March 2022

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Wednesday/Thursday, March 30-31, 2022 -  when all else fails, they take you to war.!

Updated Sections: Yen & Gold, World Stock Market Indexes (short candles),

Sodom and Gomorra 2022 03 28We are at the end of an era of economic and moral decadence (Sodom and Gomorra) in a debt-infested world built on false values, fake money, and abysmal leadership. Soon, hell will break loose. (Von Greyerz)

The Gold Standard was an excellent method for preventing governments to spend money they didn’t have. Since money couldn’t be printed at will, deficits had to be financed by settling debts in physical gold.

In the late 1960s, French President De Gaulle demanded that Nixon met the US debts to France in gold. To avoid this, he simply decided close the gold window in 1971. This resulted in fatal consequences for the US and the rest of the world.  The USA,  the UK, European countries, Japan, England have increased their debt every year since 1930, with some minor fake painted Clinton exceptions in the 1950s and 1960s.

If you print trillions of currency and keep interest rates at zero or negative for years, the end result will be spectacular inflation. Initially, this resulted in unprecedented asset inflation in stocks, bonds, and Real Estate but it was always clear that the exponential increase in the money supply would eventually also reach consumer prices. This is happening NOW!

"Everyone will get slaughtered when hell breaks loose. Whether investors buy the dip or just hold on to their stocks,
they won’t understand what has hit them. Even holders of Real Estate won't understand."

Buy the dips? Not this time. See the section for Long Term Stock market indexes for a better understanding. In the past, every market correction has recovered and reached new highs. But this time WILL BE DIFFERENT, although no one believes and expects it! Hyperinflation will destroy most asset values in the coming years and currencies will make that final move to ZERO. See the Subscribers section below for short and medium-term.

Stocks are likely to decline by another 95% in real terms and not recover for years or maybe decades. In 1929, the Dow declined by 90%, and it took 25 years before it recovered in nominal terms. This time the economic circumstances are exponentially worse. Note: best case scenario, stock markets may go up when expressed in fiat money only. But in the end, your portfolio won't be able to buy 3 eggs. Check our section for Stock Market Indexes expressed in Real Money to see how they already lost 75% to 95% and how they are about to lose another 75% to 95%.

Bonds have gone up for over 40 years and rates reached zero or negative. Rates have now turned up and we are likely to see interest rates reach the 1980 levels of 15-20% and higher in a hyperinflationary debt collapse. As happened in the past, most bonds will again become worthless. See our BOND sections for the charts.

Real Estate markets have also reached extremes, fueled by cheap or free money and unlimited credit at very high leverage. Mortgage rates are around unseen historic low levels of 1% to 3%. These irresponsible financing costs have driven property prices to unsustainably high levels. Today, few borrowers can afford an increase of rates to 3% and more, never mind 10% or 20% like in the 1970s.

As rates rise, it is absolutely certain that the residential and commercial property markets bubble will implode, leading to major defaults, very high vacancy rates, and homelessness. As a matter of fact, expressed in Real Money, Commercial Real Estate is already crashing.

Derivatives are a modern major financial nuclear bomb. As the derivatives market blows up with counterparties failing, central banks will have to print quadrillions of worthless dollars, resulting in even more massive hyperinflation. Banks & Financial systems will come under tremendous pressure and eventually fail. See Education Hall for more about Derivatives.

"Banks & Financial systems will come under tremendous pressure and eventually fail."

big depressionThe collapse, of the US-Dollar together with most other currencies (Euro, Pound, Yen, Swiss,..), is guaranteed. But as fiat money has already lost 97-99% of its REAL value since 1971, this time the current monetary system will die like it always has throughout history.

Unemployment will increase dramatically. Many companies will go bankrupt. Pension funds will fail, as the values of pension funds collapse and governments steal the funds. Social security systems will not function as the governments run out of real money.

Commodity inflation is guaranteed. All commodities will soon hit historic record prices when expressed in Fiat Money. And please, stop blaming Covid and/or Putin for it!

Massive price increases, especially in food and energy combined with shortages, will hit everyone, both developing countries and the industrialized world. As usual, the pain will be maximum in densely populated areas: Belgium (a big city), the Netherlands (a big city), Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Miami,...

The consequences will be fatal for the world. The consequences of food shortages and economic misery, combined with the failure of governments, will lead to social unrest in many places, probably also civil war and war. As a matter of fact, World War III has already begun. Note that in several cities in the U.S.A. shopping Malls (ex. Walmart) are already ransacked by a Mob on a regular basis.

Preserving wealth in physical gold is today critical. The percentage of financial assets to put into gold is up to everyone to decide for himself. I recommended up to 90% and to keep the biggest part out of political reach as there is little doubt that Authorities will try to seize any Gold holdings they know off. If not, they will tax the windfall profits to help those who refused to prepare for the worst.

Fortunes will be made and Fortunes will be lost. We know of people keeping all of their purchasing power with 2-3 banks...how stupid can one be? Also, 90% of all people are not even aware of what is happening right now. They love it to live in their LALA-LAND-BUBBLE and as usual, will only wake up when it is too late.

"At least 90% of the people live in LALA-LAND!"

Only for Subscribers - Ukraine - follow the money: it's only about the US-Dollar and Money!

Whatever the war’s outcome, the U.S. will lose on most fronts. 

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Meanwhile, whether or not it’s a formal part of a monetary system, PHYSICAL gold should be the center of your portfolio. The point is to not let any shorter-term volatility in gold frustrate you. Gold has embarked on

Important Fundamentals:

  • Silver Eagles with premium will cost you up to $40 each.
Ruble 2022 03 28
The Ruble has almost recovered from the Ukraine war crash. Europe will have to pay with Rubles or with Gold for Natural Gas.
empty german shelves 2022 03 28 <- While in Florida, Blacks plunder Walmarts, in some German Super Markets, there is nothing one can plunder as the shelves are empty. (note the IDIOTS on the picture wearing Masks which don't protect but tell all you are an idiot, a sheeple)

Important Technicals:

 A strong BUY at the present level.   A strong BUY at the present level.

Watch the video before it is censured: The dollar is no longer a credible currency!

Starvation in Africa, the soaring cost of food stocks, and shortages as soon as 2023. We may see FOOD STAMPS for all. People, especially in the West and the EU are severely underestimating the consequences of today's IDIOT politics! This will turn BAD, VERY SOON.

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day/Tuesday, March 28-29, 2022 - From now on, The West will have to pay with "rubles and/or gold" for their Oil & Natgas.

Updated Sections: 

gold putin$30,000 Gold?  Putin Demands Ruble & Gold Payment for Gas, Escalating Energy Conflict. RUSSIA will allow “UNFRIENDLY COUNTRIES” to pay for NATURAL GAS in Gold…, with Rubles, and maybe even with Cryptos. For context, the oil market is 20 x the size of the physical gold market in annual USD production terms.

Gazprom also plans to ask buyers to agree to change the payment terms in contracts. It would reopen the contracts, and buyers could ask for shorter terms. This change of policy serves the short-term requirement of creating demand for the Ruble which will make enforcing sanctions even more difficult. That suggests the recent low of the Ruble near RUB120 is likely to become a part of history. Note that the exchange rate of the Ruble has already recovered by almost 40% as we publish this update.

Idiot Politicians don't seem to grasp that any disruption of the SWIFT system (and/or International Financial system) will instantaneously kill all the hedging contracts of the West. This would result in an immediate bankruptcy of all major LARGE OIL & ENERGY consumers: Electric power cos, Major Airlines, Fertilize manufacturers, Transportation sector, ...

 oil gas consumption usa 2022

Only for Subscribers - Ukraine - follow the money: it's only about the US-Dollar and Money!

"The Americans are ready for everything and are prepared to kill their mom and pop in order not to lose the status of Reserve currency! Everything else is MSM BS."

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"Sanctions against Putin are, in reality, sanctions against the EU!"

This article is so good that it is for premium members only.

"The European politicians, in particular, are the BIGGEST IDIOTS on planet Earth."


Important Fundamentals:

  • Gold and silver
gold in ruble 2022 03 23

Important Technicals:

  • Silver 

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day, March 25, 2022 - Financial markets are severely underestimating the Ukraine Russian war sanctions effect.

Updated Sections: Long Term Commodity Charts, Commodities expressed in Gold,
Bonds general & USA, Treasuries in the EU, Corporate Bonds

Financial markets are severely underestimating the Ukraine Russian war sanctions effect. These don't seem to notice that this War is accelerating the collapse of Western Societies. Today's IDIOTS (politicians) are printing money and paying people not to work but to see everyone starve!

Today's IDIOTS (politicians) are printing money and paying people not to work but to see everyone starve!

barbed wireGlobal uprising begins once Fiat currencies evaporate as food and fuel inflation unleash sudden POVERTY for billions. Higher prices are just a reflection of the collapsing value of fiat currencies. In France and Spain, taxi and truck drivers have started blockades as transport workers protest rising fuel prices. Know that in Europe more than half of the fuel prices are TAXES! In some countries, organized government theft is as high as 80% (The Netherlands).

In Canada, after the Truckers' march was ended, 3,000 Pacific Canada railroad workers have gone on strike, bringing expensive fertilizer shipments to a standstill. The railroad carries 70% of the potash produced in North America. The railroad also carries fertilizers, including phosphate, urea, ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, and anhydrous ammonia. This collapse in fertilizer transportation will also affect American farmers (and European farmers). That will greatly contribute to food scarcity in the second half of 2022, across North America and the EUSSR. China, seeing the global food collapse accelerate, has already ordered farmers to cut down forests and plant more grain.

Today, People already are topping up their cars and leaving the gas station without paying because if they are caught, paying for the ticket is a lot cheaper than filling up the gas tank. Soon, trucks will be ambushed on the highways. Supermarkets will be ransacked by flash mobs. Individual shoppers will be robbed at gunpoint as they leave the store. Food thefts will skyrocket, and you'll see a sharp rise in shootings (some in self-defense) related to food thefts. Farmers will be forced to protect their crops with electrified barbed wires.

To “solve” the problem of inflation, the world's governments are printing and distributing more money to even more people, in a desperate attempt to “buy” peace by paying rioters. This attempt will only be successful for a short time, as printing and distributing the money will, of course, only accelerate inflation, leading to even higher prices and more popular anger. How stupid one can be? As stupid as a Politician.

Over the next 2-To 3 years, food riots will break out worldwide, followed by food rationing, price controls, and authoritarian governments taking control of food, farms, and grocery stores. They will use this artificial crisis to extend their authoritarian control over everyone, even if the root of this problem starts with governments that are too big and too powerful in the first place. And because the people are too complacent and too lazy in the second place. In previous updates, we on several occasions warned for a WAR, Civil Unrest, etc. that would follow the economic and financial crisis. Such ALWAYS happens. 

p.s. I personally eyewitnessed electrified and barbed-wired (potato)fields during my trips to East Germany and the USSR during the 1980-90s.

"The only ones who will survive this will be those who prepare in advance and take urgent action."

In 2003-2004 we called for a long-term cyclical bottom in gold. In 2015-16 we called again for a mid-cyclical bottom because we know Gold & Silver are the best options to protect against the Financial Drama. From 2015 until now, gold rose from $1050 to $1930 or up by 80%. Expressed in Euro's the gain is even bigger: from €300 to €1.850 (+500%) and from €900 to €1.850 ( +100% ).

The following video clearly shows the MADNESS of the GREEN IDIOTS. These retards not only cost billions to society but these green policies are also completely ineffective. These are only good at filling the pockets of the politicians...and manufacturers of Solar Panels and Windmills.

Important Fundamentals:

Gold will widely outperform commodities, equities, Bonds, and Real Estate in general.

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Got Gold & Silver? Remember our communicating financial vessels?
Did YOU buy any this month? So as Oil goes, so goes the price of chemical fertilizer. [the use of natural fertilizer has been forbidden by the Green Idiots.]

Important Technicals:

  •  A short Squeeze in Gold and Silver is
 A Short Squeeze and a Bank Holiday can happen any dow now.
Everything points to HIGHER commodity prices over the next years!
A short squeeze we recently had for Nickel.
 A very realistic picture of our expectations for Gold.

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day, March 23-24, 2022 -
We already have hyperinflation and the process is irreversible!

Updated Sections: Long Term Commodity Charts, Commodities expressed in Gold,
Bonds general & USA, Treasuries in the EU, Corporate Bonds

Have you the guts to watch this video all the way to the end? Russia is a rather young system because there was a 'reset' in 1990 after the USSR went bankrupt in 1989. Today it is The West and the USA who are the OLD, CORRUPT, BANKRUPT, disintegrating system...

It's TAXES, it's hyperinflation, and in the end, it is (bank) SEIZURE (Bail-in).

The true nature of Europe: everything can (and will) be taken away from you. This shows the true nature of Europe and the reason why in the longer-term capital will never be safe in their pro-Marxist agenda promoted by the World Economic Forum'.

  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a new law under the guise of "sanctions against Russia" that would give the government the "right" to confiscate the private property of anyone who opposes government policy in any way. The EU is drafting similar legislation to confiscate private property (such as real estate and land) during an emergency such as a "pandemic. Spain passed such a law back in 2015. In the Netherlands, similar trial balloons can be heard from politicians.
  • Incidentally, already in 2017 Brussels quietly issued a 'cash regulation' by which basically anyone who crosses the border for any reason can be considered 'suspicious', and from whom an amount of just € 1,000 or other valuable goods (expensive watch, diamonds, gold pieces, silver, etc.) can then be seized.
  • Furthermore, the 'Bail-in' legislation, whereby the banks - if they get into trouble - can simply seize and use the deposits of their customers, was already legislated in all European countries a few years ago. This legislation was already used some years ago in Spain when bank deposits were converted into worthless shares of the failing bank. If I remember well, the same game was also played in Belgium. So Europeans can now be fucked from all sides by the government. The existing legislation can kiss very easily any European 'plume' to 'slaughter' afterward.

"This is the sad reality. Those who do not prepare for this and do nothing (this is 90% of the people) should not complain later. That group will end up like the group that was all plumbed and slaughtered by Gutt after WWII. Now is the time to bring your saving out of political power...tomorrow, it will probably be impossible."

Only for Subscribers:

There has never been sufficient physical gold and silver in New York and London in any Western precious metal derivative markets, and also with the launch of the first gold and silver ETFs respectively in 2004 and 2006, Russia’s retaliatory response may come in the form of trying to facilitate load-out gold requests in New York and London that may expose their physical inventories as insufficient and therefore result in a catastrophic seizure/or complete halt in the trading of gold/silver derivatives in Western markets.

Biden has no clothes

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Remember the “disappeared” stolen 20 to 33 tonnes of gold from Ukraine at the start of their civil war in 2014, perhaps the cost of receiving unilateral military support from the US; remember Saddam Hussein’s disappeared gold, an unknown amount, stolen during the Iraq War; remember the massive theft of 144 tonnes of Libya’s gold during the NATO execution of Ghaddafi and various other international thefts of gold.

Important Fundamentals:

  • We already have hyperinflation and the process is irreversible!..because it is already cooked in the financial system. If you don't understand this statement,
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german inflation 2022 03 21 <- THIS "IS" HYPERINFLATION and the MSM are hiding the truth!
  This article is so good that it is for premium members only.

Important Technicals:

  •  Bond markets...
  • This article is so good that it is for premium members only.

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day, March 21-22, 2022 - the sanctions undermine the Petrodollar and are positive for gold!

Updated Sections: Recession Proof - hold, Bio Tech-Pharma, Oil Shares, Solar & Rare Elements,
Agriculturals, Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous & shares, Long Term Commodity Charts,
Commodities expressed in Gold,

DerivativesThe Western Sanctions undermine the Petrodollar and will expedite the END of the US-Dollar. At the same time, these will result in more people investing in Physical Gold and Physical Silver. Last but not least, the Sanctions will once more teach a lesson The RETARDED-Western-Authorities, a lesson they will have forgotten six months from now.

In order to eliminate trading OIL and COMMODITIES in US-Dollar, the world will directly exchange physical oil for physical gold. This will force the PAPER gold market to allocate more positions into physical Gold and this will, in turn, destroy the Paper Gold Market and revalue PHYSICAL GOLD.

"The Oil for Gold trade will decimate the paper gold market entirely!"

The Big Hperinflationary depression of the 21st century is getting worse but Russia can survive several months, if not years of sanctions. The West can not! Because of the sanctions issued by the West, we are now moving rapidly in higher inflation and more depression.

Only for Subscribers:


  1. If the margin

Important Fundamentals:

  • If nothing changes, by early April,
min. loss 2022 03 17
QE 2022 03 19  
Communicating financial vessels we have: print more fiat money and markets go up. Stop printing and the markets come down. Reduce the money supply and the markets CRASH.  

Important Technicals:

  •  See charts below.
  • Oil shares

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Friday, March 18, 2022 - We Are A Whisper Away From World War III!

Updated Sections: Recession Proof Shs (LOCG), 

There is a tax for that...and if not, there is hyperinflation or the worst of all taxes! Government is the best organized criminal gang on Planet Earth.

note: If the riches are so good at evading taxes, why then do they pay 40% of all taxes? The biggest tax evaders and money launderers are the politicians!


When gasoline goes from $3.50 per gallon to $5.50 per gallon and you start doing the math on how much it takes to fill up your car and drive it back and forth to usa inflation 2022 03 15work every day, all of a sudden you’ve got diminishing returns. Then factor in your heating bills and what your grocery bill is going to be. So, there are going to be a lot of people at the margin, and the margin keeps moving up. In the beginning, it’s a few percent of the population. Then it’s 10% and then 20% and so on. When food gets to be 50% of your budget, then there are food riots. That’s the trend . . . and I think we will get there. . . . We know the ‘Arab Spring’ was not about politics. It was about food. We are going to see ‘Arab Springs’ spring up all over the place because of food costs and availability. You can have a lot of money and not be able to get food too.”


"Now becomes clear why having a second residency in East Europe and or emigrating to one of these countries was and is a very bad idea."

We Are A Whisper Away From World War III. If we do get WWIII it will NOT be because of Ukraine, it will be because the USA will fight in order NOT to avoid the Dollar losing its' status of RESERVE CURRENCY. If such happens, it is time over,  paying with WORTHLESS FIAT DOLLARS. And believe me or not, the USA will lose this status over the coming months and years. It is GAME OVER!

"Taking away cash 💰 out of the system will collapse it even more. International wires will happen by compensation (like in the good old days)."

Only for Subscribers.

Debt Matters and Declining Nations Have Few Options.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Powell really takes the people for idiots (maybe they are) 

When to SELL your Gold?

  • When

Important Technicals:

  • The Gold and Silver price reacted exactly as we expected them to do...see previous update(s)

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Wednesday/Thursday, March 16-17, 2022 - As expected, the Herd still doesn't seem to grasp the severity of what is coming!

Updated Sections: Investment Pyramid (important note), Portfolio(positions),
Miners & Gold vs SPX, Gold & Silver Juniors, Crude Oil price

ennemy channelWe have a "Deja Vue of a World War Two situation. People, the Herd NEVER LEARN from History. Therefore, they are forced to experience the same hardships over and over again. Politicians are the LOWEST of the LOWEST and also never learn, and therefore force the people to experience the same hardships over and over again.

Enemy channels are simply banned. They want to ensure people only listen to and believe their own PROPAGANDA stations...Whoever spreads the news that doesn't fit the Government Propaganda gets fined and/or jailed.

Putin is painted by the West as the ULTIMATE VILLAIN. If he is a devil to invade Ukraine, what should we call the U.S.A. for invading Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq (Saddam Hussein), Libya (Khadaffi),...!?

What THE HERD (as always) doesn't understand, is that it is (as usual) a story of "Follow The Money". In this case, it is "follow the FIAT money" and the "Petrodollar".  Putin no longer accepts the WORTHLESS FIAT MONEY PRINTED OUT OF THIN AIR by the West. Because he is an important World Player, this decision will DESTROY the PEtrodollar and hence also the US-Dollar. The era where the Americans can simply PRINT and/or created Fiat Money out of thin air is coming to an end...and so is also the U.S.A. Rome is burning.

"The Petrodollar is the Achilles heel of the US-Dollar."

The War with Saddam Hussein we had because he started to eliminate the DOLLAR in the payments for Oil. The War with Khadaffi we had because he planned to get rid of the US-Dollar and make the oil payable in a GOLD-convertible currency. In real money.

This is a WARNING for all!

  • In the EU, UK, the government has given itself the right to seize money and belongings belonging to Russians whose only crime is that they are Russians and live in the UK. Now that the government has given itself this power, what else are they going to do with it? Who else will they target? This could lead us straight to Klaus Schwab's dream world, where "You own nothing and are happy".
  • The London, New York property markets have been propped up by Russian buyers for decades. Without Russians buying houses, the top end of the real estate market will collapse. And the rest of the market will follow. As interest rates rise and house prices fall, millions of people will end up with negative equity – going bankrupt.
  • The EU, UK will have an energy crisis this year. The crisis has been created and exacerbated by greens and climate change cultists who oppose nuclear power plants. When you're freezing this coming winter and eating cold canned beans, blame the greens and the climate change freaks.
  • Food prices are going to skyrocket because much of the world's food is grown in Russia. And much of the rest is grown in Ukraine. The price of wheat has increased by more than 50% so far this year. The cost of fertilizers is skyrocketing and shortages will arise. Food supplies are collapsing. If you live in the West, your government's sanctions mean it has declared war on you, not Russia.
  • The prices of almost all raw materials will skyrocket. Aluminum has reached a record price. The price of nickel is up 166% so far this year. The price of gas has risen by 73.8% in one day. Everything you have to buy will become much more expensive, thanks to your government and the idiots pushing for more sanctions against Russia.
  • The government's war against its own people will mean a return of living standards to those of the 1970s. Inflation will spiral out of control. Everyone except the billionaires, the politicians, and the state officials will get poorer.

Only for Subscribers.

Would you be so stupid as to continue to accept WORTHLESS FIAT DOLLARS for your hard work, in exchange for Goods and Services?

This article is so good that it is for premium members only.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Switzerland is no longer NEUTRAL!

 Most financial analysts and bankers still don't know what inflation is!  20% inflation per month x 12 = 240% inflation per year!
gold in rubles LT 2022 03 12
Gold also protects against a currency crash. He who has the Gold rules the world!
Gold Ruble Jan Mar 2022
  The COMEX is one big Ponzi scheme...
money in circulatiion 2022 03 12 <- This IS Hyperinflation!!!, really, I don't understand how and why certain analysts still dare to mention that 'deflation' is coming!?

Important Technicals:

  • There is something up with Silver on the COMEX. 
  • Gold banks do everything

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Monday/Tuesday, March 14-15, 2022 - "Friday, March 15th, 1968 we had a “bank holiday”.!

Updated Sections:Crude Oil price, Gold-$, Silver, Euro and €-Gold, Index In Real Money/Gold, 
Long Term Charts, US Dollar, Candollar & Gold, British Pound & Gold, Swedish Krona & Gold,
Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold

bank holiday 1933"Friday, March 15th, 1968 we had a “bank holiday” Bullion Banks Now All-Time Record Short Gold! Just like in March 1967 when the Gold Pool went bankrupt en financial markets were closed.

On Friday, March 15th, 1968, Queen Elizabeth, after a meeting at Buckingham Palace the evening before, declared a ‘bank holiday’. The London gold market was officially closed for two weeks, and when it re-opened 2 weeks later, we were introduced to ‘two-tier’ gold prices. One for banks, and one for the private sector. Once the banks threw in the towel, gold rose to $ 850.00 in February of 1980. A rise of almost 2400%. It took Paul Volcker and interest rates of over 25% to finally halt the price rise.

Modern politicians can be compared to the Roman Senators fighting over whether Angels were male or female...at a time when Rome was BURNING. The world leaders are a bunch of corrupt, incompetent, frustrated dwarfs and psychopaths. Everything they touch is destroyed.

usa truckersTo add insult to injury, we have come to a point where the Authorities (Governments) control 100% of the Mainstream Media. And Mainstream Media are the only media's THE HERD is WATCHING and BELIEVING. Everything the MSM preaches is seen as "the Holy Truth".  Covid is a modern example. The Ukraine-Russian War is another actual example. Putin is the VILLAIN and blamed for everything they could not blame the Covid virus for.

History learns that each time the leadership is taken over by Political-psychopaths, society collapses, runs into a severe depression and there is WAR (Civil War, Revolution, World War,..) A war sits right around the corner and will probably explode over the coming months and years when HUNGER strikes The Herd.

What the Western Politicians and MSM fail to understand, is that Putin has meticulously prepared his move into Ukraine for years and has taken any possible precaution.  He knew Sanctions were to come as soon he would touch the PETRODOLLARWe know that the actual policy change of trading physical oil for physical Gold will destroy the Petrodollar and hence severely impact the US-Dollar and the hegemony of the U.S.A.

The war in Ukraine will exacerbate the negative supply shocks that are already in place due to COVID-19. Worsening bottlenecks will combine with rising inflation to produce a contraction in global growth and stoke the Hyperinflationary depression. Russia produces 12% of the world’s oil supply and exports 18% of the world’s wheat consumption. Ukraine accounts for 25% of global wheat production. Sanctions and war will slow the economy further and send prices for these vital commodities even higher.

Wheat 2022 03 09

When the prices of oil, gasoline, and natural gas are skyrocketing around the world, we are at an important crossroads in history that could potentially herald a massive economic collapse of Europe, the United States, and WAR/REVOLT.

Energy costs March 8, 2022

  • $1.94.9 per liter of gasoline and rising in Montreal - €2.30 per liter of Diesel in Belgium/The Netherlands. Over $6 per gallon of gasoline in California. Over $4 per gallon of gasoline on the Eastcoast. £ 1.60 per liter in the UK.
  • $376.00 per megawatt-hour for natural gas in Europe.
  • $130.00 - $ 148 per barrel of oil...while Traders are scrambling to cover their positions and hereby kill any price correction.

The energy crisis was set in motion long ago by a series of violent events that the United States and its allies created to take control of the world's dwindling energy supplies and resources. Two decades of war crimes still ongoing against oil-producing nations like Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen, plus their crippling economic sanctions against major independent oil-producing nations like Venezuela, Iran, and Russia, have pushed the world to the brink of economic collapse...see our subscriber section: Education Hall - Peak Oil, Tainter,

Most of the cost of Energy is TAXES!!! Shame on you filthy, politician DOUCHEBAGS. Carbon tax, Sales Tax, Import duties,...you name it. You can give a wrong answer.

The exponential rise in energy prices is not Russia's fault! At this time, Russia continues to supply gas and oil to Europe. It is the United States that has a dictatorial influence on Europe. The US government is waging an economic war against Russia (because of the PETRODOLLAR), which includes disrupting or shutting down all future energy lines that it does not control in Europe. But most of all, the spiking price of Energy (Oil, NartGas) is the consequence of the exponential amounts of fiat money the Central Banks of the West created since the end of 2019.

"The exponential rise in Commodity prices is mainly due to the exponential creation of fiat money since the end of 2019!"

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Important Fundamentals:

  • The Nomad Tax Trap
  • China needs
  • Russia is already accepting payments in yuan
  • What nobody mentions, is that the Ukraine War also is a PETRODOLLAR war.

Important Technicals:

  •  Charts usually lead and the narrative follows. The only way to navigate the financial markets safely, no matter the direction, is through technical analysis. By following assets and money flows, we identify trend changes and move our capital into whatever index, sector, industry, bond, commodity, country, and even currency ETF. By following the money, you become part of new emerging trends and can profit during weak stock or bond conditions.
  • Bullion Banks Now All-Time.

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Friday, March 11, 2022 - Freezing "Bank accounts" is financial tyranny and it not only happens in Canada...but all over the world!

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes,  Royalty Co's, Gold & Silver Majors, 
Crude Oil price, Gold-$
, Silver, Euro and €-Gold, Index In Real Money/Gold,
Long Term Charts,

Screen Shot 2022 03 09 at 3.15.10 PMFreezing "Bank accounts" is financial tyranny and it not only happens in Canada...but all over the world.  All over the Western world, the Cyprus-style bail-in legislation and procedures have been put into place....and soon all those who keep their savings in the Financial Digital system will learn the hard way what it means. 

"Only those with physical Gold & Silver are safe!"

Freezing Bank Accounts Violates Freedom!  If the government doesn’t like your speech or your business, you may face financial tyranny. Truckers protesting Canada's COVID vaccine rules had their bank accounts frozen. “You do have to have a bank account, really, to be able to live,” says law professor Todd Zywicki. Freezing accounts ended the protests quickly. “It’s a very big threat to a free society,” says Zywicki. “We need to tolerate people saying things we don’t like.” But politicians often don’t. If they can silence protest by grabbing your money, they will.


If you think your life will just go on because the war between Russia and Ukraine is on the other side of the globe, think again. We were already dealing with the worst energy crisis since the 1970s before the war broke out, and Russia is one of the largest energy producers on the globe.

As energy markets continue to be shaken, energy prices will soar to unprecedented heights. And as we have documented repeatedly over the past few months and years, the world food crisis has only gotten worse as world food supplies tighten. Normally Russia and Ukraine export huge amounts of food to the rest of the world, but the war is going to change that. We are facing a truly horrific collapse of our food and energy systems, which will affect every man, woman, and child on the entire planet.

Russia and Ukraine together produce nearly a quarter of the world's wheat, feeding billions of people in the form of bread, pasta, and packaged foods. The countries are also major suppliers of barley, sunflower oil, and corn, among other products.

By issuing these sanctions against Russia, the Western leaders pulled our noses and spit in our faces. The day will come "the politicians & their valets the bureaucrats" will pay for this with their life.  Just like happened during the French Revolution.

Russia just completely SMASHED the United States and the EUROZONE. Russia Returns to Gold Standard. This bill has been submitted to the State Duma on March 4, 2022. In one fell swoop, Russia just made the Russian Ruble the single most stable currency in the entire world.

Moreover, they just fucked the US Dollar and the EURO so badly, neither currency is likely to survive. Nobody around the world will favor a US dollar, backed by nothing, from a nation $30 TRILLION in debt, versus a gold-backed Ruble.

The U.S. Dollar being the sole reserve currency for this planet is why wars get waged, and now Russia has completely, totally smashed it. The US is now in an existential crisis. The Us-Dollar has just been utterly smashed by Russia's decision to back the Ruble with Gold.

War with Russia is now a foregone conclusion. The US and Europe have no choice. If the Dollar and the EURO are to survive, Russia must be killed. I hope I am wrong, but the shit is about to hit the fan so badly, we'll be lucky to live through it.

“The more sanctions, the more Hyperinflation and the more pain for the EUSSR & AS and A”.

Communist Stalin was the reason and the motor behind the 1930 starvation. The situation was especially bad in Ukraine, the breadbasket of Europe. The US and Western Europe and other countries have not yet begun to feel the pain of gas and mineral and food shortages. THAT is going to be the real game.

In Lebanon, before the crisis, they had 3 times savings in proportion to GDP, but as the banks kept loaning money to the corrupt government, all the money disappeared in a heartbeat! They marketed the Lebanese central bank as solid and impossible to fail, déjà vue brother. The Lebanese learned the lesson the hard way, but as always others refuse to learn from these mistakes.

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

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Wednesday/Thursday, March 9-10, 2022 - RUSSIA RETURNS TO THE GOLD STANDARD FOR ITS CURRENCY!!!!!

Updated Sections:Rupee Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold, Crude Oil price ,PF-charts in Gold sections,
PF-charts in World Stock Market Indexes section

Screen Shot 2022 03 05 at 11.26.19 AMThe end of Swiss Neutrality. Switzerland has broken away from centuries of neutrality by openly supporting the EU’s sanctions against Russia and therefore Switzerland is no longer a premier jurisdiction for gold ownership and storage. Also, be advised that Physical delivery of Gold and Silver in Switzerland comes with a hefty tax of 7%.

Switserland applies FATCA, CRS and UBO. Simply, a country where one could open and run a NUMBERED account, is now fully playing the COMMUNIST card. Today, one is better off without any assets and/or accounts in the country. Luckily there is better and safer elsewhere. We know where (see subscriber's sections).

Are you keeping physical Gold and/or Silver in Switzerland? Just try to get it delivered abroad...I wish anybody who tries this GOOD LUCK. For a lot of good luck, you will need.

"The Ukraine-Russia War we have because the U.S. and A. are BANKRUPT!"

The war unfolding between Ukraine and Russia is being used by the media to perpetuate a sinister plot to divide and exile entire groups of people and promote the coalition of a world government (Globalism – you will have nothing and be happy). The same people who spooned lies about the Covid-19 pandemic, who demanded national vaccines be provided are now jumping on the Ukraine war wagon.

Are you a SLAVE? Without the freedom to transact, without the right to individual property, you have no other constitutional rights.

It requires money to exercise constitutional rights. But unless money is largely decentralized and non-custodial, a government can control its citizens to a degree not even dreamed of by the likes of Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin.

SeizedCanadian financial institutions froze over 200 individual financial accounts and 253 cryptocurrency addresses. While Trudeau might not even realize it, his actions give us a glimpse of what could be the “end game” for money. And it’s not a pleasant sight. Moreover, getting assets out of Canada becomes very hard...

By freezing the assets of protesting truckers and their financial supporters, Trudeau was interfering with their freedom to transact. In so doing, he was in effect suspending the Canadian Charter of Rights, which gives Canadians the right to freedom of speech and to peaceably assemble. In effect, if you participated in what became known as the Freedom Convoy, or donated money to it, you forfeited the right to function in modern society.

Trudeau’s actions were possible only because your money no longer exists in a physical form that you can control and exchange for merchandise and services. Instead, it’s maintained in a centralized and highly regulated form (banks, brokers, Central Banks, SWIFT,...) that you can use only for permissible purposes as defined by governmental edict.

Canada’s Emergencies Act is a devastating form of civil forfeiture, in which Big Brother seizes your assets with no judicial review or other recourse. And it’s enforceable only because money today largely exists in a centralized and custodial form. It's enforceable because of the very existence of DIGITAL equities/money.

Imagine they now can seize your property, just because you happen to be an American citizen, an EU citizen!? After the Globalists realized how easy it was to freeze the assets of Canadians, the WEST (NATO, EUSSR, USA, UK,...) decided to apply the same non-constitutional rules to Russians. Not only did they seize the property of Russians, but even handicapped Russian sportspeople,... are no longer allowed to participate in international sports events. [a handicapped Russian was taken away the right to participate in the Olympic paramedics' event.  Just because he had a Russian passport. ]

"If you don't pay attention to these events, you risk losing it all. As a matter of fact, I know that you WILL LOSE IT ALL! Today is the time to prepare. Tomorrow will be too late...and this I say because it already is happening NOW!"

The answer is to accumulate non-custodial, decentralized forms of money. That means physical cash (in small quantities) and precious metals. Why keep your money in a bank where it’s merely subject to confiscation at the whim of an elected official? Not to mention being subject to “bail-ins” (ex. Cyprus) if the bank becomes insolvent. Those who still keep their savings with a bank/broker really are out of their mind!

While Trudeau froze domestic accounts, he wasn’t able to use his emergency powers to freeze assets outside the country. That means that keeping a generous portion of your wealth outside of Political reach is an important precaution. But there is more to do.  While the West is seizing the assets of Russians abroad, it all becomes very hard to operate, when assets are owned by specific corporations, trusts, and, foundations, or when funds are wired to 3rd parties.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Get ready for even bigger inflation than you have already seen.

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Important Technicals:

  • The Stock Markets keep correcting and the correction could
  • If no agreement is made with Russia, expect the price of Crude Oil

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Monday/Tuesday, March 7-8, 2022 - Today’s (hyper)inflation is the greatest ROBBERY in the WORLD!

Updated Sections: Euro and €-Gold, Inflation Index, Crude Oil price, Bank & Fin. Shares ,

globalism vs nationalismIn the past two years, we have seen that Western peoples are led worse and more corruptly than any people in past history. The people have been misled about a “Covid pandemic” that was wholly orchestrated. Yes, the virus existed, but the “pandemic” was orchestrated by a PCR (no association) test that yielded up to 97% false positives and is therefore no longer in use. The sheer number of Covid cases was pure fantasy, based on false positives

The other Covid measures have done a lot of harm and no good. The masks turned out to be a cause of disease, not a prevention of disease. The lockdowns have disrupted production, destroyed jobs, businesses, and supply chains, and are behind the current surge in prices.

The Western world, full of its totally unjustified arrogant hubris, deeming itself “exceptional” and entitled to world hegemony, has turned a deaf ear to Russia's offer of a mutual security pact. The idiot serving as US president, the idiot serving as EU president, and the idiot serving as secretary-general of NATO have all stated that, despite Russia's announced red line, the military bases on Russia's borders would continue to expand.

"What the idiot West has done with the sanctions is shooting themselves in both feet and both kneecaps, and in the head."

The sanctions fall on Germany, Europe, and the US. The price of natural gas in Europe has exploded. The price of oil has hit the moon. Food prices, mineral prices (Russia is a major exporter of both) are rising. So the stupid Western “leaders” have added to the inflation of the lockdowns the inflation of the sanctions, and Russia has yet to impose counter-sanctions. Just imagine if Russia cut off gas flows to Europe. Europe depends on Russia for 46% of its gas. The CEO of a European grid operator said that if Russia cuts off the gas, the EU would have to disconnect German industry from the grid. In short, the entire German industry would be shut down.

"The western Insults against Russia point to the powerlessness and irrelevance of the western world."

A very dangerous is the spike we have in energy prices as this impacts all goods and services. Energy is a catalyzer... The supply disruption we first had because of the idiot, non-effective covid-restrictions gets amplified by the sanctions on Russia. You really have to be an ASSHOLE or a politician to keep shooting in your own foot.

russian gasThis is really incomprehensible. Ukraine has been shelling the Donbass Russians for 8 years, killing thousands and maiming many more. And not a peep from the MSM. Don't worry about the Donbass people being blown to pieces by the Ukrainian artillery shelling the villages and towns of the Donbass Russians. Not a peep from the well-paid CIA assets at the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and elsewhere in the Western whore media. 

After COVID-19 and the exponential amounts of fiat money, the politicians and central banks created beginning at the end of 2019, they now are openly blaming Ukraine for the more recent dramatic price hikes.  Towards the end of 2019, the international situation of the financial and banking system was about to collapse (see earlier updates). The spike in REPO rates confirmed it.  The exponential amounts of money created since 2019 are now showing up in the general level of prices and services. The situation is so bad, that the retarded EU and USA politicians start to consider PRICE CONTROLS. Don't we all know that price controls, just like sanctions don't work and always end with empty shelves?

Sanctions, certainly the sanctions imposed by the EUSSR bureaucrats also don't work and basically result in more harm for the west. Sanctions they also imposed (the 1990s) on South Africa because of the Apartheid. The result of the sanctions was that South Africans started to engineer and manufacture all locally. In the end, the country was almost 'self-sufficient'. To become 100% 'self-sufficient' and to resolve the shortage of Oil they had to invade Angola.  When South African forces were about to take Luanda,  Americans declared that they would intervene military if the South Africans didn't retreat. Next, the spine of the SA-army was fired and the army was destroyed.

I wonder how long this video will be available?! A MUST WATCH - note that CNN and BBC reporters left Russia immediately after the new misinformation legislation was voted into power.

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Important Fundamentals:


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Important Technicals:

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coffee 2022 03 03
copper 2022 03 03
Wheat 2022 03 03
Dutch TTF 2022 03 03

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Friday, March 4, 2022 - The US, EU, UK, and Nato Just Committed Suicide. Putin is not the enemy, our Western leaders are.

Updated Sections: US Dollar, Gold-$, Silver, Crude Oil price evolution, Euro and €-Gold , 

3bb8d595 6c70 4958 9082 ef77eacd1c16Power is something that very few people understand. None of the ignorant and corrupt fools at the helm of the US government, the EU, the UK, and Nato understand it. Unlimited power is the ability to pull a gun out of your holster, walk up to someone and shoot them in the head with no consequences. Of course, there are lots of variations on the same concept but it is the ability to kill someone who has done nothing to you and not pay a price.

Even unlimited power has limits. Trudeau discovered that a week ago. Trudeau has been lying about the nature of the protests for weeks and between dumb and dumber they thought they could get away with invoking the Emergencies Act for the first time in history.

"This is a battle between NATIONALISM and GLOBALISM!"

So Trudeau told the banks to start seizing the bank accounts of Canadians who had donated funds to what was a perfectly legal and peaceful protest. People who had donated as little as $50 had their entire bank accounts seized and no legal way to challenge the theft. When the banks started locking down accounts, everyone who had ever contributed a cent to the protestors went down to the bank and demanded their money back...This was becoming a bank run.

Even the best run and most financed bank in the world has to close its doors when there is a bank run. The entire banking system in Canada froze and this was the real reason Trudeau did a 180-degree turn overnight. Trudeau was told by the banks that unless he wanted to kill the entire economy of Canada, they had to cut out the stupid shit.

Putin demanded only two things. One was the US/Nato to honor the written agreement they made thirty years ago. Putin doesn’t want nuclear weapons on his neighbor’s front porch. JFKennedy wanted the same thing in 1962 and that certainly seems reasonable to me. And two, he wanted Ukraine to honor their written agreement that they would talk with the breakaway republics directly in accordance with the Minsk II agreement they signed in 2016.

"If the West doesn't come to Putin's terms, he will wreck Ukraine!"

If the US/Nato and Ukraine didn’t honor what they agreed to in writing and Ukraine continued to shell Donbass, he would attack Ukraine. The reason the entire world has their panties in a wad is that a world leader said he was going to do something and then he did it. The US/Nato, the EU, Japan, even Finland couldn’t come to grips with the concept of a leader doing exactly what he said he was going to do.

defense ministersA dangerous idea that easily could start a nuclear war would be the act of war of invoking total sanctions on Russia. For a simple practical reason. When you fire a weapon there is blowback. Russia supplies 9% of the world’s oil and a massive amount of natural gas for Europe. If Germany can’t get Russian gas or oil because of sanctions or tossing Russia out of the SWIFT banking system you might as well close most of your economy down. [At this time, EU factories already are shutting down production because certain parts are missing...and expensive ENERGY will severely boost consumer prices (inflation). Will the Globalists also try to blame Putin for it?]

"The economic and financial consequences of the Russian sanctions have a far deeper impact on the West than they realize so far."

Can Europeans really afford $200 a barrel of oil because if they can’t pay for Russian fuel, that’s what it is going to cost? Food prices will go through the roof because Russia also supplies much of the fertilizer to the world. Farmers are already feeling the pinch. Inflation is about to go into overdrive. In Communist California, gas is already costing almost as much as in Europe.

Putin wants secure borders. Just fucking give it to him. The US/Nato started this war. And frankly, the smartest national leaders the West (America, EU, UK,..) has today are dumber than a box of rocks.

Putin has said that if the SWIFT system is cut off to Russia, it would be an act of war and he would respond. He has nuclear missiles and hypersonic missiles on the rails. You never know with Putin, he might just do exactly what he said he would do. Putin has been very patient and the West is acting very irresponsible...Last but not least, if the EUSSR idiots act like idiot Trudeau in Canada (where a bank run was about to happen) and kick Rusland out of SWIFT, I think that they at the same time can forget SWIFT altogether. Financial institutions will start to mistrust it...and seek alternatives.  Conclusion: the longer the sanctions against Russia are in place, the more severe problems the West will have. Putin knows this all too well and is therefore in NO RUSH. Time is on his side.

Got Physical Gold and Silver? Buy Gold, Don’t Trust The Banks! The world is being tested to the extreme. Right now, as individuals, the best thing you can do for yourself is to buy protection, and that means PHYSICAL gold. Even under the best scenarios, a lot of turmoil lies ahead before we reach the other side, and gold will be the best way to get through it in good shape.

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Wednesday/Thursday, March 2-3, 2022 - It is impossible to Payback $150 trillion of debt with a budget deficit of $3 trillion per year!

Updated Sections: Real Estate in Real Money(section), Uranium Shares, Natural Gas & shares,

"It is impossible to Payback $150 trillion of debt with a budget deficit of $3 trillion per year! The other solution is to declare bankruptcy. This is exactly what Russia did in 1989". 

expensive oilThe problems in the world revolve around the rapidly dying financial system and a “coming global bankruptcy.” We are looking at $4 quadrillion of global debt, and we are looking at the end of the Bretton Woods economic model. There is much at stake for the liberals (democrats, communists, socialists) because their model, which is based on infinite growth, is rapidly coming to an end.

"The Western World is in for hardship and poverty never seen before. Just look at what happened to the Soviet Union when it broke up in 1989-91."

Between 1991 and 1998, 26 million Soviet citizens died. It was caused by starvation, depression, drugs, alcohol, and all kinds of things. Most importantly, it was because 40% of the Russians lost everything that they saved over the history of their country. . . . In 1989, in the entire Soviet satellite space, there were around 500 million people in the Soviet Union. There were only 14 million people living under the poverty line. That’s 14 million out of 500 million people. In 1996, just seven years later, 168 million were people living under the poverty line. The same thing is going to happen to the West and the United States. . . .Note: I personally saw how in 1990, East-European farmers tried to protect their crops with BARB WIRE.

"What is coming, will be at least two times worse than what happened in the 1929 to 1933 period."

What is coming, will be at least two times worse than what happened in the 1929 to 1933 period.  That means future generations are going to be infinitely worse off than my generation. . . It means the standard of living in the West is going to be something they have never in their lives imagined.  The kinds of things coming to America and to the West is what we already see on television.  We have President Biden who is suffering DEMENTIA and these lousy democrats like Harris, Pelosi. In the West, we have a DWARF by the name of Ursula and a potato face by the name of Charles Michel who are running the EU show. Most local leaders are complete retards and psychopaths: Rutte, Marcon, the UK with Boris, Italy with Draghi, Belgium fils-a-papa Decroo, weird Scholtz in Germany, ...they are all fit for the Asylum. Instead, they control whole countries. 

Why Do We Have to Suffer Higher Gas Prices if RUSSIA Isn't Suffering? President Biden just admitted that "NO ONE expected" his threat to sanction Russia to actually "prevent anything from happening." Then what was the point? Everything you're seeing the White House (and the EU-top) does is a show because the USA (and the EU) is STILL buying Russian oil. Meanwhile, Biden and Dwarf Ursula Van der Weyden are telling the US and the EU to prepare for skyrocketing gas prices. This all doesn't make a lot of sense...

"Those who keep trusting the Digital Financial System are in serious trouble."

What would you do if you went to the ATM and found that you couldn’t access the money in your bank account? Many Canadians recently suffered this unsettling experience. Customers of five major Canadian banks reported mysterious online banking outages last week after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he was invoking emergency powers. ….More recently, people in Ukraine and Russia live the same experience.

What would you do when all of a sudden you couldn't access the portfolio you are running with your broker. We know such is happening on a regular basis and people often are blocked for stupidities and it can take months until they are allowed to access their account again.

"Swift also is part of the DIGITAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM. Not allowing Russians to use the Swift system will make international payments harder, but not impossible."

Follow the money -  For those who ask: “Why does Ukraine matter? “

The Ukraine crisis is not what you are being told by the MSM!

Ukraine ranks: This article is so good that it is for premium members only.

Real Estate will NOT protect you. On the contrary. Real Estate is a CONSUMER product and a liability.

real estate pinWe have a massive housing bubble — even bigger than the one that popped in 2007 and led to the 2008 financial crisis. And the Fed has the pin in its hand. It’s about raising interest rates. Mortgage rates will go up right along with them. And it’s already tapering its purchase of mortgage-backed securities. Even if they don't raise interest rates, this market will crash as the Real Spending Power of the consumers is being destroyed by the (hyper)inflation. At the same time, the landlords will see their tiny profit margin taken away by higher maintenance costs, higher taxation, and last but not least RENT CONTROLS.

A comparison between the runup to 2008 and today.

The bubble that developed from 2002 to 2007 peaked at around a 47 % price increase, before plummeting by 20 percent from 2007 to the first quarter of 2009. If we see a similar pattern emerge for the bubble that has been developing since roughly 2012, click here for more

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Tuesday, March 1, 2022 - Putin is ready for a worst-case scenario. We have blatant interventions by the FED, ECB, BIS, PPT,...Gold Pool!

Updated Sections: most charts in the Gold sections, Natural Gas & shares, Uranium Shares

Most people are COWARDS and with Covid, we've learned that "Obedience" is on the rise and so is Tyranny (Authoritarianism). Just look around you and see how easy it is to make people wear this unhealthy mask without asking any further questions.

start the war

The problem we now have is that because of the WAR situation, one can no longer trust the MSM (and we already could not trust these, could we?) as they have become 100% Government propaganda instruments.  RT (a Russian media) and other Russian Media have been banned in Germany. The fact is that Russia probably has the most advanced Army in the World with supersonic intercontinental nuclear rockets.

Now that the Covid-19 fear cycle is coming to an end politicians have no more arrows to cure the disaster they created: extremely high levels of debt, a derailing financial system, exponential creation of fiat money, everywhere bubbles,...a.o. force them to resort to WAR. So instead, of solving an 8-year old problem (the Minsk agreement), they now use Ukraine as a scapegoat.

It is interesting to see how Western Leaders react in a ridicule and idiot way by issuing these sanctions. It really makes me think of a "kindergarten" and of "fools running the "Asylum". The reality is that they and their citizens end up being the real subjects of the sanctions: the cost of oil & natural gas is spiking, the cost of agriculturals & fertilizer is spiking, the financial system is again coming under a lot of pressure (see below in the subscribers' section). Note: The irony is that in the EU, oil, and gas products are TAXED by an average of 60%. This proves how dearly the EU politicians love their subjects.

"The irony is that in the EU, oil, and gas products are TAXED by an average of 60%."

Screen Shot 2022 02 26 at 12.41.50 PMApart from Nordstream I and Nordstream II most pipelines run through Ukraine. If our brilliant, super-intelligent German politicians decide to close Nordstream I, Putin only has to close the Ukrainian pipelines, and Germans, Italians,...will have no more fuel, gasoline, natural gas,...and are back to the Middle Ages. Note that the super-intelligent Germans are also in a process of closing their Nuclear Power stations and building more gas-powered stations. Super-Intelligent Dutch however win the Oscar. Instead of using and exporting the billions of natural gas reserves they have in the north of the country, they prefer to import it. Canada is not much better. Instead of using their oil & gas reserves in Alberta, they prefer to import them from the Middle East.

After what happened in Canada (frozen bank accounts), the same is now also happening in other Western countries. More accounts are being frozen. After the accounts of Russians in the UK and the West are frozen, Russia, in turn, freezes the accounts of Wester Europeans in Russia. Such is possible because of the digitalization of all financial accounts.  With the help of the CRS and UBO registers, it has become extremely easy to freeze/seize whatever authorities and bankers/brokers decide to freeze and to size.

Our conviction is that the odds that they will deny Russia access to SWIFT is extremely small. No SWIFT means that the west will have to pay for the Russian Oil & Gas with Physical Gold. Also, more and more countries and investors realize the U.S.A. has a dramatic and growing deficit in the Balance of Trade, is printing Dollars to pay for the imports, and last but not least, because it still is a reserve currency, is using the Dollar as a weapon...in order to blackmail non-compliant countries. Therefore, more and more countries will liquidate their dollar holdings and this will add to bearish pressure on the US-Dollar.

This is a very different story: This is NOT an Invasion! - MSM cuts her off then deletes the Interview.


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