August 2021

The Western World is committing financial & economic suicide!

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Monday/Tuesday, August 30-31, 2021 - The war on COVID is the needed pretext for an even more centralized market & Tyranny!

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Biden assholeWe don't want to go into details about what is happening in Afghanistan right now. Know that the USSR went bankrupt only months after they had to pull out...and the ruble became almost worthless. Know that during the term of Donald Trump (some retards called him a CLOWN) there was PEACE all over most parts of the Western World.  It took SLIMY JOE (the democrats) less than 2 months to start hostilities and to orchestrate what is now happening in Afghanistan. To be honest, in my life, I have seen and experienced a lot...but this kind of leadership really deserves both an Oscar and a Gold medal. (tip: keep the Gold medal, for you will be able to use it in the near future)

Afghanistan's collapse signals world nations to abandon the petrodollar. The collapse of the US govt will follow.  There's never a situation so bad that government can't make it worse, and the (literally) exploding catastrophe in Afghanistan is setting into motion a series of dominoes that look almost certain to collapse the United States of America as we know it.

The upshot is that over 100 nations around the world are rumored to be preparing to abandon the dollar as a world reserve currency. Saudi Arabia may be among these nations, and if that nation abandons the petrodollar, then it's truly game over for America. All charts in our US Dollar Section leave no room for any doubt.

"Dow hits another record – doesn't matter at all as long as the record doesn't come in REAL MONEY."

The best stock market of the past years was the Caracas stock market, only expressed in Real Money, it was a disaster, and people who were in the stock market lost it all.  Today, in Venezuela a lot of business is done in gold! Just like in Zimbabwe...those who have gold can eat, the others starve.

"Those who have Gold can eat, the others are starving!

So much for the idiots who say you should not have Gold because you cannot eat it!

We are experiencing nothing less than the effects of ending fifty years of gold price suppression. Through leases, swaps, and loans central banks have fed physical bullion into derivative markets from time to time to keep prices from rising and breaking the banks who are always short of synthetic gold to their customers. 

Inflation is here to stay and to get worse!...or EVERYTHING which is NOT REAL MONEY will go down the drain.

more inflation 2021 08 26 Baltic dry index 2021 08 26
CRB raw indus 2021 08 26 crb food 2021 08 26

Important Fundamentals:

  • Over the coming months and years, the general public will cling to their increasingly worthless money.

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Friday, August 27, 2021 - “There are decades where nothing happens… and weeks where decades happen.”!

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gezond verstandHere’s the truth no politician and/or Central Banker will bother sharing: Prices for all of these goods and services… prices for stocks and houses and art are NOT going up the way you think they are. The truth is, prices are not going up – it’s the value of our money going down.

“Higher prices are the symptom, not the cause, of currency collapse.”

  • Most people don’t realize shipping rates are as much as 50% higher (and more) than a year ago. Prices for food, health care, commodities, shipping, electricity… it’s all rocketing higher and higher.
  • Oil prices are up more than 200% in the past year.
  • Lumber prices are up 300% since 2020 and are at all-time highs.
  • Paper prices are up 40%.
  • Copper prices are at an all-time high.
  • Car prices are sky-high too… The average price of a new car skyrocketed above $40,000 for the first time earlier this year, and the average price of a used car now tops $20,000?
  • Have you tried renting a car recently – it’s crazy. In Maui, for example, the cheapest price for a recent car rental was $722 a day for a Toyota Camry. In Honolulu, convertibles cost $1,000… not for the week, per day! CNN reports that in Orlando recently, rental cars cost $300 a day.
  • The average cost for employer-based family health coverage is now a whopping $21,342 per year!

As most of the western world doubles down on easy money policies, one nation stands out and moves ahead with raising rates: Russia. This follows a pattern of a massive shift in power and dichotomization from west to east that can be seen both in finance and geopolitics. Even as the IMF calls for “a new Bretton Woods,” any new monetary system will likely exclude Russia and China, thus dooming that system to fail. Regardless of whether the new monetary system is tied to digital currencies or not, there is no escaping the spiral of money printing and deficits that has gripped most of the world, and so a disorderly collapse is likely. Only Gold and Silver can save the World!

"Very few people are in gold and the narrative is still against gold and silver. Not very many people are looking at gold."

goldmark in paper marksPeople don't understand Gold and Silver as they (except for the Seniors) have NEVER experienced what Gold is all about and they probably haven't learned about Gold and Silver at school. Education is no longer what it used to be and the general level of school and university graduates has dramatically fallen. As a matter of fact, it still is falling and is becoming a disaster. Hence, today's generations are easy prey for the PROPAGANDA of the Authorities and Central Bankers and therefore keep chasing FIAT PAPER MONEY or FOOLS GOLD. The advice of the SENIORS is seen as a joke and often as idiocy.

Before WW-2, Goering gave a radio to every German family that didn't have one. Matter of being able to sell the propaganda. Today, in Belgium, we have a similar story. Not with radio or television sets, but with laptops!  Belgian Authorities want to make sure that any kid will properly and fully be brainwashed.

The incredible thing is, most people today have no idea how this looming crisis will change our lives. That’s primarily because, while the signs are piling up all around us, we haven’t seen anything like this in roughly 75 years.

There is DENIAL. This crisis is silent—and invisible to most people too. Most have watched what’s taken place around the globe over the past two years…And are still going about life, business, investing, and retirement planning… as if nothing unusual has happened to our financial system.

I estimate 90%-plus of the public is falling for the Money Illusion...most folks are in complete denial about what is REALLY happening in our financial system. When you look back at financial history, you realize this is nothing new…Massive inflations are always incredibly confusing to the general public. Look at Germany’s Weimar Republic in the early 1900s, for example… the most famous case of inflation and currency collapse – followed by Financial Lockdown – in history. Over a period of about 10 years, the German mark eventually became worth 1 million-millionth of its former self. Look at this incredible chart…

Physical Gold and Silver are what they are: REAL MONEY without any counterparty.  Central Banks know it and do everything within their power to keep the price LOW and, to keep Gold & Silver away from the Mainstream Media Attention. Therefore they have to ensure the FIAT price remains low.  We know that at some point they will fail in their efforts and also that the longer Gold is suppressed, the stronger the reaction will be.  In April 1968 the GOLD POOL failed and the price of Gold DOUBLED overnight. The Authorities were forced into a BANK HOLIDAY. Between 1968 and 1981, the price of gold rose by a factor of 27!  

It is certainly plausible that the Central Banks and Gold Banks will fail at some point in the near future and this would mean the price of Gold would, as a starter, at least DOUBLE to $3,400 /oz. This however will just be the beginning of an exponential spike in the price of gold where we will very probably see $250,000 and higher for 1 Troy. an ounce of Gold.

On the chart left, see how the price of Gold went up steadily in the beginning and ended with an EXPONENTIAL. This time, it won't be different. Once the parabolic starts, it will be too late to get hold of some Gold!

I am not superstitious, but if this COVID-thing doesn't stop soon, I'll be forced to believe that after all, Jacques Attali was right when he wrote this prophecy in 1981. (German with Dutch CC)

Eerst de zwakkeren... from De Waarheid on Vimeo.

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

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Wednesday/Thursday, August 25-26, 2021 - The pandemic remains a part of the economic story; Covid-19 just postpones the inevitable!

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titanicThe Titanic had not enough lifeboats and even when she started to sink, few people headed for one. The people were convinced that nothing dramatic would happen. Only a few, intelligent passengers made sure they had a seat in one of these lifeboats. The others, the BELIEVERS, the HERD drowned because they continued to believe the lies of the crew.

"INFLATION a more than proportionate growth in money supply...and COVID makes it all even worse."

The COVID-lockdowns and restrictions make it all worse. We have an exponential creation of fresh fiat money (COVID is an excellent excuse). Over the past months and years, the Money supply has risen dramatically (min. +20% y/y).  At the same time, we have Manufacturing and Transport Disruptions and we have a lower supply of goods and services. Because of COVID, we have important disruptions on the manufacturing side (ex. chips – automobiles). The more Covid-lockdowns, the bigger the inflation Tsunami will be. As usual, the POLITICIANS are making it worse than it already is. Fewer goods and services and more money in circulation ALWAYS result in HIGHER PRICES, in this case, it will be in MUCH higher prices.

At the same time, overall DEBT has risen dramatically. As a matter of fact, because of the very existence of FIAT MONEY, the debt general level is a “lot higher” than during the 1920-30s.  Contrary to savings, debt cannot be spent. When people buy a house with a mortgage, it adds to the total debt figure...but this debt/money cannot be spent. Even worse, once interest rates start to rise, the house becomes a LIABILITY and pushes down the General price level of Real Estate.

Money, Currencies are also DEBT. Because of the former, interest rates have no way but to go up in the near future. Once interest rates rise, the result will be catastrophic for all governments and citizens. Because of higher interest rates, it will become mathematically impossible to pay the interest on the debt they have acquired over the past.

Therefore, all the stock and bond markets and any asset priced in currencies that are at this time priced for a BUBBLE, are in for a major crash. This crash will start as soon as the prices continue to go up and the HERD realizes they have been and are lied to by the authorities stops trusting the Central Banks and Authorities. Those, who for some dark reason, don't buy Physical Gold & Silver and don't store it out of political reach because they think repatriating will cause problems, will in the near future have NOTHING left: nothing in their home country and nothing abroad. DEBT copy

Once interest rates rise stock markets will crash. The economic consequences will be dramatic. It will be a lot worse than during the 1930s' because at least $ 840 BILLION has been borrowed to buy equities. This is a historic top that will increase the speed and crash. When the crash happens, the crash will be far worse because of the dramatic debt level held by governments, and the Herd.

"Fiat currencies and everything expressed in fiat currency will become worthless. Bonds, pensions, shares, real estate,...Financial assets will be hit the worst."

In the end, the price of Real estate yield is always expressed in rent. With high inflation, Real Estate Investors can't adjust the rent in time and the property becomes a liability. This is because the rent no longer covers the expenses, the taxes, the mortgage, and more and more landlords are forced into foreclosure.  Once the value of the collateral (stocks, bonds, real estate) falls, we shall see forced foreclosures and this will make the depression even worse.

"Nobody profits from falling stock prices. Nobody profits from falling real estate prices. Nobody profits from falling bond prices. Everybody becomes poor."

Today, only a small ELITE is holding Physical Gold and Silver, and therefore, Gold and Silver holders will be the least affected by the falling asset prices. On the contrary, because at that time, as many people will try to convert whatever they hold into physical gold and silver, the price will go through the roof.

COMMUNISM IS NOWThe plans (a RESET) of the BIS, IMF, Central Banks won't work because a centralized government does NOT work. Such never worked and never will. Communism and Socialism don't work...only free entrepreneurs can save us. Interest rates will rise and keep rising as the government will keep printing yet more money to try to save the system...something that won't work as the printing will only make matters worse. Even price controls don't work (Venezuela) and will only result in empty shelves as the HERD loses any confidence in the central banks, the currencies, and the authorities.

"Reasoning investors know what to do: Buy physical gold and keep it and come back at a later stage."

During the years 1922-23, five ounces of gold ($100) bought a big 6 bedroom house in an upmarket quarter of Berlin. In Germany during the years 1922-23 a man ended owning a big chunk of Germany...he used his physical Gold and Silver to buy the assets.

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  1. The MANDATS small pics

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

  • Gold Snaps Back Above $1,800 And Mining Stocks Soar 5%
Very bullish for Silver... Caution: each depression comes with lower energy prices.

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Monday/Tuesday, August 23-24, 2021 - A hyperinflation is a monetary event & Welcome to the DDR and total control!

Updated Sections: , Gold & Silver Juniors, Recession Proof Shs (LOCG), 

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbably, must be the truth."

powellThe more debt the Fed creates, the greater its power, but at the same time it, and the other Central Banks around the world that it has spawned, have ballooned debt to unsustainable levels, culminating with the massive amounts of money created over the past couple of years to shore things up as the NWO engage in their controlled demolition of the world economy and society.

Right now, as things collapse they are buying everything up. Like Blackrock buying vast tracks of residential property, and, as they create the money out of thin air, they don’t care what it costs. Blackrock and Vanguard appear to be massive front organizations through which the Fed is buying up the world with oceans of Fed-created cash to the tune of many trillions.

Because this immense cash infusion and buying would normally trigger hyperinflation, the demand bulge created by the Fed's money creation is offset by killing the velocity of money, achieved via the lockdowns and the destruction of small and medium-sized businesses. This is a big reason for the lockdowns which is understood by only a tiny fraction of the population. The other big reason of course is training the people for later permanent and total martial law.

M growth hyperinflationary 2021 08 02 velocity 2021
 Add the Central Bank balance sheets to this... Velocity is a LAGGING index of Inflation.

In addition to being parasitized by the Fed with its inflation engine, which has reduced the buying power of the dollar by about 98% since it came into existence, the US has been bled white by the Military-Industrial complex, another self-serving engine of wealth transfer, with a massive budget, now approaching US$1 trillion a year, by starting wars and invading countries and promoting terrorism, and by the overweening gigantic pharmaceutical industry, whose power has grown to the point that it is now vying with the Military-Industrial complex for the top spot on the league table for the number of resources it consumes.

The Mexican drug gangs are “a lemonade stand” in comparison to the Big Pharma racket.

Having bought off almost all governments and politicians, education systems, the judiciaries, and the medical profession around the world, it has arrived at its ultimate goal through its puppets of being able to make the repeated use of its products mandatory whilst at the same time getting the taxpayer to foot the bill for their development. This ultimate goal involves the forced imposition of experimental mRNA gene therapies on the entire population of the world.

The forced experimental mRNA gene therapy injections once established will continue with endless booster shots that produce a non-stop train of revenue for Big Pharma. It is important to understand that Big Pharma are essentially drug pushers, no different in principle from the Mexican drug lords, except that they have the power to buy off governments and judiciaries to the extent that they can force their product onto the population, The Mexican drug gangs are “a lemonade stand” in comparison to the Big Pharma racket (SEVEN BROTHERS).

Important Fundamentals:

  • The participants in today's gold & silver market are a small, marginal part of all investors, citizens.
  • Russians (USSR) left Afghanistan in April 1988. In October 1989, (about one year later) the USSR was BANKRUPT! We expect a similar scenario for the USA.
  • Today's Misery Index...

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Friday, August 20, 2021 - If Gold does the same as in 1968, the price will double overnight.!

Updated Sections: Dollar Fundamentals, Gold & Silver Juniors, Recession Proof Shs (LOCG),

These people invested $ 50 million in Physical Gold!  Probably some stupid investors? just like the Russian and Chinese Central Banks are stupid idiots throwing their money away by investing into something you can't eat!? 

The HERD is unable to see through the smoke curtains. The HERD was unable to understand WHY the Americans invaded IRAQ and murdered Saddam Hussein. For murder it was and Weapons of Mass-destruction were not (although the STUPID HERD, as usual,  believed the lie). He was killed because he undermined the US-DOLLAR by selling oil against EUROS. Same story with Khadaffi. He was murdered (we came, we saw and we killed - Hilary Clinton) because he was setting up something even more dangerous: a GOLD DINAR to be used in Africa and to buy/sell OIL. Chavez in Venezuela was honored by a less harsh (he wasn't murdered) but a very painful execution. Because he planned to trade Crude oil in non-US-Dollar, they simply ruined Venezuela.  WHAT will be the next move of the US and A in order to try to preserve the US-Dollar status as a reserve currency? Have they used their last arrow and does COVID yes or no play an active role?

This is an excellent video and helps to understand the history of the Dollar...and what will happen tomorrow. Saddam's BIG mistake was that he started to sell oil to Europe in Euros, hereby undermining the US-Dollar (Petro-dollar mechanism).  The same remark can be said about Khadaffi. He was about to trade Oil for GOLD Dinars! Chavez also tried it...and lost. [video only is Subscribers' section - Daily Update] 

Screen Shot 2021 08 19 at 11.27.16 AMImportant Fundamentals:

  • Expect to have first an "organized RESET"

Important Technicals:

  • level zero
  • Stock Markets now dance to the tunes of the


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Wednesday/Thursday, August 18-19, 2021 - exactly 50 years ago, currencies became worthless.!

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes, Index In Real Money/Gold,
Long Term Charts, Shares are Real Assets, COVID-19 a complot? Vaccinations SAFE?,
Royalty Co's, Gold & Silver Majors, Miners & Gold vs SPX,

RYAN COLE, MD: “COVID-19 VACCINES AND AUTOPSY” Better tighten your seatbelt...and if you got the jab, pray to God.


The "Fully Vaccinated" run twice as much risk to become sick and be hospitalized...Masks offer ZERO protection. The terrible reality is that today, it is THE VACCINATED, who infects all others equally: vaccinated or not doesn't make any difference. Cynical Lesson: you take the Jab for others, so you can infect and kill others.

FIFTY years ago, Nixon took the dollar off the Gold Standard rendering all currencies worthless. He pretended it was a temporary action. At the same time, he froze the prices of Goods and Services, and Wages. This was done to break the back of Inflation and something they firmly believed in. Today, we all know this action didn't stop inflation at all. 

The Herd, the People are LIED TO by the Authorities and Mainstream Media. When it is time to SELL they will say you must BUY and when you must BUY, they will shout: SELL! Investing is not an Algorithm, is not a game. Investing is the result of a reasoning process. Whoever is unable to do so will, over the next months and years, lose all of their savings.

Important Fundamentals:

  • ARGENTA, a Belgian bank forces all Belgian non-residents to close their account(s) as of September 1st. [this is 100% tyranny]

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Monday/Tuesday, August 16-17, 2021 - exactly 50 years ago, currencies became worthless.!

Updated Sections: Swedish Krona & Gold, Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold,
World Stock Market Indexes, Index In Real Money/Gold, Gold & Silver Majors,
Miners & Gold vs SPX,

This is about to severely impact the Real Estate Market. Some renters have a problem...but ALL Landlords have BIG ISSUES:  although the landlords have no income (most have not received any rent since 2019), however, they have to continue to pay the TAXES, MORTGAGES, UTILITIES,...if not they lose their property.


In 5 years, the USA has changed A LOT,...not in a good way. The Mainstream Media have become SHIT-HOLES,  Politics a mad game of RETARDED, In Big Cities, streets are desolate, empty, and waiting for "MAD MAX".  Offices and Shopping Malls are no longer.

  1. Mainstream Media is gone down the toilet.
  2. Politicians are doing a wonderful job in dividing the Americans: divide and reign.
  3. There is a lack of curiosity. The Smart Phones killed it all.
  4. The Media is telling us how racist we are and that being a Lesbian or Homo is normal.
  5. FEAR. The US lives in a lot of fear.
  6. Healthcare: average medical insurance will cost you $ 500/month and the deductible or what you have to pay out of your pocket before the insurance kicks in, is $7,000.
  7. Freedom of speech is NO MORE.
  8. Poverty, homeless people,...has rapidly risen.

50 years ago, Nixon closed the Gold window or the US-Dollar (but also most other currencies) became worthless paper currencies. He was forced to do so after General De Gaulle demanded that the Dollars France had, were exchanged in Gold. Because of the "ABSOLUTE IDIOCY" of "The People", even today many don't understand what were the consequences of this decision.  See the article below written by a 23-year young economic illiterate.

Since I entered the World of Finance and Economics, GOLD has been one of THE BEST INVESTMENTS. Its value has, over the years, been rising at a consistent rate. Better, the PERCEIVED value of the Currencies has been falling at a constant rate. To work out figures and statistics using 'short term' figures (like in the article below)  is nothing more but PROPAGANDA. These kinds of stupid articles most of the time signal we had a low. [note this Thomas omits to mention that it took $4 BILLION of paper sales in a death market to bring down the price of gold by only $60-$80 and the action has already been undone by the market.] By writing and publishing this article on YAHOO, Thomas not only, proofs that he does not know anything but also that he is very arrogant.

Oscar Wilde: “A cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. A sentimentalist sees an absurd value in everything.”

Gold among the worst 2021 investments: Allstarcharts.com founder Thomas Hum (23 years old and extremely inexperienced) understands NOTHING and knows NOTHING.

In light of gold’s flash crash on Monday, with the commodity dropping to its lowest price since March 2021 at $1,730.13 an ounce in New York by late afternoon, some investors may be growing wary about its efficacy as an inflation hedge in the near term. According to J.C. Parets, Allstarcharts.com founder and chief strategist, gold has become one of the worst investments over the past year. [This guy really had to choose his dates]

GOLD FLASH Crash 2021 08 08

“Nobody wants your rocks, right? I mean, that's the theme … the gold bugs have come up with every story under the sun as to why gold should go up, and it doesn't,” Parets told Yahoo Finance Live. “In fact, over the last year, you’d be hard-pressed to find a worse investment over the last year [than] gold.” [Thomas, I will buy ALL your rocks...just call me]

As inflation reaches the highest levels seen since 2008, gold prices have fallen over 16% in a year — down over $300 from an August 2020 peak of $2,069 per ounce. Just a year ago, institutions like Bank of America (BAC) projected that gold’s value could skyrocket to as much as $3,000.

“I mean, literally, you could have bought anything and it would have made money but not gold, you know, so it just really is the worst of the bunch,” Parets added. “And even in commodities, literally every commodity in the world is going up, except for gold.”

Parets joined Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the latest market action for equities, cryptocurrency, and commodities. Allstarcharts.com is a technical analysis publication for hedge funds, mutual funds, financial advisors, family offices, and individual investors which provides technical analysis commentary across all assets, according to its website. [only subscribe to his services if you have the intention to gamble away all your savings]

Indeed, futures on other commodities such as crude oil and natural gas have demonstrated strong rebounds from pandemic-era lows, while precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum continue to struggle. According to Parets, the reason for gold’s persistent slump is simply low demand in conjunction with growing supply. [this guy doesn't seem to mind the CENTRAL BANK RIGGING and 1968 like situation. At that time, he was probably still some sperm]

Until market conditions for gold improve, Parets noted that he is going to steer clear from investing in bullion. However, he is confident that gold eventually returns to last year's highs.

“It's really a supply and demand game,” Parets said. “Some people like to have conspiracy theories about gold and [it being an] inflation hedge, and [they’re all just] stories. And so you can listen to those stories, or you can focus on the only thing that's actually ever going to pay anyone, and that's the price of gold,” he said. [if $4 billion of paper gold are sold in a death market, this proofs that it is not about supply and demand of physical gold]

“The problem is that I don't know how long it's gonna take,” Parets said. “I don't think it's gonna happen tomorrow or next month — probably not even this year, maybe next year, maybe the year after that. [Timing is the hardest part of investing, especially if you reason like Parets does]

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Friday, August 13, 2021 - Dow hits another record...but only expressed in FIAT CURRENCY or Fools Gold!

Updated Sections: ,

"Only a remake of the 1929 Great Depression can bring humanity back to reality..."

This is how disrespectful Canadian leaders are...nothing new under the Sky.

The government is paying its bills with printed money. You'd think the Finance Minister might have the numbers…think again. They take the people for retards! Maybe they are right after all. This woman certainly looks and talks like a B...

Orwell 1984 and how well did this man see what Is happening NOW! Watch the video and see the similarities...frightening it is.

Clipping money is a crime and this video is an excellent tool to learn what INFLATION is. I advise Yellen, Powell, and Professors teaching Economics at Universities to also watch the video as it is obvious they don't know what inflation is. Just like a Belgian University professor in Economics, I met some years ago.

Temporary (hyper)inflation is something that by definition is IMPOSSIBLE. Inflation is a more than proportional creation of money and because of this very creation, and as a consequence, its' value falls, and the Price of Goods and Services soars.  Never in history have they created so much currency as during these last years. Those who deny that the Western World will not suffer the same fate as the Weimar, Zimbabwe (the inflation is still around 100%), Argentina, and Venezuela have a serious mental problem. Or are they just scared?! Charts of money supply in subscribers' section.

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Wednesday/Thursday, August 11-12, 2021 - This is von Mises' CRACK-UP-BOOM!

Updated Sections: Short Candles in all Gold sections,Rupee Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold ,
Euro and €-Gold, Candollar & Gold, British Pound & Gold, Swedish Krona & Gold

powel money machineWhat we are seeing now is what von Mises called the Crack-up-Boom. Von Mises defined a crack-up-boom as:

  • The crash of the credit and monetary system due to continual credit expansion leading to unsustainable and rapid price increases or inflation and hyperinflation.
  • The consequence would be a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.

So I dare anyone to bet against a perfect history record as regards currency collapses and the imminent demise of the dollar.

"Inflation is a more than proportional increase in Money Supply and Hyperinflation is a currency event."

Von Mises correctly defined inflation as an increase in the money supply. The world has seen explosive growth in credit and money supply since 1971 and now we are seeing hyperinflationary increases. A hyperinflation is a currency event. Just since 2000 most currencies have lost 80-85% of their value. And since 1971 they have all lost 96-99%. The race to the bottom and to hyperinflation is now on.

The Coming Paradigm Shift

6b321182 4daf 463d b2bc e96e6ce0d9ddAfter each recession/crisis, and especially as technology begins to eat into middle-class jobs, expect complete political upheaval every four years at a minimum. The politicians will make promises and they will simply not be able to deliver, and a new group will make different promises that don’t work, either.

The deepening political divide isn’t just left and right. It’s also both sides being frustrated with what they consider to be “elites.” If you’re reading this letter, most of the population would probably put you in that category. Yet you probably don’t feel elite. I sure don’t. I am one of the luckiest and most blessed men in the world, but I certainly don’t think, at least from my very humble beginnings, of myself as anything approaching elite. This disconnect is a big part of the problem.

In online gaming worlds, players “grind” through dungeons and zombies to gain points to move on. In my version of The Long Now, we are now entering the “grinding” phase. We just simply push forward, taking on whatever challenge comes next (whether zombies or central bank policy, which may be the same thing). Meanwhile, the debt will keep accumulating, slowing growth but buying yet more “grinding” time.

Lessons learned from the historic economic and financial crises.

  • Lesson #1: People suffering from sudden, unexpected hardship are likely to adopt views they previously thought unthinkable. If people lost it all, they lose it all!
  • Lesson #2: People persuasive enough to make something grow don’t have the kind of personalities that allow them to stop before pushing too far.
  • Lesson #3: Unsustainable things can last longer than you anticipate.
  • Lesson #4: Progress happens too slowly for people to notice; setbacks happen too fast for people to ignore.
  • Lesson #5: Wounds heal, scars last.

Continued from the previous update: The Big Depression and the actual Big Depression.

"This Big Depression will last for as long as the Big depression of the 1930s which lasted for 40-50 years."

no jobsPoliticians, Bankers, and Mainstream Media of the 1929-the 1940s' kept pretending that all was well and that recovery was just around the corner. In 1940 things got so bad that there was a World War.

During the 1930s' banks went bankrupt and took the money of their clients with them. Others simply blocked the deposits and/or allowed their clients to take out small amounts of money each week/month. (remember Cyprus). Later on, banks pretended that depositing funds into their accounts was again safe. People who believed it and deposited funds found out that some weeks later, these funds were again no longer available.

A zero interest rate minus a 10% inflation rate means a loss of 10% annually.

The same already happened in Cyprus and Spain and today's negative real interest rates are just doing what was done during the previous Great Depression: it is stealing away purchasing power from the deposit holders. A zero interest rate minus a 10% inflation rate means a loss of 10% annually.

1931 - Business is dead (less than 20% activity) and even department stores are empty. Just like the hospitality sector today is operating at 20% or less. Today this is happening over a couple of months while during the 1930s' it happened over several years. We all know that going into 2022, more businesses will collapse and more people will lose their job.

Businesses closing during the 1930s' never re-opened. Most closed during the first 3 years. Today, businesses continue to go out of business. Just like is happening this time (Big Depression fo 21st Century), Big businesses got credit and loans from the government and this allows them to survive while the smaller and medium-sized businesses run into bankruptcy.

Pension funds and life insurance companies go bankrupt. During the Big Depression, many insurance companies have gone broke. The odds are that today's pension funds and (re)insurance companies won't survive the low and negative interest rates.

The 1933 Gold confiscation was in fact illegal. But it happened anyhow.  March 1933 Banks were ordered to turn in all gold (incl. gold in the safe-deposit boxes ). March 1933, the US Government paid $20.67 per oz. for the seized gold. The government stole 50% of the people's money because after the confiscation gold was revaluated from $20.67 to $30 per oz. This was theft. Next, they devalued the Dollar by 50%.

"Buy stocks, real estate, and other assets at today's runaway prices."

This was what the 1929 PROPAGANDA looked like: buy stocks, real estate, and other assets at today's runaway prices. Those who did lose 80% of their money. Later on during the Big Depression, people started to stop believing what the newspaper published. By then, however, it was too late...the money, the savings were gone.

The government and media cannot be trusted. 1931: the newspapers (Mainstream Media & Politicians) continually tried to minimize the crisis and the crash. People ran into problems because the wages didn't hold trend with inflation. Prices went up by 100% because gov. printed money..but wages remained the same, or rose at a slower pace. 

During the Great Depression, Government printed money in order to try to kickstart the economy...but it didn't work...just like it doesn't work today.

1932: do not walk the streets after dark, as murders, home breakings, home invasions, were on the rise...

The 1940 new deal of Roosevelt was a SHAM and didn't bring anything. Only when the war was over and with the Marshall Plan did things started to improve.  In the end, the people realized it was not the government who saved them but the FREE MARKET and less government.

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Monday/Tuesday, August 9-10, 2021 -
Now "is" the Big 1929 like-Depression of the 21st century!

Updated Sections: Gold-$, Silver, Gold - most short candles (very revealing)

Biden pluimen

What is happening now is SICK, SICK, SICKER than Covid!

Landlord out $24,000 in rent due to eviction moratorium, says tenants buying boats. A North Carolina landlord says he is out $24,000 in unpaid rent from tenants while one renter bought 3 boats over the course of the eviction moratorium just as the CDC announced a new ban that will last until October 3. [click here for more]. Biden and his COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS are WRECKING the American economy and society and may end up being hanged for it.

What most people don't know and don't understand, is that the price of Real Estate is NOT the result of Demand and Supply. During the Great Depression (1929 - 1945) exactly the same happened like happens today. At first, the Real Estate prices spiked. As soon as the "purchasing power" disappeared because of the high inflation rate, the price of Real Estate crashed. More and more people were forced to live on the streets, although there were a lot of vacancies. Today, the number of homeless people in the USA keeps rising dramatically. (Los Angeles, San Francisco,...)

This Big Depression started either in 2008 or in 2019. Hard to tell which date will end in the history books. There are A LOT of similarities between what we are experiencing NOW (the Big Depression of the 21st Century) and the 1929 Big Depression (1929-1945). Each and every Big Depression ends with a WAR, CIVIL WAR, and/or REVOLUTION. If we assume the Big Depression of the 21st Century started in 2019, we should expect the Concluding War not later than 2030!

It is always exciting seeing the prices of Gold and Silver slowly increase and increase, only to be disappointed as they are dashed within an hour or so at a time of weakness in the markets. I am totally convinced that the markets for precious metals are completely controlled. Gold and silver should reflect the astronomical currency creation still ongoing in the dollar and other markets but sadly does not.

"During Bull runs, all corrections are SWIFT & Violent!"

At some point in time, market participants will tire of being manipulated out of their positions and profits. Perhaps a concerted effort by the Reddit crowd will make a difference the next time. At this point, I feel that it is much more important to count one’s wealth in ounces of Gold or Silver and value it in those terms, rather than in fake fiat currency. When the dam of pent-up demand and real pricing breaks and the end of manipulation is here, your buying power in ounces will be unleashed.

The average lifespan of fiat, the unbacked currency is about forty years. The dollar has lasted since 1971 in an unbacked state, which is a fifty-year lifespan. One of the longer-lived currencies. Gold and Silver should be reflecting the diminishing buying power of this and many other currencies. It is patently not keeping up with the rate of currency creation.

A quick check of my system still keeps Gold in a buy situation and Silver almost in a buy, but all indicators are not quite there yet, Silver has however bounced off the 300-period moving average.  [see charts in the subscribers' section below under Important Technicals]

Courtesy, Larry Simon, Fort Kobbe

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1929 crash and we already have a lot of similarities:


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Friday, August 6, 2021 -
How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL!

Updated Sections:,

Mass Psychosis or how an entire population becomes ill.  Maybe not easy for all to understand...but a MUST SEE. Even if you don't understand it all, some parts of the video are very familiar.

Politically self-interested psychopaths are masters at putting lipstick on a pig through word choice, of which “quantitative easing,” “stimulus,” and “recovery’, Acid Rain, Global Warming, are all classic examples.

titanic orchestraAs we may expect, the real driver behind their plans may be less green than painted. With all the inflationary forces colliding, the last thing our leaders want to confess is that oil prices, and oil supply, may be signaling an end to cheap oil. Remember we have peak oil (see subscriber section). Rather than confess the economic and political shock waves of a “Peak Oil” event, they of course prefer to use “climate change” to justify their suddenly important war against fossil fuels to mask more centralized government control of your thinking and your energy consumption.

“Climate change” offers far better political optics than “peak oil” headlines. What is being deliberately censored is that they no longer allow free markets to decide which energy sources provide the highest “Energy Return on Invested Energy”. When it comes to “bang for your buck” the best energy “rate of return” still comes from those fossil fuels, not windmills or nuclear reactors. If free-market forces were in actual play, participants would use the cheapest, most cost-efficient source for energy, again: Fossil fuels or Coal and Oil.

"The most cost-efficient source for energy, are Fossil fuels or Coal and Oil."

The reality is that over the past decade the oil production has not moved a lot and we do have Peak Oil. Replacing Oil with Energy generated by Uranium is another political and financial problem as they don't want any country on this planet to have access to nuclear and the cost of nuclear power stations has, over the past years, risen exponentially.

See the subscriber's section below for more (Important Fundamentals). Click here for the Peak Oil subscriber section.

Why do housing prices go up and WHY will the housing bubble burst?

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Important Fundamentals:

  • US Real Estate: Evictions postponed until Fig 1. & Fig 2: about Oil and energy.
We have peak oil. Crude Oil buys you the most energy for your money.
The cost of shipping is soaring! This "IS" Hyperinflation.

Important Technicals:

  • See charts below.

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Wednesday/Thursday, August 4-5, 2021 - a Debt Crisis Disguised as a Health Black Swan!

Updated Sections: Bonds general & USA, Treasuries in the EU, Corporate Bonds,

Today, they are coming after your body, tomorrow it will be your money. As a matter of fact, they already are after your money, but few realize it and take their precautions.


Fauci declaring that those who are vaccinated, are not protected!  In the meantime, the SEVEN BROTHERS are increasing the price of the vaccine. Bio Tech-Pharma


If you think these vaccinations are OK, you may as well stop saving and spend all your money!? This is a perfect analysis of what is happening today: PURE TYRANNY! As anyone who can read history knows, whenever a debt crisis is obvious, what follows is equally obvious: an economic crisis, then a political crisis, and from there a social crisis. Debt always climaxes with more centralized control in its wake. Today, we have global debt rising exponentially...as well as global central banks printing more fiat currencies parabolically.

A government will NOT voluntarily let itself go out of business…it will use all its powers available… to fund itself.  New rules all point to more inflation ahead, which is the ultimate gut-punch to an over-controlled and dying middle-class.

For nations drowning in debt, deliberate inflation is one way to print away that burden.


Central Banks, Banks, Goldbanks, and Authorities (BIS, IMF,...) are fighting for their life.  The day the PEOPLE discover the LIE, it will be game over. That day they will not only lose their job but probably also their HEAD.  The (paper) instruments they have to control REAL MONEY (gold) - so they can keep Fiat Money alive - are disappearing.  Because of BASEL III and other regulations, the potential to use PAPER CURRENCY instruments to rig the price of Gold and Silver is disappearing. Therefore, just like in 1967, we probably shall see some OVERNIGHT HAPPENING that will end in a Bank Holiday and a reprising of Gold & Silver. After the Gold Pool collapsed in 1967, the price of Gold DOUBLED and initiated a bull run all the way to a gold price of $850 per oz. The gold price rose by a factor x 27.

Video's only for Subscribers.

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Monday/Tuesday, August 2-3, 2021: Unseen in history. Geopolitica shift behind the Corona...

Updated Sections: COVID-19 a complot? Vaccinations SAFE?, Bonds general & USA,
Treasuries in the EU, Corporate Bonds,

If I were Satan and my mission was to do violence to Creation and to enslave or destroy mankind, I doubt I could come up with a more evil and effective tool to accomplish my objectives than socialism. It's got all the major vices piled up in one stinking heap: rage, envy, theft, lies, power, hate, fraud, deception, stupidity, and killing. Lawrence Reed

In 1971 the Authorities pretended that the Oil Reserves were almost exhausted and in many countries, it was FORBIDDEN to drive an automobile during the weekends. Later on, people discovered that it all was a SETUP by the 7 SISTERS (the 7 big oil companies). Today, there is still plenty of Crude Oil available.  The only major difference is that it costs a lot more to top up your car and that we have 'speed limits' all over the world. 

"Einstein was right when he concluded that the IDIOCY of The People has no limits."

In 2020 the Authorities pretended that Millions of People would die because of the COVID-19 virus. Today, the reality that the virus kills fewer people than the yearly FLU does, becomes visible. Some people slowly start to understand that the COVID story is ONCE MORE MISUSED by BRIBED Politicians to consolidate the agenda of the 7 BROTHERS (7 big pharma companies) and to get more control over the people. One example: The share of MODERNA went up by a factor x 17 since the beginning of the Pandemonium. see Bio Tech-Pharma

7 Pharma Bros

We the people have enough of these COMMUNIST restrictions! Declaring Florida’s COVID-19 emergency over, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday signed an executive order invalidating all remaining local emergency COVID orders and signed a bill into law that bars businesses, schools, and government entities across Florida from asking anyone to provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination. Under the new law, businesses, schools, and governments may not require proof of vaccinations, and if they do, they can be fined up to $5,000 per incident.

As one who can read history knows, whenever a debt crisis is obvious, what follows is equally obvious: an economic crisis, then a political crisis, and from there a social crisis (civil war, war, revolution,...). COVID is the convenient excuse and essentially murdered economic orthodoxy completely: we have global debt rising exponentially……as well as global central banks printing more fiat currencies parabolically.

Is it “Climate Change”— Wise Altruism or just more centralized control? One million years ago, Germany was ONE BIG DESERT and Electric Cars changing the climate are just another Hoax.  Global Warming is nothing but a 'cheap narrative' for Retarded and Idiots and it is gratefully used by Governments to tax their subject slaves even more.


Just like we forecasted months ago: suddenly, higher prices are everywhere: in food, fuel, housing -- you name it. In fact, the official annual Consumer Price Inflation rate (CPI) just spiked to 5.4%, a high not seen since 2008. These higher prices are the predictable result of the many trillions of new dollars & euros in monetary and fiscal stimulus that world central banks & governments have been issuing in response to last year’s COVID outbreak.

What the narrative still fails to understand, is that money creation brings recession instead of progress. We now seem to be at an awkward point where this ongoing stimulus is no longer boosting economic growth much. The marginal productivity of each additional created unit of currency is now NEGATIVE. But the creation of fiat money is still driving prices higher -- rising the cost of living and exacerbating the wealth gap between the very rich and everyone else.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Central Banks are buying whatever they can to keep markets from crashing and to flood the Western World with Worthless Fiat Money! The evidence of centralized state control over natural market forces in the stock and bond markets is becoming increasingly incontrovertible.Adjusting it by the gold price today tells us that measured in sound money the Dow peaked in April 2019. And following the initial rally after the crash in March 2020, a rise in the gold price has not been sufficient to suppress the Dow on a gold adjusted basis. See section: Index In Real Money/Gold

Important Technicals:

  • Gold Surges $30 And Silver Up $1 But The Best Is Yet To Come For Gold & Silver - see our charts!
  • Gold Poised To Pop Above
  • HUI Gold Mining Index headed
  • Silver ShakeOut Was Pure BS. The recent Low on Silver was a classic “Fake out!”.
 Bullish it is.   Bullish it is.
Bearish it is. Bearish it is.  
Bullish it is.  Bullish it is. 
Bullish it is.  Bullish it is. 

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