Save annually 50% on your income?

anama: "The Place to Live, to Invest, and to be happy"

Panama: "The Place to Live, to Invest, and to be happy...instead of paying HIGH taxes."

  • Do you know that Panama paid for the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France?
  • Do you know that although Panama is a small country, it has the largest fleet in the world?
  • Do you know that Panama has been selected as the 2nd best country to retire in the world?

counties to retire 2021

  • Do you know that in Panama there are no inherit taxes, no capital gain taxes, and residents don't pay taxes on their foreign income?
  • Do you know Panama is a young, dynamic, and catholic country earning a fortune with the Panama Canal?
  • Do you know Panama is a country that RESPECTS Seniors?
  • Do you know you can find all climates in Panama? Ranging from tropical to Eternal Spring?
  • Do you know Panama has a lot of fish, grow Pineapple, Coffee, Cocoa?

Why Live in Panama?

The best is to rent the first year and NOT to buy without knowing what your options are. In the last years, because of the economic recession and COVID, the price of Panamanian Real Estate has fallen...and continues to come down.

  • The most secure country (very low crime rate) in the region (Latin America).
  • Multicultural community, worldwide gastronomy, good beers, and wines.
  • Great benefits for retirees (25% and higher discounts on local purchases).
  • Dollarized economy, banking hub, the best Vault system in the world with concierge service and 100% insurance.
  • High-Quality private education and non-socialist public schools.
  • Worldwide premium Health Care (Canadian & American health tourism).
  • The most connected country with North America & South Americain the Region. Tocumen airport connects you to all parts of the world.
  • There are direct flights to major EU & USA cities: Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Miami,...
  • Unmatched tropical climate: beautiful birds, flowers, beaches, a fishers' paradise,...

panama palmtreesPanama has several residency/passport programs. Unique is that once you have acquired the “permanent residency” you only need to visit the country once every 2 years. Of course, everybody with a permanent residency is welcome to stay forever.

We always select the most economic & safest option. Goldonomic offers several very interesting, economic residency options.  Also, we inform our relations about all the goodies and “extra's” new residents can profit from. A tax cut of around 50% versus what one pays in the EU is certainly a match. This results in a yearly economy of €100.000 on a €200.000 income. We know that €100.000 bonus pays for a lot of goodies.

 "Easier than a walk in the park, cheaper than you think, faster than you think!"

At this time, a permanent residency in Panama can be obtained in 30 to 90 days. We assist anybody going for a residency starting with the preparation of the paperwork to the day where you receive your permanent residency card...and there is even more!

Everything is looked after. An English-speaking hostess takes you everywhere. Our lawyer takes you to the bank to open an account. On request, we even send a taxi to the airport and make your hotel reservations.

The financial advantage for a Belgian resident (and most EU-residents) who can work out of Panama is gigantic. Instead of being subject to the Tax burden on income in Belgium of 51.5% for single persons without children and 47.1% for a couple with 2 children, and paying an additional 21% sales tax on everything you buy, you pay 00% on your international income and only a maximum of 7% sales tax on your local purchases.

 "The financial advantage for the average EU-citizen is Gigantic".

For the 20th year in a row, the most heavily taxed people in the entire OECD are the Belgians & Denizens. Imagine that if you earn €250,000 per year in Belgium, that instead of paying €128,750 to the Government, you can use this money for other, better yielding means.

"No matter where you are along your journey, we can help you get to where you want to be."

As a COACHING Member, you will benefit by learning exactly how to:

  1. Obtain a second passport or residency… so that you are never locked down in one place...
  2. Develop and deploy strategies to protect your most valuable assets, like your home, portfolio,...
  3. Properly structure your retirement accounts to minimize your tax burden and maximize your savings…
  4. Find exactly which US states and which countries are the most pro-freedom and the safest to store your savings in...
  5. Learn what to look for when considering a move abroad...and ensure you don't move too late.
  6. Diversify out of the Fiat DIGITAL Financial system, US dollar, out of the Euro, out of the Sterling,…
  7. Learn from the experiences of other people’s Plan Bs.
  8. You’ll also gain direct access to me and my experience. I had had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people, just like you. People from all over the world, both young and old, and from all walks of life and professions.

p.s. we do offer other interesting PASSPORT-RESIDENCY programs: Pensionda, Reforestation, etc...

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