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"Normally, at this time of year writers tend to turn their thoughts toward making predictions for the upcoming year. My own belief is that this practice has turned into a Fool's Game; as the saturation-level corruption in our markets and endemic propaganda from the Corporate Media mean that rationality is out the window."

Friday december 28, 2012 - If you think education is expensive, wait until you have to pay for ignorance.

For 2013 we wish you Paradise !

  • Good weather, the kind that doesn’t require a furnace or A/C to cope.
  • Beautiful scenery...because life’s too short to live someplace ugly.
  • Access to plenty of clean water all year round for cooking, cleaning, and drinking.
  • The proper mix of sun and rain so flowers, plants, and trees don’t just grow, but also flourish.
  • Internet access where I can read, watch, or download whatever I want or need.
  • Decent roads with no pot holes nor stupid signalization like you have in Spain and Belgium.
  • Fresh fruits and vegies available year round with full of flavor, not chemicals.
  • Airports, so I can leave when I need to and, more importantly, come back when I want to.
  • A healthy environment because I don’t want to live in a place where I’ll need the most expensive health care in the world.
  • Friendly people who view their life as a privilege, not a right—and live accordingly.
  • A government that minds its business...so I can get on with mine.
  • Decent public transportation, even in rural areas.
  • A teeny-tiny police force because that’s all that’s required.
  • A news media that doesn’t think the Kardashians or Fiscal Cliff are news.
  • Clean, crisp air so the sky really is blue during the day, and at night, I can see all the stars I remember as a kid.
  • Good food... because I like to cook and bake.
  • Good restaurants... because I don’t always like to cook and bake.
  • Airports where I can go through security with a full bottle of water and my dignity.
  • Adequate health care because you just never know, somebody I care about might need it one day.
  • Low property taxes because I don’t like paying for my house...twice.
  • Honest bankers because I am sick and tired to see how they are taking advantage of the misninformed savers.

If you decide to move to better parts of Planet Earth, click on the thumbnail below. (Canada is not marked but an excellent place to move to as long as you don't mind the winters).

where to move to

I must add this for History's sake: at a time where the American Politicians are playing little kids games about the Fiscal Cliff (there is not the slighest doubt in my mind they will come to an agreement in time...they always do), the US is to reach AGAIN the debt limit ceiling on New Years Eve.

The United States government will reach its statutory $16.39 trillion debt limit - a ceiling imposed by Congress - on Monday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said. In a letter Wednesday to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Geithner said the treasury would take "extraordinary measures" to postpone the day the US could default on its liabilities, but could not say how long it had. Geithner warned that if the White House and US lawmakers fail to agree on a budget compromise to prevent the economy plunging over the "fiscal cliff", also due on December 31, then he could not be sure when the money would dry up. He said the extraordinary measures - halting the issuance of some state and local government bonds - could create approximately $200bn in headroom that under normal circumstances would last about two months...more

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Thursday December 27, 2012 - special xmas week edition continued - Don't exchange long term risk for short term benefit.

This is a GREAT speech of Pierre Poilievre (Canada). He explains it all in a simple way and leaves no doubt about who are the culprits. A MUST SEE ! Some of the figures and statements are mind boggling...

What is happening today and what is to happen tomorrow can CLEARLY been foreseen and correcting actions can also been taken.(video courtesy of R.P. ) . So why then is nothing done? You may have to watch the video clip a second time so you understand what is being said. It is certainly worth your time.

The down trend will be unprecedented and any politician will be desastrously wrong...Dr. Michale J. Burry made a bet against America and won.

As you can see out of the archives, I also predicted the 2008 financial crash of the Real Estate Market and Financials.

spanish real estateSpain's house prices to fall another 30pc as glut keeps growing.  Spain's property slump will deepen for much of the next decade, and tracts of buildings along the Mediterannean coast will have to be demolished, the country's top consultants have warned. RR de Acuña & Asociados expects home prices in Madrid, Barcelona and other major cities to fall a further 30pc in a relentless slide until 2018, but it may be even worse in sunbelt regions where 400,000 Britons either live or own homes. Fresh losses could reach 50pc and drag on for 10 to 15 years in those places where construction ran wild during the bubble, bringing the total decline from peak to trough towards 75pc. "The market is broken," said Fernando Rodríguez de Acuña, the group's vice-president. "We calculate that there are almost 2m properties waiting to be sold. We have made no progress at all over the past five years in clearing the stock," he said. "There are 800,000 used homes on the market. Developers are sitting on a further 700,00 completed units. Another 300,000 have been foreclosed and 150,000 are in foreclosure proceedings, and there are another 250,000 still under construction. It's crazy."...more

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Wednesday December 26, 2012 - special Xmas week edition continued - maybe the most important update of 2012-

sheeple 1

Updated sections : buy gold , The Gold Pool (or how they did it in the 1960's...and lost & how De Gaulle predicts the end of fiat money)

The Mainstream media is what it says: the media of the Herd, of the Sheep. You will not read about how to invest correctly, where to park your savings properly, how dangerous the Authorities are and how each time the treasury chests are empty, they make the citizen pay for the deficit in some major newspaper. Nor will this be broad casted by any major (an even minor television station). Neither will you hear it out of the mouth of a President, King or Queen.  What you will read and hear is that we must all pay (suffer) together for the sick- over-spending of the Authorities. This is what Presidents, Kings and Queens are selling (PROPAGANDA) for YOUR XMAS! [are you sheeple?... click on the picture to take the test]

The irony is that the day when you can read how to invest and where to keep your savings, we have each time either reached a climax (like we now have for BONDS) and either the investment has become too expensive and/or the laws have been adjusted (for your security)  and capital controls have changed the rules of the game.

It is widely known that french Politicians are "In Bed With Media".  It goes so far that each time another president is elected the CEO's and even the Talking Handsomes and Blondie's are replaced. Not only do we get other Editors but also the Coverage shifts.

France where Where ‘In Bed With Media’ Can Be Taken More Literally. The nation’s leading conservative newspaper ousted its top editor, apparently hoping to ingratiate itself with the new government. A cultural magazine brought in a new editor as well, opting for the partner of a newly minted government minister. The man she replaced took a job working for the new president. The springtime election of François Hollande, the first French president from the left in 17 years, has brought about a shuffling of the news media ranks, along with a host of potential conflicts of interest. Coverage has shifted too. Much of the news media, which largely lean left, used to revel in denouncing Mr. Hollande’s predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, but now many journalists are feeling bereft of material because of the new president’s less dramatic governing style. Mr. Hollande has proved confoundedly boring, they say, especially for news outlets that sometimes cover the government as if nothing else matters, relying on Paris politics to drive the news...more in the New York Times [france is the next big surprise...the country and its leaders have been living for too long in lala-land]

Goldonomic has NO TIES whatsoever with any Financial Institution. We have ADVERTISING AGREEMENTS with NOBODY. The only support we receive are the contributions of our beloved readers and we plan to keep it that way. We are living a financial storm but those amongst you who are invested in the right way have the biggest chances to survive the paradigm shift.

Another rate scandal trails UBS: the banking giant, which has been fined $1.5bn for manipulating global interest rates, has reportedly tampered with Swiss interest rates for over a decade. Bankers and Authorities are each one's BEST BUDDIES and they cannot survive without each other. Extremely dangerous in a system where everything is digitalized!

goldholders dec12With World financial assets of $ 231 Trillion and DERIVATIVES of $ 1,4 Quadrillion it is NO problem to manipulate markets. As a matter of fact as Too Big to Fail are even Protected by Authorities and the rigging is encouraged, it has even become easier. This game however cannot go on for ever  and it is nature's law that 'the longer the correction is postponed, the bigger the Earthquake"! Cracks in the system are already visible and it is only a matter of time before it implodes.

 Wall street is preparing for a bull run which will test the old highs. Financial markets and the Economy are distinct items and there is not always a correlation. Of the highest importance are the Communicating Financial Vessels. They dictate in which direction the investment funds are flowing.  Now that Bond markets have become dangerously overbought (the biggest historic bubble ever), now that capital is leaving the EU-Zone (Europe) at an increasingly faster rater as a result of the Socialist Witch Hunt (capital is arrested and consumed to please the Herd) only certain well designated Stock Markets can absorb the excess of liquidity: Wall Street is the major one. Having said this, even if economic conditions in the USA continue to deteriorate, the Dow Jones and the SP500 will continue to climb their Wall of Worry (that is as long as the printing presses are working).

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S**T happens if you try to knock GOLD out of the sky !... We wish WARM, COZY and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of our Readers & Relations and hope 2013 will bring you more insight in what is happening right now and that this will generate more strenght so we can all survive the coming years.

- As usual updates will be limited between today and beginning of 2013.

However, one must stay ALERT as what is happening on the financial markets during the end of the calender year often is a canary in the mine shaft for the next one! -

tuesday December 25, 2012 - special XMas week edition I - maybe the most important update of 2012 -

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Shooting star candle1


December 24, 2012 Joseph and Maria would not have problems finding a hotel room to spend the night in Bethlehem. As a result of the economic depression there are plenty of vacancies and the average price for one hotel room in Bethlehem is $ 35 (inclusive breakfast).

argentina lootingArgentina: people ransack shops and super-markets. Because of the social unrest and looting shops were closed at the height of the Christmas business. . During the riots in 40 cities on Thursday and Friday, three people died and at least 63 injured. More than 700 people were arrested. Total of 292 supermarkets and smaller shops were looted. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is an Intelligent Psychopath and one wonders WHY the people are each time again voting this kind of breed into power!? .

Greece is on the brink of civil war. Greek pensioners have difficulties to survive. Pregnant woman go from hospital to hospital hoping to be admitted. There is a shortage of medication, unemployed and homeless people roam the streets of Athens, the middle-class suffers and many are hungry,... Because of Tainted Media and Propaganda Europe gets a total incorrect image of Greece. Rather than focusing on the harsh domestic problems, Europeans are shown pictures of European leaders driven in expensive limo's from one crisis meeting to another. But a solution for the Greek problem we still don't have. Instead the Troika pushes the country further into more misery.

godman sachsItalian borrowing costs fallen sharply under President-caretaker- Goldman Sachs- Monti's leadership!? (what a joke and a lie).  The economy is in depression and unemployment is rising. The economic model is a fairly simple one and there is NO WAY a slimy politician, Goldman Sachs or even JPMorgan will be able to rescue Italy. Italian borrowing costs have fallen because of ECB manipulation: they have been buying excessive amounts of Italian Treasuries using Freshly Printed Fiat Money. The fact that the BBC is attributing this to Monti proofs the News station has become a source of pure and vulgar populist propaganda. Reality is Jim's Formula or a vicious circle: an economic revival is only possible after all of the Misallocated Funds are cleansed out of the economy. Note that Monti was appointed by the ECB-EU (Goldman Sachs-USA) and is not a democratically elected president.

The statements of Stiglitz (Nobel price for Economy) are politically tainted and one should not listen to him. Nor should one listen to economists like Keynes, De Grauwe: either they are so stupid they fail to understand the basis economic laws and/or they speak for the Government. As a matter of fact, the statements of these guys can be lethal to your financial health.

Got savings in Norway or Sweden??? If you decide to move your savings out of political reach, better not park these in a neighboring socialist country. Norway about to hold a referendum about whether or not the country should join the EU. Investors should NEVER forget Norway and Sweden are extremely socialist countries and that for this reason S**T can happen. Imagine what will happen to the savings you parked in one of these countries if (and such is possible) either joins the EU.

print mediaNothing is forever. We are living the END of the PRINTED book, Newspapers, Magazines. The DVD (movie) disk, CD-Rom (music CD), traditional Broad-casted Television and Radio are about to become obsolete. Internet, Laptops, I-pads, I-phones, Wifi, electronic books and a broader more independent and objective internet system are becoming the media of the future. Mass Media Manipulation will become a lot harder, information more objective. High time to get acquainted with Internet...unless of course you still think black and white television and horse carriages will continue to rule the world.

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Friday December 21, 2012 - if you don't read this today the world has come to an end and the mayans were right -

Updated sections: Uranium (spectacular reversals on the candle charts) , $-Gold , Silver , € - Gold and Euro-Dollar , 

It took eight central banks about five years to fabricate the equivalent value of 6,000 years' worth of gold production and, since the chart below finished, they have added another couple of trillion dollars.

central bank balance sheets

A once in a life time opportunity:  In an interview with Goldmoney Chairman James Turk, money manager Adam Fleming of Fleming Family & Partners suggested that, when gold shares stray too far in price from the price of bullion, gold becomes remarkably cheap on a relative basis—or, a buy—a buying opportunity that emerges once per generation, on average. “I think it’s very likely that we have [reached a bottom in the gold price],” Fleming told Turk.  He believes the experiment in fiat currencies not connected with precious metals of the past 30 years is becoming “unwound.”

“The reason why I believe gold is bottoming here, is because the gold shares are trading at two standard deviations to the gold price, and this has happened only five times in the last hundred years,” Fleming continued. “In the crash of 2008, in 2000, 1980, in . . . way back in 1950s and in the 30s, he added.  “So I think we’re at an extraordinary inflection point with both gold and gold shares, providing really unusual opportunities.”

According to CNBC Morgan Stanley's Wealth platform  has pulled the plug on one of its worst performing investment funds (homing largely under performing gold mining stocks) . This may well explain why gold has seen such a dramatic illogical dislocation in the past week. The fund was denominated in paper gold and upon liquidation the fund manager had no other choice but to sell the GLD ETF, and by virtue of this being the most liquid paper instrument in the PM space, gold. The fact that the fund is liquidated could well be a solid indication that we have seen the worst and a bottom for the Gold and Silver mines. The support level for $-Gold ($ 1680 to $ 1660) around the MAL line does what it is supposed to do and hopefully we will see a resumption of the bull run end of this month and well into 2013.

World gold Reserves

Those who really think and even those who hope that under these conditions the price of Gold can come down have a serious mental problem. Having said this, Gold has so far - compared to the $ 1920 top - corrected by 14.5%. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that the Chinese and Indians are cheering and using the dip to massively accumulate more Gold.

On Uranium and Uranium shares. There is a net shortage of global electricity generating capacity projected. IAEA forecasts (Aug 2012) for growth in nuclear power plants range up to 740 GWe in place by 2030, 101% above 2011 installed global operating capacity of 369Gwe. WNA reference case forecast (2011 WNFM study) is 614 GWe of nuclear power generating capacity by 2030. The WNA upper case forecast is 790 GWe by 2030. [see subscribers' section for our selection of shares which have a potential of 300% to 400%]

Strong growth in nuclear reactor construction is expected to continue globally with 484 planned and proposed nuclear reactors (Nov '12) up 2 from 482 pre-Fukushima (Mar '11). Growth is expected to remain particularly strong in Asia, with Chinese expansion continuing to lead the pack. China's official installed nuclear capacity projections are 70-80 GWe by 2020, 200 GWe by 2030 and 400-500 GWe by 2050. This compares with a 12 GWe capacity today (15 reactors). China has 26 reactors currently under construction.

Support and demand for new nuclear power reactors is expected not only from China and India, but also South Korea, USA, UK, the Middle East, Russia and Ukraine. Demand for uranium is expected to increase from around 164mlbspa U3O8 in 2011 to 226mlbspa by 2020 and 280mlbspa by 2030. Current primary supply of uranium (139mlbs U3O8 2011) is only around 50% of expected uranium demand in 2020.

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Thursday december 20, 2012 - It's safer to believe in santa than to believe a politician or a banker -

The video below clip explains the severity of yesterday's problem:

doorbellWhatever the trigger, in the end the banker’s 300 hundred year-old con game will collapse from a simple lack of confidence. This depression will be worse than the Great Depression because on top of a DEBT crisis and an economic deleverage we shall ALSO see a destruction of Fiat Money (the latter did not happen during the Great Depression). One has to be an INTELLIGENT PSYCHOPATH (politician) for not doing the right thing NOW!

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Wednesday December 19, 2012 - never shoot the pianist -

Updated sections (PF charts only) : $-Gold , Silver , € - Gold ,  Aussie-Gold , Swiss-Gold , Can- Gold , ¥-Gold , £ - Gold , SA-Rand-Gold , Swedish Krona-Gold , Renmimbi - Gold , Rupee - Gold

Gold and Silver under renewed attack by the Gold cartel...so what!?  This is a heavy financial storm, we have a paradigm shift and authorities are selling their mothers so they can survive another year. Those who don't UNDERSTAND should go out fishing and come back end of 2012 or beginning of 2013. Stop staring at the manipulation and if you can't, turn the damn computer off! I never promised you it would be a walk through the park. This is the survival fight of Governments and the Financial sector. Be advised they never take prisoners....

unfunded liabilities

 If you still fail to understand what is happening, if you are still staring at what your investments are worth when expressed in Fiat Monopoly paper money,  if you still believe the lies of the Governments you should know that you haven't finished your home work properly. Having said this, keep following the thin blue line on the Point and Figures charts....and see how Maximum Activity lines and Trend lines support the price.

Negative sentiment about Gold & Silver keeps growing and some analysts are even seeing a triple top! As long as Gold has not broken down through the Maximum Activity lines and the Bullish secular uptrend line has not been broken,  nothing has changed...Other analysts see  $20 Silver and $1,400 Gold coming in a market 'Flush'..... luckily they have no valid arguments and fail to explain why and how such would be possible.

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Tuesday December 18, 2012 - In capitalism, the banks would be allowed to fail. And fail they would. But in a socialist world, failure is not an option.

hollandeYou can NOT win from Government!  But you can still VOTE with your FEET ... like Depardieu does. In socialism the Rich are slaughtered and the wealth they accumulated consumed through redistribution. An historic example are the Templar's who were all arrested (in France), tortured and looted by Philip "the Fair".  Philip also arrested Jews so that he could seize their assets to accommodate the inflated costs of modern warfare, expelling 100,000 of them from his French territories on 22 July 1306. His financial victims also included rich abbots and the Lombard merchants who had earlier made him extensive loans on the pledge of repayment from future taxation. Like the Jews, the Lombard bankers were expelled from France and their property expropriated. [In those days Land was the ultimate REAL ASSET - today is is no more].  In addition to these measures Philip debased the French coinage by measures which by 1306 had led to a two-thirds loss in the value of the livres, sous and denirs in circulation. This financial crisis led to rioting in Paris which forced Philip to briefly seek refuge in the Paris Temple - headquarters of the Knights Templar. [wikipedia]

A predecessor of Hollande "the Socialist". There are clear signs a similar (less bloody) process is happening today. Those who don't move their savings out of political reach don't deserve it and they will loose (be legally looted) it anyway. All large french fortunes are leaving the sinking french Titanic with reason. It would be immoral not to so, would it not?

It is impossible to diversify by depositing your savings (Fiat Money) into different banks for the simple reason that ALL BANKS are interconnected. The very existance of the SWIFT system just proofs it. Swift is an electronis money transfer system with Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Politicians and Authorities sell a lot of static...but what they dislike the most is to have to take measures which highly reduce the employment, especially in Africa.

Jobs bloodbath if mining tax proceeds Johannesburg - The Chamber of Mines says the mining sector will shed tens of thousands of jobs if ANC delegates decide to impose higher taxes on it, according to a report on Friday.

"It will mean a lot of marginal mines will need to be mothballed and, in terms of job losses, the probability is that it would run into the tens of thousands," Chamber of Mines CEO Bheki Sibiya told the Business Day. "Our engagement with the ANC will probably be more intense after Mangaung." The ANC elective conference in Mangaung, which starts on Sunday, will finalise decisions on policies that the government will then take on board. The newspaper reported that the party would probably adopt a proposed mineral resource rent tax of 50% on profits above 15% of normal returns. This year, the mining sector lost 15 000 jobs in the third quarter after months of wildcat strikes across mines.

Sentiment in the Gold and silver sector is extremely bearish and whoever is not Bearish is discontent and exhausted. Experience learns that those who understand and use the dips to accumulate positions will be the biggest winners once the tide turns...and believe it or not, the TIDE ALWAYS turns! The Point and figures charts in the subscibers' sections proof it over and over again!

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Monday December 17, 2012 - How many realize Europe is being conquered by Germany without a standing army!?

breaking newsToday you can just read in the Wall Street Journal how entire societies are robbed in clear daylight. "Once upon a time," Martenson writes, perhaps with a weary glance at GATA, "it would have been considered in bad taste to suggest that the world was being centrally managed in secret by a smallish cabal of bankers whose actions served to either prop up the excessive spending habits of the very governments that conferred upon them the power to print money or to bolster the health and profits of the banks they mainly serve. That was then. Today you can just read about it in the Wall Street Journal."...more

Markets can stay irrational for a long time, especially when they are manipulated by Central Banks. With additional propaganda, and by repeating lies the Herd will as a natural instinct start believing the lies are the truth...until an accident happens.

Today's PROPAGANDA are the statements made by EU-Officials and Obama that the RECOVERY lies just around the corner. This kind of Propaganda was also heard just before the Great Depression...Politicians also don't change. My experience is that the louder the Authorities shout that  "All is Well Mme La Marquise" the closer we stand to the Abyss.

"Two or three years": ESM chief Regling believes in speedy end to the euro crisis. [the pigs have wings and fly...]. Unlike many skeptics ESM chief Klaus Regling, is optimistic that the euro crisis could soon be over. In FOCUS interview he predicted a "two or three years" - only the development of Greece could pose long-term problems. A "good half" of the work done, Regling said the FOCUS interview. "Good progress has been made. It will take two or three years, then all euro countries budget deficits will be smaller than 3% of GDP (gross domestic product), and they are well on the way to a balanced budget. Regling apparently has never studied Jim's Formula. We are living the last days of Europe..NO DOUBT. It's only a matter of WHEN !  The least one can do, is to park some savings out of Political reach...outside the European continent.

"Two years" according to Shadowstats before Hyperinfaltion reflect in the general price structure.  In his last report, John Williams expects hyperinflation by the end of 2014. He has advised (in an interview separate from his most recent report) that when this happens, the purchasing power of the US Dollar will collapse and in about six months a new currency will be issued. All of this leads to a lower US dollar in an intact trend channel that goes to and below .5600 on the meaningless USDX index.

patriotIran warns of third world war because of Patriots. The plans by the NATO deployment of Patriot missiles to the Turkish-Syrian border could be considered by the Iranian army chief to provoke a world war. An air defense missile of the type "Patriot" is launched for testing purposes. Soon German soldiers stationed with the system at the Turkish-Syrian border. The Iranian Chief of Staff Hassan Firusabadi has condemned the plans for the deployment of Patriot missiles in Turkey sharply by several NATO countries. "The Western countries want to instigate a world war by installing Patriots on the Syrian-Turkish border," Firusabadi said Saturday, according to a report by the news agency ISNA. more.... The Middle-East is a powder keg and the Patriots could be the fuse.

 French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told BFMTV on Tuesday that although French Marines are onboard the vessel, it does not mean that France is preparing for a military intervention in Syria. He, however, justified the presence of the French aircraft carrier in waters just outside Syria as part of Paris’ policy to maintain military readiness in the face of any threat. The French minister also said that the vessel is not conducting a military exercise in the region.

Africa is the  continent of  idyllic images of breathtaking landscapes and extraordinary animals. Once it was the continent of slums, war and famine. Yet Africa has changed a lot. There are several examples of cities and countries that have become so different and where  the economy is booming: Luanda-Angola, Gaborone-Botswana, Daar El Salaam-Tanzania, Cape Town-South Africa, Windhoek-Namibia,...more

Luanda is perhaps the most typical metropolis in Africa.  Anyone who rediscoveres Africa sees  that corruption, the lack of infrastructure and the poverty are declining. Sees growth rates of 5% and more, politicians who break with the past and entrepreneurs that drive their continent with hard work, money and ideas and who no longer want to be dependent on foreign aid.

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Friday December 14, 2012  - monetization of debt we have !

Hyperinflation is a more than proportional growth of the money supply and it is preceded by a Monetization of Debt (this we already have in the USA and the EU). The CONSEQUENCE are higher prices and runaway prices...something we haven't seen yet but can happen overnight. The video also explains how the price of Gold and Silver is manipulated. For all of 2012 they kept the price of gold between $1700 and $1750. They can do this because they can print all the requested money to pay for the losses. In a similar way they buy shares when the Stock markets start to come down...However when the world stops using the Dollar, it's all over...Hyperinflation ALWAYS becomes visible in the general price level as soon as the currency collapses.

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Thursday December 13, 2012 - QE4 is officially launched.  QE3 and QE4 imply potentially more bond purchases than what we’ve seen under QE1 and QE2 -

eu civil servants

Updated sections: Recession Proof shares

No socialism in the USA!? Since Obama took office he hired 101 government employees/public workers A DAY !. In the 1,420 days since he took the oath of office, the federal government has daily hired on average 101 new employees. Every day. Seven days a week. All 202 weeks. That makes 143,000 more federal workers than when Obama talked forever on that cold day in January of 2009. Under Obama the total federal workforce has surpassed two million for the first time since the first Clinton term, now sitting about the 2.2 ,million level.

Those who expected the Fed to tighten the money supply and raise interest rates, live in LALA-land!

Western governments spend far more every year than they receives in revenues. Cranking up the economy with more printed money never works (this only results in Bubbles) and hiring more Government employeesmakes it only worse. The deficit that cannot be covered by PRINTING more money (QE etc..) is perceived via the TAXATION system. As the system slides deeper into a depression the Taxation is perceived as good by the Democratic majority because it preserves their jobs, pension allocations, medicare, food stamps,… As CAPITAL (Legal Plunder - The Law) is consumed to keep the system alive, it as a natural reaction flees out of political reach and so weakens the very fundaments of the economic system it is supposed to serve...more on the Fed buying Bonds

Cash-strapped, heavily indebted western governments are rigging the bond markets for their own ends. They are keeping borrowing costs artificially low by coercing their most biddable opponents in the notionally private sector (banks and pension schemes) to hold government debt through the offices of financial repression. Their agents, in the form of central banks under their direct or indirect control, are wilfully cooperating in this scam. If private sector companies operated in this way in the management of their own debt, their chief executives would end up in a prison cell.(Tim Price). As government bonds yields have compressed and real yields have turned negative, the relative attractiveness of well capitalised companies with competitive yields has increased substantially.

dividend yield 2012 bonds.pngExample: Intel Corp. is taking advantage of bond interest rates below its dividend yield as the world's largest semiconductor maker borrows to buy back stock battered by its lagging share in the smartphone and tablet markets. The firm issued $6 billion of debentures in a four-part sale yesterday with an average coupon of 2.38 percent that will help fund its stock buyback program. That's lower than Intel's indicated dividend yield of 4.5 percent on equity that trades at a lower price relative to earnings than every profitable firm in the 30-member Philadelphia Semiconductor Index. The  chart below shows the relative share of S&P500 stocks that has a higher dividend yield than 10 year government bonds. It illustrates the attractiveness of stocks compared to bonds.

BIS (Bank for International Settlements)  warns of another 2008-style credit bubble about to burst. The bond bubble is perverse indeed, contrary to the laws of economics. Increased risk ought to be met with higher, not lower borrowing costs. Savers therefore feel forced to pursue higher yields by buying lower quality debt such as the bonds of near bankrupt nations as if the risk of such bankruptcy had gone away. Yet the central banks continue to print money by buying bonds to keep interest rates low. It is bizarre again that the banks of the world are deleveraging and cutting back on loans at a time when the bond markets continue to offer capital for almost nothing. A credit bubble is what a bond market bubble is called. [Bonds/Treasuries are directly linked to fiat money, bank deposits,..]

Syria is strategically extremely important for Russia (Oil Baron Putin) and China!  Hours after NATO agreed on Tuesday to send Patriot missiles to Turkey because of the crisis in Syria, Russia delivered its first shipment of Iskander missiles to Syria. The superior Iskander can travel at hypersonic speed of over 1.3 miles per second (Mach 6-7) and has a range of over 280 miles with pinpoint accuracy of destroying targets with its 1,500-pound warhead, a nightmare for any missile defense system. According to Mashregh, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard media outlet, Russia had warned Turkey not to escalate the situation, but with Turkey’s request for Patriot missiles, it delivered its first shipment of Iskanders to Syria.

BACKDOOR Quantitative Easing: So now we know why the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee called a halt to more Quantitative Easing this week – it's because the Chancellor and the Governor of the Bank of England have concocted a backdoor way of doing the same thing. The latest little (actually quite big at a tidy £35bn) money printing wheeze comes about as close to outright monetising of government spending as it is possible for the Bank of England to go without simply creating the money and handing it by the lorry load to the Treasury, a la Weimar.

What the Treasury has decided to do is take the accumulated interest payments on the stock of government debt the Bank of England has bought under quantitative easing, and credit it to the Government's books rather than the Bank of England's. The total is £35bn, of which the government intends to take £11bn this financial year and £24bn next.

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Wednesday December 12, 2012 -

Updated sections : Copper & Platinum , Inflation index , Bonds general: USA & Germany 

In the 20 years to 2010 central banks were [selling] 400 to 500 tons of gold into the market every year. In 2010 they just barely turned net buyers, and in 2011, they took up just short of 500 tons. That is a huge shift. It is the emerging countries, from China and Turkey to Kazakhstan and South Korea, that are making the difference. They are building up their buffers to deal with crisis.


Follow the blue line or Oil is bouncing off the blue line (bottom of the xxxxxxxx). As usual the Talking Heads have been publishing some kind of random REASON for this: Oil up on expectations of US stimulus…or Oil up on upbeat China manufacturing data…or even better: Oil up because Nigeria finance minister's mom kidnapped. Your pick...bottom line is that we have PEAK OIL and the East is burning whatever the West is saving.

From recession to depression we are moving at a time where Hyperinflation (a more than proportional growth in money supply) is in fact raging behind closed doors: exponential rising Quantitative Easing, exponential rising Debt (a typical example is the rising american debt ceiling). Hard to deny that we have not the beginning of debt monetization: not only is the quantity of money rising but at the same time Interest Rates are artificially kept at minimum levels so the impact of the additional created amount of money is optimal. Unfortunately for the Authorities, it is mathematically impossible to fight a parabolic using linear applications.

A more than proportional growth of money supply can (and ultimately will) result in higher prices. Many think of the process as of one of turning on a switch (like one switches a light on and off ). The reality is that the process is at first sneaky…that is until the inflation is widely recognized and the Herd realizes the general price level will continue to go up... Once they do, hell breaks loose. Hyperinflation is a mass psychological event and Propaganda also plays a major role.....

Relevant comment has been added to the point & figures chart for €-Gold :  a well defined xxxxxx  pattern (a xxxxx pattern) and a xxxxxxx  in formation right on top of the maximum activity line (MAL). Technically €-Gold has already xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  and we now have to wait until the xxxxxxxx pattern comes to maturity. €xxxxxx is the objective of the xxxxxxxxxxxx and € 1780 is the xxxxxxxxxx. Apart from this, there is not a lot to add...just follow the thin blue line all the way to xxxxxxxxxxxl.

Bearing in mind the total World stock of Gold and what is left to be mined, price will probably rise a lot more than expected. The trick is to sit tight and be PATIENT ! Reading 100 books and listening to what the Talking Heads and cure Blondie's have to say, will only increase the confusion. Remember these Gals and Guys have no Financial, Monetary and Economic knowledge whatsoever and only sell what they are being told to. If you MUST each other day explain why the price of Gold or any other asset is up or down, you always end up telling BS.

gold stock dec 2012.png Gold and Silver Majors: Gold Fields (GFI)  MOODY’s Investor Services on Thursday cut Gold Fields’ credit rating one notch to Ba1 from Baa3, dashing the group’s hopes that last week’s decision to spin off its South African mines into a separate firm called Sibanye Gold would make it appear less risky to international lenders.Gold Fields CEO Nick Holland announced last week that the miner was unbundling the Kloof-Driefontein Complex and the Beatrix mines to focus on growing its international portfolio, and to ramp up production at South Deep to 700,000oz of gold by 2016...more

more in the subscribers' sections..

Tuesday December 11, 2012 - Gold will go up when time has come..even if it takes another 6 months ! patience....

egypt armyUpdated sections: €-Gold & Euro , Bank & Financials (Russian roulette) , Uranium , Natural Gas , Coal , Agriculturals , 

President Morsi has given Egyptian army powers of arrest...or the situation has become worse than when Mubarac was in charge and the US strategy - which is one of destabilization of the Middle-East and Northern Africa - is working.

We have come to a point where it is widely admitted that the world economy sits in a Strong Recession (in fact a Depression) and that it is almost 100% sure we shall live a  Hyperinflation.

In an interview with the BCC Barosso states that Greece is better off now as an EU member !?  Or 1+1 no more equals 2 !  Anybody with a minimum amount of brains knows that pigs have no wings and they don't fly...If Greece was not bound by the evil EU straight jacket it would have been able to devaluate the Dachma and jack up its competitiveness.

In Portugal the unemployment rate is 35% !  Barosso wisely kept his slimy mouth wisely shut about his dear Portugal where Nominal Income is sliding sharply and  taxes are  soaring. The country is sliding into a Depression (term wisely avoided by the Media). This is the law of the King and his Vassals. The Middle class in Portugal is slaughtered by the EU: Fitness, Movies, eating out and Fashion clothing (sales are down by 40%) have been scrapped of the budget. Ex-Portuguese colonies Angola (oil) and Brazil have now become richer than Portugal (country now also controlled by the EU-Troika). Those Politicians are either Idiots or Fools running the Asylum, either super crooks. What I don't understand is why Capital (the rich) and the Middle-class, white and blue collars don't join efforts and get rid of the inefficient political crooks...!? There is only ONE ENEMY and it is GOVERNMENT.

 Does Government really think the Entrepreneurs are a bunch of idiots (like themselves)? . Google Revenues sheltered in tax free Bermudas soar to $ 10 billion...moreMitt Romney is keeping the bulk of his savings on the Cayman Islands....and what about you? Are you responding to the propesed tax amnesty, repatriating foreign savings so they can Tax these easier...? Do you really think you have the moral obligation the let them slaughter you and be legally plundered by a bunch of politicians who could not even run a candy story?

Gold will go up when time has come...even if it takes another 6 months for the momentum to develop (the trick is to be invested properly when the action starts). Remember TIMING is extremely difficult... Consolidations can take months and years...like now for Gold and Silver.  In the mean time, will the music will continue playing for the Dow Jones and the SP500 where a proper Year-End rally could propel the indexes into all time records? see the World Stock Market indexes section for an answer.  Remember the Communication Financial Vessels where the Fiat Money created by Quantitative Easing is flowing out of Western-Europe into the American stock markets..just because it is - for the time being - a safer place to be.

Are you properly invested in the sector or did you let them chicken you out...? I have witnessed the greatest capitulation in shares in the last three weeks than in any reaction in gold from the $248 beginning. Mining stocks have never been so cheap in the last 30 years. The price of an ounce of gold today would buy more stock in gold-mining companies than at any point in a quarter century.

If we have to believe what the graph below is telling us, this bull leg will be more dramatic than any we have seen in the past ! (click on thumbnail to enlarge this extremely relevant chart]


Hungary has been selected to test a 100% digital money system.  As of 2013 any cash withdrawal, whether from a Bank of an ATM machine will be subject to a 0.3% transaction commission. Taking a cash amount of 1.000 € out of your bank account will result in 3 € tax . Expected is that the taxation rate will be increased until all cash money has disappeared out of the financial system.

save greeceToday the Nobel Price for Shame (peace) has been handed out to Van Rommel.  As expected they are blaming (others) their predecessors (!?) for today's problems in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Central Europe. And for tomorrow's problems in France, The Netherlands and Belgium...Bland, increasingly ineffectual career politicians in France, Spain and Britain are struggling to connect with angry, austerity-weary voters. Extremely dangerous is the sheer fanaticism behind the project — there is nothing that will stop these guys!

Today the Nobel price was handed out to an intelligent psychopath who openly admits that the President of the EU should not be elected democratically and that the national, democratically elected governments should be controlled by the EU-parliament. Van Rompuy is a purebred Fascist ! The happening is as sickening as praising a Bus driver who just drove a bus full of kids into an abyss...

Inflation is a more than proportional growth of the money supply. Today we have Quantitative Easing (exponential growth of the money supply) , exploding public debt and a contracting economy. Although this has not seeped into the general level of prices and services, one can assume that the Hyperinflation is already present in a latent we. One must only await the acceleration of the Velocity to see an impact on prices.

 more in the subscribers' sections..

Monday december 10, 2012 - you are being eaten soon - the more poverty, the more the people will request government to redistribute wealth -

Updated Sections: $-Gold , Silver , €-Gold, Swiss-Gold , World Stock Market indexes (the end of a bull trend or a run for an all time high?,

Those of you dear readers with a solid net worth no longer need to wonder who's for dinner - it is you. Now that a maximum of savers/investors have been fooled and many were so dumb to repatriate their foreign savings and soon both Fiat Money and Securities are almost 100% digitalized the trap is about to close upon them. Even if one wishes to declare foreign savings is it really necessary to repatriate the funds respectively to the USA and/or Europe when a legal solution is possible?  I know Swiss bankers are pushing American citizens and residents to repatriate their savings and that many Swiss Bankers are pushing European customers in a similar way...!? Weird is the least one can say...click here for more

eat  the rich

Inflation is a tax affecting all real incomes. Inflation is a precondition of extreme deflation and a depression. Should in fact the overall debt collapse, there would be an extreme deflation or depression because the money aggregate would contract dramatically. In fact the money equivalent to the defaulted debt would literally vanish...and the price of Gold would fall.  It is for this reason that central banks monetize new debt at a lower interest rates, raising its value. And more and more debt will have to be financed...more

All the financial bubbles and the mass of derivatives are just the consequence of debt monetization. How will this all end? In history, debt monetization has always produced hyperinflation. Governments and banks each time go for more inflation. As history teaches, during the process besides money the freedom of citizens is also the victim.

Remember what happened back in 2008. When financial markets crash, so does the Western economy. The financial markets crashed, the credit markets froze up, and suddenly the economy went into cardiac arrest. There are very few things that could cause the financial markets to crash harder than a 1.4 quadrillion derivatives panic. Sadly, most people don't even understand what derivatives are...and many believe their existence is irrelevant. Apparently they haven't understood Lehman Bros and the 2008 crisis either.

Interest Rates Are Likely to Remain Low... Until they can't...Unless steps are taken soon, it is possible we can see shortfalls approaching $1 trillion–$2 trillion in state-sponsored pension funds within 10 years. A deficit of this size on the state level can truly be called a crisis. A tax increase or other adjustments to fund this will be a large drag on the economy.

CEO Rob McEwen (McEwen Mining) is sticking to his prediction of $5,000 gold and $200 silver. “We have it tripled,” he told Bloomberg in a Dec. 4 interview. “There’s good reason. The debt that’s going on in the world, it’s accumulating very quickly, and gold is tracking it.

The SP500 Index found xxxxxx in the region of the 200-day MA three weeks ago and a xxxxxxxxxxxxxx would now be required to check potential for continued higher to lateral ranging. The banking sector outperformed the wider market from late last year and is now performing in line. A sustained move below 6300 would be required to question current scope for some additional upside. A lot of negative static but the Dow Jones, SP500 and Transportation indexes are close to their ALL TIME HIGHS!..ever heard of the Wall of Worry??

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Friday December 7, 2012 - if you believe for a second what goldman sachs says about gold you should check their terrible track record!

sheared sheepUpdated sections: €-Gold , $-Gold

Politicians seeking sources of revenue with which to reduce the deficit will find that some of the sheep did not wait for the shearing. Markets move even when politicians don't. Investors and consumers aren't waiting for politicians to decide whether and, if so, how to put our fiscal house in order. They are acting, now. Many are voting with their feet and are moving their savings out of political reach…just to be sure as they know one should NEVER trust Government for TAXATION will get worse as long as QE is growing.

Identifying bear market lows can be a hazardous business until we see some clear evidence that demand is returning. Since bottoming in April xxxxxx prices have trended back to test the psychological $4 area. This represents the break even point for a sizable portion of unconventional supply and many in the industry would probably like to see prices hold above $4 in order to invest in more drilling. A sustained move below $3.50 would be required to question current scope for continued higher to lateral ranging.

Global warming is a political Hoax. The contention that mankind is the major cause of global warming is by no means certain. About 500 hundred years ago the early settlers in Greenland were driven out by the increasing cold and prayers were held in Europe to prevent the advance of the dreadful glaciers. But the good Lord must have been listening because from then a warming cycle started and with some ups and downs continues today. But the warming is uneven; Antarctic, which has 9/10's of the worlds ice, with gains and losses, has lost little if any ice. Add to this that we are overrun with Global Warming fanatics - which are most of the time all hypocrites.

Greece receives loan from the EU to buy back part of its national debt at 40% of the nominal value. If you are still holding bonds of Italy, Portugal, Spain,…you will be the next patient loosing 60% if his savings.

pigs flyThe pigs have wings and  they fly...Goldman Sachs' Bearish Call On Gold. Goldman cut its 3-month price target on gold from $1,840 to $1,825 an ounce while its 6-month target dropped from $1,940 to $1,825 an ounce, and its 12-month target fell from $1,940 to $1,800 an ounce. If you for one second trust Goldman Sachs, you're out of your mind. Not only did they NOT see the turnaround for Gold in 2003/04 but were they also the devil behind the problems in Greece, derivatives and are they pulling the strings behind the American Puppet government. Gold will break throught the xxxxxx and next objective is xxxxxxx. No bigger idiots or liars than Goldman Sachs...remember that during the summer of 2010 they were already calling the end of the Great Gold Bull Market....more

 Having said this, the HERD won't take any precautions, they did not before the Weimar Hyperinflation, they did not (Jews) when most were loaded on the trains to the extermination camps, they did not when it became obvious important banks (FORTIS, DEXIA,...) were going bankrupt, they did not in 2006/07 when the Real Estate bubble in the USA started to deflate, they did not in 2008/09 when the Real Estate bubble in Spain started to deflate, they are doing nothing today although it is clear that the Belgian and French Real Estate market starts to deflate,....

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Thursday December 6, 2012 - If complex societies never survive expensive energy why do they try to make societe even more complex?

koreaKorean Politician seeking job: Not only Europeans and Americans are crazy...there is a similar case in Korea where a Politician is trying to convince the People that an unification of South and North would actually be beneficial to all Koreans? I presume this man wants to copy the success of the EU and hopes to receive the 2015 Nobel Prize. All this effort at a time where even in the USA there is more and more talks about a secession.

Small is beautiful and big is nasty. As explained on many occasions, Expensive Energy and Complex Society don't go together....and each time Energy becomes expensive the Complex society (Roman Empire, USSR, EU-zone, USA) breaks up. A large complex society requests more people to run the organization and becomes increasingly uneconomic to operate. This has to be compared to a small company where adjustments can be made fast. One of the reasons why large multinationals lobby for more regulation and frequently take over their smaller competitors....Large organizations are nothing more than a concentration of individuals and best case scenario the service rendered by it will be as good or as bad as the individual one is dealing with. Most of the time however the service is not as good because the indivdualism of the person operating by a large organization is being killed.

The fiscal cliff and 28 days to go before Washington D.C. Decides whether they will legally take the money out of your pockets by Taxation or they will do so in a more sneaky way by Inflation (printing money)...or they will as usual is the case use both methods. For anybody understanding the game, hard to understand why it is so hard to solve the problem of what they call A Fiscal Cliff ….unless of course you are a politician.

Next (February 2013) comes the debt ceiling  And if the 2012  fiscal cliff weren’t enough, the U.S. is facing a déjà vu crisis on the debt ceiling, currently set at $16.394 trillion. The Bipartisan Policy Center is warning that Congress must raise the ceiling before the end of February, and possibly sooner, or the U.S. risks defaulting on its payments to creditors. The Treasury Department says it can use “extraordinary measures” (i.e., raiding federal employees’ retirement funds) to avoid that unprecedented development.

Authorities will use Quantitative Easing to infinity (and also taxation) to cover the Fiscal cliffs and debt ceilings....and monetization of debt always results in Hyperinflation...Got Gold?

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Wednesday December 5, 2012 -Now that the American elections are over, statistics resume their negative trends -

The world's commodity supercycle is far from dead. Great resource booms usually end abruptly, catching almost everybody by surprise. (The Telegraph)

The rhythm is as old as mankind. It is poignantly described Nobel laureate Halldór Laxness through the life of an Icelandic sheep farmer a hundred years ago in Independent People, harrowing because his ruin is so utterly human. Studies by the World Bank covering two centuries of data sketch a pattern of 10-year supercycles, followed by a slide for the next 20 years or so as excess investment leads to a flood of supply. The long bear market can be cruel for those hanging onto to resource stocks, convinced that the rebound must be nigh.

Mark Ryder, Australian investment chief for UBS, says we are reaching just such an inflexion point as China’s manic construction phase gives way to more sedate growth, and Europe, America, and Japan take their fiscal medicine. "The commodity super cycle’s end is at hand. The scene is set for a momentum shift," he said. This view is daily dinner talk in Australia, a country that lives off iron ore and coal sales to China - and described contentiously by Dylan Grice from Societe Generale as "a credit bubble built on a commodity market built on an even bigger Chinese credit bubble".

It is starting to take hold as the new consensus in the City where funds are keeping a close eye on the mining trio of BHP Biliton, Rio Tinto, and Brazil’s Vale. All three are battening down the hatches as hopes fade that this year’s 23pc fall in iron ore prices will soon reverse. Rio is cutting $5bn in spending by 2014. Vale is expected to pare back its $40bn investment plans next week..more

BAA candle1Gold & Silver Juniors:  we have plenty of xxxxxxxxxx patterns on the candle charts (indicate a trend reversal) and some on the PF-charts. xxx has incorrectly been dumped by investors and analysts who don't understand Africa and is a super-buy at these levels. If possible increase your position NOW. Short term objective is $ 4.60.

$-Gold is about to completing an extremely bullish technical formation. I expect to see a new up-leg end of this month. See short term candle chart for $-Gold in subscribers' section for Gold candle chart for $-Gold in subscribers' section for Gold.

more in the subscribers' sections...

Tuesday December 4, 2012 -  The president of the eu is against democracy -

van rompuyUpdated sections: Oil shares ,

Ripley's believe it or not: Herman Van Rompuy warns AGAINST the Democratization of the EU. His point of view is that the president of the EU should NOT be elected democratically!? These are the words of a non-democratically appointed president of the EU who is sending millions of people into misery.

And you thought BONDS/TREASURIES were safer than Stocks!?  Greece unveils bond buy-back plan details (Telegraph). Greek finance ministry announces investors will be invited to take up to a 70% loss on their bond holdings, as euro zone finance ministers meet to discuss the deal.

Do we only have a temporary correlation between the Euro or gold or are BOTH bullish against the US dollar!?  Fact is we have an important accumulation or distribution zone ranging from .....to .... and for the time being the Euro sits in a xxxx trend versus the US-Dollar and also in a xxxx trend versus Gold. Hence we need a clear reversal signal BEFORE our opinion will be  reviewed. Over the last months and since September 2011 where the consolidation of Gold actually started, the Euro/Dollar relation has been fairly stable and the charts have been moving in a xxxxxxxx pattern.

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Monday December 3, 2012 - Either you are about to be loaded on the EU-Cattle train to financial death or you'll have to prepare your 'big escape' NOW.

Updated sections : World Stock Market Indexes (more green).Shares are real Assets , Crude Oil , Gold & Silver majors , Uranium shares , Recession proof shares (follow the thin blue lines) , Investment Pyramid ,

How much more does one need to understand you're being taken to the cleaners day in day out !? While Greece simply PRINTS all the money it needs (Greek authorities know that the EU-zone will collapse if they decide to leave), Moody's has already downgraded both the ESM and the EFSF.

Farmers  protest in Brussels (once more). I remember this has been happening over and over again for the last 30 years. Even before the EU-zone existed. The EEC (European economic community) was staffed by the same (Politicians) idiots the EU is staffed with and over the years it got worse. Those politicians can't even run a candy store properly and yet, for some dark reason, the people let them run a whole continent into the Abyss. I compare it to drunken bus drivers who continue to drive a school bus while time after time they run their bus into a ravine and all passengers are killed.   I also have problems in understanding the Police force who with batons and tear gas continue to protect these Politic Idiots by beating down and arresting the very people (farmers) who feed them!? Either these are super-idiots or they have been smoking weed.

Remember markets climb a Wall of Worry and fall off a cliff of Optimism and Euphoria. Today's Euphoria we have for BONDS and Worry we have for STOCKS.

I call it a DEPRESSION. Not only are prices going up as a result of QE (money printing) to infinity but at the same time the NOMINAL spendable income is coming down because of the Austerity measures and slower economic activity. Jim's formula and vicious circle. Those who hope for better will starve before they see any improvement for over the next months it will become increasingly difficult for the Authorities to make the ends meet and hey will recur  to more Taxation and to more Money Printing (hidden taxation and inflation). Having said this, the term DEPRESSION is carefully kept out of the attention of the public by the media. However what is published by the Media makes one remember the DDR and the USSR: Merkel & the belgian Authorities expect NO electricity shortages this coming winter...


Democracy, fascism,...!? In Spain it is widely know that the banks are bankrupt because they over invested in the Real Estate sector and contrary to their (professional) belief, the price of Real Estate did came down (and still has to come down by an additional 40%). As a consequence there was a lot of swindle and today many depositors are unable to withdraw their own savings. Even worse today is that in this digital money system the Spanish Hacienda (IRS - tax man) has  the right to get into any bank account and if they only suspect you have not paid your taxes properly, they can take the amount out of your account without previous warning. Up to you to hire and lawyer and proof Government is Wrong !??

Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.
– John Adams (1735-1826) Founding Father, 2nd US President

GATA says the Gold manipulation can been seen on the intra-day charts and they are correct. But whatever is done, written and published, important is ONLY the outcome, what is to happen in the end.  We ALL know the existing above ground Gold stock has been leased out and sold several times....therefore sooner or later, just like history teaches, reality will set in and markets will overnight adjust to reality. It was so during the 1930's and the 1960's and this time won't be different. Even if you don't like Gold, you have to buy it for it is by nature the ONLY money left on planet Earth.

GOLD mani

Subscribers know this for years. Canadian, Australian Dollars to Get IMF’s Reserve Status. The International Monetary Fund is considering including Canadian and Australian dollars in its official currency-reserves report, inviting them into the exclusive club of the world’s safest currencies and potentially boosting their appeal among international investors.

Communicating financial vessels or money there always will be and it will always tend to escape to safe heavens...the point is to define within time WHERE the safe heavens are and be there before the Herd arrives and/or the roads towards it are blocked by Authorities. If a country is perceived as a Fiscal dangerous place, capital will leave whatever the prospects may be. Modern examples are France, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands....

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