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Friday February 28, 2014 - Patience is bitter but the fruit is sweet -

Today's update is a video clip for Subscribers ONLY!

I think free-shoppers and Traders should not be allowed to see this video for free. Financial analysis is extremely time consuming and expensive and good financial advise comes at a price. What you get for free will by definition cost you a lot more than a subscription fee and and/or a participation to our April 22 Symposium.

In the USA the admission fee to a Symposium with keynote speakers as Peter Schiff, Elmer Hogervorst,....would cost at least $ 1,000 to $ 3,000. In Europe some people complain that Euro 575 is expensive!??

Good financial advice is price-less! - Everything else comes for free.

Thursday February 27, 2014 - Patience can be bitter but the fruit is sweet -

 Updated sections: Uranium & shares , Gold & Silver majors , 

 Devaluing the Mediterranean to Third World Status and a remark made by a Belgian Intelligent Psychopath...these guys simply don't get it!


This unfortunately pictures a lot of Investors: To which group do you belong? or do you make your home work, read Goldonomic and take your time....GREED is never a good adviser, nor is FEAR.


 Important Technicals:

  • what about Uranium shares ?
  • what about the HUI-index (Gold & Silver majors) ?

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Wednesday February 26, 2014

The problem is GOVERNMENT and not the economy: Ukraine, Turkey (Erdogan), Spain (Royal Family, Rajoy,..), Thailand (prime minister), Venezuela (Chavez, Maduro), Hollande (France and 60% gov. generated GNP). Government and what the Intelligent Psycho's dare to call Democracy is worse than what Absolutism was right before the French Revolution. Goverment is not here to help... They're here to make healthcare more expensive, college more expensive... everything they touch is more expensive...

Central banks stand ready to lease gold in increasing quantities should the price rise." A. Greenspan 1998 - The problem being that the Gold leased to China and India will NEVER return to the West and a Gold audit might expose the massive fraud.

World stock markets (see selected countries in subscribers' section) will continue to climb the wall of worry built by the  worsening economic figures until the house of cards collapses like happened in Zimbabwe. For this reason it is more than ever  important to have a Physical Gold & Silver insurance. Paper Gold will NOT do it. Important is to store your physical gold out of reach of the Intelligent Psychopaths and out of the banking system. We strongly advise to do so as long as such is legally possible.

Bank and Financial shares should still not been touched, even not by a 10 yard stick. In Europe preparations are made to split up AXA into a (bad) bank and an insurance company. This is the consequence of both the elimination of the Glass-Steagall act which allowed banks to become Casinos and the  2003 Commodity Reform Act which eliminated regulatory oversight of derivatives.

Insurance co's are an accident waiting to happen. Extremely low interest rates have taken away a large chunk of their income base and reserves will collapse the day interest rates soar. Sliding Real Estate prices will break the back of the Camel.

The IMF does not differentiate between paper and physical gold for accounting.

Important technicals:

 see subscribers' sections....

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Tuesday February 25, 2014  - Will we see a Dow Jones of 30,000 and higher !? -

Updated sections: ,

Ukraine is a typical example of unsustainable complex societies and expensive energy. It is almost sure that the country which has been the end result of political gimmics will over the coming months/years fall apart in at least two parts: East (Russian) and West (Polish, Ukraine)...more in the Academic section: Tainter, energy and complex societies.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, what happens in (south)Africa happens all over the Western World!

The JSE Top-40 index closed on its highest ever on Friday afternoon, mostly due to a last-minute spurt when US markets opened stronger and seemed to be heading higher. Robust results from companies that opened the reporting season on the JSE, a weak rand, stronger international markets and indications that the world economy is gaining momentum, has sent SA shares higher day after day last week, with main indices recording record highs. Investors seemed to have totally ignored negative news, such as the higher inflation numbers, lackluster retail sales, labor unrest and the effect of higher petrol prices and interest rates on economic activity.

Is ignoring bad news a sure sign of a bullish market?

potential housing bubbles 2014(C ) Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved - The contents of this report may NOT be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the explicit written consent of Goldonomic.

Monday February 24, 2014 - the subscribers' sections show good solid shares yielding from 4% to 8% -

Updated sections:  Oil shares , Natural Gas & Shares , Uranium & shares , Bank shares , Crude Oil , Coal & shares , Agriculturals , Copper & Platinum , US-Dollar , Commodities , Inflation Index ,

The higher food prices get, the greater the chances of riots and revolution. The main difference is that Westerners have been brainwashed into believing that the civilized people voice their grievances in a voting booth rather than doing battle in the streets. It's a false premise. Unfortunately, so is violent revolution. Many revolutions are started by the CIA.

 So these anti-gold idiots are just that, idiots, or else they have the memory of a goldfish, because currencies come and currencies go, as sure as night follows day. It is the natural order of things. And as you can see, it's not about trading gold to get rich or getting long gold or buying one by two call spreads or getting fancy, it literally is about protecting yourself in the end. It's not like GOLD holders will become rich. It's just about staying rich. Everyone else will get poor.

 We have more than Gold & Silver shares in the subscribers' sections. Recession Proof shares, Oil shares, Natural Gas shares yielding up to 8% ...are you still keeping your savings in a savings account ???

Friday February 21, 2014 - Gold will kill The Dollar single handed -

Updated sections: Recession Proof shares , World Stock Market Indexes , 

The adjusted monetary base continues to geyser exponentially. It is only a matter of time before hyperinflation kicks in. Deflation can occur at any time on condition the financial system goes bankrupt...something authorities will try to avoid by all means. If the Federal Reserve doesn't single-handedly murder the U.S. dollar, China will. And it's going to do it with the dollar's antithesis...It's going to do it with gold. 

If Intelligent Psychopaths like Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Chavez & Madura (Venezuela), Kirchner (Argentina) ,....are intelligent enough to avoid Deflation and steer the countries of the economies they lead into Hyperinflation why then would Obama and the Western leaders fail?

BASE Max 630 378

We all were prepared to read this and it's all in the price: Newmont Mining reports $2.5bn loss for 2013. Earnings for Gold & silver miners reflect the correction we had since late Summer 2011...more in the subscribers' sections.

What is the correlation between the REAL spendable income of the Middle-class and the price evolution of Real Estate?....more in the subscribers' sections.

Intelligent Psychopath Venezuela President Madura calls the protesting crowd Fascists...!?

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Thursday February 20, 2014 - Why are Banksters so arrogant !? -

 Updated sections:  Recession Proof shares 

Gold demand trends full year 2013:

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Wednesday February 19, 2014  - Tyrannic Princes are as bad as Tyrannic Democracies !

french revolutionUpdated sections: Gold & Silver Majors , Gold & Silver Juniors ,

Tyrannic Democracies can be worse because they last until the majority has no more food. In Venezuela the pro-government demonstrators come out of the Ghetto's. The anti-government demonstrators are the minority: students, educated people. Many people have fled Venezuela for Canada, the USA, Panama in the hope of finding a better life.

Thai, Venezuelan, Ukraine protests turn violent,...people are fed up with Government, regulation and taxation and this happenings will continue to escalate as the depression gets worse...

Never say "This will never happen here" !

Best case scenario each country will find its own path. Hopefully with as little violence as possible...but people are fed up! It's clear that Spain, like Greece, is simply going to have to default on part of its debt. So will Ireland and Portugal. Japan will resort to printing money in amounts that will boggle the imagination and terrify the world, as they finally come to grips with the fact that they must deal with their deficit spending.

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Monday-Tuesday February 17-18, 2014 - monday is presidents' day and markets are closed
 - this ain't deflation nor hyperinflation, this is chess !

Updated sections: US-Dollar, $-Gold , €-Gold , Silver ,

Of course we are in a Depression! ... and interest rates will skyrocket after the Dollar collapses.

 Of course Janet Yellen will stop Tapering and expand Quantitative Easing: such is a mathematical fact!

This is suicidal. What we see today in emerging markets we'll have tomorrow in the West: ecomomies going down and interest rates going up to protect the currency. ..brilliant. Those Intelligent Psychopaths have IDIOT written on their forehead.

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Friday February 14, 2014 - Government cannot solve the problem because Government is the problem -

full moonUpdated sections:

Socialism doesn't work...Venezuela was the wet dream of  socialists. Chavez & Madura have ruined a country which right after the second world war was one of the richest in the world . The situation is so bad that there is not only a shortage of TOILET PAPER but  all Airline companies have stopped flying to Caracas, Venezuela. The good thing is that STUDENTS finally are revolting: all the money of the others has been spend in Venezuela! Having said this, the worst is that Chavez, Nicolas Madura, Hollande, Obama,...were all put into power by a Democratic voting process. The bad thing is that the Socialist leaders have the guts to blame the Students of Terrorism...

Muslims living in Holland (immigrants) offended because a good looking Dutch girl opens a bar in The Netherlands...what an arrogance! Who the heck do these guys think they are???

Gold, silver and miners continue their bull run. $-Gold has broken an important resistance level ($ 1280) and hereby confirms that the bottom formation has matured. The sector has become a screaming buy.

Reserve ratio of banks operating in Panama has to be at least 30%

Silver is trading at $20.80. If these prices hold through, we will have our silver breakout too.

GORO +10% , MAQ.TO +10% , MUX +12% , PG.TO + 10% , SVM +10%

More important information in the subscribers' sections...

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Thursday February 13, 2014 - the Fed is printing roughly 100 years' worth of money every 12 months -

Updated Sections:

AMSTERDAM - 500 tons of gold have suddently disappeared from the open market. No trader knows where it is gone. Beijing is silent but there are strong suspicions that big buyer China has put its powerful claws on it.

  • Japan was a net importer of gold in December, the first time in almost four years. Net purchases totaled 1,885 kilograms (60,604 ounces).
  • The state of Gujarat in India reported that silver bullion imports hit a five-year record from April 2013 to January 2014. Imports were more than 450% higher than the same period a year ago.
  • Australia's Perth Mint said gold sales jumped 41% and silver 33% in 2013. In January, gold demand was up 10% and silver 8%.

More important imformation in the subscribers' sections...

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Wednesday February 12, 2014 - Real Estate prices are also function of the Real Spendable Income

 Updated Sections:

The lower the Real Spendable income, the lower the general level of Real Estate:

 more on Real Estate in the subscribers' section.

 The European Crisis visualized:

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Tuesday February 11, 2014 - the East is not a safe spot to keep your savings -

Updated sections: Uranium & Uranium shares , 

In the EU the economic depression is getting worse. Unemployment figures in Greece, Italy and Spain keep going up. I expect a new crisis on the European Bond markets right after the upcoming May Elections in the EU.

Japan could be in for some unseen: reversed capital controls or the Bank of Japan would make it impossible for foreigners to acquire Japanese Yen (Treasuries, shares,..deposits).

HSBC, one of the world's biggest banks, has 'glaring problems' and may need to plug a $111 billion capital cap. Two analysts for Forensic Asia, a recently launched boutique Hong Kong research firm, have heavily criticized the bank for 'overstating earnings, inadequately capitalized balance sheets, legal and regulatory problems.CNBC

Safe deposit boxes in banks that can go bust are death traps waiting to be sprung on the owners.

On several occasions I have stated that the financial condition of the Chinese Banks is in a precarious state and their banking system is poorly structured. Few know that the QE (money printing) in China is a multiple of the QE in the USA. The East is therefore NOT a safe place to keep your savings...more in the subscribers' section.

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Monday February 10, 2014 - Is the groundwork for the bull market's next leg now being laid ...or is this the beginning of the great crash? -

 Updated sections: Oil Shares ,  Natural Gas & Shares ,

The Goldonomic sites are consulted all over the world, by the NSA, Russian Secret service, MA-16 , EU-spy-system, Staatsveiligheid,... Unfortunately, because of their hacking abilities they have access to the sites without  participating financially...............Are you a subscriber?

As of today the Real Estate section is only accessible by the Special Services and Subscribers!

bosnia riots

  • Bosnia or this happens when 40% of the people have no job : SOCIAL UNREST, REVOLUTION and WAR.- - - - soon also in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece,...
  • Ukraine or this happens when Big Powers (Russia and the US/ECB) clash over ENERGY. Expect to see an intervention of the (russian) army after the Olympic games in Sochi. - - - - and soon also in Turkey
  • During World War I Authorities pushed down unemployment in Europe by 4,000,000 in only 4 years' time. That is 1,000,000 per year.
  • Iran says warships headed close to US borders (AP) -- Iranian warships dispatched to the Atlantic Ocean will travel close to U.S. maritime borders for the first time, a senior Iranian naval commander said Saturday. The commander of Iran's Northern Navy Fleet, Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad, said the vessels have already entered the Atlantic Ocean via waters near South Africa, the official IRNA news agency reported.
If you're think you are safe because you own several houses, have social welfare, cheap or free medical help, you are entitled to a pension,...better prepare for a terrible surprise. Soon this will all be gone...either because Big Government will be broke, either because Hyperinflation will make these worthless.

The farce is complete  Blythe Masters, head of JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s commodities division and the woman behind the DERIVATIVES, is joining an advisory committee of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Masters, 44, was invited by acting Chairman Mark Wetjen to sit on a global markets committee at the Washington-based regulator of futures and swaps, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. Masters is scheduled to participate in a CFTC meeting on Feb. 12 to discuss cross-border guidance on rules, the person said." (zero hedge)

The manipulations are becoming more and more blatant. On February 6 the prices of gold and stock market futures were simultaneously manipulated. On several recent occasions gold has attempted to push through the $1,270 per ounce price. If the gold price rises beyond this level, it would trigger a flood of short-covering by the hedge funds who are "piggy-backing" on the bullion banks’ manipulation of gold. The purchases by the hedge funds in order to cover their short positions would drive the gold price higher. With pressure being exerted by tight supplies of physical gold bars available for delivery to China, the Fed is growing more desperate to keep a lid on the price of gold. The recent large decline in the stock market threatened the Fed’s policy of taking pressure off the dollar by cutting back bond purchases and reducing the amount of debt monetization.  Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler

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Friday February  7, 2014  - If you see the problem but refuse to act, you become part of the problem -

2nd passportUpdated sections:  ,

10 reasons to go for a 2nd permanent residence/passport (get details and more by participating to our April 22 Symposium). Obtaining a 2nd Permanent Residence (and passport) is a lot easier and cheaper than you imagine and has a lot more advantages than you think....

  • Reason #1: More Internationalization Options: Obtaining a second passport can literally open the door to a world of internationalization options for your assets and income that are off limits to citizens of certain countries.
  • Reason #2: More Visa-Free Travel: One characteristic of a good passport is how much visa-free travel it allows.
  • Reason #3: Avoid Foreign Policy Blow back:  If your home government has developed a bad habit of sticking its nose in the internal affairs of other nations, it could make you a target should you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Reason #4: Preempt Travel/People Controls:  A second passport can also come in handy if passport restrictions or other types of people controls are implemented. That is to say, it prevents your home government from basically placing you under house arrest by revoking or cancelling your passport for any reason it sees fit.
  • Reason #5: You Don't Have to Live Like a Refugee:  Having a second passport ensures that you will always have another place to potentially call home.
  • Reason #6: Renunciation:  In all likelihood, you will need a second passport should you decide to take the drastic step of renouncing your citizenship. This allows you to reap huge tax and regulatory benefits if your home country burdens its citizens with suffocating and inescapable tax policies.
  • Reason #7 - #10:Symposium participants will find out.

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Thursday February  6, 2014 - Whenever the Fed hikes rates or tapers, bad things happen somewhere -

collapsing financeUpdated sections: Real Estate in Belgium, the Netherlands , 30 Reasons to sell Real Estate ,

The wheels are coming off the financial system and it increasingly becomes a battle for survival which ulltimately leads to a War. All countries are inherently protectionist if pushed too far. The battles have only begun in what promises to be an enormous, ugly currency war. If the currency wars of the 1930's and 1970's are any guide, we will see knife fights ahead. Governments will fight dirty, they will impose tariffs and restrictions and capital controls. It is already happening, and we will see a lot more of it….(Code Red -Casey)

As long as the USA can print its way out of the recession, there will be life...The weird part of this game - at least for ordinary people - is that the US-Dollars each time profits from the weakness and problems of other countries. This because the Dollar is world's "reserve currency" and one can easely and swiftly convert ANY currency into Dollars. The Pound Sterling used to be the world's reserve currency until the Bretton Woods agreement.

The central cause of a credit boom is the fall of the market rate of interest below the natural rate of interest. Investments that would not be profitable at higher rates become possible. The bigger the deviation of interest rates from the natural rate, the bigger the potential credit boom and the bigger the bust. Ludwig von Mises

By holding interest rates low and pumping a lot of extra liquidity into the markets, the Fed is intentionally pushing real interest rates into negative territory. A always interest rates will come back with a revenge and take the last active generation by (nasty) surprise.

real fed rate 1971 to 2014

 One of the extremely nasty surprises will be REAL ESTATE. All arguments used by those pretending Real Estate prices have bottomed and will go up again can be used against the analysts/writers. Real Estate have been rising since WW II and nothing goes up for ever....More on Real Estate: click here - and here

  • Q. Prices have already considerably fallen (at least in some parts of the world) and are already recovering and cannot come down more.
  • A. Real Estate cycles consist of a bull run lasting for about 50 years and a bear run lasting for 26 years. The correction we just had (2011-2013) for designated markets (USA and Spain) was already planned and forecasted in 2007. Nothing goes up or comes down in a straight line. Other Real Estate bubbles have just busted (Canada, Belgium,...) and are lagging on the general cycle. Such however certainly doesn't indicate it won't happen.
  • Q. Long Term Real interest rates are at a historic low.
  • A. Hence Interest Rates can only GO UP. The more interest rates go up, the more expensive a property and the harder it is to finance it.
  • Q. Banks will make is harder and harder to get a mortgage.
  • A. The harder it is to finance a property, the less potential buyers and the lower the price. Stricter finance rules are allegedly applied to avoid a Real Estate Bubble!? He or she who thought of this argument must be mentally retarded.
  • Q. Parents are more often prepared to assist their children financially to buy a home.
  • A. This is a BEARISH argument by excellence and the proof that Real Estate prices are way too expensive. In a “normal market” children can buy a home without any help of their parents. Actually in a normal market (like it was in the 1960's) a household could buy a home, a car, raise children, pay for a vacation and still save...all with the salary of a single parent. [politicians pretending society has improved are also mentally retarded]
  • Q. To Rent a home is a waste of money.
  • A. NOT SO. Certainly not during bear market cycles. From an economic point of view a family always has to pay for a roof either buy buying a home and using CAPITAL to do or by renting a home. Buying a home only yields during economic booms. Many families who bought a home during the past economic boom are now under water and forced to pay off AIR.

More on Real Estate and Real Estate cycles during our April 22 Symposium.

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Wednesday February 5, 2014  - A Hyperinflation policy is only possible with a deflation propaganda (that is exactly what Yellen does) -

Updated sections: ,The CORRECTION was perfectly forecasted by us in November 2013...see Long Term Charts section ,

Kennedy probably was the last American President who had some brains in his skull. (that is before he was shot in the head)
Obama really sucks: today 1 in 10 American homes are powered by the Russians.[Because of Obamacare it estimated that 800,000 Americans would drop out of the labor force by 2021.]
Putin now essentially controls 10% of the entire US electricity matrix.

Over the past years the Americans have exported production to China and are increasingly becoming Energy dependent from abroad. Uranium is one of the best investments for the next 5 to 10 years.

  • Amount of electricity in the United States generated by nuclear power: 20%.
  • Number of homes in President Obama's America that are powered by the Russians: 1 in 10.
  • Number of homes in President Kennedy's America that were powered by the Russians: 0.
  • Percentage of imported uranium in President Obama's America: over 90%.
  • Percentage of imported uranium in President Kennedy's America: 0%.
  • In 1962, the US was the largest producer of uranium in the world.
  • In 2013, the US ranked #8 in uranium production, right after China. (D.Casey)

Oil is the Achilles heel of the US-Dollar:

  • The government of Nigeria also announced last week that it was going to start shifting its oil money out of Federal Reserve Board dollars and into Chinese Yuan.
  • Zimbabwe announced that it will now be accepting Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, Indian Rupees and the Australian dollar in an effort to lessen their country's dependency on the USD.

We all remember the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe's Gideon Gono praised Ben Bernanke for the similarities between his QE monetary policy and Ben's QE policy of the US Federal Reserve.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity. (Albert Einstein)

Former US Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts offered a compelling theory this past week that the US Federal Reserve is deliberately attacking emerging currencies through their global monetary policies in an effort to force people to fall back to the US dollar to prevent the US dollar from crashing to its intrinsic value of zero.  In fact, Mr. Roberts has speculated that US bankers are rejoicing in collapsing the currencies of two of the US's perceived enemies – Russia and Venezuela. However, even if this is the US bankers' nefarious plan, I have a feeling that it will backfire on them and only usher in the death of the USD more quickly. Why? Two of the pillars slowing down the inevitable collapse of the USD is the petrodollar and its use as a de facto currency in international trade. Every country from Iraq to India to Russia to Iran to China to Australia to Japan to Brazil has already stated their intention to completely cut out the USD from use in bllateral trade agreements as well as oil purchases, and many countries that had tied their currency's fate to the USD in past years have long severed ties to the USD as well.

We are in the middle of a DEPRESSION. It all will get a lot worse before it gets better: bankruptcies, unemployment, food stamps, taxation, regulation,...

 (C ) Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved - The contents of this report may NOT be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the explicit written consent of Goldonomic.

Tuesday February 4, 2014 - Will stock markets resume their bull run as soon as Yellen stops tapering? Will she risk a crash!?  -

Updated sections: £-Gold & £/$/€ , ZAR-Gold & Rand/$/€ , Krona-Gold & Krona/$/€ , Renminbi Gold , Rupee Gold , World Stock market Indexes ,

JPMorgan market cap is around $170 billion. If silver losses are as great as $40 billion in cash , then JPM will be insolvent. Period. This will happen as soon as Silver trades for $ 36 per oz. Add the losses for Gold (Gold will go up when Silver goes up) and Interest Rate Derivatives and this all becomes a Financial Nuclear bomb.

Once the price of silver surpasses the stock price of JPMorgan, then for every dollar the price of silver go up, JPM should lose around 70 cents or so. This means that if silver hits $60, JPMorgan will be a single digit stock.

It is said that China is probably also the greatest holder of paper Gold & Silver. This makes sense...Which buyer would not push down the paper price to get hold of the REAL GOODIES or the Physical Gold and Silver. Especially if you hold billions of worthless American Treasuries.

JPM Gold Physical vs Derivatives jan2014 JPM Silver Physical vs Derivatives jan2014

The Bottom for the Real Estate boom which started after WWII won't be reached until 2030 and the the Chinese Real Estate Market is a Bubble...and others share our opinion. Real Estate will not only continue to suffer from the declining real income but the sector will be slaughtered once the interest rates start to rise again...

(C ) Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved - The contents of this report may NOT be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the explicit written consent of Goldonomic.

Monday February 3, 2014 - There is a connection between the crashing currencies and the misallocation of funds

Updated sections: 

"That can never happen here..!!?."

The WORST form of fear is DENIAL.

People see so much danger, their defense mechanism is to REFUSE to ACKNOWLEDGE it.

yellen printing

Janet Yellen should not even dream of tapering. If she does we will not only see more deflationary smoke curtains (a hyperinflationary policy is only possible with a deflationary propaganda) but also more bursting bubbles and more volatility in the financial markets resulting in more Black Swan Events.

tapering = printing money at a slower exponential rate

The creation of money out of thin air and fractional reserve banking leads to a misallocation of funds. Misallocated funds first flow towards national entities (countries) because these are perceived as safer. Especially when the risk is covered by DERIVATIVESWe have come to a point where Mathematically one must continue to increase the supply of fresh money (QE) EXPONENTIALLY. Tapering or a decrease in the creation of fresh money is extremely dangerous as capital flees those countries which are in trouble and leaders are forced to dramatically increase interest rates to stop the slide of their currency.  [crashing exchange rates are pushing up the price of imported goods and generate more inflation]. The steep increase in interest rates endangers the world's largest banks  (JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank,...follow the suicides) which have insured the National bonds against bankruptcy (debt moratorium).

 Interest rates will stay low until time is up !!! When time is up, not even God will be able to keep these at near zero levels. Janet Yellen uses strange economic and econometric models and matrixes to manage the Dollar and the world. Those amongst you who actually studied econometrics know that it is a science which tries to explain The Economic Phenomenons with mathematics. Too easy and it doesn't work ! Yellen’s greatest deficiency is that she does not use practical rules. Instead she uses esoteric economic models that do not correspond to reality.

Rising interest rates could be the next Black Swan as countries are forced to increase the general level of interest to protect their currency: this is the misallocation of funds back firing!

The South Africa Reserve Bank unexpectedly increased its benchmark interest rate, following central banks in emerging markets from Turkey to Brazil that tightened monetary policy to bolster their currencies. With a dramatic hike in Turkey's overnight lending rate from 7.75 to 12.5 percent announced on Jan. 28, Turkish Central Bank Governor Erdem Basci followed through on his earlier promise to use interest rates as a weapon to defend Turkey's currency, the lira. A currency must be protected because a crashing exchange rate generates (hyper) inflation because the price of imports and energy spikes.

Weak currencies and rising interest rates are a explosive danger for DERIVATIVES, the 5 largest banks in the world and the stability of the financial system....Got Gold?

This is a schoolbook example of what happens EACH TIME just before things get out of hand! Turkey's embattled prime minister, Erdogan, suffered another blow to his tough reputation as the central bank shrugged off pressure from the government and aggressively raised interest rates at an emergency late-night meeting to stem the fall of the plummeting currency.

Argentina 19.67 %
Brazil  10.25 %
Turkey 12 %
India 8 %
South-Africa 5.5 %

Every day there are new threats.Calls for capital controls (worldwide). Wealth taxes (Europe). Raiding 'dormant' bank accounts (Japan). Cops getting away with murder (Land of the Free). And now the President of the United States is launching a new program to take control of your retirement savings.

Take you money out of the banking system and RUN while you can!...the Wheels are coming off the Financial system and the weakest currencies are crashing...while unrest, civil war, revolutions and war are spreading. WW III has in fact already began and is now spreading....

  • Banks in Italy and the UK have begun limiting how much customers can withdraw. Banks in the United States have begun restricting their customers' international wire transfers. And of course, banks in Cyprus completely froze people out of their accounts.
  • Everyone from the International Monetary Fund to leading Harvard economists have been calling for capital controls which will lock your money inside a failing banking system.
  • "Wealth taxes" are also being proposed... again by the IMF, as well as the German central bank.
  • They’re coming for your retirement savings as well. Poland nationalized private pension funds last year and took half of it this year.
ZARUSD 10 year INRUSD 10 year
ImpoBRLUSD 10 year TRYUSD 10 year

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