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Our Florida Real Estate Service Package

 We provide a FULL Real Estate purchase, after-sale, maintenance and management service. Properties are ONLY selected within certain designated areas: upmarket, safe and easy to supervise.

1. Selection of homes out of available options:


  • Foreclosures

  • Short sales

  • Regular sales

  2. Assistance in the purchasing process.

  • Technical inspection of the building, area and surroundings (location).

  • Price budgeting for renovation and/or upgrading of the property.

  • Pest control.

  • Mortgage if so desired.

 3. Setup of a company (if requested)

  • Opening of a bank account assistance with transfer of funds.

  • Mortgage

  • Lawyer/notary public

  • Bookkeeper

  • Insurance & Taxes

 4. Management of the property.

  • Appointment and supervision of contractors

  • Decoration assistance and decoration of the house

  • Renting and rental assistance/management.

  • Regular cleansing and maintenance of the property.

5. Resale assistance.


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Goldonomic, Florida, USA - +1 (772)-905-2491