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Thursday July 31, 2014 - Printing money and zero interest rates are totally irresponsible -

Updated sections: Recession Proof shares , Silver Fundamentals ,

It becomes urgent to move your physical gold out of political reach. I epxpect that the day we see a price of $ 5,000 and more such will simply be impossible. At that time Government will appeal to your citizenship and social feeling and legally try to take it away.

gold wave objectives 2014

(Silver) DERIVATIVES are a financial Nuke Bomb. The International Swaps and Derivative Association (ISDA) published their position on the changing of the "SILVER-FIX" with the new "LONDON SILVER PRICE" and the ramifications are earth shattering for silver derivative holders.

Comex gold market data is likely corrupted to facilitate the paper gold market's domination of the physical gold market, Sprott Asset Management CEO Eric Sprott remarks in his latest interview with Sprott Money News. Sprott praises GATA's work exposing gold market manipulation, cites GATA consultant Dimitri Speck's book "The Gold Cartel," and says he sees no need for a daily silver price-fixing mechanism. The interview is 24 minutes long...and posted in the subscriber's section.

Important Technicals:

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Kiddies on top of the Brooklyn bridge, kiddies on the bridge, kiddies under the bridge, kiddies in the air, kiddies in grey suits...

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Wednesday July 30, 2014 - an outlook for  international stock markets  -

Updated sections: long term stock market indexes ,

Technically speaking, I expect certain stock market indexes to come down by 50% before the end of 2014. As our long term candle charts (which will be updated by tonight/tomorrow) indicate we may see some exceptions. The section also shows the Bearish The xxxxxxx sector may somewhat suffer....but if it does, it will in a lesser degree. Do not SELL positions unless you can convert the result of the sales into a safer and better instrument as I expect that Bank Deposits and Treasuries will probably result in a total loss.  Also bear in mind that we may - at any time - see a BANK HOLIDAY where stock markets are closed and it becomes impossible to TRADE securities all together. Continue to hold High yielding shares as well as shares quoted on stock markets where the odds of a Bank Holiday/Bail-in are smaller. Impossible and to complex to detail the situation at this time. It is advisable to seek a geographical as well as political diversification as soon as possible. It is impossible to TIME when it all will unfold...but if it does, I expect it all to happen in a flash...and many will be trapped!

Getting out of stocks (real assets) and into worthless fiat money is of course the worst decision one can take.

This is where the Goldonomic Subscription becomes vital. Important SIGNALS do not occur each day, nor each week or each month. However the Important Pivot signals always make the difference. My track record is excellent: 1989, I called the crash of the Japanese Real Estate, Stock Market and Yen. I called the top of the US and Spanish Real Estate market. I called the top of the Financial en Bank sector (it's all in the Goldonomic archives...),...

It is advisable to disinvest 'out of bearish labelled markets' and to move capital out of political reach of these markets. Stock market indexes are excellent barometers and indicate the international FLOW of FUNDS as long as there are no capital controls. Once controls are implemented the rules of the game change...

The xxxx/xxxx/xxxx ratio is completing a Bullish Head and Shoulders pattern. This indicates that whereas xxxxxx shares will come down, xxxxxxxx will not. Add to this that - fundamentally speaking - these are extremely cheap. Also here, it is extremely difficult to TIME when this may unfold...

model1 model2


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Tuesday July 29, 2014 - Everything possible is done to push the World into a global war - Have you got your 2nd passport yet?

Updated Sections: Agriculturals, Inflation Index , Copper & Platinum , Crude oil , Oil Shares , Recession Proof shares , Coal shares , 

We just celebrated the 100th anniversary of World War I and yet we're building up to World War III!?. No time to be greedy on buying a plan B! War is historically and traditionally the SOLUTION by excellence used by Politicians (Intelligent Psychopaths) to get an Economy out of a Depression. A 3rd World War is now raging in Europe's back room: Ukraine. As we have millions of Muslim living in Europe and because they are being branded by PROPAGANDA as Terrorists and evil people, the War may well be in your living room "Tomorrow". The happenings in FRANCE are a reality hint. Very annoying if you have NO PLAN B. When you wake up with War, you may be the wealthiest guy of your community...but if you have no plan B, you are stuck.  When you have no assets out of political reach, you are stuck...Capital Controls are an easy way to control people. As a rule, families don't move if they cannot take some assets along. The Hamas-Israel War may not only spread into Lebanon but may lead to civil wars and/or terrorism in countries like France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Britain,...even Germany.

 This is the reality of today: Printing Money (QE) results in an economic contraction (Depression), High Inflation, more unemployment and a vicious circle (see Jim's formula). Everything else is PROPAGANDA!

2014-06 GDP.png 2014-07-inflation 2014-06-unemployment
a contracting economy rising prices more unemployment

click to enlarge

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Monday July 28, 2014 -
No Inflation...hmmmm....Lies, lies, damn lies and more -

groceriesUpdated Sections: Recession proof shares , Oil Shares , 

No Inflation...hmmmm....Lies, lies, damn lies and more.  The price of beef and bacon hit its all-time high in the United States in June, according to data released Tuesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In January 1980, when BLS started tracking the price of these commodities, ground chuck cost $1.82 per pound and bacon cost $1.45 per pound. By this June 2014, ground chuck cost $3.91 per pound and bacon cost $6.11 per pound. A decade ago, in June 2004, a pound of ground chuck cost $2.49, which means that the commodity has increased by 57 % since then. Bacon has increased by 78.7 % from the $3.42 it cost in June 2004 to the $6.11 it costs now. In one month, beef increased from $3.85 in May 2014 to $3.91 in June 2014. Bacon increased from $6.05 in May 2014 to $6.11 in June 2014.

2.4% is the official inflation rate...But 24% is the correct inflation rate for the USA and most Western countries.

  Inflation on a yearly basis
Turkey frozen +35% y/y
Potatoes +28%
Tomatoes +25%
Grape Fruit +14%
Chicken breast +11%
Ham products +11%
Oranges +10.5%
All pork products + 10.5%
Pasta +8.5%

This is the REAL reason behind the cooked inflation figures delivered by the authorities. These inflation figures result in a REAL monster -6% to -7% contraction of the USA/EU economy y/y. The inflation together with the contraction will result in a Hyper-inflationary Depression. This is the result of the vicious Quantitative Easing cycle.  It's ride until you die....The Bank of England. Bank of Japan and ECB are doing exactly the same....better prepare for a deluge....we've come to a point where a RESET has simply and mathematically become IMPOSSIBLE !!!!

Inflation figures and Gross Domestic Product are closely linked to each other. An incorrect Inflation figure will result in an incorrect GDP figure.

 The end of America and the end of democracy...it's already happening! [use subtitling for translation in other languages - the movie is a MUST SEE!]

This is the 2014 follow up. Don't you think this only happens in the USA...it happens all over the world! This presentation was made after Snowden and Assange were first page news.

There is no such a thing as "Illuminati" . Naomi Wolf has a clear insight of how "the system" functions and how people should behave and react to the actual evolution...She remembers us that - in fact - the people have the power. She explains how the Mainstream media collectively refrain from tackling certain radio-active topics and how Internet is changing the world.

For Karl Marx Socialism and Communism were one and the same thing...

Price Controls do not and will NEVER work...not even in Panama. Price controls either come as a short term lolly to please the electorate (i.e. Panama) and are abandoned fast, either come as a beginning of more Government control.  To pretend that price controls are good for the POOR, is a joke. No entrepreneur will and can sell at a loss. If prices go up as a consequence of inflation, so will the price of consumables. As soon as the price of a good is controlled, it disappears from the shelves and even the poor cannot buy these anymore. The new president in Panama decided to control the price of 22 consumables which are mainly bought by the poor people. No surprise it resulted in protest by those who immigrated Venezuela and Argentina. They KNOW PRICE CONTROLS don't work !!!

Important Technicals:

  • several breakouts in the section xxxxxxx...buy the BACKTEST.
  • end of BACKTEST for xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Friday July 25, 2014 -
Democracy is NOT a STABLE form of Government and always end up being an Oligarchy.

Updated sections: $-Gold,  Silver , 

The basic forms of Government and examples in history we already published last year. More than ever it is important for the investor to UNDERSTAND which system we are in and what the consequences are. Be aware that today we don't even have Democracy like the rulers like to pretend.

A BEARISH warning does not imply a market will crash tomorrow. It can take up to 6 months and sometime years before it actually happens. A BULLISH warning does not imply market will geyser tomorrow...such can also take weeks, months and years to happen. Forecasting a market will come down or go up, is rather easy. TIMING the action is extremely difficult, if possible at all.

Average performance of our Oil shares since beginning of the year is +20.66% or +41% y/y. Bold printed shares show a technical BUY signal. Best performers are xxxxxx and xxxxxxxx.

Average performance of our Recession Proof shares since beginning of the year is +12.39% or +24% y/y. xxxx outperformed. (bold printed shares show a technical BUY signal)

Average performance of our Major Miners since beginning of the year is +43% or +86% y/y. Boldly printed shares show a technical buy signal. xxxxxxx  (+250%) was our best performer.

Top performers are our Juniors with +54.88% or +109% y/y since beginning of the year is . Boldly printed shares show a technical BUY signal. Best performer is xxxxxxx with +200%.

Important Technicals:

  • Important warning signs for many stock market indexes. Especially for the Dow Jones and SP500
  • Important long term  signals for Gold and Silver (see LT candle charts in sections)

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Thursday July 24, 2014 - MH17 is all about the survival of the US-Dollar - the motive is money - This IS  War !

burning MH17Updated sections: US-Dollar , €- Gold & €/$ , 

They shot J.F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln for similar reasons. Only days ago we published that the BRICS nations had (with the help of Putin) set up a development bank and a financial stabilization fund as a way to by-pass the cabal controlled World Bank and IMF.

MH17 is all about the survival of the US-Dollar. The shootout in Ukraine could well be the result of sick reasoning and a battle of survival of the US-Dollar. By shooting MH17 out of the Ukraine sky, the US has taken the Queen out of the chess game. The EU will now be easier to convince to go for sanctions against Russia and - more important - the odds that the US will become Europe's favored trade partner for the trade of Natural Gas (Houston, TX is building a huge LPG-export terminal) have now largely improved. But the sanction part of this story may well be the lucky end of a huge mistake.

It is of vital importance for the survival of the US-Dollar that the world continues to trade ENERGY (Oil & Natural Gas) in US-Dollars.

According to CIA sources in Europe, Germany & France have also decided to join the BRICS alliance, or a dollar-free trade.

Is this a mistake made by nervous infiltrated CIA-agents!? Khadaffi was liquidated because he was organizing a Gold-Dinar and we are all well aware that Putin (together with the BRIC-countries) is the motor behind a Dollar-Free Oil & Gas trade. Turning over the regime in Libya and liquidating Khadaffi was not really a problem. However turning over the regime in Russia is almost impossible. Shooting Putin out of the sky on his journey back home from Brazil is a far better idea. Certainly if such can be done (by infiltrated CIA agents) when his plane was over-flying the war zone of East-Ukraine. Putin's Ilyushin Il-96 looks very similar to the MH17 Boeing and was following the same route and crossing Ukraine's airspace at almost the same time... For Putin to admit that this is true would catapult the world into a general war. [Note: the black boxes were handed over to the Malaysian Authorities and not to the European or Americans.]

Putin has no motive...the USA has many..and Hollywood!  Just follow the money.

globalism killsGlobalism....Big doesn't work. Big corporations. Big governments. Big countries. There are just too many problems from size. Think about ancient Rome. As the empire expanded, Rome's imperial government had to create layers and layers of bureaucracies. Municipal levels, provincial levels, regional levels, etc.

The movement for sovereignty and freedom is gaining more voices each day. Scotland’s push for independence from the United Kingdom has been gaining traction and citizens are set to vote in September. Venice and other eastern territories in Italy are also arguing for their freedom. And Catalonia is trying to secede from Spain.

 Even within the United States, counties in California, Colorado and elsewhere are signing petitions and voting for the right to form their own state.

 And now the voices of Native Hawaiians have been lifted in a series of public meetings held across the islands by the Department of the Interior. Ukraine is about to split into two entities. Give us more depression and we'll also see Belgium break apart.

Globalism = Communism, Socialism, Fascism

Capitalism = Diversity, Individuality, Free Market Economy

All 50 U.S. states now have laws on the books that allow them to seize “dormant” assets from their owners. These assets range from uncashed dividend checks to safe deposit boxes to actual bank accounts. Banks and other businesses are required to turn that property over to the states for “safekeeping.” Moving funds to the USA is not really a good idea. Immigrating to the USA neither.

Banks are a financial life threatening mine-field.Deutsche Bank has serious reporting problems: an examination by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that Deutsche Bank AG’s giant U.S. operations suffer from a litany of serious problems, including shoddy financial reporting, inadequate auditing and oversight and weak technology systems, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal...

The BRICS Bank is an enormous opportunity to change the historic financial world dynamic, away from the Anglo-American Dollar controlled World Banks and IMF. A thorn in the eye of the USA. The BRICS Bank should reach out to Africa's emerging leaders, give them a voice and let them define the problems to be solved and draw attention to home-grown solutions. The more the BRICS Bank raises the profile and confidence in Africa's emerging leaders, the more the developmental agenda can have an African flavour thus empowering Africans to better participate in their own development processes.

 Important Technicals:

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Wednesday July 23, 2014 - Brilliant stupidity it is: Malaysian traffic which used to overfly Ukraine is now diverted over Syria!

Updated sections: Natural gas , Investment Pyramid , 

CAUTION: This is a WARNING for the World Stock market Indexes and especially for the xxxxxxx (xxxxx, xxxxxx). More in the subscriber's section.

Modern warfare isn’t fought with boots on the ground. In 2014, cyberwar and economic war looms. And this type of war is something that will affect literally every person who is plugged in to the global financial system.

Average performance of our Natural Gas shares since beginning of the year is +27.11% or +54.22% y/y. The under performer is xxxxx. No doubt a result of the Ukraine war. External factors (War) are as a rule hard - if possible at all - to forecast but always affect the medium term performance of a stock/bond and or currency...more in the subscriber's section.

 Average performance of our Uranium shares since beginning of the year is +11% or +22% y/y. And...you ain't seen nothing yet...more in the subscriber's section.

Important Technicals:

hints july22

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Tuesday July 22, 2014 - The United States has become self-destructive -

Updated sections: Uranium , 

uspsR.J. Reynolds Tobacco fined $ 23.6 billion by Florida jury for man's smoking related death. The amount is 75 percent of the company’s American market capitalization, or the amount of money a company has in outstanding shares. After UPS, FEDEX is charged with shipping drugs for illegal online pharmacies. As far as I know UPS and FEDEX are transportation companies and no law enforcers. Truth is that many Americans buy medical drugs "on line" as prices in Canada and other non-US countries are A LOT cheaper. I wonder when the USPS (United States Postal services) will have to appear in court for similar charges..or have the American Authorities just discovered a new way to collect taxes?..to be continued.

The Economic and Financial situation in France is DRAMATIC. In the past I issued several warnings about what could probably become the worst surprise the EU will have to face. The country france failitesurvives on government appointed employees (at least 60% of the french GDP is directly generated by the government) which are slowly but surely killing what France has left of Entrepreneurs, Middle-Class and Savers. Therefore it is advisable is to liquidate French REAL ESTATE as soon as possible.

 Houston we have an opportunity and Energy is the main game behind the Ukraine Screen. West Ukraine is surviving on farming but East Ukraine holds the rich deposits of Crude Oil and Natural Gas.

natgas prices 2014LNG Could Overthrow Russia’s Gas Monopoly in Europe. Natural Gas sells in Europe at 3-4 times the price it sells for in the USA. However the latest development in the natural gas industry could put a hold on the monopoly Russia has been holding over the European states. It’s called Liquefied Natural Gas, or LNG, and it’s the real opportunity in natural gas for investors. LNG is particularly interesting as it relates to all the hubbub that’s resulted from the joint crisis in Ukraine and Russia. The Ukraine/Russia dustup will, ultimately amount to nothing more than a regional conflict – one that would certainly consume Europe’s attention, but one that Europe would be reticent to react to for one crucial reason: People hate being cold! Having said this, by compressing natural gas it becomes liquid and easy and relatively safe to transport. Houston, Texas is building one of the largest LNG manufacturing plants in the world and soon Europe will hopefully be able to buy cheaper American Natural Gas and will hereby become less dependent upon Gazprom (Putin). [see subscriber's sections for Natural Gas co's]

Natural gas is chilled to -259°, at which point it becomes a liquid 600 times more dense than gas. That allows companies to efficiently ferry gas around the world in large, special-built tanker ships. LNG, thus, gives Europe the opportunity to get out from under the Russian threats, and it negates any future worries about a lack of natural gas in the winter. That’s precisely why Lithuania, currently 100% dependent on Russia for its gas needs, is now building a floating LNG terminal offshore that will take deliveries of liquefied gas from around the world and pipe it into Lithuania’s energy grid, entirely bypassing Russia. In the wake of Russia’s recent threats, I am certain we will see a host of European nations pursue a similar strategy. [note: this is also why the new, over seized Panama locks are so important]

The extremely high price for Natural Gas in Japan bring us back to Nuclear Power stations and Uranium. No doubt there are still technical problems to be overcome regarding Nuke-Power stations, but there is little doubt that this will become the Source of Energy by excellence during the remaining of the 21st century.

Better get ready for doubles and triples in uranium and that we may see a powerful bounce off the bottom in the near term. Japan announces that - for a starter - two reactors are approved to be safe and are able to be turned back on. This is a psychological game changer as the uranium priced has slid for more than three years over 60% as Japan idled their reactors after the 2011 Fukushima Disaster...See subscriber's section for more.

Uranium has hit decade lows due to the closures in Japan. Many believed Japan would never return to nuclear. They were wrong.

Important Technicals: see subscriber's section (table below gives yesterday's performance of some of our listed stocks)

xxtop 21july2014

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Monday July 21, 2014 - New Gold-Backed reserve currency in the making?

Updated sections:

BRICS Bank goes into battle with the Anglo-American banking cartel. No one knows exactly how this will turn out . But because money and power are involved, the currency war is about to get worse. As the world is slowly turning against the U.S. dollar hegemony, the BRICS seem to make to fill. After creating the BRICS Bank as an "alternative to the Western-controlled IMF or the World Bank," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, says that he believes the BRICS mechanism is fully developed and can be politically implemented as a tentative "reform of the international financial system"

For those who have forgotten who the BRICS are, here is a reminder of the countries that make up, with a population of 3 million.

The Central Bank of Russia has made subtle, yet serious threats ​​against the U.S. economy and dollar. Like Khadaffi tried Russia now also alludes making a New Gold Backed Ruble. Putin made ​​it clear that any attack on the Russian economy will be met with reprisals. This latest threat has the potential to derail the U.S. economy. The fact that the Russian gold reserves are enormous compared to the (non-existent) US gold reserves has severe implications for the world economy. The U.S. Dollar has far too long enjoyed the luxury of being a reserve currency and its economy and financial system is skating on thin ice. Alternative media speculate that China's might well be the first to jump aboard of the wagon. The new collaboration by the BRICS may indicate the start of the end of the US-dollar era. A conflict, such as in Ukraine will  accelerate it all.

Meanwhile, there are more and more conflicts around the world that could evolve into a world war. Be sure that "world leaders and central banks" will use this as an excuse to derail the current financial system. This can happen in a flash and it will go very fast, and is very likely to happen overnight (as always) on a weekend. Banks will be closed as in Cyprus and you will only have access to a small amount of your money, per day, to record, or even nothing at all.

Important Technicals:

  • see subscriber's sections.

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Friday July 18, 2014  - Been shot out of the air!? such can happen if you fly East -

co2tax meterUpdated sections:

While Socialist Venezuela charges for breathing air, Australia abandons disastrous green tax on emissions. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has finally won backing to end the tax on carbon emissions Down Under, signalling the pointlessness of such schemes...more 

The tragic story of the ME17 could rapidly become a serious international incident with far reaching implications. Of particular importance is the recording under the headline:" Pro-Russian rebels discuss the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines airliner".[WW I a duke was shot, WW II the Lustiana was sank,...]

The correction for American Real Estate is over.! "Epic disaster." Those two words best explain what just happened with US housing starts and permits in June. Those who want a slightly more detailed narrative of what the under water houseDepartment of Commerce just reported here it is: in June housing starts were expected to print at a solid 1020K, to validate the sustainable "recovery." Instead, what happened was that the May downward revised number of 985K, which was a consensus beating 1001K last month, crashed to 893K, a drop of 92K which was the biggest since the January "polar vortex" effect, the biggest miss to permaoptimistic expectations since January 2007, and which brought the total number of starts to the lowest level since September 2013. Real Estate is a High Order Capital good and its price always slips during Inflationary Depressions.

The recovery sits right around the corner. Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) said it will eliminate as many as 18,000 jobs, the largest round of cuts in its history, as Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella integrates Nokia Oyj’s handset unit and slims down the software maker. The restructuring, amounting to about 14 percent of its workforce, includes 12,500 Nokia factory and professional positions -- half the number of employees added in the acquisition. At Microsoft, cuts will be in sales, marketing and engineering. The reductions are expected to be completed by June 30, 2015, and will result in a pretax charge of $1.1 billion to $1.6 billion, Microsoft said in a statement today.

Important technicals:

see subriber's sections.

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Thursday July 17, 2014 - Propaganda affects us all - People always get the Politicians they deserve !

Empty-ShelvesAs human beings, we're constantly bombarded with propaganda of all sorts. Commercials, political ads, even the cable "news" — all of it carefully calibrated to influence the way we think and what we believe to be "true." The idea of "balance" has been lost on most people for decades. I've often imagined Nazi Reich Minister for Propaganda Joseph Goebbels smiling in his grave at the machinations of today's World. Only by moving to another continent the joke becomes visible to the alert traveler. Many inhabitants of Venezuela still don't get what has and is happening in a country which after World Was II was part of the richest in the world. On VTV (Venezuela Television) it is business as normal: life is beautiful, recession over and recovery sits right after the corner. Talking heads detail the wonderful achievements of politicians; and explain how well the country is doing. Price controls have locked in the retail prices where shopping and life have again become a pleasure for all.

Nobody however mentions the empty shelves, the fact that people have to get up a 4 am and hope they will be able to buy toilet paper, milk or butter. Nobody mentions the fact that less and less foreign airlines keep Caracas as a destination. Nobody mentions that outgoing air trips are over booked and that bookings must be made months in advance. [the rule off course doesn't apply to government officials which continue to receive all the advantages which come with their position].  Many know that Hookers are the best option to exchange Bolivars for US-Dollars. Interesting is that contrary to what happens in most western countries, in Venezuela the price of USED CARS has this year gone up by 20%. Not because the economy is booming but rather because Automobiles are one of the better options to safely keep one's savings. Similar conditions were seen in South-Africa and Zimbabwe: people stopped trusting the Banks, Paper Money and as the purchase of Gold & Silver were strictly regulated by the Reserve Banks (Central Banks)...alternates like Shares and Automobiles were used. In the evening Shop holders bought shares with the proceeds of the day's business only to sell them when cash/notes were requested to pay for fresh consumables.

As soon as Government controls prices, shelves become empty.


Any active and wise entrepreneur, anybody trying to achieve something in life has no alternate but to flee countries like Venezuela, Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico,...Many educated young and frustrated business people are emigrating to Panama. The country is becoming a melting pot of cultures and races. Because of the influx of people (and also CAPITAL) the Middle-class is growing like a mushroom and the country has become a building pit and a paradise for Real Estate developers, builders, electricians, plumbers,...unemployment is almost zero.

“If you put government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there would be a shortage of sand."

Because of the canal, Panama is not only populated by the local indigenous Indians but also by Chinese, French, Africans, Spanish, Colombians,....or the grand-children of those who actually digged the Panama canal. Important however is that all Modern immigrants KNOW and have EXPERIENCED that Price Controls do not work, Salary control brings unemployment, that Capital Controls chases capital away and taxation kills the entrepreneurs because they all experienced it live in the country they immigrated out.  They know and experienced that Socialism is nothing but a BIG TREACHERY . The modern Panamanians mock the propaganda sold by The Venezuelan Television, CNN , BBC,....for they know better!

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Wednesday July 16, 2014 - Bread and Games it is -

One candidate one can vote for...and they call it democracy!? ....As I expected, the Stupid Herd pays more attention to the World Cup than to REALLY important matters.

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Tuesday July 15, 2014 - This is the END GAME for Gold & fiat Money ! - history is written -

obamatrillionUpdated sections:

In case you did not know, BANKS and the FINANCIAL SYSTEM is BANKRUPT and floating on AIR.You have no Bank Deposits...only a CLAIM on worthless banks and government. Portugal - Banco Espirito Santo Bonds Sink to Record After Stake Sold. Banco Espirito Santo SA’s subordinated bonds fell to a record after a parent company said it had to sell 4.99 percent of the lender to meet debt commitments.

Espirito Santo Financial Group said it reduced its stake in the Lisbon-based bank to 20.1 percent to meet a margin call on a loan taken out during the bank’s 1.04 billion-euro ($1.42 billion) rights offering in June. Banco Espirito Santo’s 7.125 percent notes due November 2023 fell 2.9 cents to 84 cents on the euro to yield 9.58 percent, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Whatever happens, DO NOT SELL any of your PHYSICAL Gold & Silver holdings but BUY more and move these OUT OF POLITICAL REACH! Nothing the Central banks do is real...nor creates lasting Wealth!

Remember this is a WAR and just like in the 1960's the Banks and Authorities are loosing the Battle and will end as Bag Holders. That is after they have tried merciless to break the rise of the Physical Gold price. It takes billions to cap the price of Gold...it also took billions during the 1960's....and like it failed in those days, it is about to fail today. Note that - off course - the dumping also happens for Gold & Shares. As a matter of fact the prelude of today's scandalous action was already visible last Friday. To add injury to the insult, at the same time the CME (Chicago Mercantile Excange) has decided to increase the margins on gold and silver contracts.  Before this is over Gold & Silver will ONLY trade on a CASH basis..and Gold & Silver will probably at some not so distant point in the future double & more overnight.

CME Group is lowering margins for gold, silver and copper futures on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. The new rates will be effective as of the close of business on Monday, according to a notice from CME Group. The exchange operator said the changes were the result of "the normal review of market volatility to ensure adequate collateral coverage." Margins act as collateral on futures trades. CME Group also changed margins for electricity, equity-index, ethanol, natural gas futures and a number of other products. In the case of the main 100-ounce gold-futures contract, CME Group trimmed the "initial" margin for new  speculative trades to $5,940 from $6,600. The "maintenance" margin for existing speculative trades, plus all hedge positions, was cut to $5,400 from $6,000.


 GLD pushjuly14

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Monday July 14, 2014 - it is your moral duty to move your savings out of political reach so the next generation can use it to rebuilt society -

Updated sections: World Stock Market Indexes , Gold & Silver Majors , Gold & Silver Juniors ,

Now that the Eiffel tower still stands, the French can celebrate July 14 - their national Holiday -

note - do you think this is normal ? France is the country with the largest population of Muslim inhabitants. Surveys reveal a significant degradation of the image of Islam in France. The findings also show that French voters are growing increasingly uneasy about mass immigration from Muslim countries, which has been encouraged by a generation of political and cultural elites in France dedicated to creating a multicultural society. Mosques are being built more often in France than are Roman Catholic churches; nearly 150 new mosques are currently under construction in France.

But what does this mean to the future of Europe? It means that Sweden’s Muslim population will reach 40% by 2030, France will have a 55% Muslim population, Netherlands 45%, Germany 40%, Britain 40%, Belgium 35%. These countries will cease to exist as a Western democracy.

Best case scenario we shall have Social Unrest. Once the Herd finds out they have been lied to and are being "taken" by the Authorities, hell will break loose...Especially those who live in denial will react violently. Add to this that the upcoming generation will simply REFUSE to pay for the debt made by the Political leaders since the 1960's.

Shit happens if you let Marxists, Socialists and Greens do it their way. I told you the politicians would end up charging for AIR!  This brilliant idea has now been implemented in Venezuela. In other countries the fiscal authorities make it a sport to witch hunt the entrepreneurs and to cut them into pieces. Ducks with the golden eggs are rapidly disappearing.... After WW II Argentina and Venezuela  were amongst the world's richest countries.. that is until the politicians laid their hands upon these jewels. In less than 50 years these legendary countries have been transformed in modern Zimbabwe's.

The people always get the politicians they deserve. Following are the names of some of the 40 bandits. It really is unbelievable that "we the people" keep voting these dangerous Intelligent Psychopaths into power.

Zimbabwe = Mugabe
South-Africa = Zuma
Argentina = Mr. & Mrs. Kirchner
Venezuela = Chavez & Madura
France = Hollande but also Sarkozy
Italy =Berlusconi
USA = Obama & Bush
Russia = Putin
Belgium = Di Rupo but also Verhofstadt

Fiscal Amnesty is nothing but a HUGE TRAP. The MORAL DUTY of each citizen is to move CAPITAL/SAVINGS out of political reach so it can be used for the next generation to rebuilt society/economy under a new regime.  At that time I expect to see that citizens will  contrary to today -  where a fine is levied when repatriating funds - , receive a PREMIUM from the Authorities. 

Hitler NEVER did something illegal. There is NO WAY the situation will be and can be cleared and rebuilt as long as the present regime lives. This applies as well to Europe, the USA and Africa. What the leaders call Democracy is nothing but a BIG JOKE and a HUGE LIE. People have no more freedom. They are spied on, taxation has reached exorbitant levels, traveling has become a pain and soon the Authorities will BY LAW dictate when, where and with who somebody can have sex. Society needs a structural change. Such becomes very hard as the Authorities are killing the potential game changers with their own money.

Important Technicals:

  • xxxxxxxxxx and the xxxxxxxxxxx have broken through their 200 day Moving Averages and positively tested these. Now it only is a matter of days and weeks before we have Bullish Cross-Overs of the Moving Averages. Next important key level for xxxx is xxxxxx.
  • xxxxxxxxxx or a perfect example of how fast things change: from $40 to $77 in only weeks.
  • xxxxxx shows a BUY signal
  • xxxx, xxxx, xxx, xxxxx , xxxx , xxxx xxxx show a BUY signal
  • xxxx shows a BUY signal out of a BEAR TRAP !
  • xxxxx  xxxxxx shows and proofs things in the Gold & silver sector sometimes go extremely fast down - but also up
  • Trading channel for the xxxxxx is 82-79

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Friday July 11, 2014 - There is nothing worse than a Religion War - France one of the most dangerous countries to live in -

eiffel-louvreUpdated sections:

The books which spilled the most blood over the last centuries  are called the Bible and the Koran,...Religious wars are the most dangerous ones. 21st century wars will be completely different than the previous wars. War are wars but the way these are conducted always change. Religious wars are fueled by blind hate and a belief there is a wonderful life after death.

Today "they" tried to blow up the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and a nuclear power plant.  Statistics tell there are 4 millions "they"  living in France. "they" all have a French passport. Islamist plot to blow up Eiffel Tower, Louvre and nuclear power plant foiled, say French police. French police stumbled on terror plans after decrypting coded messages between an Algerian butcher living in southern France and high-ranking members of Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb...more

The fuse is burning in Israel and Gaza. This is the prelude to World War III. Like always and like I anticipated, the action starts where the previous World War has ended: in Israel and the Middle-East. Like always it starts because energy has become too expensive to sustain complex societies. As always the Herd continues to live in denial...As usual only few people take the requested steps to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Once a general war develops, stock markets are closed, banks operations are strictly regulated, cash or its use is banned. Capital export is controlled and capital transfers banned. In a next step traveling becomes very difficult, if possible at all. Everything is frozen and those who have no escape route are trapped like rats. Life in countries with a high population density becomes harsh and food scarce. During WW II dutch citizens had to eat Tulip bulbs to survive...People living in the country side were better off than people living in cities.

This is the time to move the bulk of your savings out of political reach, this is the time to go for a second passport.

Stop wasting you time chasing Fiat Paper profits. NOW is the time to prepare an escape route as tomorrow will be too late. As soon as a general War develops, countries will automatically CLOSE their BORDERS and immigration will become very difficult. Money, especially fiat paper money is a BIG MIRAGE....your life and the life of your loved ones really matters. Take your responsibility and start to organize an escape route NOW. We can help!

Important Technicals:

  • see subscriber's sections

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Thursday July 10, 2014 - Financial research is time consuming and extremely expensive -

cheaper Updated sections: Silver , 

In the good old days, financial research was also extremely expensive. However, compensation was received each time Equities, securities were traded. Commissions ranged from 1% to 5%. Since 1990 - because of  the abolition of fixed trading commissions and later because of the growing availability of  internet trading platforms, the sector has completely changed for the worst.  Not funny to find out somebody picks ideas which were the result of months of investigation....and rewards another party which doesn't deserve it in the first place. This kind of behavior is the fastest way to kill HONEST, INDEPENDENT and CORRECT financial research and advice.

It's painful to see that some subscribers fail to understand the seriousness of the situation and to hear that they don't make certain decisions because they just DON'T FEEL THEY should do!? This is like going to the doctor, getting a prescription and not taking it because...you just don't feel like!? Finance and economics cannot be compared with tooth pain and going to the dentist only when pain is felt. People who don't make the requested moves BEFORE the financial pain is felt, will - by definition - come late.

Below is the very important 30-year Treasury bond. I grade it now as "Technically bearish". It has crashed to its lowest level since May. As bonds declines, interest rates rise. This is occurring as the Fed lightens up on QE but also because the Herd starts to smell SHIT. NEVER FORGET THEY can only manipulate markets for so long....and the longer the manipulation, the stronger the subsequent move.

USB stop loss

Bonds are an accident waiting to happen since years now (see section). Until today - probably because Authorities and Banksters were able to contain the breach in the dike - nothing happened. However, conditions are so precarious (Argentina, Portugal,...) that a financial accident can happen any moment. This is a mathematical certainty: if an accident happens to the bond market, the DERIVATIVES will act as a catalyst and will blow up the Western banking system in a flash....taking all those who "still don't have the feeling they should protect themselves" -alias The Herd - along.

A second mathematical certainty is that "the marginal interest rate" continues to come down towards ZERO. [the marginal interest rate is that interest rate at which the Authorities cannot longer finance/pay their expenses (debt, interest) ]. Once they reach GROUND ZERO, the only escape route for Governments and Banksters, is to push interest rates into the negative territory. Such in reality is nothing more than a BAIL-IN in disguise.

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Wednesday July 9, 2014  - The Hyperinflationary Depression will be the game stopper.

shelvesUpdated sections: World stock market indexes , 

Delta air to reduce flights to Caracas, Venezuela from 7 to 1 a week. Medical assistance is slowly but surely becoming a problem in Venezuela. People have to get up at 4 in the morning to buy toilet paper or milk...and yet some Venezuelans I meet in Panama pretend there is NO PROBLEM !? no doubt I was talking to petty Government officials.

Wealthy Argentinians chained to hell and disaster. When chatting with wealthy Argentinians it is clear that they all would like to leave the country tomorrow....the only problem being that it is almost impossible to take their wealth and savings out of the country.  These belong to the group of people which REFUSED to protect themselves and take their savings out of the country while it was still possible.Leaving Argentina would turn them into poor people with no funds to start up a new business activity.

Those who don't act because they don't FEEL they should, will NEVER do...!

Don't you worry, it's only 0.03%. Governments have Criminal minds worse than the Mafia has. Spanish politicians are brilliant. Not only do they steal and bribe from the people, but do they change the rules of the game EX-POST. Spain will retroactively tax bank deposits to January 1, 2014 stating the move will boost growth and job creation.More than a tax, this looks like a mini seizure of deposits. Someone likely needs a few million and to balance the books. The notion that a tax increase will boost the economy is of course absurd. But don't worry, it's only 0.03%,

US exports to Russia hot record in May. What the heck are they doing in the land of the FREE!?

This clearly shows this is "the end game". The USA and the Dollar is a death man walking. After BNP-Paribas has been fined (because France did business with Russia) they decided to go for Commerzbank.... The Americans are going under and are doing whatever they can no to go under TODAY. That is politically bribe the french not to sell weapons to Russia (so they can sell their own products), bribe the Germans so they don't push for the German gold to be returned to Germany.

Apparently, ONLY the Americans have the right to export goods to Russia.!?

export to russia

The Land of the Free SUCKS! This is why we ALWAYS advised our relations to work in a certain way and we NEVER advised certain investments and locations.

A bank account in the USA is dangerous, owning Real Estate in the USA is dangerous, storing Gold in the USA is dangerous..but there is more (our coaching relations know). A coaching fee can for sure save you a lot of money....

Important Technicals:

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Tuesday July 8, 2014 -The Time to act is NOW - The final crash is coming and will carry the solution -

Updated sections: Krona-Gold & KR/$/€ , Yuan-Gold , Rupee-Gold , 



The final crash is coming. Those who believe that our financial system and the euro/dollar/currencies will continue to exist until you retire should not change anything. But if you under all facts presented by us are not sure, then you should take immediate action.

Bankers are CROOKS, BANDITS, the worst and most dangerous kind of people one can encounter in life...apart from their best buddies, the POLITICIANS.

Barclays fined for Gold price manipulation. Barclay's is not the only one. And behold, more than Gold & Silver is manipulated by those gangsters. Remember the LIBOR (interest rates) and know they also rig the Bond markets, Currency markets.

What bankers forgot to take from you, Governments will confiscate through taxation and Bail-in

The message I have been trying to send, is a simple one: one must keep at least 60% of your wealth in PHYSICAL GOLD, the balance according to the Investment Pyramid and as important, if not more, keep it all OUT OF POLITICAL reach. How and what you will repatriate, is a problem for the future. 100% sure is that if you keep it within political reach, you will never have to repatriate it.  But also, if you don't move it beyond political reach you will never have to spend it as Government will TAKE IT ALL.

It is 200% certain that a reset will happen, it is 200% sure that Government will legally take away your savings and other assets because MATHEMATICALLY there is no other option. It is absolutely impossible to prophet WHEN it will all happen. There are so many mines spreaded all over the financial and economic system that it can happen ANY DAY. Therefore action must be taken NOW! Instead of going to the beaches or wandering through national parks, use your vacation to do what must be done. [details provided to all Coaching relations]

Don't waste your time by going after those last small profits. Those who do, will loose it all. There is not the slightest doubt that the paper price of good, solid assets is manipulated by Bankers and Authorities trying to save their skin. They make GOOD investments look BAD and BAD investments look GOOD.

The Dow Jones is a FATA MORGANA.  Common stocks go up because Exponential amounts of Money are printed/created. However, contrary to REAL ESTATE these are REAL ASSETS which can be moved out of political reach. Stock markets will crash as the HERD moves out of shares into WORTHLESS FIAT money when the RESET starts. However - at that time - this will probably the worst decision one can take.

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Monday July 7, 2014  - All time records for Stock Market Indexes -

bull marketUpdated sections: US-Dollar , €-Gold & €/$ , Aussie-Gold & Aussie/$/€ , Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€ , Can-Gold & Can$/$/€ , 

A bull market keeps pushing higher as long as there are market participants who doubt its longevity. To keep it simple, as long as the Mainstream Media keep advertising the next market crash sits just around the corner, markets will keep going up. This is exactly why I advise to use "Trailing Stops" and to invest in the RIGHT SECTORS. I expect ENERGY, COMMODITY and GOLD & SILVER stocks to bring the bull run to a dramatic conclusion. Hence one must to continue to roll over positions out of common (Recession Proof) stocks into the former sectors. Note that short and medium term cycles are coming to a maturity around July 20, 2014.

Rising stocks could possibly indicate that Hyperinflation sits right around the corner...

 So far "Sell in May and go away" did not work. Maybe because it became front page news of too many Mainstream Media. Having said this, as long as Central Banks keep printing money, keep manipulate interest rates around and below ZERO and keep buying shares, markets will continue to go up like they are doing now. Noteworthy is that the Dow Jones and the SP500 are going up and keep pushing against the upper limit of their trend channel. Until today we have not seen any acceleration which would almost for sure signal an end to the present Bull run. The matured ascending wedge will either result in an explosive bullish exhaustion run, either in a correction towards the 16,000 level.

The Gold & Silver sector, Gold & Silver miners are still  "Cheap as Chips"

What does our Bucket list say !? Stocks are REAL ASSETS which can contrary to Real Estate be moved and kept out of Political Reach. Volatility is higher mainly because we have a PUBLIC OPEN-CRY price. Something which is not existent for Real Estate. A Real Estate market tops out, dries out and when it finally collapses it already has become impossible to sell out the bricks and mortar. By the time the market comes alive again, the mortar is old and the bricks break apart.

Those who ride the storm holding stocks, MUST hold the right sectors and ride it until the very end. Today, Financials are a NO-GO

 As long as Mainstream Media prophet a GLOBAL RESET it will not happen. Resets, Moratoriums, Bail-ins, Devaluations ALWAYS come - like a thief in the night - unexpected.

china central bankChina is moving forward with a plan to create its own version of the World Bank, which will rival institutions that are under the sway of the US and the West. The bank will start with $100 billion in capital. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) will extend China's financial reach and compete not only with the World Bank, but also with the Asian Development Bank, which is heavily dominated by Japan. The $100 billion in capital is double that originally proposed, the Financial Times (FT) reported.

A member of the World Bank, China has less voting power than countries like the US, Japan, and the UK. It is in the 'Category II' voting bloc, giving it less of a voice. In the Asian Development Bank, China only holds a 5.5 percent share, compared to America's 15.7 percent share and Japan's 15.6 share.At the International Monetary Fund, China pays a 4 percent quota, whereas the US pays nearly 18 percent, and therefore has more influence within the organization and where loans go....Don't we all know this is begging for trouble! To date, 22 countries have expressed interest in the project, including oil-rich Middle Eastern nations, the US, India, Europe, and even Japan, the FT reported...more

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Friday July 4, 2014 - Financial markets are closed -

Only Arthur and Obama can poop today's celebration....


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 Thursday July 3, 2014 - location, location, location -

Updated sections:

We are supposed to live in a political system where the VOTERS have all the power. Belgium has a good socker Team...we unfortunately cannot say this about the Belgian politicians which are 'arrogant and have no manners'.

Do not let the Authorities scare your savings back into the national borders! Location, location, location or it has become extremely important WHERE you keep your Savings, Gold, Silver and other assets. National Authorities are doing the impossible to SCARE a maximum of citizens so they repatriate their savings. Offshore savings can in most cases not been seized and in many cases the Authorities have no power over these and they are often unaware of their existance. The situation for the Amercans is somewhat different because FATCA.  Having said this, important is to move your savings out of political reach NOW and be aware that the repatriation 'may' be a problem for LATER. Keeping your savings abroad is not illegal....

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Wednesday July 2nd, 2014 - Will chinese Yuan replace the US-Dollar as reserve currency?

yuanUpdated sections:

After London China to Set Yuan Clearing Banks in Luxembourg, Paris. In its continued push to make the yuan a global currency, China’s central bank said Sunday it plans to designate clearing banks for its currency in Paris and Luxembourg, as the two financial centers battle with London to become the leading European offshore yuan-trading city. The People’s Bank of China announced the move in two separate statements Sunday. It didn’t say when it would designate the clearing banks. The French and Luxembourg central banks said Sunday they had signed agreements with PBOC allowing for greater cooperation in the oversight of their domestic yuan market...more

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Tuesday July 1st, 2014 - Capital controls and worse are just around the corner -

 Updated sections: Inflation Index , 

We live an (hyper)inflationary Recession-Depression. The cycle is dominated by two vectors: 1. an Inflation vector which will become a Hyperinflation and 2. a Recession which is already a Depression.  The hyperinflation can kick in any moment and a depression we already have. Jim's Formula is 100% active and Government income (taxes) are dwindling and expenditures raising.  Because Government income is falling, they have no alternate but to PRINT more fiat Money, manipulate interest rates around ZERO and increase the taxation level.

In almost 70 years of US data, there’s never been a time when GDP went so deeply negative and the US was not in recession. This implies that Q214 is going to provide a very unpleasant surprise for most analysts, investors, politicians, and pundits…Similar bad figures are seen in Germany, Japan,...

Those who wait until the last moment will NOT make it.


Any disruption of the Russian natural gas supply via Ukraine would cause significant consequences for the EU, European commissioner Guenther Oettinger says. "The issue of energy security once again became a political priority due to concerns regarding tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Russia is our main energy supplier and Ukraine is a key energy resources transit country for the EU. In this context any disruptions of supply would cause significant consequences for the EU and the whole of Europe," Mr. Oettinger said during a roundtable discussion on the EU energy policy. !st and 2nd world war was fought because of coal (and steel) in the vicinity and on top of the coal mines -

From the early 1960's to 1981 the price of Gold rose from $ 34 to $ 850. In those times there was the GOLD POOL but NO DERIVATIVES....Some day the gold available to bullion banks and Western central banks for price suppression will run out, as it did upon the collapse of the London Gold Pool in 1968, and that the consquences will far more astounding because of the huge amount of unbacked certificate gold outstanding this time.

Slowing growth. Rising inflation.

Central bankers have really backed themselves into a corner on this one.

Argentina at Brink of Default as $539 Million Payment Due. Argentina is poised to miss a bond payment today, putting the country on the brink of its second default in 13 years, after a U.S. court blocked the cash from being distributed until the government settles with creditors from the previous debt debacle.

The nation has a 30-day grace period after missing the $539 million debt payment to seek an accord with a group of defaulted bondholders led by billionaire Paul Singer’s NML Capital Ltd. and prevent a default on its $28.7 billion of performing global dollar bonds. Both Argentina and NML have said that they’re open to talks.

A decade-long battle between Argentina and holdout creditors from the country’s $95 billion default in 2001 is coming to a head. The U.S. Supreme Court on June 16 left intact a ruling requiring the country pay about $1.5 billion to holders of defaulted debt at the same time it makes payments on restructured bonds. Argentina last week transferred funds to its bond trustee to pay the restructured notes, only to have U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Griesa order the payment sent back while the parties negotiate...more

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