The markets will always resort to the gold standard in times of crisis and we are moving in that direction

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Thursday & Friday, Aug 29/23 - DON’T WORRY, SPEND MONEY: Undeniable Bad Advice & Negative Signals and dangerous advice!

Updated Sections: PF-charts in most sections for Gold & Silver, , 

yield inversionLow and negative interest rates are the omen that the economic and financial collapse is imminent. This does not mean that it will happen tomorrow, but it can happen at any time between now and next year. Therefore one must stop listening and believing the LIES & PROPAGANDA sold by IDIOTS, POLITICIANS and Mainstream Media.

Lowering interest rates to almost zero and into the negative, had as a result that the nominal amount of debt has exploded. Low interest rates send INCORRECT signals to the entrepreneurs (Von Mises). This pushed asset prices and real estate into bubble territory.

Once the CARTEL can no longer or fails to manipulate the economy and the free market comes back with a vengeance. Interest rates will resume to normal (negative interest rates can by definition not be) and bond markets will crash, stock markets will crash, real estate markets will crash...

Pretending Debt is money, pretending debt can be paid off by a growing economy is incorrect. The Debt is way to big to be paid off by the economy and the economy is not growing, it is contracting. Also it is a fallacy to pretend government can print itself out of debt. Such was experimented by Germany (Weimar), Zimbabwe, Argentina, Venezuela,...and each time ended in even more misery. All this pretending will end with a crash in stocks, bonds, real estate as fiat money returns to it's real value or zero.

All this pretending will end with a crash in stocks, bonds, real estate as fiat money returns to it's real value or zero.

Technically, as money flows out of Bonds and Stocks into physical gold and silver, markets can crash 40% to 60% before there is any support. Corrections always are swift and violent and most of the time, markets come down rapidly once the movement starts. A really bad crash could take the confidence away and build a snowball and result in a deeper crash. Contrary to what happened in 2008/09, this time Gold & Silver will go vertical at the time of the crash.

Contrary to what happened in 2008/09, this time Gold & Silver will go vertical at the time of the crash.

The hunger for yield has also penalized savers, banks, insurers and pension funds as the ability to generate needed profits caused a scramble for higher yielding paper, flattening the yield curve. That leaves capital markets in upheaval because the capital of banks, life insurance companies and pension funds have become more leveraged and heavily indebted in this zero-return market. These institutions once provided the capital to finance the corporations but with returns so meager, bigger risks are being taken. Extremely concerning is that negative rates have spurned a generation of younger consumers to borrow excessively, unaware of the potential long-term interest burden. Today the victims of negative rates are growing, outweighing the benefits.

How HIGH can we go? a Fundamentally STUPID Question. Gold end at highest since 2013, silver climbs to a 2-year high. If we run into a HYPERINFLATION (ex. Venezuela, Argentina,...) price becomes ballistic and rises exponentially. Having said this, as long as people ask themselves "how high" the price of gold can go, they DON'T UNDERSTAND the function of Gold and WHY one must-have Gold.

As long as people ask themselves "how high" the price of Gold can go, they DON'T UNDERSTAND the function of Gold!

Important Fundamentals:

  • A NO-DEAL BREXIT will take away  about 1/3rd of the income of the EUSSR-CARTEL....and so seriously harm the EUSSR and it's citizens...nobody seems to realize the consequences.
  • Markets seem to start understanding the Interest rates CANNOT rise...and if they do, the ...continue reading
  • The Silver Price Surges Higher As Mine Supply Falls In Top Producing Countries....continue reading
  • Once PRICE SUPPRESSION FAILS (like we have for Gold and Silver at this time), price fills a vacuum and ...continue reading.
  • Low and negative interest rates are extremely bullish for Gold & Silver.
...continue reading negative bonds 2019
gold and negative bonds2019 08 16   

  • During the last bull run for silver, the COT-position for Silver was a steady 135,000 contracts...therefore, even the size of Commercial shorts is no valid indicator ...continue reading

Important Technicals:

  • Our Charts clearly show the Central Banks are in a PANIC MODE similar to the Panic Mode in 2008. This probably also is the reason WHY Authorities try to focus the attention on these STUPID green matters so the HERD doesn't take the time to check what is happening in the Financial Markets.
...continue reading TYX yield LT 1980small
  crash warning 2019 08 20

  • The important point is that the coming rally for Gold & Silver may come with surprises ...continue reading
  • The SP500/Gold ratio is faltering after a 62% bounce. This means that the Gold & Silver sector will do good but the Stock Markets will behave BAD.
  • These are yet another way of calculating a potential objective for Gold & Silver....reality is that ONCE THE BARN BURNS, PRICE RISES TO INFINITY.
...continue reading ...continue reading

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019 - Should one buy GOLD & SILVER at any price?

Updated Sections: US-Dollar, Bonds General & USA, Bonds EU, Corporate Bonds,
Miners & Gold vs. SP500 (new chart), PF-charts in most Gold & Silver sections. 

We have negative interest rates and Central Banks are panicking....nobody however seems to buy Gold & Silver!? As I have seen all my life, most people, most investors are extremely STUPID. They all find a reason for NOT buying Gold and/or Silver. At this time less than 1% hold physical Gold & Silver. In other words 99% of the people don't do what one should do! Even worse is that many like to laugh at what they call "the Gold Bugs. Unbelievable...they prefer to continue to live the dream sold by the Authorities and Central Banks, they love LALA-LAND. LALA-land is bank deposits, saving accounts, treasuries, bonds, real estate, pension funds, TAK, Insurances...Bail-outs and Bail-ins will not happen to them, Negative interest rates only affects the others, a new operation Gutt will Never happen, Real Estate will keep them safe, the Governments will NEVER again seize Gold....how naive one can be?!

If you see how THE HERD falls for the false propaganda of the burning Amazon, the burning Africa. If you see there is no protest after Macron proposes to send millions of tax money to Brasil to fight the fires (while many french no longer make the ends meet at the end of the month)...

Governments are nothing more but legally organized robbers and bandits...(German with English subtitles) and everybody who is paid by the Government is part of the gang.

Hoppe on Brexit from Conza on Vimeo.

Taxation is taking away money ( if necessary by force) from productive people and entities in order to give it to unproductive people and entities.

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

  • I don't expect a correction for the Gold & Silver sector. The sector is still way OVERSOLD. There are little or no sellers and the impact of the Cartel (Gold Pool) is marginal. ...continue reading
  • I still advise to buy SILVER-COINS in order to switch to GOLD-COINS when the Gold-Silver ...continue reading
  • I am against GOLD-BARS. These will become pricey and harder to negotiate once the price of gold hoovers around the $2,700 or €2.400 per oz. ( $86,000 - €78.000 per kg bar).
  • Be advised xxxxxxxx will from now on DO BETTER than the Stock Markets!

...continue reading

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Monday & Tuesday, August 26/27 - 2019 - Has Silver officially broken out or not?

Updated Sections: $-Gold, Silver, Silver Targets, Majors (HUI-Index - Candle charts) ,

no gold no silver

WE TOLD YOU SO: Stocks DOWN and Gold & Silver UP!
Dow Jones tanks 700+ points...
The market is the market and nor Trump nor China has an impact on this over-valued bubble market. Watch the technicals in our section...and know that Trump, China, the Russians,  Men from Mars are only the SPARK which makes the market move in the direction as indicated by our PF charts.

Named after Austrian economist Hyman Minsky, the global economy in 2019 is probably entering a “Minsky Moment,” at which the cumulative distortions of a long period of debt-fueled growth are finally coming to bear. Bubbles will deflate and under-valued assets will show their real face. Fortunes will be lost and Fortunes will be made. 

We view gold’s prospects as inextricably linked to consensus recognition that global interest rates not only cannot rise but must continue to decline to keep the ever-burgeoning debt pyramid from toppling. This results in the DESTRUCTION of Fiat Money and purchasing power.  There is simply no way around it.  In the end, as negative interest rates are an aberration by definition, the situation will BLOW UP and everyone who trusted FIAT MONEY INSTRUMENTS will lose it all.

Since the year 2000, Gold has performed better than the SP500. No hassles with brokers and/or with banks...

gold SP500

Important Fundamentals:

  • The breakout of the HUI-index  ...continue reading
  • The weakening AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR calls for a SEVERE DEPRESSION in the coming months.
  • Royalty companies typically provide  ...continue reading

Important Technicals:

  • Silver has now officially  ...continue reading
  • I expect that after breakout SILVER will at least perform as during the late 1970s' - 1980s'...if not better!

    The final ...continue reading

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Thursday & Friday, August 22/23, 2019 - Negative interest rates are an operation Gutt in sheep clothes.

Updated Sections: Long Term Commodity charts, Commodities expressed in Gold, Inflation Index

no gold no silverEver heard of the Stockholm syndrome? The syndrome now has become a reality in the financial markets where the public prefers to continue to do what they have been doing over the past decennial instead of accepting today's reality.  Accepting today's reality means that one must make unpleasant decisions: move out of the financial system, invest in a different way, buy physical Gold and silver and store it out of political reach, ensure that one has a plan B and go for a second permanent residency,...Most people (90%) have not the guts to face reality. Of the 10% who dare to face the reality, only 1% is prepared to do what one has to do.

Central banks buy stocks...but does this mean YOU also have to buy stocks? The fact that Central Banks buy stocks, is a WARNING to get out rather than a hint to get in. Central Banks have become market manipulators and just doing whatever they can to avoid a market crash.  Central banks also create fiat money out of thin air. Central Banks also "TRY" to rig the price of Gold and Silver. Central Banks "manipulate" interest rates and Currencies.

Rate cuts won't prevent depression because the consumers are tapped out because bubbles are inflated to a maximum, ...and the economic disaster for the U.S. Will be a political disaster for Trump AND a disaster for all Americans.

Gold smash-downs aren't working anymore, just like in the 1960s-70s. At that time, the Gold Pool was dying. The Gold cartel is running out of the real metal it has used to control the price. Few people KNOW that there is still little interest in Gold in the United States and Europe.....however, the price of Gold and Silver keeps trending up. We expect Investors to show their interest-only after Gold breaks it's all-time high when expressed in Dollars. Note: the price of Gold expressed in Euro's is back at the 2011 Top. We only need to see €-Gold to rise 3% more to break the 2011 top and have a new All-Time Record.

The idiot notion that Gold and Silver don't earn a yield is starting to look like a better deal than paying someone to own bonds and money in the bank.

Just like during the 1960-79's the Gold Cartel will fail (BoE, BIS, FED, COMEX,....). Authorities are preparing the big reset by putting all the required legislation into place: bail-in, bail-out, digital money, CRS, low and negative interest rates, compliance legislation, ...the big puzzle is coming together. The reality is that because of the very existence of negative interest rates, the operation GUTT of the 21st Century has already begun.

Low and negative interest rates are the omen that the economic and financial collapse is imminent. This does not mean that it will happen tomorrow, but it can happen at any time between now and next year.


Yes, WE & Goldonomic DID FORECAST the 2007-08 CRASH. So did Peter Schiff. See our 2006-07-08 archives! and YES, most of the people out there have NO CLUE whatsoever of Economics and Finance. They are Financial Illiterates with a BIG MOUTH. Those who keep investing in Real Estate will lose the Real Estate but keep THE DEBT.

Important Fundamentals:

  • The Dollar, the Euro, most Currencies, the Bond markets, Stock Markets, Real Estate markets are on life support.
  • Buy GOLD at any level...Gold is ...continue reading

Important Technicals:

  • Note how in 2005-06 and 2009-10 Gold rose without any visible correction.

...continue reading 

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - Adrian Darya 1 (Grace 1) under Iranese flag with Russian crew....has left Gibraltar.

Updated Sections: Uranium shares(breakout?), Bank & Fin.shares(bear trend?), Crude Oil price,
Coal-Solar & Rare Elements(dull), Agriculturals(a turn-around?), Copper-Platinum-rare metals,

This is "The End of the American Empire". Both the U.S.A. and the Dollar are slowly but surely losing their grip on the world. If Donald Trump doesn't get re-elected in 2020, Americans better grasp their marbles and RUN...And, if we do have a serious Market Crash between today and the end of this year - and such is certainly possible - the odds that Trump gets re-elected will be extremely small.

adrian 2019 08 18

Ever heard of the Invisible Hand of Adam Smith? Any clue of what REAL CAPITALISM is? What we have today is NOT Capitalism. It is not Democracy. It is Socialism and Communism sold as Democracy.

Important Fundamentals:

  • The ratio Total Stock Market Value to Gross Domestic Product value sits at an all-time high.  We all know what happened in 2006-07-08-09, don't we? Such doesn't spell a lot of good for the next months and years.

...continue reading

Important Technicals:

  • Gold has tested its key levels at $1,522-$1,532 and has so far failed to push through on the first attempt. A pullback is the short term risk, though we have no doubts that the underlying trend is up. ...continue reading

Expect public buying once the $2,000 is broken. Majors-Index has broken out
Broken out...see Target(s) on chart Broken out...see Target(s) on chart
...continue reading

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Monday & Tuesday, August 19/20, 2019 - Grace or Adrian Darya and this is almost an open war!

Updated Sections: Long term indexes, Bio-Tech & Pharma, Oil shares, Natural gas shares,

Adrian DaryaThis is almost an open war. US unseals warrant to seize Iranian Grace 1 tanker released in Gibraltar The US has ordered the seizure of newly-freed Iranian oil tanker Grace 1, charging the ship with illegally using the US financial system to sell oil to Syria to support the IRGC after Gibraltar released the vessel. For the Americans it is now or never to make their move...today they have a glut of oil..tomorrow they will have no.

The Justice Department has unsealed a warrant ordering the seizure and forfeiture of the Iranian tanker, all of the oil it is carrying, and $995,000, claiming the Iranians illegally used the US banking system to finance the shipment of oil to Syria to support the IRGC, which the US designated a terror group earlier this year as Washington’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Tehran ramped up.

The Tanker has been renamed “Adrian Darya” and fitted with an Iranian flag for its onward journey at its owner’s request, according to Iranian state media. Meanwhile, the US has warned of “serious consequences” for its crew - though, with the vessel already on the move, those consequences appear to be limited to barring them from travel to the US.

Such an action is extremely negative for the US-Dollar as the Americans will pay a high price for using the US-Dollar as a weapon against those countries which don't comply with their demands. Also, it is not the 1st time in history that a SHIP starts a World War. And a World War we always have once Politicians and Bankers have put themselves in a position like today.

The EUSSR is nothing but a DICTATORSHIP. Democracy always becomes socialism/communism and socialism/communism always becomes a dictatorship. The very structure of the EU-TOP where officials cannot be elected and where the members of the EU-commission cannot be elected is the living proof of it. The video below clearly explains the structure and power of the EUSSR-Authorities.

The Herd still doesn't realize it, but the fact is that the legislative power of the Governments of the EU-Member states has been taken away.  Germany invaded all of Western-Europe without firing one single round. Local elections and local governments have become nothing but a joke meant to give the citizens "the impression" they have a say. A small group of NON-ELECTED Petty Government Officials decides about all matters.

dent harryHARRY DENT: If Gold Is In A Bubble, Then Mine Supply Must Come From The Tooth Fairy". Harry Dent says gold is in a bubble, and according to his analysis, warns that it could go back down to $700. If the gold price were to crash lower to $700, as Dent forecasts, then 50+% of the gold mining industry would have to shut down. Why? Because the top gold miners total cost of production is now above $1,200 an ounce.

Harry Dent has been bearish on Gold for years. Impossible for me to understand the logic behind his reasoning. Maybe there is no reasoning at all!?

Note: Assuming we do have some financial catastrophe where the financial system bankrupts, the price of Gold will indeed sharply fall. Probably even below $700 per oz. At that time, however, the buying power of Gold will be extremely high. Simply because there will be HAVE-Gold and HAVE-NOT-Gold and ALL FIAT MONEY will be worthless. 

Important Fundamentals:

  • The Tax base Can no longer make the existing total debt solvent. This has simply become impossible. Therefore we shall not only see dramatic TAX-hikes, but they will also try to get rid of the debt by using inflation and deflation. The problem is that consumers are Tapped out. Therefore the situation becomes VERY DANGEROUS to everyone with savings.
  • Gold Ranks Among Most Liquid Asset Classes of 2018...and we have an all-time high for Gold in 73 countries...continue reading

Important Technicals:

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Friday, August 16, 2019 - Pardon Gold & Silver for consolidating while Stock Markets tank!

Updated Sections: £-Gold, Krona-Gold & Krona/$/€, Yuan-Gold, Indian Rupee-Gold,

On Wednesday, Dow drops 800 points, SP500 falls 3% ...Gold and Silver keep their grounds and may - worst-case scenario - slightly correct.

dow drops

Important Fundamentals:

  • It is obvious that as soon as the monetary methadone (creation of fiat money out of thin air) is turned off the stock, bond and real estate markets will collapse. It is also likely that all of the other financial games like rigging LIBOR, gold and silver prices, commodity prices, etc. are all likely to come to an end. 
  • Silver, the cheapest metal on this planet.

...continue reading

Important Technicals:

  • The Gold & Silver sector does exactly what we said would happen: it holds its ground while Stock Markets tank and soon when stock markets recover, ...continue reading

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Wednesday & Thursday, August 13/14, 2019 - $12 trillion of negative-yielding bonds are sending a clear message of distress!

Updated Sections: Gold Targets, Recession proof shares (LOCG), Recession proof (hold), 
Negative Interest Rates,

What Denmark’s experience with negative rates tells us is that traditional banking is doomed without some form of exaggerated assistance from the government. And such applies ALSO to pension funds and (re)insurance cos. Denmark introduced negative rates in 2012 as investors seeking refuge from Europe’s debt crisis piled into AAA-rated krone assets, threatening to destabilize the country’s euro peg.

But no one expected negative rates to last this long. While banks initially benefited from lower impairments and inflated asset prices, their business models are struggling to withstand persistently low rates.

Last year Denmark’s banking and mortgage industry reported its lowest operating profit in at least five years, while return on equity hit a three-year low. Some banks are now looking into passing on the cost of negative rates to retail customers, broaching a subject that was once considered taboo.

Negative interest rates also signal that the Authorities have used most of their arrows and indicate that what will come next, will be a lot more painful.

total negative debt 2019 08 12 negative government debt 2019 08 13

 For years we have been WARNING against Bank Stocks...

like we have been warning against BONDS.

german bank stocks 2019 08 11

Argentine markets and peso plunge after shock vote.  Curious to know and feel what it is like when the BOTTOM falls out of the Stock Market!? It happened earlier this week as Venezuelan IDIOTS voted for the return of the Kirchner-regime. The embattled president Macri was defeated by his center-left rival, Alberto Fernández, His running mate is former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who presided over an administration remembered for a high degree of protectionism and heavy state intervention in the economy.

The Merval stock market index fell by -48%...only SELLERS, no BUYERS.  The peso fell 15% against the dollar on Monday after earlier plunging around 30% to a record low.

merval index 2019 08 13In Belgium, the LOSERS of the last election are back into power while the WINNERS are locked out by what they call "a Cordon Sanitaire".  People are IDIOTS and Civilization, society ALWAYS dies because of collective suicide. Most people don't want change and no change they get. Only they don't understand that "no change"  is a slip in the Abyss!

Important Fundamentals:


Important Technicals:

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Monday & Tuesday, August 11/12, 2019 - Silver offers investors incredible value at below the $17 per ounce level.

Updated Sections: Juniors (GDXJ-index) ,

central bankers weed“The ECB is smoking crack. Look at DAX vs the German 10-year bonds and you see a central bank in process of losing control.  Negative rates have lost their efficacy and they don’t know what to do.  We’re seeing a colossal policy failure in print.  

DAX is below the 2015 highs, has broken the 2009 trend, built a bear flag which broke down all the while yields are collapsing and now they will cut rates again with an ECB balance sheet at 40% of Eurozone GDP? Just stop.  Rate cuts at this stage of the cycle are not a sign of effective stimulus. They are a sign of fear.  The fact that this major central bank, 10 years after the financial crisis, can’t even raise rates to ZERO without risking collapsing the system is beyond embarrassing and a reflection of how weak the financial system is.  They can barely keep the financial system together.”

Negative Interest Rates signal the end of the Bond market and this, in turn, signals the end of FIAT MONEY. These bonds could get down to negative 25 percent,  and the whole thing will blow up before we get to that point.

I am now approaching my seventieth birthday. I have fond memories of my grandparents. In his day, and when I was young, money contained the metal. I remember each year we received a silver 100 BF coin from  Aunt Suzanne.  In those 1960s years the 1 oz. the coin had a value of $2.30 (€2.25) while the average monthly salary was €200 per month.

  • napoleonI also remember that French farmers were keen about "Gold Napoleons". As they learned the hard way to distrust the French Government, they were big-time buyers and holders of these small coins.  (Napoleons were initially used by the French government to pay its privates.)
  • Like gold, silver serves as a hard currency for thousands of years. Biblical references mention silver and gold, not dollar, euros, yen, and the other currencies that circulate through the world financial system today.
  • Soon, buying in silver and gold will become ubiquitous. Silver could be on the verge of an explosive move and the price is could soon blast off on the upside. Few analysts seem to realize that Silver broke its long term downtrend not so long ago and that Gold positively broke out of a HUGE BOTTOM formation. ABN-AMRO analysts are warning for a TOP in Gold and see MUCH LOWER levels for the coming weeks and months. More in our technicals below.

Important Fundamentals:

  • China is the leading holder of US debt securities. The trade dispute has evolved into a trade and currency war. Moves by the US, and China will continue to destabilize markets across all asset classes.
  • Silver and gold are hard money. Precious metals have been around a lot longer than all of the legal tender of governments in the world. Looking for answers that do not exist about JP Morgan's imaginary massive short position is not only a diversion; it has become a hallucination. ...continue reading

Important Technicals:

  • Soon, buying in silver and gold will become ubiquitous. Silver could be on the verge of an explosive move and the price is could soon blast off on the upside. Few analysts seem to realize that Silver broke its long term downtrend not so long ago and that Gold positively broke out of a HUGE BOTTOM formation. 
  •  ...continue reading

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Friday, August 9, 2019 - The Drop-In Yields Is Getting Really Scary

Updated Sections: Majors (HUI-index), Juniors (GDXJ-index) ,

Bond yields collapse. ABNORMAL...There is more news that shows that central banks are appearing to panic and are reducing rates at an accelerating pace. The Drop-In Yields Is Getting Scary. The German 10 yr bund yield is down 5.5 bps and lower for the 16th day in the past 18 to -.59%. The 2 yr is now at -.83%.

You put your money in a bank at the beginning of the year, and get less back end of the year...NOT a Joke!

You put your money in the bank at the beginning of the year and get less back end of the year. Partly the reason why we are seeing 6-year highs in Gold…And in this reasoning, we consider the Nominal Interest rate. The imbalance of the Real Interest rates (nominal rates less inflation), is even worse.

Those keeping their money in Bank Accounts, Bank Deposits, Saving Accounts, Pension Funds, Life Insurance Co's,...are OUT OF THEIR MINDS. In Belgium alone, citizens are keeping almost 278 billion euro in negative-yielding Saving Accounts. This tells a lot about the Financial IQ of most Belgian citizens. 

Negative interest rates are genuine THEFT in broad daylight organized by Governments and their Central Banks. It is a modern version of Operation Gutt.

Screen Shot 2019 08 06 at 5.56.08 PM

Bond-buying programs by the world’s central banks have already driven the total amount of debt with yields below zero to a record of $13 trillion.

“We’ve reached the limits of how much monetary gymnastics can be undertaken by central banks because you are literally paying the governments to hold [these bonds] and, being part of the Eurozone, these countries can be technically bust at some point because they don’t issue their own currency,”

I am sure that over the coming years we shall see A LOT OF SUICIDES.  Stubborn people (and this is the majority) will NOT take precautions, will NOT buy Physical Gold & Silver, will NOT store it in a non-bank-vault out of political reach and will lose the bulk of their savings and pension. The government will TAX away what the Inflation and the Bank-system have left behind.

Taxation 2019 08 02

As a matter of fact, many not so wealthy & wealthy people have been emigrating and are emigrating out of the EU and Europe. People no longer accept to be taxed by 65% on what they earn.  Therefore they simple emigrate to other continents and other countries: Malaysia, East-Europe, Costa Rica, Panama.  Note we do handle Panama immigration and until today we have a success rate of 100%. It's easier than you think. If you are interested, send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Gold and Silver don't pay interest, but the price keeps going up. As a matter of fact, Gold has been the BEST yielding investment since the beginning of the Century.
  • Only by buying PHYSICAL Gold and Silver and storing it in non-bank-vaults out of political reach is safe.  One must be prepared to lose everything else. This includes Real Estate where the value will drop to unseen low levels.
  • We also strongly advise Europeans who mentally and financially can TO EMIGRATE to another continent. Moving to countries like Switzerland, Hungry, Poland and other East-European countries is not a good idea. Central and South American countries are the best options. ...continue reading

Important Technicals:

  • Gold and Silver are digesting the advance of the past days and week...and probably preparing the next bull run. Note that we may have to wait until October of this year before we have some decent correction. See picture below...continue reading

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Thursday, August 8, 2019 - surprised!? last night Gold hit $1,500 & Silver hit $17!

Updated Sections: €-Gold & €/$, Aussie-Gold & Aussie/$/€, Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€,
Can$-Gold & Can$/$/€, ¥-Gold & ¥/$/€, £-Gold & £/$/€, R-Gold & R/$/€, Yuan-Gold & Yuan/$/€, ,

Screen Shot 2019 08 07 at 2.43.41 PM
Your banker has been appointed or will soon be appointed as your personal TAX-Inspector!
ABN-AMRO was appointed as a tax inspector for the Dutch Government.  The Bank has been ordered to check on 5,000,000 bank accounts for fiscal irregularities and money laundering. Read: the government wants FULL control of your bank account(s)

Who "dares" to call this progress!?

As we expected this goes way beyond COMPLIANCE.  Especially so in Communist Europe.  Better brace for more trouble in the near future.

As of today, Your Banker is your Tax Inspector and Tax Collector.

Important Fundamentals:

  • see picture.

...continue reading

Important Technicals:

  • Something BIZARRE is happening in the FOREX markets.
  • The correlation between the Yen and the price of Gold is ...continue reading
  • We have new ALL-TIME highs for Gold expressed in major currencies: Pound Sterling, Aussie, SA-Rand, Can$, ...see individual sections.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019 - Trump levies 10% import duties, China sells Dollars to push Yuan 10% down!

Updated Sections: $-Gold, Silver, Dollar, Yuan-Gold & Yuan/$/€, 

chinese dragonTrump levies 10% import duties and China sells enough Dollars to push the Yuan down by 10%. In order to do this, China sells part of the billions of American Treasury Bills it is holding. Guess WHO has to buy these in order to avoid a market collapse of Treasury Bonds!? The U.S.A. has...Few understand this is a very dangerous game where only the Chinese can win.

The trade war between the U.S.A. and China affects a lot more than most investors understand. Not only does it impact the World Trade but also the FOREX markets, Bond Markets, Stock Markets, Commodities and last but not least the Gold & Silver sector.

He who has the money and Gold (China, Russia) rules the world!

There is little doubt that Trump and the Americans will lose this battle. Yesterday, China rolled its muscles and showed the World they are in control.  Negative interest rates, Fiat Paper money, and DEBT are killers. Both Goldonomic and the Chinese know this.  China can single-handed CRASH the Dow Jones, the Dollar, the Bond markets,... Not the FED, not Trump but Chinese control the exchange rate of the US-Dollar.

Important Fundamentals:

  • We told you years ago not to touch banks...not even with a 10-yard long stick. Bankers have become both petty government officials and tax inspectors.
  • HSBC Bank, Europe’s largest bank in terms of assets has announced cutting 4,000 jobs to reduce costs. Headquartered in London, HSBC draws much of its revenue from Asia, mainly Hong Kong and Greater China. The bank has 237,685 employees. In Europe, HSBC was fined euro 300 million for alleged money laundry. Those who keep their savings with banks will soon learn the hard way they are fools....continue reading

Important Technicals:

  • Gold expressed in Yuan broke out for a second time. See section...continue reading for the full-size charts. Trump will learn the hard way he's no longer the Boss.

 CNYGold candle1

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019 - Germany's Whole Yield Curve Dives Below 0% for the First Time.

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes ,

Germany's Whole Yield Curve Dives Below 0% for the First Time. Investors are paying the BANKRUPT German and Swiss governments to take their money at every maturity and in Japan out to 15-year maturities. Bond investors have concluded the only possible way to manage the debts and unfunded liabilities that have built up over decades is with money printing. That will be facilitated by central banks buying the newly minted bonds and that contributes to the momentum move. The victims are currencies which is why gold is rallying.

How STUPID people can be: We have ZERO and Negative Interest Rates and you know what! Nobody understands it and Nobody PANICS!

We don’t have enough savings. We don’t have enough capital investment. We have too much borrowing, too much DEBT on all levels. And that’s because the Central Banks are holding interest rates artificially low.  So, if the Central Banks can no longer do that, then rates are going to rise, at least in the short run...We only don't know WHEN this will happen.

GLOBAL DEBT 2019 08 03

fools gold smallThe illusion of “paper prosperity” will disappear in the blink of an eye. During the 1930's I’ve seen grown men sitting on the side of the road, crying. They saved money for years and invested. Then out of the blue lost everything they had worked for. “Never Again” was the mantra I kept hearing.

Indeed, it took a decade or more before interest in stocks resumed. But of course, by a new crowd. The old-timers never returned. It took a very long time, a generation or more perhaps until the markets regained today's popularity again.

People better brace themselves for a major correction that will exceed the massive and unprecedented Fed stimulated rally of the past decade. Their eagerness will get many into financial trouble and decimate their lives. Especially so for those playing cryptocurrencies, paper-gold & paper-silver, ETF's, futures, options and most of the other Bank Manufactured financial vehicles. If the correction doesn't happen in NOMINAL terms, it will happen in Real Money (expressed in Gold).

Important Fundamentals:

  • According to the new Administrator of Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), Ivan Eskildsen, the new administration plans to turn Panama into a world-class destination, as one way to reactivate the economy. The number one priority is to put Panama on the international map. This means using promotional efforts outside of Panama and Central America and developing a greater presence in the Americas and Europe.
  • The intention is to keep promoting traditional tourism but giving a strong voice to the uniqueness of Panama’s strengths, which are history, culture, and nature. The great news is that they will be funding infrastructure in tourist destinations. In layman’s terms, improving our beach towns, island tours, the canal zone, and interior highlands.
  • The advantages of ...continue reading

Important Technicals:

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Monday, August 5, 2019 - Stock Market indexes unable to break overhead resistance?!

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes, Index in Real Money/Gold, Long Term Charts,

Screen Shot 2019 08 03 at 4.08.05 PMThe main concern of Macron and the French government seems not to be the risk of riots, the public's discontent, the disappearance of Christianity, the disastrous economic situation, or Islamization and its consequences. President Macron asked the French parliament to pass a law that almost completely abolishes the right to protest and the presumption of innocence, and that allows the arrest of anyone, anywhere, even without cause. The law was passed.

In June, the French parliament passed another law, severely punishing anyone who says or writes something that might contain "hate speech". The law is so vague that an American legal scholar, Jonathan Turley, felt compelled to react. "France", he wrote, "has now become one of the biggest international threats to freedom of speech". [Spain has put in place similar laws]

Note: Liberty, Egality, Fraternity is a Communist and not a Capitalist slogan.

The next 5 years is not about WINNING but about SURVIVING.

The fewer liberties, the more legislation, and control, the more CAPITAL and PRODUCTION leaves for other horizons where the conditions are better.

Samsung has closed all but one of its smartphone plants in China. It now assembles around half of the handsets it sells worldwide in Vietnam. Samsung’s subsidiaries in the country, which employ around 100,000 people, accounted for nearly a third of the company’s $220 billion in sales last year.

The sheer scale of China’s manufacturing operations is not going to be easily repeated elsewhere. However, no one ever thought China would achieve the manufacturing might it now possesses either. The history of major manufacturing hubs is they evolve where labor, land, transportation, and electricity are cheapest and where the tax and regulations are most lax.

The above is always forgotten by political leaders and authorities: once they tax too much, levy tariffs and trade barriers, entrepreneurs move their production units to other countries where they don't have all these restrictions. By doing so, they increase the local unemployment and push the country they are leaving into a recession.

As long as the STOP BUY levels on our PF-charts have not been broken, the stock markets remain a SELL and it is advised to stay away from stocks.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Picking up Nickels in Front of a Steamroller? If you are 100% sure that Gold and silver will outperform Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate...it doesn't make sense to invest in stocks., bonds or Real Estate..even when ...continue reading

Sconsumer confidence 2019 08 03

Important Technicals:

  • In order for the stock markets to become Bullish, the indexes MUST break their STOP BUY levels (overhead Resistance) , and positively test these levels.  We expect ...continue reading

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Friday, August 2, 2019 - Even if the Dow Jones rises to 300,000 Gold will perform better!

Updated Sections: ,

dillusional trust
Delusional trust backing most risk-based assets is what keeps holding up today's monetary system.
Stress tests were a JOKE and Banks have become extremely dangerous places to keep your savings. Banks did nothing to improve their balance sheets and low and negative interest rates are pushing the financial institutions further into the abyss. It's only of a matter of time before the next bank-crisis erupts.

The day the herd panics, we'll have a remake of 2008-09 but worse.

By pushing interest rates down to low and negative levels, the Authorities and Central Banks are walking an even more dangerous path than they did during the years preceding the 2008-09 crisis. At that time, we had a Real Estate crisis and the bankruptcy of Lehman Bros and "they" were able to contain more....this time, however, such will be impossible as more entities will be involved. American banks, but also European banks are in a dire state and over the past years, their RISK position has worsened instead of improving. Deutsche Bank is a good example.

Important Fundamentals:

  • For wealth preservation oriented investor, the time has come to say goodbye to Commercial banks, stockbrokers, hedge funds, insurance cos, pension funds, money market funds and ...continue reading

Important Technicals:

...continue reading  
  ...continue reading 

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Thursday, August 1, 2019 - Unless you can get a good healthy consumer, you are not going to get a good healthy economy.

Updated Sections: £-Gold & £/$/€,  ,

D Mark 1920Negative interest rates have an extremely negative impact on the future of social security and pension funds. CAUTION - US Total IOUs Relative To GDP: When they put social security together in the 1930s, they didn’t have negative interest rates in mind. Today Social security and Medicare own over $5TRILLION  of US Treasuries. With unfunded liabilities near $140T, the interest rate of return on investment is needed to fund these obligations. Low and negative interest rates together with the creation of exponential amounts of fiat money AND more TAXATION is the only path left for Authorities to try to keep the system going. That is until Hyperinflation kicks in and we have a situation like shown in the picture to the left.

*IOUs are Government debt, social security, private debt, medicare, pension liabilities…

Note: the situation in Europe is WORSE than the situation in the USA.  Therefore, the coming CRISIS will be worse in Europe!

USA: Total IOUs relative to GDP
2000: 600%
2010: 800%
2020: 1100%

The New Recession has arrived!..in the EU-zone and in Germany. 

PMI ranking july 2019 recession zone july 2019

A plausible scenario for the coming weeks and months is that as they try to lower interest rates and start to create more money out of thin air, Gold & Silver will resume their uptrend together with the stock markets. The difference is that the Gold & Silver sector will rise faster than the stock markets. Also, each time there is a correction of the stock markets, the Gold & Silver sector will also correct...but in a lesser degree.

Once the illusion, the smoke curtains created by the Central Banks is broken, the animal instinct of the market will kick in. Therefore $900 Silver and $ 10,000 Gold will NOT be the time to get out. One will have to hold Gold & Silver until the new political financial order has been put in place and it is confirmed that it is operating properly. The new financial order MUST, in order to operate properly on a sustained basis – be guaranteed by Gold and/or Silver.

This updated chart shows that the gold price, relative to the S&P 500, is near all-time lows. At 0.48, gold is deeply undervalued compared to the S&P 500

Gold vs SPX 2019 07 30

Important Fundamentals:

  • If we look at the whole period 2002-18, Gold in Dollars and Pounds have, in spite of a major correction, gained a very respectable annual 12% on average and also outperformed the Dow Jones and all global stock markets.
  • Gold in Euros returned an average of 14% 2002-12 and 9% in 2002-18. Interestingly, Gold in Euros had a significant correction (31%) only in one year which was 2013. That was also the year that Gold In Euros bottomed.
  • Gold has also outperformed all stock markets since 2002 (even more so since 2000). The Dow for example (excl. dividends) has lost 46% against Gold since 2002.
  • If we compare the return on Gold to interest rates, it is far superior. Dollar rates crashed from 2007 and were at zero percent between 2008 and 2015. Euro rates are still negative up to 12 years maturity which is quite remarkable. Between 2002 and 2018, interest rates averaged between 2.5% and 0% depending on the currency. With gold returning annually 9% in Euros and 12% in Dollars and Pounds in the same period, it clearly has outperformed the return on Fiat money.
  • So the conclusion is straightforward. ...continue reading

Important Technicals:

  • The Pound Sterling is weak. However, so far, the currency still has not broken major resistance levels. Britons who have converted their Pounds into Gold & Silver are SAFE. We have a breakout and new HIGH for Gold expressed in Gold.
  • All the panic noise sold by mainstream media...continue reading

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