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Friday, September 28, 2012 - wake up for €-Gold has broken out of an important formation


Updated sections: Mind the NEW OBJECTIVES ....€-Gold , $-Gold , Aussie-Gold , Swiss-Gold , Can-Gold , ¥-Gold , Renminbi-Gold , Bonds/Treasuries Germany & USA

Those who are short on Gold & Gold and Silver mines must be scared to hell! But one really cannot have a lot of mercy for those who keep believing the Propaganda of the authorities which is smeared all over the media on a daily basis, can they? Remember Patience is bitter but the fruit is sweet....except of course if you are short on Gold/Silver or have none.

Those who don't buy Gold today will do so when it breaks through the €2000 and $3000 level. These are the rules of the game. Stubborn people and those who REFUSE to do their homework always pay a price for their behavior. This is the price Investors who listen to the misleading advices given by Bankers and Cheap Advisors will have to pay..This is the price those will have to pay who keep sitting on Worthless Bonds, Treasuries and Fiat Paper money and is the price those will have to pay who pretend you cannot eat Gold and those who keep investing in Real Estate will have to pay.  It is the price those who don't listen to Goldonomic will have to pay....

Same rule applies to Gold and Silver shares. Gold and Silver shares are cheap as chips and we had a clearly defined bottom. See the subscriber sections to see WHICH shares will perform best and WHERE you should buy/keep them.

"We learn from History that we don't learn form History. We don't learn the lessons that we ought to be learning."

 At this time Bonds/treasuries are the single most dangerous place to be invested in.  No doubt we have a major top. Because of the MANIPULATION by central banks it has become impossible to tell WHEN the Bonds/Treasuries will fall out of their bottom.

donquichottewindmillOn Friday, September 14, just before 10 a.m., Britain's 3,500 wind turbines broke all records by briefly supplying just over four gigawatts (GW) of electricity to the national grid. Three hours later, in Germany, that country's 23,000 wind turbines and millions of solar panels similarly achieved an unprecedented output of 31GW. But the responses to these events in the two countries could not have been in starker contrast.

In Britain, the wind industry proclaimed a triumph. Maria McCaffery, the CEO of RenewableUK, crowed that "this record high shows that wind energy is providing a reliable, secure supply of electricity to an ever-growing number of British homes and businesses" and that "this bountiful free resource will help drive down energy bills". But in Germany, the news was greeted with dismay, for reasons which merit serious attention here in Britain.

Germany is way ahead of us on the very path our politicians want us to follow - and the problems it has encountered as a result are big news there. In fact, Germany is being horribly caught out by precisely the same delusion about renewable energy that our own politicians have fallen for. Like all enthusiasts for "free, clean, renewable electricity", they overlook the fatal implications of the fact that wind speeds and sunlight constantly vary. They are taken in by the wind industry's trick of vastly exaggerating the usefulness of wind farms by talking in terms of their "capacity", hiding the fact that their actual output will waver between 100 per cent of capacity and zero. In Britain it averages around 25 per cent; in Germany it is lower, just 17 per cent.

The more a country depends on such sources of energy, the more there will arise - as Germany is discovering - two massive technical problems. One is that it becomes incredibly difficult to maintain a consistent supply of power to the grid, when that wildly fluctuating renewable output has to be balanced by input from conventional power stations. The other is that, to keep that back-up constantly available can require fossil-fuel power plants to run much of the time very inefficiently and expensively (incidentally chucking out so much more "carbon" than normal that it negates any supposed CO2 savings from the wind).

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thursday - do you talk to your financial adviser/banker because he tells you what you want to hear or do you want TO HEAR THE TRUTH???

 Politicians are put there to tell you things you want to hear 

When you go in that Voting booth it is like going to a "titty bar".  Weeks later or months later you will meet again that beautiful girl you were giving your money to...but that smiling, hot chick won't even recognize you.

All of a sudden, out of the blue, bankers see Gold higher at levels I was speaking of years ago....Those 'bankers' who work in the research department of banks and brokers, as a rule, are INEXPERIENCED, young career seeking men and woman who get their information from somewhere else. Per definition, bankers are the WORST FINANCIAL ADVISERS ever who excell in telling you what you want to hear.

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 wednesday september 26, 2012 - Hitler was elected democratically!

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; if must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation." Ronald Reagan

Spanish people have balls...Compared to Spain, Greece and Italy will look like a walk through the park....and Van Rommel and Super Mario won't last for long.


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Tuesday, September 25, 2012 -This is only the beginning of modern Witch hunting - all those who have savings will be burned alive !

governmentUpdated sections: $-Gold, Silver, €-Gold & $/€ (check the PF chart for €-Gold) 

No place to hide? The tax man gets tougher. Spanish Hacienda, which expects to obtain more funds to chase money out of the pockets of the middle-class is widening it's request for information. It contacted 51 Banks for more information regarding account holders having a Safety Deposit Box. Being an EU-resident your savings are NOT SAFE as long as you keep it on the Old Continent!

Euro-Gold managed to hit its old time record price again and I expect ALL TIME records once the OVERBOUGHT conditions of the market have been cleansed out. It is excellent that the high was fully unnoticed by the talking heads and most financial research publications. This confirms we have NO BUBBLE and that €-1780 is the next intermediate top.

SILVER is HEAVY and it also shows in the charts and price. So much for all the Silver fanatics where there still is some reasonable GAP between today's price level and the all time highs.

Note the ongoing correction for the Gold and Silver sector. They were overbought and the correction is HEALTHY and should be used to ACCUMULATE ! Remember that during bull markets corrections are SWIFT and VIOLENT.

I think my track record is at least as good as Celente! He did not forecast the Great Crash of Japan in 1989. I did! Apart from this, like Celente says, it's ALL in BLACK and WHITE....WWIII has started, it has begun...a million of people were killed in Iraq, there is a raging war in Afghanistan, thousands of killings in Syria,...are you guys BLIND and DEAF ???? Don't get your kids into DEBT by making them buy some stupid house or borrow a fortune to pay for their studies (USA)...and don't get involved in some stupid political ideology.

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Monday september 24, 2012 - patience is bitter but the fruit is sweet & Government doesn't give S***t about you.

kingbenThey tried 7 times to jump start the Japanese economy without success....and now the West has decided to try it for a 3rd time. There is NO WAY the West will succeed in what the Japanese cannot. Extremely disturbing is that in many European Universities most Professors of Economy still teach incorrect and antique economics. Even worse is that they keep believing that today there is NO significant inflation (nutty professors) , there is no QE III (although we know each month billions will be injected) and finally those who do admit that something is going on, live in the conviction that all the freshly created money is sterilized. They think so because the effects on the economy of the additional created Fiat money FAILS...and don't understand that the value of each additional added unit of money decreases exponentially.  QE III will also not trigger the Hyperinflation because HYPERINFLATION is a Mass Psychological happening. In other words, only the People can and will start Hyperinflation. This is why it is so hard to forecast WHEN such is to happen.

The Investment Pyramid offers together with the Communicating Vessels and Shopping baskets (incl. recession proof shares) ALL requested information that allows you to align your investments properly.  Details about individual shares can be gathered on the Internet (clicking on the name of the share/company) takes you directly to the home page.

beeldenstormOnce you are properly invested, the next challenge is to position your investment OUT OF POLITICAL reach and ensure the Physical Gold is PHYSICAL and stored in YOUR safe-box which you have out of POLITICAL reach.  If you think that the authorities will leave your gold alone, you are sorely mistaken! Authorities and Governments ALWAYS LEGALLY STEAL the belongings of their subjects when in need for money. Napoleon seized the property of the Church and Philip le Beau had all Crusaders arrested and tortured and seized their gold holdings. Hitler had everybody passing the border with valuables arrested, shot or sent to concentration camps. Don't think that this time will be different because we have some elected Governments (most are not elected, but appointed by Government and/or Political Parties themselves - ex. EU and ECB).

The Goldonomic Portfolio yields on average +20% per annum....some years suck because nothing goes up in a straight line....but the upward trend is a reality which each reader can check!  Click on Press and read the 2004 PDF newsletter. Goldonomic Readers should understand that the subscription fee sometimes also is used to WRITE NOTHING. We'd rather be silent than sell the same story over and over again as such does nothing more than make it all more complicated. If you want to read a different story each day, better buy a newspaper or listen to the Talking Heads...

Patience is bitter but the fruit is sweet.   All the players are in place, QE III is about to be activated, Gold is going to $ 2800 - € 1780 (and higher) and expressed in US-dollar it has already broken out. Gold and Silver shares have started a fresh bull run for a new top...and the Dow Jones will break out and climb its wall of worry towards 30,000 !

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Friday September 21, 2012 - i developed this model of communicating financial vessels in the 1980's!

Updated sections: Natural gas & shares, Coal , Agriculturals, Copper & Platinum & shares , Inflation index

I developed the Model of Communicating Financial Vessels below in the 1980's and it is still performing well. What it does not show, are those countries where capital is leaving and those countries it is flowing to. As a rule CAPITAL FLOWS out and away from Socialist/Communist/Over regulated countries where it is CONSUMED towards Capitalist countries where it is honored and where it YIELDS.  Capital PUNISHES the authorities and those populations who don't honor and care for it (taxation, regulation) and REWARDS the Entrepreneurs and hard working people. What most fail to understand is that Capital takes employment along....Chase capital away and you open the door to more unemployment. You have to be a politician for not understanding this !

CASINO INVESTING = Trying to predict and investing for now and tomorrow
WISE INVESTING = Predicting and investing for the coming years
(it actually is the emotive Herd who creates the best investment opportunities)

Banks will ROT to the core...Bank of America to fire 16,000 employees.

Most Automobile manufacturers/assemblers will close their factories in Europe. The process is one of High Capital Order and is always destroyed during hyperinflationary depressions.

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INCORRECT is to pretend that QE III will just result in a blip on the stock markets and that the monetary policy set by the Authorities will not have a more profound impact on the financial markets. The financial (advisors) markets are populated with inexperienced, short-sighted advisers who live by short term gratification. They fail to understand that there is a BASIC difference between the Economy and the Financial Markets, as much as they fail to understand the consequences of the creation of Fiat Paper Money. Exactly this kind of advisors try to sell their research by offering the carrots who will double your fortune by year end. The basic rules are SIMPLE and and are resumed by the COMMUNICATING FINANCIAL VESSELS. A simple diagram who for some is extremely hard to understand. Note: Three makes a trend. Late last night the Bank of Japan joined the European Central Bank and U.S. Federal Reserve in announcing an asset buying program intended to spur spending and stimulate moribund economies. At least jump-starting growth is the stated intent; the only thing printing money to buy assets does for certain is weaken local currencies and drive asset prices higher.

Stocks are REAL ASSETS and BONDS are THIN AIR. In our Recession Proof section, Uxxxxxxxx has broken out, Axxxxx has broken out, Nxxxx is about to break out..the green labels indicate most breakouts...

The PAPERLESS WORLD is BORN: Give or take 5 years and the BOOK, MAGAZINE and PAPER will end up in the Museum. Back to school....or we are living the end of the PRINTED BOOK/MEDIA as well as the end of the traditional media like existed since the 1950's. TELEVISION and MOVIE habits will completely change. Viewers will select their programs via INTERNET: news, research, movies,... Propaganda tainted FOX, CNN, MSNBC [there are similar situations in Europe and the Middle East] will become obsolete. NETFLIX already offers a multitude of movies, ..., which can be purchased for $9 per month This is cheaper than the price of an average DVD! [in Europe the system is - of course- banned! Government is so good for you]. . At school more and more children start to use TABLETS instead of books. The Kindle allows you to download a book in minutes time and you can store thousands of them digitally.  3D, Robots..

And YES, we've come to a point where we can change the Weather and decide to have sun or rain. The danger is not only weather manipulation but also Terminating Seeds...Monsanto controls a major chunk of the market for Agricultural chemicals and (genetically manipulated) seeds and Roundup. Montsanto are disaster capitalists...but the stock is doing good. The Atmosphere is being manipulated and polluted BIG TIME while retarded polticians spent their time on Global Warming and CO2 pollution. But don't we all know that Politics are always late and running behind reality?

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We've never had a global system like this die before. The biggest system dying in the recent past was the USSR. It passed away overnight some time in October 1989. When this Financial system collapses it will go with a BIG BANG and probably a World War.

MARIKANA, South Africa (AP) -- Strikes have cost South Africa close to 4.5 billion rand (nearly $563 million) in lost gold and platinum production, President Jacob Zuma announced Monday as the mine where labor unrest began said it is halting work on shaft construction that will cost 1,200 jobs.  The strikes that have stopped work at seven gold and platinum mines also spread to the chrome sector, according to the South African Press Association. And police blocked politician Julius Malema, a diehard Zuma opponent, from addressing some 3,000 strikers gathered at a stadium at the Lonmin mine at Marikana, northwest of Johannesburg.

"Arrest him!" one officer ordered, giving Malema 20 minutes to leave or face arrest. This caused Malema to take off with his entourage. "I'm leaving. We're getting out of here. Why are you chasing me? Are you going to shoot me?" Malema taunted, a reference to the police shooting of striking Lonmin miners, killing 34, on Aug. 16 in the worst state violence since apartheid ended in 1994.

If you bought Agricultural land because you thought it is a good investment and SAFE, you could be in for a nasty surprise. In a french city, "authorities have decided" to convert Agricultural land into prime building sites. Because of this decision the Real Estate taxes of these properties have increased by 1000% and because of the imminent french real estate crash it is IMPOSSIBLE to sell the upgraded property.  Or how real estate can  become a bad dream overnight.

The price of Oil doesn't fall, it's knocked down! As usual manipulation won't be able to reverse the rising trend. 

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Tuesday September 18, 2012  - any idea what the price of gold and oil will BE once wwiii is raging?

Updated sections: Gold & Silver Juniors, Crude Oil

This is all about Fiat Paper money and the mad men who are running this show will take it as far as you allow them to: Each war costs A LOT of money and human lives. Nathan Rothschild BOUGHT Gold each time when he saw a war coming. He knew why, for he learned out of History. History teaches that politics, war and religion are an inherent part of the Global Economy and Society.

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Monday september 17, 2012 - under construction -this is when one recognizes the real pro's...do come back to check the site as there are important updates in the making!

rising gold I
Updated sections:Can-Gold & Can$/$/€ , Y-Gold & Y/$/€ , £-Gold & €/$/€ (extremely interesting) , Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€ , ZAR-Gold & ZAR/$/€ (something is brewing) , Gold in Krona & Krona/$/€ (bear traps revealed), Gold in Renminbi (can price DOUBLE ?) , Rupee-Gold, IMPORTANT updates of the Portfolio ! Medium term objective for the Dow Jones has been defined...

The Goldonomic Model Portfolio was on steroids this past week! Shares in our shopping baskets went up by 10% - 15% - 20% - even by 30% ! And this is just the beginning.... I expect that many stocks out of the basket will go up by +100% over the next couple of months. Remember we had plenty of BEAR TRAPS and the major one is the Bearish Wedge for $-Gold.

Do we have to BAN Diesel engines and Diesel cars?  The slogan comes only years after PROPANGANDA pretended Diesel cars were nature friendly....For years now, I advocated Diesel is extremely hazardous for the public health and yet politicians in Europe have done all within their power to promote the use of it. The manufacturing of Diesel engines should simply be outlawed; but try to explain this to an intelligent political psychopath. Give them the Sahara in management and in less than 5 years, there will be no sand left!  What is amazing is that the Herd keeps voting these idiots into power!

The key influences during this move have been bullish monetary policy announcements from the European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve. I have long maintained that monetary policy is the key influence on stock market trends as these directly impact the Communcating Financial Vessels.

A Dow Jones of 30,000!? Is this possible and if so, WHEN can we reach this record? The answer lies with the COMMUNICATING FINANCIAL VESSELS. Stock markets in Britain and the Americas are experiencing a momentum move which commenced with the upward dynamic on 6th June, two trading days after the actual low following a correction in May. You can see this very clearly on a daily chart of the S&P 500 which remains the world's most influential stock market indices. Upward dynamics have dominated subsequently, with one exception, during the initial ranging phase of this rally.

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friday september 14, 2012 - so much for those pretending you cannot eat gold !

WWIIIUpdated sections: $-Gold, Silver, US-Dollar (shocking)  , €-Gold (best case scenario is 1.40 $) , Aussie-Gold & Aussie/$/€ , Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€, 

The recipe for World War III : kill the US Ambassador in Libya, assault the US Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, have a raging war in Syria and last but not least, let the tension rise between Israel and Egypt. A medication? try Gold and Silver. It always worked well in the past...

The Herd is IGNORANT, EMOTIONAL and ALWAYS picks up and pays for the bill. As a matter of fact, we shouldn't even have mercy with it's members as it is precisely the Herd who puts in place the Politicians/Authorities in the first place!

Super-Mario and Bernanke lighted the fuse under the Gold and Silver rocket. Whereas over the last weeks and months some still were not sure we would see Quantitative Easing to Infinity, today this has become a fact. Goldonomic friends have been prepared for what is happening today and what is to happen in the future. No need to BUY and SELL or trade positions all the time. Better invest in the correct instruments and SIT TIGHT ! There is NO DOUBT in my mind that SUPERMAN Bernanke and SUPER-MARIO will  to sent the Western World into a Hyperinflationary Depression ! At least something they are good at.

This is the time to BUY...DO NOT DELAY YOUR PURCHASES! Those who don't have Gold/Silver today are those who will buy when the price of Gold geysers to $ 3000 per oz.!

Nobody notes the Dollar index bounced off the SECULAR DOWNTREND line and we even have a downwards break away gap = extremely bearish!

Today Bernanke ensured the Dow Jones will eventually geyser to 30.000 !

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Thursday september 13, 2012 - the euro is the problem, not the solution!

The Euro has been remarkably strong and is bumping into its' 200 day moving average. Use the strong Euro to further convert this Frankenstein currency for stronger ones and also for REAL MONEY (gold and silver). Germany's Constitutional Court has rubber-stamped the suicidal plan to engage in "unlimited bond-buying" in the Euro-zone (i.e. monetizing debt) in order to temporarily prevent all European bond markets from cascading defaults...= QE to infinity !

Iceland to add regulations before lifting capital controls.  Iceland or a foretaste of what is yet to come for Europe and the USA? Officials in Reykjavik are to introduce new rules for the movement of capital before lifting overall controls. The country’s central bank said on Monday that it is to draw up the “prudential rules” with the Financial Supervisory Authority and the other government officials in the coming weeks in the effort of reducing risks when it retracts blockades on some USD 8 billion (EUR 6.4 billion) in currency now in Icelandic banks. An official statement from Sedlabanki read, “The pertinent ministries, the central bank and the Financial Supervisory Authority will begin to formulate such rules in their final form, including proposing legislative amendments where appropriate.” It added that the new rules “should limit foreign exchange risk in the financial system, as well as limiting foreign currency liquidity risk; furthermore, they will, in combination, limit the banks’ potential for excessive growth.” Read more

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Wednesday September 12, 2012 - Casse-toi riche con ! = F** off rich a***HOLE... have some savings?  get out of this hole now before they take it all !!!

bernardThis is how the French Media pictures the 4th wealthiest man in the World as France moves to impose a 75% wealth tax. Today it has become unbelievable that the french revolution actually did happen in France and apparently the Media and the french leaders (Hollande & Co.) have been smoking WEED. It is also a fact that the french are sick in their heads and believe in free meals, free games, free everything.... Generally speaking this is the STATE of MIND in Europe: Rich people are filthy, mean and need to be deprived of their Wealth in favor of the poor, unemployed, immigrants, etc... Nobody seems to understand that it is the combination of CAPITAL  and LABOR which results in WEALTH and Taxation and Regulation does nothing but CHASE CAPITAL and EMPLOYMENT away and brings misery! (I never expected I would ever in my life see so much stupidity....but here we are!)

The french tax authorities can be compared to the former german GESTAPO !  Bernard Arnault owns Louis-Vitton, Moet,-Hennessy and is the 4th wealthiest man in the World. Belgium has still some distinct tax advantages over France and the Netherlands...Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling that Mister Di Rupo (RED prime-minister) is walking the same path that Hollande is. Better be warned. Even if your name is Arnault. NEVER, EVER cross an European border with sales tickets and other sensitive information. If they find any on you the Customs will be delighted to take you for a ride....to tax HELL!


 GET OUT OF EUROPE (incl. Switzerland) NOW! . Even the Swiss bankers have acquired the morality of a cheap Politician....

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tuesday september 11, 2012 - an average growth of your portfolio by +20% per year for the last decennia is not worth $ 575!? You must be kidding...

An oldie out of the Archives: Click here for a 2004 Newsletter ....In 2004 I was forecasting $55 Oil , $460 Gold, $6.80 Silver , a 9000 level Dow Jones, Barrick was a buy at $ 26 , ....

Yesterday we have been experiencing problems and services experienced intermittant outages probably due to an exceptional high number of visitors to our website(s). We have corrected the problem and normalcy should have returned. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will resume our normal updates later this week.

Monday September 10, 2012 - check mate and 100% sure we shall live a hyperinflationary depression !

Updated sections: Real estate in Spain, Portfolio , €-Gold & €/us-$ , Recession Proof shares (don't miss this one) .

schaakmatOur model portfolio has been updated and it again is a plus. The average growth since the beginning of the year is about 3.5% or 5.25% on a y/y basis but I am confident that end of 2012 the figure will as usual range around the plus 20%. We made some adjustments and be advised it is opportune to slowly but surely move towards FULL INVESTMENT.

An amount of $130,883/€92,850 invested in December 2008 has now grown to $244,627/€190,640 and this happened in just over 3 years time or 44 months....this is +23% per year when expressed in US-Dollars and +28% when expressed in Euro's.

We have added a number of shares to a WATCHLIST which is published in the Recession Proof section, more Energy stocks and stocks with a HIGH Yield...at this time these are ON WATCH only and we may or may not issue buy advice. (scroll all the way to the bottom)

For those who did not read our Newsletters and Market Alerts which have been sent out the last two weeks, be advised the Gold and Silver sector has broken out of a very interesting pattern in a way nobody expect it would. Nothing goes up in a straight line, not even our Model Portfolio and yet, the average yearly return has been +20% since more than 20 years. Our goal is to invest SAFELY and with a minimum of transactions in straight forward investment instruments: shares, gold, silver,...and when opportune Bonds. Check our Investment Pyramid and shopping baskets for the hot stocks to invest in.

BDI candle4Baltic dry index at new low and a confirmation we are entering an economic DEPRESSION. This past week Super-Mario promised he would print/create all the money the system needs to survive and so confirmed that in the not too far future we shall live HYPERINFLATION. The evolution of the Baltic dry index tells us it will be a DEPRESSION.

The National US Debt: $16 Trillion Dollars Of Moral, Cultural And Political Decay. We’ll soon cross Sixteen Trillion Dollars in Federal Debt! That’s a lot of vote buying even for Washington. Is this ruin? Have we indentured our children into servitude? Solomon warned borrowers will be slaves to their lenders. Add $120 plus trillion in unfunded forthcoming liabilities and, well, we’re doomed. As Washington nonchalantly politicizes capital the economy suffers. Private actors would invest far better than politicians bribing the electorate. 

As resources filter through the state’s machinations, liberty and prosperity are sacrificed to political ends. Massive debt is economically bad, really bad, and perhaps even hopeless; but much, much worse is what this reveals about the Western World’s moral, cultural and political decay.

I believe it’s (debt) going a lot higher. It’s going to have a parabolic spike, caused by some event or some loss of confidence. A US dollar crisis would be a perfect example. That will cause gold to go through the roof, and then everybody will want to own it. I don’t think we’re even close to that yet. Gold will probably have a much greater run than some of the other hard assets because it’s also a currency. – Frank Giustra, mining industry entrepreneur

In India Politicians, Banksers and Authorities are as corrupt- if not more than in other parts of the world.  On a day gold prices touched a new high, the Reserve Bank of India urged the public against choosing gold as an asset for savings or investment and they even use religious arguments.

"Because interest rates are very low, people are investing in gold. But the poor should never invest in gold (!?) , for whenever they have purchased gold, it either lands up in the temple or in the hands of the moneylender or, at most, it may be given away during a daughter's marriage," said RBI Deputy Governor K.C. Chakrabarty.

Rome – The technocrats (unelected ECB appointed government) bans any cash transaction lager than € 50 . Or a foretaste of what is to come in other EU-countries. The legislation tries to control the flow of money and results in a 100% fiscal trap which becomes effective January 2013. Off course the argument is that this will stop Money Laundering and will be beneficial to all citizens. Nobody mentions it will only be beneficial to those who live off the Government. A remake of Bread and Games. From now on, better hold on to your purse!

Toronto - Canada : Canadian Real Estate Bubble about to deflate NOW . Press Rewind and look back at the US housing market before it collapsed  In order to assess if we are on the edge of a crash or not, we must look at the “winning conditions” that led to the US housing market bust:

    1. US consumer debt = 94% of GDP (Canada is at 92% at the moment).
    2. High loan to value ratio (you could borrow more than 100% of the value of your house at one point).
    3. Remortgaging considered as a national sport (many Canadians do see their homes like an ATM too).
    4. Greedy practices from banks which repackaged mortgages into toxic commercial paper.
    5. A slowing economy leading to job cuts and then, the inability for consumers to pay their crazy mortgages.

debt-to-personal-disposable-income-ratioDaar El Salaam - Tanzania : Real Estate bubble still increasing in size....It actually isn't that difficult to predict a crash (deflating real estate bubble). I did it for the 1st time in 1989 for Japan. For a non-japanese real estate investor the loss was 82% !. Or how you can loose a fortune (and more if you're using credit) by investing in Real Estate. I forecasted it a 2nd time for the USA and a 3rd time for Spain and the UK. The bubble is now deflating in The Netherlands and will soon be felt in France and Belgium. It takes on average 26 years before we hit a BOTTOM!

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Friday September 7, 2012 - a Cartoon sometimes makes it easier to understand !

Central bankers are in this world to print money.  They are, intellectually, completely dishonest or incompetent, and that’s all they know. They operate together with politicians which are even worse....

And this is how they proceed: Treasuries + digits = fiat money which is used to keep interest rates artificially low. Actually high interest rates are far more lethal to Governments and Banksers than expensive Gold and so far no a single analyst seems to pay attention to this. For this reason the Central banks (FED, ECB) will do ALL they can to keep the general level of interest rates below 6%.

fredgraph fredgraph-1 fredgraph-2
 Bank reserves Monetary Base  Interest rates

And this is the irrevocable result of their action:

Fedgraph-3 Fedgraph-4 Fedgraph-5
Gold Inflation index Dow Jones

See the shopping baskets for the key sectors and stocks to invest in, BUY, BE PATIENT and SIT TIGHT !..in the end Traders ALWAYS loose...Be advised that because of communicating financial vessels this doesn't apply to all Markets and that Socialist-Communist markets are disadvantaged. They always are.

Super Mario announced the ECB has decided for Debt Monetization and unlimited printing of Money = Hyperinflation is 10000% sure. Are you prepared?

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Thursday september 6, 2012 - sterilized quantitative easing is like **** somebody into virginity!

pigsflyWe are investment advisers, not Casino Dealers.  Goldonomic is not a site for those seeking IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION. At this time however, we do have important short term hints which will allow you to earn back your subscription fee and more in a couple of months time....but speaking of immediate gratification, this share will pay for your subscriptions in only a couple of months' time. 

We have added a new Gold & Silver share...an extremely HOT chart it is and...it should be bought at today's levels...click here (and scroll down....)

Pigs do have wings and they fly....or how Goldman Sachs buddies keep manipulating markets by selling Fairy Tales. Leaked versions of the Draghi Plan revealed that the ECB president has proposed unleashing a bond buying effort that would be ‘unlimited’. The central bank would also relinquish its senior status among creditors, a measure seen as critical to encouraging private bond investors. The plan would stop short of British and American-style quantitative easing (QE) because the ECB would still seek to “sterilize” its bond purchases, or take the equivalent amount of money out of the system elsewhere...more

  1. Read: more and exponential risong amounts of Fiat Money printing, further manipulation of interest rates by the ECB and more Deflation propaganda.
  2. Understand: the reality with more inflation - ending up in Hyper-inflation - rising price of Gold and Silver and much higher stock prices with a Dow Jones aiming at 30,000 and higher.
  3. Act: follow our investment pyramid and accumulate the stocks out of the advised sectors NOW.

There is no doubt we have Peak Oil and price will continue to go up. A report by Citigroup has warned that Saudi Arabia could run out of oil to export by 2030, raising fears that oil prices may rise significantly in coming years. The Kingdom is the world’s largest oil producer, accounting for about 13pc of global supply, but it may need to use a growing share of its production for power generation to meet rising electricity demand, Citi said...more [as a matter of fact, we have some interesting BUYS in the sector of Uranium, Natural Gas  and Oil Shares].

The commodity sector sits in a SECULAR BULL MARKET ! And it's not only about oil. As a rule, because of the present and future exponential rising amounts of money printing, the nominal price of Commodities will keep rising and any accident can result into Hyperinflation.

In the USA National Debt has again reached a new record and economic models foresee this to continue over the next years. More debt = more fiat money = higher prices for Gold and Silver and higher stock markets! I expect the Dow Jones to break out above its all time high and an objective of 30,000 (and higher) lies undoubtedly within reach.

us debt forecast

more in the subscribers' section...

Wednesday September 5, 2012 - are you about to lose a fortune or will you profit from what is coming?


Updated sections (probably the most important update for 2012): $-Gold (don't miss this very important update) , €-Gold , Silver , Gold and Silver majors and juniors

Over the next couple of weeks there will be BLOOD on the walls in the shorters' room....Don't expect a lot of corrections for Gold and Silver between NOW and next spring. As explained earlier the BEARISH WEDGE has taken a lot of Shorters by surprise.

If you keep chasing Fiat Paper profits instead of using your brains and doing the only thing which is right for you (part of what you MUST do can be found in the Investment Pyramid - the other half is the privilege of COACHED friends) you are at risk and may lose it all as it is as important to keep your savings out of political reach. Short term investments, derivatives, bank manufactured crap...all lethal for your savings. You don't believe me, then just buy a decent history book and READ it.

We have a paradigm shift and therefore anybody being stubborn and/or keeping his head in the sand will pay the price for his behavior. This is NOT the time to believe in the illusion, the mirage of paper money and bank digits. It is imperative to invest into REAL ASSETS (exception for High Order Capital Goods like Real Estate).

Low interest rates - cheap money - promotes bad behavior. At this time Western World Authorities jointly are manipulating interest rates down as a normal level would immediately force them into default. By doing so, Government has created the BIGGEST BUBBLE ever!. Once it deflates, it will destroy the bulk, the Fiat Money. Only after the excess of money has been cleansed out the system, a new economic boom will be possible.

France the next big BAD surprise: French government nationalizes second largest Real Estate company: Credit Immobilier de France. Americans BAIL Out, in Europe they NATIONALIZE. In both cases the people end up paying for the collateral damage. A pity these criminals are most of the time never arrested and put in jail (Iceland is an exception). French official unemployment figures rise above 10% bar. Mainly young people and seniors are unemployed. A ticking bomb...

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Tuesday September 4, 2012 - Fortunes will be made and fortunes will be lost -

Since when is too big to fail an excuse to plunder people? Those who remain in paper money, real estate  and bank deposits will be destroyed by the hyperinflation. As you can see, Frank Giustra also reads Goldonomic and follows our investment philosophy!

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