Why Goldonomic?

Goldonomic is different: not a beauty contest, but untainted and condensed reality.

We are ONLY supported by our paying Subscribers: not by banks, nor brokers, nor financial institutions,...

We assist with 2nd residence & passports, trusts, foundations, corporations. We have personal-insured-non-bank-out-of-political reach-vaults and ship precious metals to and from the vaults. We know where to buy-sell gold & silver and how and where to open international out-of-political-reach bank/brokerage accounts.

We are one of the few in the world offering a precious metals investment service outside the banking system, with direct ownership and full control by the investor.

Our (open) archives go back all the way to 2004 ... Click here for Press.
Good financial research is extremely time, energy, and money consuming. We know this is very hard to understand. But we cannot operate as Banks do. With your participation, you ensure you will be able to enjoy first-class investment advice for the months and years to come. The new system allows us to put more vital information on the Subscribers' daily investment news. No need to subscribe and read ten different Financial Newsletters...Goldonomic says it all!

Because we have a paradigm shift, Investing today is A LOT MORE than Stock picking....and/or opening a savings account...and/or buying Bonds...and/or investing in Real Estate...


We're contrarians...more

Traders should not subscribe! Investment and gambling are two different disciplines. Our experience is that Gamblers always loose from the Investors.

We buy when nobody wants to and sell when everybody else wants to.

We see investment as a GLOBAL       WORLDWIDE EXERCISE and NOT as a local one of stock picking.

Capital rushes around the world fleeing political changes and taxes just as it is attracted by prosperity.

There is not such a thing as a conservative, defensive, neutral, or dynamic investor. Investors and Capital all want exactly the same: PRESERVATION and GROWTH (optimal allocation).

The greatest returns are when a widely-held belief of investors proves incorrect.

Markets exist to accommodate a range of participants with divergent views or economic interests, so it is hardly a surprise that almost any position can be justified somehow. Those who judge the position right are rewarded, while those who do not are penalized.

How to dig a financial hole of $/€ 600,000 by buying Real Estate!? ... Click here for the answer

The key pages for the Investor are your DAILY NEWS, your INVESTMENT PYRAMID, your model PORTFOLIO, the Wealth preservation, and the shopping baskets WHICH ARE LOCATED UNDER INVESTMENT PYRAMID.

What sense does it make to write and write new stories but to continue to repeat the same old ones? Such only makes it harder to understand!

When financial information is not free, the Investor is not safe.

"It makes no sense to work 24 hours a day if you don't invest your money wisely and it does not make sense to invest your money wisely if you don't keep it out of reach of Government. In both cases, you will lose what you worked for"

The greatest losses/profits occur when the opposite is true. Most participants believe the market cannot come down or cannot go up. This is exactly what we have for Bonds, Cash, and Real Estate in many European countries...and for the Gold & Silver sector.

We are no stockbrokers and have no advantage to see you trading...

We are completely detached from earning profits based upon the movement of the stock market.

We do not manage stock portfolios so there is a need to reassure clients to prevent them from withdrawing funds.

We have the knowledge, we have the experience and we are independent.

Capital is international and volatile. We are International and not tied to any local market.

The day you have to get out of the Gold and Silver sector will come and we shall be the 1st ones to inform you.

What sense does it make to buy the best car when driving is prohibited altogether? What sense does it make to buy an investment instrument if the sector is adversely affected? What sense does it make if your stock or Bond goes up by 500% if the currency dips by 1000%?

Bankers and politicians will continue to advise you for free. What we charge is peanuts compared to what an incorrect
the investment will cost you.

Nothing is real. The governments cheat on the public all the time. The press is no freer.

Chart of the evolution of the Main Goldonomic portfolio with a yearly average return of 14%  "SUBSCRIBERS' DAILY shows our RELEVANT and important Investment NEWS until TODAY" The Junior's portfolio advanced by +10% in the last couple of days and 130% since August 2009.
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The progress of both portfolios has been excellent during what will end up in the history books as the Hyperinflationary depression of the 21st century.[December 2011]

So far this year the conservative portfolio progressed by +24% (expressed in fiat €Euro's) and the advance is +150% for our junior portfolio. More than enough to compensate for the inflation and the results have even increased your purchasing power.! [December 2011 Results expressed in Dollars are more or less equal and will be published later on]

Over the past year, not a single stock out of our selection has fallen in price when expressed in nominal terms. Several have increased by more than 200%. Others have quadrupled.

Our Portfolio is not only Gold and Silver and Gold and Silver shares. We also advise Uranium, Solar Energy, Utilities, Communication, Oil and Natural Gas, Recession Proof shares, etc.

Dear F,

My portfolio went up at least 5 % the last weeks mainly because of the best investment advice I have ever received with Goldonomic. The investment pyramid rocks! Playing with only 20% total portfolio shorts on ........ closed them yesterday, a minimal 50% gains in a few weeks. Also added .....bought ............ today at very sharp prices. Gold and silver shares are in place and waiting to take off... I will take a little rest now till the dust settles and can be cleaned off to reveal a very shiny pyramid...Ben Bernanke can shoot no more silver bullets (silver is almost out of stock) he can try to shoot with rubber bullets (like in London nowadays)... I wonder what the target is...Many Thanks


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