Would you allow your plumber to operate on you for your appendicitis?

Why then do you keep listening to the Talking Heads, Politicians and Bankers?

doctorplumberYou are not feeling well, or you want to go for a complete checkup and you make an appointment with your doctor...The doctor tells you have a heart issue and you must stop smoking and take medication. But you ignore what the doctor tells you...instead of buying some medication at your pharmacist, you drive to your plumber where you buy some Teflon...

The story seems ridiculous but in reality is something occurring on a daily basis. Most people care more about earning money than about money-preservation. They go with the HERD and this action releases some positive chemicals giving them immediate gratification.

After all, the Herd cannot be mistaken?! Few understand that it is the Herd who, together with the bankers actually originate BUBBLES...bubbles which take it all away as they deflate.

Investing today has – at least for a lot of people – thanks to the bankers (incl. Goldman Sachs) become an extraordinarily complicated exercise: algorithms, day traders, options, warrants, turbo's , money market funds with pages of small text, common investment funds who are investing in the most wicked instruments, inflation-hedged-bonds, index-safe investment funds (you cannot lose), even treasuries (Government guaranteed) are thin air...or the Emperor has no clothes...and so far nobody hears that small boy saying it.

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 Most bankers don't have the slightest clue of how money is created and don't know what fractional reserve banking is. If you don't believe me, ask them...I bet you will be given the wrong answer. Most bank employees are uneducated, incorrectly educated people who do no more than execute the orders given by the board who only have one goal... to move as much REAL MONEY out of your account into theirs...And yet you entrust them the bulk of your savings!?

 Most people are seeking immediate gratification and subscribe to those financial newsletters promising the biggest short term profits: “double your capital in only weeks' time, ..or this stock will go up by 50% in no time,...investing in this miracle funds will yield you 20% a year – payable monthly.”

 Like always the end scenario is always similar: the mirage, the dream stops the moment the Herd hears the boy shouting: “The emperor has no clothes”. All rush though a gate which is way too small, people get crushed and killed in the stampede and the Herd ends losing it all.

toobigtofailToo big to fail. You must be brave to face the Herd and the lies which are being told to you on a daily basis by the Talking Heads, Bankers and Authorities. And yes, although Politicians and Bankers seem to dislike each other in public, they – because they need each other to survive,in fact, re the biggest buddies ever. The moment the bankers fail, so will Government and vice versa. The miracle end is when one of the two institutions fails, as from that moment on, no more money can be created out of thin air.

And yet because of the Mirage and Propaganda people trust a life time of savings to dangerous institutions. Others invest it all in Real Estate and fail to understand Real Estate cannot be displaced out of political reach and when things get bad, Government will – best case scenario - tax the hell out of them. [during the Weimar revolution one month's rent barely bought a loaf of bread]. Buildings wear just like an Automobile wears and have a limited life span. Even Agricultural land brings no relief once Real Income fails and drought hits a country.

gamesDuring the end of the Roman Emporium, farmers left their land as free bread was distributed in Rome and they could enjoy the Games instead of plowing their fields. Today nothing has changed. Note the free bread and games was to attract people to Rome to compensate for those who actually left the city because taxation had become too high. These Romans left and moved towards the country side where they lived in Villa's or the Fiscal Paradises of those days.

The definition of MONEY is simple and straight forward. Money is an instrument which allows you to store WEALTH and PURCHASING POWER in a simple concentrated way. It is an instrument you can – if necessary easily carry with you when you decide to move to a safer place to live and which will be accepted worldwide. Last but not least, it is an monetary instrument,without counter party,which is in your hands only and has for centuries proven that it is reliable.

An amount of $100,000 is represented by about 60 gold coins of 1 oz. The total weight is about 4 kg or 8 pounds and fits easily in you pockets. What's more, 60 gold coins is LEGALLY NOT MONEY...so you can use it to buy any product/service without breaking any law if payments in cash are restricted.



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