If you aren't keeping your savings out of political reach, your home task is not finished!

Friday May 31, 2013 - The definition of  a welfare state: we should not be economically free so that others can live for free.

goldwallUpdated sections: $-Gold, Silver

The Gold and Silver sector continues its fresh climb of the Wall of Worry which has become a Wall of Lamentation and Bearish feelings. Unfortunately all those who still don't understand what is going on and keep chasing Fiat Paper Profits are left behind.

People have the wrong idea of Sweden. It is not a well-functioning welfare state. Any system based on giving people something for nothing, and sticking hard-working, productive citizens with the bill, is doomed to fail. Sweden is no exception.

 Gold and Silver mines are up from +5% to + 25%. Technically the picture becomes extremely bullish as soon as we have ***** and a ******* ! This is a market which request permanent attention.  Has the market been fooled by the 4-12 Coup, ?

Dwindling U.S. gold stocks signal surge in physical demand: Physical gold stocks held at CME Group's Comex warehouses in New York have dropped to a near-five year low in a further sign that gold's price crash unleashed a frenzy of demand as investors scramble to buy bars and coins...more

Copper is also an important WAR commodity: The scramble for physical copper is getting heated as delivery time has gone from 2 weeks to 5 months! and prices rising significantly. While inventories tracked by the London Metal Exchange more than doubled in the past year and supplies exceed demand for the first time since 2009, getting copper is becoming more expensive and taking longer...

More and more Central banks admit that they buy SHARES to prime the stock markets and fool the Herd there is a recovery. NOT SO ! Auto's are becoming a market leader but the automobile sales is not picking up. Bank and Financial shares are rising...but we still have a bankrupt financial system and bankrupt banks.

Who's buying all those Japanese Bonds???...the Bank of Japan and Japan is the 1st country where we have monetization of DEBT and will probalby be the 1st modern country to slide into Hyperinflation.

 Real Estate prices over-valuation is maximum in countries which are the most Socialist or prices are fueled by the social welfare programs...more and Falling Lumber prices are a non-confirmation of the so called Real Estate recovery.

Over-valued real estate

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Thursday May 30, 2013
- The Gold market was manipulated because they painted themselves into a corner !

 Updated sections: Agriculturals (coming alive? ...or deflation??) ,

If Authorities have to manipulate Gold, they do so because they have something to hide...and we know that such can only last for so long and the reaction will be dramatic. Incredible that this manipulation information cannot be read, is not seen in the Mainstream media...It is a pity that today, in order to gain credibility, one has to LIE, and LIE and LIE...Also remarkable is that the quality and knowledge of modern journalists and reporters is extremely poor.

If Banksters and Authorities rig the Gold market, does this mean one has to stay away from the Gold market or buy more!?

In Europe even the Intelligent Psychopaths (Political Authorities) start to realize the EU-zone is a Frankenstein and has only so long to live. The death of the EU will be caused by the death of the Social system and the Social System will die because they chased away the better entrepreneurs and consumed the capital of the others. With youth unemployment figures of 50% and more (Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain,...) a peaceful solution has become IMPOSSIBLE. France, or the second largest EU partner is clinical death. The french economy depends upon French Government Jobs...living of a dying private sector. As soon as France collapses, the EU will collapse! And France will be the biggest surprise to come.

We have PROPAGANDA but we have NO economic recovery (unemployment is rising, especially youth unemployment), the housing sector is NOT recovering(millions of home are kept off the market to avoid a total collapse of the sector) ,the inflation is not falling(Price Hyperinflation sits around the corner), Automobile sales are not improving, Gold does not sit in a Bear market,...
Following chart for those who want to understand the Gold and Futures market better. The flow chart also explains how and why we had the 4-12 coup and shows the size of the dangerous Fractional (paper) Gold.

Belgian politicians are as stupid as Gordon Brown! During the 1990's, Belgium sold some 1,000 tons of gold into the market – more than three quarters of its remaining holdings. The Belgian gold reserves, which had already seen sizeable liquidation in late 1978, fell from 33.7 million oz. on 12/31/88, to just 5.7 million oz. on 03/31/98, or a fall of 83% in less than 10 years (see chart). Belgian Gold was also sold AT THE BOTTOM of the market or at $ 250 per oz...so much about the idiots which were leading the country during the 1990's.[during these years - and it is no suprise - Jean Luc Dehaene was the country's 1st Minister.]

belgian gold

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Wednesday May 29, 2013 - STOP ACCUMULATING FIAT PAPER CURRENCIES...they are all worth ZERO!

fools gold dollarUpdated sections: $-Gold , Silver (bearish triangle becoming a Bullish Wedge? ), Bonds USA & Germany (Stop loss??)

It is rational for the bullion banks to push the price of gold lower on the COMEX, in the face of increased redemptions of their paper gold, which was caused by increased demand for physical gold. It certainly does when the Banksters have painted themselves into a corner!  The ration paper gold to physical is at least 100:1

DON'T even dream of selling any physical Gold and Gold and Silver miners. I know what people say: Price comes down and doesn't go up like you predicted. But this doesn't mean that I am wrong and the market is right. Certainly not because we had a manipulated market and as a consequence we have severe price distortions. It of course is all easier to understand for those who know how the financial markets function...and most bankers don't even know and understand this. People are for understandable reasons BLINDED by the Glitter of Fiat Paper and Digital money...Fools Gold!!!

The Gold and Silver sector sits in a SECULAR UPTREND. Defining the amplitude of the corrections and pinpointing the bottoms is and extremely difficult task which becomes extremely easy AFTER the price moved through the bottom.  At this time the Gold sector is bottoming out and building up power for the next bull run. Just like happened in 2008-09. Give it six months and the picture will look completely different. Important however is to prepare for the next bull run now. Having said this, for the average investor - and this includes the institutional investor - it most of the time is not interesting to get out of the market on weakness in the hope of jumping back aboard once 'they think' there is a bottom. Only Mr IF-I-HAD knows it all before hand and Mister Trader makes never mistakes and always gets it 100% correct.

Does Cycle analysis (see candle chart in the $-Gold section) confirm we have a cyclical bottom?. Will the next upleg be a strong and dramatic one?

Bonds - Treasuries are going to be a great short for the next two decades starting this summer. We have a conjunction of short, medium and long term cycles at a time where we have historical low interest rates and historical high DEBT...and Monetary Inflation. Inflation doesn’t always occur immediately after an increase in the money supply, due to what economists call “lag factors.” Lag factors normally delay inflation for 18 – 24 months. The joys of printing money come quickly, the pain comes later.

fredgraphM gold Treasuries

note: We have historic high levels of money supply, a normal level of the nominal Gold price, historic low yields. See how during the 1970's and 80's the Gold price really started to go up together with the rising interest rates. It was only in 1981 AFTER the interest rates spiked (Volker) that the Gold price came down.

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Monday and Tuesday May 27 & 28, 2013 -  Monday is Memorial day and financial markets are closed - Are you really sure you want to stay in Europe ??

Updated sections: Gold & Silver juniors , Oil Shares (see target for XOI index) , Crude Oil (bull trend?) , Banks & Financials (dangerous)

We are living in a society where mediocracy, handicaps, deviance and weakness are promoted while entrepreneurship, hard working, results and intelligence are punished...!?

sweden immigration emigrationThe TRIUMPH of SOCIALISM and the TIME BOMB under Europe. Shit happens when Authorities are Intelligent Psychopaths and 'The people" don't care and are apathetic. Coming soon to your country: Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland,...A problem misunderstood in the USA. Immigrants come to Sweden because Government gives them money for nothing. Loosers receive free money while WORKERS and ENTREPRENEURS are harassed by the Tax authorities and used as milk cows. Impossible to built a flourishing economy under such conditions. [it is a rule  that in today's Western World the money generators - entrepreneurs and capital holders - are seen as villains but immigrants which are trying to live as leeches off a society are rewarded]. Youth unemployment comes hand in hand with revolution, civil war, war, mugging, violence...The Barbarians have already invaded Sweden like they already have settled in Europe. Socialism has undermined all of Western Europe , the West-European financial markets and the Euro. (click on the thumbnail to enlarge - scary statistics) - as of today the problems are also become visible in Switzerland-Bern.  Turkey is clearly sliding into the Muslim culture: Ataturk is unhappy.


The US dollar will not survive but there is NO WAY the Euro and the EU can and will survive. A solution and safety must be seeked ELSEWHERE while it is still possible. And be advised that I am thinking about more than your financial Health! Worst case scenario, your life and the that of your loved ones may also be at risk. An economic depression always ends with WAR.

Taking the blue pill and Chasing FIAT PAPER PROFITS is like chasing DREAMS, MIRAGES! 

matrix(click on the thumbnail to enlarge) - Confidence in financial institutions is slowly being chipped away at by the inconvenient reality of what a fractional reserve banking really means for the security of one's wealth. Those chasing Fiat Paper profits (and we're talking about the bulk of savers/investors) don't have any sense and understanding of Today's REALITY and are overlooking THE BASICS. The Cyprus virus has spread all over the system and will kill many Fortunes. Short term predictions are extremely difficult, if possible at all. All those trying to accumulate a maximum of Nominal Fiat Money: paper money and/or digital money is some account with a bankrupt banks don't  understand what is really happening today. Once the music stops, it will become apparent that all what they THINK they have, has never been there! The last generations have NEVER lived a system where banks, governments and currencies go bankrupt and fail. Last time this happened in the 1930's...and don't we all know that the financial memory of the Herd is extremely short. Most don't even remember "Operation Gutt".

Are you a REAL MILLIONAIRE or a paper phantasy MILLIONAIRE!?

Japan..the beginning of the end continued. [remember the 1% interest rate threshold!] Yields on 10-year Japanese bonds (JGBs) have doubled in a month and spiked dramatically to 1pc on Thursday, triggering a 7.3pc crash in the Nikkei stock index. It was the biggest one-day fall since the tsunami two years ago, comparable with wild moves seen at the height of the Asian crisis in 1998. With public debt to reach 245pc of GDP this year, the country must restore growth in nominal GDP to head off a debt lock. IMPOSSIBLE as the POINT of NO RETURN has been passed. In the interview/video clip with James Turk I made an allusion the "REAL DANGER" could well come out of a region we don't expect, like the East! ...more

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May 24, 2013 - 1989 it all started in Japan...now the end of the end is starting in Japan...better keep your breast wet!

triple witchUpdated sections: World Stock Market indexes ...triple Witch day coming next week: full moon, Memorial Day and Key Reversals (Japan)

As the following chart of the day from Bloomberg shows, as of this week, hedge funds have made "the biggest bet ever" against gold by taking Comex gold shorts to all time highs. (Where is the Gold?...The COMEX must be out of its  mind or totally panicking to do this...). Don't forget the GAPS and Potential Island Reversals on the Candle charts for the Miners....which could result in fireworks!


To their reflexive benefit, we will admit, they have managed to push the price of gold lower, not much... but it is lower (whether with the BIS' assistance or not is irrelevant). It is a different question if the price of gold is low enough to reflect such a record bearishness. But the biggest question is what happens if there is a catalyst to launch a covering rally: such as, hypothetically speaking of course, the People's Bank of China were to announce that it has in the past four years in which it provided no updates on its gold holdings (last is as of 2009), accumulated some 2000-4000 tonnes of gold.

Surely, that would be most unpleasant to all those record shorts, and the impact on the price would be most parabolic. Why, all those shorts better indeed pray there is no short squeeze now or any time in the future...(Bloomberg & Zero Hedge)

First Majestic sells its Silver at $27 per oz. Today's world price is $22.50. First Majestic sells physical silver at a 20% premium.

Never forget Americans and American Mainstream Media are the Kings of Propaganda. They use Hollywood each time they need it. The  "U.S. energy independence" is nothing but a big joke and we have Peak Oil and Peak Energy. Don't forget to accumulate Uranium shares, Oil shares and Natural Gas shares...they are worth their weight in Gold.

Shares with interesting bullish technical patterns:  only for subscribers

Bearish key reversals: ****, **** ,...

The FTSE 100 has suffered its biggest one-day slump in a year after a surprise contraction (? no surprise to me!)  in Chinese manufacturing hit Asian markets and worries grew that the Fed could ease up on QE.
The blue-chip index fell 2.1pc to close at 6696.79 on Thursday. The FTSE 100 ended Wednesday at just 90 points shy of the record close of 6930.2 it reached during the 1999 dotcom boom. Until today, the FTSE 100 had risen 16pc so far this year and some had feared a correction - a sharp, rapid fall in the market - was overdue...more

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May 23, 2013 - Even with all the money they are throwing at the Gold market...they can't get the price further down: time to admit defeat?

Updated sections: Gold and Silver Majors (relevant) ,
"There's a dark night going on in Europe, a dark and foggy night where bad things come out of trees and bite you,"

This is an analysis and a solution..all in 1 minute and 30 seconds!  Why does it take years for the Intelligent Psycho's not to find a solution?...and why do they keep making the situation worse? They are put in place by a brainless Herd! ARE YOU SHEEP? , if so you are also part of the problem.

More clients denied gold as physical shortage increases. Either the banks refuse to deliver the physical gold either it is delayed. PAPER GOLD = NO GOLD and you MUST request physical delivery ASAP !

The Gold MUST be in YOUR safe and only you may have the key to the safe deposit box....best is to use a VAULT outside the Banking system...we know where!

1989 it all began in Japan with the crash of the Japanese Real Estate market, the crash of the Yen and the Japanese stock exchange. Today 2013 we have the BEGINNING of the END in Japan ! This will be the first developed country where we shall see Hyperinflation and a collapse of the system...next in sequence are the USA and the EU. Better keep your breast wet.

SWEDEN – we have riots in several towns suburbs of Stockholm – Young people 18-25 year old are putting fire to cars and buildings. It is mostly immigrants children, born here in Sweden, BUT with bad and negative behavior – many of them has had no jobs for the last 3-4 years – so I quite understand them. If you think Sweden is a successful socialistic society better open your eyes....IT IS NOT! Expect a replay of the Swedish scenario in France, Belgium, the Netherlands...it's too late now...the point of no return has been passed!

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May 22, 2013 - The more the Gold and Silver price comes down, the more one has to buy - Remember we have a paradigm shift !

Updated sections: 

Tax avoidance is legal. Taxation is morally acceptable up to a certain level...but why do EU-petty-government-officials only pay a max. of 12% on their plus € 100,000 income!? Where is the morality here? If the Intelligent psychopaths want to see less entrepreneurs and companies move the Cayman Islands, there is a easy and swift solution: bring taxation down to acceptable levels and stop using the entrepreneurs as money cows.

This will continue until Banksters and Politicians are send to jail for a very long time:

Treasuries and even junk bonds sell at levels not seen for centuries, the economy is in a Depression and sucks, Inflation is visible and alive, stock markets rise as a consequence of QE (fiat money printing), Interest rates are rigged to almost ZERO, we have a fiat paper currency war. Banks are technically bankrupt and are either bailed out or have to bail-in. And yet Bank shares are going up while Gold miners are coming down..!? Unemployment is at record levels and rising...and yet the Gold sector has been suffering....Those who don't SEE we have a paradigm shift and that the point of no return has been passed since long, have been smoking weed. Those who keep listening to the Banksters (JP Morgan is probably the worst) and Authorities (Politicians, intelligent psychopaths) are preparing for mass suicidal action.

The danger is that as something has to give, we will see A FLASH CRASH and that it will stop the music overnight. My opinion is that those who PREPARE to act when time has come, will be late...Browsing through my charts I get the impression markets are gearing up for something special. This could be a CRASH of the Common stocks and a Blitz reversal of the oversold Gold and Silver sector...or a continuation of the Bulls market for Common stocks and a Hyperinflation. This ain't a normal market situation and it becomes extremely visible. Don't prepare yourself "in case of"...do it now. Tomorrow will be too late! [this makes me think of somebody who had it all ready to transfer his savings in case Laika bank (Cyprus) went bankrupt. Banks were closed during the weekend and his money was locked in the bail-in....that is how he lost most of his life savings....]

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May 21, 2013 -  The Gold bull tries to shake you off...You keep your dollars/euro's and I’ll keep my gold. Let’s see which goes to zero first.

Updated sections : $-Gold (2nd pf chart behind 1st) , € - Gold (2nd pf chart behind 1st) 

Gold long term climax up or downIn 1981 after the top for gold, Goldminers stayed strong for some months even after Gold had topped out. This time they did not…hence we had NO gold top! The Gold bull tries to shake you off and Investing in a bull market is not for the faint of heart and the bull will do all it can to kick you off his back. One has to hold on until the very end…where the prices are. [check the details of the candle chart in the subscribers' section]

Net Monday is Memorial day: The broad US stockmarkets are approaching a ***********, and gold and silver are *********. The US-Dollar is overbought and running into resistance and should be sold.

Nothing is normal: not the economy, not the financial system, not the financial markets and not the political system. The system remains still in a potential near-systemic collapse. Further panic is possible and hyperinflation is inevitable.

Where is the logic Mister Holmes? If you see water running up hill, you know something is not quite right...

The Swiss is devaluated
QE3 is announced
The Yen is devaluated
US QE3 is increased to bn $ 85 per month
Private deposits are confiscated in Cyprus
Food stock inflation is accelerating in the USA and becomes visible to most people

Each time however we got a severe downturn in Gold within a single trading session..!?

The monthly bar chart for $-Gold is extremely interesting an relevant. (see daily research) Either Gold breaks the secular uptrend (action would signal that the financial system is imploding), either we have a REVERSAL NOW (my opinion) and this indicates more Money Printing and that Hyperinflation sits around the corner. Gold and Silver mines will off course veer up with a leverage: producing gold companies have physical and will sell at physical price.

Gold has been forced below its average price and it will later this year come back with a revenge....and may force the LME and COMEX into default. In Japan the price of physical Gold is close to $ 2,000.  STOP WATCHING the crooked, false paper price manufactured by the Central Banks and JPMorgan !

France is the next biggest surprise. Too many houses in Spain, too many factories in Germany, too many civil servants in France...and when it rains in Paris, it soon will in Brussels and Amsterdam

Until quite recently, my working assumption was that a full-blown French debt crisis would occur between 2014 and 2017. In light of the extraordinary malfeasance of the current government I have changed my mind and believe that France is now extremely near to that abyss. Fasten your seat belt in Europe—the world’s last truly Communist country is about to implode.

France depression france death entrepreneur france gov gnp
The french depression The death of the private sector The idiocy  of the public servants

In simple terms the fellows managing France’s economy have organized a system such that the public sector can continually pillage the private sector. This institutionalized method of stealth robbery has created a self-reinforcing cycle of economic decay such that lower corporate profits feed into reduced private investment, and so on to lower economic growth, resulting in rising unemployment levels.

At its core, France’s economic malaise is a failure of public morality. The public sector elites not only detest the private sector, but they also believe that it is a higher calling to steal money from entrepreneurs and give it to civil servants. Suffice to say this moral bankruptcy of the body politic means the situation is intractable—when the population is bombarded with propaganda that wealth creation is somehow dirty, while it is morally permissible for the state to expropriate all private gains, it will be hard to build an environment for economic growth.

The fact is that elites in France are convinced that communist technocracy is a superior system to capitalism, and this belief has been accepted by a large part of the population. So the solution for France is not incremental reforms to labor markets...

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May 20, 2013 - Show me another Bear market where volume goes up as price comes down & It always seems that it is darkest just before the dawn.

Updated sections: US-Dollar , Euro , 

the economistHistory and experience shows that whenever a bull appears on the front page of Time Magazine, The Economist or Barron's, the market is close to a top.  Not necessarily a long-term top, but at least a short-term reversal. The same is true when a Bear appears on the front page of financial magazines,....the same is true when the Mainstream media preach "the end of Gold". Last Friday was Option-expiry day....market usually reverses its direction near, just before, or just after option expiry day, if it was preceded by a significant move!.$ 1360 could well be the price level and a short term double bottom the market has been waiting for...

Too much,too fast and too deep! Gold and Silver and Gold and Silver shares have gone down so far that going up is pretty much the only alternative. Don't expect to read POSITIVE articles about the Gold sector, don't expect the Mainstream media to tell you to BUY the Gold and silver sector...THEY NEVER DO WHEN THERE IS A BOTTOM! The only thing they are good at, it to add EMOTION, the # 1 enemy of the Intelligent Investor. From time to time it is wise to read the arguments of the Gold Bears. One never is too old to learn...that they have no valid arguments to explain why the price of gold has been weak and why Gold would have topped out and fallen into a bear market. Today Financial markets are populated by a bunch of yuppies who don't know what it was like in the 1960's, 70,s, and 80's and probably still BELIEVE the system cannot and will not fail. In their eyes, Gold is a barbaric relic !?

Today's bearishness can only be compared to 1976 when gold reached a low in-between two bull markets. Gold fell 50% from its almost $200 high in December 1974 to its $102 low, and it took almost two years to do this. That was enough to call it the, "Great Gold Bust"... in spite of its 460% run up from 1970 to 1974. Often, the length of time a decline takes tends to be more bearish than the decline itself. In 2008, for instance, gold fell almost 30% in eight months. Because it was swift,  sentiment didn't have a chance to turn too bearish. Today is similar to 1976 because of the time it's been taking.

Patience is bitter but the fruit is sweet...

Gold...a bullish flag or a bearish triangle? Show me another Bear market where volume goes up as price comes down. GLD ETF holders are either exchanging their paper gold for physical or are buying common stocks instead, India sees a 138% surge of Gold imports, China's gold consumption for 2013 will exceed 1,000 tonnes, the supply of scrap gold is drying up, and Gold warehouses are drained at a frightening rate.

Technical indicators have fallen to extreme lows/oversold. Each time they did (2006 and 2008) the oversold situation preceded strong upmoves in gold. According to the CYCLE theory, the next coming upleg will be the most dramatic one of the cycle...

1989 Japan was the 1st country in the World sliding into what has become the Great Depression of the 21st century. Japan is a precursor of what the Western world is about to experience. Japan is being consumed by a debt crisis surpassing the U.S. subprime crash. The Japanese Government is insolvent. The Japanese compensation bonds are nothing more than a Ponzi scheme added to a Ponzi scheme. Soon the debt situation will be so bad that nobody will be willing to buy Nippon Treasuries, interest rates will spike and Japan will drown....

In 2013 most (92%) Italians expect permanent impoverishment - 50% French young people think seriously about emigrating. Many Spanish people are already emigrating to Central and South America and even to Morocco. 

This is the candle chart we send out together with the real stuff, the candle chart of *****. Sometimes perception can make a big difference in the way one looks at reality. If we have an EXHAUSTION RUN for the Miners, we have a BOTTOM for Gold.

HUI gaps

 HUI gaps2

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May 17, 2013 - This is a once in a lifetime experience and it is not because the nominal price of paper gold is momentarily lower that I am wrong! -

Updated sections: Krona-gold & Krona/$/€ & Krona HUI (MEGA bullish GAPS) 

At the COMEX,  gold is departing as investors are frightened to death of a confiscation similar to what happened at MFGlobal or Refco. Yesterday, the COMEX registered or dealer gold plummeted to 1.676 million oz or 52.13 tonnes.  The total of all gold at the COMEX rose slightly but still well below  248.0 tonnes of gold. The GLD  (Gold ETF) continues to signal huge losses in gold inventory. Logic as the GLD-ETF is used as an instrument to manipulate the Gold price and Paper Gold is increasingly converted into PHYSICAL GOLD.  These happenings are maybe short term bearish for Paper Gold but extremely Bullish for physical Gold and also for Paper Gold in the long run....(click to enlarge)

physical versus ETF may13 physical versus paper gold goldmine dividends
Physical versus paper gold Physical versus paper gold Gold mine dividend growth

Gold Indian dealers have only received 10% of the gold that they have bought.  Same story in China: only 1.4 tonnes of gold has been brought into the Shanghai Gold exchange and many are waiting for their metal.  In India,  the physical price of gold is 40$ higher per oz than the spot price and this premium has doubled in the last few days. For South Africa, apart of potential physical deliveries the country may have to make, don't forget that Krugerrands are extremely hard to find and this may have been an additional reason for SA to import Gold.

The fact that more and more Savers move out of Paper Gold and into Physical Gold has a temporary bearish influence on the Gold Price.

If you believe the markets, treasuries are the safest place to keep your money, next comes municipal bonds and corporate bonds, next come the too big to fail banks (except for Cyprus banks), next come common stocks...Gold and Gold and Silver miners are the worst....or is it the other way around and is it all painted by central banks manipulation?  If so, sooner or later something will happen in the USSR style (October 1989)...when their system blew up overnight.

Today one must navigate between the smoke curtains of the authorities and central bankers and the Abyss....a real storm it is. It also is a REAL DEPRESSION !


The people who put the EU-disaster in place are nuts. Today there is no way to avoid social unrest, a revolution and even a civil war. All will unfold once the SOCIAL system collapses, once it becomes visible the system is simply bankrupt.

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May 16, 2013 -  Gresham's law: the bad money drives out the good money.

dont thinkUpdated sections: $-Gold , €-Gold (support of 200 day MA - see subscribers' section) , Renminbi Gold (bearish triangle or bullish wedge?) , Rupee Gold (stop loss?)

Controlling the Beginning Stages of Hyperinflation by Manipulating the Precious Metals:  The tactic by the Fed and Central Banks is to inflate the stock markets while manipulating the price of gold and silver lower. This achieves two goals, it reassures the public's faith by pumping up stock prices while the economic indicators continue to deteriorate and  it elevates the dollar while it destroys market sentiment in the precious metals. S. R. Srocco

Gold is flowing from West to East, and this is precipitated by price distortions in the paper markets of New York and London. (How many times do I have to tell you that the Madmen are running the Asylum!?). As a matter of fact, the West is feeding the flow of physical Gold from West to East through the price manipulation game! You have to be a complete idiot to do this!

The bull case for Gold today is stronger than at any time in the past 25 years...the number of Gold bulls is about 37% or the also the lowest in decades.

$ 10,000 for $-Gold is not even a Peak number!...we can and probably will see $ 1,000,000,000,000,000...A precious metals account is an ACCOUNT and does NOT protect you! ..even an allocated account is often not safe. You cannot own ounces, you only can own BARS and COINS.

South Africa Imports $1 Billion In Gold Bullion From NYC? Was it cheaper for South Africa to ship gold all the way from New York to meet their delivery obligations than it was to acquire the bullion from their own region, or the regions where their customers reside (Asia)? In my opinion the reason is completely different. Why would South Africa use its own Gold reserves to settle deals if it can buy Gold on the open market and ship it to China/India/Thailand!? I certainly would not. As long as one can physically BUY Gold on the international markets and use it to settle cash deals, any normal reasoning human will keep the physical Gold he has (whether mined or not doesn't make a difference) and use the proceed of what he has acquired. South Africa has a tradition and the SA-Reserve bank knows more than any institution in the World how to deal with Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds,...

INDUGOLD pf1Welcome to Zimbabwe: Worrisome for common shares is that on the PF chart for the Dow Jones expressed in Gold the ratio is bouncing into the SECULAR BEARISH TREND line. This indicates that either the Stock markets will correct, either that Gold will reverse its short term course of BOTH. My opinion and logic would be (stocks are overbought and the gold & energy sector oversold)  that Stock markets will remain stable and may continue to go up as long as we have QE and Gold will start a fresh Bull run soon. Having said this, GOLD has NOT TOPPED OUT...and price will continue to go up when time has come! [if you cannot stand the heath , go fishing and come back after the summer]

Real Estate sales in Canada fall by 3%. Canada will just like Belgium, Luxemburg and France NOT escape the fact that it is a high order capital good and prices in those countries will over the coming years also come down by at least 50%.

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May 15, 2013 -  Some politians know what must be done...but don't do it because they know that they would NEVER be re-elected.

uranium mining

Updated sections: Can-Gold & Can$/$/€ , ¥ - Gold & ¥/$/€ (the yen realy is in bad shape) , £ - Gold & £/$/€  (the pond also is in a bad shape) , Zar - Gold & R/$/€ ,

The days of cheap Uranium are numbered. The current HEU agreement between the US and Russia expires December 2013. At the same time, US demand for nuclear energy is rising and domestic uranium production is a mere 10% of what it was 50 years ago. Plus, Asian demand for nuclear power is growing by leaps and bounds – China alone has nearly 200 nuclear reactors planned, nearly twice as many as are currently operating in the US. [see the subscribers' section for individual shares]

The convergence of these factors means uranium prices are primed to shoot up dramatically, and soon. This is creating tremendous profit potential for early investors.

Internal cost estimates from 17 of the nation's largest insurance companies indicate that health insurance premiums will grow an average of 100 % under Obamacare, and that some will soar more than 400 percent, crushing the administration's goal of affordability. New regulations, policies, taxes, fees and mandates are the reason for the unexpected "rate shock," according to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which released a report Monday based on internal documents provided by the insurance companies. The 17 companies include Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kaiser Foundation.[see the subscribers' section for Financials]

This is the prelude to Hyperinflation (at least for the USA). The shopping cart which used to cost $ 80 six months ago, now costs well over $ 100. The price increases become apparent to the large public.

I suppose all Goldonomic friends and readers have been warned over and over again and that by now they should know better. Whatever the technical side of the market may indicate, the situation is too dangerous not to be invested in Gold.

1. keep the bulk of your savings in physical gold.
2. move the bulk of your savings out of political reach.
3. buy good quality shares and gold/silver mines.
4. keep these out of political reach.
5. keep cash and shares in those countries and financial institutions which are SAFE and where Government is wealthy enough to cover the risk of potential bankruptcy of a financial institution/transfer agent...

gaps typesGold and Silver have the ability (more than any other investment instrument) to spike up or to GAP up. A GAP means that all of a sudden Bid or Ask disappears and we have an opening on a candle chart. The opening indicates that there were NO TRADES at those price levels. Technically speaking we know that in 99% of the cases all GAPS are FILLED. Another possibility can be that any currency is devaluated overnight by i.e. 30% or more. As a consequence, the price of Gold and Shares are up by 30% overnight when expressed in the currency which has been devaluated.

A LOSS-LOSS situation: April 12 to 15 the $-Gold candle shows a GAP. The breakdown gap will at some time in the future be filled and once it does, the actual down leg becomes a BEAR TRAP (see the $-Gold section for the Candle charts). By reacting to the break down of Gold on April 12 to 15 and by selling your physical Gold, (unless you converted the funds into Common Stocks) you per definition exchange it for worthless Fiat Paper Money and/or Digital numbers on a Bank account. Remember we have fractional reserve banking and hence only a fraction of the money is available but also that most Banks are technically bankrupt....By converting your Gold into Currency (bank deposits, paper money, treasuries) you exchange VALUE for THIN AIR.

Very important that when checking the Special Rule PF charts (blue) of Gold expressed in the most important currencies no Secular Trend line has been broken!

 By 1960, targeted efforts by the Gold Pool began to maintain the Bretton Woods system and to enforce the US$35 per oz  gold valuation. Late in 1960, amidst of US election debates, panic buying of gold led to a surge in price to over US$40 per oz (+114%) , causing Nixon the close the Gold window in 1971. As a result the price of Gold spiked to $ 840 in 1981 (+2400%). 

Because of the fact we have fractional Gold (at least 1:100) the situation we have today is an explosive one. If only 1% of those holding paper Gold would require physical delivery, the nominal price of Gold would spike up beyond imagination.

In Canada and the USA the Holdup of the Cyprus bank deposits did receive almost no attention and the average North-American have no clue of what happened. Most of the time they don't understand why many European savers scramble to get out of the EU-zone. Like they don't understand why Argentine savers who have taken money abroad risk JAIL TIME if they did not do it properly.

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May 14, 2013  - Evil triumphs when  Good People do nothing - why did the USA ship 20 tonnes of gold to South Africa?

Updated sections: Aussie-Gold (Aussie ***** versus us-dollar) , Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€ , 

This is what intelligent psychopaths look like:

Hitler and Stalin would not have done it better: Argentina's Deadbeat Special: Buy a 4% Bond or Go to Jail.  President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner wants tax evaders hiding about $160 billion in dollars to help finance Argentina's oil-producing ambitions. Her offer: Buy a 4 percent bond or face the prospect of jail time. The tax authority announced the plan May 7, highlighting its information-sharing agreements with 40 nations and warning Argentines who don't use the three-month amnesty window that they risk fines or arrest. Evaders have two options for their cash and the only one paying interest will be a dollar bond due in 2016 to finance YPF SA (YPF), the state oil company. The 4 percent rate is a third the average 13.85 yield on Argentine debt and less than the 4.6 percent in emerging markets...more

The situation in the USA is degrading quickly: 25% unemployment ... all signs of a DEPRESSION become apparent. In Florida more and more commercial plaza's are vacant, empty,...spooky. Even FOOD centers are closing down. Prices continue to go up an accelerated rate. Organic foods becomes unaffordable for most people and a Publix shopping trip now costs almost double of last year. Unemployment figures continue to spike (forget about the fake official figures published by Government). For locals the deterioration is experienced as less dramatic because it all happens in Baby Steps...


The Australian dollar broke down versus the US-Dollar and shows a technical picture which can be compared to the chart for $-Gold. Not very logic that we have a break down versus the US-Dollar and not versus the Euro...but don't we have more and more abnormalities? Having said this, PHYSICAL GOLD is the place to be...not the AUSSIE or any other currency.

The general climate in Turkey is degrading each day . A civil war between the followers of  Kemal Ataturk and  Islamic reformists is in the make. Once it does it will have an extremely negative impact on Western Europe.

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May 13, 2013 - many things happens on weekends: they do things when people don't pay attention -

de zaaierUpdated sections: Bonds General& USA ,  Treasuries in the EU ,  Corporate bonds , $-Gold  , Silver  , US-Dollar , 

I never imagined I would live the day where the Supreme Comrade-General is dictating which SEEDS are legal to use and which ones are forbidden!

The Americans are so lazy that even the bars of soap are Made in China!?

The entire stock market rally is nothing but an induced bubble brought about by artificially low interest rates starving investors for yield elsewhere. The Fed, along with the Bank of Japan and the ECB & BOE, are determined to corral investors and herd them, unthinking like cattle, into equities; the goal being to create an atmosphere of general euphoria towards the economy boosting consumer confidence in the hopes of inducing them to take on more debt and spend.  We have seen this before in Zimbabwe, Mexico, Iran, Venezuela,...It is the mark of the intelligent psychopaths.

"Without capital the recovery and progress  becomes impossible"

Bond/treasury markets continue to top out. Interest rates have over the past years been manipulated to almost ZERO nominal and negative real NEGATIVE rates. Because of this, Capital is being destroyed and consumed. Not only is the future generation overloaded with DEBT, but on top the Mobsters are also killing the potential for paying off these.

The war in the Middle East will be the catalyst of the financial crisis. The attack on a sovereign nation makes less NEWS than the explosion of a pressure cooker in Boston. Payback and Terrorism...or PROPAGANDA! The Middle-East is a pressure cooker....I am predicting a WORLD WAR !

The regulations and conditions for exporting/importing Physical Gold are changing...the Western world leaders are doing all they can to get full control of all assets. The Mobsters would not do it better. The structure is the same, the packaging different...

The EU-Zone, Europe and the USA are becoming the USSR. The western world is being misled by crooks and charlatans. In Italy they elected a professional comedian indicating the Italians are fed up by what the traditional politicians have been doing. There is a failed education system where young people are not thought what society is about. They don't even know what they have to start with. Hence it becomes very easy to take away liberties. This is a crazy world, fascism, a police state where the parliament and the people are still in denial...just look around you at all the black and blue uniforms given to illiterates...

 The EU banking union: the European debt can not possibly be repaid and the whole postwar welfare experiment has failed. People are paid to sit at home and not work and people are imported from abroad to work. All central banks are printing money like there is no tomorrow. They are defaulting savers and people which have worked all their live in Europe. DEFAULT is the end game in Europe and the Western World (also the USA). The default of the USSR happened very quickly...faster than everybody thought it would happen. Self serving bureaucrats and greedy politicians MUST be stopped NOW!

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May 10, 2013 - only class and quality are copied  and criticized -

Updated sections: ...

China vs US currency warAfter 37 years of experience it is no surprise that mainstream media (incl. De Tijd) often run by inexperienced  journalists with little real life experience are so good that each time again they succeed in pinpointing a historic top and/or a bottom...like they do now for Gold.

Economics and finance are an extremely complex matter. So complex that one often has to use the wisdom of economic and monetary history to UNDERSTAND the mechanism of the system. Anybody  pretending that the PRICE of Gold will continue to go up (or come down) and doesn't consider VALUE and monetary history, doesn't understand the fundamentals of the financial system. They don't know how Money is created, they continue to value everything in Worthless Fiat Paper Money because they belong to a generation who mentally cannot grasp the reality. This also applies to Real Estate bugs who cannot admit Real Estate is and has entered a BEAR MARKET because during their lifetime they have never experienced one.

Whatever Claude Erb and Cambell Harvey pretend, these are just American Economists (a lot of noise but no knowledge and quality) with probably little or no knowledge of economic and monetary history.  Gold has been a SAFE HEAVEN since 2003 and it will continue to be an insurance until the system implodes.

The VALUE of Gold basically doesn't fluctuate a lot. The price can and will in function of the quantity of available Fiat money and the PHYSICAL DEMAND (an important part of the equation not discussed by the journalist). Also, at a time where we all know that the inflation figures are cooked, REAL INFLATION was not used for the price calculation...!? The article also doesn't mention that savers in Argentina, Zimbabwe, Cyprus, Iceland,...who were hold did not suffer the huge loss other savers suffered.

The final choice is an easy one. It is so easy most don't see the answer:  there is digital money (bank deposits), there is paper money (bank notes) and there is Gold (real physical money). Which one survives during an economic depression and which ones die? The answer is Gold, everything else is AIR !

bankstatement goldbearbull moneybills

The Belgian education system used to be one of the best in the World and everyone who travels knows there is a HUGE difference in education levels from one country to another. The quality of American education system is unfortunately extremely poor...in compensation the belgian academist is extremely short sighted!

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May 9, 2013 - Dow Jones breaks 15,000 or welcome in Zimbabwe !

PNY candle2Updated sections: Crude Oil (dangerous triangle) , Natural Gas , Coal (bottom) , Agriculturals (consolidating on LT uptrend line) , Copper & Platinum (Bear Trap?) , Inflation index (uptrend and 4-12 coup visible).

Unlike the Authorities and Mainstream Media pretend, there is NO COLLAPSE of the Oil/Natural Gas price. We rather have a stable price within a huge COIL and I expect the breakout could be spectacular.  Although Fracking will ease somewhat the American Energy bill, Europeans have banned this all together and are by doing so making them even more dependent on imported energy. Not very clever! Energy is the spine of each economy and expensive oil, natural gas acts in a similar way a tax increase does. The strong Oil and Natural gas shares are forecasting a breakout of the price of Oil and Natural gas.

Stock markets increasingly correlate with the Central Bank (FED, ECB, BOj,..) balance sheets. We have a deja vue of what happened in Zimbabwe, of what is happening in Iran and other countries running into Hyperinflation.  Having said this, be advised this is MAY and common stock markets are OVERBOUGHT...a correction would be welcome and is plausible!

Copper shows a similar pattern as Gold and Silver. Also here we see HUGE BUY VOLUMES. This indicates we have no breakdown, no stop loss but  a BEAR TRAP. The inflation index got hot as hard as Gold was and this confirms there was a coup!

A COMEX-LME default  approaches and that will mean the end of the gold price control. Suppose hundred people of a bank have proof that they possess a kilo of gold. But that bank has to just a kilo of gold in the vault. What happens when two investors physical delivery questions? That is, the explosive situation that can occur on the COMEX [options & futures] any time now.

Platinum is oversold and has eased back on its secular uptrend line....Uptrend is intact as platinum mines are closed. Considering the trend of Copper, Platinum, Agriculturals and Commodities in general, it would be completely illogical to see Gold/Silver come down further.

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May 8, 2013 - the Gold coup was religiously well played and many savers fear Fiat money may have some value after all...NOT SO !

Updated sections: 


Gold shortage in Chinatown. Many gold shops in Yaowarat, Bangkok's Chinatown, have no gold for sale after prices plunged below 20,000 baht recently, sparking a buying frenzy, Gold Traders Association chairman Jitti Tangsithpakdi said on Tuesday. Jitti: Gold shops in Chinatown have run out of gold.

"There's no gold to be sold because manufacturers can't produce the items quick enough [to meet the demand]," said Mr Jitti, owner of Chin Hua Heng gold shop.

Some gold shops even confronted each other, competing to buy gold from sellers, he said. He said investors with gold in hand should not sell at this time because prices would likely increase from now on, after the gold bar price earlier tumbled to 18,600 baht per baht-weight.

"I think gold prices will be about 23,000 to 24,000 baht by the end of this year," Mr Jitti said...more

Gold shortage in Sweden. We received this from a correspondent in Sweden: Silver Eagles USA € 23.60 - delivery UNKNOWN; Golden tientjes price unknown and delivery unknown;  Gold KRUGER  1 oz. €1176 and delivery UNKNOWN;  Gold Maple Leafs 1 oz.  €1167 delivery from stock;  Gold shortage in Canada: Kitco also informed us there are problems/delays in physical delivery.

WEAK HANDS are selling their physical Gold....! Even though the actual price correction is smaller than the 2008/09 correction. For some reason the last coup did what it was meant to do: it scared the hell out of all those savers who DO NOT UNDERSTAND and live by the belief the Fiat Paper Gold price needs to go up. Remember there is VALUE and FIAT PRICE.....and the alternate to physical Gold is WORTHLESS FIAT MONEY.

Technically speaking there is a GAP to be filled @ $ 1420. Hence it is plausible that gold pulls back to this level BEFORE it starts to climb its new wall of worry
More important however are the overhead GAPS which also will be filled/closed (see candle charts). By doing so the chart for the Dollar price of Gold will result in a BEAR TRAP. A bear trap in turn signifies that the price of Gold will break out through the top of its overhead consolidation zone (see pf charts in the subscribers' sections.)

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May 7, 2013 - more and more gold/silver traders have problems in delivering physical Gold/Silver !

Updated sections: Recession proof shares (overbought - use trailing stops) ,

Others cast the evil as always among the elite and corporations. They then advocate effectively communism as if placing everything in the hands of government helps. Human nature is the same be it in the private or public sectors. There is no ELITE conspiracy with people able to manipulate the world economy. That it total NONSENSE!  It is out of control. Nobody is in charge. The bankers manipulate markets to make quick bucks. They are not into maintaining short positions for decades to suppress anything. It is always SHOW ME THE MONEY! How much can be made for this quarter. If those stories were true, then why did even Goldman Sachs, who I believe is the leader of the pack, require a bailout and had to borrow $5 billion from Warren Buffett? There is no elite controlling the world. It is on autopilot and someone’s coffee tipped over and landed on the self-destruct button. M. Amstrong

More and more Gold & Silver dealers have problems in delivering physical Gold/Silver. Remember Gold and Silver shares own physical Gold and Silver to be mined and that they are the next SAFE investment. The reason they blasted the gold market was to camouflage the fact that the fractional reserve gold system, which is very important to financing and to the government, failed.  The truth is that when we take out these futures markets on a failure, gold is going to $50,000.  Not $3,500...

INDU super buy GOLD super buy SILVER super buy
1987 Dow Jones Gold Silver

On bonds: the deal at the ECB shows what they themselves think of government debt. At the ECB, a 10 year bond of a member is discounted to 29% of its face value. Interesting how the ECB does not consider government debt as really “quality” for borrowing.

What we have is a WAR on SAVERS and the death rattle of Fiat Paper Money.

Real Estate not in a depression!? Try this: properties in Spain which used to sell for euro 1.5 mio don't find buyers at euro 400.000; Apartments which were on the market for euro 600,000 don't even find a buyer for euro 190,000. properties on the French Riviera which used to sell for euro 2 million don't even get a buyer for half price....The situation in Spain and Greece is so desperately bad that schools are feeding a lot of children...Greece is similar to Argentina but a lot WORSE!

The exposure of Deutsche Bank to DERIVATIVES is + euro 55,000 billions. German BNP is only € 2,700 billions...or 20 times smaller....

All about POLITICAL RISK or the other most important part of Investing:  are you a medieval Serf, a milk cow of a free man?

  • Are you a milk cow...or a free man?... and you don't have to be super rich to internationalize!
  • Gold to hit $ 5,000 soon!... People are incorrectly convinced the problems are solved and hyperinflation and Capital controls sits right around the corner.
  • Euro Pacific in Saint-Vincent is different to Euro Pacific in Canada and does NOT offer the same guarantees and insurances.
  • An American passport has become a liability instead of and asset.
  • Argentina and Chili are NOT good and safe countries to move your assets to.

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May 6, 2013 - the financial memory of savers is extremely short and tainted with greed: the small speculators are now net short in gold!

Updated sections: Gold & Silver Juniors (extremely interesting charts for the HUI) , Gold & Silver majors , Bank and Financials , Oil shares , 

charlatan4The charts for Gold and Silver Juniors show the same characteristics as these for the Majors: a penetration of the medium term trend channel, multiple GAPS, a Head and Shoulder formation in the make, stocks which you can in many cases buy BELOW book value,...A***** continues to be a schoolbook example. Interesting for those who want to SEE what a BEAR TRAP looks like! (see subscribers' section for details).

The Gold and Silver sector was brutally SLAUGHTERED without any hindsight to value and reality. The COUP was not such a hard task because the total capitalization of the Gold & Silver sector is extremely small. There is NO DOUBT they properly succeeded in scaring the Herd and Weak hands out of REAL MONEY and into WORTHLESS FIAT money. What is your choice? Snake Oil or the REAL thing!?

Tables in sections of Gold & Silver Majors and Juniors have been updated with new low risk entry levels. Objectives have also been adjusted and now better reflect the nominal potentials. More important however is the fact that by acquiring Gold/Silver shares one also buys physical Gold and physical Silver.

Each time the same argument is used: " You see the (paper) price of Gold, Silver and Gold & Silver shares is DOWN...therefore it makes no sense and it is even dangerous to hold these...!"

The Herd has been brainwashed for decennia and all was so well done that they simply fail to UNDERSTAND that what is left of the financial system is nothing more than a dangerous MIRAGE which can and will disappear in a blink of an eye .

Bank and Financials were updated. The CYPRUS DEAL tells it all...STAY AWAY. Financials, and this includes Insurance co's are DOOMED! Financials are overbought and running into resistance.

Natural Gas is rapidly becoming the fuel of choice. This is preferable to sapping the economic stupidity of European Politicians subsidizing inefficient windmills at the tax payers' expense. As published earlier, most oil companies have in fact become Natural Gas companies.

Recession Proof shares: ****** used to be one of the favorites, was deleted months ago...but the stock has become a fresh buy and will be added again.

Oil shares are coming alive...last friday ******* broke out of a formation after successfully testing its long term support.

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May 3 , 2013 -  Half a mile people lining up to buy Gold coins in Australia -

Updated sections: World Stock Market indexes (continued) , Gold & Silver majors (interesting),

Gold Demand 'HUGE' amid price drop.  The amount of physical demand caught many by surprise. In Australia we had half a kilometer buyers lining up.

 Wake up and stop measuring your wealth in Fiat Money

European Stock market indexes may 'indicate a potential BOTTOM formation'. The SECULAR TREND however is still BEARISH. Those investors who try to outsmart the Authorities and keep their savings in DEPOSITS, SAVING ACCOUNTS and INSURANCES are playing a lethal game and will sooner rather than later have to play the CYPRUS-BAIL-IN-GAME. (click on the thumbnail to enlarge). Millions are leaving the Euro-zone each day...and those who - for some reason - wait, may well be late. DO NOT DO TOMORROW what can be done TODAY!

Whatever the small print makes you believe...be advised that STRUCTURED products and DERIVATIVES offer ZERO PROTECTION whatsoever.!...

Following candle chart (*** weekly) is extremely interesting and the outcome of the maturing pattern can be dramatic. I have rarely seen this kind of constellation: the longer you manipulate a market, the more dramatic the reaction once Price breaks  loose!...(click to enlarge)

Riddle candle2

astericxIf "they" give you a hard time, the solution is to vote with your feet and change your Permanent Residence, just like Depardieu did...its' easier than you think and completely LEGAL! ..we know how to do it... UK deal on Caribbean tax havens boosts prospect of EU-wide crackdown. British tax havens in the Caribbean have agreed to provide information on offshore bank accounts (2 May), in a step which increases the prospect of an EU-wide agreement on information exchange on overseas accounts used to evade taxation.

Under the regime, the Caribbean islands, which have semi-autonomous status within the UK but which are not part of the EU, will be required to provide London with details on the ownership of bank accounts and how they are used.

The move should make it easier to prevent people from avoiding tax by moving their money into off-shore accounts.

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May 2nd, 2013 - Sell in May and stay away or accumulate during the correction!?

Updated sections: World Stock indexes (corrections as indexes break previous records or all time highs?)

sweiz nationalbankSwiss to hold referendum on gold reserves [By James Shotter in Zurich] Switzerland is to hold a referendum on a popular measure that would ban the central bank from selling its gold reserves and force it to keep at least 20 per cent of its assets in the metal. Under the terms of "Save our Swiss Gold", which is led by members of the ultra-conservative Swiss People's party, the Swiss National Bank would have to repatriate gold reserves held abroad and keep them at home...more.

It becomes URGENT to store your PHYSICAL GOLD in a safe place out of reach of BANKSTERS and AUTHORITIES! (while such is still possible)

It will take 7 years before Germany's Gold is back home. If Swiss people decide they want theirs back home, it will put more pressure on Physical Gold. Remember we have FRACTIONAL GOLD!

For more charts and more information, click here.

May 1st, 2013  - there is a difference between value and price - should one sell its gold position if the SELL SIGNAL is confirmed?

Updated sections: Investment Pyramid , Krone-Gold & Krone/$/€  (BUY NOW!), Renminbi-Gold (bullish flag) , Indian Rupee-Gold (pull back) , 

Important is to understand that once we have an implosion of the financial system, the nominal price of Physical gold, the nominal price of Gold and Silver shares, the nominal price of Shares....will come down. Those who panic and start to liquidate their positions will loose as much as those who are not invested in real assets: they will loose it all..Cyprus Style!

Critical it is: the technical behavior of Gold over the next couple of weeks will be EXTREMELY important for the evolution of its Nominal Value. At this time we have a pull-back towards the BREAK-DOWN level; if Gold does not succeed in bouncing back into its overhead trading pattern, further nominal weakness must be expected. Technically - ON CONDITION the STOP LOSS level is confirmed - we in fact have a potential important SELL-SIGNAL.

The question to ask is whether further nominal price weakness of Gold and similar Real Assets should be used to liquidate or to accumulate positions...

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