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Francis D. Schutte

francis livingFrancis D. Schutte has been the Chief Market Analyst at Goldonomic since 2002. Mr. Schutte has been in the markets on some level since 1972. He has been a banker and a stockbroker (Belgium, Canada, NY) and studied world currencies since 1972. For several years, until 1985, he also managed real estate. He has been living on four continents. He strongly believes we must be as independent as possible to survive and thrive through hyperinflation. His motto is a Planb B (second Passport/Permanent Residency), Physical Gold and silver OUT OF POLITICAL REACH, barter ability, and wealth preservation. 

Francis D. Schutte was born to a French mother and a Dutch father and raised in Belgium. In 1968, he earned an A2 degree in industrial sciences. He graduated with (a Master's in Applied Economic Sciences) in 1972 at the Antwerp UFSIA University. He soon became an active member of the Belgian financial world. Initially, he operated with a Belgian broker, subsequently with a renowned Canadian research house, and with an American Bank. He became a registered representative with the Belgian, Montreal, and New York Stock Exchanges. He only added technical research to the fundamentals when he was operating with the First Continental Bank of Illinois. A couple of years later, he started his own business, became a member of the Belgian Stock Exchange, and became a well-known figure in the Financial world.

Francis has worked in the financial world since 19720 and has been a Member of the Brussels, Montreal, and New York Stock Exchange for years. His experience encompasses banking, Real Estate, commodities, gold, silver, equity and bond markets, mutual fund management, corporate finance, and investment strategy.

As founder and first President of the BFTA (Belgian Federation of Technical Analysts and past vice president of the IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts), he managed different Mutual Investment funds. He even ran a successful open portfolio in several financial magazines (Trends). He published his weekly financial market letter, and his international advice could be read in many financial publications.

He received a Classical, Technical-Industrial, and Economic education. He is a Commercial Pilot (fixed-wing multi-engine—Instrument-Rated), and during the 1990s, he flew all the way to Cape Town, thereby crossing Africa. He also crossed the Atlantic five times in a Single-Engine Aircraft (Mooney). Last but not least, he lived on four Continents: Europe, Africa, and America.

In 1989, he was among the few to predict the Great Crash of the Japanese stock and real estate markets (Montebello, Canada Congress). He travels worldwide and has sharp insight into current geopolitical and economic situations.

He is the thriving force behind Goldonomics with (June 2014) over 500 pages (529) of Financial, Monetary, and Political information about Wealth Management and Investing: Real Estate, Bonds, Shares, World Stock Markets, Energy Stocks (Oil, Natural Gas, Nuclear energy,..)...e.o. The site is unique because a large part of it is accessible to ALL!

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I also want to thank and show my special appreciation to other Team Members who don't want to stand up in the spotlight but are also contributing to Goldonomic:

Jerry, Lisa, Lynette, Ronan, Oscar, Allan, Jos, Philip, and David

Manoj, Pedro, Carmen, Jeanette, Karen, Miguel, Mike, Larry, Greg,  Jason,  Marc, Mike.


Filip is one of the best upcoming financial analysts. Young, dynamic, open-minded, and not prepared to accept ideas without rethinking, he is a real asset for the future. In 2001, he graduated with a Master's degree in General Economics and International Relations. He subsequently obtained an MBA at the Vlerinck Management School.

He relocated to Spain and got a function as a project manager and sales coordinator in the then-booming Real Estate market. In this function, he was amazed that almost all properties were sold with a substantial mortgage allocated with little or no care. New money was being pumped into the system at an unseen pace. Passionate about macroeconomics, he decided to investigate further.

He is a consultant who provides HNWI (high-net-worth individuals) and companies with macroeconomic issues and general strategies.

Kathleen Segers

I value my real estate clientele uniquely. I bring information on real estate trends, municipalities and governments, property values, and future development plans. I can provide you with a wide selection of investment properties in Panama. We will ensure you feel extremely comfortable in your purchase decision and guide you through all aspects of the purchase and ongoing property management.

I look forward to assisting you in every way! Welcome to Panama!

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