4Th Turning

These are the times that try men’s souls.

“These are the times that try men’s souls.”

“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

fourth turningIn 1775, Colonial America was passing through the early stages of a “Fourth Turning,” a historical time of crisis that occurs roughly every eighty years. In 2022, West Europe and the USA are passing again through the same early stages of a  "Fourth Turning."

  1. a First Turning is a period of renewal in which a historical crisis has ended.  The people have risen to the occasion, thrown off tyranny, and conquered social, political, and economic tribulation. Having done so, they now create a renewal based on hard work, personal responsibility, and moral integrity.
  2. A Second Turning occurs a generation later when the rewards of a First Turning have resulted in prosperity and stability.  Those new adults who have grown up during a First Turning will be well-off and will seek to pursue high-mindedness and social concerns. Along the way, they will also pursue self-indulgence. (A deterioration begins.)
  3. In a Third Turning, again a generation later, complacency sets in. Politically, those sociopathic individuals tend to rise in political spheres, replacing the older generation of responsible people. They tend to raise taxes, increase social welfare programs and increase government spending in every way – really, any excuse to seize increased power over the populace.
  4. Then, in a Fourth Turning, again a generation later, power having been seized, the sociopaths seek total power – eliminating all freedoms to be replaced by totalitarian rule. Historically, in a Third Turning, complacent people make it possible for sociopaths to take power. In a Fourth Turning, the sociopaths exert that power.

It matters little whether the excuses put forward by political leaders are climate control, racial equity, CBDCs, cancel culture, owning nothing, digital IDs, transhumanism, vaccine mandates, or a Green New Deal;  the objective is singular: total dominance of the ruling class over the subservient class. Any excuse will do if it has a totalitarian rule as its outcome.

In any Fourth Turning, those who are more thoughtful and forward-thinking will begin to make sense of the ruse but find themselves being heavily criticized by all. The media will do all within their power to slap down those who denounce the ruling class. But more to the point, the more significant proportion of the populace will remain in their slumber and resist the awakening strenuously.

At such a time, the few who have figured out the ruse experience their greatest challenge: speak out or just go along.  This group must struggle in the darkness to a great degree, as most of the population fight against an awakening, which disturbs their complacency and is too horrendous to contemplate.

The latter half of a Fourth Turning becomes a chaotic and confusing period in which many people desperately hope just to get along, whilst those who are more visionary become increasingly aware that their freedoms are being flushed away on a wholesale basis. The group that turns the tide is the group that I often (unflatteringly) refer to as the HERD – the average guy.  At some point, the average guy, who simply wanted to be allowed to get on with his life – go to work, mow the lawn, sit on the couch with a six-pack and watch the game – has had his life so disrupted by the ruling sociopaths and their increasingly manic oppression that he accepts that he must turn off the TV and do “something.” He is not a leader, but he is a joiner. [When, in Ottawa, Canada, a few truckers staged a small demonstration, and the average guy saw it on the news, he got in his truck and joined.  He may have had no real idea of how events might develop; he simply added what weight he had to the effort.]

But the very fact that he is the average guy – that the bulk of the population is made up of average guys makes their collective weight greater than those who may have been more inspired thinkers and – more importantly – greater than the weight of the oppressors.

For those of us who saw the warning signs early – decades ago – the first half of the Fourth Turning has been extraordinarily distressing. The Globalists have been thorough in their planning and have successfully executed the removal of freedoms with great stealth that we assumed any “thinking” person should have seen coming.

Most people are not thinkers. Most people “go along.” They continue to go along until the moment that…. they don’t.  An awakening happens only gradually, but the point arrives when the common man has had about enough. He may not be intellectually inspired, but his collective weight is, and throughout history, has been the turning point.

guillotineThat is the day when Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette are led to the guillotine and decapitated.  When political morons say you have to eat Rabbit when Meat is too expensive; who says you can not heat your house unless the temperatures are below 66° F (19° C); who dictate you can not turn on the AC unless temperatures are higher than 80° F (27° C); who advise you to not to wear a tie, so you have fewer problems fighting the heat; who tell you drive to your work on a bicycle instead of using your car to save on gas; who wreck the economy because they refuse to pay their natural gas & oil invoices in Ruble; who wreck the economy and society because of some dark, unreal climate rules...

We have come to a point where elections are meaningless, don't make any difference.  A simple trucker needs a medical, theoretical, and practical exam and a license,...but every moron, retard, psychopath without a degree and who has never employed a single person can become the leader of a country!? Such should be and must become IMPOSSIBLE!

September 2022.

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