November 2020

Stop working on WHY the future will happen and try to figure out WHEN it will.

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Monday/Tuesday, Nov/Dec 30-1, 2020 - Timing is impossible, so better prepare for the inevitable.

Updated Sections:

All progress ALWAYS comes from the people, the entrepreneurs, the Middle class, and NEVER from Government. Government control (Democracy today, Communism) ALWAYS results in more legislation, bigger government helpGovernment, USSR, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, ...more STASI, more Gestapo, more KGB,...and less Freedom of Speech and less freedom in general.

"Governments produce no wealth; what they spend they first must steal from somebody else.”

As 'government' takes the wealth of the producers to serve its own purposes, it also deprives the producers the ability to further their own goals.” As 'government' takes the wealth of the consumers (tax, inflation), to serve its own purposes, it also deprives the consumers of the ability to save and generate capital to provide the economy with the necessary capital to improve society.

Voting is a system of oppression and your voluntary participation only guarantees your continued loss of rights. (History).  The power you grant Government today is the power it will use against you tomorrow. It's not time to unify, it's time to fight!! And to fight AGAINST BIG GOVERNMENT! As always and as history tells us, People only stand up and protest once they are hungry. Because "Timing human emotion, blind faith, or even collective madness is a fool’s errand," you must PREPARE NOW. Better be 3 years early than 1 second late. The day we have a bank holiday, capital controls,...it will be too late to act and you will be trapped.

"Timing human emotion, blind faith, or even collective madness is a fool’s errand."

passport of the freePeople who have a PLAN B or a second permanent residence are privileged and the past weeks and months proofs this statement is correct. 

"Draconian, incomprehensible rules and madness are always the harbinger of total dictatorship."

And draconian rules we have in Europe. We have Curfew and Martial Law. Restrictions on everyday life are more profound than those that existed during the World War. Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the EU, Europe is sinking into Communism. Country after country votes for a so-called Emergency Law, each time taking away a large chunk of freedom. In Spain, this legislation already came into force last year. In the Netherlands, "the Spoedwet" (emergency law) was signed only a few weeks ago. In France, it is now voted by the House on the way. Belgium will follow...in reality the law is already active.

Many Europeans refuse to accept that they are already living in a system that is worse than during the World War. Anyone who still has grandparents can ask them. They are certainly going to confirm this. Any alert and thinking soul must realize that this COVID-19 is an excuse for a DANGEROUS CATCH which will follow in 2021-22.

If you don’t have a Plan B, you have fewer choices. Plain and simple. A Plan B is an insurance policy on your freedom… And what’s more important than your freedom? It is, if you think about it, nothing less than your personal dignity. To help you secure your Plan B and take back control of your freedom, we have put together a solid, immediately actionable plan for deflecting the downside and creating more choices in your life. We have spent a full decade and countless hours gathering this information from experts around the world…

Lockdowns are sweeping the globe…Politicians are churning out absolute nonsense…And the money printers are firing on all cylinders. If you haven’t ...it’s not too late. At least if you respect the savings you have earned by hard work and you don't want the government to seize these as they did over and over again years ago.

  • Procured a second permanent residency or passport, so that you can always have a place to call home.
  • Built a fortress around your assets, so that you can protect what is rightfully yours.
  • Diversified out of the Currencies (US-Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Swiss franc,..) into investment safe-havens, so that you don’t have to worry about losing your life savings...
  • Stored away purchasing power in special retirement accounts while reducing your taxes, so you can always maintain a high-quality lifestyle...

It is easier and a lot cheaper than you think. Contact us for more today: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Poland KGB

The Fantasy of Central Banks - only for Subscribers.

As for central banks who print money out of thin air to buy unwanted sovereign debts,

As von Mises so bluntly warns: “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.” 

Important Fundamentals:

  • The Global Financial market has become a Quadrillion DERIVATIVE MARKET. Therefore
  • The World Bank is incorrectly projecting global GDP to increase in 2021 by 4%, despite the obvious damage COVID lockdowns have already done to global economies. That same World Bank confessed to a global debt tally of $260 trillion. This means global debt to GDP is now greater than 3:1. This makes such growth projections openly comical.
  • Today, central bank shepherds (World Bank) are leading the vast majority of investors over a currency cliff. This is easy to predict, despite the fact that most forecasting models are flawed.

Important Technicals:

  • Copper
  • Natural Gas
  • The divergence between miners and gold points
  • The Crypto Boom is Shaken as Bitcoin Plunges Along With Other Coins.
  • IMPORTANT: the Put-Call ratio continues to point towards 

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Thursday/Friday, November 26-27 - Thanksgiving & Black Friday: not a lot to celebrate as WW3 & the Big Depression have begun!

Updated Sections: ,

thanksgiving 2020

Right now, people feel the stock market is going to make them millionaires, the way they felt the real estate market, and flipping houses, was going to make them millionaires before the bubble burst back in 2008. The stock market is way overpriced by every measure—price to book value, price to earnings, and dividend yields. When it eventually crashes, and all the little people are wiped out, they’ll be very angry. The COVID is a handy instrument to implement it all and to ensure (social distancing) there are no riots. To avoid civil war.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020 - We have gold because one cannot trust the government!

Updated Sections: PF-charts for Gold in Dollars and Euros, Bank & Fin. Shares, 
Crude Oil price, Coal & Solar & Rare Elements, Agriculturals, Copper, Platinum,
Non-Ferrous & shares
, Long Term Commodity Charts,Commodities expressed in Gold,
Inflation Index

bankrupt bankWe have Gold because one cannot trust the government nor the Central Banks. Those who don't agree should read the John Law story...click here. At this time there is little volume in the PHYSICAL MARKET for Gold and Silver. All happens in the PAPER MARKET.  For some people, it is hard to understand that the PAPER MARKET ACTION of the Gold Banks is nothing but another effort to push WEAK HOLDERS out of the Gold & Silver sector and scare the hell out of these so they SELL their physical holdings.

"Subscribers know exactly what the Gold & Silver market looks like right now & what our PF-charts tell us will happen the next days and weeks."

Important is to understand that with Biden-Harris in the White House the creation of DEBT and MONEY will skyrocket. Hence, the risk of a global crisis will rise together with the Global Debt. Today the WORLD DEBT is 325% of the World's GDP.  In other words, either the interest rates continue to fall, (and the real interest rates are already negative), or the system CRASHES.

The fact that the financial markets perceive that the Biden-Harris-criminal team has probably conquered the White House, is celebrated by the Stock Markets. (Trump should be happy he is out and that his name will not end up in the history books as the President of the Big Depression of the 21st Century). This is THE END IS NEAR and 2021 will prove we are right.

All over Europe, in an ultimate effort to keep the sector alive, Banks are MERGING. For some illogic reason, the European Authorities are convinced that by merging 2 bankrupt banks, the potential risk of a bankruptcy decrease.  Ask any bookkeeper and he will confirm this ain't correct.

Banks are among the most leveraged institutions in the World. The ratio of how much money a bank can lend relative to how much capital the bank devotes to its own assets, tells us what the risk exposure is of a bank.

A bank lends out money "borrowed" from the clients who deposit money there. In a sense, all of these deposits are loans made to the bank that are callable at any time. The leverage ratio is used to capture just how much debt the bank has relative to its capital.

The higher the ratio, the higher the risk of a bank going bankrupt when a granted credit is not repaid. With a ratio of 100%, the risk of a bank going bankrupt is a lot higher than with a conservative ratio of 35%.

Leverage of assets to outstanding credits.
A leverage ratio is any one of several financial measurements that assesses the ability of a company to meet its financial obligations.
  May 2020 Oct 2020
Crédit Agricole 35% 80%
Deutsche Bank 42% 100%
BNP 50% +50%
Soc. Générale 64% 100%

cheese deutsche bank

Imagine - Deutsche Bank grants a credit with a load of parmasan cheese as collateral!?

The situation of the Bank sector has become extremely critical. So critical that ING Bank charges a -1% interest rate on deposits. So critical that BNP-Bank now charges clients €144 per year for financial advice. (We charge $675 per year). So critical that in Spain many banks (13) are in the process of MERGING ( Caixa, Bankia, BBVA, Sabadell, Liberbank, Unicaja,...). In Switzerland, we are about to see a merge of UBS and Credit Suisse. In Germany, Deutsche Bank has accepted a LOAD of CHEESE as a guarantee for a € 27 million credit. The situation in Italy is so bad that they had to SELL the Port of Trieste to a German company. They are also in the process to sell VENICE to CHINESE. In France, the HSBC bank is sold out to other banks. The Societe Generale may merge with Credit du Nord and/or BNP-Paribas. The Italian Banca Populare di Milano is selling all its assets to try to avoid bankruptcy.

"Don't Panic and stay CALM: World debt is only 325% of World GDP!"

Important Fundamentals:

  • BANKS, European Banks (incl. Swiss banks) in particular, have landed in a very precarious situation. 

Important Technicals:

  • See the technical analysis for the Dollar and the Euro below.

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Monday/Tuesday, November 23-24, 2020 - The US-election-scandal...

Updated Sections: Recession Proof - hold, Bio Tech-Pharma, Oil Shares, Natural Gas & shares 
Uranium Shares, ** Bank & Fin. Shares, Crude Oil price, Coal & Solar & Rare Elements,
Agriculturals, Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous & shares, Long Term Commodity Charts,
Commodities expressed in Gold, Inflation Index

democracyFox News took out a video we published Wednesday. These videos replace what was deleted. The Election SAGA-Fraud is not over yet. It is taking enormous and unseen dimensions. What is going on in the USA is horrible and the censorship imposed by the Media scandalous.

The second video is an appeal to the Mainstream Media to stop covering up the truth and to start serving the American people again. It is also an appeal to the FBI so they start doing their job. This is unseen in history and is taking international dimensions.

With this information, it becomes easier to understand HOW and WHY it was possible for MADURO (Venezuela) and KIRCHNER (Argentinia) could and can stay in power. Maybe this is also what happened in France with Macron (a guy who was dropped out of nowhere). They simply rigged the elections. The chart below is one example for Michigan, USA. It clearly shows how at a certain time, they started to dump BIDEN votes.  Small batches first,...

Whether one likes Trump or not, what happens here is a Communist coup. The more LEFT a system becomes, the more the life of the citizens is controlled by the Authorities....until comes the time where they control it all. Like in China, like in the USSR,...and after they control it all and all the money of the others has been spent, the country, the society goes bankrupt. (click to enlarge)

Michigan nov 4


Important Fundamentals:

  • A Belgian financial newspaper pretends that this year the Belgian stocks went up by about 10%...while in reality, these lost almost 20%. So far, the Gold price rose almost by 30% (expressed in euro).

 Important Technicals:

  • See the technical analysis for Gold below. ALL technical indicators point
 Support of 2011 TOP and $3,200 target.
 Can be bought NOW!
 A breakout and backtest completed = BUY.  A breakout and backtest completed = BUY.
Cyclical = a BUY! A screaming BUY
  •  will be Gold on steroids.

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Thursday/Friday, November 19-20, 2020 - Financial markets are a casino with wild players buying and selling paper assets as if they were chips.

Updated Sections: Recession Proof Shs (LOCG), 

Swiss postApart from Dominium, there is another Rogue Software system in Europe. The bankrupt Scytl has been purchased by the Swiss Government (Swiss Post). Dominion is Canadian, Scytl is from Spain; both represent "foreign interference" in US elections (but also in other countries)... with data routed through servers in Germany.

"What do the Swiss Post and the U.S. Presidential Elections have in common?"

Another voting machine company called Scytl -- also widely used in US elections -- is located in Spain. As Great Game India reports: Days after it was revealed how 2020 US Elections were rigged by Canadian Crown Agent Dominion Voting Systems through a so-called “glitch”, now GreatGameIndia has found the involvement of another dubious foreign company in US Election meddling.

The votes cast by Americans were counted by a bankrupted Spanish company Scytl in Spain. Like Dominion Voting Systems, Scytl has a long history of election fraud in various nations including injecting backdoors in its election software. The issue has prompted experts to question why the sensitive job of counting votes was outsourced to a foreign company? How could a bankrupted Spanish company count American votes in Spain? Due to such widespread fraud, the Chairman of the US Federal Election Commission Trey Trainor believes that the 2020 US Presidential Elections is illegitimate.

It doesn’t matter who wins the election. At the end of the next four years presidential period, it is virtually guaranteed that the winning candidate wishes he would have lost. Because the new president inherits an economically, financially, and morally bankrupt country with insoluble debt and deficit problems. Trump may only buy us more time, nothing more.

casino stock marketsThere are no real markets. Financial markets are a casino with wild players buying and selling paper assets as if they were chips. We just saw clear evidence of that in GOLD this past week and days. These are very dangerous times and those who keep GAMBLING will end empty-handed. 

 "No need to travel to Las Vegas - now you can play the RUSSIAN ROULETTE from behind your desk!"

The proof of fake markets can always be found in the underlying real market. Last week, when gold rose $100 and then fell $100,

One day in the near future, the Croupier (Central Banks, IMF, BIS) will cry-out the Magic Words: "RIEN NE VA PLUS". That day, fortunes will be lost and fortunes will be made.

Nobody believes nor can imagine this will and even can happen as those who lived the Great Depression, the Weimar Revolution, and the Post-World War situation where Authorities simply legally seized fortunes, have passed away and there are few survivors (seniors) who remember that these somber stories were told to them when there were kids.  These stories are not taught to the school kids, nor are they mentioned by the Mainstream Media. On the contrary, people are made to believe that this NEVER HAPPENED and this will NEVER happen again...in order to attract a maximum of gambler-victims. And believe it or not, this includes many politicians.

Nobody believes Governments, countries can and do file for BANKRUPTCY. History has plenty of examples.  See the table below.

For subscribers only:

fatca crsBanks have become the tax-controllers and perceivers of the government: Do you really trust your banker? Think twice! If your banker did well for you over the past 15 years, he probably did so because one really had to be an idiot not to do well. With falling interest rates and rising QE, one really had to be a NERD to do wrong.

"Do you really trust your banker? Think twice!"

To add insult to injury, many banks seem to have become full-blown Marxists. Banks seem to routinely steal from their customers. They gamble our savings away on ridiculous investment fads, treat us like criminal suspects, bury us in an absurd bureaucracy, and then charge us fees for the privilege of working with them.  I know what I am talking about as I have been a banker for some years.

"Banks are often entitled to take fines you got directly out of your account."

Yet this is the world we live in now-- where even the banks have become Marxists and every idiot feels empowered to propose public policy. And it’s also why TAX PLANNING must absolutely be part of your Plan B… which may soon become your Plan A.

This is absolutely the case if you live anywhere in the West: your taxes are going up. It’s already been happening in many cases at the local level. In the Land of the Free, we’ve seen income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, etc. increase across the country.  The People’s Republic of California has even proposed a wealth tax, plus an exit tax for people who flee the state.  And that’s before considering the impact of tax increases at the national level.

"The incoming Biden administration in the US has already pledged to raise taxes, including corporate profits tax, individual income tax, and capital gains tax."

Important Fundamentals:

  • There are no real markets.

 Important Technicals:

  • Alcoa (AA)...
  • Many shares

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - An insidious corrupt system: What is Dominion and how does it affect the elections?

Updated Sections: GS Share Fundamentals, Gold & Silver Juniors, Juniors fundamentals, 

election theft

CONGRESS made an official statement THERE IS NO PRESIDENT-ELECT AS OF NOW! Which means JOE BIDEN, is falsely claiming to be president-elect. The MEDIA is falsely confirming a president-elect

see official statement below...(courtesy L.T.)

The Dominion software is a software developed for the CIA and used to rig Computer-voting-elections. Dominion software allegedly deleted over 2.7 million votes nationwide, switched over 500,000 from Trump to Biden.

President Trump has tweeted a bombshell news item:


In fact, data analysis reveals that over 2.8 million votes were deleted from President Trump, while 512,000 votes were switched from Trump to Biden. The data are now public. Here’s the spreadsheet showing the deleted and switched votes. Not that votes were only deleted from Trump, never from Biden:

Switched votes 2020 11 13

Here’s a map showing where Dominion voting systems are used. Note the heavy emphasis on swing states? This is where Democrats focus their vote theft and fraud against the People of the United States: Ballots dumped in Michigan to “catch up with Trum


At the same time, this is happening, Rudy Giuliani is now revealing that 100,000 ballots were brought into a ballot center in Michigan in order to “catch up with Trump.” This is coming from a sworn affidavit from an eyewitness, one of the hundreds who will soon be presented to the courts

Pelosi as the "Real Russian Colluder" or Nancy Pelosi and Son Paul’s Alleged Scandals Go Much Deeper than Ukraine. The little-known executive order signed into existence on September 12, 2018, by President Donald J. Trump, is entitled: “Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.”

What people are missing in all this is that Trump’s 2018 executive order gives the DOJ the power to seize all assets of individuals and companies that were complicit in aiding or covering up this foreign interference in U.S. elections. The National Emergency order specifically calls for the seizure of all assets of entities that have, “directly or indirectly engaged in, sponsored, concealed, or otherwise been complicit in foreign interference in a United States election.” The EO covers every person who has been corrupted or compromised by communist China. And that includes at least 80% of Democrat lawmakers, by our estimates, including Senators Feinstein and Schiff...

Trump's LOYAL military raided and took possession of the server in Germany 2 days ago,(for the mission to succeed, they bypassed the CIA, also Trump administration removes senior defense officials and installs loyalists.

"A Biden win is not guaranteed but seems more likely if Trump cannot pull a rabbit out of the hat. Impossible to tell how this all will end...to be continued."

It doesn’t really matter who wins the election. At the end of the next four years presidential period, it is virtually guaranteed that the winning candidate wishes he would have lost. Because the new president inherits an economically, financially, and morally bankrupt country with insoluble debt and deficit problems.

For subscribers only - official statement:

Important Fundamentals:

  • There are no real markets. Financial markets are a casino with wild players buying and selling paper assets as if they were chips.

 Important Technicals:

  • This is a unique opportunity to buy

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Monday/Tuesday, November 16-17, 2020 - Will it be Hyperinflation or (Civil) War?

Updated Sections: Index In Real Money/GoldLong Term ChartsRoyalty Co's
Gold & Silver MajorsMiners & Gold vs SPX

Hammer and Scoreboard. Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney (USAF, retired) warns that if the stealing of the 2020 election is not exposed and overturned we will never see another free election in America. The three-star general, a highly decorated Vietnam War fighter pilot (over 400 combat missions), and top USAF/NORAD commander and DOD official layout the criminal use of the secret Hammer-Scorecard program by the Obama administration (including Clapper, Brennan, Comey) to throw U.S. Elections.

The Great Reset to begin in 2021. Hard to believe that so many people keep all of their savings and purchasing power in the Financial System and in Real Estate. You really must be out of your mind to do so. People seem to have learned NOTHING out of History, the Operation Gutt, the Weimar Revolution, Argentina, the USSR (1917), Mao (China),...The people are like rabbits staring at a hunting 'lamp' at night (rabbit lamping).

The Great Reset is not something like switching the lights off and on. No, it is and will be an evolution where with the assistance of the Mainstream Media, the world will be jailed into a Globalist Prison. They don't call it Socialism, they don't call it Communism, they barely call it Democracy...but it probably is the worst Absolutism and Tiranny we will ever see. It will affect a lot more than your savings and your bank deposits.

In the Netherlands, the "SPOEDWET" was signed by the King on Friday, November 13th. It gives Government (police forces e.o.) ABSOLUTE POWER over the Dutch citizens. In Austria, FREEDOM of SPEECH is no more. Austria's proposed law is modeled on Germany's much-criticized NetzDG law, also known as the censorship law, which came into effect in January 2018 and requires social media companies to delete or block any online unlawful content within 24 hours or 7 days at the most or face fines of up to 50 million euros. In Spain, Freedom of Speech is also no more...

For subscribers only.

"The disequilibrium of the financial & economic system is growing exponentially."

The Great Reset...and those who don't prepare, keep playing the Financial Casinos, cryptos, stocks, bonds, ...will get caught and lose BIG when it happens. What few understand, is that the disequilibrium of the financial and economic system is growing exponentially. And a catharsis can happen AT ANY TIME, starting January 2021. [Note that several GREAT RESET videos have already been censored by YouTube.]. What many don't realize is that we have a total disconnect between the financial markets (equities, real estate,..) and the REAL ECONOMY. Financial markets (see our communicating financial vessels) are nothing but ONE BIG BUBBLE generated by the FIAT MONEY created by the Banks out of thin air. The very day the public loses its faith in this FIAT-DIGITAL-MONEY, it will be GAME OVER. Therefore one must PREPARE NOW!

The Elections have been rigged and it has been done so well that even Biden doesn't seem to realize it.  Important is to understand that if the action becomes public and is confirmed by the Supreme Court, financial markets will probably celebrate it and that this will be an ultimate opportunity to get rid of Equities and the Dollar (currencies).

Brennan and other deep state actors know they’ve been caught. Trump has all the evidence. In fact, he has a detailed transaction log showing the fraud playing out in real-time. In the coming weeks, this information will be presented to the U.S. Supreme Court. We anticipate SCOTUS will invalidate the presidential election and kick the outcome back to Congress, where each state gets one vote to choose the next President. Republicans have a strong majority in the number of state legislatures they control, and they will easily win that vote.  

The Dominion Voting System (developed by the CIA to rig elections)  is increasingly emerging as the single point for massive vote theft in the 2020 election. More about this in our Wednesday update.

FOX has now also become a Socialist broadcast channel.  In the U.S.A. there are few right News Channels left. NewsMax (Cable, Satellite, Internet) is one.

Important Fundamentals:

  • ALL DIGITAL SECURITIES: stock, bond,...MUST be AVOIDED at all times. These are part of the DIGITAL CASINO and everything imaginable can happen

Important Technicals:

  • The Gold & silver sector

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Thursday/Friday, November 12-13, Wikileaks has dumped all its files on the internet.

Updated Sections: Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold,

biden electedThe Trump-Biden election outcome will result in more short-term fireworks but has no or little influence on the medium term to long term financial situation of the Western World. If Biden can consolidate his position, the USA will slide into Socialism. Whatever the outcome of the presidential elections, we shall see more polarization and more unrest. It smells like the elections were rigged but the truth will probably never been known and won't stop the depression unfolding.

The People DUMPED a businessman (Trump) for a SLIMY, GRUMPY, 77-year-old politician who has NEVER employed anybody and never ran a company. You really have to be an absolute RETARDED to do such a thing. This professional Slimer will see that everything Trump decided, is undone. This is exactly what the Professional Politicians have been pursuing for years...so they can resume collecting their bribes.

Journalist Alex Newman says this 2020 election fraud is the biggest in the history of the free world. Newman explains, “This is on a whole other level. They are not just trying to steal our money, they are trying to steal our country, our future, our liberties, and our constitutional system of government. That is, by definition, treason. It is waging war against the United States (and the West). The fact that no charges are being filed and no investigations going on it tell you everything you need to know about AG Barr, the DOJ, and the FBI. . . . There is a coup underway right now, a coup d’état. . . .Their goal is a complete overthrow of the United States of America.”

"Hundreds of millions of people are effectively under house arrest and we dare to talk about a recovery?"

There has never been a global assault on the human race on this scale, and I say that with an emotional attachment to Hitler’s holocaust not to mention Mao’s and Stalin’s as well. Those attacks on humanity were of course worse in terms of the direct deaths caused and the lockdowns aren’t as bad in that narrow sense, but what is happening now is worse in the sense that governments are cooperating globally to cast a much wider net on all humankind as a species, to attack their minds all at once all across the world simultaneously. They are provoking mass mental illness and suicide and looking the other way as it happens. These lockdowns are a pure crime against humanity.

"Either the bubble deflates, or it hyperinflates and explodes. Either way, the end result is the same. “Gold is Money, Everything Else Is Credit”

Can somebody explain WHY in countries like SWEDEN and JAPAN there were NO LOCKDOWNS and the COVID-19 infections and casualties are low?  Every person with some brains in his skull (and who actually uses these) realizes the inconsistency of the COVID-regulations. Whether or not we have lockdowns, mouth masks, social distancing, you wash your hands,...nothing seems to work as the Corona-virus keeps roaming planet Earth. Banana-Kingdom-Belgium still holds the Oscar for the most Covid-hits!?

Covid will eventually go away, the money printing not...until the bubble pops.  But because of the covid risk, everything will be priced up and become more expensive.  The lockdowns will end, simply by necessity because this cannot be sustained. When they are over, my guess is by the time fiat money finally dies its ignominious death and lockdowns can no longer be financed with more debt, there will be ecstatic celebrations in the streets all across the world. I can already see them, and thinking about them sustains me and keeps me sane.

For Subscribers only.

💥 Wikileaks has dumped all their files online. Everything. Click on the link below if you have time to check out the files. 

Important Fundamentals:

  • The quantity of negative
Gold will do better than stocks Silver will do better than stocks.

Important Technicals:

  • Downspike of $-Gold
  • Transportation Index:
  • We have a DOOMED resistance or...this could be a DISTRIBUTION pattern

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Wednesday, November 11, Democracy is the shortest road to Communism.

Updated Sections: PF-for Gold-all sections , Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold

Celui qui dit la Verité, il doit être executé - (He who says the truth must be executed). Socrates hated Democracy and was executed for it. 

Whatever the Democrats say and the Mainstream Media pretend, the outcome of the 2020 American Presidential election is not clear yet. We already indicated that the ballot counting abnormally lasted several days and nights and that this pointed to the fact that there were indeed irregularities. Watch the following videos for details. The next days and weeks will hopefully reveal what REALLY happened. So far, Pennsylvania (PA) had a recount and Trump is called the winner.


"The Western World is ROTTEN to the core and Politics, the Financial world and the economy sit in a HUGE, STRUCTURAL Crisis.
Each time this happened in history, a major DEPRESSION and WAR followed...and only ONE invesment survived."

In 1819, people in America started noticing that banks were increasingly unwilling to honor deposits. They gave you worthless paper (IOU-banknotes) money instead of your gold, silver, or cash…claiming the worthless paper (IOU-banknotes) were as good as real money. As everybody found out, these weren’t.

Suddenly cash started to lose in value…with banks trying to cover up the fact that they couldn’t honor their deposits. When the American public—along with foreign creditors—caught on to this. Out West, they ran out of cash completely and switched back to a barter system using grain. Real estate and land prices dropped off a cliff, as did income from rentsYou couldn’t sell anything because no one had the money to buy it from you. Nearly half the money in the country disappeared.

When the Soviet Union was exposed for fraud back in 1987 no one would believe it. But

"What Is The Value Of Debt (Money) Owed By Someone Who Can't Pay?"

Important Fundamentals:

  • Pfizer has allegedly a vaccine protecting 90% of the population against COVID-19. This looks more like
  • The way the financial markets behaved yesterday gives us a taste

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  • As long as we have no FINAL outcome about who won the Presidential Elections,
  • We have a fresh breakout and

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Monday/Tuesday, November 9/10, 2020 - We welcome the new president of the U.S. and A.

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Harris BidenJust like Hoover was voted out during the Great Depression (the 1930s'), Trump has been voted out during the Great Depression of the 21st Century. The dumb herd always votes out the president during depressions because it doesn't see and doesn't understand what is happening and BELIEVES the lies of The Other One. Whoever they are. Herbert Hoover also was a republican and he was replaced by the handicapped (polio), Democrat Roosevelt.

Roosevelt was the man of the NEW DEALS and the man who ordered FOOD staples to be burned in an effort to stem the crash of agricultural products. By doing this, he starved the people. He was also the man who in 1933 seized the Gold of the Americans after which he devaluated the Dollar. Historians agree that because of his policy, the Great Depression lasted longer and we had to wait until after World War 2 before the economic revival.

"The Dumb Herd thinks it has elected Biden when in fact it elected Harris."

The American-Democrat-Election-Machine is one huge, dynamic organization operated 24 hours a day by a dynamic team. I had the opportunity to meet some well-paid team members of the Democratic ThinkTank. Every scenario is well prepared in detail. Scenario's and agendas are worked out over several presidential terms of 4 years: Acid Rain, the Ozon hole, Global Warming, COVID-19, control of the Mainstream Media and International organizations (WHO...), the hoax of the Russian Election interference, the Trump impeachment,..and now the rigging of the Presidential Elections.

"We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. (Biden)"

election rigging 2020

We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics ( Biden before the elections). The fact that counting the ballots is taking a whole week instead of one day, the fact that 100 million mail-in ballots were distributed, the fact that in several states either 100% of the voters voted (in some cases there are more ballots than residents),...proofs that we have voting and counting irregularities. (As of the start of 3 November just under 100 million Americans have cast a ballot using early voting, far outstripping the 47 plus million that choose to in 2016.)

election rigging

The Dumb Herd is repeating history and keeps the never-ending pattern of the slide of Democracy into Socialism and Communism alive. A victory of the Democrats in the USA is nothing more than an embracement of Socialism and Communism by the American Rulers, by the Deep State, and by those who try to control the whole world. Biden and Harris are nothing more than their puppets. If Democrats are able to get into the White House, the slide of the World Economy and World Financial System into the Abyss will accelerate. Venezuela, Zimbabwe, the Weimar revolution sit right around the corner.

By voting, The Herd simply designates WHO is allowed to treat them as slaves. Nothing more.

Important is that the presidential election process is secondary to the economic and financial problems the Western World is experiencing at this time. 

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  • Gold & Silver 

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  • The long-term stock market outlook has not changed despite this short-term move,

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Thursday/Friday, November 5/6, 2020 -
Gold will be the real election winner: exploding debt means $100,000 Gold!

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Here are the crimes they are hiding from you. These are what the people who are in charge of a country are like. These are the people the DUMB HERD keeps voting into power...because they are EXCELLENT LIARS, the best Snake-Oil-merchants ever. In particular so for the +47 year experienced Professional Politician Biden. 

BIDEN'S TAX PLAN: According to Joe Biden’s tax plan, three states and New York City would have top marginal state and local tax rates of more than 60%. California would have the highest marginal state and local tax rate, at 62.64%, according to an analysis by leading free-market think tank the Tax Foundation. After California would be Hawaii at 60.34%, New Jersey at 60.09%, Oregon at 59.24%, and Minnesota at 59.19%. New York City would have a 62.03 top rate and Washington, D.C., would have a 58.29 top rate. This more or less starts to look like the Tax rates in Belgium (the highest in the world) and France.

"Tax rates under Biden will be the highest since the Tax Reform Act of 1986"

Rates under Biden’s plan would be the highest they’ve been since the Tax Reform Act of 1986, which lowered the top tax rate for individuals from 50 to 28%. Before the Act, seven states and Washington had top marginal tax rates higher than that of California’s under the Biden plan.

The US election has finally taken place. During the campaign, both candidates have totally avoided the critical issue that will bring the US down in the next four years. The election campaign has been ugly but totally avoided the monumental problem facing the American people. Clearly neither of them wanted to tell the voters that he will take over the running of a totally bankrupt country that is likely to collapse economically, financially, and morally in the next four years.

Neither Trump nor Biden has been telling the American people that the US is a totally bankrupt country that has been running deficits for 90 years.

You really have to be a psychopath to try to preside over an insolvent nation and be hated by everyone as the country falls into perdition: Belgium, the U.S.A., the EU, the UK, Japan,...How can anyone be willing to run a nation that needs to borrow half or more of its budget expenditure?

The time to prepare for this important investment scenario is now. 

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  • Boeing

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  • Lots of Toppy Charts

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Wednesday, November 3, 2020 - As soon as we know who won the white house, the house, and the senate, we'll update the site. The odds that this will be possible by tomorrow are small.

As expected, we have a neck to neck race between Republicans (Trump) and Democrats (Biden). We hope that by tonight we will know the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Elections.  It is amazing to see that so many Americans voted for Biden (unless we have fraud - 100 million Americans allegedly voted by mail).  Either there is a problem with mail-in ballots, either people continue to believe and fall for the FAIRY TALES of the Democrats (politicians).

Election night turns into election week. NAIL-BITER: 6 CLOSE STATES The 2020 presidential election was not decided on Election Day. This was a predictable result after the coronavirus pandemic radically changed the way Americans voted and elected officials in key states refused to update their laws to reflect that. What’s left is a muddied picture of a hotly contested and vicious election. All attention turns to the three Rust Belt states that handed Donald Trump his 2016 victory by slim margins ― Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. If Biden wins Wisconsin, he would then only need Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Georgia to claim overall victory.

Florida paints Republican (Red).! Exactly the opposite of what mainstream media pretend.

florida early vote 2020 11 01

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Monday/Tuesday, November 1-2, 2020 - Do you feel lucky, do you really think voting helps, what if you were the King?

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What if YOU were The King?  Excellent video for those who want to understand Government, Authorities, and WHY the whole system is flawed. What they call Democracy, is not and cannot be Democracy. Per definition, such is impossible. The video also explains why we have landed into today's HUGE debt situation and why it will get worse before it gets better.

The USA is preparing for RIOTS, a Civil War,...Walmart removed guns and ammo from its store shelves in response to the unrest in Philadelphia this week. That includes locations in Middle Tennessee. Customers will find guns and ammo on display at other stores where sales are continuing to climb this year.

"Do you have or did you get your AR-15? Is it locked and loaded?"

Gun sales have been off the charts industry-wide for 2020. A lot of people have asked how this compares to say Y2K or Sandy Hook, or the Clinton years with gun bans? Answer: you wrap all those sales up over the years and you compare them to 2020 and 2020 kind of knocks them out of the ballpark. Gun shops are trying to keep up with demand but supplies present a challenge.

guns manyWhen people lose everything they lose it all is our future. We are going bankrupt very slowly at first and then it will go very fast. States, cities, and municipalities are on the verge of bankruptcy (accelerated by Covi's). This will result in a crisis in the much larger bond markets and create havoc. Illinois needs 5 billion $ !!! Underfunded on their pensions, cops, state employees, ...will lose part of all of their income. Those who don't lose their nominal income, soon won't be able to buy a loaf of bread with the money they receive each month. 

Mass layoffs are coming in 2021 - Unless we have a federal bailout, more fiat money - millions of voters will lose their pensions. Have their pensions cut in half or more? Taxes will dramatically rise. Chicago, Los Angeles,... will start to look like Caracas. We shall see more Civil unrest and slower police response. People are gearing up for civil unrest and maybe civil war. In 2021 the rubber is going to hit the road because COVOD-19 made a lot of companies made worthless: J.C. Penney, airlines, hotels,...Soon we're gonna see bankruptcies all over the place and this will crash the bonds and push up interest rates and will make it all even worse.

"This COVID-19 is used by Politicians to Print more fiat money and push the EU into a total Communist Regime."

More than 700 km of traffic in Paris as second French lockdown begins. Social media called the traffic jams both a "mess" and "legendary". Paris saw near-record levels of traffic on its roads as the start of France's second national lockdown loomed. Data downloaded from Sytadin, which measures traffic in the capital, showed that there were more than 700 kilometers of traffic in the French capital on Thursday night before 9 pm, which marked the start of the regional curfew and also the beginning of a new national lockdown. French Authorities are IDIOTS! We have no other word for their worse than war action.

Anti-lockdown protests continue across Europe as governments impose further lockdowns and business closures. In Italy, where violent demonstrations have been taking place for the third night, officials have accused right-wing extremists, soccer hooligans, and anarchists of using widespread discontent over new anti-virus restrictions as a pretext to wage 'urban guerrilla' violence.

In Havana, Cuba people fight for food. No groceries, no chicken, not even FLOWER!  Cubans are starving. In Caracas, Venezuela you risk your life if you dare to go shopping. As usual, Socialist and Communist countries suffer most.

"Portfolio's build by Mainstream Bankers & Brokers will suffer most!"

In 2021 we shall see a lot of debt default. The portfolios build by mainstream bankers will suffer most!! The traditional ways of investing NO LONGER work. Bonds will become worthless. When expressed in real money, Stocks will become worthless. Because of regulations and taxation, people will try to get rid of rental-real estate asap. This will collapse the Real Estate market. As a matter of fact, Central Banks and Authorities are preparing new legislation for the beginning (January) of 2021.

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