude buyers will seek from the cartel next year, driven by rising consumption in Europe and China.
  • more fundamentals in the section of: JUNIOR FUNDAMENTALS...click here

Important Technicals:

  • The Pound has the clearest signs of base formation completion against the Dollar not least because the Dollar has been so weak since early January. It is now breaking up out of a first step above the type-2 base and a clear downward dynamic would be required to question medium-term scope for some additional upside. Note the charts of the Pound expressed in Euro look completely different.
  • I am not a BELIEVER...but the new Moon should supposingly push the Gold & Silver price higher. See full size chart in section: Gold Targets...click here

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Friday September 15, 2017 - This week American politicans managed to increased debt by billions in only one day's time!

Updated Sections: Oil shares , Natural Gas shares, 

The U.S. Government's massive one-day debt increase had a profound impact on the amount of money it will have to fork over just to service its interest payment.  On Friday, Sept 9th, the U.S. Treasury increased the total debt by a stunning $318 billion.  Thus, the total U.S. Government debt increased from $19.84 trillion onThursday to $20.16 trillion on Friday.

This is a picture of today's economic, financial and political risks:

war and civil war

Important Technicals: see subscriber's section

Important Fundamentals: see subscriber's section

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Thursday September 14, 2017  - The fastest way towards bankruptcy is to allow Politicians to borrow money and endebt society.

us canaryUpdated Sections: Crude Oil price , 

The UK is the canary in the coal mine. Cooked U.K. Inflation rates hit 4% or double as forecasted. The data on Tuesday from the Office for National Statistics also showed that core inflation accelerated more than economists expected last month, reaching the most since 2011. Logic it is that after the crash of the Pound Sterling (BREXIT) the general price level of Goods (imports) would rise dramatically.

Important is to be advised that the US-Dollar will go as the Pound goes: LOWER.  As a result American cooked inflation figures will also start to rise faster than anticipated. Especially because the exchange rate of the Chinese Yuan (made in China) has also been rising over the past 12 months.

 Important Fundamentals: see subscriber's section

Important Technicals: see subscriber's section

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Wednesday September 13, 2017 - US national debt hits $ 20 trillion.

Updated Sections: €-Gold & €/$ , Aussie-gold & Aussie/$/€Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/ €  , Can$-Gold & Can$/$/€¥-Gold & ¥/$/ €  , £-Gold & £/€/$ , Recession Proof Shares , Gold Royalties , 

The US-Dollar remains at risk. The national debt jumped over $20 trillion today. No doubt the US debt will continue to go up. Especially as they got rid of the debt ceiling. From this day on the Politicians are able to spend as much money as they want...pure suicide of a country. That is exactly what Venezuela and Zimbabwe did.

Important Technicals:

  • Stock markets are shifting into Hyperinflation mode...check the section of Recession Proof shares for more. Risk reward for common shares is too high.
  • In a bull market the biggest legs are down...and in a bear markets the biggest leggs are up.

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Tuesday September 12, 2017 - Bitcoin & crypto currencies are the Tulip Mania of the 21st century.

Updated Sections:  Education Hall - The Tulip Mania

Stuart, Fort Pierce and Port St-Lucie still have power outages: they were forced to shut down 2 nuclear power stations.

The first tulip in Europe was seen in Augsburg, in Germany, in 1559, and was imported from Constantinople -Turkey, where it had long been a favorite. Ten or eleven years after this the plant was in great demand in Holland and Germany. Wealthy burghers of Amsterdam sent direct to Constantinople for their precious bulbs, and paid extravagant prices for them.

The first roots planted in England were brought from Vienna in the year 1600, and were considered a great rarity. For thirty years tulips continued to grow in reputation. One would suppose there must have been some virtue in this flower that made it so valuable in the eyes of so prudent a people as the Dutch. Yet it has neither the beauty or the perfume of the violet nor the fragrance of the rose. It hardly possesses the beauty of the humble sweet-pea. Its only recommendation is its aristocratic stateliness, and this should hardly have commended it to the only democratic republic on the globe. But it is by no means the first time that fashion has turned ugliness into beauty and rarity in wealth.

In 1634 the rage for tulips among the Dutch was so great that the ordinary industry of the country was neglected, and the whole people turned to the production of tulips. As this mania increased, prices increased with it, until in 1635 merchants were known to have spent $40,000 in the purchase of forty tulips. At this time each species was sold by weight. A tulip of the kind known as the Admiral Lietkin, and weighing 400 grains, would sell for $1,800; the Admiral Von der Eycke, weighing 450 grains was worth $500; a Viceroy of 400 grains would bring $1200. Most precious of all, a Semper Augustus, weighing only 200 grains, was thought to be cheap at $2200. This last species was much sought after, and even an inferior plant would readily sell for $800. When this species was first known, in 1636, there were only two roots of it in Holland, and those not of the best. One belonged to a dealer in Amsterdam, and the other was owned in Haarlem.

So anxious were the purchasers for this new variety that one person offered twelve acres of valuable building land for the Haarlem tulip. That of Amsterdam was sold for $1840, a new carriage, two gray horses, and a complete suit of harness. As a specimen of the value of these bulbs we give the actual copy of a bill of sale of certain articles given in exchange for one single root of the Viceroy species. Since that day tulips have declined in value, but wine, butter, and cheese have decidedly advanced.

Two lasts of wheat $ 179
Two lasts of rye $ 223
Four far oxen $ 192
Eight fat swine $ 96
Twelve fat sheep $ 49
Two hogsheads wine $ 28
Four tuns beer $ 12
Two tuns butter $ 77
One thousand pounds cheese $ 48
One bed, complete $ 40
One suit clothes $ 32
One silver cup $ 24
  $ 1000

The Tulip Mania can be compared to the Crypto-currency mania (2017).

  • Bitcoin and Crypto-currencies are GREAT and there are NO DOUBTS they will survive the Banks. However in their present form, they are not any better than Digital Money (bank accounts) or Banknotes. In the end, they are THIN AIR, worthless. Add to this that Authorities and Banks will do all within their power to sabotage any competitor...or any crypto-currencies.
  • An additional handicap is that the volatility of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies is way too high. Good Money needs exactly the opposite.
  • Last but not least, the residual value of Crypto-currencies is ZERO. Not any better than the residual value of Banknotes or Bank deposits.

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Monday September 11, 2017 - Nothing sure yet but Irma will probably only affect the Keys and West-Florida

Updated Sections: Silver Fundamentals , Gold and the Great Depression , 

Note: the way the Mainstream Media sell the news about IRMA is again a BLATANT example of misinformation and PROPAGANDA.

  Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved - The contents of this report may NOT be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the explicit written consent of Goldonomic.

Friday September 8, 2017 - Europe is killing itself and do you have a plan B...or are you also suicidal?

Updated Sections: 
Hopefully IRMA won't make a landfall in Florida tomorrow...and if she does, damage will be minimum.

People, society overcomes a FINANCIAL CRASH. Although such experience is painful (like Irma will be painful), people stand up and start again from crash...A lot worse however is when a country is invaded by Barbarians. Such an invasion as a rule destroys the local population of any continent in the same way the American Pioneers took over North-America from the local population "The Indians" years ago.

PANEM et CIRCENTIS (Bread & Circuses) Are we not all supposed to know that while the Romans were watching GAMES, the Barbarians were already invading the country!?

Don't for a second count on the Authorities and politicians to PROTECT you and their people. They simply don't give a F**K. They never have and never will. Expect them to LIE and DENY until after the bitter end. This is why people in Zimbabwe, the DDR, the USSR, Argentina, Venezuela were TRAPPED. Naivity is an expensive virtue.

Normal, intelligent, rational people have a Plan B, especially when certain risks are obvious.

If you’re living in a litigation-prone country, a place where frivolous lawsuits and horrendous penalties are the norm… WHY ON EARTH would you hold 100% of your assets, income, and livelihood there?

If you’re living in a country where the government admits that it is flat broke, why put yourself in a position where they can so easily pillage your savings?

If your country’s pension fund and Social Security announces that it is running out of money, isn’t it just plain old common sense to start independently saving for your own retirement, outside of that broken pension system?

If there’s a Category 5 hurricane heading towards your location, doesn’t it make sense to have a few days of nonperishable food and water… just in case? It’s hard to imagine you’ll be worse off for having a small supply of water in the basement.

Maybe you never need it. But if the day comes that you do need it, it will be too late to go down to the grocery store and pick some up.

This is the hallmark of a great Plan B. These steps are utterly simple and have absolutely zero downside. But should you ever need it, these tiny insurance policies can make a world of difference. That’s not fear or paranoia. It’s just smart...and cheaper than buying an automobile.

A plan B is less expensive than you think and affordable for all...we know HOW and WHAT...Stop listening to the  Authorities and their MEDIA pretending all is well and recovery sits around the corner and start working on it NOW. Send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Important Fundamentals:

  • When the crisis hits, financial markets could shutdown through 70%-90% of the World.When this happens, I expect Crypto-currencies to become worthless overnight.

Important Technicals:

  • Technically speaking what we have is just the beginning of a new upleg of the Bull market of the Gold & Silver sector.
  • When we take out $21, Silver will behave like Bitcoins...we could be over $100 in no time.
  • I am not a Full Moon believer but Sept 6, 2017 = FULL MOON (see Gold and Full moon in section Gold Targets)

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Thursday September 6, 2017 - Even Bankers have been selling bank shares

Updated Sections: $-Gold , Silver , Banks & Financials , 

rock and hard placeBank stocks log worst one-day slide in more than 3 months Financial shares on Tuesday registered their worst single-session slump in months as benchmark yields declined. A popular exchange-traded fund used to bet on financial performance, the Financial Select Sector SPDR ETF , closed off 2.1%, marking its steepest one-day slide since May 17, when it fell 3.2%. The decline in financials, highlighted by a 3.6% fall in shares of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. , came as the yield for the 10-year benchmark Treasury slipped to its lowest level, around 2.08%, since Nov. 10.

Banks and Financials are sitting between a rock and a hard place: if interest rates go up , the value of their assets will crash (Real Estate), is interest rates stay low, the value of their assets will also crash (Real Estate) and so will the income generated by BONDS.

The future wil not be BANKS, but it will not be Crypto-currencies either. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday denied for the second time this month a request to bring to market a first-of-its-kind product tracking bitcoin, the digital currency. The SEC announced in a filing its decision denying Intercontinental Exchange Inc's NYSE Arca exchange the ability to list and trade the SolidX Bitcoin Trust, an exchange-traded product (ETP) that would trade like a stock and track the digital asset's price. Previously, the regulatory agency said it had concerns with a similar proposal by investors Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss.

"The Commission believes that the significant markets for bitcoin are unregulated," the SEC said in its filing, echoing language from its decision earlier this month on the application by CBOE's Bats exchange to list The Bitcoin ETF proposed by the Winklevoss brothers. On Friday, Bats asked the SEC to review its decision not to allow that fund to trade.

Important Technicals:

  • Subscribers have been warned that Stock Market Indexes were overbought and FRAGILE. Wisdom often comes in one word.
  • Don't forget to take advantage of the correction to add to your positions. However, don't buy stocks in countries with WEAK currencies.
  • Following candle charts pictures the breakout of Silver and the potential short time correction we may see before the Silver price resumes its climb.

 Silver candle2

See subscriber's section for more!

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Wednesday September 6, 2017 - Patience is bitter but the fruit is sweet.

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes, Stock Market Indexes expressed in Real Money (Gold), 

Once you have committed yourself to a position and invested in the Gold & Silver sector there is no way back. The happy ones made their move in 2003-04. The 2nd shift - those making their move in 2008 had to wait until 2011 until Gold hit new record. The 3rd shift (those who bought in August 2011) may have to wait until next year until Gold hits yet another a new record. Because price NEVER goes up in a straight line, the danger is that when one goes through price storms, one might be thrown out or jump out of the boat and unknowlingly end up in the fire.

Bitcoin is becoming another fiat currency with nothing to back it up. Any cybercurrency is only as good as its blockchains, which ensure the currency’s incorruptibility and allow for distribution among the different “miners” of the cybercurrency...

We are going to see a huge crisis that will bring down currencies and governments: maybe not, but better be prepared.

Important Fundamentals:

  • We are now at the beginning of a New Monetary World Order that will be centered around gold.  Within a year, all trade in the Eastern hemisphere will most likely be gold-backed.  This is why the Silk Road countries have now accumulated nearly 34,000 tonnes of gold. This exceeds the amount of gold held by the top 50 countries outside the Silk Road, including the U.S., which supposedly has 8,000 tonnes. China's share of the 34,000 tonnes of gold is estimated to be around 20,000 tonnes...

Important Technicals:

  • Stock Market Indexes expressed in Real Money or Gold are resuming their downtrend. (only visible on candle charts)

      Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved - The contents of this report may NOT be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the explicit written consent of Goldonomic.

Tuesday September 5, 2017 - China makes crypto-currencies illegal!

Updated Sections:  Rupee-Gold & Rupee/$ , Yuan-Gold & Yuan/$ , Krona-Gold & Krona/$/€ , World Stock Market Indexes (partly) ,

Chaos and Crisis in Venezuela...the wet dream of Socialism!  It goes beyond any imagination that The Herd (and some countries like Sweden) continues to live in the conviction that Socialism is beneficial to society. It goes beyond any imagination that so many Venezuelansdid not take any measures when it was still possible and easy. Customers and friends of ours saw it coming 15 years ago (at that time Crazy Chavez was still in power) and most moved all their assets out of political reach (Venezuela) long time ago...Up to 5-6 years ago, it was still possible...

*Note for the wise-noses who locked their savings in Real Estate: in Caracas, Venezuela, the average monthly rental income from real estate expressed in US-Dollars is $ 50 only!

China makes crypto-currencies illegal! You cannot create something from nothing...and that is the reason why crypto-currencies and fiat currencies will fail!! If authorities block conversion in and out of crypto-currencies, these return to what these initially were created out: thin air, nothing, zero...Only Gold will survive!

Faltering Economic Activity and Intensifying Political Discord Increasingly Peril the Dollar and Intensify Risks of Market Turmoil...

Important Fundamentals:

  • Construction Spending Continued in a Manner Last Seen in the Housing Collapse of 2006. Shy of Recovering Its Pre-Recession Peak by 23.1% (-23.1%), Real Construction Spending Continued in Intensifying Downtrend.
  • Unemployment Rates Higher: U.3 Rose to 4.44% versus 4.35%, U.6 Rose to 8.59% versus 8.57%, and the ShadowStats-Alternate Rose to 22.2% versus 22.1%. Full-Time Jobs Dropped by 166,000 (-166,000) in July. Weaker-Than-Expected August Payroll Jobs Gain of 156,000 was Just 115,000 Net of the Prior Month’s Revisions, Well Within Range of Statistical Insignificance.
  • Money Supply is resuming uptrend. Logically this implies interest rates should come down. However, I am absolutely not sure we shall see lower rates.

M2 2017-09-01

Important Technicals:

  • Gold is outperforming bond prices, Gold/Bond ratio's are breaking out to the upside.
  • Investors are buying Gold assets as a hedge against expensive Bonds and Stocks.
  • Gold miners are rising even faster than bullion...and both are having a better year than Stocks...But NOBODY seems to see it!?

     Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved - The contents of this report may NOT be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the explicit written consent of Goldonomic.

Monday September 4, 2017 - Labor day weekend.

Updated Sections: Rupee-Gold & Rupee/$ , Yuan-Gold & Yuan/$ , Krona-Gold & Krona/$/€ , World Stock Market Indexes (partly)


Friday September 1st, 2017 - DEATH OF THE U.S. DOLLAR RESERVE CURRENCY...is Picking Up Speed

Updated Sections:  Royalty co's , Gold & Silver Juniors, Uranium shares ,

death of dollarDEATH OF THE U.S. DOLLAR RESERVE CURRENCY...is Picking Up Speed. The Death of the U.S. Dollar as the world's reserve currency will have a profoundly negative impact on the lives of most Americans.  Unfortunately, 99% of the population has no clue. The only reason 1% of U.S. citizens understand what is going on, is because the Mainstream media and financial networks have distorted the truth and the reality of our present situation.

I think you need to study your history and find out what happens when a country experiences a loss of faith in its currency - it's called hyperinflation. You will find out once the collapse of a currency begins, it takes a very short time to lose virtually all its value. History will prove gold could be worth 52 times its current value in a matter of months, not years, and could easily be 1 million times its current value since hyperinflation makes the multiple virtually unlimited when the currency becomes worthless. Yes, we are the United States and 99.9% of the people say "it could never happen to us" or that will never happen "to the US dollar"! If you doubt me, I guess you never visited Turkey in the late 1990's when it took 2 million Turkish lira to buy one cup of coffee!

Venezuela is a modern example of what is about to occur...in the West (USA and EU)

The danger with Socialism is that at first it seems to function well...until the money of the others has been spend that is. President Nicolas Maduro who has so far managed to keep the army on his side even as Venezuela faces now daily violent and in some cases deadly protests, experiences the start of the local army turning on the regime, and defecting to join the protesters. Overnight, the military in parts of Venezuela has begun to defect. They are now marching 'with' the protesters.

Following video is one 'for the record' and it shows HOW people CHANGE when they are in Power...and this time Donald Trump is NO DIFFERENT.  Performing Stock markets used to be bubbles,employment was a lie and a trick...no longer!? Nothing has changed since Obama...and yet it is pictured in a totally different way.

Important Fundamentals:

  • The Turkish Lira is the latest in a string of emerging market currencies to accelerate to historic lows over the last few years. However, while the Brazil Real, South African Rand or Indonesian Rupiah collapsed because of the decline in commodity prices for the Turkish Lira it has been about the dictatorial aspirations of its President. 
  • Molten Salt reactors never got the go ahead in the early days of nuclear development because of the difficulty of producing weaponised materials from them. In the current age that is one of the primary points in their favour since what we need is a non-proliferation friendly design that is less susceptible to meltdowns. Nevertheless, it will be years before we have a working prototype. 

Important Technicals:

  • xxxxxx (xxxx) has broken out and is a BUY  - see subscriber's section for Oil shares.
  • xxxx & xxx xxxx have yet to realize xxxx is breaking out....

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