Safely buy & store Gold

How do you safely BUY and STORE your Gold and Silver?

Although we don't fancy collective mints, we do offer a wide variety at wholesale prices to our subscribers.

Easier than buying Gold & Silver at home!  1. Transfer the funds - 2. Buy your Gold and/or Silver - 3. Have it automatically shipped to a vault in your name (out of political reach) where it is 100% insured (in case of loss, the Lloyds of London insurance covers the risk with PHYSICAL METAL and NOT with cash as is normally the case).

We offer 146 mint products both gold and silver. Some are legal tender, some are collectibles and some are for investment only. The prices range from approximately $19 to $ 2,900. All products are NEW and of PERFECT quality.

Some coins are legal tender while others are not. The premiums of Collectives however range from 100% to 1000% over spot. Large purchases ship free. Collective mints should NOT be bought as an investment. Be advised PREMIUMS on the price of Silver and/or Gold disappear once the price soars and that during a buy climax collective mints often sell at a discount. Of course, we also offer the traditional Gold and Silver Eagles, Maples, etc...

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regular gold & silver coins - low premiums

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  • There are NO Sales Tax, VAT on Silver & Gold bought abroad.
  • Buy gold and silver...don't try to get the lowest price...doesn't make sense at all...more important is to buy in the correct country and store it in the right vault.

Many wonder how to invest in physical gold and where to store it in a safe way. First of all, we strongly advise you to physically take delivery of your Gold / Silver. The best is to do this out of political reach and to keep or store it in a Vault OUTSIDE the Bankster system.

THE BEST OPTION IS TO KEEP GOLD IN A LLOYD'S INSURED NON-BANK-VAULT THAT IS ACCESSIBLE 24 HOURS a day AND 365 DAYS PER YEAR AND IS located out of political reach in a tax-free zone. You only keep a small number of your metals at home.

Unfortunately, worldwide, only a few of these safes are available: Canada *, Panama, USA, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland,... Sometimes, 24-hour access is impossible, but the other benefits of the Vault remain valid. The best vaults are located in TAX-FREE zones (eg in Panama) and insured against theft and political risk by Lloyd's London. Transport to and from these vaults is no problem at all and we support our relations with this at all times. It is cheaper and faster than you think.

* We strongly advise against Canada. The legislation has been amended to make it very difficult and often impossible for private individuals to export Gold and Silver (Jan 2019).

Those who operate via Goldonomic, send their Euro's to a European account. Subsequently, Gold and/or Silver is purchased from a Metal Trader who maintains competitive prices. All is free of sales tax. Next, the metals are shipped to a Vault (Safe) where it is either stored in a UL3-Vault or in the buyer's individual box. Shipping and storage are 100% insured by Lloyd's - London. When storing in an individual box, the shipment is checked and storage is made in the presence of a witness and the keys are sent to the owner. The invoice is either stored together with the goods or send to the buyer.

Goods in the UL-3 Vault are fully insured by Lloyd's London. The UL-3 vault is advised for those who wish to purchase and store important quantities of silver.

Last but not least: Our concierge service also makes it possible to sell metals at any time, after which the funds are deposited into the seller's account. Access to the individual box is made possible by a notarized power and made in the presence of a witness.

bail inThe danger of having gold stored with a Financial Institution is twofold: Bank and Government. The Government can seize any gold/silver by means of legislation overnight. The Bank can run into problems, a bank holiday is possible, and the access can be restricted by some compliance problem....of by a financial crisis. The Government can -at any time- demand that you communicate the content of your safe-deposit box (in order to tax it now or at a later time). Also, the Government can control and TAX the result of any sale at all times. If you bought Gold and/or Silver with 'black money' (no invoice), you will no longer be able to escape the tax authorities. At that time you will have to pay a 'capital gain tax' AND a fine.

We experienced ourselves that it can be very dangerous to store Gold & Silver in Europe in what is called CUSTOM WAREHOUSES. Those storing Gold and/or Silver this way in custom free zones, do not have to pay import duties nor VAT...however, they forget that they are asking to "the Government" to keep an eye on their gold. Anything happens and your metals are seized. Moreover, if you wish to ship the metals out of political reach, you still must go through the CUSTOMS FORMALITIES.

This is a very dangerous situation because it gives you a false sense of security. In addition, it remains possible at some time to have your PHYSICAL GOLD & SILVER forcefully exchanged for worthless fiat paper money. Such may happen after deducting what Government will find a suitable tax at that time. [In Switzerland, 7% tax is levied if you physically take delivery of your gold.]

Ideally, you must keep a small quantity of Gold/Silver coins at home, but advised is to store the bulk of your gold on another continent in the name of a safe Legal entity. Europeans prefer to do this in North & Central America (just like during and before WW II).

Gold can easily be insured when professionally shipped to and stored in another location. [for coaching clients we assist with shipping - IN A 100% LEGAL WAY]

However, at the outbreak of a hyperinflationary depression, we will see great political instability. As has been proven time and again in the past, governments often do not shy away from nationalizing companies and seizing large amounts of capital goods "in the name of the poor", or under other pretexts.  Goldmoney, for example, has its gold and silver stored in London, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. EuroPacific keeps it in Australia.

I find it very difficult to estimate how the governments in these countries will respond to the outbreak of hyperinflation. Will they succumb to the temptation and seize the large welfare concentrations that are being monitored by Viamat and other custody companies?  We must not forget that the outbreak of war is not unthinkable and that during times of WAR, it is easier for the Government to take drastic measures...like seizing its citizen's Gold.

It is advised to hold a part of your assets outside the European Union if you are European and outside of the USA/Canada if you are an American or Canadian resident. Since 2012 we experience an increase in all kinds of taxes, which makes it impossible to preserve your purchasing power. You must then see HOW you keep your assets because the day has arrived where all financial information is already being exchanged between 81 countries. They call it FATCA and CRS. Fortunately, today it is still possible to keep your assets in a way that is not visible to the Authorities. One just has to know HOW.

We strongly advise against buying REAL ESTATE in certain countries out of certain jurisdictions. Especially so with a mortgage. Anything happens to your home currency, and you lose your property.  Venezuelans who bought a property in Panama are a modern example. Because of capital controls and currency weakness (the Bolivar has become worthless), Venezuelans are no longer able to cover the property taxes and HOA fees...and run into foreclosure.

As a matter of fact, GOLD and/or SILVER are probably the only two assets one MUST safely keep out of political reach. Especially so if you have a plan B. 


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