Closing the Gold door !?

To a full control of your savings (by Government)

Closing the gold door.

piggoldfliesStoring some PHYSICAL gold outside your country of residence is critical at this point, and the window of time for doing so is getting smaller.

What your friendly government economist doesn't reveal and the mainstream journalist doesn't report and doesn't understand, is that in the event of a US bankruptcy, Euro implosion, or financial catastrophe, access to your) gold would almost certainly be limited.

Fact is that Germany's central bank is repatriating its gold reinforces the growing recognition that gold is money but also that a currency crisis is really possible.

If the mistrust between central bankers grows, the next logical step would be to clamp down on gold exports. It would be the beginning of the kind of stringent capital controls I have warned about for years. Those who don't take this as a serious warning, live in LALA-land and are taking huge risks. It really not far-fetched to think politicians wouldn't restrict the movement of gold if their currencies and/or economies were failing.

You cannot trust government...NEVER EVER. As a matter of fact, TODAY the South-African reserve bank has full control about the export of South-African Gold (and diamonds) and India keeps tinkering with ideas like this already.  Gold exports in South-Africa can only be done by the Reserve bank who also controls the export of currencies out of South-Africa.

Important however is that the EXPORT of Gold will be regulated and that anybody, irrespective of citizenship and/or residence will be subject to the legislation. If you haven't noticed, they are CRIMINILIZING the fact that people are holding gold. [remember that you are living under a RED, SOCIALIST, COMMUNIST regime which needs the capital to persue itself so it can be consumed and more votes can be bought]

What this means for you and me is that moving gold outside your country will at some time in the future be banned. Fuel would be added to the fire by blaming gold for the instrument for criminal activity, fiscal evasion and terrorism.

Don't think you need to store gold outside your country? The metal you attempt to buy, sell, or trade within your borders could be severely regulated, taxed, tracked, or even frozen in such a crisis environment. You'd have easier access to foreign-held bullion, depending on the country.

You could quite literally have 24 hours to make a move. The hint that all this is about to take place would be when politicians publicly declare they would do no such a thing.  If your resources were not already in place, even the most nimble of us would have a very hard time making arrangements.

Once the door is closed, attempting to move restricted assets across international borders would come with serious penalties, almost certainly including jail time.

Once the door is closed, attempting to move restricted assets across international borders would come with serious penalties, almost certainly including jail time. In Germany during the 1920'2-30's is was illegal to export Gold and any other valuables. If you were catched with 'a script for a book  you could be arrested, send to jail and even executed. Even during those years the legislation was put into place by democratically elected authorities...

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