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Frequently asked questions

Posted March 18, 2009

Dear Goldonomic,

Again thanks for your update. Last weeks have been full of contradictory news from both official and unofficial sources. To make one and other more clear could you please give you're opinion (or objective information) about the following: 

1. How will de credit default swap market affect the euro? Which quantity of CDS are expressed in euro?

2. How and when will the ECB start to take the desperate measures the Fed is taking?

3. In addition to the above, is it worth still holding on the Euro?

4. Will Euro property (real estate) further decline in real numbers?

5. Can you recommend any shares in agricultural, solar, wind, nuclear, aqua framing, etc... related topics



Note: few days ago my bank recommended buying bonds issued by good rated European companies.  During three years a yearly return of nearly 6%. I don't understand why these companies do not go straight to the banks for money keeping in mind the ever lowering interests rates....Click here for the answer...

Posted December 14, 2008

As long as M3 (total money supply) keeps on growing at a rate higher than the rate of growth of the economy it creates Inflation....Click here for the answer...

Posted November 17, 2008

The G20 debt solution...Click here for the answer...

Posted November 3, 2008

Frequently not asked questions about Inflation:  Click here for the answers...

Posted October 17, 2008

 Q. Just one more thought, everyone seems to be predicting that the dollar will collapse but no-one seems to ask himself the question in whose interest this is. Let's look at the Chinese , they have tremendous reserves of dollars , so for sure if the dollar collapse , they loose everything as well. The same thing can be said of the rich Oil producing countries (especially Saudis, Emirates).

So the US might get support from those countries as well because it's in their own interest. So I'm wondering if the dollar could not perform better than one might think just because the big and very rich countries keep each other in balance because of mutual interests.

So what about the Chinese and the Arabs ?...Click here for the answer...

Posted August 27, 2008

Q.  When you write "as of July 1, 2008, two U.S. banks were short 6,199 &. as of August 5, 2008, two U.S. banks were short 33,805 contracts of COMEX silver " -  what does this mean ? Do they speculate on a falling silver price or just the opposite ? or both ? When both, the article has only an informational value , i.e. "here it is, do with it what you think it is worth, we have no opinion".
I am a bit confused weather shorting means "speculate on short term on rising prices" or "speculate on short term on falling prices" . Unlike a Speeder or Turbo where the name defines the underlying meaning "long"=go for rising or "short"=go for falling prices.
I am no trader, just a concerned citizen who wants to keep what he has and loose as little as possible. Should I keep the Kruger's I bought about 10 days ago (in euro) ? And maybe buy some more ? For the moment I'm about 85% in cash, (sold approx. "all" in 5-2007 and bought nothing since = more luck than knowing). What to do with the $ that are now on a cash-account. My bank says the $ will be worth 0.8 in max. 6 months is  0.675 now. But I see that the $ is hovering around 1.47 the last 10 days after a steep climb.
One more thing I observed the last 2 weeks: why does intraday gold rise before noon and declines after? And why the $ declines before noon and rises after noon C.E.T ?... Click here for the answer...

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