Tuesday December 31, 2013 - For 2014 you will need all the World's available wishes -


This is a distinct repeating historic pattern: an economic depression ALWAYS ends with Social Unrest and a World War…and we will need all the  New Year wishes in the World to try to stop this dramatic evolution. Even Frau Merkel warns that "the situation clearly looks like the one we had just before the World Wars".

Glaubensunwilligkeit in the 21st century and the signs are omnipresent in 2013 :  Syria, Turkey, Russia, Israel , Lebanon (just received $3 bn from the Saudi's), Egypt, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central African Republic, Sudan, Congo, Mali, Thailand, Japan & China, Singapore, Sweden…and we have the extremist Muslims, we have more Regulation and Taxation and Fascism.

Look around you and you'll SEE that I am a REALIST... and for 2014 do yourself a favor, be prepared.

Francis Schutte


Monday December 30, 2013 - Depressions and Wars are twin brothers -

 Updated sections: Real Estate

History books don't lie about on thing: recessions and depressions always come with SOCIAL UNREST and WORLD WARS...Tainter actually analysed what the underlying reason is for a war...it is ENERGY ! Also read Energy and Complex Societies. [public sections are open to ALL during the Holidays. It is extremely relevant and important to read these in order to understand the WHY and where to of the Depression we are living...]


See video II in the Real Estate section: 30 reasons to get out of Real Estate NOW!


Friday December 27, 2013 - if we have a recovery, when then do we need quantitative easing!? ---

We wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year,

The Goldonomic Team


Monday December 23 to Friday December 27, 2013 - The marginal cost of mining Gold will shoot the price of Gold to unseen levels!

 The physical Gold stock of the LMBA is gone..to the East and the situation is so critical its chairman Simon Weeks tries to convince Investors and Miners the price of Gold will drop another $400 . BIG LIE ! NOT TRUE. The London Gold Vaults Are Empty. All That Gold - 26 Million Ounces of It Has Been Shipped Off To China Never To Return. The Chinese Do Not Want U.S. Dollars Anymore, They Want Gold!....

This will make investing A LIVING HELL! A former US Treasury Official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts warned King World News that the Federal Reserve is going to dramatically increase its manipulation, control, and influence over capital markets which are Paul C Robertslonger free trading. He also warned the Fed will not want face risk with their increased manipulations, so expect the ‘fix’ to be

The Fed is now going to be trading the market. It (the Fed) is no longer a central bank. In other words, the manipulations are becoming part of the system. The New York Fed is going to be a big market player, dealing with a massive portfolio to affect the supply of credit and the prices of financial instruments...more

Washington Drives the World Toward War
Paul Craig Roberts

Washington has had the US at war for 12 years: Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, and almost Syria, which could still happen, with Iran waiting in the wings. These wars have been expensive in terms of money, prestige, and deaths and injuries of both US soldiers and the attacked civilian populations. None of these wars appears to have any compelling reason or justifiable explanation. The wars have been important to the profits of the military/security complex. The wars have provided cover for the construction of a Stasi police state in America, and the wars have served Israel’s interest by removing obstacles to Israel’s annexation of the entire West Bank and southern Lebanon...more

Friday December 20, 2013 - A Hyper inflationary policy is only possible with Deflation Propaganda -

Updated sections: Gold & Silver Majors (yield table) , Oil shares (yield table) , Recession Proof shares (yield table) , Uranium & shares (yield table)  , Natural Gas shares (yield table) , $-Gold , Silver , €-Gold , 

Fed to buy 10 billion Treasuries less each month as from next year: this is not Tapering but deflation propaganda...Important is that markets approved the decision and bounced up from oversold positions. Situations like yesterday are exactly the reason why we advise to work with trailing stops...so we can let the profits run and cut the losses short.

spot the taper

Sentiment about Gold has not improved...however important is that the uptrend is still INTACT and the majority of the advisers is BEARISCH. Gold will go up when time is up...and Gold remains your only insurance against legal and bank theft. Don't let you scare out of your Physical Gold and Gold & Silver Mines because of Propaganda. Last but not least, check the yields paid by most Majors...

Gold was all over the place today but it took it on the chin during the Bernanke press conference. It actually broke down below the bottom of its trading range but managed to recover and claw its way back into the range. Excellent...because we had a MASSIVE VOLUME day!


Propaganda....Today stocks initially dropped… then suddenly soared almost 300 points on the Dow. Either the market believes the liquidity will continue to flow or the Fed had stepped in to purchase equity securities (a new asset purchase program?). Gold, ironically, moved higher initially, on continued liquidity expectations before falling significantly as the Dow moved higher! If continued liquidity injections are what prompted the rise in equities, then Gold would rise along with stocks. The fact that they diverged on the same premise, can only lead me to believe that intervention in both markets is the culprit (Fed purchasing stocks and simultaneously selling gold futures). Higher gold prices would signal inflationary tendencies.

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Thursday December 19, 2013 -  Welcome to Belgistan -

Updated sections:

This is more dangerous than the economic and financial crisis. The Netherlands, England, Belgium, France,...are countries with a demographic accident waiting to happen...In France there are over 8 millions Muslims and by 2030 more than 50% of the french population will be Muslim. In Belgium - Antwerp and Brussels, it is expected that the Muslims will have the majority within the next 10 years. As I write this the majority of the kids born in Brussels are called Mohammed. In the late 1930's Jews who had gold coins managed to flee out of Europe...to avoid being exterminated by the Germans. This time however could be different: Europeans with Gold coins might need these to flee Europe so they are not destroyed by the Sharia Law.

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Wednesday December 18, 2013 - A 1929 like stock market crash is certainly possible...that is why the bulk of your savings must be kept in physical gold.


After the French revolution when Napoleon came into power, the Golden Napoleon became MONEY and France prospered for 100 years.  The Mississippi company similar to the Tulip mania and the Assignats had finally become a bad memory of the past. France prospered economically, financially, socially and juridically.

In a coup d'etat in November 1799, Napoleon became first consul. In 1802, he was made consul for life and two years later, emperor. He oversaw the centralisation of government, the creation of the Bank of France, the reinstatement of Roman Catholicism as the state religion and law reform with the Code Napoleon.

The French kings had gold coins struck and called after their name Louis, or louis d'or. After the Revolution, Napoleon continued the practice but called the coins "napoleons." They had a value of 20 francs." At the time a franc was of 4.5 grams of fine silver. After 1794, in France 1 gold napoleon (same as a louis as noted above) = 20 francs. Napoleon paid his soldiers with Golden Napoleons. Economically, this sound money was a great success and Napoleon's fall did not change that. Succeeding governments maintained Napoleon's weight standard, with changes in design which traced the political history of France. In particular, this currency system was retained during the Bourbon Restoration and perpetuated until 1914.

At the top in a bull market, you cannot find a bearish voice, at the bottom of a bear market, you cannot find a bullish voice.

It is never that the majority buy the low/bottom.

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Tuesday December 17, 2013 - What do the Boston Tea Party and the French Revolution have in common?

boston tea partyUpdated sections:

The Boston Tea Party, French Revolution and Belgian Independence happened because of identical reasons: too much Taxation, too much Regulation, too much Debt, high Inflation...and a society ruled by the same breed of Intelligent Psychopaths which NEVER learn from their mistakes. It takes years before we have a climax...but one the rubber breaks, it all unfolds rapidly and subsequent changes are drastic.

History is a matter of Finance and Economics. History books are a matter of Politics...and propaganda. That is why nobody understands History...

The London gold fixing has been a benchmark for the market since the end of the first world war. Until 2004, the fixings were conducted in person at the London offices of Rothschild and each trader had a Union flag on his desk which he lowered to indicate that he had concluded his business.

DEBT is the Achilles heel of the system: 10 yr yields in major markets all bottomed out and have spent the rest of 2013 closing higher. Marginal level of interest rates keep falling as Governments make more debt (in the hope to restart the economy) and are now as low as 4%. As soon as the 4% is reached, it becomes impossible to service the DEBT let alone retire the still growing debt.

Quietly the 10 year bond yield has risen to and above 2.8%.  This is significant and something that very few are talking about.  Those in the mainstream that do mention it are pointing to the "strength" in the economy as the reason.  This is pure hogwash.  Interest rates are rising for one reason and one reason alone, foreigners are selling Treasury bonds.

As you know, the Fed is and has been the "buyer of last resort".  They now own 1/3rd of the Treasury market and have purchased over 70% of all issuance for over a year now.  In effect, the Fed "IS the Treasury market".  A 2.8% 10 yr. rate is almost a perfect double from where they were just 17 months ago.  Another more startling way of saying this is that interest rates have moved up 100% during a flat economy and yet the sheeple sleep...more

The number of Bearish advisers is as low as in 1987... and October 19, 1987 I experienced - I was in the middle of it! Worst case scenario Gold could be negatively affected by a 2014 Stock Market crash but I think it is a lot safer to hold on to OVERSOLD Gold , Silver and shares than to continue to acquire Common Stocks. Having said this, make sure your asset allocation is made according to what the Investment Pyramid shows.

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Monday December 16, 2013   - A correction in Q1 of 2014!? -

too big too failUpdated sections: Recession Proof shares , 

Banks have become too big to fail...but this does not implicate that they cannot and will not fail. It is outraging that by abolishing the Glass-Steagall act all deposits have 'de facto' stopped being the property of the depositor. After the Great Financial Crisis, Congress could have simply reinstated Glass-Steagall. The act was only 37 pages long, but it had worked incredibly well. Instead, after an orgy of bank lobbying and Congressional kowtowing to the bankers who had brought the world to the brink of a global depression, Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Act (Clinton). It is over 2,300 pages long; no one is sure what is in it or what it means; and it has added a dizzyingly complex tangle of regulations and bureaucracy to what should have been a simple, straightforward reform of the financial sector. (The act is so long and complicated that it was nicknamed the "Lawyers' and Consultants' Full Employment Act of 2010.") You will hardly be reassured to learn that the Federal Reserve's powers were expanded through Dodd-Frank.

Under the present system of Fiat Money, Government cannot function without a banking system and without the help of Government Banks would be bankrupt tomorrow.!.

No doubt that sooner or later the whole financial system will fail. What we don't know, is WHEN it will happen (Cyprus was nothing more than an Entree). What is also sure, is that in the period preceding this bankruptcy, the Authorities and Banksters will do whatever they can to seize the savings of the citizen so they can postpone their own death sentence.

cashless swedenThe mouse traps as Bank deposits, Saving accounts, Life insurances, Treasuries,.....these are extremely easy to take away (Cyprus, Argentina) ... In Sweden CASH is no more King and I expect to see similar actions all over Europe soon. France for example thinks of adding more cheese to the trap by increasing the tax free level of saving accounts..so more money will flow in and more can be legally stolen later on. In Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece we have CAPITAL CONTROLS and be sure other countries will be added to this list as they run into financial problems. 

We all know banks are too big to fail. Dexia is an excellent example. It's bankruptcy would have taken down the complete Western Financial System. On top of the 389 billion of direct debt, the bank has an exposure to DERIVATIVES of 605 billion....A failure of Dexia would through the mechanism of Derivatives destroyed the big 5: HSBC, Deutsche Bank,....The danger however is that funds which will be legally stolen through a planned haircut of 10% are insufficient to cover the Derivative risk of $ 1.4 Quadrillion and even of $ 900 trillion (official figure).

A Cashless society is nothing but a HUGE fiscal trap...and the wet dream of all Socialists! It makes it so much easier to spend the money of the others to buy votes...

Interest rates have been manipulated to historic low levels because debt has become too big to serve. The danger level used to be 6% for the Western World. As of today however the danger level has come down to 4%. In Japan it has come down to an unbelievable 1% ! This means that once interest rates raise to a level higher than 4% and 1% for Japan, the debt becomes unserviceable and Governments have to declare bankruptcy.

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Friday December 13, 2013  - EU nears bank bail-in accord and you're next to be served!..today makes me think of the 1980's: everybody was talking about devaluations but only 5% did something about it.

Updated sections: Uranium and Uranium shares , 

American Debt Up $3 Trillion Under Boehner-Obama Spending Deals. The new debt run up by the federal government since House Speaker John Boehner cut his first spending deal with President Barack Obama has now topped $3 trillion—exceeding all the debt accumulated under all American presidents from George Washington through Ronald Reagan...more [never forget the implications of an exponential equation!]

You don't have to be an Einstein to understand the state of the economy (in Europe) is worse than we all think it is. Official statistics don't come as a surprise. They are the result of what I call "Jim's Formula" . Hence there is no surprise about Surprise fall in eurozone industrial output. Worst industrial output figures since height of eurozone crisis show economy is struggling..more

Today's REAL interest rates are as high as those of 20 years ago....and NEGATIVE. The price of Gold ALWAYS rises when real interest rates are negative...

Gold : Do as China does....In the current monetary fog, with the dollar more and more challenged and prone to collapse at any moment, carrying with it the monetary non-system, China seems to have decided that owning gold is a guarantee of safety. The annual gold import rate is effectively more than 1,000 tons, 80 without counting the 400 tons extracted from Chinese mines each year. It had reported having 1,054 tons in 2009. By comparison, the US claims to have 8,100 tons (an amount subject to question81), and Germany, in second place, has 3,400 tons. It is apparent that secrecy and vagueness surrounds these Chinese imports, the better to avoid an unnecessary rush on the failing dollar system, but the above considerations mean that China probably has more gold than Germany and is making a run for American levels. In short, the ingots are heading from west to east..

Investors buy Physical Gold because they mistrust Fiat Paper Money and Treasuries issued by Governments. The mistrust is the consequence of the exponential creation of Fiat Money (IOU's) and monetization of Government Debt. What is debt monetization?A central bank is said to monetize a government’s debt if it prints Treasuries/Money to finance its deficit. The buying of Treasuries by the Federal Reserve/Central Banks is a clear indication that the Fed/Central banks are doing just that, except that the Political leaders and Central bankers argue the motivation behind Treasury purchases is to help the economy, not the government...but by now don't we all know that this is a lie!?

In my opinion nobody will be able to stop Gold after the markets realize the authorities are indeed monetizing the DEBT.

Money printing always ends in Hyperinflation where in the end, you end with NOTHING..and you are bankrupt...only the Politicians will be able to blame somebody else for it. Hopefully for their necks, We The People will buy their story...but I start to doubt it. In the end only the DEBT remains...In order to get rid of their debt, Governments often declare a DEBT MORATORIUM or  a bankruptcy of IOU's called by the Authorities. A Debt Moratorium results in a DEFLATION.

serfdomModern so called Democratic Governments would have been overthrown and leaders burned at the stake by the people if we would have been living in Monarchies. History learns that King and Queens NEVER ever taxed their subjects by so much as people are taxed nowadays. Can a person still be considered "free" when 71% to 75% of what s/he earns is taken away at the point of a gun by a bankrupt, bullying government? Or are you merely a serf then, existing only to feed the system? The IMF has been working around the clock to figure that developed nations can increase their overall tax revenue by increasing tax rates. They are suggesting that the government could maximize its tax revenue by increasing tax brackets to as high as 71%.France already has a 75% tax rule...sickening and not a Democracy !

Hayek's book, The Road to Serfdom is an excellent book and and a good XMas gift....more. During the Middle-ages and slavery serfs were sometimes chained to buildings and properties...today people chain themselves to a house with the help of a Mortgage!?

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Thursday December 12, 2013 - Stupidity doesn't seem to be a handicap in politics...and the majority cannot handle the truth!

debt-crisis-feb-3 2127875bUpdated sections: Natural Gas & shares , 

Europe would be better far off with Monarchies than with today's Intelligent Psychopaths. They didn't have to BUY the votes to stay in power...and what's more if they would have taxed their subjects like the politicians do today, they would be overthrown. NOBODY would have accepted the Tyranny of the Politics.

Government cannot possibly bring prosperity and recovery, it can only take it away.

The International Monetary Fund has poured cold water over claims that the eurozone is safely recovering, calling on the European Central Bank to take pre-emptive action to alleviate the credit crunch for small business and head off the risk of deflation.

Christine Lagarde, the IMF’s managing director, said it is "premature to declare victory", warning that EU governments may have to ditch austerity policies and switch to fiscal stimulus to kick-start growth and avert lasting damage to the underlying economy.

"Looking past the headlines, there are clearly signs that not all is well," she told a forum in Brussels, highlighting the risk of a "vicious cycle" in which depressed demand and stagnant investment feed on each other.

The warning came as fresh data showed Greece’s recovery may be stalling again, with mounting risks of a relapse into recession over the winter. The Greek statistics office said industrial output had fallen 5.2pc in October, a sharp deterioration from minus 1.3pc in September...more

The anger of the people needs to be at the Government...they are causing all the economic problems....It is the goal of government to create poverty so they can offer the solution....Peter Schiff or a foretaste of our keynote speaker at our April 22, 2014 Symposium:  How to Survive the Sinking Titanic!?

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Wednesday December 11, 2013 - Italy and a remake of the French Revolution!?  Police forces join Demonstrators.

Updated sections: Oil shares , 

Following video clip we already published, but I can't get enough of it... especially with what is happening in Ukraine , Thailand, and the opening of the EU-borders for Romanians and Bulgarians,...

The days of the EU are counted. This banking system is incredibly stupid. The system will bring down itself...the question is by what it will be replaced! One keeps voting for different parties which - once in power - appear to be exactly the same: all the same dogs with a different color of collar...

France may well end up being the Achilles heel of the EU-zone. France is bankrupt and this is the biggest secret of the EU. The second biggest secret is that France is populated by 4 to 5 millions Muslim...and these don't take NO for an answer.

In Italy Police Forces join demonstrators...a remake of the French Revolution!? We The People are FED-UP and soon Politicians and Bankers will become game...and will find no safe place to hide.

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Tuesday December 10, 2013 - Gold is a bubble that doesn't seem to want to happen...

buublUpdated sections: World Stock Market Indexes

(click to enlarge picture) Last week we had an unprecedented  purchase of a large quantity of $3,000 gold call options at the December 2015 maturity date. The surprise development last week occurred in the COMEX gold options market. Last Wednesday, the December 2015 gold options contract with a contract price of $3,000 per ounce was the most actively traded contract of any month and of any contract price level. About 7,250 call option contracts were purchased, signifying potential physical demand for 725,000 ounces. Those who own call options of this contract would have the right to purchase 100 ounces of gold at the contract price on the expiration date in late November 2015. However, it is not necessary for those who purchased these call options at $3,000 to wait for two years or to need gold to reach $3,000 in order for them to make potentially huge profits.

I don't know anything about the stock market and I don't have enough money to buy property, so I figured gold is the safest choice. a chinese woman

 Central bankers not only start to buy Gold..but they now also buy Stocks...and guess  whereto most of the World Gold reserves are flowing!?

central bank gold sales versus price

world gold reserves
Who's making the price of Gold!?  ...the Central Bankers or the East !?

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Monday December 9, 2013 - Impossible to shave a sheep if it keeps running around -

Updated sections: US-Dollar

Olivier Delamarche explains it exactly as I see it!  If you still don't understand and/or refuse to believe that this story will have an extremely bad ending, you MUST watch the video clip.  If you do understand, watch it anyhow and forward it the members of your family and your friends who still live in denial and ignorance...with the compliments of Goldonomic. The video clip is in French and the automatic subtitling (CC) is unfortunately of poor quality...

 Who is holding the Worldwide DEBT !?  YOU ARE...it's in your wallet, you hold it in your bank account, your pension fund, your life insurance...The day this debt is not honored, the day that the financial system goes bankrupt, the day we have hyperinflation,....that will be the very day the Herd sees the Emperor has no clothes and will it be "game out" ! The Hyperinflation will slide into a severe Deflation as the Trillions of Debt become worthless. Only those holding REAL ASSETS (Low Order Capital goods) and Gold-Silver will be able to survive financially. Debt and money creation have become an exponential....therefore the odds that the system can and will survive beyond 2020 are ZERO.

 debt versus gold

In a struggle for survival, Authorities and Central Bankers have pushed the General level of Interest rates down to absolute historic minimums. By doing this the World Bonds/Treasuries have become THE ABSOLUTE BUBBLE! Important is to understand what today's money is, how it is created and that in the early days money was a Government Bond.

britain historic yields france historical usa long term yields 1790
 United Kingdom 1730 to 2012  France 1740 to 2012   USA 1790 to 2012

 The French Revolution and the Assignats (together with the Weimar Revolution) is probably the best know Western example of Fiat Paper money becoming worthless. Note how the interest rates spiked during the worst of the crisis. During the Revolution however the French kept paying their Soldiers in GOLD ! Ever since the early 1970' interest rates have never been so low like they are today. In the USA the lowest was 1.7% (World War II). 1981 Volcker stopped a potential dangerous financial and economic crisis and a runaway inflation by hiking the interest rates to +15%. Ever since Interest rates came down in the hope that cheap money would restart the economy and allow Governments to get rid of DEBT. Instead Governments accumulated more debt and the economy doesn't restart (because the general level of deb is too high).

The people hold the debt: If and when interest rates start to rise again, Governments will have no alternate to admit they and as a consequence also the people are BANKRUPT...Fiat Money, Treasuries and all derivatives will automatically and de facto become  worthless!

This has important implications for investors....more in the subscribers' section...

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Friday December 6, 2013  -  The Nile (denial) is the longest river in the world - The bitcoin crashes another 40% as China bans it -

sheepsUpdated sections: 

The Stockholm Syndrome? Glaubensunwilligkeit? Lazyness? Ever since I started to operate in the financial sector...and that is since the 1970's I have seen and experienced that in the best case a maximum of 10% of the investors/population UNDERSTANDS what is happening and see through the smoke curtains of Authorities and Bankers...and prepare themselves. The HERD doesn't understand what is happening, or doesn't want to understand it and stays invested in investment instruments which are extremely dangerous...(most instruments give the impression to be extremely safe). These investors are especially seduced by investments which pay a better than average interest...even if such means that the risk is higher than average. Very difficult for many is also to stop pricing safe investment vehicles in Fiat Money...Many investors are convinced they are poorly invested when they see the paper price fall...NOT always so. Certainly not today. For some reason the Herd cannot think for itself and even during times of crisis it REFUSES and is unable to make the right investment decisions.

The dollar is too large for a government to manipulate where trend is concerned. The Exchange stabilization fund will try hit and run support, but that is not enough to change the trend.

The Gold shorts at the COMEX have a problem. The problem is this – there is not enough registered gold to cover all the warrant transfers. That means shorts must be scrambling to find registered gold, or to find eligible gold they can transfer into register gold. IMO, this is indicated by how few of the outstanding futures have actually been issued for delivery after 3 days into the delivery period (~20%). Whatever the 21st century Gold Pool, Bernanke en Draghi do, they cannot possible influence the Natural Market forces. The lower the price of Gold, the less supply (mines move the production to ore with a higher gold content and/or reduce production). The Physical demand however continues to rise....Not even Bernanke, Yellen, or all the paper Gold ETFs in the world will be able to do much to suppress gold prices from reaching their fair value when gold production falls, and when demands, especially by China, is still in the hundreds of tons each year.

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Thursday December 5, 2013 - Plunder in Argentina and Detroit bankrupt -

Updated sections: ZAR-Gold & ZAR/$/€ , Krona-Gold - Krona/HUI & Krona/$/€

Given that all the reasons gold rose from 2001 to 2011 are still in force, I am convinced gold's current correction is the setup for a second big surge—and, ultimately, a true gold mania of historic proportions.

 Crisis takes a much longer time coming than you think, and then it happens much faster than you would have thought.–Rudi Dornbusch, economist

The ONLY way to protect you, is to have PHYSICAL GOLD in a VAULT (NOT in a BANK safe !!!!) People quit smoking once advised so by their Medical Doctor...why than do you continue to BELIEVE to the lies told by Banksters and Politicians ? The majority of Economists and Goldonomic KNOWS this story will have a bad ending....Even some politicians admit so...so PLEASE ACT NOW !  Not only must you be invested properly, but your assets MUST be kept out of POLITICAL reach BEFORE we have CAPITAL CONTROLS.  By definition, Capital Controls will not and never are announced by the Authorities and Mainstream media...they come as a surprise....like a thief in the night.

Answer to the riddle below comes tomorrow or the day after tomorrow (subscribers will find the information in the Daily Update for today)

exponential sell-off climax

Important Technicals:

  • Extremely important technical signals for Gold today...reserved for Subscribers!

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Wednesday December 4, 2013 - Bitcoin is a poor and bad ersatz for Gold and what is worse, it has all the caracteristics of a Ponzi scheme.

20131201 BTC 0Updated sections: Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€ , Can-Gold & Can$/€/$ , ¥-Gold & ¥/€/$ , £-Gold & £/$/€ , 

Bitcoin is just like modern Fiat Money a Ponzi Scheme and therefore Gresham's law has become fully active. While the bad money (Fiat paper money, bitcoins, paper gold, ....) in circulation is growing, the GOOD MONEY (physical Gold) is leaving the open market and disappearing in private and public Vaults...not to be sold again....

It's all about value. Gresham's law is active right under our eyes: the bad money (bank deposits, paper money) is replacing the good money (Gold). This is even true for 'paper gold'.

Technically Gold and also Silver are still building a bottom. By definition bottom building always happens at critical levels. Positive is that the GLD and SLV (gold and silver ETF's) are holding their breakouts).

Why the heck did Draghi lower key European interest rates? Credit demand by corporations drops to -19.3% , credit demand by households drops by 5%  (October 2013 figures) .Youth unemployment in southern European countries remains extremely high at 58%.  You don't have to be an Einstein to see that the policy of low interest rates and money printing simply DOES NOT WORK and that we have no recovery !?

There will be no RECOVERY, not in the US, not in Europe, not in Japan, not in the UK !

Important Technicals:

  • Gold expressed in Swiss franc is xxxxxxxxxxx (see special ratio PF chart in light blue field).
  • WESTERN REFINING  xxxxxxx.
  • Gold and Silver ETF's xxxxxxxxxxx.
  • The exchange rate of the xxxxxxxxx is strongly correlated to the price of Gold...and sits on the bottom of its trading zone = xxxxx for commodities and gold.
  • The exchange rate of the xxxxxxxxx versus the US-dollar and Euro is critical = sits on the bottom of the trading range.
  • The xxxxxxx has over the past weeks been amazingly STRONG...this explains the xxxxxxxx and smells to a rigging of the currency markets.

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Tuesday December 3, 2013 - the bulk of today's news is for subscribers only -

Updated sections: $-Gold , Silver , €-Gold & €/$ , Aussie-Gold & Aussie/$/€ , 

This is how we have twice a day a Gold-fix in London: At the start of the call, the designated chairman -- the job rotates annually among the five banks -- gives a figure close to the current spot price in dollars for an ounce of gold. The firms then declare how many bars of the metal they wish to buy or sell at that price, based on orders from clients as well as their own account. If there are more buyers than sellers, the starting price is raised and the process begins again. The talks continue until the buy and sell amounts are within 50 bars, or about 620 kilograms, of each other. The procedure is carried out twice a day, at 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. in London. Prices are set in dollars, pounds and euros. Similar gauges exist for silver, platinum and palladium.  The traders relay shifts in supply and demand to clients during the calls and take fresh orders to buy or sell as the price changes, according to the website of London Gold Market Fixing, which publishes the results of the fix.

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Monday December 2, 2013 - Bitcoin is the 21st century Tulip Mania -

Updated sections: Gold & Silver share fundamentals

Do not buy Bitcoins. If you have any, sell these today...before the FIAT price crashes...Bitcoin is really only a technological phenomenon that has been bid up to extremely over bought levels and is clearly in a serious bubble. One of the many problems with Bitcoin is that it is backed with nothing, just like all the fiat currencies. Gold is the only real currency and it will continue to serve its role as a means of preserving value. Gold versus Bitcoin is really a crazy proposition.

If you belong to the crowd that believes gold is going to go down even further, and that gold is past its prime and will never recover, you should sell every resource shares you own and invest in something positive such as Bitcoin. With any luck you can capture the bottom in gold and top in Bitcoin.


Will they confiscate your Silver?...they tortured The Templar's' to get their Gold...Political Authorities are not any better than at the time of Philip le Beau, Napoleon, Hitler,...The HERD, People have learned NOTHING. If Authorities are so crooked that they actually print money out of nothing to pay for their debt,....

China’s net gold imports from Hong Kong climbed to their second-highest level on record in October, to almost 130 metric tons, and topped the 100-ton mark for a sixth straight month. The richer the Chinese Middle-class s, the more gold they will buy. Contrary to the Americans and Europeans, Chinese BUY when price is low....Europeans and Americans moan, complain,..and feel sick and are stressed because the NOMINAL PRICE of GOLD (=imaginary paper price) has stopped going up and is digesting the 2004-2011 upleg.

middle class growth

Not an intelligent move to let a "petty government employee" write a book on economics and to apply some of the idiocies the man has published (like QE).

keynesIn his masterpiece The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, John Maynard Keynes referred to what he called the "euthanasia of the rentier". Keynes argued that interest rates should be lowered to the point where it secures full employment (through an increase in investments). At the same time he recognized that such a policy would probably destroy the livelihoods of those who lived off of their investment income, hence the expression. Published in 1936, little did he know that his book referred to the implications of a policy which, three quarters of a century later, would be on everybody's lips. Welcome to the 21st century, QE. and negative real interest rates.

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