November 2021

“Inflation is always and everywhere a purely monetary phenomenon” – Milton Friedman.

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Monday/Tuesday, November 29-30, 2021 - Turkey or A fairy tale for Alert and thinking investors.

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inflation BIDENWe shall in the future see fewer and fewer sick people between the non-vaccinated and more and more sick people between fully vaccinated people. Today, even the number of infection cases between non-vaccinated people is now already falling.

"Consumer prices are going to move up a lot more next year than they did this year"

The inflation pipeline is pretty full. If you annualize PPI in 2021 to date, it’s over 10%. And so far, CPI has lagged behind PPI.  California gas prices hit record prices. IBM: Inflation fears could trigger some chaos. Nestle is hiking their prices. GM revoking heat-seat options due to a shortage of chips. Goya will hike their prices. Kraft is hiking their prices by 20%.

"The inflation pipeline is pretty full and we are getting what Goldonomic has been forecasting some years ago!"

That means companies have been absorbing a lot of the price increases. They’ve been reluctant to pass them on because they’ve been hoping that the Fed was right and that the inflation is transitory. As they realize that the Fed is wrong and that inflation is here to stay, not only are they going to be passing on the price increases next year, but they’re going to pass on this year’s increases that they have been holding off on. So, I think consumer prices are going to move up a lot more next year than they did this year.

"Turkish Real Estate owners & investors are really fucked."

The Turkish Lira is in freefall and lost half of its value since the beginning of this year. Inflation is a bubbling 40%.  Real Estate investors/owners in Turkey are really fucked. Too late to sell a property and get the currency out of the Country. We are only a finger away from the situation in Venezuela.

Give-away real estate prices we already have in Venezuela where one can buy an upmarket property for only $10,000 to $30,000. We are only a finger away from being able to buy a property for 1 oz. gold coin..more in the subscribers' sections.

This is a Fairy tale for the Alert and Thinking Investors.

Inflation is a more than proportional creation of the money supply. To make it simple and understandable for all Politicians, Central Bankers, and other MORONS out there who cannot and/or refuse to think: once the more than proportional amount of money has been created, the general price level of goods and services ALWAYS rises and CAN NOT be stopped. Prices raise because the currency is worth less and less. It is that simple!

The fairy tale described below will happen in ALL countries where we have seen this exponential creation of currency. This includes the U.S.A and Europe.

Money Supply Turkey 2021 11 24 Lira vs. Euro 2021 11 24
The money supply is now also growing at an exponential rate in all Western Countries Once people realize that the currency becomes worthless, higher interest rates could support the currency. However, the highly indebted nations CAN NOT allow higher interest rates as it would BANKRUPT the country.
Gold in Lira 2021

The end result is a crashing currency (Turkish Lira) and a crashing value of all ASSETS (incl. Real Estate) expressed in that currency!

Real Estate is CHAINED to a country and to a currency and hence a dying currency also kills the assets of ALL REAL ESTATE owers.

To add injury to insult, the Turkish REAL INFLATION rate of 40% accelerates the process.


 Since 2019, the Turkish Lira - and all assets expressed in Lira - lost 159% of its value.  

The DANGER is that confusion tricks people into believing the Asset Value has gone up.  To put it in a simple way: at the beginning of the Hyperinflation, the nominal Real Estate prices sometimes continue to go up when expressed in LOCAL CURRENCY (just like stock markets mostly do). Later in the Hyperinflationary cycle, as soon as people can no longer afford it, the nominal price of Real Estate also crashes.

nominal confusion

Important Fundamentals:

  • The hard fundamentals point to a sharply overvalued stock market, small lock sept

Important Technicals:

  • Plunging Gold Price Sentiment Will Trigger Intense Snapback Rally.

small lock sept

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Thursday/Friday, November 25-26, 2021 - This is a SAD Thanksgiving: the price of Turkey is soaring while the Turkish Lira is crashing!

Updated Sections: 

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While Biden keeps pretending and mocks that there should be no problem because a 20 lbs turkey costs ONE DOLLAR MORE while in reality, the price has gone up by almost 30%.  Turkey farmers complain. The price of the poults has gone up. The price of the feed has gone up, the price of the shipping has gone up, the price of the labor has gone up. And unfortunately, to be turning any kind of profit, the price of the turkey has to go up.

FED doing the impossible to be part of the 2021 BLACK FRIDAY SALE!

Over the past weeks and last Monday, in an ultimate effort to be part of this year's Black Friday sale, the FED dumped $4 billion + $1.25 billion + $1.25 billion = $6.500.000.000 PAPER Gold in a thin market onto the Gold market in an effort to make it for INTELLIGENT-THINKING citizens as affordable as possible to buy some REAL MONEY before the hyperinflation really kicks in and becomes visible to all. Unfortunately, they didn't succeed in bringing us these Black Friday discounts...we have to do it with a poor, ridiculous discount of 3% to 4%. Poor Central Bank suckers can't even offer us a decent 2021 Black Friday. They could have done better!...or not?

Goldonomic called Gold in 2003 and called it again in 2016. Those who followed our advice bought their Turkey at an 80% discount!

gold turkey silver turkey
 Only when expressed in real money, your Turkey costs less  

Click here for our -33% Black Friday special - valid until Monday midnight ET

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021: People are human beings and not "CATTLE" as politicians want them to be!

Updated Sections: Natural Gas & shares, Uranium Shares, Bank & Fin. Shares, Crude Oil,

Speech held just BEFORE the World WAR! What few people realize today, is that what millions of young people fought and died for, was given to Germany on a Silver plate. Even worse, is that it was given to the DDR (Stasi-Merkel).  This story will end just like the COMMUNIST-DDR ended: with misery, hunger, with people fleeing, with a complete bankruptcy of the EUSSR. I pray and hope the USA will not follow the same scenario...

We warned several times that a financial disaster ALWAYS and with bloodshed: social unrest, revolution, civil war, war. This is just the reality of what History learns. During these times, only a few items can preserve your wealth. As a rule, even banknotes, currency don't protect you as the invaders issue their own currency.

"The way of life can be free and beautiful. But we have lost the way. Greed has poisoned men's souls, has barricaded the world with hate;
has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed."

Argentineans could exchange their Pesos for Dollars and Euros. But today, all people holding currencies backed by the US-Dollar (the reserve currency) who want to escape the currency deluge will have to sell their currencies (Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yen,...) for a unique monetary asset. As a result of the coming exponential demand for this asset(s), we expect to see a Dramatic, parabolic, unseen, and historic rise in the value of Gold & Silver.  The rise will be so spectacular that Governments will try to seize it for their own good.

In December 2001, the government froze all accounts and for every 10,000 Pesos one had in his account, a maximum of 250 pesos a week could be withdrawn. But there is more to it, as the maximum number of accounts each citizen was allowed to keep was reduced to 2 accounts.  Over the next 3 months, the $1 to 1 peso convertibility was no more and Argentineans lost all their savings. [because today the Government knows about any account you have worldwide, imagine what this would mean if such happened tomorrow]

Screen Shot 2021 11 22 at 2.12.54 PM

FED doing the impossible to be part of the 2021 BLACK FRIDAY SALE!

Over the past weeks and last Monday, in an ultimate effort to be part of this year's Black Friday sale, the FED dumped $4 billion + $1.25 billion + $1.25 billion = $6.500.000.000 PAPER Gold in a thin market onto the Gold market in an effort to make it for INTELLIGENT-THINKING citizens as affordable as possible to buy some REAL MONEY before the hyperinflation really kicks in and becomes visible to all. Unfortunately, they didn't succeed in bringing us these Black Friday discounts...we have to do it with a poor, ridiculous discount of 3% to 4%. Poor Central Bank suckers can't even offer us a decent 2021 Black Friday. They could have done better!...or not?

Monday, the price of $-Gold was slammed by $45.  The Mainstream Media pretends it happened because Powell was re-appointed. This, of course, is again utterly BS.

Goldonomic knows the real reason: out of nowhere, in a couple of minutes' time, $1.2 billion of paper contract gold were dumped onto a thin market. This after $4 billion was dumped some weeks ago following the same scenario. Our PF charts didn't bulge and the trend hasn't changed...click here

Important Fundamentals:

  • This Thanksgiving week  small lock sept

Important Technicals:

  • small lock sept

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Monday/Tuesday, November 22-23, 2021 - Only those who have their natural immune system "intact" have a chance to survive!

Updated Sections: Oil Shares, Natural Gas & shares, Recession Proof Shs (LOCG),
Recession Proof - hold, Bio Tech-Pharma ,

Only those who have their natural immune system intact have a chance to survive! This will lead to a disaster: if you are right, these vaccines are going to breed variants...but nobody is going to listen to you, because you go against the mainstream. Science is raped by Psycho-Politicians and financial GREED earning $1,000 a second!

A natural pandemic would have exclusively affected vulnerable people with an aging or defective immune system. Some people would have died but we would have quickly reached innate & acquired herd immunity for the virus. Sick people would have recovered and acquired immunity and within 12 months, the pandemic would have been overcome.

We shall in the future see fewer and fewer sick people between the non-vaccinated and more and more sick people between fully vaccinated people. Today, the infection cases between non-vaccinated people are already falling.

Dr. Tony Fauci is warning the CV19 vax is wearing off and says a third booster shot is “absolutely essential.”  What happened to “fully vaccinated” after shots from Pfizer, Moderna and J&J?  I guess “fully vaccinated” is a moving target or simply a lie and confirmation the shots do not work to stop Covid.  Bill Gates said similar things recently too. 

I told you the narrative was unwinding, and it is and they know it.  This is the backdrop, and they still want you to be forced to get vaxed with an experimental drug.  mRNA pioneer Dr. Robert Malone calls this the biggest human drug trial in history.  What could go wrong?  Look at the data, and plenty has gone wrong with deadly and debilitating events in the millions from the CV19 inoculations.

 "Biden to transfer power to Harris while under anesthesia for a colonoscopy. This is what remains of the land of the free: an old schmuck and a crazy woman."

"Buying a house in this market is about as sensible as buying a Tesla at 1,000 times earnings."

Since we’re in the “everything bubble,” it kind of follows that real estate, one of the things about which people with more money than sense tend to get most excited, would be rocking. real estate bubbleAnd it is. But bubbles are about more than rising prices. They’re also about behavior, to be specific behaviors that hardly anyone would consider wise in normal times. So beyond record-high prices and record-low affordability, here’s how we know US housing is now an epic bubble:

  1. The typical house now sells in ONE WEEK. This is what a BULLBE-CLIMAX-TOP looks like. Normally, when you’re selling a house you price it hopefully and then wait for just the right personsmall lock sept
  2. The average asking price is now
    small lock sept
  3. The last bubble indicator — many buyers are now
    small lock sept

Real Estate, Houses, will soon be available from desperate sellers at prices that would seem crazy to today’s buyers. And bubble artifacts like bidding wars and above-asking-price offers will fade back into myth and legend where they belong.

Important Fundamentals:

  • House approves Biden's MAMMOTH spending package; bill heads to Senate. Spending bills of $1,750,000,000,000 will add bn $367 to the deficit.
  • As exuberance continues to dominate intoxicated stock market investors, they haven’t yet noticed that not all is well. Markets continue to respond positively to the printing press rather than to the underlying fundamentals. Printing presses don’t create real value, instead, they create bubbles full of worthless air. But sadly intoxicated investors confuse air, which is free and has no value, with real, intrinsic values.
purchasing power LT 2021 11 11 small lock sept
  They need 20% on top of all tax receipts just to pay off the interest on the debt!

Important Technicals:

  • Oil price bounces into small lock sept
  • The death of the dollar is not going to be a slow thing.small lock sept
small lock sept  small lock sept 
small lock sept small lock sept
 Spinning Bottom!?  

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Friday, November 19, 2021: Nobody sees what is happening because all MSM attention goes to Covid!

Updated Sections: Gold & Silver Majors, Miners & Gold vs SPX, 

empty XmasNobody sees what is happening because all MSM attention goes to Covid! The MSM no longer covers the really important VITAL topics (or almost not). We have an Energy Crisis with the cost of energy soaring and the supply falling. The transitional inflation announced by the BIG LIARS (Central Banks) is nothing but a HUGE LIE. They have to lie because our financial & money system has become a ghost based on confidence only. (this is the reason why they continue to allow cryptocurrencies). They have to lie because the SUPPLY-CHAIN has been broken as a consequence of their STUPID-SICK-LOCKDOWNS who didn't help to contain the C-Flu.

The broken Supply-Chain will result in more empty shelves and even higher prices. Things are so bad that FERTILIZER plants had to be closed because they lack energy and basic commodities. The same is happening in China and the United Kingdom. The price of used cars is soaring (by up to 70%) because the production of new cars is suffering under the shortage of semiconductors.

"Currencies & Deposits you have with Banks & Brokers are gone, are THIN AIR."

Banks, Pension funds, Insurance co's are technically bankrupt. Banks are still able to function thanks to the IDIOCY of the people who keep believing Santa exists. Currencies & Deposits you have with Banks & Brokers are gone, are THIN AIR...gone with the wind.  Few realize what is to happen the day that The Herd finds out about this.

On top of this mask (that doesn't protect), the Herd is wearing an invisible mask over their eyes and brain. The people keep lining up for a VAX that doesn't protect (on the contrary, most IC patients are fully vaccinated) but see no urgency in protecting their savings for the beginning of hyperinflation.  They have no clue about the fact that this inflation will steal all their wealth. On the contrary, they keep playing the Stock Market and Cryptocurrency CASINOS. They keep chasing Fools Gold.  They refuse to understand that WEALTH is NOT currency, nor the money they have in their bank account (with a bankrupt bank). Soon, with the money in your bank and/or with the value of your portfolio you won't be able to buy  3 EGGS. If your Bank and/or Broker go bankrupt and your assets are BAILED-IN, you can even forget the omelet.

"The additional currency created since 2008 is as much as was created in the past 250 years!"

Vaccines cause a lot of casualties, a staggering amount of deaths. As a matter of fact, vaccines cause more deaths than they protect people from dying. The vaccine will cause the death of 2 adults for one that is safe and ok 800 children for 30 that would eventually die because of a Covid infection. This vaccine is NOT the regular vaccine people have been told it is. It is a lot more dangerous because it destroys the auto-immune system.

And YES, BIG PHARMA is making $1,000 per second with the COVID-VACCINES!  ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS PER SECOND!

If you earn $1,000 per second, that is a lot of money and a lot of money that you can use to BRIBE politicians, petty government officials (Fauci)...and the bribed people know all too well how to hide the funds!

Important Fundamentals:

small lock sept

  • The ECB is warning for the BUBBLES both in the Real Estate market and Stock Markets.

small lock sept

Important Technicals:small lock sept

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Wednesday/Thursday, November 17-18, 2021: Vaccines are unsafe and vaccination must be stopped immediately.!

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes, Index In Real Money/Gold, Long Term Charts,
Royalty Co's , COVID-19 a complot? Vaccinations SAFE? (VERY INTERESTING VIDEO with Geert VDB)

small lock septVaccines are unsafe and vaccination must be stopped immediately. Also, the ARTIFICIALLY created COVID-crisis is a catalyst for the Big Depression of the 21st century and makes it deeper than it initially would have been.

"It's not the evil government which is concerning me, it's the stupidity of the people!"

One of the best COVID-videos and A MUST WATCH: In the following video, Geert Vanden Bosch explains clearly what is happening when you get this vaccine and WHY it is so dangerous to get it! (English with Dutch cc) The vaccine attacks and is bullying away your natural antibodies. 

The story of this fall has been the story of “breakthrough” infections. It turns out vaccines don't work and nobody actually believes in them. There’s no reasoning, no actual research, not a single rational thought from any of the highly-trained and highly-paid professionals who have made themselves the dictators of our lives. Nobody understands this better than Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist, internist, and epidemiologist.

The Marxist globalists have a plan to default on all debt. “They pretend they care about you. You won’t own anything. They are going to eliminate all mortgages, all credit card debt and you are going to be happy. Why? Because that’s the cover for them to default. They can’t default without wiping out everybody’s pension fund and savings.” The debt will be gone...however, at the same time, all savings will be gone and all bubble assets will deflate.

"The debt will be gone...however, at the same time, all savings will be gone and all bubble assets will deflate."

assignats real estateRich people are buying tangible assets to get their money off the grid, and the little guy should be doing the same thing. But not all assets will protect you. Things such as art, collectibles, Bitcoin, Real Estate won't save you. Only gold & Silver will continue to go up and will continue to do so. Cryptocurrencies are a terrible trap because, eventually, governments will have their own cryptocurrencies and will not allow competition.

The level of DEBT is so dramatically high that Indebted Governments will try to nationalize & seize everything they can lay their hands on. They will probably blame the COVID-virus for it. This Covid-virus must be a very intelligent thing. It knows when to appear, it knows where to appear, it sometimes only appears between certain hours, in certain countries,...

Nationalizing all assets will happen. Even Napoleon did it in order to try to survive the Big Depression following the French Revolution. Real Estate was Napoleon's favorite and after seizing it, he used it as collateral for the Assignats. Today, Real Estate, will, of course, because it is easy prey, again be their favorite. Gold will also be seized...just like it was during the times of the Big Depression and like it was in the DDR. Holding part of your Gold (and Silver) out of political reach is therefore extremely important.

"As consumer prices rise, consumers spend less. If we tack on supply disruptions, that just sends inflation higher not lower."

too high

Important Fundamentals:

  • Royal Dutch small lock sept

Important Technicals:

  • The global market cap of cryptocurrencies has plunged around 10% in the past 24 hours to $2.7 trillion as Bitcoin plunged back below $60,000, hitting one-month lows before bouncing back modestly...We called for caution the past few days. small lock sept
  • See charts below.
small lock sept small lock sept
Crude Oil is running into resistance and the biggest part of the bull run is probably over...at least for the time being.
 If we don't have some kind of correction before yearend, we expect a SEVERE correction beginning of 2022.
Bitcoin BLOW OFF TOP  
A BLOW-OFF run is possible...but if we have no such thing, this is a dangerous BULL TRAP!  A clear SELL it is! - this chart shows a "double top" while the chart of Bitcoin shows a "bull trap".
small lock sept small lock sept

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Monday/Tuesday, November 15-16, 2021 -  WELCOME TO THE USSAR - Let's go, Brannon.

Updated Sections: Gold & Silver Juniors, 

This man has done NOTHING ILLEGAL!   Longtime Trump ally Steve Bannon has been indicted for contempt of Congress after refusing to comply with a subpoena from the House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot. People arrested because they allegedly participated in the Capitol Riot are kept in worse conditions than Terrorists are in Gitmo.  Constitutions are disregarded by politicians and Governments all over the Western World. The State of Law is NO MORE! Not in the USA, not in the EU.

Those who pretend to know better and keep holding their assets in Political reach will pay a VERY HIGH price for it. Governments don't take prisoners. History learns that they government reachALWAYS make their subjects (for that is how today they see you and me) poor. We still hear the voices of so many claiming they have nothing to hide. I wonder what they will say, the day Government takes away what they didn't hide. As usual, they will do it for the GOOD of the PEOPLE. Just like they impose these Covid-nonsense-restrictions so you don't get sick.

The people are VERY NAIVE and most of the time, don't have the guts to do what they have to do. Partly, because of FEAR for the Taxman. Partly, because they will have to admit that they don't know shit about preserving WEALTH and they prefer to believe the songs and lies of the Snake-oil-merchants.

Finally, there are a lot of people who simply cannot mentally UNDERSTAND what is happening and how they can protect themselves. These people naturally follow THE HERD, and the Herd follows the Mainstream Media and what the politicians make them believe. And we all know what THE HERD is like. Don't we?

We are living in times where the truth is raped and deleted.  We are living in times where logic is no more. We are living in times where history is raped by illiterate, non-thinking generations. These generations have lost any sense of reality. This is probably "the end of the Roman Empire".

Some of today's LALA generation goes as far as to pretend that holding Physical Gold during the Weimar Hyperinflation, offered little to no protection. They use the chart posted below to pretend GOLD lost several times its value, whereas, the price spikes of Gold were nothing but a price spike of the Deutsche Mark which occurred each time an old German Mark was replaced by a new German Mark after ZERO's were deleted on the old banknotes. A similar graph we published last month for the Venezuelan Bolivar. During times of Hyperinflation, anyone with 5 grams of brains in his skull knows that only Gold & Silver are safe heavens. Unfortunately, today, many don't even have these 5 grams.


Panama is a great country. At least it was BEFORE they adapted this COVID-MASK-IDIOCY. Hopefully, the country gets back to normal soon.  One important remark about the video is posted below. The fact that Panama has no CENTRAL BANK and that the country will therefore NOT experience the same Hyperinflation the USA will is a GROSS LIE.  Inflation is a more than proportional supply of the money supply. Therefore ANY country using the US-Dollar is subject to this definition, even Panama!  Once we have hyperinflation in the USA, we shall also have hyperinflation in Panama. The only way out will be to disconnect the Balboa from the US-Dollar. Positive is, that at least, the country will have the option to do something about it...[spanish video with English Closed Captioning]

The DDR is an omen for what is yet to come to the EUSSR & USSAR.

intershopsIn depressed times, the demand for German & EU exports will collapse completely for some years due to a lack of FOREX. Machinery and chemical products will not be in great demand due to the sharp contraction in global production volumes. Because of the Financial Crisis, in the coming years, many international customers will not have the necessary money to buy cars and pharmaceutical products. As a result, the EU and Germany will have to import fewer FOREIGN products. The same applies to the "Made in China" country or the USA.

Therefore, the amount of foreign exchange that the EU & USA will have at their disposal in the future will be very scarce for many years. However, the EU & USA will need to import vital goods, especially from the energy sector: oil, gas, and coal. Various foodstuffs will also have to be imported.

This takes us directly to the DDR. 

West german cars, computers, coffee, or bananas were unobtainable for the DDR-civilians. In rare cases, East Germans received D-mark from West Germany family members. Or they were politicians, members of the Stasi (Merkel was a STASI). With this money, the civilians (and politicians) were then able to buy West German goods in special foreign exchange stores INTERSHOPS).  The EU-building in Brussels, Belgium already has similar shops where only EU-petty-government-employees & politicians can buy TAX-FREE. These Gangsters don't even need a Covid-pass to enter the premises.

Some East Germans had wisely hoarded silver coins during the Third Reich. The possession of these coins was later legal in the DDR. The ban on gold, however, was harshly enforced by the East German government. One could exchange almost everything desirable for them. Even more: the East German Reichsbank officially bought these silver coins. With 7 of these 5 reichsmark coins, the Central Bank paid an amount equivalent to the monthly wage of an east german worker. (today, 7 x 1 oz. Silver coins are worth around $200). Reason: silver was needed in the DDR. As there was no local silver production, the DDR had to import silver...but no money to do so.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Today more than ever: Diversification is for IDIOTS! One of the reasons why his portfolios have done extraordinarily well is that they concentrated their investments between a few very well-researched opportunities that they consider to be much more promising than average and therefore outperform the market. There’s a saying “Diversification is for idiots”, small lock sept
  • They actually want you to believe that a debt crisis can be solved with more debt. "Experts" have mouse-clicked more instant fiat money ever created by all the combined central banks since their inception.

Global money creation 1971 2020 

Important Technicals:

  • We probably could see a small correction or no correction of the stock markets between small lock sept
  • A plethora of bearish factors are driving small lock sept
small lock sept small lock sept
small lock sept small lock sept

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Friday, November 12, 2021 - Time to stop dreaming. Our Human rights are gone: Is today the 1st day of the new world order?

Updated Sections: Silver ,Euro and €-Gold, Gold & Silver Juniors, 

fauci loved kidsJoe Biden ignores federal court ruling. The Democrats had better wake up because these globalist Devils have appropriated their party. Vaccines don't save lives, the Biden administration is only using this to control people, and the long-term goal is to mandate boosters to preserve whatever right they have.

They are bringing this little by little, in baby steps, because their ideas of how to change society are very similar to what Hitler did to Germany. The Biden administration has told corporations to ignore the (supreme) courts and follow his orders, which is outrageous in itself. This is the complete collapse of the rule of law!  He calls on companies to force their employees to be vaccinated and asks them to ignore the court's ruling.

Soon coming to your town! In Australia, they forcibly remove kids from, their parents, arrest pregnant women, and police forces empowered to forcibly take people's underpants off in order to be vaccinated!?

"Vaccine Passes and Mandates—The Great Smokescreen"

For those who still BELIEVE in the BIS, IMF, UN,... Myself, I have been operating for years in this international financial world and I can confirm what Mads explains in the video is correct and the reality. In this video, Mads Palsvig explains the big financial picture of how the world works and how the COVID saga fits into it. He was a banker in London trading government bonds for large banks and noticed malfeasance in the behaviors of the central banks. He describes how the United Nations and its agencies, the World Bank and IMF, cripple countries with debt and leverage that debt over them to control them. A must-watch to have a fresh perspective on high finance and how the world's power structure truly works.

Inflation is everywhere as we are entering the 1st phase of hyperinflation: groceries, second-hand cars (the favorite inflation hedge in South Africa), energy,...We have both higher prices and a shortage of products. What most people fail to understand, is that there are few ways to escape the hidden tax of inflation and Equities are certainly NOT good and safe protection. Everybody will be a BILLIONAIRE..and have NOTHING!

"This combustible mixture of ignorance and power sooner or later is going to blow up in our faces."

And yes, something weird is happening?!. "Science is a way of skeptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility. If we are not able to ask skeptical questions, to interrogate those who tell us something is true, to skeptical of those in authority, then we are up for grabs for the next political charlatan who comes along".  This combustible mixture of ignorance and power sooner or later is going to blow up in our faces.  If people let IDIOTS, RETARDS, aka modern Politicians run the show, SHIT will happen..like starts to happen now.

Expect to see the Authorities & Central Banks to 1) deliberately seek more inflation while 2) lying about true inflation levels and then 3) repress interest rates in order to partially inflate their way out of debt with 4) increasingly debased currencies. The economy is NOT GREAT: this is the Big Depression of the 21st Century!

We called Gold in 2003, we called the end of the halfway correction in 2016. Our readers know what we mean by a halfway correction. We are NO CASINO entity but rather try to make our readers understand WHY one must invest in a certain way and which instruments are the best. We cover all assets. From Real Estate to Bank deposits. In the subscribers' section we, in detail, explain and with the help of charts, show where we are in the Gold & Silver cycle and what the targets are. Today we also try to tell WHEN we will hit certain targets and WHERE to keep your assets. One small mistake and you may lose it all.

called gold bull 2021 11 08 

Gold Has Outperformed Stocks.  This is for all you brilliant stock Investors that cannot understand why anyone would own Gold in the 21st Century. Not Bad for Barbaric Relics!

  •         January 3rd, 2000… Gold $290    ->Today approx $1800  6.2x higher
  •         January 3rd, 2000….Dow 11,357  ->Today approx 36,327  3.2x higher
  •         January 3rd, 2000….S&P  1,455    ->Today approx  4,697  3.3x higher
  •         January 3rd, 2000…..Nasdaq 4,131 -> Today approx 15,971  3.9x higher

Important Fundamentals:

  • The US-Dollarsmall lock sept

Important Technicals:

  • The US-Dollar small lock sept

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Wednesday/Thursday, November 10-11, 2021 - Beware of the coming digital monster!

Updated Sections: Uranium Shares ,  

The growing digital monster will enslave millions out of the Middle and Lower classes. Below is a short but brilliant analysis of what is happening today and where we are heading for: complete digital control by the authorities and a full communist tyranny. In the video, Thierry also CLEARLY explains what COVID is and WHAT these vaccines are like. Important is to know that these vaccines DESTROY the human DNA and are DANGEROUS. It is precisely the DNA that is needed to repair harmed and/or destroyed cells. 

The fact that there are more infections after massive vaccination and more vaccinated people filling the hospital beds, should at least ring a bell! The fact that Authorities keep playing their dirty game, is very, very disturbing. If this is not about a pandemic, it must be about something deeper and even more dangerous. Maybe it is high time to re-arrange your savings and investments!?

It is all about TOTAL CONTROL! Thierry makes the link between the Covid happening, the QR code, and total control by the authorities of all aspects of life: health, money, spending, taxation, traveling, holidays,...

The Federal Reserve's digital dollar (and the ECB's digital Euro) is a "scary" concept because it is all about having direct control over currency, the economy, and hence the people. As the Federal Reserve (and the ECB) prepares to launch a review of a possible central bank digital currency shortly,  citizens need to be aware of all the negative consequences that could come from a Central-Bank-Coin. You can already see Central Banks beginning the PR campaign to soften the public up for a digital currency (this is why they allow other cryptocurrencies - at least for the time being). And they will talk about a lot of the advantages — transparencies of use, everything that you see from the blockchain technology. But behind all of that, there's control and the ability to control the economy and the humans, pull those levers more exactly and precisely than ever before.

Inflation expectations are going vertical.  Inflation is running at a pace that is just about 3x faster than real GDP growth–a figure the Fed can no longer ignore. This is why Powell had no choice but to announce at November’s press conference that the Fed would reduce its purchases of MBS and Treasuries by $15 billion each month starting this month. That is until Powel reverses course (as we expect). Therefore, officially pushing the economy further towards the edge of the monetary cliff.

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Only for Subscribers:

If the Depression gets so bad as we think it will, people will lose their income, their jobs and be unable to pay off their mortgage, and have to foreclosure. Watch the video below to learn firsthand how it was during the hyperinflation in Roumania. Realize that this time it will be far worse because it will happen in all of the Western World. And probably also in China.

small lock sept

Important Fundamentals:

  • Good wine needs time. Attentive readers who have, over the past years, positioned themselves in the xxxxx sector have already TRIPLED their investment. Instead of following the CROWD, they wisely preceded it!

small lock sept

small lock sept small lock sept
small lock sept lifestyle usa 2021 11 08
Inflation erodes the Real Purchasing Power The same applies to housing: instead of 2 years' salary, today one needs 20 years' salary to buy a house...
expected crash size 2021 11 08 speed of inflation 

Important Technicals:

small lock sept

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Monday/Tuesday, November 8-9, 2021 - PREPARE FOR THE GREATEST CRISIS EVER!

Updated Sections: Swedish Krona & Gold, Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold ,   

Climate change is now totally politicized. Masks have become a Political statement! This is political posturing at its worst. To allow bureaucrats to dominate investment policy based on wild and unpredictable estimates on global temperatures in 30 years’ time is a recipe for disaster. But this is of course already happening. Investment in carbon fuel is falling rapidly whilst other economic & reliable energy sources like reliable & economic Nuclear are being starved of capital.

"This is WHY energy prices will go up dramatically whilst the world at the same time will experience major shortages."

As we transition away to greener energy sources, power crunches will be ongoing. We see natural gas trade at the rough equivalent of a $200 barrel of oil in the European Union (EU). This doesn't include the high taxes. The energy crisis is not going away soon since there is no quick supply fix after several years of underinvestment and malinvestment. And it won’t come from demand destruction as no policymaker anywhere wants to take that path. The risk of a full-blown energy crisis capable of destabilizing financial markets and economies is close at hand…

"It's official now, our leaders are a bunch of dangerous crooked liars, idiots, psychos, and retards."

The specter of hyperinflation. The Central Banks can only TALK, TALK, and TALK...and create more fiat money out of thin air. 

no inflation 2021 11 04We are now at a point where Western central banks are, frankly, trapped. Interest rates have been artificially manipulated to zero. But neither the Fed nor the ECB has yet begun to reduce their balance sheets, although they keep saying they will eventually do so. Central banks now have no policy tools to respond to the next crisis. A crisis that will ironically and inevitably result from the misallocation they fueled by recklessly expanding their balance sheets and cutting interest rates to zero during the pandemic.

Interest rates simply cannot be manipulated any lower as a countermeasure to the next crisis. If the central banks withdraw the current stimulus that our economies are currently hobbling along on, the whole system will collapse.  With interest rates of  6%, 7%, or 8% percent, the USA, EUSSR, England, Japan,... would be bankrupt overnight. In response to the inevitable next crisis, they will have no choice but to flood the financial system with even more paper money, which will lead to hyperinflation.

No inflation? Only in your wildest dreams. The pre-COVID, 2% inflation rate carefully engineered by the CPI magicians at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) was itself a total fiction. The actual consumer price inflation is far closer to 10% than the falsely propagandized 2% data.

We expect groceries and food stock to go up in price by another 20% between now and year-end.  Authorities and politicians are nothing but liars. The assholes will of course blame Covid and the lockdowns they instated.  They will persist in the evil and do all they can to destroy our economies and society. Just as the USSR leaders did until 1989.

"Let's go, Brandon = fuck Joe Biden and his democrats (communists)"

Today's democrats and democracies are nothing but communist tyrannies & entities. The popularity of Joe Biden is tanking as everybody sees that he is a senile retard who can't even build a phrase or remember his words. He even has problems reading his telescript.  As a result of the mismanagement, the Democrats (socialists) will lose a lot of seats in Congress and hopefully lose the 2022 elections. We estimate Democrats will probably lose the majority in the House (of Representatives) and Pelosi will have to go. Let's hope.

Biden and Democrats are, with this "$1,2 billion infrastructure bill" doing exactly the same Roosevelt did during the Great Depression of the 1930s'. The spillage of money didn't work at that time and won't work now.

People who LIVED communism until 1989 in the USSR and Communist satellite countries all to well know what it is to live in a socialist (=communist) regime. They experienced the hardships first hand. They saw potato fields protected with barb wire. They know what it was to wait 2 years for a CARDBOARD-TRABANT. They know what it is to be spied on by the STASI. (Merkel is an EX-STASI! - rings a bell??).

Before the IRON CURTAIN fell in 1989, I was several times in East-Europe, and believe me, it was not a pretty experience.  There is no doubt, that this unpretty experience is now coming to the EUSSR, and maybe even to the USA (at least in certain states, like California, New York,...). We expect people living in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France to be worst off. Especially the people living in cities and densely populated areas.

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GOLD for Food in Venezuela, Zimbabwe,...No, you can't eat Gold & Silver, but for centuries people have ALWAYS been able to BUY FOOD and SHELTER with PHYSICAL Gold & Silver.  During times of crisis and hyperinflation, it becomes impossible to do this with Currencies, Bank deposits,...And those out there, believing in cryptos, must be aware that during crisis times, we may even not have electricity. So HOW are they gonna buy goods and services with cryptos when there is no power? (even today, in many African countries, people go panning for gold in order to buy food)


Only for Subscribers: We need to focus on our own survival of the “Greatest Financial Crisis of the 21st Century”.


The solution is of course not easy:

small lock sept

"Gold is not for betting, it’s for investing. It’s a wealth preservation asset, not a get-rich mania/speculation trade."

Important Fundamentals:

  • The Central Bank's (Fed, ECB, BoE, BoJ,..) official expectations  small lock sept
Those who dare to pretend that cryptos are the new gold are terribly mistaken. Anything made out of nothing, whether fiat money or cryptos, is worth nothing. 

Important Technicals:

small lock sept

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Thursday/Friday, November 4-5, 2021 - Crazy Gold bugs or super-intelligent thinkers?

Updated Sections: Gold-$, Silver, US Dollar, Rupee Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold,
Euro & €-Gold, Candollar & Gold, British Pound & Gold,


spike food pricesA massive spike in food prices! Something is brewing...this is NOT good! - Politicians have F....D up the economy with their STUPID Covid-regulations.

China has warned families to store food and other essentials, as officials drastically tighten restrictions to control a small Covid-19 outbreak?! (BS). China’s commerce ministry did not cite Covid outbreaks or potential lockdowns as a reason for people to store more supplies. But the ministry did urge authorities in charge of lockdown areas to publicize information quickly on where and how people could get essentials...

"Crazy Gold bugs or super-intelligent thinkers? This reminds me of Harry Dent’s claims, that gold would fall to as low as $250. I got so tired of his claims..."

Those who UNDERSTAND the mechanism of the financial system and understand 'economy' there is not the slightest doubt about what is going to happen in the near future. IT is just a matter of WHEN. We know WHEN is close, but unfortunately, only liars can forecast the correct time.

One thing we know out of experience, the more negative press, the more public bearish visions, the closer the breakout. The more positive press, the more bullish visions, the closer the historic bearish gold callsbreakdown (see below for the Real Estate-see pictures).

  1. New York Times, March 26. “The party seems to be over for gold and silver.”
    Dear New York Times: Parties never last long; fundamentals do.
  2. New York Times, March 26. “Though happily out of the precious metal, Mr. Heim is no more bullish on the present state of the stock market than any of the unreconstructed gold bugs he's had so much fun twitting of late. He's urging his clients to put their money into Treasury bills.”
    I bet a lot of Mr. Heim’s clients weren’t too happy with him when gold rose over six-fold by January 1980, while the US dollar—which underpins the value of Treasury bills—lost a whopping 26.2% of its purchasing power in the same period!
  3. New York Times, July 20. “It's a seller's market. No one is buying gold,' a dealer in Zurich said.”
    Sounds familiar. But so what? To be a successful investor means to look at the horizon and invest for what’s likely ahead, not what’s popular at the moment.
  4. Time magazine, August 2. “Though the price recovered to $111 by week's end, that is still a dismal figure for gold bugs, who not long ago were forecasting prices of $300 or more.”
    Turns out those $300 price forecasts by the gold bugs were TOO LOW. Gold would hit $850 in less than four years.
  5. Time magazine, August 2. Meanwhile, the economic conditions that triggered the gold boom of 1973 through 1974, have largely disappeared. The dollar is steady, world inflation rates have come down, and the general panic set off by the oil crisis has abated. All those trends reduce the distrust of paper money that moves many speculators to put their funds in gold.”
    How short-sighted can you get? The symptoms may have eased, but the root causes were still present, as gold and silver prices would later prove.
  6. August 19 New York Times. “Our own predictions are that gold will go below $100, with some hesitation possible at the $100 level.”
    Oops! Gold never fell below $100, so if you listened to Mr. Heim, or even just waited to buy until gold did fall below $100, you never got the chance to buy, or else paid a lot more.
  7. New York Times, August 19. “Currently, Mr. LaLoggia has this to say: ‘There is simply nothing in the economic picture today to cause a rush into gold. The technical damage caused by the decline is enormous and it cannot be erased quickly. Avoid gold and gold stocks.”
    You can see comments were made within days of the bottom! Investors should’ve done the exact opposite of what he recommended.
  8. New York Times, August 29. “Gold was an inflation hedge in the early 1970s,” the Citibank letter says. "But money is now a gold-price hedge."
    Are they serious? Sounds like Citibank employees needed to learn the definition of money. This reminds me of some of the stupid comments we’ve heard today, like the guy that called gold a “pet rock” (and gold has risen 52% since he made that comment).

People have the option, or they keep listening to the FREE ADVICE of the Mainstream Media and/or subscribing to cheap Investment letters, or they buy a subscription to an independent, professional financial newsletter written by experienced PROFESSIONALS...like Goldonomic!

Good advice never comes for free. Before you realize it, you will have lost the COST of your subscription on your investment and Real Estate purchases...Important is to understand that the actual situation and hence also the PROBLEM is dramatic and INTERNATIONAL.

Real Estate charts only for Subscribers.

DUTCH real estate peak 2021 11 01  small lock sept
Real Estate prices haven't been so expensive for at least 400 years.  
investeren in onroerend small lock sept
Belgian financial newspaper forecasting another 3.5% rise in Real Estate prices.  
real estate in lira 2020 21 Inflation per country 2021 11 01
Inflation-adjusted prices of Real estate in Turkey rose by 15%, however, >>>>> The Turkish Lira lost 27.80%...the total yearly net loss is 27.8% - 15% = 12.80% !

p.s. Ripley's believe it or not, but there are still some people out there who keep pretending that investing in Real Estate and in particular in Turkish Real Estate is a wise decision.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Welcome to the SUPER-BUBBLE! Those who believe and HOPE this bubble will go away, are in for a terrible surprise. Note the amplitude of "the crash" is each time BIGGER. Expect AT LEAST a 95% crash when expressed in Real Money! small lock sept

Important Technicals:

  • Whatever the FED will be announcing (more or less tapering), small lock sept
  • Breakout of small lock sept
small lock sept small lock sept
small lock sept small lock sept
small lock sept small lock sept
small lock sept small lock sept
small lock sept  small lock sept 
small lock sept small lock sept
+100% versus the actual price...  

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Monday/Wednesday, November 1-3, 2021 - This is the beginning of a worldwide, dramatic Real Estate crash!

Updated Sections: Treasuries in the EU, Corporate Bonds , 

COVID-passes or an important principle of the Leninist state was, “trust is good, control is better” One crucial component of the Marxist-Leninist prescription for the West’s demise has been implemented. (as a matter of fact, trust was utterly absent in the old Soviet Union).

This was what life was during the 1950s when Money was REAL!

Real Money and Real Democracy with non-professional politicians bring progress.  This is what the world is today, a deplorable planet exploited by professional politicians.

Authorities are ONLY good at is taxation or better legal theft (and at inflation or hidden taxation). The narrative is that they do it to help the poor people. In fact, it is nothing more than legal theft of the purchasing power of the people. For some reason, the people don't realize that it is they who pay for every cent of taxation. Biden, other G-20 world leaders formally endorse groundbreaking global corporate minimum tax. The new global minimum tax of 15 percent aims to reverse the decades-long decline in tax rates on corporations across the world. The reality will be that Corporations will seek other ways to evade the extra taxation.

Western politicians and central bankers are quick to offer explanations for rapidly rising prices – from bottlenecks in supply chains to their favorite bogeyman, Vladimir Putin. They don't dare mention the real cause: themselves.

“Inflation is always and everywhere a purely monetary phenomenon” – Milton Friedman.

Fiat money Prices in Western economies continue to skyrocket – whether in real estate, stock markets, cryptocurrencies, food, consumer goods, or energy. We are consistently seeing massive price increases that far outpace wage growth (or Real Income is falling sharply). In recent months, the situation has been getting increasingly worse, and we have heard nothing but excuses from the political establishment: from bottlenecks in supply chains to allegations that Russian President Vladimir Putin is personally manipulating the supply of natural gas. Of course, the Western establishment would never consider putting the blame where it belongs – on itself.

Although many in the financial industry and in business and politics try to disguise this fact, inflation is, at its core, an expansion of the money supply. Plain and simple. Price increases are merely a corresponding symptom of a growing money supply. The more money in circulation to chase goods, the more prices rise. Where price increases are most acute depends on how the newly created currency is distributed in society.

Have you ever gone shopping and noticed that the price of your favorite product has doubled and jumped for joy because of the increase? No, of course, you haven't. Inflation only benefits central banks and governments trying to pay off their massive debts. The only catch is that they have to destroy your purchasing power to do it – a fact they want to hide from you.

Real Estate is at its' top and sales start to fall. In reality, the Real Estate sector has already started to fall months ago...when expressed in real money...The quality, not the number of GDP matters for Real Estate. Dutch, Belgian Real Estate is at a level not seen in 400 years and you know what, there are still people around who live the dream that prices will continue to go up. They REFUSE to understand the mechanisms of Real Estate...as they don't really know where to move their savings in order to survive what is coming...we KNOW! It will cost you $675 if you also want to know. Less than what you are about to lose if you think you know better.

Foreclosures surge.

Important Fundamentals:

  • So as the Automobile sector goes so goes the economy (old saying). small lock sept
  • Don't fall for the COVID-shortage-narrative! Covid is nothing but a COVER-UP and we experience shortages because we live at the beginning of exponential inflation or hyperinflation. Those who don't act TODAY will be late! Note that at this time the shortages are bigger in the USA than in Europe. However, be advised that when it rains today in the USA, it will also rain tomorrow in the EUSSR. See the video below for more.
  • That is EXACTLY the when they started the COVID-scam: end of 2019! 

small lock sept

  • The US hits the second-largest deficit ever at $2.77 trillion after 2 years of pandemic spending.
  • Gold-Bankers  small lock sept

Important Technicals:

  • small lock sept 


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