July 2022

Be prepared: Inflation just hit a 5-year high and the worse is yet to come!

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Wednesday/Friday, July 27 - 29, 2022: If cheap money leads to misallocation of funds, free money leads to disasters!

Updated Sections: Recession Proof Shs (LOCG), 

"If cheap money leads to misallocation of funds (Ludwig von Mises), free money (QE - helicopter money) leads to disasters!"

Impossible Tulips and Other Manias and why we have the cryptos.

tulip vs. bitcoinIf you think this will not happen again, you're a retard. Like John Law was even to dream that one would be able to change 6,000 years and more of history by banning the sale and trade of gold. John Law's action worsened it as more people started hoarding even more gold and paper money became worthless even faster.

Outbreaks of financial recklessness always appear at times when money is easy and interest rates low.  When interest rates fall to a low/negative level, investors react to the loss of income by taking more significant risks.

Someone ‘can stand a great deal, but he cannot stand 2% . . .’ People won’t take 2 %; they won’t bear a loss of income.  Instead of that dreadful event, they invest their careful savings in something impossible – a canal to Kamchatka, a railway to Watchet, a plan for animating the Dead Sea, a plan to reduce the CO2 level, a plan to get rid of fossil energy and convert the automobile park into Electric Vehicles.

A century or two ago, the Dutch invented the most imaginative occupation. They speculated on tulips.  Long periods of easy money engender ‘a wild spirit of speculation. Financial euphoria occurs after each period of falling interest rates. (interest rates have been falling since 1981) People are habituated to an inevitable return on their investments; when the accustomed income is not available, investors are inclined to take more risk: ‘The fact is, that the owners of savings not finding, in adequate quantities, their usual kind of investments, rush into anything that promises speciously.’

Experience teaches us to expect that money will be misspent whenever money becomes very cheap (Von Mises – Misallocation of funds). The particular form of mania differs in different years; but when the joint investments of money yield but a low profit, recourse will be had to new and untried ones, some of which will be unprofitable, and a few of which will be absurd (Cryptos, buy Gold on Credit, wind power, solar energy,...). Everybody is seen speculating.

There was a connection between John Law’s Mississippi Bubble and the 2 % interest rate that he introduced into France in 1719. ‘Money was plenty in the Dutch Republic in the mid-1630s when they started speculating on ‘tulips.’  Dutch interest rates fell from around 8 % at the beginning of the century to around half that level by the mid-century. This was the age when ‘modern “easy money” was discovered.

Britain’s South Sea Bubble of 1720 was a shoddy imitation of the Mississippi Scheme.  Like John Law, the company’s directors sought to lower the cost of government debt, then primarily consisting of expensive annuities, by converting the debt into shares. As with Law’s ill-fated project, the bubble occurred at a time of easy money. The country’s long-term government debt yield fell from 8 % in 1710 to around 4 % in the early 1720s. As in France, the decline in interest rates encouraged government creditors to exchange their annuities for South Sea shares, whose price soared nearly tenfold during the first half of 1720. However, by the end of that year, the share price had collapsed, and nearly all the bubble companies were swept away.

In February 1797, a small French force landed near Fishgard in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and immediately surrendered to British troops.  The main consequence of this invasion of British soil was to trigger a financial panic, followed by an Order in Council permitting the Bank of England to suspend gold payments.  Another bout of easy money accompanied the country’s first experience of a pure paper currency. Throughout the Napoleonic wars, the Bank’s lending rate remained at 5 % – the maximum level permitted by law. The banker Henry Thornton considered the interest rate in the early 1800s to be ‘unnaturally low.’ The actual (post-inflation) yield on Consols turned negative for the first time.

Between 1800 and 1807, the amount of commercial paper discounted by the Bank of England more than doubled.  The commercial world erupted in ‘an almost universal excitement. Hundreds of banks were established, and dozens of stock-jobbing speculations came to the market – including ‘seven breweries; five wine companies; four distilleries; several insurance companies . . . and miscellaneous trading companies’. Commodities were caught up in the whirlwind. Shares in the Bank of England and the East India Company, together with Consols, experienced a ‘sharp speculative advance.’ Shut out of the European market by Napoleon’s Continental Blockade, English merchants turned with an eager eye toward the South American trade. According to a contemporary account,

The exportations consequent on the first opening of the trade to Buenos Ayres, Brazil, and Caracas were most extraordinary. Speculation was then carried beyond the boundaries within which even gambling is usually confined and was pushed to an extent and into channels that could hardly have been deemed practicable. We are informed by Mr. Mawe, an intelligent traveler, resident at Rio Janeiro, at the period in question, that more Manchester goods were sent out in the course of a few weeks than had been consumed in the twenty years preceding . . . Elegant services of cut-glass and china were offered to persons whose most splendid drinking-vessels consisted of a horn, or the shell of a cocoanut . . . and some speculators actually went so far as to send out [ice] skates to Rio Janeiro.

The story that ice skates had been shipped south of the Equator entered City legend.  When Bagehot alluded to this episode nearly half a century later, his readers would have understood the reference. The speculative frenzy subsided in the summer of 1810, after which around a third of the country's banks failed.  Lord Liverpool later reflected on these events in a speech to the House of Lords: ‘Inconvertible paper money tends to create fictitious wealth, bubbles, which by their bursting, produce inconvenience.’

"Inconvertible paper money tends to create fictitious wealth, bubbles, which by their bursting, produce inconvenience".

The British railway mania of the 1840s took place while the young Bagehot was reading mathematics at University College London.  The potential of rail travel transfixed the whole nation, and an index of British railway shares more than doubled between 1840 and 1845. Among the speculators was the journalist Charles Mackay, an acquaintance of Charles Dickens and author of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds [see our literature list]– the first popular account of early speculative manias, published in 1841. The book’s warnings about the dangers of speculation were lost not only on the British public but also on Mackay himself.

Promoters planned the construction of around 4,500 miles of rail track, a greater mileage than Britain’s existing network of toll roads. By October 1845, around 1,200 railways were being promoted at a projected cost of £560 million, exceeding the country’s national income.  Railways were built, or at least proposed, to faraway places that could never repay the cost of investment. 

The railway mania coincided with yet another period of easy money. Discount rates on bills of exchange had fallen below 3 % by mid-1842 and touched 2 % in the following year. The Bank of England had started to lend at longer maturities and against a broader range of collateral and even dabbled in railway debentures, thereby providing ‘a high sanction and an adequate stimulus to the stock market boom.

More Risk, Please

Low-interest rates drive investors into riskier assets than most are prepared to handle.  But what is “low?” Bagehot drew the line at 2%, but that was in the context of a specific time and place. Inflation is a crucial variable. Nowadays, a 2% real return isn’t so bad. A patient investor who starts young and saves diligently can build a nice nest egg at that rate. But even that has been unattainable for a long time unless one is willing to take substantial risks.

If taking more risk is the only way to make a real return on your money, then most investors will take more risk. We see it today in stocks, junk bonds, real estate, private equity, venture capital, and commodities. We have invented entire new asset classes like crypto and derivatives for the sole purpose of helping people take more risks in search of higher returns.

None of this is new. It’s happened many times before, going back centuries, and never ended well. This time is unlikely to be different. We will see in future letters how Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, and now Powell all distorted the markets and created bubbles, as did the ECB and other major central banks. Zero-interest-rate policies inspired wild speculative bubbles as investors “reached for yield.”

In Venezuela, food prices are expressed in grams of gold. In 5 years, the price of 1 loaf of bread went from 1 mark to 200 million marks (Weimar). In Venezuela, kids pan gold for food and school.
gold for meals price of bread weimar gold for food kids zim
So much for those who pretend you cannot eat Gold...maybe not, but you can always use it to buy food. Even today.

Important Fundamentals:

  • If you want to get all the benefits of holding gold, you should own physical gold. Because if you can’t hold it, then you don’t own it. The day the HERD realizes that we have entered a cycle of high inflation, Gold and Silver (physical) will fly...and probably disappear out of the system: the BAD money chases the GOOD money out of the system because nobody wants to spend it.
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This article is so good that it is for premium members only.  
  weimar silver
 Yes, the currency price of Gold sometimes drops enormously...this is the case each time they take zero's away...When this happens, only the holders of FIAT-BUBBLE-ASSETS are the losers...Gold holders keep whatever they have because Gold is MONEY. This article is so good that it is for premium members only.

Important Technicals:

  • Stock Market Indexes are preparing
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Monday/Tuesday, July 25 - 26, 2022: It is impossible to control inflation by raising interest rates!

Updated Sections: US Dollar, Royalty Co's, Gold & Silver Majors, How to read candlesticks
Miners & Gold vs SPX, Gold & Silver Juniors,

zimbabwe gold coin 2022A GANG of IDIOTS & CRIMINALS controls the Western World! The RETARDS have no clue of what inflation is and don't understand that interest rates are the "price of money." Inflation is the function of the "amount of money."  As soon as additional Fiat Money is created, inflation is created. In fact, it is so damn straightforward to understand that most people can't. Especially if your name is Lagarde, De Croo, Rutte, Biden, Powell, Yellen,...The problem is that THE HERD keeps believing and following these BLIND (or EVIL?) leaders.  The people will continue to believe the lies until they are hungry...

Since the hyperinflation started in the 1990s because the Zimbabwe Authorities - Politicians created too many Zim-Dollars, the local ASSHOLES tried about everything possible to stop the Hyperinflation.  They even raised interest rates to +200%.  It took the Local Monkeys (Politicians) more than 30 years before they realized that there was only ONE METHOD to stop the DRAMA of Hyperinflation, which is to reintroduce GOLD into the monetary system. The poor Zimbabweans realized this immediately as they daily had to pan Gold so they could feed themselves and their loved ones.

 How big a fool can you be!? For some dark reason, THE WESTERN HERD still believes in "The Santa of Worthless Fiat Money." Even worse, they keep believing that this ONE MILLION DOLLAR/EURO in their bank account actually EXISTS and that they can reclaim it anytime.  The Western Herd is so ARROGANT that it keeps believing that Hyperinflation only happens in OTHER countries and can and will NEVER happen in Europe and the U.S.A. How stupid can you be? 

The following charts show the hyperinflation rates in 3 countries and the respective inflation rate.

Argentina 2022 07 22 Venezuela 2022 07 22 Zimbabwe 2022 07 22
Interest rates of 50% fail in bringing 50% hyperinflation down in Argentina.
The interest rate of 60% fails to bring the official 167% hyperinflation rate down in Venezuela.
The interest rate of 200% fails to bring down the official 191% hyperinflation rate in Zimbabwe.
Powell and Lagarde must be RETARDS even to dream that by hiking the interest rate by 0.50%, 0.75%, or 2%, they will be able to bring the inflation rate down. Hard to remain polite when you see that the leaders sin against essential Economic BASICS.

"How do countries wanting to trade in the US or utilize the dollar cope with the devaluation and stay competitive? They print their currency at the same or similar rate as the dollar. When looking at competitive foreign exchange rates, the rates appear to be relatively stable, so the scam is hidden. "

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Important Fundamentals:

  • Gold is not The EGG;
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out of stock 2022 07 20 AGE july 22
No comment: out of stock! American Gold Eagle 2021-type 2 out of stock - 2022 Eagles not available.
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 Lagarde raised interest rates by 0.50% to try to stop the Hyperinflation?! That woman is an IDIOT...or a CRIMINAL.  This is HYPERINFLATION...and Covid & Ukraine are only a COVER UP for what the Authorities did in the past.

Important Technicals:

  • We have the End of the parabolic moonshot of the
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Thursday/Friday, July 21 - 22, 2022: Cuba is a foretaste of what happens when Politicians run the show. Soon also in your country!

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes, Crude Oil, 

Question:  What's going wrong in the West, the EU, and the USA?  Answer:  precisely the same that happened/happens in Cuba, Venezuela, and Argentina,...but THE HERD doesn't think so and doesn't mind (and doesn't realize) that these SLIMY, STINKY POLITICIANS are pushing our society into the Abyss. The Western Governments brought economic disaster by creating exponential amounts of currency, sub-zero interest rates, enforcing the idiot Green Energy policies (CO2, Nitrogen, Acid Rain,...), lockdowns, sanctions, taking control of the economy, and kicking out the real entrepreneurs and middle-class. For allowing this, The Herd is now about to be punished.

Lehman Brothers, here we come again. Real Estate a Safe Investment? This absolutely not what the Chinese are experiencing. Even worse is that once more, we see the dramatic impact of the Real Estate crisis on the Banking system. This is a UNIVERSAL problem and will soon affect the West. Note that in China, because of the Real Estate problem, deposit holders could no longer withdraw money from their accounts. Evergrande and the 4 TRILLION dollar debt bomb will do much more damage than Lehman did. As usual, people will not prepare in time because they keep believing the Mainstream Media Propaganda and the governments (politicians).

When Money dies (Germany 1922):

“Inflation could produce the conditions where extremists of right and left could raise the mob against the state, set class against class, race against race, family against family, husband against wife, trade against trade, town against the country.  It undermined national resolution simply when want or need might have bolstered it.  It causes fear and insecurity with those who have already known too much of both. . . . It prompted contempt for government and subversion of law.’  That was Germany in 1922.  How is that not the U.S. in 2022?  Amazing!! . . . We are preparing for the end of the debt-based system, and gold and silver are your lifeboats in the storm.”

 "Buy Gold with CREDIT/DEBT is about the most stupid somebody can do!"

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We already are in a RECESSION,

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This "IS" the great hyperinflationary depression of the 21st century. 

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Houston, we have a problem.

Beware of today's counterintuitive market action.

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Important Fundamentals:

  • Flows and long-run Fed expectations anticipate the dollar is

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The direct result of Tino capping the price of food in Panama!

Q. How STUPID can one be?

A. As stupid as a Politician.

Riba Smith Multiplaza
  Riba Smith, Multiplaza, Panama

Important Technicals:

  •  +$100 oil is back as the Dollar starts to weaken.
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Monday/Wednesday, July 18-20, 2022: The next revolution will start because ENERGY is too expensive!.

Updated Sections: "Gold to central banks is like the sun to vampires."

louis xviThe 1917 Russian Revolution started because the Russians were starving while the Tsars were dancing on the graves of their citizens.  The Belgian Revolution started because the price of a loaf of bread was too expensive, but the King still raised the tax on it. The French Revolution started because the price of soap was too high. The American Revolution started because the Americans were fed up with the high taxes the Britons levied on Tea (Boston Tea party). The Big Revolution of the 21st Century will start because the price of energy, fuel, gasoline, and natural gas...becomes too expensive.   When bread became too expensive, Marie-Antoinette told the people to eat Cake. Today as Gasoline becomes too expensive, the Politicians tell you to sell your car and buy an Electric Vehicle instead.   

The new Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette are Biden and his wife, Ursula von der Heijden and her husband, Rutte and his little buddy, De Croo and his wife, Marcon and his Mama, the premier of Luxemburg and his friend, Biden of the US and A... These douchebags are, together with their friends at the BIS (Bank International Settlements), ECB, and FED,...the VERY reason we have all the shit we have.

The new Louis XVI are a gang of psycho-sickos at work. They were the ones that created FIAT MONEY by abolishing the Gold Standard and keep creating exponential amounts of (digital) fiat money like there is no tomorrow. They are the ones who are pushing this IDIOT, UNECONOMIC, GREEN ENERGY thing. They are the ones that created all this BANK Compliance shit. They are destroying the Agricultural sector with their sick, nonsense CO2 and Nitrogen ideas.  They are the ones who are suffocating the TRANSPORTATION sector by instating these meaningless COVID lockdowns.

"Last week, the EU-Douchebags, who already don't pay ONE CENT of taxes, decided they needed a salary raise of 8.9%. This is 1% more than the official inflation figure."

no money for bread italy 2022 07 15Are these the kind of situations we will soon see more often in Europe? In an Italian city, angry citizens stormed city hall because they had no money left to pay for groceries. The mayor declined to receive the angry mob.  Mayor Pierluigi Peracchini decided to ignore the problems facing his voters. He is said to have even denied citizens access to City Hall for a discussion. Instead, according to video footage, police officers from the local municipality prevented the angry people from further entering the building.

Many blame Italy's prime minister, ex-ECB boss Mario Draghi (74).  In Rome this week, workers, taxi drivers, farmers, fishermen, street vendors, and truck drivers have been chasing politicians, and mobs of angry people have besieged parliament for the second day in a row.

In the Netherlands, the farmers have also shown their discontent and parked their tractors outside politicians.  Bizar that the Mainstream Media are showing nothing about these happenings.

tinoLaurentino Cortizo, the Louis XVI (president) of Panama, always wears TWO masks in Public to be sure all "thinking people" notice he is a "Super IDIOT." In the future, such won't be necessary as he now proved his IDIOCY in another way: PRICE CONTROLS. You really have to be a retard Socialist or Communist to dream this works. (Cuba also kept trying it for so many years that today not one chicken is left in the whole country)

"As even Mr. Nobody cannot sell anything at a loss, price controls are the quickest way to get EMPTY SHELVES."

As even Mr. Nobody cannot sell anything at a loss, price controls are the quickest way to get EMPTY SHELVES.  Panamanians should prepare for empty shelves and also empty Gas stations. Congratulations, Tino, for a job well done! In only two years, you destroyed all the good work of former President Martinelli.

The price of the following products and food stocks has been capped by law (1 Balboa = $1):

Beef babilla - B/.6,60 per kilogram.
Vegetable oil - 1,42 to 1,50/liter at B/.3,74.
Sardine in tomatosauce - 155 gram à 0,51 B/.
Lentils 1 kilo - B/. 1.79
Macaroni 454 gram - B/.0.63
Frankfurter sausage - B/.4,72 per kilogram
Tuna in water - B/. 1.31 for 142 gram
Mortadella with pepper - B/. 7.15 per kg
Cod van B/.0.69 per 454 gram
Bread B/. 3.08 per kg
Gasoline 1 gallon B/3.98

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is out with a new inflation number, and it’s hit another fresh 40-year record high at 9.1%.  Shadowstats economist John Williams calls bull crap on the rigged “official” inflation number, and he says inflation in the real world is more like 17.3%.  This is terrible news for the Biden/Obama White House.  This new inflation spike may force the Fed to raise rates in their upcoming July meeting.  If that happens, that will further tank the economy right into the mid-term election in November. If not, they will have to create even more Fiat Money, and we shall see even more (hyper)inflation.

"More inflation means that the value of your deposits with the banking system will become worthless even faster. 
Something most people are still not able to mentally assimilate."

Important Fundamentals:

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Important Technicals:

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Friday, July 15, 2022: The Dollar is a dangerous "trap"!.

Updated Sections: British Pound & Gold, Swedish Krona & Gold, Aussie & Gold,
Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold,

deer in the headlightsStop staring like a Deer in the Dollar headlights.  The Dollar is a HUGE TRAP. It is a WORTHLESS fiat currency, not even worth the ink on the paper because it has also become digital. Nobody, not even Americans, can survive by PRINTING currency out of thin air. John Law could not, England could not and cannot, Weimar-Germany could not, Venezuela could not, Argentina could not, Japan could not,...

"On average, a currency survives 50 to 70 years. Real money has survived for centuries and will forever!"deer

The Fundamentals of the Dollar are as bad, if not worse, than the fundamentals of the Roman Empire under Nero. The Debt is a staggering $30 Trillion. The Balance of Trade shows a terrible deficit, and so does the balance of payments. The strength we are seeing now is probably a Ukraine and Inflation dead cat bounce and will be short-lived.  Hell will break loose once the narrative changes and the World realize the Dollar is worth nothing and the trend is down. This time, you will not even be able to use the digital Dollar to keep your house warm during the winter.

Most RIGGING is done with the help of Derivatives, SWAPS, and agreements between Central Banks.  However, the rigging makes the global situation even worse than better, as a higher Dollar makes the already critical problems worse in most countries.  This will speed up the economic depression and political destabilization, as is the case in Sri Lanka. Soon the President of Sri Lanka will not be the only one who has to run for his life.

Note: Yesterday, an energy state of emergency was declared in Hungary. Click here

Conclusion:  the fact that a currency temporarily is more robust than another worthless currency is unimportant. The relationship between a currency and  REAL MONEY or PHYSICAL GOLD & SILVER counts. Everything else is a Fata Morgana. Even John Law's plan to forbid the trade and payment by Gold & Silver failed. Therefore, as both the Euro (the Pest) and the Dollar (cholera) are worthless fiat currencies, whether the Dollar is temporarily more robust than the Euro has absolutely no importance.

Silver coins are selling at SPOT + up to $16 per oz. - Gold coins are selling at SPOT + up to $200 per oz.

American Silver Eagles (ASE) are the most expensive, and you can buy these for around $34 - $36 per oz.  That is, on the condition you find any. (The American Mint has postponed indefinitely new deliveries of both Silver and Gold Eagles). Other Numismatic Silver coins sell at a premium of $6 to $10 per oz. That also is, on the condition you find any. (Most Silver and Gold traders have little or no stock left).

Numismatic Gold coins sell up to $200 over the spot price.  American Gold Eagles are also hard to find.

The day comes when the PHYSICAL price of Gold and Silver will control the Fiat-currency-price.  That day, it will be impossible to buy any and will be the day of people with Money (Gold & Silver) and the HERD without money but plenty of (digital) currency. History is my...

"The currency price of Gold and Silver may be rigged down, but the PHYSICAL price remains high as the premiums over SPOT continue to rise."

Gold Eagle 2022 07 13 Spot Gold Silver 2022 07 13 Silver Eagle 2022 07 13
$/€ 1,904.49 The price for the Deer staring at the headlights. $/€ 35.64
purchasing power gold 2022 07 13

 "Gold to central banks is like the sun to vampires."

Tell your family to prepare...this is for real! Important: contrary to what Peter pretends, ONLY those assets expressed in fiat money that the country cannot create will crash (FIRST); Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc., are good examples). Assets in ALL countries that can print indefinite quantities of fiat money crash (LATER) but continue to go up in NOMINAL terms only, AND the currency will crash (ex. Japan, South Africa), and therefore the REAL value of all assets will also crash.

Important Fundamentals:

  • A Deeply Inverted Yield Curve
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Important Technicals:

  • see updated candle and PF charts in all Gold sections.
  • whether we have a bottom or not for any STOCK MARKET or BOND MARKET is totally irrelevant because the CURRENCIES are losing all their FIAT VALUE and are about to end up worth ZERO!
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Wednesday/ Thursday, July 13-14, 2022: The Western leaders, with their sanctions against Russia, have pulled your nose to spit in your face.

Updated Sections: Gold-$, Silver, Rupee Gold, Yuan Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold,
Euro and €-Gold, Candollar & Gold,

Europe is the "slave" of America. The War in Ukraine shows in a terrible way that Europe has lost its independence and now only functions as a servant of American interests. No doubt EU slave of USAthat the happenings in Europe will someday destroy the EU, and at that time, European politicians and bankers will have lost all credibility. Just like is the case today in Argentina.  Most people don't know that 50 years ago, Argentina was one of the world's wealthiest countries and that (democrats-communists) politicians completely destroyed the country in only some decennia. Politicians took away all FREEDOMS of the citizens, and the Bankers stole all of their savings/assets. The same occurred in Venezuela, Lebanon,...

The US edges closer and closer to civil war.  The question is no longer whether there will be a civil conflict in America. The question is how the sides will divide and who will prevail.

"The combination of weak & corrupt leaders and fake money is a fitting end to a major economic cycle.
It actually couldn’t end in any other way."

Biden and the EU officials (incl. G7) are sanction amateurs.  Biden and the G7 declare an end to imports of Russian Gold. Clearly, they don't know Russia is among the world/s top gold producers and is buying its own gold for rubles as part of the plan to end the dollar hegemony. The stupidity never ends.

Russia and the BRICS are working on setting up a new reserve currency based on a basket of the currencies of these countries.  Most don't know that they have already set up and run an alternative system to SWIFT.

American citizens stealing gas, reselling it amid record prices: 'There's no Robin Hood in this' Thieves are stealing gas from pumps and other vehicles either by physically accessing pumps or by hacking networks as the national gas price average sits at $5 per gallon. Many Americans have maxed out their credit cards and are in Big Trouble.  Even Fed Chairman Jerome Powell conceded that the Federal Reserve's aggressive interest rate hikes won't solve two of the biggest problems facing families: high prices for gas and groceries. [inflation and hyperinflation are a matter of Money supply, not one of the interest rates]

"The fastest way to make food stocks disappear is to cap the max price they can be sold for (old saying)"

Panama ProtestsSocialist President Tino Cortizo freezes the maximum gas price at $3.95 per gallon in Panama.  Currently, the price of a gallon of 95 octane gasoline is at B/.5.76, 91 octanes at B/.5.19, and diesel at B/.5.31. In addition, he announced that this Tuesday, he will convene the Cabinet Council to approve a decree that will freeze the price of 10 additional products in the basic food basket: the products are: pulp, sardines in sauce, tuna, mortadella, sausage, macaroni, bread, lentils, and vegetable oil.

These measures are taken as Panama has more and more people revolting because they no longer can feed their families.  There are protests and strikes throughout Panama through mid-July, protesting inflation, high fuel prices, and the quality of public services. An initial strike was launched on July 7, but soon other organizations joined by launching protests nationwide. Demonstrators will likely build roadblocks on major roads throughout the country, especially the Pan-American Highway in the Chiriqui province, around Panama City, and the Via Transistmica in Panama City. Additionally, activists plan to hold a nationwide march in Panama City on July 12, starting in the morning hours, from the Belisario Porras Park to the Presidential Palace (Palacio de las Garzas).

There is a revolution brewing: Sri Lana today, the USA, and Europe tomorrow.  Steve Hilton says it's time to 'fully' return power to the states: 'That is the next revolution we need' 'The Next Revolution' host said power should be returned to the states 'in full' in his opening monologue Sunday, following the landmark Supreme Court ruling on abortion.

 Soon in your country: it is the politicians that are responsible for INFLATION and the horror we are moving in!!

Sri Lankan prime minister says he’ll resign as protesters storm president’s home.  An official said that Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, whose family many hold responsible for the worst economic crisis in decades, was moved to safety ahead of the protests. 

The REAL ESTATE CRISIS is only starting!

CharlotteJPMorgan lays off hundreds of employees in the mortgage division as rates spike. JPMorgan Chase is laying off employees this week in response to the spike in mortgage rates that has rocked the housing market. Last week Jamie Dimon, boss of JPMorgan Chase (the largest commercial bank in America), upgraded the financial scene from “stormy” only nine days before to “hurricane.” That was widely reported. Dimon went on to say the bank is preparing itself for “a non-benign environment” and “bad outcomes.”

The US Federal Reserve’s efforts to rein in inflation are hitting the US housing market hard:  Last month, employment in the residential building fell by 4.5%. In May, the number of permits for new homes fell by 7%, and new homes started to fall by 14%. As the Fed started hiking in March, the average cost of borrowing to purchase a home with a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was already rising, but it shot up to 5.8% by June.

Borrowing to buy the current median-priced home in the US at $428,700 with a 20% downpayment costs about $1,446 a month at 3%, but $1,904 a month at 5.3%—nearly $500 more a month, and an extra $165,000 over the course of the loan.

The same but different procedure was used by the Communists in the USSR anno 1917.  Some developers would be fined hundreds of dollars for refusing to rent to voucher holders if Charlotte’s City Council approves a policy up for a vote Monday night. The policy says developers or housing providers who deny renters who use what are known as Section 8 vouchers could receive a warning or fines. The vouchers provide a federally-funded subsidy to assist the tenant in rent payment.

The policy was spearheaded by City Councilwoman Victoria Watlington with the purpose of providing “opportunities for individuals and families to obtain safe, quality, affordable housing,” city documents read. Anyone who violates the policy would first receive a written notice and undergo mandatory compliance training. A second violation would result in another training and a daily $500 fee until the violation is fixed. This kind of "Communist Policy" will put additional selling pressure on an already weakening Real Estate market. Note countries like The Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium are moving in precisely the same direction.

voyagerAre you also a Crypto believer? We warned all our readers to stay away from this imaginary currency they dare to call money. Voyager Bankruptcy Rocks True Believers. Traders who use the now-bankrupt platform fear losing their money for good. Thousands of crypto investors have their life savings frozen as Voyager files for bankruptcy protection.

Robert first came across Voyager Digital in March 2020.  Like countless others, he decided to give the cryptocurrency broker a try. The platform was easy to navigate. It offered him an up to 9% annual percentage yield (APY)—much higher than a traditional savings account. It claimed to be FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) insured. And being a publicly-traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange, he thought, how bad could Voyager be?

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Now that our COVID-Santa is gone, bank deposits fall, and Credit cards are maxed!  

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Monday/Tuesday, July 11-12, 2022: Putin knows and appreciates Ludwig Von Mises.

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Inflation Index, Bonds general & USA, Treasuries in the EU, Corporate Bonds

Everyone is talking about Putin. No one should know what he really says. Here is his speech.

Screen Shot 2022 07 08 at 12.24.19 PMBest friends, colleagues! I warmly welcome the participants and guests of the 25th International Economic Forum of Saint Petersburg to his birthday. It is taking place at a difficult time for the entire global community, when the economy, markets, and the fundamentals of the global economic system are under attack. Many trades, manufacturing, and logistics relationships previously disrupted by the pandemic are now being challenged. In addition, essential business concepts such as corporate reputation, inviolability of property, and confidence in world currencies have been thoroughly undermined – sadly undermined by our partners in the West, and it has been done deliberately, out of an ambition to perpetuate outdated geopolitical illusions in the name of to keep.

Today I will give our view – by “our,” I mean the Russian leaders – on the world economy's situation. I will discuss in detail how Russia is acting in these circumstances and how it is planning its development in a dynamically changing environment.

Russia, in the midst of the current situation of the world economy

A year and a half ago at the Davos Forum, I emphasized once again that the era of the unipolar world order is over - I'm just starting with it. There is no escaping it - it is coming to an end, despite all efforts to preserve it and maintain it by any means necessary. Change is a natural course of history because the civilizational diversity of the planet, and the richness of cultures, are challenging to combine with political, economic, and other patterns. Patterns do not work here, patterns are imposed crudely and without alternative from a center.

The flaw lies in the idea itself, according to which there is a power, albeit a strong one, with a narrow circle of vassals — or, as they say, states — entitled to it. All the rules of business and international relations are enforced, if necessary, solely in the interest of this power. They all work in one direction, the game is in one direction. A world based on such dogmas is certainly not sustainable.

The United States, which declared itself the victor in the Cold War, declared itself ambassadors of the Lord on earth, having no obligations but only interests, which are canonized. They do not seem to realize that in recent decades new centers of power have emerged on the planet, which are becoming more and more powerful. Each of them develops its own political systems and government institutions, implements its own models of economic growth, and of course, has the right to protect itself from guaranteeing national sovereignty.

We are talking about objective processes, about truly revolutionary tectonic changes in geopolitics, in the world economy, in the technological sphere, in the whole system of international relations, in which the role of dynamic, promising states and regions is significantly increasing, whose interests are not can no longer be ignored.

The system will not return to its old state.

I repeat: these changes are fundamental, decisive, and unstoppable. And it is a mistake to think that one can sit out the period of turbulent change, as they say, wait, that supposedly everything will return to normal, that everything will be back to normal. That will not happen.

However, it seems that some Western states' ruling elites harbor this kind of illusion. They do not want to notice the obvious but cling tenaciously to the shadows of the past. For example, the dominance of the West in world politics and economics is believed to be an unchanging, eternal value. Nothing lasts forever.

Moreover, our colleagues do not simply deny reality. They try to counter the course of history. They think in terms of the last century. They are trapped in their own delusions of countries outside the so-called golden billion, considering everything else as the periphery, their backyard. They still treat these countries as colonies, and the people who live there regard them as second-class people because they consider themselves exceptional. If they are exceptional, then everyone else is second-rate.

Hence the tireless urge to punish, to destroy economically, those who stand out from the general ranks, those who will not blindly obey. Moreover, they rudely and blatantly impose their own ethics, their conceptions of culture, and their ideas of history, sometimes questioning the sovereignty and integrity of states and threatening their very existence. Suffice it to recall the fate of Yugoslavia, Syria, Libya, and Iraq.

Click here to read the whole speech...and you'll know WHY the stinking (mostly unelected) leaders of the West don't want you to watch RT! 

Important Fundamentals:

  •  See charts below with footnotes.
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Real inflation is AT LEAST double the official figure!  Dramatic it is!
This article is so good that it is for premium members only. This article is so good that it is for premium members only.
 What happens in Japan today (crashing Yen) will happen tomorrow in the USA & EU. Japanese interest is at a historic low and, because of the astronomical debt, cannot be increased...hence the Bank of Japan is forced to create exponential amounts of currency...and this makes the situation even worse. The USA (and EU) are doing exactly the same as Japan does...because they have exactly the same problem.

Important Technicals:

  •  See charts below with footnotes.
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Panic selling in miners twice in 2 months = strong BUY! This article is so good that it is for premium members only.

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Friday, July 8, 2022: Argentina & Hungary today, Europe, and the US tomorrow.

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Silver, US Dollar, Solar & Rare Elements, Agriculturals, Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous,

In a move that will likely further destabilize indebted, inflation-ridden, and politically divided Argentina, the country's finance minister resigned on Saturday. Martín Guzmán's departure was forced by differences within the ruling Peronista coalition, a leftist faction led by powerful VP Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. She wants Argentina to spend its way out of the economic crisis,  while the moderate Guzmán had pushed for cuts required by the $44 billion debt restructuring deal with the IMF the country signed earlier this year. Guzmán is the fourth cabinet member to step down in 2022, which doesn't bode well for unpopular President Alberto Fernández, who is up for re-election next year. Guzmán's resignation raises questions about the future of the IMF deal and about whether the government can do anything to tame inflation, which is expected to soon hit a whopping 70%.

"Those who understand and know the FIAT CURRENCIES are already WORTHLESS, use the correction in Gold and Silver to initiate and/or add to their positions. All others PANIC and are behaving like a "Deer in the Headlights"! 

Don't expect the USA to play the game FAIR. On the contrary, they will play every dirty trick they have in order not to lose their status of RESERVE CURRENCY.  But in the end, they are doomed, and even with the help of the EU and G7, they will be unable to fight the BRIC.

Ruble 2022 07 05 BRIKS 2022 07 05
 Not the Dollar but the RUBLE is the strongest currency! Briks already have their SWIFT... and are preparing for their Reserve Currency.
indian cement yuan 2022 07 BRICS vs G7
Payments are also already made in Yuan. And the G7 are Mikey Mouse compared to the BRIC

Important Fundamentals:

  • Below is what we see technically.
  • The charts below don't need a lot of clarification. These are the RAW, REAL FUNDAMENTALS.
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Do you really think that by taking away 10% of the Gold production, the price of Gold will not spike? Are you also one of the Dreamers convinced the Dollar is stronger and better than the Ruble?
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This article is so good that it is for premium members only.
Why do Central Banks keep buying Gold? Because they think their Worthless Fiat Money is better and worth more? Why do Russia and China keep dumping Treasuries and buying Gold with their savings? A. because the treasuries are worth nothing, zero!
  • This (see below) is a Dollar CLIMAX sign!  Once this kind of news is sold by the MSM, we know the move is almost over and the trend is about to reverse.

 Climax sign 2022 07 07

Important Technicals:

  • One of the important advantages of Point & Figures charts is that they don't take into account the short-term, irrelevant fluctuations. While all candle charts adept are crying "Wolf" and pretending "trend lines" have been broken, the PF specialists see none of this. On the contrary, at this time the PF charts are generating important BUY signals
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  • Remember that corrections during a bull market are most of the time SWIFT and VIOLENT.

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Tuesday/Thursday, July 5-7, 2022: Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe To Introduce Gold Coins As Store Of Value.

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Uranium Shares, Bank & Fin. Shares, Crude Oil price evolution,

national bank zimbabweOn Monday, June 27, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) to curb inflation announced the introduction of gold coins into the market as a store of value. "The MPC resolved to introduce gold coins into the market as an instrument that will enable investors to store value. The gold coins will be minted by Fidelity Gold Refineries (Private) Limited and will be sold to the public through normal banking channels,"

In Zimbabwe, they know that by hiking interest rates, you can't control hyperinflation.
In the USA (the FED) and the EU (the ECB), the MORONS still don't seem to realize it.

Key lending rates increased to 200%.  Mangudya stated that since the year-on-year inflation rate shot up to 191.6%, interest rates and statutory reserves were reviewed and the bank policy rate was increased from 80% to 200%. He also stated that an aggressive monetary stance was needed to stop the rise in prices and enhance the circulation of foreign exchanges. The new interest rates will come into effect from July 1, 2022.

Amazing is that even the BIG FAT BOSS of the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) has no clue about what inflation is and how to control it. OR is he (and other political officials) faking it? If you let Monkeys fly an airplane, you know the plane is going to crash.  Even if the monkey is called Biden, Rutte, Ursula, Macron,... "Interest rates" is the price of money and Inflation is a function of the creation of Fiat Money.

"The SICKO-POLITICIANS who control the West are IDIOTS-PSYCHOPATHS leading us right into the Abyss...
and the poor retarded-HERD doesn't see and doesn't realize it."

Nope, you don't need a license to become a politician and to run/control and RUIN a country. You only need to be able to LIE, CHEAT, and CORRUPT and do whatever is possible in order to get into power.  Today being a woman, or a Trans-sexual helps a lot. Especially when you are a psychopath. What Western Politicians still do not realize is that by imposing sanctions on a country, the rule is that you shoot yourself on your own feet while the country you think is suffering from the sanctions becomes self-sufficient. 

South Africa is an excellent example as it became self-sufficient during the apartheid sanctions. Iran is another excellent example. The SICKO-POLITICIANS who control the West are IDIOTS-PSYCHOPATHS leading us right into the Abyss...and the poor retarded-HERD doesn't see and doesn't realize it. What is happening today is worse than Nero burning down Rome!.

Inflation is one of the hidden taxes we pay to finance government spending. Today's inflation we do NOT have because of COVID, nor because of Ukraine but BECAUSE of GOVERNMENT (Central Bankers) creating and spending currency like there is no tomorrow.

Home Sellers Are Slashing Prices in Sudden Halt to Pandemic Boom.

The rapid rise in mortgage rates is cooling demand, jolting markets from coast to coast. The turn in the US housing market has been sharp and swift. Just ask Karlyn and Jack Stenhjem, would-be downsizers who dropped the asking price for their home near Seattle by almost $100,000 since May. The house, with private access to lakes and trails, is now available for $899,000.  Two months ago the house was valued at $1.1 million on Zillow. When you look at the map of listings now, the little red dots are on top of the other little red dots.

“In the month of May, everything came to a screeching halt,”

Soaring borrowing costs are only part of the issue.  Stock-market turmoil and recession fears do little for buyer confidence. And with the country now in a form of Covid normalcy, many of the people who were apt to make pandemic-inspired relocations have already done so.

Real Estate is toast...also and certainly in BELGIUM! In Belgium, the Real Estate Market will suffer both from the depression and from the fact that the Belgian currency CAN NOT be devalued inside the Euro system. Earlier, when the Belgian economy was doing bad, the currency was devaluated for example against the German Mark, or the Mark was revaluated. A similar outcome. Today, as such has become impossible, the only way to adapt is to lower the LOCAL price level of assets and Real Estate. Such is already happening in Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy.

Real Estate is also toast because the Real Purchasing Power of the public is tanking and higher interest rates make it harder for newcomers to buy a property.  Higher interest rates also start to take their toll and force weaker consumers (those who can no longer afford to pay the mortgage) to SELL their homes. This is adding to the supply of homes in a market where there already is an over-supply.

The real estate bubble in Japan deflated a long time ago.  The crashing Yen has made the implosion even worse.  Today the same is about to happen down under in Australia.  Note that the Real Estate Bubble is already deflating in Canada & the USA and starting in Europe (Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain,...) Australian residential land is now worth more, relative to GDP than residential land in Japan at the peak of the epic 1990s bubble. Therefore, we expect this Real Estate crash to be both spectacular and dramatic.

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Printing Money "IS INFLATION".  The more Fiat Money is created, the higher the prices will soar...that is until, finally, THE STUPID HERD realizes it, loses faith in the political and financial system, and it all collapses...Believe me, this day is not too far away and this will be a disaster.

balance vs bnp 2022 06 28

Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman assured the world that ZIRP and QE would not cause inflation.

Now every nation with a central bank was dumb enough to have followed his bad advice and is suffering soaring inflation. When will the Nobel committee ask Krugman to return his prize?

Earning Fiat Money Profit is one big joke...

Earning REAL MONEY profit is the real thing!

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When nothing works, they take us to war!  The closing of the gold window in 1971 ended all fiscal and monetary discipline and since then the US and much of the Western world have seen debt to GDP surge to well over 100%. In the US, Public Debt to GDP is now 125%. Back in 2000, it was only 54% but since then we have seen a vote-buying system with a money printing bonanza and an exponential increase in debt to 125%.  A major part of the debt increase has gone to finance the rapid growth in property values. A trend that starts to revert as sales are drying up and prices start to crash.

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Monday, July 4, 2022: our 4th of July Weekend Special!

Updated Sections: Silver, US Dollar, Long Term Charts (new comments on charts)

4th july.png 

Click on the picture or here to enjoy our discount.

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