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The longer the consolidation/accumulation of Gold, the higher Target!

Friday february 1, 2013 - video's posted in the subscribers' section -

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Thursday january 31, 2013 - time is almost up ! The Herd is about to see that the emperor has no clothes - If you are not prepared, you will be LATE!

Updated sections: Euro (LT chart with xxxx wedge) ,  

Monetary hyperinflation we already have....Inflation is a more than proportional growth of the Money Supply!

Price hyperinflation we shall have in the USA before December 31, 2014. If Congress does not get its financial house in order by the new deadline in mid-May 2013 (and they won't),  John Williams of Shadowstats contends, "It will be the end of the road . Just like Williams does, I also expect, ". . . a negative reaction in the next 3 or 4 months to the dollar."  Williams adamantly continues to predict price-hyperinflation to the U.S. dollar by the end of 2014. Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com and Francis d. Schutte of Goldonomic also do. [the video clip ALSO applies to Western Europe]

Extremely difficult to write a scenario as HOW this Black Swan will impact the Euro and other currencies which use the US-Dollar as reserve currency. If the fundaments collapse, the building will probably also come down. Sure thing is that those holding Gold/Silver, gold and silver shares and even common shares will be the priviledges ones...while those hanging on to worthless Fiat Money will loose it all....and that it all can happen in a flash!


Once we land into "hyperinflationary-price conditions" will these spark Interest rates and kill the US Dollar...before the Euro dies!?

The Bull market is coming out of the closet. Where is the RESISTANCE line which must be positively tested before it becomes support?. Having said this, the odds are that because of communicating financial vessels (see subscribers' section for details)  we can continue to see bullish market conditions...at least for certain designated stock markets (see our selection of stock markets in the subscribers' section).

gold trainGold and Silver are bouncing back and when Gold takes off, it will leave many DISBELIEVERS and IMPTATIENT (the direct gratification boys and gals - and there are many) investors behind. These are the rules of the game and the price to be paid by those who laugh because I have not been able to forecast this 18-20 month old consolidation for Gold. This is the price to be paid by those who refuse to make their home work, value their investments in worthless fiat money and listen to the advice given by Banksters and Authorities. After 37 years of experience I know this pattern by hard...a never ending story: rising prices attract the Herd, falling prices chases it away! Those who refuse to buy Gold at these cheap prices, will buy when Gold sells at $ 3500 and more.

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Wednesday january 30, 2013 - the harder they try to suppress gold, the bigger the ultimate move will be -

france faillieteMonths ago I told you France would be Europe's BIGGEST surpise! France 'totally bankrupt', says labour minister Michel Sapin France's labour minister sent the country into a state of shock on Monday after he described the nation as “totally bankrupt”  Michel Sapin made the gaffe in a radio interview, which left French President Francois Hollande battling to undo the potential reputational damage.

“There is a state but it is a totally bankrupt state,” Mr Sapin said. “That is why we had to put a deficit reduction plan in place, and nothing should make us turn away from that objective.”

The comments came as President Hollande attempts to improve the image of the French economy after pledging to reduce the country’s deficit by cutting spending by €60bn (£51.5bn) over the next five years and increasing taxes by €20bn.

Data from Banque de France showed earlier this month that a flight of capital has already left the country amid concerns that France’s Socialist leader intends to soak the rich and businesses. The actor Gérard Depardieu has renounced his French citizenship and decamped to Russia in protest, while David Cameron said Britain will “roll out the red carpet” to attract wealthy individuals...more

Main stream coverage of the problems in Madrid (airport) where the Janitors are striking are meticulously kept out of CNN. Only weeks ago we had a similar situation in Cadiz, Spain.

CAUTION is required as for the sixth time since 2010, an oasis of improving economic data (that has proven to be ephemeral each time in the past) is once again giving investors the false signal of a robust and sustainable recovery...

We are in the midst of a commodities super cycle of the same dimension we experienced in the 1970s. As time goes on people will prefer to hold  wealth in the form of an asset with no counter party risk which has survived for over 6 centuries rather then in a  floating abstraction, like a euro, yen, or US dollar. Gold cannot be printed and counterfeited. Not even by politicians.

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Tuesday January  29, 2013 - Interest levels are at historic low levels...and those who think interest should be paid on deposits of worthless, fiat, imaginary money are surely missing something.

Updated sections : bank and financials (video) , Commodities , 

mr housing bubbleThe fact that 2013 begins with an impressive burst of momentum, with housing & financials leading the way towards a renewed test of the long term tops, is extremely scary. Unless Price hyperinflation really kicks in the odds are that later this year, we may see a SERIOUS CORRECTION. Banks and financials are technically bankrupt and  the real estate bubble will deflate for another 20 years! The death cat bounce of the bankrupt banking system & housing recovery is predominatly seen by the talking heads of the main stream media as a proof that the recovery is around the corner. A deja vu? Having said this, do protect all of your positions in common and recession proof shares with a trailing stop loss and do keep your physical Gold/Silver and Gold and Silver mines for these are your onlsy insurance for what is coming. The trailing stop loss will keep you invested if and when the markets brake though their long term tops (long term charts) and cover you if we have no breakout. The recent strenght of the stocks could well be the consequence of shares smelling the possiblity of accelerating inflation coming sooner rather then later. Remember that to be valid an index/stock must test the breakout level before resuming its rise.

Official figures certainly show a new upside burst of the money supply.

BASE Max 630 378

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Monday January 27, 2013 -  Those who expect to receive interest on worthless fiat money deposited with banks are dreaming -

Updated sections: $-Gold, Oil shares, Uranium shares , € - Gold  , commodities ,long term commodity charts (very interesting), Natural Gas 

GLD candlestrip6Gold had a xxx bottom in May 2012.  We had a xxxx shortly thereafter later, pretty typical. We had a xxxxxxxx back in November 2012....more in the subscribers' sections.

The bottom line is that the fundamentals for gold and silver are rock solid and manipulation will sooner or later stop working. Whatever is done on the paper markets (Europe and the USA) is used by others (mainly the East) to acquire more physical Gold and Silver. Just like during the 1960's the banks will end being the bag holders and Gold and Silver will Fly!

The better you understand the fundamentals and how technical analysis works (so you understand the Point and Figure charts) the easier it will be to navigate through this storm!

 When you are running a pure fiat currency system, confidence is the only thing you have to keep things together....And if confidence in paper and bond markets is lost, then this is going turn into a total debacle. The sad fact is they are doing QE all over the world (especially in the USA, the EU and Japan) and I don’t see how the central planners are going to be able to maintain confidence for much longer.

Banks are NO HOLY houses...but rather Devils!...and DAVOS is nothing more but a FARCE!...Iceland's President Olafur Ragnar Grimson knows it !


Soon they Mainstream media will start to call the Recession a Depression, (instread of a stupid triple dip...) debt (fiat money) will continue to rise exponentially and Interest rates will bounce off the manipulated ZERO level or (for countries like Spain and Greece) will reach new records. The dangerous 6% level is slowly but surely coming down. For Japan (country I see as the canary in the mine shaft) the level has reachedcome down to 1%...As soon as the dangerous interest rate level is reached, Governments have no alternate but to start to monetize debt...the precursor of Hyper-inflationary Prices.

Not only do we have a problem of Fiat money and debt but also one of Derivatives or debt which is further levered by the derivatives, which are unfathomable in terms of scale and a financial atomic bomb few investors understand.

Remember that it is absolutely incorrect to value your savings in FIAT MONEY !

This is why they have to keep creating more liquidity because as the derivatives go, the banking system goes with them...and Government gets into trouble not only because social unrest but also because their financers governmentare no more! So we will continue to see increased liquidity, but it will have minimal and decreasing impact on the economies and Stock markets. Stock markets will start to behave differently only once we have Hyperinflation (indicating confidence is lost in the paper markets) and people scramble to get out of Paper money (currencies, bonds, bank deposits) into Real Assets.

Once Gold and Silver fly, your next problem will be to avoid Legal Theft. Before and during the World Wars, most of the World's Gold was shipped to the USA because at that time this country was seen as a safe heaven. Today it is no more...but luckily there are safe alternates. These will come in very handy once Government, applauded by the Left Masses, smells that they can tax your profits and maybe take away your savings. This happened in Germany and Argentina and will happen again. Remember Philips Le Beau and the Knight Templars.

next 10 years

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Friday january 25, 2013  - we have a perfect bear trap for the gold and silver sector !

The latest 18 month correction looks to be the perfect bear trap as noted on the chart  where many have called for the end of the bull market in gold and silver.  It is a necessary evil so investors lose positions and have to scramble back into the market, which will just add fuel to the next phase of the rally.  Media attention is clearly increasing, covering the likes of new entrants into the market.
gold bear trap

There is a difference between bottoming out and driving in 1st and 2nd gear AND between driving in 4th gear or overdrive. The speed aways comes down while shifting and only when the car shifts into overdrive, the acceleration becomes visible. Having said this, I do not think that gold can come down this coming months...but of course, I have no insight in what the Gold Pool's intentions are how many arrows they have left. My guess is that many will use any dip to buy as much pfysical gold as possible and that we have "a perfect bear trap" certainly so because of the negative sentiment and the recent negative action of the Gold and Silver stocks.

End of January the consolidation of the Gold and Silver sector will be 17-18 months old...and this is more than many investor can bear. After 37 ears of experience I know that after so many months, many start to doubt my analysis. Others start to believe I am wrong because the price has stopped rising...Most people want IMMEDIATE SATISFACTION and results...it has to be NOW and not tomorrow and they have no patience....

Then all of a sudden, surprise...when nobody expects, price starts to rise dramatically.

Germany, the world’s second largest gold-holding nation, is recalling some of its gold. The Germans are bringing the physical metal – once on hold outside its borders – back in country.

Perhaps Germany might look at its gold, smile and then back out of the euro as we know it. The effect will be to ditch the southern countries — certainly Greece, Spain and Portugal — from a “European” currency. Perhaps Germany will - if things really get bad, use the Gold as collateral for Gold backed German bonds...who knows. Fact is that now that the Cold War has officially come to an end there are absolutely NO REASON for Germans not repatriate their Gold so they no more can be black mailed by nobody. The REAL REASON however is obvious....

FACT is that Gold is REAL MONEY and has been so for the last 6000 years while fiat currencies hardly reached the 50 year mark.

 renminbi goldMassive Squeeze Coming As World Gold Council Confirms Gold-Backed Yuan .

January 23, 2013 - King World News is pleased to break the news first in the world for our global readers that the World Gold Council has now confirmed the Chinese are going to back the yuan with gold.  Today a legend in the business, Keith Barron, who consults with major companies around the world and is responsible for one of the largest gold discoveries in the last quarter century, informed KWN of this development and also stated, “… the gold and silver bulls are going to begin to trample the bears at some point in the near future.”

Here is what Barron had to say:  “This is what I have heard firsthand regarding the silver shortage.  I spoke to a dealer where I purchase gold and silver in the United States.  He just told me that immediately after the Presidential Inauguration his firm immediately began selling the hell out of monster boxes of US silver eagles.”

Keith Barron continues: “This dealer informed me that business is absolutely crazy right now and he can’t keep product on the shelf because it’s flying out the door.  I would also like to mention two items which are very important that the KWN readers should be aware of. The first one is regarding an investment group….

“This is actually a hedge fund named Pacific Group, which is converting 1/3 of its hedge fund assets into physical gold.  They have already taken delivery of $35 million worth of gold bars.  The head of the fund was quoted by Bloomberg as saying, “In our judgment we are in the early stages of what would likely be the world’s largest short squeeze in any instrument.” This goes back to what we were talking about the last time I was interviewed on KWN regarding gold repatriation back to Germany.  Basically what these guys are saying is if everyone goes to claim their gold at the same time, the world will witness an incredible short-squeeze.  More…

Expensive energy and complex societies don't go together!  MADRID (AP) — The parliament of Spain's powerful northeastern region of Catalonia has approved a largely symbolic declaration stating the region is a sovereign entity, paving the way for a referendum on independence from Spain. The proposal was carried Wednesday by 85 votes in favor, with 41 against and two abstentions. Though symbolic, the declaration sets up a potential showdown with the central government in Madrid, which has said it will block any move toward Catalonian independence in the courts.

Today the action is symbolic, tomorrow we will see the real secession...not only of Catalonia, but also of the Basks and Texans....just like it happened for the USSR we shall see it for the EU-zone and the USA.

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Thursday january 24, 2013 - We may have to wait another couple of months before gold really wakes up -

canary in the mine shaft

Updated sections: long term stock market indexes , Gold and Silver majors , 

Technically we may have to wait until May 2013 before Gold and the Gold sector really wakes up...that is when the common stocks go sleeping for the summer. Give it another 4 months and the major stock market indexes will have reached their all time TOP. Not hard to understand that such a happening is important but at the same time one must know that all  a lot of energy (fiat money printing) is requested to break through all time tops. As usual price will go up when time has come and the majority of the markets participants stop believing.

The xxxxx is the canary in the mine shaft for the SP500 and the Dow Jones. The xxxxxxxxxxxxx has been a leader for the American stock markets...The index has now also distinctly broken through its long term resistance. The xxxxxx broke through a double top and is running for its all time record ...see these very important charts in the subscribers' section.

Too big to fail or too big to jail!? Few investors realize that these are the guys who are rigging and manipulating the financial markets making it for the average investor harder to understand what is happening and to invest properly. Eventually they will fail....


Sarkozy's plans 'to dodge new 75% French tax rate by moving to London with wife Carla and setting up £1bn private equity fund'. After Bernard Arnault and Depardieu it now is former president Nicolas Sarkozy who could become the next wealthy Frenchman to flee to Britain over his country’s looming tax hikes on the rich. (courtesy A.G.)..Socialists and Communists are the idiots who destroy savings of three generations and by doing so in fact commit suicide...more

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 Wednesday january 23, 2013 - Let your profits run and cut your losses short -

Updated sections: Renminbi gold , Rupee gold,  Crude Oil , World indexes 

The bubble is not in gold, it is in paper. There is admittedly something rather endearing about the concept of a 4,000 year old bubble. But most professional investors would use a more pragmatic definition of the word. A bubble, by definition, pops. Has gold popped ? Every paper currency in the history of mankind has burst. Every single one. Which store of value has the better long term claim ?

While oil production has increased, the U.S. is not going to become energy independent. Resources are not reserves, and reserves not supply. Shale oil wells have high decline rates and require substantial capital expendidure to keep production flat.

After price-hyperinflation and the economic depression, comes WAR:  civil war, world war, social uprising, revolutions, secession. The blue print of what we see today is EXACTLY the same as the blue print we had before World War II . And this is confirmed by veterans who still live and actually experienced those times.  Got Gold?? What Naomi explains for the USA is also true for Europe and the EU-zone. We’re heading right to Fascism a la Hilter, Mussolini…

Now that Germans are repatriating their Gold, Indians are finding out that the Gold they bought is in fact Gold that has been leased out by Banks…or banks will actually have to buy gold and take physical delivery so it can return the German gold…More important is that Germany will at some time in the future probalby will issue GOLD-linked-bonds....similar to the gold linked bonds which were issued in the past and were NEVER paid back.

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tuesday January 22, 2013  - Monday is Martin luther King day and the markets are closed -

stocks 5 yearUpdated sections: ZAR-Gold and ZAR/$/€ - Euro/Dollar – £-Gold and £/€/$ – Aussie Gold and Ausie/$/€ - ¥-Gold and Yen/$/€ (any idea how the japanese gold investors feel like now?)


Let's celebrate the 5 year top of the Dow Jones....but don't listen to the songs of the mermaids. We have currency storms, economic, political, and geopolitical storms.  But short-term we may see some optimism in the economy as global stock markets make their final top. [remember the top will only be broken once hyperinflation starts and on condition the communicating financial vessels send the money flow in the right direction]. For the last  years I was wildly bullish for the US and British stock markets. Today as we are closing in to previous tops, I am becoming cautious...that is until hyperinflation starts!

growth GDP money creationInflation is a more than proportional growth of money supply. The effect of each additional created amount of fiat money is smaller and smaller and in the end it becomes NEGATIVE (like today). If you still doubt the fact that we shall soon see HYPERINFLATION (hyperinflationary rising prices) your are simply in DENIAL and or  - for some dark reason - living in LALA-land, or maybe you are smoking weed...or do you still pay attention and believe the sugar stories of the Main Stream Media who spread the lies of the authorities!? If so, for your own sake, do WAKE UP....[the blue candle is the 5 year Gross Domestic Product Growth, the red candle the growth in money supply]

 Add the exponential growing debt.

This is how Obama runs his household budget:

* Annual family income: $21,700
* Money the family spent: $38,200
* New debt on the credit card: $16,500
* Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
* Total budget cuts so far: $38.50

Add the problems in the Middle-East and North African countries.  These conflicts are becoming more and more escalated: Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Mali, Algeria

In Portugal, Spain, Greece but also in the UK,  many families can no longer afford the food for their children...In the United States, more and more families are living on food stamps.

Germany is repatriating its national Gold. Germans built the best automobiles in the world, have the best technology. Germans still remember WW II and the Weimar hyperinflation. Germans don't  minimize the problems we have and they know they won't go away.

 You have to be blind and deaf not to see what is about to happen and I can have no mercy with those who are still in denial are are about to be deported to the extermination camps. Better stop working for one day and make your home work than work for 3 months...and loose what you have been working for during a life time! Government is not here to help you..but will plunder and legally loot irrespective of your political beliefs..

The fundamental and technical picture is now in a perfect position for Gold to surge.  The real gold market is the physical gold market, and this is the only market that will count in the long-run.  Not only will countries want to have possession of their physical gold, but investors will as well.

Last year Van Rommel (Van Rompuy) tried to make us believe that "the recovery" is around the corner. Today Geitner does the same. These intelligent psychopaths make me sick...do sell your Gold, Silver and gold and silver shares, keep your assets in fiat money, bank deposits, bank manufatured products, trust Fiat Money, your banker and your Senator....and loose it ALL !

Geithner: U.S. economy close to full recovery. WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) – The U.S. economy is close to the final stages of recovery from the financial crisis, said outgoing Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on Thursday. In terms of a basketball game, the U.S. is in the "early part of the fourth quarter" of recovery, Geithner said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Geithner said Europe is lagging behind and is only in the "second quarter" of recovery. The Treasury Secretary, whose last day on the job is Jan. 25, said the economy "looks encouragingly resilient." "We’ve got much more diversity of strengths, from energy and high tech to manufacturing, than is true for any major economy, and people should find comfort and some optimism in that," he said. More…

If you have savings, you are GAME. The witch hunt is open! (expect  similar actions all over the EU-zone and the USA). The new tax regime follows Spain’s tax amnesty. Under the amnesty, which ended November 30, 2012, tax residents (anybody staying in Spain for more than 6 months) with undeclared overseas assets, including real estate, offshore bonds and bank deposits, had to report these to the Tax Hacienda and pay a 10% flat tax. After March 31, 2013 Spanish hacienda will start to investigate (in a similar way the Italian and Greek authorities do) finding “more ingenious ways to identify where residents have funds.”  Five past twelve to move your savings out of political reach.....

You need to recognize that your government is now an active threat to your financial well-being and act accordingly, even if that means pulling up stakes and heading to jurisdictions where you are welcomed as a tourist and not viewed as a milking cow.

Inflation and hyperinflation IS the money printing, NOT an increase in prices...which is to follow anyhow. Those blaming me that I am wrong on my Hyperinflationary inflation forecast simply fail to understand the definition of inflation and what is worse keep listening and believing the LIES of the authorities.


Create inflation and lie about it is the worst one can do! This is exactly what Authorities are doing and this is gonna blow up BIG TIME. Once the inflation genie is out of the bottle, it's impossible to get it back in!

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Friday january 18, 2013 - Government is not there to help you...

The Rubik negotiations between Belgium and the Swiss Authorities have been put on hold. The idea was that by levying a one time haircut tax of 31 to 41% on deposits of Belgian citizens, these would remain anonymous. A temporary relief for the account holders only because we know Authorities can NEVER be trusted.
At the same time the Swiss bankers have decided that the "Traditional anonymous Numbered account" is now History: Switzerland has stopped existing. [this type of accounts has stopped existing in Luxemburg time ago]

Today the American Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and an update of the OESO-taxation agreements bring even more insecurity for any Investor who has been keeping savings in Swiss and Luxemburg bank accounts. As a matter of fact, the Swiss bankers are putting pressure on all American account holders to repatriate the funds and close their accounts. It has become extremely difficult, if possible at all, for an American citizen to open a bank account with a Swiss (and many European banks).

Now that the Rubik negotiations have been halted, the Belgian Government has decided to run Fiscal amnesty for a second time...after which they will - and this is almost 100% sure - continue to increase the taxation and levy a Wealth tax like French and Dutch citizens already are used to.

It is no secret that China is buying the dips, seeking to raise the gold share of its reserves well above 2pc. Russia has openly targeted a 10pc share. Variants of this are occurring from the Pacific region to the Gulf and Latin America. And now the Bundesbank has chosen to pull part of its gold from New York and Paris...more

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 Thursday January 17, 2013 - BETTER to stop working for one day and make your investment-home-work than work a whole month!

Updated sections: Crude oil ,

The problems in the EU and the USA are just about to start. We haven't seen anything yet. The coming tsunami will be worse than the one which started the Great Depression. The more and the louder the leaders will pretend All is Well Mme La Marquise, the closer we are to the Catharsis. Now is the time to prepare yourself. Don't wait until you are lifted out of your bed and your savings are taken away to fill the empty Treasury chests.

Let the REAL CRIMINALS stand up! An additional problem the Western world has, is that the PROPAGANDA and the democratic majority which becomes more and more depending on the social system totax2 survive, is painting Tax avoidance as immoral act while it is NOT. The reality is capital is taken away from savers just to be CONSUMED instead of used to increase employment and such action is highly IMMORAL. This state of mind not only signals the end of an economic cycle but also that a depression is near. (click on the thumbnail to enlarge)

Once taxation (legal theft, looting) has grown beyond moral dimensions like it has now, it becomes a DUTY to use any available legal means so you only pay the minimum possible.

world population 2013Crude oil is spiking with the indices and has stopped out of the short.  The long tails on the candle charts in overnight trading gave no doubt we have a reversal. Remember we have Peak oil and an exponential growing world population. Even with the discoveries in the USA...(which best case scenario over the future can possibly make the USA energy independent..but NOTHING has been proved) the oil shortage will continue to exist. See subscribers' sections for more details and shares.

We have an important BEARISH DIVERGENCE on the US Home Construction index indicating more pain is to be expected for the Real Estate sector.

The currency war is becoming visible as it is now increasingly fought in the open. Especially between the Euro, Dollar, Ruble and Renminbi...click here for more (courtesy of AG)

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wednesday January 16, 2013 - A long term double top for silver? or a resistance which is about to become a long term support level? -

gunsUpdated sections: Silver , 

Texas Proposal: JAIL Any Federal Officials Trying to Enforce New Gun Restrictions in the State. Measure would make any federal firearms legislation passed by Congress or approved by Presidential order unenforceable in Texas.

A Texas lawmaker says he plans to file the Firearms Protection Act, which would make any federal laws that may be passed by Congress or imposed by Presidential order which would ban or restrict ownership of semi-automatic firearms or limit the size of gun magazines illegal in the state, 1200 WOAI news reports.

Republican Rep. Steve Toth says his measure also calls for felony criminal charges to be filed against any federal official who tries to enforce the rule in the state...more

This happening is important because most Europeans don't even imagine the U.S.A. could secede as the EU-zone will fall apart. Complex societies and expensive energy don't go together (see Tainter - education hall). And Complex societies ALWAYS brake apart when energy gets too expensive. Even if the energy is generated using WOOD or Coal.

Most people can't see thought the GUN CONTROL game. They merely see the EMOTIONAL main stream story preaching LESS GUNS = MORE SECURITY.

Statistics reveal the disparity between HOCG (high order capital goods) and LOCG (low order consumer goods). Official figures published today for the Netherlands show a decrease in sales for Home Goods (-9%) , Electronics (-8%) and an increase in sales for Super-Markets (food).

$-Silver is hovering around the $ 30 level...exactly the 1981 top (except for the Hunt Bros $ 48 peak which was short lived). Technically it is a normal phenomenon that an earlier top is tested; first as a resistance level, next as a support zone. Once the actual consolidation has accumulated enough strenght, the 1981 top will be broken and the bull run for Silver (but also for Gold) will resume. See the Silver section for more....

Believing Internet rumors about a push by JP-Morgan can be lethal to your savings. Understanding the charts on Goldonomic life preserving. Our Point and Figures charts don't lie. They are what they are and at this time they are "BULLISH" !

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Tuesday january 15, 2013 - Nuclear will be big time - Remember that it is absolutely incorrect to value your savings in FIAT MONEY !

UUUto candle1There is a take over bid on Uranium One by a Russian company. The action is a wake up call for ALL uranium shares which are listed in the subscribers' section.

US 10year Treasury note is still giving a bearish warning. Is the bubble deflating?

When you are running a pure fiat currency system, confidence is the only thing you have to keep things together....And if confidence in paper and bond markets is lost, then this is going turn into a total debacle. The sad fact is they are doing QE all over the world (especially in the USA, the EU and Japan) and I don’t see how the central planners are going to be able to maintain confidence for much longer.  

The upside for Gold and Silver are totally intact and, because of the 16 month consolidation, the upside has greatly improved: the larger the consolidation, the bigger the subsequent move.  Those who were patient are about to be rewarded: there is going to be an upward parabola in gold and silver that will only accelerate over time....see subscribers' section for charts and more information.

Soon they Mainstream media will start to call the Recession a Depression, debt (fiat money) will continue to rise and Interest rates will bounce off the manipulated ZERO level or (for countries like Spain and Greece) will reach new records. The dangerous 6% level si slowly but surely coming down. For Japan (country I see as the canary in the mine shaft) the level has reached 1%...As soon as the dangerous interest rate level is reached, Governments have no alternate but to start to monetize debt...the precursor of Hyper-inflationary Prices.

Not only do we have a problem of Fiat money and debt but also one of Derivatives or debt which is further levered by the derivatives, which are unfathomable in terms of scale and a financial atomic bomb few investors understand.

This is why they have to keep creating more liquidity because as the derivatives go, the banking system goes with them...and Government gets into trouble not only because social unrest but also because their financers are no more!  So we will continue to see increased liquidity, but it will have minimal and decreasing impact on the economies and Stock markets. Stock markets will start to behave differently only once we have Hyperinflation (indicating confidence is lost in the paper markets) and people scramble to get out of Paper money (currencies, bonds, bank deposits) into Real Assets.

The bottom line is that the fundamentals for gold and silver are rock solid and manipulation will sooner or later stop working. Whatever is done on the paper markets (Europe and the USA) is used by others (mainly the East) to acquire more physical Gold and Silver. Just like during the 1960's the banks will end being the bag holders and Gold and Silver will Fly!  

Once Gold and Silver fly, your next problem will be to avoid Legal Theft. Before and during the World Wars, most of the World's Gold was shipped to the USA because at that time this country was seen as a safe heaven. Today it is no more...but luckily there are safe alternates.  These will come in very handy once Government, applauded by the Left Masses,  smells that they can tax your profits and maybe take away your savings. This happened in Germany and Argentina and will happen again. Remember Philips Le Beau and the Knight Templars.

 The better you understand the fundamentals and how technical analysis works (so you understand the Point and Figure charts) the easier it will be to navigate through this storm!

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Monday January 14, 2013 - we are heading for hyperinflation first, deflation comes next - gold protects for both!

Updated sections : $-Gold, Silver , Agriculturals , Recession Proof shares,  World Stock indexes(extremely xxxxxx) , 

Corn is breaking out and Wheat is about to follow. The candle charts of both are extremely interesting and full of bullish technical details: triangle, coil, breakout, divergence, test of breakout level, resistance formed by an old top,...click here to see section

Similar technical formations we have for Silver and Gold.  This indicates that the whole commodity market is coming alive and ready to jump (=higher inflation).

Chart below compares the present Gold price evolution with the previous one.

gold 1981 and now

The Greek Finance Ministry  to introduce a further dramatic reduction limits for cash payments. (for your safety!!) The amount should be reduced from the current 1,500 euros to 500 euros. Anybody selling goods and services will by law have to purchase a card reader in order to process cashless payments. The implementation will reduce fiscal evasion. Be advised this is the Achilles heel of anybody holding physical Gold. Whatever happens, the day comes where you will need to convert Gold and Silver into some money instrument. Those who don't take any precautions today could run into severe (fiscal) problems in a couple of years from now.

It has been reported that some homes in Spain are being sold at a 70% discount from where they were at during the peak of the housing bubble back in 2006. At this point there areapproximately 2 million unsold homes in Spain. The real estate bubble is now also deflating in The Netherlands, Belgium and France.

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Friday January 11, 2013 - bankers get bonusses for misleading their clients  -

carib dreams

Updated sections: €-Gold and €/$ ,

Remember that fortunes have been lost and more will be lost...especially by Investors who keep blindly believing in the DREAMS sold by Banksters. By trying to 'repair' a bankrupt banking sector and not shutting the zombie banking system down, they are making the problem worse. The Central Policy making (ECB, IMF) makes in a USSR-style the problem even worse because it reduces competition...We are moving away from the free market model and this comes at a price: more depression, more unemployment, more social disruptions. As a matter of fact, nobody should define the system we live today as Capitalism for in reality it has been COMMUNISM for some time now.

Communism is a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless [fiat money] and stateless (EU) social order structured upon common ownership (State Ownership) of the means of production, as well as a social, political and economic ideology that aims at the establishment of this social order. This movement, in its Marxist–Leninist interpretations, significantly influenced the history of the 20th century. In 1989 Communism disappeared when the USSR went bankrupt after all the money of the others was spend and China wisely changed course. West-Europe however continued to move deeper into Communism and today even the USA does.

If banks lie about their own figures they publish, how then can you trust them when they promise you a minimum return on capital you invest through them? As a matter of fact, my experience (37 year) is that as a rule anybody who 'guarantees a return' has to be mistrusted. This includes Treasuries, structured products, etc...Looking back at 37 years of experience, I see that I have an average track record of about +20% per year. Some years were better than other years; not a straight, flawless growth. We are human beings, aren't we? Important however is that DANGEROUS over valuated sectors are liquidated in time and avoided until we have a turn around: examples are Realtors, Real Estate, Bank,...Financials,... You really don't have to be an Einstein to do so: some basic technical analysis will WARN you something dangerous is at hand.

Warning lights I have for Bonds for at least 2 years now. Interest rates however kept falling and the price of bonds rising. Except that now and then, mostly when not expected, certain Bond markets stalled: Iceland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, american municipal bonds,...with the help of the authorities (ECB and FED) severe damage was so far limited: as Treasuries are used to create fresh fiat money they also come in handy to buy (manipulate) Bonds from those countries  running into problems and risking to see their local Bond market crash!?

Over the years the average investor has been trained (brainwashed) to see only the Nominal VALUE (fiat money value) of his investments and never to doubt the REAL VALUE, the STRUCTURE the product and the counter party risk. Most people seem to forget that if the counter party (ex. Corzine) which is holding your investment goes bankrupt, you loose your entire investment (whatever that may be). Most investors still blindly trust Bankers and Governments: fortunes were lost by people who were brain washed into Fortis, Dexia, Lehman Bros, JP-Morgan and other financial shares. Although Authorities stepped in to bail out the too big to fail and the fall of the survivors has been broken (for the time being), the financial sector is as a matter of fact "technically bankrupt".

The financial crisis had many causes—too much borrowing, foolish investments, misguided regulation—but at its core, the panic resulted from a lack of transparency. The reason no one wanted to lend to or trade with the banks during the fall of 2008, when Lehman Brothers collapsed, was that no one could understand the banks’ risks. It was impossible to tell, from looking at a particular bank’s disclosures, whether it might suddenly implode. For the past four years, the nation’s political leaders and bankers have made enormous—in some cases unprecedented—efforts to save the financial industry, clean up thebanks, and reform regulation in order to restore trust and confidence in the American financial system. This hasn’t worked. Banks today are bigger and more opaque than ever, and they continue to behave in many of the same ways they did before the crash....more

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Thursday january 10, 2013 - Markets are slowly but surely coming alive -

According To The Bretton Woods Calculation, Gold Is Worth $20,000 Per Ounce. The global monetary system rests on a fragile foundation of trust. Thanks to the actions of central banks, pressure on the system will keep growing. Paper U.S. dollars sit at the heart of the global monetary system. Dollars are liabilities of the Federal Reserve. Just as houses are collateral for mortgages, Treasuries and mortgage bonds are collateral for U.S. dollars. A central bank’s balance sheet is essentially a self-reinforcing feedback loop: Government bonds are the collateral for dollar liabilities, and bonds are streams of future dollar payments. So the dollar is backed by the promise of more dollars…more>

  • In the US, Obama’s regime, in a show of bravado to hide fear and desperation, has announced it will issue trillion dollar coins, confiscate American’s guns, murder and imprison Americans without due process and eliminate term limits so Obama can be made dictator for life. Not the gun kills. not the knife kills, the man or the woman behind it does! In the US most homicides happen in the states with the least amounts of firearms per capita and the strictest rules! Every time you take away people's freedom they get concerned.  Gun sales reached a 14 year high last month!
  • In Europe Herman Van Rompuy does not has to confiscate the guns (his predecessors did it for him) but he has openly declared that the EU-president should NOT be elected democratically. As a matter of fact most EU-rules have not been elected by the European people and that is the way he and they want to keep is!
  • In the Middle-East, a move to revive the nation of Kurdistan, complete with control over massive oil fields, has slipped in under the radar. The Turks appear to have given a green light to this arrangement in exchange for promises of oil revenues, according to a Turkish government source.
  • The real game changer though, remains the ongoing process of bringing Asian gold and treasure holdings into play in the international financial system. Here some very nitty-gritty technical discussions are proceeding smoothly, if slowly. More

CombiBar-goudAfter the collapse of the banks we’re about to see the exit out of paper money. Either you keep believing the stories of the charlatans running the EUSSR and USSR or timely take necessary measures. Chinese already do and today next to the ATM machines we see more and more Gold Machines in public buildings and along the streets. The Valcombi goldstrip certainly comes in at the right time. But don’t forget about Gresham’s law: the good money (gold & silver) drives the bad money (fiat paper) out of the financial system.

The $ 2.2 bn entertainment sector is about to disappear or at least to change dramatically. Internet is about to replace Broadcasted television! People will usetime shift and switch out commercials and watch what they WANT. Pay TV is starting to collapse..you can now watch all you want onn tlevison in high definition..unlike with cable. The wall between television and internet will completely been broken down.

DeathSpiral-USA 2012Death Spirals and would you like to live in a state/country where the majority lives off the Government? It is known that one petty Government job takes away two jobs in the private sector. Government jobs give a false sense of prosperity but Governments like it because it is an excellent tool to buy votes and to bring down the official unemployment figures.

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wednesday january 9, 2013 - currencies and interest rates are manipulated by politics -

Updated sections : Coal , 

Exchange rates and Bond prices are COMPLETELY ARTIFICAL. Currency rates are the result of political actions. Interest rates are ARTIFICIAL....the financial system is completely and dangerously rigged!! Those who are not prepared and keep believing what they see will suffer dramatically when it all blows up.

long term irates 1790

Pigs have wings and they fly or Goldman Sachs or too big to fail takes over Freddie Mac (too big too fail). You don't need to be a brain surgeon, economist or monetary scientist to know that the sum of ZERO + ZERO also equals ZERO. Such an action is nothing more but socialist propaganda. Remember that in the old days - when the economies were booming - large corporations were broken up because the Authorities wanted to avoid Monopolies and Oligopolies. Large corporations are harmful for society and economy...

Central banks and Banks are the origin of our problems, not the solution. [click to enlarge]

InflationChart since us revolution

He who preaches the end of the recession and the end of the problems in the EU-zone (this is also valid for the USA) is smoking weed AND is a LIAR. PLEASE stop listening to the Propaganda of these Devils. They will keep misleading the public for as long as they can. The unemployment figures are getting as bad as those during the Great Depression and there is NO improvement in sight.

Unemployment figures for the EU-zone
  youth adults
Spain 56.5% 26.6%
Greece 57.6% 26%
Portugal 38.7% 16.3%
Ireland 30% 14.6%
Slovakia 35.8% 14.5%
Italy 37.1% 14%

Real Estate in Spain will fall A LOT LOWER (The Financial Times).  Data from Tinsa released today shows that Spanish house prices fell 11.3pc last year, and are now down 33.3pc from the peak in 2007. This will continue.

As I reported two weeks ago, RR de Acuña & Asociados expects home prices in Madrid, Barcelona and other big cities to fall a further 30pc in a relentless slide until 2018. Fresh losses could reach 50pc and drag on for 10 to 15 years in parts of the overbuilt sunbelt. "The market is broken. We calculate that there are almost 2m properties waiting to be sold. We have made no progress at all over the past five years in clearing the stock," said Fernando Rodríguez de Acuña. "There are 800,000 used homes on the market. Developers are sitting on a further 700,00 completed units. Another 300,000 have been foreclosed and 150,000 are in foreclosure proceedings, and there are another 250,000 still under construction. It's crazy."

Real Estate bear legs last on average for 26 years and one should REFRAIN from buying any property for investment in Spain until 2033!...more

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Tuesday january 8, 2013 - The Government is there to help you!? -

Because of the existance of digital money most people fail to visualize what a $ 16 trillion debt ceiling looks like. The best the Gold Pool can do, is try to damper the rise of Gold. To bring the price down will, even with the help of Paper Gold and Derivatives be extremely hard. If possible at all!  There is NO DOUBT the action of the Central Banks (gold pool) shakes the weak hands out of the Gold Tree and back into the Fiat Money Dream. After all, why would they trust Goldonomic rather than the Authorities? Especially so because Goldonomic has been forecasting a higher Gold price for 16 months now...and nothing happened!? and of course, you want IMMEDIATE SATISFACTION,..don't you... 

Technically, the Dollar will continue to weaken on condition it breaks the Neckline of the Bearish Head and Shoulder formation. The Target is defined by the Head and Shoulder pattern. If the pattern fails, I expect a violent reaction in the opposite direction. See subscribers' sections.

Basel IIIBasel III requirements are nothing but PROPAGANDA and also a joke. Liquidity rules for banks eased...or what did you expect!? Banks are technically bankrupt and will rot to the core. The world's top banking regulatory body on Sunday eased the first global liquidity rules scheduled to start applying to banks in 2015 and aimed at improving their ability to survive financial crises. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision said at a press conference here that it had widened the definition of the easy-to-sell assets that banks will have to hold to survive periods of stress. The Basel III standards had been initially proposed in 2010 but banks and financial institutions have since lobbied intensely to make the rules more flexible and result in lower costs for the sector. Note: this makes the incentive for Banks to hold Gold even smaller]. click on the thumbnail to enlarge

China starts building nuclear power plant...or what did you expect!? Nuclear energy is the source of energy of the future... A Chinese state news agency says the country has begun building a new nuclear power plant after lifting a construction moratorium imposed following Japan's Fukushima disaster. The Xinhua News Agency says the 3 billion yuan ($475m) power plant in Rongcheng, an eastern coastal city in Shandong province, will incorporate advanced safety features developed by Chinese researchers. China is the world's biggest energy consumer and nuclear power is a key element in official efforts to curb surging demand for fossil fuels. 

SPX line MAThe Footsie leads the Dow Jones and SP500...or are we going to see a 3rd cyclical top? My opinion is that we could well see at least a 3rd cyclical top...whether or not prices will be able to break the resistance zone will become clearer over the next couple of weeks and months. Stay tuned and don't forget to check our charts for the Footsie.

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Monday january 7, 2012  -

crystal ball 2013

Updated sections: Coal , Crude Oil, Agriculturals , Copper & Platinum (bullish hammer) , Bonds (are they finally topping out?)

I  warned you that the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 would deliver important hints as to what is about to happen over the coming months. Not only do we have reversal patterns for the Gold and Silver sector  but the whole commodity market is coming alive: Copper, Coal,....These important signs will define 2013-14 and should be used to adjust your investments. Those who focus on day trade and weekly fluctuations as a rule don't see these signs because they are incorrectly focused. [ I used to have a real crystal ball but as my wife took it with her when she left, I have to do with Fundamental and Technical analysis...and it works even better]

Inflation is a more than proportional growth of the Money Supply.  Money supply wise we already have hyperinflation...what fails is Hyperinflationary prices....and this is what we may start to see in 2013-2014. Remember higher prices are a CONSEQUENCE of inflation !

Bullish signals for Silver expressed in Swiss Franc remain strong: see candle chart in the subscribers' section

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Friday january 4, 2013  - beware of propaganda - understand your investments -

exponential curve

Updated sections:  $-Gold , €-Gold (adjusted MAL-zone)

There is NO WAY the authorities can stop Quantitative Easing nor mop up the excess of money IF (and such has become impossible because the effect of each additional created amount of money has in fact become NEGATIVE) and when the economy would pick up again. We have entered the rising slope of an exponential curve....hence the only way is UP !

During the 1960's the Gold pool manipulated the markets on a daily basis...and they didn't have all the paper instruments which are available today. In the end gold pool action jan4however they suffered billion of losses and had to give up. This time won't be different.  Use the price opportunities to add to your positions and more important, use the coming months to move your assets out of political reach. Don't wait until they call you names... because you're next on the menu!

The Point and Figures chart for €-Gold has an adjusted Maximum Activity line/zone. The Point and Figure charts I use are 3-point reversals.  The way you draw the secular trend channel is very important. Next most important are the Consolidation zones which are either Distribution or Accumulation zone. Each consolidation zone has a SUPPORT line, a RESISTANCE and a (MAL) Maximum Activity zone/line. The MAL is that price level where most of the transactions were made inside the Consolidation zone. It is the MAL which is used to calculate the objectives: the bigger the MAL, the bigger the down- or up-leg once the Price breaks out through the Support of Resistance line. Point and Figures charts have no real TIME indication. A new column only comes when at least 3-signs (x-o) can be plotted. This is a filter which takes out  the static...

The Point and Figures chart for €-Gold shows support, resistance and MAL together with a secular trend channel originating anno 2000. Basically, the uptrend for €-Gold remains intact unless we have a confirmed closed below €-xxxx. A confirmed close means that the breakdown point must be tested. Resistance level is € 1xx0-€1xx0.  The MAL-zone runs from € 1xx0 to € 1xx0 . My opinion is that Manipulation won't be able to push Gold successfully through a the support zone...but as usual one never knows.  Delta analysis (which is yet another way of analysis) shows that it could last another 4 to 5 months BEFORE we see some action in the gold sector.


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Thursday & Friday January 3-4, 2013 - Joburg all share index  breaks through the 40,000 all time high !


Updated sections: $-Gold , €-Gold

The SA All Share index topped 40 000 for the first time in its more than 17-year history, rising more than 2% after the US fiscal deal sparked a global equity rally. The long-awaited deal to avoid a fiscal crisis in the world's top economy sent shares and commodities sharply higher around the world, with diversified miners such as Anglo American  and Exxaro Resources clocking up hefty gains...more

"People are trading on the momentum of the story and not fundamental values of stocks," said Michael Carlsson, a trader at Johannesburg broker Consilium Securities.

The real reason is all about communcating financial vessels! :  SA has capital controls and also high money growth...so investors see stocks and not Bonds as a safe heaven.

"There is still lots of potential for trouble in the world and that is a good reason for people to stay in gold or buy more."

Coordination of European central bank gold sales under the Washington Agreement on Gold, an agreement made in 1999 and updated in 2004 and 2009, is "the modern counterpart" of the London Gold Pool of the 1960s, which controlled gold prices until it collapsed in March 1968, a former Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury Department official told an international investment conference a month ago.

The former official, Edwin M. Truman, went on to describe an enduring system of daily communication among Western central banks in which they share "confidential information" that includes "the size, currency, and nature of their foreign exchange market operations."

Note: Thirteen years ago as assistant treasury secretary for international affairs, Truman denied in a letter to GATA that the Treasury Department was involved in manipulation of the gold market.

Japan about to start playing the final act: Hyperinflation it will be called. Japan can't simply inflate away its massive debt (240% of GDP) because even with interest of less than one percent of the total debt, 25% of government revenues are presently needed to pay that interest. If JGB yields follow inflation higher, Japan will be simply not be able to service its debt and there will be some sort of crisis.

It is obvious that there are no other options left for Japan other than to aggressively print and this will eventually lead to hyperinflation. Whether this results in higher bond yields and some form of financial crisis or whether through QE and other means, yields can be kept low, I don't know.

Under both scenarios, shorting the Yen would likely be profitable, I expect. The first scenario would probably be bad news for the stock market, but the latter (more likely in my opinion) might be quite good. Whatever happens, things will get very interesting in Japan over the next few years and should be followed closely at Japan could well be the canary in the mine shaft for the Western World.

OBELIX PSObelix in Russia or who are the Ass...s !?  Hollande? Rajoy? Di Rupo ? Van Rompuy? Rutten? Obama ...or former Russian-ex communist country leader Putin!? What is wrong with these intelligent Psychopaths that they keep making the same mistakes? What is wrong with the Herd which keeps crying for more Taxation? During his life time Gerard paid € 145 million taxes to France and employed a lot of people...today because of french greed and stupidity, it is ALL gone, volatilized...Remember that when Capital goes, employment always falls! Who did you say, is pathetic ??

Russian President Vladimir Putin has granted citizenship to Gerard Depardieu, the French film star who is quitting his homeland to avoid a tax hike on the rich, the Kremlin has said. Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, said on Thursday that the former Oscar nominee, who played the role of eccentric Russian monk Grigory Rasputin in 2011, had applied for citizenship after Putin said he would be welcome in Russia. Depardieu bought a house across the French border in Belgium last year to avoid a new tax rate for millionaires in France planned by Socialist President Francois Hollande, but said he could also seek tax exile elsewhere. "The citizenship could not have been granted to him without [such an] appeal," Peskov said. The Kremlin's website said Putin had signed a decree granting Depardieu citizenship.

Russia has a flat income tax rate of 13 percent, compared with the 75 percent on income over $1.32m that Hollande wants to impose in France.

 The joint actions of the Central Banks are a major factor influencing the Communicating Financial Vessels. [remember money not only flows as a result of economic but also as a result of monetary, fiscal and political factors!]


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Tuesday & Wednesday January 1-2, 2013 - Anno 2013 will (and even Merkel admits it) be A LOT WORSE than 2012.

Updated sections: Portfolio , Investment pyramid , Aussie-Gold & Aussie/$/€ , Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€ (bearish for the US Dollar) , Can-Gold & Can$/$/€ , Yen-Gold & ¥/$/€ (stop loss for the Yen) , £-Gold & £/$/€ (bearish for the US Dollar) , Zar-Gold & ZAR/$/€ (bearish for the US Dollar) , Krona-Gold , Renmimbi-Gold (interesting candle chart), Rupee-gold , [technically very, very bullish for Gold], World stockmarket indexes (USA stock markets aiming for an all time high thanks to the Fiscal cliff, Debt ceiling and capital leaving Europe?), Zimbabwe , 

dominoWe have yet to see the worst of the EU-crisis and US-Depression. What Van Rompuy pretended earlier this month if bogus political idiocy. Best case scenario, they may have postponed the worst through market manipulations and propaganda.

I think the shoot out at OK corral is coming soon and there will No place to hide but Gold….The coming Tsunami will be worse than the Great Depression !

The present manipulation in gold is purely Western, and any other thought is nonsense. This is why we discuss the evolution of the Gold (and Silver) price expressed in different major currencies. One needs to see a breakdown of Gold in ALL currencies BEFORE we can talk about a trend change. And this is certainly NOT what the charts show today. On the contrary, the PF charts show important consolidations (and we also had some breakouts) which will propel gold to unseen records.

most bullish scenario for gold ever

Today fiat money is not only created through the normal banking system but also directly through Quantitative Easing. Through manipulation of the barometer (you see… Gold does not go up) of fiat money and PROPAGANDA: there is no inflation, we can mop up the excess of money as soon as the economy picks up, austerity programs (which are even worse because they take the real purchasing power away from the consumer) the Authorities try to keep their mockery alive for as long as possible. And they will succeed as long as people keep BELIEVING that All is Well Mme la Marquise or that the Authorities are telling the truth and do whatever is good for you (which off course they are not).

don't miss the detailed subscribers  information...unless you want to stay as stupid as the Herd !

-A currency war is going on...they keep printing money to keep the system going...until an accident happens!


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