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We're different.....


Today, Investing is A LOT MORE than Stock picking....or opening a savings account...or buying Bonds.

  • We UNDERSTAND life has scared away most of you away from the financial markets. It all has been so bad that you are - on balance - staying in CASH, SAVINGS ACCOUNTS and BONDS. History however PROOFS this is exactly the opposite of what one is supposed to do today.

  • Whether you want it or not, whether you feel safe about it or not, you have NO ALTERNATE but to store your savings (future purchasing power) in a different way than you used to do until now. Just like during the Big Depression, those who were not invested in Stocks during the Great Crash lost also their savings when the Bond markets collapsed either because of Inflation, either because of a Debt Moratorium. This time won't be different.

  • For some weird reason, the Herd is ALWAYS incorrectly invested. Today's Bubbles are in BONDS, SAVING ACCOUNTS, CASH (Fiat worthless money and options to buy Fiat Money) and whether you want it or not, [Hyper]Inflation has already stolen away a good part of it. Better prepare yourself as this will get WORSE during the coming WEEKS and MONTHS!


 "Fraud is only a crime in the private sector, for the Authorities and Banks it's official policy!".


We are no Drama Queens. We simply have a lot of experience, we UNDERSTAND what is happening right now and know your savings are in DANGER.

The Agricultural Index went up by 65% since May 2010 or by 150% on a yearly basis. Frightening it is. We're NO DRAMA queens. We just write what we see and what our charts tell us. Experience (and we have over 30 years of experience teaches you to be humble but also that one MUST ACT if there is a compilation of certain signals.  We know what becomes to the savings and the people who think it is wiser to believe the lies of Banksters and Authorities and who incorrectly stay invested in BONDS and CASH or similar instruments. We have seen it over and over again during the years where we did not have the Euro in Europe. We've seen it since the 1970's in Britain with the Pound Sterling, we've seen it in South Africa at the time of the sanctions and when the black regime took over, ....At first people laugh at you, then they call you Drama Queens and Apocalypse prophets. When it all unfolds they become silent and after the game, only few have the courage to apologize. What is wrong with people that it often is so hard to try to UNDERSTAND a logic reasoning process and they instead prefer to BELIEVE the fairy tales of Banksters!? Once your house is burning it's too late for an insurance.

If your          savings are misallocated you can and will loose      them. The Inflation thief will steal these away right under your nose.
Market manipulations eventually led to the economic collapse of the USSR. They also sinned with fractional reserve banking and misallocation of funds. These pose extraordinary dangers to global economic health and your savings. We 'think' (life teached us to stay humble) that we have the knowledge and the experience to lead you through this storm without taking risks. When we have fresh news it always is important news and we are convinced we can advise you in such a way that your savings can survive the coming monetary crisis. Subscribe now....$ 399 - 295 will save you a lot of trouble...click here to subscribe.

In reality the markets are in fact NEVER wrong, only our interpretations. We are the ones who are watching and listening to the markets (German, Spanish, French, Dutch,..) are traveling all over the world and have those charts which don't leave anything to imagination. If you expect to survive financially in these markets, you better subscribe (for less than $1.10 a day) and listen to us. For what is coming is the worst of al evils.

JPMorgan, HSBC sued for alleged silver conspiracy...more

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Still trust the Banks? Haven't seen how crooked they are? watch what we saw on TV today. The Fed led the cover up and the Government allowed the massive fraud! Banksters are plundering the people....and you trust them by keeping the biggest part of your Money in Saving Accounts and Bonds!?

Your time is important to us! Normally the site is updated each working day. Password locked pages are normally updated at least each fortnight and each day if necessary. In case of important news an alert  email is sent out to our subscribers. We try not to update if not necessary...We HATE static! 


"The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."Joseph Goebbels, of the perception modification school of economic thought


What is printed in Financial newspapers and what is said by the Talking heads is increasingly irrelevant to reality.  Even worse is that contradictions are seen on a weekly and even on a daily basis. Therefore there is NO WAY an investor can organize his savings properly without the assistance of professionals who UNDERSTAND what is really happening and who see through the smoke curtains. Be advised you will NOT find untainted professional advise at your local bank or broker. If this site was to come for free, eventually it would disappear and you will have no alternate but to go back to lousy web sites who in the end won't serve YOU. Such is extremely hazardous to your financial health and savings. The more paying Subscribers we have, the better service we can deliver!!!



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