November 1st is a Bank Holiday in most parts of Europe. Markets in the EU will be closed and/or unactive today and tomorrow.

Zimbabwe welcome thumbHave they become insane?...and Welcome to Zimbabwe

ECB and EU official have now officially embraced highly Dangerous Derivatives (Credit Default Swaps) in order to (try) to stabilize the situation in Europe, the EU and Greece. Credit Default Swaps are the financial atomic bomb manufactured by banks as JPMorgan, HSBC, Société Générale, ABN-Amro and some other 7 big names.

As I wrote earlier, Politicians and Banks will rather engage in a Hyperinflationary policy than risking their own jobs (and necks). What they don’t seem to understand is that in the end there is no way to stop the roosters which will come home to cook and the more one tries to postpone it, the warmer the fire will be.

Add to this the arrogance of the Central Banks and leaders pretending they can keep the general level of interest rates forever at today’s artificial low levels (where an extreme unspoken amount of damage is being done to the whole economy and financial system) for ever knowing what happened in Greece and what start to unfold in other EU countries. [the low interest rates destroy previous accumulated saving requested to get out of the depression]

The day is close the hell will break loose in a Greek style for other countries in the EU and the USA….and when it happens, not even a Chinese God shall be able to stop the resulting Tsunami. As a matter of fact it will be the interest Rates which will be the wisttle blowers for the worst of the Hyperinflationary Depression.

So we’re finally engaging in the Zimbabwe scenario: stock markets are going up because the European problems are being solved (read more money is injected in the system or at least the markets expect this to happen). The additional credit/money flows (as the economy itself sits in a worsening depression) towards the safest place: stocks and commodities and it will increasingly be doing so until it all blows up after the Hyperinflationary bubble bursts. (see the picture of the communicating financial vessels in the Section Investment Pyramid).

The way Talking Heads are explaining the behavior of the markets proof they were not privileged when God distributed Brains and Common Sense. Better switch off this television/radio set and make your own home work.

The Silvercorp story is coming to an end at last...

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