GOLD and SILVER in a BUBBLE: True of False ?

10 and more reasons to invest in gold NOW

bullbearduelThe low number of Bullish advisers versus Bearish advisers and the fact that some analysts even see the end of the Bull market for Gold and Silver is one of the indicators for the Gold price evolution over the next couple of months.

The overt suppression of the Gold and Silver price has, for the informed investor a very limited shelf life. We know better: Precious metals offer one way out. However, the Government and the Fed with the help of the mainline media do all in their power to distort and discredit such investments for it is the barometer by excellence for their mismanagement.

The alternate to the deflationary depression (which is will be WORSE than what was seen in the 1930’s and is sold each time the price of Gold is correcting), is unlimited creation of paper and electronic money throughout the Western World. The recognition of this by all will propel both gold and silver to new and unseen highs over the next couple of years.

What we have seen so far is only the hors d’oeuvres before the arrival of the main meal. The banking system leverage and the derivatives will ramp things up beyond imagination. Worst case scenario Gold and Silver could keep meddling for a couple of more weeks but trying to make some extra bucks by getting out NOW and trying to get back at a lower level can be extremely difficult, treacherous and not worth the effort.

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