Friday August 30, 2013 - PATIENCE is your best friend for investing wisely -

far east stock marketsUpdated sections: 

We have some real weakness (in stock markets) in Asia (HOCGood countries).  We have a lot of the smaller markets in Asia really getting pounded.  So far this year, the Bombay indices are down almost 30% in currency-adjusted terms, with the fall in the rupee. We also have the Indonesian stock market down 24%, and Thailand down 14%.  In dollar terms we are seeing some real plunges.  Thailand has fallen 20% in the last month.  This is all capital flight out of Asia.  And there are some drastic measures being put in place by governments to try to stem this, including the ban of imports of gold coins in India....[the Far East is NOT a safe place to keep your savings!]

From India to Mexico, South Africa to Indonesia, emerging market currencies have practically been in freefall in the latest sign that the fiat experiment is drawing to a rapid close.This movement has massive implications for gold-- that 'barbarous relic' that people are scooping up in bulk right now as a means to preserve their savings.

Liquidated ETF gold holdings are being shipped from the U.K to Switzerland for refining into smaller one kilogramme gold bars, Australian bank Macquarie wrote in a note yesterday. These were then sent to Asia and bought by Asian investors. The note confirmed, what has been known anecdotally for some weeks. This is contributing to the increased tightness in the physical market as large London Good Delivery bars (400 oz) are air freighted to Switzerland for refining into smaller kilo bars (32.15 ounces) for the voracious Asian market.

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Thursday August 29, 2013 -

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What is called "Green energy" is a luxury product and makes only sense in Absurdistan. As expected Authorities are forced by the reality of the recession to stop the Green Programs and to resume Nuclear programs. Even Germany where they are preparing the October elections has decided to built new Nuke power plants and to halt most green energy programs. Similar programs are developed by the USA.

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Wednesday August 28, 2013 - dangerous developments in the Middle-East: Syria strike due in days !

obama bush  
I used Weapons of Mass destruction to do Iraq, you can use chemical weapons for Syria...believe me, the Mainsteam Media will buy it as usual !
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“Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men's protection and the base of a moral existence.  Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owners a counterfeit pile of paper.  Paper is a mortgage on wealth that does not exist, backed by a gun aimed at those who are expected to produce it.  This kills all objective standards and delivers men into the arbitrary setter of values.  Gold was an objective value, an equivalent of wealth produced.  Paper is a check drawn by legal looters upon an account which is not theirs:  Watch for the day when it bounces, marked “account overdrawn.” Ayn Rand

It becomes apparent that the USA and the UK (assisted by the French) are about to initiate a war against Syria. Just like for Iraq, the invasion will be based on fabricated (chemical weapons & weapons of mass destruction) happenings. The outcome of this invasion however will be very different that the Iraq scenario...

The USA is planning to invade Syria, secure the oil supply, and occupy the country. More innocent people will die, politicians will become richer and the stupid Herd will again praise the USA, the UK and France for their bravery and thank these countries for punishing the bad boys. The privates send into combat will be convinced they brought Democracy and Justice...!?

Syria oil-map

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Tuesday August 27, 2013 - dangerous developments in the Middle-East !

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Monday August 26, 2013 - dangerous developments in the Middle-East !

chemical weapon maskUpdated sections: $-Gold , Silver , €-Gold & €/$ , Aussie-Gold & Aussie/$/€ , Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€ , Can-Gold & Can$/$/€ , ¥-Gold & ¥/$/€ , £-Gold & £/$/€

First the Americans close their Embassies in danger zones; next the CIA delivers or makes somebody use chemical weapons in Syria...changing the psychology of the Mainstream Media, the Herd and the Privates...This all happens at a time where the situation in Egypt points towards a potential blockade of the Suez Canal which would increase the cost of Crude Oil by almost 50%!

Another proof of the IQ level of those who run the ECB, the EU-zone and the IMF. "They wanted to throw out the Russians but in the end, they delivered the main Cypriot bank to the Russians,” said the Cypriot president, Nicos Anastasiades, in a June interview.

Banks will rot to the core: Moody’s Investors Service may cut debt ratings on at least four of the six largest U.S. banks as it examines whether the government would be less likely to ensure creditors are repaid in a crisis.

Real Estate is important for the survival of the Banking system and it doesn't spell a lot of good as  bankers themselves prophesy a further decline of the sector: "Home sales are a big part of this recovery story in the U.S.," Paul Zemsky, the New York-based head of asset allocation for ING Investment Management, which oversees $180 billion, said in an interview. "The fact that there are rising interest rates looks like it may be starting to bite into new home sales. That's probably going to cause the economy be a little softer in the second half."

During the Weimar Hyperinflation one could buy a complete village for $2 to $5 !

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), Morgan Stanley (MS) and Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) may be downgraded, Moody’s said today in a statement. Bank of America Corp. (BAC) and Citigroup Inc. (C) are under review, with the direction of any rating change uncertain, Moody’s said. Bank of New York Mellon Corp. and State Street Corp. were already under review, Moody’s said.

India is running into problems. So is China and the other HOCG-countries.Troubles are even signalled in Singapore, the Switzerland of the East. The Far East banking system is very poorly organised and structured...so bad everything is possible. Gold has saved all the Indian Investors which invested in GOLD (even when Government raised taxes on Gold purchases) instead of BELIEVING in the Fiat Indian Rupee: the Indian Rupee was devalued by 50% .

June 19, 2013 will go down in Chinese banking history as the day that overnight borrowing rates hit a record high 25%, thus effectively freezing the Chinese credit market. Under normal market conditions, the SHIBOR—which is the rate at which Chinese banks are willing to lend to each other for short periods of time—is typically less than 3%. Expert opinion is sharply divided over both the causes and implications of these skyrocketing lending rates. Experts suggest that skyrocketing interbank rates signify the dire state of the Chinese banking system. They point to a credit bubble that has gotten out of hand and portends a collapse of the economy.

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Friday August 23, 2013 - Humanity Is Drowning In the Criminality of the Authorities !

Updated sections: Indian rupee Gold (extremely relevant)

canadian house price indexStephen Harper's (a Canadian politician) Ultimate Crime is almost complete. He meticulously duplicated the disastrous U.S. housing bubble in Canada (along with piling up years of record deficits). We can be absolutely certain of Harper's criminal intent here because he chose to duplicate the U.S. housing bubble in Canada afte that market had already collapsed in an orgy of fraud-and-foreclosure. Note the Canadian Real Estate Bubble has only started to deflate recently....

How has the bankrupt United States of America kept its entire (paper) house-of-cards from crumbling all around it? Two words: fraudulent accounting. The ECB, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan do exactly the same....With so much debt and monetary stress in the global economy, it's becoming increasingly clear by the day that the current fiat system is in serious trouble. The only reason it still works is because people continue to have confidence in the system, and there really is no mainstream alternative to holding paper currency. If a viable currency alternative were introduced that became mainstream and popular, governments would no longer be able to perpetrate the fraudulent monetary system.

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Thursday August 22, 2013 - the goal of today's game is not to profit a maximum but rather to preserve your purchasing power so you can buy a complete village when the Tsunami hits -

chickenUpdated sections: US-Dollar

If you still trust your bankster, just be advised that Goldman Sachs  bought $5 BILLION of GLD ETF last quarter, while they were pitching their "sell gold" call to the world." Those who refuse to use their common sense and prefer to BELIEVE the lies of Banksters and Authorities will loose it all....and maybe they deserve to.


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Wednesday August 21, 2013 - what happens in Argentina, also happened during the Weimar crisis and will happen again soon -

Updated sections:

Once authorities have to borrow money to pay interest on the money they have borrowed one doesn't need to be an Einstein to predict the end of the system. It doesn't make a difference whether the man in charge is a Mugabe, a Kirchner, an Obama or an Hollande. Just like for Real Estate where people were convinced prices would rise forever the system will crash. Central banks may and will somehow loose control over interest rates, but such DOESN'T implicate Stock Markets and Gold will halt their advance.
There is a good reason why German Real Estate is amongst the cheapest in the world. During the 1920's (Weimar) rentals were more or less nominal and in the period of hyperinflation, housing was obtained practically free of charge. In reality the property of the landlords was confiscated (pattern now already appearing in countries like Spain).

Imports but also exports were controlled. Argentina taxes the export of foodstuffs, Germany banned it.

During those years (doesn't it ring a bell) interest rates were never raised sufficiently to prevent a negative return on capital and buyers were eager to purchase anything which would maintain value. Hence the more rapid raise in price the greater the demand for the goods. People purchased not what they needed but whatever they could get.

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Tuesday August 20, 2013 - Argentina, Iran, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, the USSR,...all killed by Socialism and Communism by the Herd.

argentina cowsUpdated sections:

Argentina or a lesson for the western world: For anyone whose net worth isn't tied up in pesos and who keeps most of their money out of the country, the current inflation has been a real boon.

During the 1950's and until the 1980's Argentina (like Venezuela) used to be one of the richest countries on earth.

The current Argentine government [elected democratically by the People] is dominated by true believers - young people who have that idealistic notion of equality for all, and who believe that government mandates can fix anything that ails. They are hardcore socialists, leaning towards communism. But, as is the case in the United States, they really don't know what they are doing and so pursue policies that are incredibly shortsighted. They are uninformed as far as history and economics are concerned and blunder from one harebrained policy to another. There is literally nothing that they will not try.
They have stolen the retirement accounts, devalued the currency, and put capital controls in place. There are trade controls so that people can't import necessities into the country, but instead, have to manufacture them locally, with the government giving monopolies to their friends. Even Farmers have to pay taxes on the products they export. They have price controls, which force the local supermarkets to not raise their prices. This ultimately leads to shortages. And there are already shortages of certain items. They didn't like an opposition newspaper, so they nationalized the newsprint manufacturing industry. In fact, just about every single thing that you could do to screw up a country, they have done.

Welcome to the EUSSR where Supporting whistleblowers has become a terrorist activity!

It is comical to see the extremes they have gone to. For example, in Argentina, if you publish an inflation statistic that differs from of the official government numbers, you could be hit with a $100,000 fine. I had never heard of this anywhere else - except maybe in communist Russia and Zimbabwe. They are really completely out of control and the country is spinning off into la-la-land.

In the long run, there is NO WAY the authorities can win from the people. The result of Kirchner’s insane politics is the creation of a parallel underground economy. Authorities in Argentina have become a mockery (Kirchner & Co. must be some kind of retarded psychopaths for normal people don't do what they do each other day) and more and more business is conducted in a way which is out of control of the Authorities. Here it is back to the future, back to the trade methods which were used for centuries in Africa and which are used during occupations.

Luckily there are ways to keep your savings safe and place to hide until reason comes back. Good solutions are (once you know) most of the time very simple and don't cost a lot of money. They can however cost a lot of emotions and require mental energy....Subscribe to Goldonomic now and we shall hold your hand! One last advice, don't postpone any decisions for tomorrow was too late for Cyprus, Argentina, Venezuela, Zimbabwe.


Monday AUGUST 19, 2013 - NEVER trust Government statistics EVER and NEVER listen to their LIES!

Updated sections:

Bond markets show a major top. Once interest rates rise and growth slows, key sectors that took advantage of the easy money cannot longer honor the accumulated debt and default. As a result a credit crisis follows and financial markets falter. Difficult to forecast where the problem will initiate from as anything is possible: real estate, derivatives, municipalities, banks, ....MORE IN THE SUBSCRIBERS' SECTION

Price of Real Estate has a lot of room left below the present levels : 50% of US home owners which were previously bailed out by the government in order to avoid foreclosure are again defaulting, all home owners who bought their "home sweet home" with adjustable mortgage rate plans will be slaughtered as soon as the 6% threshold rate is broken. Mix these expected causalities with those Real Estate Owners who are trying to sell because they see a bearish market coming and those who are forced to sell because they need to money to live off (Cyprus,...) and Real Estate prices could fall a lot more soon. DETAILS IN THE SUBSCRIBERS' SECTION

Municipalities (Detroit) are in a dire state. Detroit is bankrupt but Philadelphia, New York, Phoenix and Jacksonville (Florida) will soon follow. California is bankrupt.

In Europe countries like Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain are barely surviving while countries like France (frankreich is now frankpoor) Belgium and the Netherlands (theoretically bankrupt) will soon be joining the ranks of the municipalities. SEE SUBSCRIBERS' SECTION FOR MORE

Off course, if the Central Banks manage to print sufficient amounts of money, the Apocalypse may be somewhat postponed . On condition that no unexpected financial mine explodes earlier.

The Student loan sector could collapse: a student loan is the only line of credit that cannot be refused to an American. It however also is the only loan nobody can walk away from.

China could be facing a credit crunch: China is a HOCG-country and the effects of the Western economic slump is amplified for China. It certainly is possible to see a remake of the Great Depression of the 1920's-30's in China.

Derivatives amounting to $1.4 quadrillion remain a sword of Damocles and even a 25% reduction of the exposure (Deutsche bank) will be unable to rescue the bank and the system once interests rates spike up. The exposure of JPMorgan is at least 5 times the Gross National Product of the USA. For more details see the subscribers' section...

Sure is the 16% interest rate level of 1980 will be seen again and there is little doubt that this level will be exceeded. A high level of interests rates will punish and even slaughter Authorities for their misbehavior while holders of Capital will – after all these years of historically low manipulated interest rates finally be rewarded again.

As soon as we enter a cycle of higher interest rates where consumption is punished and saving rewarded, the economy will start to recover and prepare itself for a new boom. Fresh capital which is the result of labor (accumulated labor = capital) will be used in combination with reasonable priced labor to manufacture products and deliver services in an economic responsible way.

Capital is accumulated labor

It is the moral responsibility of the Savers to do whatever they can to preserve the capital they have accumulated in the past so it can be used to kickstart the economy as soon as the financial spending delirium of today's leaders is terminated.

By definition capital cannot possibly be preserved by investing it in the financial instruments created by the Authorities & Banks: Treasuries, Municipal bonds,  Bank notes, Bank accounts, Saving accounts, any kind of bank manufactured financial product (Tak 21, Tak 23 are two excellent examples), Life insurances, Private pension funds will be seized by Government, Bank & Financial shares, Derivatives, Options, Warrants, even Real Estate is a bad instrument as it is directly linked to the banking system and also a HOCG ,....

bucket listAt the end of the day few alternates are left on the bucket list:SEE SUBSCRIBERS' SECTION

Don't forget to keep these savings (which are REAL ASSETS) out of political reach as the risk exists that the transfer agent or financial institution holding your certificates could default but we propbably also will see a remake of the Camile Gutt Operation (after WW II)... [operation will be sold for you security to clean the system out of Terrorism-funds and Money Laundry]

During this ongoing process, REAL WEALTH will in a similar way it left Europe for the USA during the last Great Depression and the second World War, leave the Western World (Europe and the USA) for the Far East or China and India.


 flow of physical gold  2013-08-18 02.30.33 pm
 flow of physical gold  gold deliveries to China versus World Gold production

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Tuesday August 13, 2013 to Friday August 2013 - 42 years ago Nixon signed the death verdict of Fiat Paper money !

nixon closes gold windowUpdated sections:

August 15, 2013 is the anniversary of the creation of Worthless Fiat Money

Forty-two years ago today Richard Nixon broke the US constitutional mandate requiring that the dollar be backed by gold. In what can be seen as nothing less than a blatant and historically baseless lie, Nixon told the American people the Dollar was as good as Gold.

By closing the Gold window, Nixon has reduced the value of the American dollar (but also the value of most other currencies which use the American Dollar as 'Reserve Currency' ) to the value of the ink and the paper it is printed on. The Era of The Fed's Creating Money from "Nothing" is soon coming to an end. That is because it has in the 100 years of its existence created so much Fiat Money that the Purchasing Power of the $US has been diminished by over 95%.[compared to this act, the Watergate affair is peanuts...]

Historically speaking, over the last 6000 years NO currency survived for more than 50 years. Hence it would be more than a miracle if the US-Dollar would. Best case scenario, the US-Dollar but also the Euro, the Pond Sterling, the Japanese Yen, etc...have a maximum of 3 years to go before they become worthless and must be replaced.

Anybody holding his purchasing power in Bank Deposits and Bank notes, will loose these savings within the next 3 years.

As usual and by definition Real Estate will not survive either. Real estate is a High Order Consumer Good and NEVER survives hyper-inflationary depressions. A good example was the Weimar Hyperinflation where one could buy a complete German village for only $2 - $3.

Goldonomic KNOWS what to do and how to act in order to survive the coming financial storm...don't take the risk to loose your life savings...subscribe today and be SAFE rather than SORRY!!!!

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Monday August 12, 2013 - Gold will without question be the top investment for the rest of 2013

summer holiday




Daily updates will exceptionally take some Vacation until the end of this week....


 Goldonomic KNOWS what to do and how to act in order to survive the coming financial storm...don't take the risk to loose your life savings...subscribe today and be SAFE rather than SORRY!!!!

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August 9, 2013 - Denial (The Nile) is the longest river...and bewar of capital controls!

western unionUpdated sections:

After HSBC, Barclays Bank  decision to close the accounts of 250 money transfer organisations working around the world will have a particularly severe effect on Somalia's efforts to emerge from two decades of conflict. Western Union has enforced strict transfer rules.Transfers to a bank account will generally be credited to qualifying bank accounts at destination banks within one to five banking days after the money is sent, subject to Restrictions. Transactions: (i) that exceed certain amounts; (ii) to certain destinations; (iii) that implicate certain regulatory issues; or (iv) sent through delayed options may take longer, be subject to dollar limits or be subject to additional Restrictions.The value of cross-border transfers is expected to reach $437 billion in 2012, up from $387 billion in 2009, according to the Aite Group, a research and advisory firm.

Especially affected by the denial are the young, inexperienced bankers who operate within the banking system. Many have problems accepting that Banks AND Central Banks are technically bankrupt. They simply refuse to admit fractional reserve banking that is built on nothing, on thin air and on belief,...They refuse to admit that the 1.4 quadrillion Derivatives at a certain point will give the "coup the grace" to an already weakened financial system.

Those who refuse to admit the bail-ins are a direct consequence of the bankrupt banking system of course don't need to admit that the deposits they have with their banks are either gone, vanished or at least at high risk.

If all was good and safe, would the EU vote in such a harsh bail-in legislation and would they even consider limiting daily cash withdrawals to 100-200 euro's ?


August 8, 2013 - when crossing a border have no financial documents, not even payment slips on you!

liberty usaUpdated sections: €-Gold & €/$ , US-Dollar ,

Welcome to the land of the Free: US Homeland Security Approves Seizure of Cell Phones and Laptops within 100 Miles of Border; they also have the right to confiscate food staples within the same border zone. Custom and Immigration officials have the right to detain and search you without apparent reason and your traveling documents valid. Note that the french Custom officers also have the right to search and seize Cell phones and laptops. But don't we all know France is for Romantic Lovers and Communists!? [during WW II and WW I the Germans also had the right to seize food stocks, cattle and even horses]

Medicare is killing the USA, just like Social Security is killing West Europe. At Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic, an artery-clearing coronary bypass surgery costs $106,385, but in India this procedure costs 95 000 rupees or $1555. Not Surgeons but Insurance co's are extremely expensive...

How can Crude Oil be more than US$100/bbl even though the shale revolution was supposed to save us from high oil prices? If Fracking will be able to ensure the USA to become independent from Oil and Energy imports, why then is Crude Oil selling at $ 100 per barrel and why is the price sitting in a rising trend?  Maybe because there is a lot more PROPAGANDA here than shale gas/oil.

The Central Banking System is a Total Fraud !

The central banking system is a total fraud. Sickening is that the political and banking establishment has painted the world into a disastrous corner. Even worse there is ‘no way out’ for this corrupt experiment that we call the global financial system—bankrupt nations addicted to debt and paper currency controlled by a tiny banking elite.


Dexia-bank has as expected booked another huge loss and technically even Deutsche bank is bankrupt. HSBC, the biggest British bank and second biggest company on the British Stock Exchange (FTSE 100 Index) with a capitalisation of 102,7 billion British pounds on July 6, 2012, is obviously also bankrupt. HSBC has been involved in the last decades in virtually every possible major scandal, crime and fraud in the banking sector that one can conceive  - from rigging libor interest rates, laundering mafia and narco traffic dollars from all over the world, and especially from South and Central America, but also Asia, to insider trading, tax evasion, etc., etc. It was the HSBC bank who has reportedly asked more than 40 diplomatic missions to close their accounts as part of a programme to reduce business risks....Dexia bank is in trouble again and needs another billion stay afloat. The bank losses are mainly due to DERIVATIVES. The balance sheet of the large Swiss banks (UBS, Credit Suisse) stands at 500% of Swiss GDP,..

Sooner or later the general level of interests will rise and when it does, this will not only break the back of the Banks and Indebted Governments but also of Real Estate...Real Estate is a HOCG and it NEVER survives Hyperinfaltionary Depressions.

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August 7, 2013 - It's either REAL MONEY or Gold or worthless fiat paper money!

sinking economyUpdated sections: Gold & Silver Majors , Gold & Silver Juniors , $-Gold , Treasuries in the EU , Corporate Bonds , Crude Oil , Silver ,

The choice is a simple basic one. Either you BELIEVE that Fiat Paper Money and the banking system built on Fractional Reserve Banking and Fiat Money will survive and you keep holding on to Treasuries, Bonds, Bank deposits, paper money,....or you exchange "an impossible dream" for an indestructible, hard asset or Gold.

Once you have decided Gold is safety, you have to decide whether you will BELIEVE in Fractional Gold (the Comex gold reserves are dwindling, Germany has been told by the USA it has to wait 7 years before its national gold will be returned, The Bank of England has been swindling with physical reserves it is supposed to safe-keep,..or if you will store you physical GOLD outside of the banking system in a VAULT situated out of political reach (Europe for North-Americans and the America's for Europeans). Keep your Gold/Silver stored with professionals in or out custom zones is absolutely not a safe solution. These is exactly where the authorities will seize gold holdings when in need...

The number of shorts versus the number of longs is a contratian indicator which is reliable. Today's figures confirm we have a BOTTOM

  gold short and long positions
chart only for subscribers only  

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August 6, 2013 - Commercials are 5,000 contracts short of being net-long on gold !

obama ww 3Updated sections: Inflation-Index , Bonds general: Germany and the USA

Hopefully this is propaganda..U.S. extends embassy closings to one week; warnings renew debate over NSA data collection. The closing of U.S. embassies in 21 predominantly Muslim countries and a broad caution about travel during August that the State Department issued on Friday touched off debate Sunday over the National Security Agency’s sweeping data collection programs.

Congressional supporters of the program, appearing on Sunday morning talk shows, said the latest rounds of warnings of unspecified threats showed that the programs were necessary, while detractors said there was no evidence linking the programs, particularly the massive collection of cell phone records of hundreds of millions of Americans, to the vague warnings of a possible terrorist attack...more

We are to a situation now where we are only about 5,000 contracts away from the commercials being net-long this gold market. There is resistance in gold at around $1340.  But not the bullion banks are selling the paper gold:  it's the hedge funds and other speculators. Comex Warehouse stocks continue to come down...

comex warehouse august 2013

Money supply and Velocity are the key ingredients of Hyperinflation. The Hyperinflation already sits in the system and will become visible in exponentially rising prices as soon as Velocity picks up. Note the correlation between Velocity and Interest rates! more in the subscribers' section.

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August 5, 2013 - a long hot summer and the definition of Inflation and Hyperinflation !

inflation deflationUpdated sections: shares are REAL ASSETS , 

Those preaching we shall encounter a DEFLATION and not a HYPERINFLATION make huge reasoning mistakes.  The statement that at this time we don't have any important inflation, is simply incorrect. We do have an important inflation...only the inflation figures are cooked, falsified. Also, they fail to understand that during times of Hyperinflation the price of High Order Capital Goods like real Estate come down while the price of Low Order Consumer Goods like food and energy go up (exactly what is happening now). Inflation indexes mix both the price of HOCG and LOCG.

Next comes the fact that in the period just before Hyperinflation starts, always comes a slight Deflation as consumers feel something is astray and consume less and save more: velocity falls (exactly what we have now). As soon as the Consumers feels and understands the prices won't come down, they massively start exchanging the Fiat Money they have for Goods and we enter Hyperinflation.  Velocity of Money spikes...

Inflation is a more than proportionate growth of the money supply and Price Inflation comes as a consequence.

You cannot measure inflation by measuring the increase - or decrease of PRICES! In other words, today the hyperinflation is already baked in the system...and we now just have to wait until the HERD realizes it has been cheated on by the Money Printing Authorities....And even if the Central Banks STOP printing money, hyperinflation sits in the cards, is already there. A total implosion of the Financial system can off course kill hyperinflation overnight.....but the Authorities and Central Bankers will out of survival do ALL within their power to ensure we have NO BANKRUPTCY of the Banks and Financial system...or they will keep printing money. Only when we have Hyperinflation the Herd will loose its trust in the Fiat Money and we'll see Deflation.

Whether we have Hyperinflation or Deflation is IRRELEVANT for Gold and Silver because they hold the ultimate value, the  ultimate purchasing power. The day Gold sells for $100 or less, the financial system will have imploded and a bread will cost 0.01 cent !

You cannot compare the situation of today with the situation of the 1920's-30's:  during the Great Depression, the US-Dollar and other currencies were guaranteed/backed by Gold. Today NONE is.

sinking deutsche bankHedge funds are the DEJA VU: People Are Using Borrowed Money To Buy Stock Like It’s 2007 Or 1999. Even Deutsche Bank has a monster note out on margin debt that has been making the rounds.  The conclusion of the note is rather simple – today’s euphoric borrowing on margin to buy stocks is reminiscent of past bubbly equity market periods...but it can and will go on for some time...Remember we have communicating financial vessels. Having said this Deutsche bank may be working on its derivatives but there is NO WAY they technically can liquidate even part of their share of a 1,4 quadrillion global world derivatives situation.

Germany's Deutsche Bank is "horribly under-capitalized" and has "no margin of error"; and the Basel III global capital rules (known as the Basil III Accord) allow lenders to appear well capitalized when they aren't.

Italy's second largest bank MedioBanca was reported last week as saying that Italy might need a 'Greece-style bailout' within six months. Mediobanca is reported as having said in a confidential client note that: "time is running out fast";"The Italian macro situation has not improved over the last quarter, rather the contrary. Some 160 large corporates in Italy are now in special crisis administration."; and, Italy will inevitably end up in an EU bail-out request  over the next six months, unless it can count on low borrowing costs and a broader recovery.

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August 2, 2013 - New highs, new highs,...welcome in Zimbabwe & 21 US Embassies and Consulates to be closed!

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The 3rd World War has already began and the USA is an inherent part of it: The US is set to suspend activity at embassies across the Middle East in response to an unspecified security threat. Calling an emergency press conference, the US State Department said yesterday it was going to shut down embassies that would ordinarily be open this Sunday 4 August, because of “security considerations”...more - Affected embassies are located in Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

The USA or the Land of the Free has become a Mockery and even a DANGEROUS place to live: the US has issued a travel warning to the US-citzens and the US diplomatic missions to be closed on Sunday are in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Algiers, Algeria; Amman, Jordan; Baghdad, Iraq; Cairo, Egypt; Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; Djibouti, Djibouti; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Doha, Qatar; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Erbil, Iraq; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Kabul, Afghanistan; Khartoum, Sudan; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Manama, Bahrain; Muscat, Oman; Nouakchott, Mauritania; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Sanaa, Yemen and Tripoli, Libya.

Not hard to imagine what will happen if only a small amount of capital shifts into the Gold and Silver sector:

market capitalizations

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 I think that the effects of this run on the bullion banks are going to hit quite a few people dead cold, like a smack in the face. That is because there is so little coverage of what is going on in the media, even the internet media. I know and I can feel that 90% of the people DOESN'T UNDERSTANDS what is going to happen and for this reason don't take the requested precautions. There is GLAUBENSUNWILLIGKEIT even with some readers of Goldonomic.

"People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage." John Kenneth Galbraith, The Age of Uncertainty

That a sovereign nation like GERMANY asked for the return of its own gold being held in custody, and that request was flatly denied, is almost as unbelievable...A seemingly unstoppable force, the flow of gold from west to east, is going to meet the undeliverable object, the nominal inventory of unencumbered gold in the bullion banks and exchanges, sometime over the next twelve months.

"The day the authorities will settle the Fractional Gold in cash, Gold will be limit up by $200,000 to $ 500,000 and possibly more....and Goldminers will gap up..."

We have fractional reserve banking but we also have fractional reserve GOLD:make sure you have your physical gold in your safe out of the banking system NOW !

ABN-AMRO was the first bank to default on Fractional Gold...the Rabo bank the 2nd.

guttCamiel Gutt did it. Even the Dutch did it after WW II....and THERE IS NO DOUBT they will do it again...If you have money, you are game and if you don't hide it, they WILL LEGALLY TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOU! So much for all the idiots (I know I am gross) who have decided to play the card of Fiscal Amnesty. 

Under the arrangement, depositors in Bank of Cyprus will receive shares in the lender worth 37.5pc of any savings over €100,000, while the rest may never be paid back, according to a statement from the Cypriot central bank. Of the 62.5pc of uninsured deposits not converted to bank shares, 22.5pc will be frozen in non-interest accruing accounts until the restructuring plan is completed, which could take months, and 40pc will continue to accrue interest but will not be repaid unless the bank does well.

Government figures, including finance minister Michalis Sarris and central bank governor Panicos Demetriades, had previously indicated that depositors in the island’s largest lender would lose around 40pc of their uninsured savings as part of an 11th hour agreement reached in Brussels in the early hours of Monday. Meanwhile, account holders in Laiki Bank, the country’s second largest, stand to lose up to 80pc of their money as the lender is wound down and insured deposits transferred to Bank of Cyprus. The harsher-than-expected terms on the Bank of Cyprus’ largest depositors are likely to provoke further anger among Cypriots, who face sharp economic decline with the contraction of their dominant banking sector...more

Note: as a thank you, Camille Gutt (a Belgian petty government officer) was appointed as the 1st president of the IMF.

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