October 2020

The COVID-19 is the pin of the bubble we had before!

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Thursday/Friday, October 29-30 - If everything fails, they go to war. If we have a war and you have no gold, you are toast!

Updated Sections:

Voting, the be-all, and end-all of the modern democratic politicians has become a farce if indeed it was ever anything else. By voting, the people decide only which of the oligarchs preselected for them as viable candidates will wield the whip used to flog them and will command the legion of willing accomplices and anointed lickspittles who perpetrate the countless violations of the people’s natural rights. Meanwhile, the masters soothe the masses by assuring them night and day that they — the plundered and bullied multitudes who compose the electorate — are themselves the government.

Today, the criminals are protected by the Government and Good citizens are endangered. If you stand up for yourself, the mob helped by the media will do whatever they can to destroy you.

Interest rates to

Bond prices will collapse

"A roll-over of PUBLIC DEBT (extending the maturity date of Treasures by 100 to 150 years or at eternam, is certainly plausible."

sinking house3Stop measuring your wealth in worthless fiat currencies like they do in Venezuela. To measure your assets in a fiat currency, be it dollars, euros, or pounds, is absolute madness. Why do you measure your wealth in something that in real terms has declined by 98% since 1971 and 85% since 2000? It might feel good for a moment but when you realize that these gains are just paper profits that are not only meaningless but will evaporate totally in the next few years as stocks and paper money implode together.

And don’t for a second believe that the assets you own whether they are stocks, bonds, or Real Estate property are really worth the thousands or millions that they are valued at in fake monkey money. The imminent wealth destruction will soon reveal to investors that their assets are only worth a fraction of the imaginary value they have today.

Central banks will not save the world, they can’t. 

Physical gold (and silver) will in the next few years reveal the total delusion that the financial system has rested on.

Central banks have been lowering interest rates and doing quantitative easing (i.e., printing money and buying financial assets) in ways that are unsustainable. That bolstered asset prices and levered up the buying of private equity and real estate.

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

  • The FED, ECB,...Central Banks buy

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Wednesday, October 28 - All Commodities are breaking out and prices are going up.

Updated Sections:Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous & shares, Long Term Commodity Charts,
Inflation Index, Bonds general & USA, Treasuries in the EU, Literature (2 new books)

Manhattan, London,...we have a massive flight out of cities. Businesses are closing down. Never to be reopened. This is a paradigm shift and THE excuse for Authorities to the organized theft which is coming next. While the attention is focussed on this COVID-FLU, Authorities and Central Bankers are preparing for the BIG HOLDUP of the 21st Century. 

The belief in "authority", which includes all belief in "government", is irrational and self-contradictory; it is contrary to civilization and morality and constitutes the most dangerous, destructive superstition that has ever existed. Rather than being a force for order and justice, the belief in "authority" is the arch-enemy of humanity.

Obedience to "authority is NOT a virtue (at least in most cases), and respecting and complying with the "laws" of "government" doesn't makes us civilized and disrespect doesn't per se lead to chaos and violence.  As a matter of fact, countries like the U.S.A., Canada, and even Belgium (1830) were born out of disrespect. The French Revolution was "disrespect". Europe was freed of the German oppressor in 1945 because of disrespect for the Germans.

Whether Biden or Trump is elected this coming November, will only change the color of the thief as both will continue to rob and control their subjects (Slaves) by force. 

Gold confiscation will come...financial freedom is becoming difficult in this digital system. Gold and Silver however have always been a means of escape because PHYSICAL Gold and Silver are the ultimate money with no counterparty. It was so for the past 6,000 years and it will probably be so for the next 6,000 years and more. Last but not least, those who don't buy Physical Gold & Silver because, at some time down the line, the system might change, are making a big mistake. We have yet to see what the future will bring, but in all cases, Physical Gold & Silver offer THE BEST protection for what is to come.  Soon you will NO LONGER BE ABLE/ALLOWED to open/have a bank/broker account out of your country! Only people who received the ok of the TAX AUTHORITIES will be allowed to have such an account and you will be forced to CLOSE it after the smallest incident. International money transfers will become very difficult, if possible at all. Today, even the shipment of Gold & Silver out of Europe-the EU has already become a headache. In many cases, it has become impossible to ship physical Gold & Silver abroad.

For subscribers only.

This COVID-MASQUERADE is covering a way more dangerous and way more profound action of the Authorities and Central Bankers on our lives...and it will become evident in 2021. Just follow the Money and the Power.

We live a controlled demolition of the Western World. Especially in Europe where all constitutional rights

Important Fundamentals:

  • Financial markets don't like uncertainty and today we have more uncertainty than we ever had...will Sleepy Joe get elected or will Trump be staying in the White House. Will the Republicans win the Congress, will they be able to keep the Senate?. Those who get bored, better go fishing until November 3rd.
  • Unless the US

Important Technicals:

  • At this time, interest rates
  • Long term technicals suggest that both the U.S. and Canadian markets

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Monday/Tuesday, October 26-27 - COVID-19 is an artificially induced coma of the Economy.

Updated Sections: Bank & Fin. Shares, Crude Oil priceCoal & Solar & Rare Elements,

socialist americansThose who want Biden & his socialists to get into the white house have no understanding that the money will come out of their own pockets (property taxes will go up by 3% under Biden) and that in the end, they will end like this teacher in Venezuela: earning $3 a month and unable to feed her kids.

"For the last 6,000 years, You could all over the world, at any time convert gold and silver into any currency"

The Consequence of this COVID-19 is an artificially induced COMA of the Economy and the Financial System. Both the VELOCITY and Number of transactions are lower. However, there is NO WAY these lower levels can beat the EXPONENTIAL GROWING MONEY SUPPLY. Sure is that the members of the THINK-TANK which developed this COVID-strategy prepared the scenario and its implementation carefully. OF utmost importance was and it that THE HERD or more than 60% of a population would believe the story and accept the WAR and CURFEW  restrictions. 

M x V P x T

How to expect Joe-6-pack to understand the government has no money and that all has to come from taxes & the creation of money (hidden taxes) if professionals and professors economics don't even understand it.

Even with this exponential growth of Money Supply, the economy has crashed into a depression which is as severe as the 1930-1945 depression. The DANGER and the problem is, that once the Hyperinflation starts, it is ALWAYS too LATE to ACT and that ALL CASINO players (stock and bond market speculators, bank adepts,...) will be caught in their own game and lose it all.

exponential growth 2020 recession 2020 10 23
M1 2020 10 18

Velocity is a lagging indicator,
therefore it is always too late to act
it starts moving up!
See subscribers section in order
to find out how to invest so you
are prepared and safe!

For subscribers only.

It's long, but it's worth every minute. In 90 minutes, I completely destroy the credibility of 60 Minutes Australia, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Nick McKenzie, and Charlotte Grieve. Actually, it only took 6 minutes, but their lies were so numerous that I needed the extra minutes to expose them all. Note: Fairfax Media was taken over by Nine Entertainment Limited over a year ago, so technically it no longer exists. 

EuroPacific is a full reserve bank...has ZERO COMMERCIAL & LOAN risks.  It is an American Bank protected by U.S. legislation.  For European account holders, parking their savings in an EP bank account is parking capital out of Political Reach with the option to run and manage a portfolio and buy Gold & Silver. and YES, to open an account with EP is a PAIN in the ASS!

Important Note: the very fact that this kind of smear-campaign happens, is a BIG WARNING. Soon you will NO LONGER BE ABLE/ALLOWED to open/have a bank/broker account out of your country! Only people who received an ok of the TAX AUTHORITIES will be allowed to have such an account and you will be forced to CLOSE it after the smallest incident.

Important Fundamentals:

  • We suspect the Central Banks to buy
  • Kinross also reiterates previous guidance that

Important Technicals:

  • Wheat is a good indicator
  • Whether Trump or Biden is elected, the US-Dollar will
  • As a consequence of a
  • Stock Markets may or may not correct, crash, or resume their uptrend. Whatever happens, those holding Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate will be the REAL LOSERS.

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Thursday/Friday, October 22-23, 2020 -  Orwell – new world order is NOW & the great reset will not be a restart!

Updated Sections: Oil Shares, Natural Gas & shares

corona virus orwell


Orwell – new world order is NOW. Quarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick people. No kissing, no hugging, ….I am your governor and I am telling you what YOU must do! Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people. The Great Reset is not a restart like many think. Business, as usual, died with Covid-19. There will be NO going back but a transformation. Whoever wins the presidential elections, I don't expect a lot will change – the USA has printed itself in a corner...In all cases we expect:

  • more regulation and fewer liberties
  • more & higher taxes
  • more deficits & more global debt.
  • more fiat money creation
  • more stimulus
  • more depression

How the hell is the stock market going up and staying up? Who are there kidding? How can the stock market keep going up when you look at New York City? Fifth Avenue is no more. People will continue to leave densely populated cities and countries. The election is gonna change NOTHING. From San Francisco to Sydney to New York, to Brussels, to Amsterdam, to London, to Zurich, to Paris,  rents for downtown apartments are dropping...

real estate bubble and pinCommercial real estate will continue to go down, Apartment prices will continue to go down, shopping malls will disappear, this is A WAR and the BIG DEPRESSION of the 21st Century! And what is worse, the politicians who started this war, have no exit policy. Covid is a cover-up for something much worse and this is coordinated action. This is not the end of globalization, but rather more globalization. 

It is very clear that home working will become much more prevalent and many cities will become ghost towns. Tax revenue will decline dramatically and the authorities will not be able to keep up even simple services such as water, sanitation, or cleaning. Also, many retail outlets and restaurants, as well as offices in cities, will close due to lack of customers, crime, and out of town or online shopping. This trend has of course already started in many cities.

"Politicians have no exit strategy and this is not the end of globalization, but rather more globalization."

Despite everything that we have already been through in 2020, the dominant narrative in our society right now is that everything is going to be just fine once we get past our temporary problems. So many people that I hear from can’t understand why I am so “negative” about the future because they are completely convinced that really great days are just around the corner. As odd as this may sound, we are seeing this sort of wild optimism among Christians and atheists, capitalists and communists.

The truth is that many of our largest problems have been steadily growing for decades. Our debt levels are absolutely exploding, our economy has plunged into a depression, there is civil unrest in our streets, our society is literally coming apart at the seams as just about every form of evil that you can possibly imagine is growing rapidly all around us.

As the Real Income on real estate will also sharply fall, it will no longer be interesting to hold on to bricks. Will you hold on to yours until somebody in your street MUST sell at a lower price and bring down the value of all houses in your street? This is a Road Map for Reals Estate:

  1. the Real Estate market climaxes (2019-2020)
  2. the Real Estate market dries up (2020- 2021)
  3. The Real Estate market collapses (2021 - 2022).

Higher maintenance costs and higher taxes will kill the sector but banks are also crashing the sector because they become very picky in selling mortgages and at a certain point will be forced to sell the foreclosures when these happen...during the last crisis they lost a lot of money because they waited. This time, we expect the banks to sell much faster and this will push Real Estate prices down faster. Don't expect immigrants to save the sector. They will rather become a burden and push the general price level even more down.

Swiss money supply 2020 10 21

The Swiss National Bank has de facto become the BIGGEST HEDGE fund in the world. As global central banks’ balance sheets are exploding, with disastrous consequences, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) stands out as the “biggest hedge fund” and speculator in the world. In other words, the SWISS FRANC has become a HUGE LEVERAGED HEDGE FUND. When the Stock markets crashes, so will the Swiss franc.

Soon Gold and Silver will be freed of their shackles and be free to move up. WHY do all central banks still hold GOLD in their reserves!? A profound question with a profound answer. Central banks hold Gold for a reason. Gold and Silver will probably and hopefully be the only financial instruments that will enable one to survive the Global Reset.

Venezuela’s current price for Gold is now posting 19,197.97 Bolivar, with Silver gaining 4.553 Bolivar with its last price at 245.093. Argentina’s Peso has given Gold a 2,067.78 A-Peso gain with the last trade at 148,258.14 with Silver’s latest price at 1,892.69 A-Peso’s proving a gain of 35.81 overnight. Gold’s price under the Turkish Lira is trading at 15,248.13, gaining 212.70 T-Lira’s with Silver’s gains adding 3.68 T-Lira’s with the last price set at 194.666.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Switch energy and oil shares

Important Technicals:

  • Wheat rises to a 6 year high. Consumer prices of Food staples, in general, are rising and indicating we are heading for much higher Consumer prices.
  • A BUY signal for Gold and Miners? See charts.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020 - This CORONA-THING is successfully hiding another more dangerous Financial-virus!

Updated Sections: Recession Proof Shs (LOCG), Recession Proof-hold, Bio Tech-Pharma

Sweden did nothing. Nicaragua did nothing...and they have fewer problems than in the Western World and they didn't kill the economy.  This clearly proofs the COVID-19 is used for another goal. That it is used to cover up the Big Depression of the 21st Century and that it will be USED to TAX YOU LIKE THERE is NO TOMORROW (either directly by taxation, either indirectly by hyperinflation).

We are all being had, 99.99% of the people having COVID are ok. You are being played. Are you so ignorant that you already forgot the NAZI-regime, SOVJET-regime, China-regime!? Trump is far from being perfect but at least he's positive about the crisis.  Trump build ventilators and all of a sudden we didn't need ventilators anymore. Today we have fewer casualties because of the COVID than we had in the past years because of the FLU (and vaccines). And yes, if BIDEN gets elected, he's gonna hand it over the Harris the next day...and she will hand it out to...you know it!

Financial Markets hate uncertainty, and the outcome of this presidential election is very uncertain. Some sources say that: "if Sleepy Joe wins, it will be WAR"!  Very well possible. However, important for investors is WHAT the FED will react. Subscribers know that today's financial markets are nothing more and nothing less but COMMUNICATING FINANCIAL VESSELS (even so in the EU and Switzerland).

The-Money-Witch-Hunting goes on. Nowadays, every bank, banker, country that is acting is a somewhat different way than the Herd, is suspected to hide TAX-Money and is burned at the stake by RED-JOURNALISTS. templars at the stakeToday, these bankers, before there is an indictment, are pictured as immoral, as criminals, and must be burned to the stake. And THE HERD loves this and cheers. Exactly what happened during the Middle-Ages (anno 1,300) when - after they were tortured to find out where their gold was hidden  - they burned the Templers in public at the stake (Philip the Good & The Templars - ). Sounds familiar!? See below

By 1295, to pay for his constant wars, Philip had no choice but to borrow more and debase the currency by reducing its silver content. This led to the virtual disappearance of silver from France by 1301. A currency depreciation provided the crown with 1.419 million, more than enough to cover war costs in the same period. This was socially devastating. It was accompanied by dramatic inflation that damaged the real incomes of the creditors such as the aristocracy and the Church, who received a weaker currency in return for the loans they had issued in a stronger currency. The indebted lower classes did not benefit from the devaluation, as the high inflation ate into the purchasing power of their money. The result was social unrest.

After all the money of the others has been spent, the HERD always becomes Hungry. Zimbabwe is an example of excellence. Once they chased away or killed all White Farmers, there was starvation. When people lose it all and have nothing left to lose, they lose it all and we have a revolution (and/or a WAR)!

When people lose it all and have nothing left to lose, they lose it all and we have a revolution!

Bankers/stockbrokers have become the TAX-INSPECTORS of the Authorities and tomorrow (when it all is digital) they will become de facto TAX COLLECTORS. It will be your banker who collects directly the taxes out of your bank account and transfer the funds to the Government. It will be your banker/stockbroker who BLOCKS your bank account if you don't behave well.

The world is brainwashed by the idea that RICH people should donate their wealth to POOR people. That Government has the right to and must steal from people who did well and worked hard in their life to DONATE it to those who did poorly of who like to live off the sweat of others.  There are plenty of examples that this is the fastest way to terminate an economic system and society: the USSR, China-Mao, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Venezuela,...As we explained so many times, what they dare to call DEMOCRACY is the fastest way to end up with genuine, authentic Communism.  And Communism ALWAYS ends with HUNGER and Misery.

more for subscribers.

Important Fundamentals:

  • The-Money-Witch-Hunting goes on. Every bank who
  • WHY is the stock market going up at a time where EVERY country will have a negative GDP this year...EXCEPT for China? Because we have communicating Financial Vessels and

 Important Technicals:

  • Stock markets are frozen by FEAR. Technically speaking, we observe more 

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Monday/Tuesday, October 19-206, 2020 - A crack-up boom: instead of stopping the creation of fiat money, they increase it!

Updated Sections: Long Term Charts, Royalty Co's , Gold & Silver Majors, 
Miners & Gold vs SPX, Gold & Silver Juniors

von mises 80 years 2020 10 09An exponential M1 (money) growth we have: It took 80 years for the FED to create the 1st trillion, for the 2nd trillion it took 18 years, for the 3rd trillion it took 5 years,  for the 4th it took 4 years, for the 5th trillion it took only 4 months.

The exponential growth of Money supply comes with less demand, less production, a lower REAL GDP but Higher Prices.! This is the perfect picture of the coming hyperinflation.

History confirms that inflation is ultimately a matter of extreme money supply, and all agree that the backdrop for precious metals is highly favorable, not because gold is getting “stronger” but simply because every fiat currency in the world is getting blatantly weaker under unlimited QE and other central bank policy over-reaches. Less demand, less production, higher prices = hyperinflation

The (IDIOT) Authorities are unwilling, nor prepared to....or are simply to STUPID to stop this creation of Fiat money out of thin air. Instead, they do exactly the opposite: they create even more fiat money! These guys should be hanged in the highest trees by their balls as well as those who are voting these criminals into place. By doing what they are doing, they are simply ensuring that tomorrow will be a disaster. And by tomorrow, I think of a maximum of 2 1/2 years.

As we keep repeating, this COVID-thing is misused by Authorities to create more FEAR, make is easier for them to control the (stupid) Herd, to buy more votes, to spend more money (in an unrestricted way), and to print more fiat money. Most of the time they have no clue of the DRAMA that they are creating by acting the way they are. And even if they have, the psychopaths they are don't give S..T. Psychopaths NEVER did and never do Louis XIV - Louis XVI, Nero, Maduro, Kirchner, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Che, Castro, ...

CANADA GOING TYRANNICAL with a 2nd "Total" Lockdown and ISOLATION CAMPS for "Refusers".

The road map is as follows: Phase in secondary lockdown canadarestrictions on a rolling basis. Expected by November 2020.

  • Rush the acquisition of isolation facilities. Expected by December 2020.
  • Complete and total secondary lockdown expected by end of December 2020 - early January 2021
  • Reform and expansion of the unemployment program to be transitioned into the universal basic income program. Expected by Q1 2021.
  • Projected COVID-19 mutation and/or co-infection with secondary virus leading to a third wave with a much higher mortality rate and a higher rate of infection. Expected by February 2021. Enhanced lockdown restrictions (referred to as Third Lock Down) will be implemented. Full travel restrictions will be imposed). Expected Q2 2021.
  • Transitioning of individuals into the universal basic income program. Expected mid-Q2 2021.
  • Projected supply chain break downs, inventory shortages, large economic instability. Expected late Q2 2021.
  • Deployment of military personnel into major metropolitan areas as well as all major roadways to establish travel checkpoints. Restrict travel and movement. Provide logistical support to the area. Expected by Q3 2021.
  • In order to offset what was essentially an economic collapse on an international scale, the federal government is going to offer Canadians a total debt relief. The federal government will offer to eliminate all personal debts (mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc) which all funding will be provided to Canada by the IMF under what will become known as the World Debt Reset program.
  • In exchange for acceptance of this total debt forgiveness, the individual would forfeit ownership of any and all property and assets forever. Those who refuse would first live under the lockdown restrictions indefinitely. The ones who refused to participate would be deemed a public safety risk and would be relocated into isolation facilities. Once in those facilities they would be given two options, participate in the debt forgiveness program and be released, or stay indefinitely in the isolation facility under the classification of a serious public health risk and have all their assets seized.

Don't believe the above!? Watch the video below (Canadian Parliament):

One-fifth of the Belgian public debt is in the hands of the European Central Bank (ECB). Over the past five and a half years, the central banks of the eurozone have pumped some 3,400 billion euros into the economy by purchasing massive amounts of bonds. This is the so-called quantitative easing (QE).

"Insurance co's, Pension Funds, Banks,...are BY LAW forced to invest the bulk of their assets in Belgian Treasuries."

Massive purchases of government bonds have brought Belgian long-term interest rates below zero. The yield on ten-year government bonds fell to -0.34 percent on Tuesday, flirting with the historic low of -0.39 percent, which dates from August last year. The Belgian state is therefore able to borrow money at a negative interest rate. As investors are NOT willing to pay to lend money to the country. The Belgian Central bank and the ECB are the major buyers of all new debt. Other unfortunate buyers are those who are LEGALLY FORCED to buy Government Debt: Insurance co's, Pension funds, Banks,...

"During the 1930s, Germans were forced to take a 50% mortgage on their homes and pay out the money to the German Authorities"

only for subscribers.

Important Fundamentals:

  • This is a much larger crisis! Government debt and spending are rising like there is no tomorrow and the tax income keeps falling. It is a commercial real estate crisis: people do no longer pay rent and stop paying their mortgage. Retailers, gym's, car rentals can no longer pay their rent. Those who bought cars can no longer pay off their car loan. We have more money printing at a time where there is less demand for goods and services. The public stopped spending and started SAVING. Prices are going up even as demand falls.
  • At a certain point, in the end,
  • In the end, we'll have people with Gold & Silver and people without Gold & Silver.

 Important Technicals:

  • Royalties:
  • The next target for $-Gold
  • The Gold Market

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Thursday/Friday, October 15-16, 2020 - Gone fishing until The Presidential Elections or November 3

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes, Index In Real Money/Gold,

gone fishing


Gone fishing until The Presidential Elections or November 3rd! Financial Markets and Investors don't like uncertainty. And a lot of uncertainly we have. More than we normally have. This because of this COVID-19, Mail Ballots,...In 2016 we were more or less sure that Trump would win the Presidential Elections. Today we are not. On the contrary, we fear BIDEN will win the White House AND the Senate. If our forecast is correct, this will result in MORE TAXATION, MORE MONEY CREATION, MORE REGULATION...and of course a LOWER U.S. Dollar,  higher Gold & Silver, and initial LOWER STOCK MARKETS. Certainly so the first weeks and months.

"In these uncertain times it's best to focus on the long term trend and wealth's preservation rather than on speculation."

Today, there are high-risk conditions linked to ASSET DIVERSIFICATION strategies as sold by bankers and brokers. All U.S. Equities are linked to the U.S. Dollar and it has become of utmost importance to recalibrate all equities value in terms of gold in order to establish their real value.

Politicians are people who kill an elephant in order to save a FLY and VOTES. One of the main mistakes the politicians made during the Great Depression of the 30s', was to BURN FOOD STAPLES. One of the main mistakes the politicians make today is the way they try to control a VIRUS by killing the economy.

Because of COVID-19, millions of Americans are going hungry as it becomes impossible to put enough food on the table. About 46 million Americans are already living on FOOD BANKS and the numbers are rising each day. They no longer dream of buying a house anymore. Last March already 20% of Americans reported they lacked food. The tragic consequences of COVID-19 will make more Americans vote for BIDEN.

  • One out of 5 Americans will be out of Money bt November 3.
  • The trillions of COVID help spend by the US government is wearing out.
  • The loan forgiving program is coming to an end.
  • More than half of the businesses that closed because of COVID-19 won't open again.
  • Families battle to make the ends meet by cutting on expenses.
  • Investors are perceiving the fact that after all, Biden might win the presidency and Democrats the House. If Democrats win the elections the DOLLAR may well enter a FREE-FALL and this will affect the Stock Market.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Why are gold miners not doing better right now? Beware of Miners! There is LESS

Important Technicals:

  • The short-term investor
  • See charts.
 Our Index points to LOWER.........  A LOWER ............. we expect.
Higher .......
Higher ........

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - Gold has enormous value in times of uncertainty…

Updated Sections: Candollar & Gold, British Pound & Gold, Swedish Krona & Gold, 
Aussie & Gold , Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold

Global Debt is 3 times as big as the Global GDP. This is unseen in history. Only IDIOTS wave this away (and we have plenty of these). There is a complete DANGEROUS disconnect between the economic reality and roulettethe financial markets. Financial Markets are in SUPER-BUBBLES because of the money created by the Authorities (Central Banks). This serves two goals: it allows Central Banks to create even more money out of thin air and it gives the impression to the broad public that LALA-land is alive and kicking. 

These days apparently you just have to print money and go into debt in order to prosper?! This is a huge reason why I believe that gold still has long-term potential, just as it did back in ancient Greece and in ancient Rome, and before and during the French Revolution, and in Zimbabwe, and in Venezuela, and in Argentina, and in Turkey, and soon also "in the Western World"!.

"Gold has enormous value in times of uncertainty… and we’re definitely living through that now."

Global GDP contracted by 5% to 6% and with $260 trillion Global Debt, the present situation is as BAD (if not worse) than at the end of World War 2. The Gold price proofs that THE HERD (or 90% of the public) still doesn't get the reality and prefers to play the Stock Markets. The Herd is totally focused on Fools' Gold, COVID-19, and the November Presidential Election that it forgets that this GLOBAL FANTASY will end to exists the day DEBT calls it. It will all start when the central banks' ability to keep interest rates low stops and interest rates rise.

Sure, Stock Markets could DOUBLE again (only in nominal terms - or your portfolio will only buy 3 eggs) but could also crash to almost ZERO. And this can happen overnight! If Stock Markets double, we russian rouletteexpect to see a Gold to Dow Ratio of 1:1 or a 60,000 Dow Jones would equal a $60,000 gold price. If the Stock Markets crash, stocks are to collapse by 90% to 95%. So, WHY hold on to STOCKS as these are nothing more than financial Russian roulette.

Financial Media, Banks, and Brokers earning their life with Equities are nothing but propaganda trying to increase the size of these bubbles even more. However, the reality is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to suppress interest rates forever. Some day this game will stop. Interest rates will soar.

A crash can happen at any time during a period of high INFLATION, and will for sure happen during hyperinflation. Because of the CRASH, the bubble bursts and the Fiat Money becomes worthless. We enter a cycle of deflation.

 "The curse of deflation is that it increases the burden of debts. Incomes fall: debts stay the same. This way lies suffocation."

Click here for more...

Important Fundamentals:

  • Don't expect anything spectacular to happen in the Financial Markets until after the Presidential Elections of November 2020.
  • A crashing dollar 
  • The COVID-19 does has a SEVERE impact on the economy, on the velocity of money, and on the savings rate of the broad public. The chart below shows us how severe the impact is. The unwillingness, the fear of the public to consume, and the willingness to SAVE because the future has become very GRIM is totally reflected by this graph. This will also have a SEVERE impact on Real Estate Markets and Real Estate prices. We expect LOWER prices.

Important Technicals:

  • 2021 Targets for Gold and Silver.

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Monday/Tuesday, October 12-13, 2020 - Digital Money will not and cannot succeed in doing what printed money could not do! 

Updated Sections: Gold-$, Silver, US Dollar, Rupee Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold, €-Gold & €/$,  

Stupid peopleThe odds that STUPID people read this update, read Goldonomic are max. 5%. Stupid people prefer to listen to the Authorities, to what Politicians and their Mainstream Media tell them to believe (during Revolutions and times of War, the 1st thing the invader does, is to occupy the MEDIA so they can control THE HERD).  If you read this, know that at least 70% of the people around you are HERD, SHEEP. These people don't reason, don't listen to reason, they only follow THE LAW and obey the barking dogs (politicians).  They don't feel like spending energy in trying to UNDERSTAND what is going on. However, they are the MAJORITY and therefore decide about the faith of Society. This is WHY a Democracy by definition ALWAYS ends in Socialism (Communism).

The odds that people actually ACT on that they see and read are even smaller. Most people have plenty of excuses not to do what must be done: children, wife, parents, grandparents,...and in the end, they prefer to board that CATTLE WAGON to some extermination camp.

As always, scientists, people understanding what is happening and what is to happen have left the country. They (Albert. Einstein) know that after Socialism and Communism take over, they will be the 1st ones to be arrested, locked up, executed.

It is because the Herd is a Herd that we have CLIMAX moments in the financial markets.  The Herd acts mainly by emotion (and not by reasoning) and therefore always comes late.

"You can't legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government can't give to anybody anything that the government doesn't first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they don't have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."

The video below is very interesting. Those who refuse to learn from history are forced to repeat it. Electrical cars, Green Fuel,...they tried it in the past and threw the idea away because of not-economic. So WHY are they making the same mistakes again today? Why are we falling into the Global Warning and COVID-trap?

A very interesting video with subtitles and MUST SEE if you want to understand how and why where we are TODAY. You will also learn more about IG-Farben - now BAYER (the manufacturer of the Zyclon-B used to kill millions of Jews between 1942 and 1945 a cyanide-based pesticide, Zyklon B, was used to kill over one million people, mostly Jews, in gas chambers), about Monsanto and Roundup (now BAYER), etc...If you watch the video, you will also see that an alert citizen-investor can only do so much and that moving, emigrating often is the best option.


One of the best stories of the Sovereign Debt Crisis is the City of Mainz, in Germany, around 1440. Gutenberg invented the printing press,. He began the Printing Revolution that enabled the Renaissance to gutenbergflourish. His printing press could produce up to 3,600 pages per workday compared to the hand-copying by scribes which would produce only about 40 pages per day. The printing press then spread within several decades to over two hundred cities in a dozen European countries. Mainz exploded economically and quickly the politicians were licking their lips with visions of new tax revenue without end. They began borrowing against future tax revenue since they learned how to spend the money faster than it could be collected.

"Nothing comes for free, not even PRINTED MONEY!"

As the politicians of Mainz kept raising taxes because they could not pay their debts, they began to issue new debt to repay the old as we do today. Suddenly, they drove people out because of their taxation as we are witnessing once more. Then the politicians could not sell new debt to pay for the old and that is when then defaulted. The Pope excommunicated the politicians for their abuse of Usury and then the creditors simply invaded, sacked the city, burned it to the ground. No doubt, this is the fate we will face because politicians are driving their car at top speed without a seat-belt and they never checked the tires. Nothing comes for free, not even PRINTED MONEY!

"Today they think they can do with DIGITAL Money what Gutenberg could not do with PRINTED Money. IMPOSSIBLE!"

Do you have a SECOND PASSPORT? a plan "B" !? Madrid, Spain this weekend. Police is checking on cars leaving the city of Madrid. People living in Madrid and who have LUGGAGE in their second passportsend back home by the police.  Only those who can prove they don't live in Madrid are allowed to continue their journey.

Whoever has a 2nd passport (for example Panama) could and can AT ALL TIMES travel to and from Panama (humanitarian flights). No restrictions. Any Madrid resident can show his Panama passport to a police officer trying to stop him/her to leave the city of Madrid. Any European resident, any American resident can respectively leave Europe or the U.S.A. with a Panama passport.

"Coming to a city, country theatre near you? Or all theatres?"

The situation is even worse in Australia where Australians are forbidden to travel internationally. No Long-Distance Travel Till 2022 For Australians – And That’s IF POPULATION-WIDE Vaccine Is Rolled Out Next Year, Budget Predicts. Australians weary of restrictions are out of luck, as the country’s new budget predicts social distancing will continue for two years and long-distance travel is to remain off-limits until everyone is able to get a Covid-19 jab.

Widespread adoption of a vaccine for the novel coronavirus will be a prerequisite for Australians being able to travel long distances again, according to the country’s new budget that was unveiled on Tuesday. Until that vaccine is rolled out, they can expect social distancing, intermittent lockdowns, and a stagnant economy

"Get your SECOND PASSPORT NOW! - contact us, we can do it FAST and cost-effective!"

Important Fundamentals:

  • We have a 5,000 year LOW

Important Technicals:

  • The Gold & Silver sector
  • US-Dollar

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Thursday/Friday, October 8/9, 2020 - The REAL pain & crisis will come after this COVID-19 thing in 2021!

Updated Sections:Gold TargetsSilver Targets,  

We do have a subscription to his newsletter like we have a subscription to many other newsletters. By buying our newsletter, on top of our experience, you also get the professional filtered information of several other newsletters. Gerald Celente is the publisher of the Trends Journal, a weekly magazine analyzing global current events forming future trends. Our mission is to present Facts and Truth over hype and propaganda to help subscribers prepare for What’s Next in the increasingly turbulent times ahead.

"Stop working on WHY the future will happen and try to figure out WHEN it will...and prepare NOW!"

Coronavirus which started in early 2020, is not the reason for the current downturn in the world economy. It was just a catalyst. For some reason, when cycles are about to accelerate hard down, the trigger seems to be the worst possible. I did not expect it to come now as this COVID-19 and cause a total lockdown of parts of the economy and society in so many countries.

When you are approaching the end of a financial era or cycle, it is very difficult to predict exactly how it will all end. Very few people understand that we are now living on borrowed time. But there is absolutely no doubt that we are now at the end of the end and of a major cycle.

Markets continue to CONSOLIDATE and we expect this to be our daily life until after the presidential elections. At this time there is too much insecurity. We KNOW in which direction markets will breakout and breakdown. This information we publish in our subscribers' sections. Important is to PREPARE NOW for what will happen in the financial markets after the U.S. Presidential Elections.


More in the Subscribers' section

"Our Cycle Analysis tells us that the next BULL RUN for Silver and Gold will start BEFORE and/or AT THE LATEST...

Important Fundamentals:

  • If you still have properties in cities, SELL
  • Immigrants start to populate certain parts of cities and bring down prices. The color of one neighbor brings severely down the value of all the houses in your street.
  • The video below is interesting because it tells you what CENTRAL BANKS have become.  Just imagine what will happen once the BOND (Treasuries) and STOCK markets CRASH!. Skip the first minutes of the video...

Important Technicals:

  • The correction on the stock markets
  • This gold chart amazes us -- and it'll amaze you, too. This chart master created an interactive chart you haven't seen elsewhere and shows the incredibly strong correlation between

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - This is no rehearsal, this is for real. This is the BIG Financial Crisis of the 21st Century on steroids. So STOP fooling around!

Updated Sections: Short and Long Candles in mosts sections for Gold & Silver - It's only 
a matter of days before the bull run starts. This bull run will last until well into 2021!
Gold Fundamentals, Silver Fundamentals, Bank & Financials II (fundamentals) ,
Bond Fundamentals I

We must be sure that this COVID-NONSENSE NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN! There are so many examples throughout history and all over the world that Communism, Socialism doesn't work. And yet, there are still morons who keep pretending it does. Not only is this COVID-19 blown up beyond all proportions. Even worse, is that the PCR-TEST is absolutely WORTHLESS.

There is the Societe Generale, Deutsche Bank,  and there is the SEVERE DAMAGE and Gigantic caused by the Governments. Even the PCR tests are a JOKE. Since this COVID-19 has become an inherent part of the economy and the financial system, I advise ALL to watch the video. Know that in the Philippines you can be shot if you don't wear a mask. That in Australia you will be arrested and locked up for not wearing this thing.

Lockdowns were never justified, either in terms of the COVID-19 risk or the staggering economic tradeoffs, which will be felt for decades. They certainly are not justified now, given seven months of additional data showing that the transmission and lethality of COVID-19 are not particularly worse than previous SARS, swine flu, or Ebola pandemics. We still don't know how many of the reported two hundred thousand US COVID-19 deaths were actually caused by the SARS-CoV-2 respiratory disease, or simply reflect people who died of other causes after exposure to COVID-19. We do know that the harms caused by the lockdowns far outweigh the harms posed by the COVID-19 virus.

We have had nearly eight months of life and liberty stolen from us by politicians and their hysteria-promoting accomplices in media. How much more will we accept?

Important Fundamentals:

  • We all know this is a recipe for disaster...we just don't know WHEN....although 'When' will be soon.
Expect the Money Creation to spike well into 2021 As soon as the velocity picks up,
it will be off to the Hyperinflation races...
The problem is that unemployment
 WARNING: video not suitable for the emotional viewer!


  • The leverage of the Soc. Generale has gone up from 104% this Summer to 141% in September 2020. We told you over and over again that you have to GET OUT OF THE BANKING SYSTEM, especially in Europe. The table below
  • The collapse of, Soc. General, Deutsche Bank will initiate a global European banking crisis. Europe has no way of saving its banks as all the European economies are so damaged and 20% of workers have already been laid off. It’s a Greek-style banking crisis on steroids. People are pulling out cash in the expectation of daily cash limits. Physical gold will have already disappeared from the market place. So any biz with money in the bank is frantically buying whatever it can in an attempt to avoid their working capital being ‘bailed in’.
  • The Federal Reserve said Wednesday that it will extend its ban on share buybacks at the largest U.S. banks, although banks will
  • Canada is one BIG CARTEL and controlled by 5 financial groups. That is the REASON why

Important Technicals:

  • Still, playing the Stock Market Casinos instead of buying into something which will offer REAL MONEY PROFIT and let you sleep well?!
 Even the inflation-adjusted Dow is too expensive. Gold is cheap as chips.
If you know the price of gold will over the
next months DOUBLE, you have
a problem if you keep investing in stocks.
If you know the price of silver will over the
next months QUADRUPLE, you have
a problem if you keep investing in stocks.

© - All Rights Reserved - The contents of this report may NOT be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the explicit written consent of Goldonomic.

Monday/Tuesday, October 5-6, 2020, - Why don’t we just print money, stop working, and live like Alice in Wonderland?!

Updated Sections: Treasuries in the EU, Corporate Bonds, 

AliceWhy don’t we just print money, stop working, and live like Alice in Wonderland? It’s a vicious circle and a nightmare scenario is coming. Stop dreaming and start taking action NOW. Unlimited fiat currency creation loses its allegedly “magical” impact when faith in paper money (and its declining purchasing power) collapses. Similarly, the so-called “benefit” of interest rate suppression (and negative-yielding bonds) ends when those once compressed yields spring higher in the backdrop of rising inflation and increasingly waning faith in bonds as a “safe-haven” asset.

"Precious metals, unlike risk assets, are not a mere “melt-up” asset, but an undervalued remedy for the current insanity in the broader markets."

Trying to stay ahead of the government printing press is the modern citizen’s constant worry. There are no hard money central bankers, let alone politicians. The purchasing power of the dollar is hostage to foreign sellers, and with current monetary policies, the dollar will follow the same fate as John Law’s livre in 1720 - MISSISSIPPI BUBBLE. As always in these situations, there is little public understanding of money and the realization that monetary policy is designed to tax people for the benefit of their government will come as an unpleasant shock. The speed at which state money then collapses in its utility will be swift. 

"Hyperinflation sits around the corner: digital currency makes it a lot easier to delete zero's once hyperinflation starts."

danger2020 09 27The ECB knows what is coming and is preparing for this coming Tsunami. Lagarde is already planning for the digital euro as an alternative to cash. The European Central Bank boss says it could be quick, safe, and modern if notes and coins were to fall out of use.

The FED (USA) also plans for a digital Dollar as an alternate to cash. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors and several Federal Reserve Banks are actively working on the digital dollar. Legislation has proposed that each American could have an account at the Fed for transacting in the central bank digital currency. We could see the digital as soon as January 1st, 2021

German Bundesbank (central bank) already issued a terrifying warning to Merkel and the EU - 'A big shock is coming!' ANGELA MERKEL is on alert after Germany's central bank warned that a "big shock" is still to come to its economy, with the EU yet to face the "worst" of the coronavirus economic impact. Speaking with CNBC, Bundesbank Member of the Executive Board Joachim Wuermeling warned that a "biggest shock is still to come". He made the warning following optimistic claims that the eurozone, led by Germany's manufacturing sector, were already on their way to a swift economic recovery. COVID has delayed action on banks. Autumn and beginning towards the end of next year will bring some nasty surprises.

Turks already know and understand what THE BLIND, STUBBORN HERD in the West doesn't. While stock trading is the craze in Europe, the US, in Turkey, where the currency (the lira) is under great pressure, Turks are doing what they’ve always done, trading the paper their government relentlessly depreciates for gold. Turkish residents already have $33 billion in gold deposits at banks.

In Turkey, Gold has outperformed domestic stocks, bonds, and real estate over the past ten years. Safe-box maker and seller Mustafa Tuzcuoglu has seen a 50 percent increase in demand. His customers “keep some of their savings at the bank and some at home.  Keep the bulk in a safe out of Political reach. That’s what I’m doing too.”

"Hülsmann provides the best reason to hoard gold and silver. “Most importantly, they…[are] extremely suitable for ordinary people.”

Globalism & Co. is the reality THE HERD still refuses to see. Those who refuse to admit what is happening (Globalism, Digital currencies, FATCA, CRS,...) and don't take precautions will lose it all! This is not the time to be a WISENOSE. After people vote themselves into Socialism and Communism, they have to fight themselves out. What we have now is SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM...NOT CAPITALISM!

The problem the world is confronted with is NOT this COVID-19 but rather the politicians and the COMMUNIST way they are responding to this crisis which should not be one. SWEDEN is the perfect example the Mainstream Media and the politicians refuse to mention.  Politicians (Biden) try to lure people into what they call SAFETY knowing that safety means LESS FREEDOM and more Government CONTROL (just like we have in Communist China).  As a matter of fact, the WEST is applying exactly the SAME COMMUNIST COVID RULES China does apply. This is a matter of control, domination, dictatorship done under the cover of a virus. This system keeps people dependent, dumb, and sick.

Important Fundamentals:

  • London analyst Alasdair Macleod told King World News that bullion banks
  • We have The Emerging Evidence Of Hyperinflation.
  • Go physical: BE SAFE...stop trusting this DANGEROUS DIGITAL Financial world.
  • The creation of Fiat Money will over the next months and years DESTROY all Bonds and Treasuries. 
  • Real Estate sits in a monster bubble. You really think Real Estate is SAFE and will survive? Do you realize Real Estate sits in a bigger bubble than we had in 2006?

Important Technicals:

  • By the time our inflation index shows that we have hyperinflation, it will be too late to act.
  • The BOTTOM of the Gold & Silver sector 
  • The HUI-index (majors) shows a distinct
  • We also "may" see higher Stock Markets...however, Gold and Silver will do better.

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Thursday/Friday, October 1-2, 2020, - COVID-19 is the pin of the bubble we had before!

Updated Sections: 

Trump-Biden presidential debate moderated by Chris Wallace. "The show of the 21st Century" between a Clown and an Old Idiot. The comments of the Mainstream Media were also super funny and absolutely NOT interesting. A must watch for those who still not realize the world has become a low-class political circus.

It's the LAW, my friend. The Circus must go on...at the same time, after almost 2 years of negotiations, Belgian politicians succeeded in creating a federal government with the 7 political vilvaldi monster is aliveparties who lost most votes. Because Belgium has 'a cordon sanitaire' and because the political parties with the most votes have still no absolute majority, these have no say. In Belgium,  LOSERS become the WINNERS...

COVID-19 is the pin of the bubble we had before and it has now become impossible to reflate the economy. COVID-19 is making it all worse and so does the government cure. While everybody is sheltering home and not making (or even losing) money, the governments are creating and spending FIAT MONEY like there is no tomorrow. At this time, while all attention still goes to this COVID-19-thing, Governments and Central Banks are creating a HYPERINFLATIONARY nightmare.

"COVID-19 is a Black Swan on Steroids."

Prices are going up and will continue to go up even when demand falls. This is the beginning of the hyperinflationary depression of the 21st Century. For the time being, interest rates are staying low. However, at a certain point, people will start to mistrust the US-Dollar (and other fiat currencies) and they will start to dump DEBT. Once this happens, the INTEREST RATES will start to rise and higher interest rates will by definition BANKRUPT nations.

Europe and Spain ain't any better. Corte Ingles closes 25 centers: 30,000 people unemployed, plus indirect work. Flex is going to Portugal; another 10,000 people losing their job. The Vip chain closes 50 stores. More than 3,000 restaurants close, resulting in more than 20,000 job losses. In addition, Nissan, shipyards, fishing fleet, hotels, laundry facilities...Agriculture, all are dying and will result in more than 50,000 layoffs. Construction slows down, another 120,000 layoffs.

This month of October Spain is moving towards bankruptcy with more than 10 million unemployed and a 30% fall in GDP. Foreign investment has fallen by 60%. Capitals flee Spain seeking other safe havens. Tax income continues to fall with lower corporate tax revenues, lower VAT income, etc.  This is the result of the PSOE-Podemos Communist Government, the deflating bubble, and the COVID-19 restrictions.

Disney Florida-California to lay off 28,000 employees. Shares of the company fell less than 2% after the closing bell on Tuesday.

Royal Dutch Shell will cut as many as 9,000 jobs as crude’s crash forces billions of dollars in cost savings, while German car parts supplier Continental’s supervisory board in the first week of September approved a restructuring plan that will cut or shift 30,000 jobs worldwide.

The US aviation industry is preparing for thousands of layoffs as government financial aid to protect workers’ salaries expires in the coming hours. American Airlines has warned that it could furlough 19,000 employees, while United Airlines is planning to cut about 12,000. 

Important Fundamentals:

  • In Unprecedented Reversal,
  • Gold is now as cheap as in 1971

Important Technicals:

  • This time IS different. It's all about
  • COMMODITIES are at an 'all-time' low and we expect the commodity prices

stock market keep blowing

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