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THE FED, ECB, BoJ and Bank of England will be forced into Hyperinflation


golden egges US and Canadian markets will be closed on Friday for the Good Friday holiday. Most EU-markets will be closed on Eastern Monday. Next update is due middle of next week.

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Human beings are born free. We do not come into this world owing anything to anyone, least of all some politician. Most people go their entire lives with a single passport, a single nationality, they have no other choice. That's why they can treat you like a Medieval serf. Everybody can however obtain other passports and other nationalities. In many ways it's the ultimate insurance policy. You can obtain residency in Panama, and in a few year's time, apply to become a naturalized citizen. The cost of doing this is relatively low, particularly given the value of having a second passport. In a place like Panama, it's incredibly easy because you don't have to spend any meaningful time in the country during the process....more

Friday April 18, 2014 - Hard to remain polite if you have to discuss important matters with uneducated people -

yuanUpdated sections:

It's a FACT , Chinese government has allowed the usage of Russian currency, the ruble, along with the yuan, in the city of Suifenhe on the Sino-Russian border in northeast China. Suifenhe, sometimes called “the capital” of Chinese-Russian trade, will become the first site in the republic since its founding in 1949 where a foreign currency can freely circulate, Xinhua agency reported Sunday. The Chinese will be able to make bank deposits and withdrawals in Russian rubles, and also use rubles to pay for goods and services.  The US-Dollar is quickly loosing its status of reserve currency...

Inflation is a more than proportional rise of the Money Supply.

Interesting are following charts: $-Gold and Money supply. See how the money supply has affected the price for $-Gold.

Money supply aug11 Gold  Money supply Money supply dec12

I'm off Base, You're not even in the BallPark! Hard to stay polite if one has to discuss important matters with uneducated people...

Needless to say that Authorities, Banksters and Politicians will do all within their power to keep the LIE about inflation ALIVE. Needless to say that none will explain to you how it works and what the fazes of inflation towards hyperinflation are. Needless to say that they will keep the story alive that inflation can be measured by measuring the CPI (consumer price index) for this is the key statistic for their lies..we do..click here

under waterDuring (hyper)inflationary recessions and depressions the price of REAL ESTATE always comes down. For millions of Americans still stuck in homes with mortgages bigger that the house is worth, the long slog back to dry land is getting longer. Nationwide, plummeting prices from the housing collapse in 2007 left more than a quarter of all homeowners with a mortgage owing more than their home was worth. Now, the recovery in home prices in many parts of the country has helped lift some underwater homeowners back above water. But as the rebound in home prices has slowed in recent months, so has the recovery process for those still submerged with negative equity, according to the latest data from RealtyTrac.  "I'd expect to see this process of digging out of the hole slow down in 2014 because we expect home price appreciation to slow down in 2014," said RealtyTrac vice president Daren Blomquist. "We're already seeing that in the smaller decrease in underwater homeowners over the last quarter."..more

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Thursday April 17, 2014 - Is this the start of World War III ? - got gold?

WWIIIUpdated sections:

Complex societies and expensive energy don't mix. EDWARD LUCAS: I hope I'm wrong but historians may look back and say this was the start of World War III - Vladimir Putin is striking at the heart of the West - We can chose to surrender any responsibility we have to protect Ukraine and the Baltic states - Or we can mount a last-ditch attempt to deter Russia from furthering its imperial ambitions - If we choose to resist Putin, we will risk a terrifying miltary escalation - I do not think it an exaggeration to say this could bring us to the brink of nuclear war...more

And Nigel Farage also knows it!

Financial Markets understand the War and ENERGY risk and I see clear indications that Oil shares, drillers, Natural Gas and Uranium are getting renewed attention of the markets. The nuclear power industry received a springtime Christmas present this week. The world’s authoritative climate science group Sunday threw its arms around nuclear energy, among others, as a future source for powering economies. The industry’s share of global electricity generation has been falling since 1993...more

The Western world cannot survive when benefit takers outnumber the private sector workers. The problem is not limited to Europe, France, Belgium but has also become an American one. In the USA 147,802,000 non-veteran benefit takers outnumber the 86,429,000 full-time private sector workers 1.7 to 1. How much more can the 86,429,000 endure? Most people don't realize that for example each Petty Government official takes away the jobs of two workers in the private sector and that only the private sector has to generate income to pay for the Government officials...more 

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Wednesday April 16, 2014 - a reset, a bail-in, an operation Gutt, a remake of Cyprus...are you prepared?

what goes aroundUpdated sections: Banks & Financials, Natural Gas, Crude Oil , Coal ,  Agriculturals , Dollar Fundamentals ,

What goes around, comes around.  Putin is serving the USA and the West EXACTLY the same game served to him in Syria and Kiev (West-Ukraine).  With Ukraine the World basically has a second front. An escalation is certainly plausible as the conflict is based on ENERGY. Ukraine is a school book example for the principle of Complex Societies and Expensive Energy which cannot survive together (see Education section). Either a Complex society falls apart in smaller entities which are more economical to manage or either the price of energy has to come down...

The Western Authorities are talking about PRICE DEFLATION at a time where it becomes obvious that PRICE INFLATION is about to resume. Typical I would say as Authorities live in an Ivory Tower and by definition are running behind the facts and are therefore only able to stem the small leaks.

The RESET takes so much time to prepare because it implicates so many countries: all the EU-countries (Europe has 18 souvereign countries), the Northern Countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland), the USA, Russia, China, India, Iran, Argentina,...

Those who keep chasing %%%% could end up with 'nothing' because they were too busy with short term satisfaction and failed to put their savings out of Political Reach.  It is amazing that although so many WARNINGS are given by the (financial) Authorities, so few do what they have to do...  As usual everybody who decides to DO NOTHING has a good reason...like 1939 any Jew deciding NOT to leave Europe had a good reason.

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Tuesday April 15, 2014 - it pays to look at the long term picture to better understand the short term -

Tax-the-RichUpdated sections:

If you have money, you are GAME and if you belong to the Middle class, you're next to be served! ‘If you’re evading tax, we’ll find you’ The UK Chancellor George Osborne is tightening the screws on the tax dodging UK super-rich, as he’s proposing to increase fines for those who hide their money in offshore tax havens and send them to jail even if they didn’t intend to evade tax. “We are changing the balance of the law so the burden of proof falls on those who are hiding their money offshore and we don't have to prove that they intended to do so,” as the Financial Times quotes George Osborne, who has been at the International Monetary Fund meeting in Washington DC...more

The Recovery sits around the corner...Food Stamp Recipients Outnumber Women Who Work Full-Time. People participating in the food stamp program outnumbered the women who worked full-time, year-round in the United States in 2012, according to data from the Department of Agriculture and the Census Bureau. In the average month of 2012, according to the Department of Agriculture, there were 46,609,000 people participating in the food stamp program.(the total population of the USA is about 320,000,000).

BRICS countries to set up their own IMF. Very soon, the IMF will cease to be the world's only organization capable of rendering international financial assistance. The BRICS countries are setting up alternative institutions, including a currency reserve pool and a development bank...more

Stock markets are not extremely expensive... certainly not when taking into account the dramatic explosion of the Worldwide Money Supply

PE 1880 to now

Bonds are extremely expensive but can still get more expensive...at least in the short run.

TLT 20 year LT chart

Stock markets are bearish when expressed in Gold or Real Money...also visit the section of Stock Market indexes in Real Money...click here

golddow since1915

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Monday April 14, 2014 - Will a stock market trend reversal scare investors into Safe Havens: Gold & silver, Miners & Bonds?

No major crash has ever been forecasted by the Mainstream Media - Corrections during Bull Markets are swift and violent - Markets climb a wall of worry and fall off a cliff of euphoria - in financial markets correlations can for no apparent reasons change overnight -

Updated sections: World Stock Market Indexes , Long Term Stock Exchange charts , Gold & Silver Majors ,

Fiscal agreement signed between the USA and Belgium about the exchange of (bank) financial information between both countries. I expected this...Belgium and the United States are to sign a treaty on 23 April that will allow the automatic exchange of bank data from accounts held in both countries. News of the so-called FATCA Treaty was broke by the Belgian Finance Minister. The new treaty "will lead to improved enforcement of international fiscal obligations”.

 The American Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was set up to tackle tax evasion by American with foreign bank accounts.  The conditions of new treaty will come into force September 2015.


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Friday April 11, 2014 - Keep your savings out of political reach and internationally diversified -

Updated sections: US-Dollar, Euro/$ , Natural gas shares , Shares are real assets , 
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Important is to understand that if you're holding SHARES you are holding REAL ASSETS and not a currency. Shares are participations in corporations (click here for more) and to give an example, IBM is quoted in different currencies: US-Dollar, Can-Dollar, Euro, Sterling, Yen, Swiss franc,...If the exchange rate of one of these currencies falls or rises by for example by 10%, the quotation of the share expressed in the said currency is automatically adjusted through arbitrage.

A flash crash is possible at all times - see investment pyramid for a protection structure. A crash however is NEVER announced by the Mainstream Media and it never will !

The co-heads of Goldmans global markets said, “Unless there are some changes, there’s going to be a massive crash, a flash crash times ten.“  Think about this for a moment, the “flash crash” was 1,000 Dow points down in about an hour…with the Dow trading at 70% of where it is now…….then, multiply this by 10!!!  Will it happen?  I don’t know, Isuspect something like this will but I do know that something like this “COULD” happen.  I can say this simply because of the debt outstanding and the “$1 quadrillion+” number of outstanding derivatives.  The conditions do exist…and apparently Goldman knows this and I believe that they are acting on this knowledge. To wrap this up, they said “unless there are some changes,” my take is that Goldman has decided that no changes have been made.  They have made the decision to get out of the way of the coming financial train wreck.  It is what “we” have expected all along but the important thing is that Goldman Sachs…who would never leave a feast unless all that was left was crumbs…is getting up and leaving.  Maybe you should too!

People are used to look at things in a political way. Such is extremely dangerous Populism: it incorrectly tells people Capitalism is BAD and All is well Mme La Marquise. After WW II Argentina was - like Venezuela - one of the richest (capitalist) countries in the world. However since Peron took over the country has been run by morons. Since Nixon took over, the USA has been run by morons. Since we have the EU,  Europe is run by morons...

Ultimately DEBT forced a moratorium upon Argentina. All Pesos in the accounts were frozen. Foreign currencies were seized and forcebly converted in Pesos.

People who refused to open their eyes and read between the lines lost most of their fortunes. Best case scenario they could escape the country with what was left...after the breakdown. Worst case scenario, they got stuck...with nothing !

Important Technicals: see subscriber's section

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Thursday April 10, 2014 - Propaganda is all over the world -

Updated sections: Investment Pyramid, £-Gold , 

snake oilAbout Snake Oil and Crude Oil.

Authorities will use anything they can (incl. Propaganda) to mislead the public. There is a basic shortage of LIQUID ENERGY (crude oil) and Fracking and other sources of green energy will only be able to cover the shortage for so long. Over time it will become clear that Nuclear Power stations will have to be restarted (Japan) and new ones will have to be built. Fracking will only serve as a short term relief. Having said this, the MARGINAL COST of Fracking Oil is a lot higher than the marginal cost of Crude Oil. Therefore the odds that the price of crude oil falls under the $75 are ZERO.

Note the growing shortage of Crude Oil (grey) on the graph below.

2014-04-02 08.53.47 am

Investing has to be done with reason and logic. You can't kiss all girls and if you do, you'll get sick. Very important is to be invested in the RIGHT SECTORS so that...if you have a whiplash (correction) you know that this in only temporary.

Shares listed in the Daily Update if the subscriber's section will double in price (+100%) over the next months: add to your positions to bring down your average cost NOW and/or initiate New Positions NOW!

Are you also sucking your thumb!? or are you preparing yourself?

Wednesday April 9, 2014 - Ukraine or complex societies cannot survive with expensive energy

green jobsUpdated sections:

Expensive Energy and Complex societies NEVER go together. Ukraine is a country with a DRAMATIC energy problem and is only one of the countries which will fall apart. After the Crimea, will see East Ukraine breaking loose of Kiev...After Ukraine other countries will follow the same path: Spain, France, Belgium, Britain,...But secession we probably also will see in the US of A. More in the Education sections and Tainter. Green energy and Fracking only functions as temporary relays between OIL ENERGY and NUCLEAR ENERGY.

Even California has plans to divide the State into 6 parts. The proposal to split California into six separate states "deserves to die a quick death," according to Steven Maviglio, a co-founder of OneCalifornia. His group is pushing back against the idea that Californians would be better served if California was split into six states, each with their own government. Tim Draper, a venture capitalist from San Francisco, says that he has received nearly all of the 800,000 signatures needed to get the question of partitioning California on the ballot for the November elections. Having received worldwide attention, the petition continues to spark debate across the country. Maviglio speaks to RT's Ameera David about the proposal and his campaign against it.

Following shares all show a Bottom, a Breakout, a Backtest and a Bullish Cross of the Moving Averages...Targets show profits ranging from +100% to + 200%

share one share two
share three share four

Important Technicals: see subscriber's sections

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Tuesday April 8, 2014 - the deeper a depression, the larger the part of society  voting left and red -

Updated sections: $-Gold , Silver, US-Dollar , €-Gold & €/$ , Aussie-Gold & Aussie/$/€ , Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€ ,

Banker # 16 has been killed: In the principality of Lichtenstein the CEO of local financial institution Bank Frick & Co. AG, Juergen Frick, was shot dead in the underground garage of the bank located in the city of Balzers.

1) David Bird, 55, long-time reporter for the Wall Street Journal working at the Dow Jones news room
2) Tim Dickenson, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG
3) William Broeksmit, 58, former senior manager for Deutsche Bank
4) Ryan Henry Crane, age 37, JP Morgan
5) Li Junjie, 33, Hong Kong JP Morgan
6) Gabriel Magee, 39, age JP Morgan employee
7) Mike Dueker, 50, who had worked for Russell Investments
8) Richard Talley, 57, was the founder and CEO of American Title (real estate titles)
9) James Stuart Jr. 70, Former National Bank of Commerce CEO was found dead in Scottsdale, Ariz
10) Jason Alan Salais, 34 year old IT Specialist at JPMorgan since 2008
11) Autumn Radtke, 28, CEO of First Meta, a Singapore-based virtual currency trading platform
12) Eddie Reilly, 47, investment banker, Vertical Group, New York
13) Kenneth Ballando, 28, investment banker, Levy Capital, New york
14) Joseph A. Giampapa, 55, corporate bankruptcy lawyer, JP Morgan Chase
15) Jan Peter Schmittmann, 57, voormalig topbestuurder ANB/AMRO
16) Juergen Frick, 48, CEO Bank Frick & Co AG, Liechtenstein.

petrodollarThe Petrodollar is the Achilles heel of the US-Dollar and something many don't understand. As more and more world trade (OIL, NATURAL GAS) is invoiced and paid in NON-DOLLAR-CURRENCIES this increasingly undermines the Dollar...until the Greenback breaks though its support level. When this happens, HELL will break loose and NO CENTRAL BANK nor the FED will be unable to halt the crash of the DOLLAR.

The existence of “petrodollars” is one of the pillars of America’s economic might because it creates a significant external demand for American currency, allowing the US to accumulate enormous debts without defaulting. If a Japanese buyer want to buy a barrel of Saudi oil, he has to pay in dollars even if no American oil company ever touches the said barrel. Dollar has held a dominant position in global trading for such a long time that even Gazprom’s natural gas contracts for Europe are priced and paid for in US dollars. Until recently, a significant part of EU-China trade had been priced in dollars.

Important Technicals:

  • Check the xxxxxxx for the GLD & SLV ETF's and for $-Gold and Silver for ......more in the subscriber's sections
  • The correlation between the exchange rate of the xxxx and the xxxxxx and xxxxx (see golden line on candle chart) is AMAZING!

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Monday April 7, 2014 - If you are banking in Europe, better take your marbles and run before it's too late -

 Updated sections:

This is #14  : ABN-Amro banker Jan Peter Schittmann, wife and daughter found death in their home.

European banks (incl. Deutsche Bank, UBS, Credit Suisse, Paribas, Soc. Gen...) are in terrible shape compared to US banks. Even German banks have been on a lending binge to creditors who now appear to be in financial trouble; and with 30- or 40-1 leverage, they could easily see their capital fall below zero. Despite modest bank deleveraging across the Eurozone since early 2012…See section of Banks & Financials.

More bullish technical indications for the Gold & Silver sector.


Important Technicals:

  • There is a ongoing rotation out of common stocks into Commodity stocks, the Gold & Silver sector, Oil stocks, Uranium stocks. Therefore one ....more in the subscriber's section.

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April 4, 2014 - Come and see Peter Schiff life in Belgium on April 22, 2014 -

Updated sections:

Will Walmart shoppers support "Every Day High Wages?"

 Occupy Wall Street. Economics and Financial people can be funny !


April 3, 2014 - please don't listen to the deflation propaganda for hyperinflation we shall see -

Updated sections: Inflation , Oil Shares , Platinum , Uranium , 

The Commodity indexes expresses in US-Dollar and Euro show a distinct and clear BREAKOUT. At a time where the Mainstream Media overwhelm the public with DEFLATION, the signs of the upcoming Hyperinflation have become visible to all. What many don't understand is that we have a Hyper-inflationary Depression. A Depression is a negative growth of the economy. The hyperinflation we have because the Authorities have to create exponential amounts of additional money in an attempt to kick-start the economy. Something which by definition is IMPOSSIBLE.

Real GDP 2014

Inflation is a more than proportional growth of the money supply..and this is EXACTLY what we have. Those advocating we shall have DEFLATION are illiterates (to keep it nice).

The breakout on the CCI commodities index will correspond to another upleg in the bull market for commodities and to another leg in the bear market for the US-dollar.

crimeIf the tax authorities make life impossible, people MOVE to other countries. This is exactly what Depardieu and other French citizens did. This is exactly what many Dutch citizens did by moving to Belgium. Change your residency as far easier than you think and by doing so, you bring immediate relief: the end of being Witch hunted by the Tax-witch-hunter-general. Pensioned people often dramatically improve their position dramatically to change their Permanent Residence to a country which doesn't has the bad habit of Legally taking away people's lifetime savings. The alternate is to end as a naked chicken!

It is the moral duty of any citizen to ensure capital is preserved for future use by himself, his children and/or grand-children. Whatever story is sold by the Authorities and Mainstream Media, it is IMMORAL to Legally steal the savings (capital) of the citizens of a country in order to CONSUME it. Capital will be requested to kick-start the economy of a society AFTER the Socialists and Communists have been chased away, have been killed or realize that taking the Money of the Others to keep a society alive doesn't work.

Rome was built on marches and destroyed by Inflation (hidden taxation) and taxes.

Important Technicals:

  • see subscriber's section

Nigel Farage against a Patented LIAR:

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April 2, 2014 - the present correction of the Gold & Silver sector is normal and was expected -

Updated sections: $-Gold, €-Gold , Natural Gas, 
The gold price is driven down into the paper futures market by naked short selling by the Fed's dependent bullion banks

Some people have a hard time accepting this fact even though it is known That the big banks have manipulated the LIBOR ( London Interbank Overnight Rate - London 's equivalent of the Fed Funds rate ) interest rate and the twice -daily London gold price fix. Although there is a manipulation of the Gold & Silver sector  NO secular trend line was broken and the views remain positive. My belief is that they will NEVER succeed in a trend line break . ( see PF chart in blue fields )

money supply and gold april2014

Although an increasing Deflation propaganda, exponential money printing is A REALITY and such ALWAYS results in Hyperinflation. See Education Sections.

Both Technical and Fundamental analysis tell us that Gold & Silver should soon go up very fast and rise very high. At least this will be the case for PHYSICAL Gold.  I think you soon will not even be able to buy physical gold ... and it can happen overnight .  As a matter of fact such always happens overnight! The only thing is that it is extremely difficult, if possible at all to forecast WHEN such is to happen.

The idea of Bitcoin is great. It does however lack several fundamental factors to make it MONEY. Assuming BITCOIN survives, there is no doubt that some day it will be worth over $ 500,000. Only the $500,000 will only buy TWO EGGS.

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April 1st, 2014 - exponentials are extremely dangerous and often take people by surprise -

Joseph-Giampapa-JP-MorganUpdated Sections: Crude Oil , 

 JP Morgan attorney was killed after he was struck by a minivan while riding his bike, the 13th suspicious death to hit the industry since January

 COLUMBUS, OHIO (INTELLIHUB) — A high level JP Morgan bankruptcy attorney has been killed in an incident involving a man who has not been charged with a crime.  The incident was initially reported as a hit and run, but days later the local police claimed that a suspect had immediately turned himself in.

 JP Morgan lawyer Joseph Giampapa, age 56, was reportedly hit by a minivan and thrown 150 ft, he was later pronounced dead at the scene. Giampapa was biking north on Troy-Sidney Road, near Loy Road, outside of Piqua, in Ohio, just after 11 a.m. on Saturday, when the minivan struck him from behind, Miami County Deputy Todd Tennant said.

 If authorities are able to keep the system alive through manipulation, there is no reason for panic!?

An increasing amount of financial analysts know that the "markets are rigged" and a growing part of the public and investors incorrectly tend to believe the manipulation can go on for another 5 to 10, 20 years.

stable unstableWhat most fail to understand is that the financial system doesn't sit in a stable but rather in an unstable equilibrium. I compare it with an F-16 which is an unstable airplane. When flying a stable airplane, natural forces automatically return the airplane to NORMAL after a faulty maneuver.  When the computer controlling an F-16 fails, it becomes impossible to fly the airplane and it crashes.

This is exactly what I expect for the Financial System....as soon as we have AN UNEXPECTED ACCIDENT, the system will fail. The music stops and it becomes impossible to act. The Herd sees that the Emperor has no clothes and Fiat Paper money and Bank deposits become worthless overnight.

It was almost excatly five years ago to the day, on April 10, 2009, that Zero Hedge - widely mocked at the time by "experts" - began its crusade against HFT and the perils of algorithmic trading (which of course were validated a year later with the Flash Crash). In the interim period we wrote hundreds if not thousands of articles discussing and explaining the pernicious, parasitic and destabilizing role HFT plays in modern market topology, and how with every passing day, markets are becoming increasingly more brittle, illiquid and, in one word, broken.

We not only have RIGGED MARKETS but also PROPAGANDA. Through propaganda, the Authorities make us believe "All is well Mme. La Marquise" . Most people who didn't have a financial nor economic training and for many people who had a Keynes-Friedman training, this is a decent answer. And after all, if they could manipulate the system for years and keep it alive, WHY would they not be able to keep it alive for another decennial?

The exponential which will stop the music is the DEBT, is INTEREST !

The math behind a sovereign debt collapse in both Japan, the UK, the EU-zone and the United States is exponential.  I think so much of the quiescence in yields in the bond markets in America, the UK, the EU-zone and Japan depends on confidence. So it’s really in the best interest of all Authorities to do everything they can to maintain that confidence at all costs.  And when someone comes on TV, or in the financial media, and threatens the already fragile confidence that exists today, apparently decisions are now being made to censor. I laid out in no uncertain terms that the Federal Reserve, the BoE, the Bank of England and the Bank of Japan have laid the groundwork for insolvency, and set up these bond markets for a tremendous interest rate shock. The only way to postpone the rise of interest rates and the financial system to blow up is to increase the money supply in an exponential way. Apparently today both the ECB and Janet have discovered that what Goldonomic has been explaining and advocating during the last years is BITTER REALITY. This has severe consequences for all investors...see investment pyramid and other subscriber's sections.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, easing investor concern that interest rates may rise earlier than previously forecast, said the world’s biggest economy will need Fed stimulus for “some time.” Yellen said today the Fed hasn’t done enough to combat unemployment even after holding interest rates near zero for more than five years and pumping up its balance sheet to $4.23 trillion with bond purchases. “This extraordinary commitment is still needed and will be for some time, and I believe that view is widely shared by my fellow policy makers,” Yellen said at a community development conference in Chicago. “The scars from the Great Recession remain, and reaching our goals will take time.”

As it turns out, raising taxes, over regulation of everything, and chasing away your most productive citizens is NOT the path to prosperity.

Devastating losses for the Socialists and a tale of what is to be expected for the EU-elections this coming May.

A CRUSHING defeat at French local elections has intensified pressure on François Hollande to reshuffle his government. At a second round of voting on March 30th, Mr Hollande’s Socialist Party lost over 150 towns, most of them to the opposition centre-right. This morning, the French president was holed up at the Elysée, the presidential palace, consulting close advisers over reshuffle plans, which could be announced as early as today..more

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