Government is not there to help but to rob you...

Monday September 30, 2013 - EU demand £6 from Britain for new bailout -

Updated sections: Natural gas , Chinese Renminbi , $-Gold , World Stock Market Indexes , Uranium & shares ,

Worse than the Shutdown or unless Congress raises or suspends the debt ceiling, the government will AGAIN run out of money in 20 days. Negotiations on debt ceiling 2.0 haven't begun yet. When they do, pay attention to the size and type of cuts that each party proposes. If they're big, stocks could suffer a sharp fall, just like they did two years ago....mind-mid-October.

From time to time Banks (Societe Generale recently did) discontinue to honor Bank  manufactured financial products once the secundary market stalls. You cannot own mutual funds and/or bank manufactured products via direct registration or in certificate form as mutual funds do not have transfer agents. Mutual funds own individual securities but they are inherently in a street name with a brokerage. This means that those shares are exposed to a range of broker/dealer counter party risk.

Real Estate a good and safe investment...!? A JOKE! During the past Economic crisises, you could buy complete villages for one of two gold coins only. At the end of the hyperinflation 25 ounces of Gold could buy an entire city block in Berlin.

Gold: you have to look at the amount of ounces and not at the currency price. Price doesn't really mean anything compared to purchasing power it will give you in the future. [see subscribers's section for chart]

panama new locksIn the US natural gas-producing areas spot prices are under $4. The Japanese are paying more than $14. In Europe prices are a lot higher too. US manufacturers are turning less-expensive oil and gas into value-added fossil fuel products and exporting them to the world. This trend will become ever more important. When the first LNG export terminal is opened in a few years (there are 4 being built) , the additional exports will approach $80 billion per terminal a year. [Sasoil is commercially manufacturing fossil fuel with coal]. Natural Gas is just like uranium and oil a very safe long term investment.


Important Technicals:

  • Wiil Stock markets continue to go up as long as they print money?
  • See important technical patterns for HUI (majors) and GDXJ (Juniors) which are almost completed.
  • See important pattern maturing for BONDS and TREASURIES...this is a LAST CALL to GET OUT (also get out of derivated instruments, life insurances, pension funds,...
  • Are Uranium shares a BUY - SELL or HOLD at the present levels? [Japan decided to close all nuke power stations]

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Friday September 27, 2013 - Gold is the premium non-government currency, evolved in the world over 6 centuries.

Updated sections: Renminbi Gold , Indian Rupee-Gold (new special ratio PF chart) , Swedish Krona-Gold & Kr/$/€ , 

Technical Analysis is of great help to determine the beginning and the end of bull and bear markets...In the beginning of any bull market, there is almost always no obvious Fundamental reason to be bullish for the majority, but at first the technical position of such a market becomes bullish. Bull markets keep rising until everyone understands the “why” (the Fundamentals) behind the bull market advance.

The opposite, of course, is true for bear markets. In the beginning of any bear market, there is almost always no obvious Fundamental reason to be bearish for the majority, but the technical position of such a market becomes bearish. Bear markets keep declining until everyone understands the “why” (the Fundamentals) behind the bear market decline.

Gold & Silver have moved into the next faze defined by the fact that banks and financials also have become buyers. The last faze will be the "Blow off faze" where the general public also becomes and a participant and (in the end) the 'bag holder' [a major problem is that the Western bank have little of no funds left to actually buy physical gold]

We have fractional gold or for any ounce of gold there are 100 holders of paper gold claiming this very ounce. As (banks) can settle in cash, this leverage/exit hasn't been noticed by the financial markets yet. The day it does, the price of Gold can mathematically rise by a factor 100

Price will go up when time has come....so PATIENCE and ENDURANCE are required!

Stock market crashes must ALWAYS be used to BUY shares. By 1987 the money supply had risen to 230% and the stock market crashed even harder than in October 1929…and yet, the stock markets have over the past decennia continued to rise. Those who sold during the October 1920 and October 1987 stock market crashed, made a huge mistake.

debt gdp ratio 2013

Important Technicals:

  • is there a Bull run in the make for Renminbi-Gold ?
  • is the Swedish Krone is a BUY or a SELL versus the US-Dollar and versus the Euro?

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Thursday September 26, 2013 - Fiat Paper money's lifetime is about 40 to 50 years -

gold no bordersUpdated sections: Zar-Gold

Next to language, money is the most important medium through which modern societies communicate, and more than ever Money is based on TRUST: Fiat Paper Money. The money becomes worthless as soon as the Herd stops BELIEVING in the money.

No One Wants Paper-Called-Gold. The Great Paper Liquidation continues. While the stampede out of the banksters' fraudulent paper-called-gold products has eased from its frantic pace of a couple of months earlier, the bleeding continues.

A lot of people are now giving up. A lot of people are being driven out of the gold and silver markets by this price action, which is purely manufactured.

Intelligent psychopaths are from all times: The Weimar Central Bankers actually contended that their extraordinary printing of marks did not cause the extraordinary increase in prices. Indeed, prices actually tended, until the last couple months of the inflation, to surge a bit ahead of the printing presses in anticipation. Toward the end of the insanity, prices couldn't keep up because no one could rationally anticipate in such circumstances.

Expect a full-scale recession in China (HOCG-country) in 2014.

china gdp 2013

Only 0.5% of the world's financial assets are invested in the Gold sector. Hence, it is extremely easy to manipulate using $ 1.4 quadrillion Derivatives...but GOLD has been GOLD for at least 6 centuries and Paper Money never survived. History is a live proof of it. Those who continue to BELIEVE in Paper Money are simply refusing to accept the reality and are simply stupid. [it is a well know fact that the Legal Authorities REFUSE to legally sue the manipulators]

market capitalizations

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Wednesday September 25, 2013 - It's quite easy to be brave when you spend other people' s money -

green energyUpdated sections: ¥-Gold & ¥/€/$ , £-Gold & £/€/$ , 

Greens...please stop dreaming and WAKE UP!! In order to replace the power the US now gets from coal with wind energy, one would require placing turbines over an area about the size of Italy...and because of the noise wind turbines make, no one could live there. In order to reduce the CO2 emissions there are as of today only two important alternates: increase the production of natural gas (shale) and build more nuclear power stations.

Banks are able to fund their loans much more cheaply than any other industry because they offer “liquidity on demand.” The promise that the depositor can get his money out at any time is made credible by government-backed deposit insurance and access to central bank funding. However as more and more depositors are reluctant to keep deposits with banks as they are aware that they possibly could loose a large part of it because of BAIL-INS, this situation can change overnight.

When orderly liquidation is undermined, there is a rush to get the collateral, which can actually propel the debtor into bankruptcy. For this reason in 2005 a law was voted where the Repos and derivatives have superpriority over all other claims. For this reason more recently a BAIL-IN law was voted where the depositor becomes an ordinary creditor...

Only 1/2% of world assets are invested in gold !

Over the past forty two years, one would have been better off holding what Keynes called the barbarous relic than what are commonly described as the safest securities in the world. Unless there is a tectonic change in our politico-economic structure — such as a return to a hard money standard — it’s hard to see how this will change.


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Tuesday September 24, 2013 - Very hard to make previsions in a bubble market where all is manipulated, interest rates, currencies, gold,...

Updated sections:

Governments almost always try to fight inflation with price controls.  The resulting shortages reduce the real GNP. It is really easy to start printing money, but it is incredibly hard to stop.  Like any addict, the Fed is promising that they can quit at any time, but this month they refused to even start tapering their money printing a little bit.

The Fed is caught in a trap.  If it continues to pump, the financial bubbles that it has created will get even worse.  If it stops, those bubbles will burst...

Mainstream economists have mistaken the symptoms of the Fed's monetary expansion, most notably rising stock prices, as signs of real and sustainable growth. But the current asset price bubbles have nothing to do with the real economy. To the contrary, they are setting up for a painful correction that will likely be worse than the one we experienced five years ago...and will be worse than the historic correction of the Great Depression. For the Authorities, the Money Printing works in a similar way Heroin works for a drug addict.

Hyperinflation is that transition period when a paper money is clearly failing as a store of value but has not yet died as a medium of exchange...

Abenomics also in Japan as the country has switched off its last of the 50 nuclear reactors and will have to rely on imported oil and gas to power the economy as it has given in to the anti-nuclear sentiment (Fukushima). Japanese companies must no pay three  times as much as Americans for power! The next cheaper source of energy are coal plants...which are nature unfriendly. This action is the reason behind the recent correction of the Uraniumsector and ...more in the subscribers' section.

Expect a full-scale recession in China (HOCG-country) in 2014. Even if the Bank of Japan doubles the monetary base (and they will by doing this only crash the bond market), they will inflate the stock market and have no effect upon the economy.

Although the monetary base is exploding, the REAL median household income is FALLING!. The main reason is that the effect of each created additional unit of Money decreases and at a certain point becomes NEGATIVE. Same negative impact on employment figures. Interesting is to compare the charts of today's growth in money supply with the chart for the Weimar Hyperinflation: both are exponentials!

 BASE Max 630 378  MEHOINUSA672N Max 630 378
 EMRATIO Max 630 378  Hyperinflation-Weimar-Republic
click on the charts to enlarge

Important technicals:

  • Most world stock market indexes have broken out of a triangle and .....
  • Should one continue to accumulate shares?
  • JP Morgan and Bank of America break short term support...a prelude to the coming correction?
  • TLT (British Treasuries) surged above first resistance indicating the Bank of England, the FED and the ECB are ...
  • Diagonal Triangle in the make for the SP500: once completed these formations point to a ...

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Monday September 23, 2013 - Stock markets are overbought - expect at least a consolidation!

plug dollarUpdated sections: World Stock Market indexes ,

China and the other dollar-surplus countries will not pull the plug on the dollar and US government bonds and Western debt generally, as long as they have access to discounted gold. Although the East is buying all the physical gold the West is selling so they can keep THE BELIEF in fiat money alive, they will do all they can to keep the price low so they can get a maximum of physical gold for their paper money. The day however comes when the plug on fiat paper will be pulled and the price of Gold and Silver will fly away. Important is to understand that in the end it will be the natural forces of the financial markets which will decide and that an implosion will probably happen when nobody expects it. Nobody will call you on the phone or send you a text message when the SYSTEM will collapse...for this reason you MUST prepare yourself NOW and stop minding the price fluctuations of Gold. In the long run, these will be absolutely irrelevant.

Important is to have Gold, to add to your positions if needed and to keep it out of political reach and to be patient...until everything gets devaluated against Gold.
The BULK  of your assets MUST be kept in Physical Gold!

Stock markets will continue to climb the Wall of Worries as long as Central Banks print more fiat money....and they must either print money or drown. Therefore one must expect stock market indexes to break all time highs and to shoot for new records. Stock can - for the time being - ONLY go up like Bonds, Currencies and Fiat Money only can come down.

Legal Theft and Fiscal Repression will be a growing danger as both Governments and Banksters will try to legally take you savings away. Société Générale, an important manufacturer of bank manufactured investment products stops honoring certain products issued in the past....BECAUSE there is no longer a market. In other words, those who invested in these products, lost their money...to the Société Générale. Only AFTER the total collapse of the financial system will the Fiscal Repression END and will both Banks and Authorities do all within their power to attract capital. A modern example is Russia where the financial repression of Communism has been replaced by a 13.5% flat tax AFTER the system collapsed in 1989.

People are in TOTAL DENIAL of what is going to happen. There gonna keep it going until it blows up! When it does, you don't want to be around holding Fiat currencies, bonds, treasuries, bank deposits, real estate,....interest rates will SOAR ! It will make anything we experienced up to now look like nothing. The banks will be bankrupt, no more ATM machines, no more credit cards,...more people will be unemployed than employed...people will flee the cities towards the country and loot the farmers.

Important technicals:

  • which way Dow Jones and Stock markets? up or down....

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Friday September 20, 2013  - Raising the debt ceiling doesn't increase the debt and central banks are run by coucou people !

Taper on according to Financial TV today. Taper off according to the Federal Reserve yesterday. What a game for total fools that runs the gold and securities market like a puppet on a string.
Eventually there will be an awakening, a balancing of the scales and a bill to be paid, and for that I hold gold. (Jim Sinclair)

Mr. Obama and Mr. Hollande are the 2 clowns of the year and should be locked up in an asylum asap! . "Now, this debt ceiling -- I just want to remind people in case you haven't been keeping up -- raising the debt ceiling, which has been done over a hundred times, does not increase our debt; it does not somehow promote profligacy.  All it does is it says you got to pay the bills that you've already racked up, Congress.  It's a basic function of making sure that the full faith and credit of the United States is preserved." Obama, president of the United States of America.

What we do know for sure is that raising the debt limit pushes the price of Gold up....we respectfully leave all further comments to the Intelligent Psychopaths (Politicians) which have Democratically been elected by the People.

Janet Yellen plans NEGATIVE interest rates once she's running the Fed. 

 And while  we have a record of bankruptcies, food stamps and unemployment, the cry of the Town still is that the recession is over...!? Personally, I must have lost my rosy glasses or be missing something. If this is not a Depression, I must be Napoleon....(click to enlarge)

Recovery sep 2013 jims formula

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Thursday September 19, 2013 - full moon and Bernanke has spoken...to say nothing (as usual) - and Gold goes bonkers...and stocks hit all time high!

wednesday oct18 2pmUpdated sections: Gold & Silver Majors and Juniors , US-Dollar , €-Gold , 

Gold was rigged down in anticipation of today's (ridiculous) presentation of Clown Bernanke...at 2 pm - exactly the time he opened his mouth, Gold spiked up from $ 1300 to $ 1350. Today's action is almost hilarious as it was expected after the manipulation of the last couple of days....As a matter of fact, the candle charts of the Gold Majors and Juniors of yesterday were pointing in this direction....also, as expected the US-Dollar is taking a hit and it is possible that the Dollar-Index will break through its support line and the Euro will break though the neckline. (see subscribers' sections for the relevant candle charts).

 This is what the HUI (Majors) and GDXJ (Juniors) looked like yesterday:

HUI candle1a GDXJ candle2a
 Majors up by 10%  Juniors up by 10%

See the respective sections , Gold & Silver Majors and Juniors for today's candle charts. Be advised that the price of certain designated gold and silver shares will probably DOUBLE over the next 6 months.

Welcome to Zimbabwe...and stocks hit all time high!

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Wednesday September 18, 2013 - no doubt this is the end game & don't hope you will have time to make last second adjustments!

exponentialUpdated sections:

This is for all those who call us Pessimists and think/hope the problem will solve itself and go away. An exponential NEVER goes away. Such is mathematically impossible...it only gets worse...until it pops. So much for Governments who have to borrow money to pay the interest on borrowed money (Japan, USA, UK, Europe,....) Exponentials have the bad habit of moving faster than you expect...that is as soon as things get really bad. So if you think that you will have the TIME to move your savings into safety once Hell breaks loose, you are out of your mind. You either do it NOW or prepare to drown.  So PLEASE stop chasing Fiat Paper Money Profits and start doing the REAL THING = PREPARE yourself for the worse.

France had the largest total unfunded liability relative to GDP, at 362.2%, or EUR 6.5 trillion. (Hollande is an idiot who should work in a circus)

As long as the total debt is low, there is no problem to have to pay higher interest rates. However when total debt has mushroomed like it has now, such becomes DRAMATIC. Don't think or even hope you will be able to GET OUT before the system collapses. If you don't take measures NOW, you may as well throw your savings away.

Get OUT of PAPER GOLD! One of the overnight attacks on gold last week was 4,000 contracts in the middle of the night in less than a minute.... This creates an even better buying opportunity for those who understand where this is all headed. Continue to buy physical gold and silver and keep it outside of the banking system!..ans stop complaining about the fact that Gold and Silver don't go up. You should be happy it does not!!!!

These short-term interventions have further emptied the physical vaults.  This gold coming from out of unallocated bullion bank inventories (at the Comex).  The central banks may be leasing out gold, but it’s not leaving their vaults (at this time)....

The liability rests on a chain of bullion banks, and so it will be the bullion banks who are going to be cash-settled by the central banks, leaving physical buyers on the sidelines.

end of the dollarThis is "The End of the US-Dollar" . On Thursday, Sept. 6, 2013 China made following official announcement. China said on that day, our banking system is ready, all of our communication systems are ready, all of the transfer systems are ready, and as of that day, Thursday, Sept. 6, any nation in the world that wishes from this point on, to buy, sell, or trade crude oil, can do using the Chinese currency, not the American dollar. The ramifications of this new action are vast, and could very well be the catalyst that brings down the dollar as the global reserve currency, and change the entire landscape of how the world purchases energy.

On Friday, Sept. 7, Russia announced, that as of today, we will supply China with all of the crude oil that they need, no matter how much they want... there is no limit. And Russia will not sell or trade this crude oil to China using the American dollar." [Iran can now trade its oil and natural gas for Chinese Yuang and so evade the sanctions....]

Remember there are MORE US-Dollars roaming the world than any other currency...and when these come back home, it will be GAME OUT in no time.

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Tuesday September 17, 2013 - Gold and Silver Price Manipulation Ends With the Death of Fiat gold and silver prices.!

andrew maguireThe day comes where the LMBA and the COMEX will settle the Gold & Silver contracts for CASH....that day Gold will be limit up by $ 100, $ 200, possibly even $ 500 and more!

London metals trader Andrew Maguire today tells King World News that two JPMorgan Chase employees a year ago provided the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission with documentation of the bank's manipulation of the gold and silver markets but the CFTC appears to have buried it. The documentation, Maguire says, is also in the possession of a law firm specializing in the representation of whistle blowers.

 Of course if the CFTC is indeed sitting on such documentation of market rigging, it would support suspicions that JPMorganChase has been telling the truth when it has said that it has traded the monetary metals only for "clients" and that these clients are U.S. government agencies specifically authorized to rig markets secretly, like the Treasury Department's Exchange Stabilization Fund.

Five Years After Lehman, BIS Ex-Chief Economist Warns "It's Worse This Time" .Crucially, the BIS warns, nobody knows how far global borrowing costs will rise as the Fed tightens or “how disorderly the process might be... the challenge is to be prepared." This means, in their view, "avoiding the tempatation to believe the market will remain liquid under stress - the illusion of liquidity."

 Don't over expose yourself to common stocks and keep the bulk of your savings into the Gold & Silver sector and energy. Advisable is to use trailing stops to protect your positions in common stocks and use to proceed of any sale to either buy back the same position at a lower price or increase your exposure to the Gold and Silver sector.

More IMPORTANT as investing properly, is to continue to move your savings out of political reach and out of the banking system and/or try to protect you even better than you are now.

Bankers have become the tax collectors of the Authorities. If you plan to open an account in your name in Switzerland, Luxemburg, Andorra, Gibraltar, Monaco,...You can as well open an account locally and save the trouble to travel abroad. From now on, most ex-tax paradises, request the client to present a proof of fiscality. No document = no account! Not hard to understand the document is meant to inform the bank as to where they must report the account to.

Get Ready For The Next Housing Stock Plunge. Last Wednesday, the Mortgage Bankers Association released their weekly mortgage (refinance + purchase) index. Overall applications on a seasonally adjusted basis were down 13.5% week to week. On an unadjusted basis the index declined 23%.[click to enlarge]

new and existing home sales 2013 housing index HGX candle2

Apart of the fact that RE is a HOCG the price of real estate is function of several interacting factors.

  • it wears out, it gets old.
  • it is adversely affected by rising interest rates.
  • it is adversely affected by the falling real income of the Middle class.
  • it is affected by consumption preferences: during a recession, depression, economic preferences of the consumer are altered.
  • it is adversely affected by taxation: impossible to move Real Estate out of Political reach.
  • it is adversely affected by political decisions; authorities may decide about where may live, how many families may live in a dwelling..

The problem is that the world can’t even service the existing debt it already has. We have a total orchestration of the bond markets.  And it’s orchestration because they might have lost control of the bond  market.  I find it such a juxtaposition that central banks on a daily basis buy more bonds today than  they ever purchased, and interest rates are going up, which is almost perverted.  There has been a report by a BIS economist which has acknowledged that the only reason the financial system has continued to stay afloat since 2008 is because there has been a lot more debt created.  He also went on to acknowledge that they (central planners) are running out of ammunition.

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Monday September 16, 2013 - There is no place to hide but Gold on condition you hide your Gold in the right place -

play worthless moneyUpdated sections: $-Gold , Silver , €-Gold & €/$ ,

If you decide to get rid your physical Gold....you'd have to exchange it for worthless Fiat Paper Money. Gold will be the last money standing. It has be so for over 6000 years. Nominal price of Gold is irrelevant for there is no doubt in my mind that in order to keep the fantasy of Fiat Paper alive, Governments and Banksters will use every cent of of 1.4 Quadrillion derivatives to scare as many physical gold holders out of their safety.  And consider this: is Gold really is some worthless, barbaric metal, why then does Finland and Poland also want to repatriate their national Gold?

Gold will be the last money standing. Nor John Law, nor Goldman Sachs, nor JPMorgan will be able to stop it...so be PATIENT and hold tight!

What we have today is a contradiction between the technical picture of the Gold & Silver sector and the fundamentals. Having to choose between the two, experience tells me one should consider the FUNDAMENTALS....and disregard the technical picture. The plenty of good reasons to do so are Cyprus, India, Argentina, Zimbabwe, India, China, Vietnam, ....

In fact the Authorities have to be blamed for the disaster resulting from money printing. It is the “artificial and iniquitous redistribution of wealth” which inflation imposes on society without being specific who creates misery and poverty. What actually happens is that artificially created money redistributes wealth towards those closest to it, to the detriment of those furthest away. Absolutely no social operation, on the contrary...

For most investors this is a flight in zero visibility IFR conditions. Most people don't really understand what Fiat Money is, those who do tend to continue to believe the lies of the Authorities and Banksters. After all, why would these nice complacent people they elected into power lie to them...!? We know what Fiat Money is...it's a BIG NOTHING....and soon all will see the Emperor has no clothes. By then it will , of course, be too late to get rid of it. When flying in IFR conditions one has to stay ahead of the airplane and rely on the instruments only...if you don't you have more or less 30 seconds to live before you crash and die.

Having said this, here comes the technical picture of the Gold sector.The next 4 to 6 weeks will be extremely important and it still is possible we may see some further weakness and a bottom in October 2013. But whatever happens, one must continue to accumulate Physical Gold and constinue to store it out of political reach for this game ain't over until the Fat lady sings. As usual there are two scenario's: A and B. [click on the charts to enlarge]

  gold sept 2013 AB

Charts can be painted...to paint fundamentals is a lot harder...if possible at all. (the total capitalization of the Gold & Silver sector is very small and such makes the painting very easy...). To paint the charts THEY must manipulate the market...and this is exactly what THEY did (JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs). But if Gold is really nothing but some worthless, barbaric metal, why then do THEY bother!?

Important Technicals:

  • Gold ....very important (see PF chart)
  • Silver: see candle chart
  • Why are Gold & Silver Juniors are more resiliant to the correction than Majors?
  • Watch out if the EURO-Index breaks out of this Head and Shoulders formation. See why...

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Friday September 13, 2013 - The USA is OUT ! Russia has now almost single-handedly precluded the US government from carrying out an attack in Syria.

Updated sections:

Another brilliant appearance of Nigel Farage...with the disturbing noise of an extremely arrogant Guy Verhofstadt in the background. Never forget the people always get the politicians they deserve.

The major factor behind the secular uptrend in gold and silver prices is quite simply debasement of currencies, and impairment of the financial system.  None of this has been solved, and in fact it is actually getting worse each day.  The fundamental trends generally don't change much once they are established.  And in this instance the fundamentals have us on a path to destruction.  This is a path that really can't be reversed.

For all of those gold and silver investors that can stop the psychological warfare from causing them to react emotionally, and simply use these pullbacks to add to positions, they are going to benefit from what will literally be the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world.

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Thursday September 12, 2013 - We're in a bull market for stocks and there is a lot more th come..Welcome to Zimbabwe

Updated sections:

I don't believe the coming EU-elections will change anything to the fact that the EU-Asylum is run by the Fools (Barosso & Co.).

The NOMINAL price of Gold is absolutely irrelevant. Those who keep focusing on it fail to understand that it is all about preserving VALUE and Purchasing Power.

China just released their latest gold import figures for the month of July. China imported through Hong Kong 116.4 tonnes of physical gold in July of 2013. That figure comes on top of the 517.92 tonnes of gold imports in the first 6 months of this year. In total, between January and July of this year, China imported a staggering  633.94 tonnes of physical gold. The country is indeed on its way to reach 1,000 tonnes of imports over the whole year, as forecasted by the World Gold Council.

Keep US-Dollars with domestic US-Banks only, keep Canadian Dollars with domestic Canadian  banks only, keep Euro's with domestic European banks only. This statement is extremely important and most investors don't understand its implications!

We are seeing the first crack in the fabrication of the FDIC's ability to insure all deposits up to $250,000. You can also expect to see the statement soon that multiple accounts for the same depositor are not guaranteed. Money in foreign deposits are there mostly for ex-pats and because of tax reasons for US corporations hardly about to move for $250,000 in insurance by a guarantor that has only $35 billion in capital, hardly enough for what it has undertaken.

WASHINGTON - Federal regulators say deposits in foreign branches of U.S. banks will not be covered by the government insurance fund. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. on a 5-0 vote rejected the request from the banking industry seeking to extend the insurance of up to $250,000 to U.S. banks' deposits overseas. The FDIC estimates those deposits are worth about $1 trillion.

If a bank fails that has foreign deposits, the account holders would become creditors of the bank and would have to apply to recover their funds. Generally depositors recover some of their money, ranging from about 0 cents on the dollar up to the full amount..that is if you're lucky.

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Wednesday September 11, 2013 - Obama was given a way to back out of Syria and oil fails to break out!

Updated sections: Bonds in the EU & UK (toppy!) , Corporate Bonds , Gold & Silver majors , 

We have no break out of crude oil after all...confirming Obama & Co. will accept the Russian offer and won't strike Syria.

We're in a bull market for stocks and there is a lot more to come...

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Tuesday September 10, 2013 - Investors have feelings and emotions, markets do NOT!

Updated sections: Agriculturals (2008 Lehman stalled the beginning of Hyperinflation) , Copper (huge bullish HS) and Platinum , Treasuries in the US and Germany (top?), Inflation index

The manager of the Syrian snipers is somebody operating form Paris and named by the Nato as the new leader for Syria. What we have in Syria is not a civil war and fighters (snipers) are brought in by the CIA...If Turkey strikes Syria the country will slide into a civil war (Ata Turk against Erdogan)


It's dramatic that in this 21st century People are so boorish, so apathic, so stupid that they will once again start a World War...War of destruction, of pain and killing,...just because "they" are unwilling and/or unable to stop the Intelligent Psychopaths who have f@#@$d it all up!

The yield on the 10-year Treasury is starting to surge.  Below we see the yield climbing to a new high of 2.90%. This will not halt the stock market's climb but will be murder on the housing industry. As history shows rising interest rates do not affect the price of Gold/Silver. Rising interest rates will kill the Real Estate markets: force US real estate into its second down leg, accelerate the decline of real estate markets where the bubble recently busted (Canada) and initiate the first down leg of the lagging real estate markets (France, Belgium, Luxemburg).

30y Tbond 10 y yield
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granvilleRIP JOSEPH GRANVILLE ... Publisher of the Granville Market Letter and creator of On Balance Volume (OBV), Joe Granville was a pioneer in technical analysis. OBV (on balance volume) was one of the first indicators I employed and I used to plot it by hand for the 30 stocks in the Dow Industrials. Granville's newsletter held great sway over the markets in the late 70s and early 80s. He will be missed, but his indicators will always be with us....Joe was a good piano player and had the ability to LISTEN to the tunes of the Financial Markets!

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Monday September 9, 2013 - The financial markets (oil) will tell us whether "they" have decided to strike Syria-

Updated sections: 

Crude oil is breaking out on the candle chart and is telling us 'they' will strike Syria after all. This action could well end up in the history books as the beginning of WW III. During the prelude of WWII the picture was not very different to the situation we have today. The majority of Germans were AGAINST a war and many Germans refused to enlist in the Army. Several citizens (who were against the regime were arrested, executed or send to concentration camps). Remember this has nothing to do with Syria but is important for the survival of the US-Dollar and the USA...see update of September 5, 2013 !

WTIC candle1

A war will without doubt solve the unemployment problem amongst the Youth. "The reality is that the Spanish and Italian economies will shrink by a further 2pc in 2013. Greece is on course to contract by an additional 5pc to 7pc and Portugal by 3pc to 4pc. Far from being on the mend, the economic crisis across the South is deepening. Real interest rates are increasing from already high levels," he said. Mr Tilford says the elephant in the room is the rise in the debts of Portugal and Spain by 15 percentage points (pp) of GDP over the past year, by 18pp in Ireland and by 24pp in Greece. Italy's ratio rose 7pp to 130pc of GDP, already at or near the point of no return.

A war will not keep alive the dream of a worthless Fiat paper US-Dollar. The exchange range for the US-Dollar is anywhere from a paper price to zero. The nominal price of Gold/Silver is anywhere from today's paper price, given the role of the bullion banks in the decades long gold/silver market price suppression conspiracy, to infinity in the event of a U.S. Dollar hyperinflationary scenario.

chickenCyprus like rehearsal in Poland:Poland Confiscates Half Of Private Pension Funds To Cut Sovereign Debt Load. Government nationalizes private pension funds making their debt holdings an "asset" and commingles with other public assets. Legal Theft by which Poland reduces public debt through pension funds overhaul. Are you next to be served? You are if you have a Private or Public pension fund! You are next to be served if you have assets, savings, a pension,....

* Reform moves bond assets from private to state fund
* Some equity assets to gradually move to state as well
* Changes seen reducing Polish public debt by 8 pct of GDP
* Funds say moves could be unconstitutional
* Warnings that private pension funds could be wiped out

Government is worse than Al Capone and NEVER EVER FORGET that: Napoleon confiscated all Real Estate belonging to the CHURCH so he could issue  Assignats and cover french debt; The indebted Philip le Beau had all Templar's arrested, tortured and killed so he could legally steal the Templar's Gold and use it to pay off his debt; Sarkozy had Gaddafi killed because he owned him a four million Euro's. Don't forget the Operation Gutt (after WWII). People in Argentina also lost all their savings like Cypriots did...  Don' for a split second think you will be saved...unless you move your savings out of political reach NOW! [for Europeans such means OUT of Europe, Americans have to move their savings out of the USA] ...

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Friday September 6, 2013 - Investing in Real Estate is about the worst investment decision one can make today!

Updated sections: Banks and financials , Recession proof shares ,

No Comment...video clip was deleted...

Understand the financial crisis in 5 minutes and learn why you need to invest in a certain way only....

Markets in India are going haywire as the Indian Rupee keeps dropping. Those who took their precautions and kept their savings in Gold are safe (as long as they are keeping a big lump of Gold OUTSIDE India). The government has imposed severe capital controls: they've locked the people's funds down restricted foreign accounts, and curbed gold imports. Please who can are taking whatever they can to Singapore, getting rid of the Rupee (even when they are getting killed on the exchange rate). Some Indians are even smuggling Diamonds out of the country (I remember those days in South-Africa).  [In Japan many are taking precautions and are moving their savings out of the country NOW!].

Important technicals: only for subscribers!

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Thursday September 5, 2013 - Who remembers the Petro-Dollars?

Updated sections:

If you still think it is safe to keep your money with a bank (or to hold bank manufactured investment products) watch this....[figures for the USA also apply to the EU and the UK]. Under the modern financial legislation, as soon as you  deposit money into a bank account, you become a CREDITOR to the Bank and to a bank system which is technically bankrupt.

It is a fact that NIXON actually signed the dead verdict of the US-Dollar in 1971. It is a fact that Petro-dollars, the Middle-East and Oil play a predominant role in the death scenario of the Dollar. For this reason the happenings in the Middle-East and Syria are of vital importance for the USA and the American Greenback. No doubt this is extremely hard for the modern generation to understand.

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Wednesday September 4, 2013 - Oil shares are a safe and good option for yield seeking investors -

Updated sections: Recession Proof shares , Oil shares , 

The WORST investment decision one can take today, is to be fully invested in Real Estate and to leverage the investment with mortgages. This will be a secure way to loose a complete fortune over a 2 to 7 of years. Real Estate is a High Order Capital Good and its value ALWAYS severely drops during inflationary recessions. In some countries it may take longer before the local real estate bubbles pops, but over time it is 100% sure that it will! During the recessions, complete villages can be bought for one or two of gold coins only and one month's rent barely buys one loaf of bread. Having said this, the static/propaganda that the US Real Estate Market has initiated a new bull run is completely false and artificial. [click to enlarge]

new and existing home sales 2013

Same for the static/propaganda that the recession is over and that from now on things can and will only get better. NO SO ! There are small lies, big lies and statistics and nominal figures can hide a lot of pain. Germans experienced this during the Weimar Depression. Inflated and Hyper-inflated statistics don't reflect correctly the reality. The chart below clearly shows that although the Nominal income improves, REAL INCOME sucks....

nominal growth real 2013

Indian rupee in free fall and Indians getting poor...with the exception of those who kept their savings in Gold.....and with the exception of those Indians who bought Gold even after the Indian Government taxed the purchase of Gold (how thoughtful of the Authorities....they really tried everything to ensure the Indian population could prosper!?)

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Monday (Labor day) & Tuesday September 2-3, 2013 - Even without a war in Syria/the Middle-East the price of Crude oil will reach $ 200 per barrel - financial markets indicate Obama will not strike syria!

Updated sections: Gold & Silver Juniors, Oil shares, Recession Proof shares

Luckily in the long run Government  ALWAYS looses! Bitcoin is only the beginning of the crypto-currency industry. It has flaws, to be sure. It's a distinct possibility that the Authorities (which are there to help you) will regulate Bitcoin to the point that it's no longer useful. The beauty however is that it really doesn't matter what Bitcoin's fate turns out to be. Just like Napster, Bitcoin unleashed an unstoppable idea—that people should be able to send money anywhere in the world, to pay for anything, completely anonymously. That's simply too powerful a proposition for the government to quietly discard down the memory hole. In the near future Bitcoin (or something similar) will become" the digital black money".

Bitcoins are a tool of exchange that offer ridiculously low processing fees and a superior way of moving money from one entity to another.

Bitcoins/crypto-currencies are a tool of exchange that offer ridiculously low processing fees and a superior way of moving money from one entity to another. Whether governments like it or not, crypto-currencies will take over what they tend to call "Money".

I promise you the United States will protect you...!?

American Real Estate is initiating its second down leg. Existing-home sales fell for the second straight month in July, the National Association of Realtors said, blaming rising mortgage rates. That follows on the heels of a 13% plunge in July new-home sales.

We have PEAK GOLD. Any gold price below $1,500 per ounce will in the medium term lead to massive closure of producing capacity. That's why over the longer period of time, let's say three years, I am quite confident there is no way that gold can go below $1,500 per ounce. The industry will just not survive that level of pricing.

Unique in monetary history is that the majority of Dollars is residing OUTSIDE the USA. It is mathematically 1000 % sure that the Dollar will collapse...

We have PEAK OIL. Even without a war in Syria, Crude Oil is poised to raise to $ 200 per barrel.

Where not to be when the Fiat Dollar and other Fiat currencies collapse...ISRAEL is without any doubt the worst place to be. But the Middle-East, London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles also are.

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