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There are different reasons why one should subscribe to Goldonomic. The main one is that we try to stay ADVERTISING FREE, that our main goal is to remains absolutely free and independent so we can write what we see and what we think. Not always a pleasant task....but somebody has to do it. For those who have time to burn and need here.

We know all about Brokers (who will see you trade as much as possible), about Charlatans who want you to buy worthless Penny Stocks (a lot of Gold and silver mines amongst them) and about Banks who mainly want you to buy their so said ZERO risk extremely dangerous self-made products.

We are a team of experienced financiers with experience in all major sectors of the financial sector. We know the ropes, the dangers and the traps and our main and only interest is to ensure our Goldonomic friends are as safe as possible. Click here if you want to read more about OUR SERVICE and be advised you can talk to us!

For those who don't want to spent this money we publish a free complementary list of financial here Alternatively you can keep your Bonds, structured products, derivatives and other fixed interest investment instruments.

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Disclaimer: We, nor any of our officers, editors and research staff hold any positions in companies discussed in the Goldonomic newsletter, nor do we or our staff receive any compensation whatsoever for such recommendations. Unless stated otherwise, graphs, forecasts and information published in our newsletters are based upon data whose accuracy is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. The information offered in our newsletter is for education and entertainment only an we, nor any of our officers can be held liable for any losses occurred by the readers. All sales are final. There is no refund policy.

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