August 2022

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Monday/Wednesday, Augustus 29-31, 2022: If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it. Gold And Silver Are Disappearing From Vaults Worldwide!

Updated Sections: Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous & shares (buys), Real Estate,
Long Term Commodity Charts, Inflation Index (new video),
Weimar Hyperinflationary Depression ( 2 new videos), Bonds general & USA,
Treasuries in the EU,

"Over the coming years, ALL FAKE WEALTH will disappear. THAT IS is any wealth that was accumulated with FIAT Dollars, FIAT Euros, FIAT Yen, FIAT Pounds,...This includes Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, ETFs', Art,..."

  • How do you take your wealth out of the system? Bitcoin and cryptos don't work. Real Estate doesn't work,...
  • Gold & Silver are the only REAL MONEY and 6,000 years of History prove it.
  • If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it.: Gold And Silver Are Disappearing From Vaults Worldwide!
  • Once things get bad, first, they will use the gold carrot..next, the gold seizure...if you don't keep it out of political reach, they will take it away from you...
  • They will lock up your money and stocks in your bank account (Cyprus, Lebanon, Argentina,... and the hyperinflation will do the rest. Over time, the millions in your bank account won't be able to buy a loaf of bread. In Argentina, they locked up the deposits for some years. In Lebanon, it already has been locked up for months. Assume you have 1 mio in your bank account and the inflation rate is 25%; after 1 year, you have only 750,000 left. With an inflation rate of 50%, you only have half left.

Covid and Ukraine are nothing but a COVER-UP by Stinking Politicians for their very own mismanagement.

Evil is trying to take over everywhere.  The United States is ‘the last bastion’  of the free world. Just look at Australia.  Look at New Zealand.  Look at Canada.  Look at Britain.  Look at Belgium. Look at France. Can you have guns there?  No, they have taken them away.  What did they do?  They forced the population into this Covid-lockdown.  They forced the population to get the "JAB."  The result is you will see the West vastly depopulated and degraded in the next 1, 2, or 5 years.  In countries with high vaccination rates (Australia, Spain, Portugal,...), people already die twice as fast as last year, even in cold Finland.  They have total control over their population. In contrast, that is not the case yet in the U.S.

mad max sceneMad Max is coming!  When the overloaded debt system breaks, it will break “fast and ugly.”  “Credit will dry up overnight,” and “The world runs on credit.” All you have to do is wake up in the morning and read the news, knowing it has gotten worse than the day before.  That’s day after day. When you over-lever a financial system, you over-lever an economy.  At some point, the only thing that can happen is something terrible.  It’s either default or hyperinflation of the currency to pay the debt back.  Regarding timing, I would be shocked if we make it through the end of this year and people would still consider the system normal.

When the system does break, that’s when it turns “ugly.”  How are things going to work when this thing goes down?  My question would be: "is anything going to work?"  Will your bank be open?  Will your broker be open?  Will there be a store open or a restaurant or any place to buy goods?  Time to  ‘Get out of the System’ (GOTS) and store your wealth out of political reach.  Become your own central banker.  Stock up on the things you think you are going to need.  Is it going to last two weeks or two years?  It could last two years.  One thing for sure, our life in the West is going to be drastically changed to a lower standard of living. . . . You are watching the breakdown in real-time.

 "People who had to sell their house during the Roumania hyperinflation didn't even have the time to buy another house...or something else as the hyperinflation had already eaten away the result (purchasing power) of their sale".

During the Roumanian hyperinflation, one could buy a house for less than 1 gold coin..even for ½ oz. gold coin.  Today in Venezuela (Caracas), you can buy a 100m² flat for $6,600 for 3-4 gold coins! In Argentina, a 100m² flat costs $15,000 or 7-8 x 1 oz. Gold coins. The price is $14,500 or 7 x 1 oz in Beirut, Lebanon. Gold coins.

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Thursday/Friday, August 25-26, 2022:  The USSR is dead; long live Russia: He who has "the Gold" (real money) makes the rules!

Updated Sections: Bank & Fin. Shares (incl. yields), Crude Oil price, Solar & Rare Elements,
Agriculturals, Gold Targets,

USD RUB 2022 08 21 Russian budget revenues from energy exports to grow by 38% in 2022 — Reuters

President Putin transformed a totally bankrupt, extremely corrupt country (USSR-1989) into a financially healthy industrial superpower that produces commodities that are a matter of life or death by their bankrupt enemies.

According to an international publication citing documents from the German Ministry of Economy, an increase in oil exports, combined with rising gas prices, will increase Russia's energy export revenues to $337.5 billion this year, which is 38% more than in 2021. The jump in income, if it occurs, will help bolster the Russian economy in the face of a wave of Western sanctions.

"The West can halt the spiking price of Gas and Crude Oil in a wimp (and even bring these down)...so WHY do they persist in behaving like Idiots?!"

"The Bad guys do know what has value and what has none!" :  Napoleon paid his privates in Gold, and Venezuelan President Maduro still pays his crew (police)  in US-Dollars. Sometimes the best you can do, the safest, is to put all your eggs in one basket...on condition the name of the basket is Gold-CHICKEN!

You have to be an idiot to call China a threat. The USA will fall apart, secede, and civil war will cause it..in Europe, civil war will break up the EU and the euro..the USA will be the last to fall..central banks are no longer in control of the system, and are no longer in a position to fight inflation..politicians will, of course, blame the central banks..but as hunger comes, riots we shall see and civil war we shall have.

Sri Lanka has an ESG score of 98. An example for us all?! (ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance - In short: sustainability.)

sri lanka bankruptSri Lanka made many mistakes, but two of them pushed the country over the ravine.  The stringent corona measures dealt a massive blow to the tourism industry. But the nail in the coffin was the decision to make agriculture 100% sustainable. From the beginning of 2021, fertilizers were banned, so farmers had to make do with a much smaller yield. Sri Lanka suddenly had to import grain from India and was thus exposed to the enormous price increases of rice on the world market.

To make matters worse, foreign exchange was scarce.  The number of tourists had dropped by 90%, so the currency reserves were visibly reduced. Once the money was gone, total collapse followed.

Sri Lanka used the Davos blueprint and implemented the recipes of the West.  The suckers thought it would bring them wealth, but they are already entirely bankrupt a few years later. The insane ESG rules are the symbol of central planning, and in Sri Lanka, they now know that it is the fastest way to push your country over the precipice.  Will the EU realize the disastrous consequences of this policy? Will they realize that we, too, are on the way to a complete collapse of our systems if we continue in this manner? Of course not.

Western leaders are arrogant, ignorant, and elitist.  They know everything about everything and then tell the farmer how to farm, the bank to bank, and the baker to bake. Every decision they make brings us closer to the deep fall.

In Sri Lanka today, you have little in the way of local stocks, bonds, or even real estate. You do have something left in gold and silver. Those who own precious metals preserve their wealth, see their purchasing power increase, and don't have to skip meals.

Just check out WHAT happens when Hyperinflation hits a country and realize YOU are NEXT!...we just don't know WHEN.

Mise Institute: The New Green Economy Is nothing but a HUGE Keynesian Spending Scheme!

global warming WASTEClimate change theory says that the public has to drastically reduce its consumption to save the environment, while Keynesian economics says that increasing consumption by the general public is the surest way to a prosperous economy. Despite the contradiction, the Western policy elite subscribes to both doctrines...as long as it buys VOTES and fills the leaders' pockets.

Can the Authorities-Politicians not see the logical impossibility of policy action based on both climate change theory and Keynesian economics?  Perhaps not, or perhaps there is a hidden coherence to the elites’ actions discoverable by examining the incentives underlying the mutually exclusive theories presented to the public.

Contrary to “traditional” or Austrian economics, Keynesians disregard capital structure, time preference, and malinvestment concepts. The crucial factor is to boost short-term public consumption. As per Keynes's famous aphorism, “in the long run, we are all dead." Few people know Keynes was a Petty Government Official hired by the Queen of England to SELL the exponential creation of money during his lifetime.

Green Energy is the ABSOLUTE 21st Century MALINVESTMENT.  Instead of making Energy and Production cheaper, they are making them even more expensive at a time when we need cheap energy and competitive production to overcome the Big Depression of the 21st Century.

It’s widely held that all of our financial woes result from abandoning the discipline of the gold standard in 1971. The premise here is that if the U.S. had maintained the gold standard, the excesses of the fiat currencies regime could not have arisen. The real story is the U.S. was hemorrhaging gold in the 1960s at such a rate that America’s entire gold reserves would have disappeared by 1976 – 1978. Other nations converted their dollars into gold at a furious pace, draining America’s gold reserves.  Once your gold is gone, you can’t have a gold standard.

The point here is the U.S. was only a few years away from going off the gold standard anyway. President Nixon ended the convertibility of the U.S. dollar to gold (a.k.a. “closed the gold convertibility window”), i.e., abandoned the gold standard to preserve the remaining reserves, officially listed as around 8,100 tons. Today, the Devil is returning to haunt the US-Dollar and the U. S. and A. The drama unfolding will be a lot worse than it would have been in 1971.  If history is correct, only another WORLD WAR will be able to reason the World Leaders...and during times of WAR, only Physical Gold and Physical Silver survive.

 "It's a TRAP! don't let them lure you into US-Dollars...Russians know all too well it is a DANGEROUS TRAP."

Important Fundamentals:

  • Never put all your eggs in one basket; use a golden chicken!
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The updated figure for August 2022  

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Monday/Wednesday, August 22-24, 2022:  Securing a second "permanent" residency is crucial to a strong Plan B.

Updated Sections: Oil Shares, Natural Gas & shares, Uranium Shares

Don't stay in a country where they punish entrepreneurs, let fugitives in, and treat them better than the hard-working local people.  Don't stay in a country where they print more money and call it an inflation killer...or where the politicians and authorities change the definition of "recession" and take their own people for SHIT. The USA (and the EU) is in the hands of monkeys, and they are doing whatever they can to destroy the country as quickly as possible. We are entering the last phase of the Sodom and Gomorrah cycle. All those who keep dancing and going for the Fiat Money,  pretend that there are 5 different sexes, believe in Global Warming...will be exterminated once the country and the city they live in start burning. If you think this will never happen, buy a good history book and READ it!

Securing a second residency is a crucial aspect of a strong Plan B. 

It gives you another place where you are entitled to live, work, and invest if your home country ever becomes unlivable or undesirable.

plan b passportFor a long time, Panama’s Friendly Nations Visa was a no-brainer for anyone looking to secure an easy second residency.  Citizens of most Western countries could obtain legal residency in Panama by setting up a local company in Panama and depositing around $10,000 into a bank account. Plus, you needed to spend very little time on the ground in Panama to maintain the residency status. For years, we so made many people and families very happy...

This was one of the best deals in foreign residency. Easy, fast, and very flexible. But for years, I also warned that Panama’s Friendly Nations Visa is too good to last forever! Panama made substantial changes to its Friendly Nations Visa rules last summer, making the program much less attractive. And this is pretty common— great opportunities seldom last.

Sometimes when a government is looking to attract foreign capital by offering an extraordinary tax, residency, or citizenship deal, they often overshoot and make the program TOO good.  Word spreads, and soon the government is inundated with people trying to take advantage of the opportunity. Eventually, the government became too overwhelmed with demand, so they changed the terms and made the program less attractive.

Luckily there still are alternate ways (i.e., pensionada) to obtain the Panama Permanent Residency (and passport) that are significantly priced.  Bearing in mind what happened to the Friendly Visa procedure, if you think you can take this route, we urge you not to delay taking the required steps. Any other option is way more expensive and complex. Send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, address, and telephone number for details.

And yes, inflation hits the poorest people and pensioners the most.  They always are...and it will get worse, a LOT worse!  again, Inflation is created by the government and only by Government.  Therefore, if you VOTED the Government into power, you should BLAME yourself for what is happening now.

Yes, the Dollar is toast! Better start to prepare for impact before the waterfall crash of the Dollar starts, and the USA moves into severe hyperinflation.  Most people don't realize that there are trillions of dollars worldwide, and the day is close when these Trillions will FLOW BACK to the US and A, resulting in a Hyperinflation as we have never seen in History.

"The BRIC nations are banding together economically and challenging the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency."

With the Ukraine War, the West SECURED the end of the US-Dollar.  Today, the BRICS are taking all required steps to kick the US-Dollar out of International Trade, to replace the BIS, the IMF, SWIFT, and other international organizations controlled by the Dollar once and for all. We do hope that such will and can be done without unleashing a World War.

Important Fundamentals:

  • We shall see NO CRASH in the American Stock market as many Financial Stars (incl. Peter Schiff) preach we shall have. They are WRONG! At least, we shall see NO CRASH expressed in Fiat Money.
This article is so good that it is for premium members only. This article is so good that it is for premium members only.
 We guess that the USA has little or no gold left!  What is WRONG with HUMANITY that BELIEVES Powell can reduce inflation by using the tools he selects?
Ayn Rand If you don't believe Powell will succeed, why then do you not adjust your investments? Why do you keep buying Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, ETFs, and Cryptos???

Important Technicals:

  •  We have a Short Term breakout of the
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Thursday/Friday, August 18-19, 2022:  Printing more fiat Money and hiking taxes will REDUCE the Inflation rate.

Updated Sections: Royalties, Majors, Juniors, Recession Proof (LOCG) - Yields,
Recession Proof - hold incl. yields, Bio Tech-Pharma
NOT happy about Gold & Silver? - click here: The Gold pool

Printing more fiat Money and hiking taxes will REDUCE the Inflation rate!?  First, I thought this was nothing but a bad dream. It is impossible that the World is controlled and run by a gang of IDIOTS, RETARDS, POWER seeking, frustrated Midgets, and Neanthertalers. Today, I am giving in and admitting we are aboard a 747 piloted by Monkeys fed by THE HERD that wants more for free. We (except for the inflation reduction actHERD) know HOW this story will end, don't we?

The Inflation Reduction Act Is Another DC Lie!  We get a lot of Orwellian spin out of Washington D.C. A recession isn’t a recession; Putin’s price hikes caused inflation, and now we’re told a massive spending bill will cure inflation. Despite the catchy title, it is nothing but a tax-and-spend bill. The pundit class insists this will not only cool price inflation but will also lower the budget deficit. This is a pipe dream...

The November elections are only 3 months away.  Democrats will be walking the Sharp of the Knife for the next 12 months. If and when they lose the majority in Congress (and I think they will), it is game over for Sleepy Joe and his Libertarians. Therefore, over the next 10 weeks, they will do whatever is possible (and impossible) to PLEASE the voters: smear Trump as much as possible, keep Interest rates low and reduce these, keep the Stock Market up, keep the Bond Market up, keep the (official) Inflation Rate low, bring the price of oil and gas somewhat down,...and since the Fed is a political entity controlled by the democrats, this will probably work...they have already been able to change the definition of a recession...all for the good of the country.

"Germany to TAX the people by €500, to bring down the cost of Natural Gas." (not a Joke!)

In the autumn, we see much higher metals, high commodity prices, oil prices, and crashing stock markets (only when expressed in REAL MONEY).  And then, on top of that, because of the food situation and inflation, you will have more people suffering.  Therefore, the possibility of social unrest in a lot of countries. We have already seen this in Sri Lanka, and Argentina is collapsing again. And we will see similar things in the West.

real estate crashThe Big Boys are Leaving: The housing Bubble Getting Ready to Pop. At a time when it becomes increasingly evident that the Real Estate Bubble is about to pop all over the Western World, there are still RETARDS who keep on building and are putting all of their savings in Bricks and Mortar!?  They don't seem to realize what Inflation and the falling REAL INCOME are about to create a MONSTER of a REAL ESTATE crash. They don't realize that the crash has already begun.

What is wrong with "the Herd" and Real Estate? Those not paying attention will soon lose that "10-year head start" altogether and more. That "head start," by the way, is essentially "imaginary." Belgian Real Estate has been losing value (expressed in real money) since 2005. See the real price slide on the homepage (Belgian real estate in gold).

"A Real Estate Crash we can even have with RISING Real Estate prices.!"

In Venezuela, over years, the price of "house A" has risen from, let's say, 200,000 Bolivar to 200,000,000 Bolivar.  However, the Bolivar is worth nothing anymore; in reality, today, this "house A" is only worth $10,000. So every Venezuelan who owns real estate is a multi-billionaire...but owns nothing:  after all, 1 chicken costs 1,000,000 bolivares. The wise-noses pretending that the incoming rent would make them rich now realize that the monthly rent doesn't even buy them one chicken but only 6 Eggs.

We have a reverse manipulation for real estate: interest rates are kept artificially low.  Today, investing has become a different kind of exercise: it's not about earning percentages of fiat money but rather making sure you don't lose your purchasing power at the end of the day.  In times of crisis, this kind of thing goes very quickly in the end. Those who are not prepared will be on the hook for the trouble. Just like during the Weimar, post-WW2, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Venezuela, Lebanon,...

Silver Eagle 2022 07 13If you bought silver 10 years ago at €12 - €13 per oz., you can now sell it for min. €22 - €24 per oz. (American Silver Eagles are $35).  You will receive a lot more if you bought "silver coins" back then. After all, the premium on silver coins has also risen steeply over those years. The premium on American Silver Eagles is $10 - $16. So now they cost € 32 - € 36 each. And all this in a market where prices are kept as low as possible through manipulation.

In other words, your silver bet has doubled.  Would real estate over the last 10 years also have doubled in price?  If so, is this real estate now being sold, or is the owner just staying put and hoping Santa will see that the value of his Bricks and Mortar keeps going up (that is in REAL MONEY)? Note it is "extremely easy" to make the value of something go up in Fiat Currency. One just has to print more, and the Dream will become true. And YES...ONLY GOVERNMENT CREATES INFLATION. It is the very SLIMY POLITICIANS we vote for and keep in power who do.

Important Fundamentals:

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Monday/Wednesday, August 15-17, 2022:  Biden True Approval 12%, and Democrats are walking on the sharp of the knife!

Updated Sections: Recession Proof Shs (LOCG),

approval BidenBiden True Approval 12%! Democrats, alias Libertarians, alias Socialists, alias Communists, will go to the bitter end to keep the POWER.  Marx killed over 6 million people to do so.  Don't say this will never happen again! This time won't be different.  They will use every possible weapon to stay in power: creating exponential amounts of fiat currency, rigging the financial markets, restricting your access to your bank account, capital controls, you name it...Politicians don't give a FUCK about your life.

Dramatic is that the HERD keeps believing the LIES of the Authorities, keep believing and keep following them.  That is why the Authorities could send millions of young boys to a sure dead during WW1.  That is why the Authorities could send over 6 million Jews to extermination camps. That is precisely why situations like 1989 (USSR), Cuba (no chickens), Venezuala (largest reserve holder of oil must import oil),  Zimbabwe, etc...keep repeating. The DUMB HERD only starts to move once there is a shortage of or when the price level of something vital becomes unaffordable: bread, soap, sugar, oil, gas,...and even then, the DUMB HERD keeps believing the Authorities for some time. Only, when the tide turns, HELL breaks lose, and heads roll: "Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette"  are an excellent example.

The Party of Chaos (Democrats) is about to unleash its “Inflation Reduction Act,” which proposes to spend three-quarters of a trillion dollars created from thin air into an economy already hyperventilating on three years of multi-trillion-dollar injections derived from no productive activity. At the same time, the act will raise taxes, especially for low-end wage earners and small businesses, completing the regime’s destruction of the middle class. The cherry-on-top is the provision to double the size of the Internal Revenue Service by hiring 87,000 new employees to harass ordinary American taxpayers. Is that what you voted for in 2020?

None of that is going to work as intended. More likely, the passage of the act will trigger the destruction of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and a stampede out of dollar-denominated investments, which is to say, a very severe financial crisis. Credit will freeze, the distribution and sales of goods will cease, interest will stop being paid on virtually all outstanding debt, the bond market will implode, few will have anything identifiable as money, and there will be little in the way of everyday goods like food and gasoline to buy anyway.

"So tired of hearing the dollar is going up; Gold has to go down. Over the past 20 years, the dollar index has been unchanged, and Gold has been up 600%. All currencies are going down vs. Gold; given that debt to GDP globally continues to rise, Gold will outperform all currencies over the long term."

Just look at the charts below. An 8-year-old Kid sees the LIE sold by the Authorities.  If you had a VAXXED loved one that passed away over the last two years, you damn well know WHY it happened. And you can congratulate yourself for letting it happen.  Are you ready for another JAB??..and don't forget that MASK who offers ZERO PROTECTION. Make sure you keep believing the lies of the Morons selling the lies. I really don't understand what is wrong with those still believing this COVID-LIE. They make me think of the Jews that were GASSED and why they thought that they were taking a shower. Has humanity really fallen that low? Is the HERD really that STUPID? are the Politicians really that MEAN?

1. Screen Shot 2022 08 10 at 1.55.12 PM 2. Screen Shot 2022 08 10 at 1.55.53 PM 3. Screen Shot 2022 08 10 at 1.56.09 PM
In all cases (18 to 39), the unvaxxed have the least Mortality rates. In all cases (60 to 69), the unvaxxed have the least Mortality rates. In all cases (80 to 89), the unvaxxed have the least Mortality rates. 

How NAIVE can you be?  People still believe the Bank they have their money with effectively HAS the money and safeguards their savings.  They live the dream that the bank MUST keep it all or at least something after they made a deposit or an amount failed bankswas wired into their account.  They just can't understand the Bank keeps nothing: what comes in as thin air (fiat money) goes out as thin air. Even the banknotes paid into the bank account become thin air. 

In Lebanon, also a country where there is raging inflation, last week, a man took hostages at a bank because the teller refused to pay out the amount of money he needed to pay for the hospitalization of his father. Of course, Mainstream Media keeps silent about this kind of event as hell.  Note that after WW2, Lebanon became a wealthy country, and we used to call it the "Switzerland of the Middle East." Unfortunately, as always, the Politicians killed the Goose with the Golden Eggs, and the HERD approved and did nothing until it was too late. What happens today in Lebanon happened a few years ago in Cyprus. Do people NEVER learn? What is wrong with the HERD?!

"It is agonizing that At a time there are NO chickens left in Cuba and everybody who can
flee this SHITHOLE, there are still Cubans believing Socialism works!
What is wrong with these people?"

US Treasury Runs Second Largest July Deficit of All Time.  The Treasury deficit is nearly three times larger than in July 2018. Similar conditions we have in Europe where all budget restrictions have been dumped. Excuses are COVIDUkraine-Sanctions, or situations created by the Authorities themselves. 

The Federal Government ran a $211B deficit in July.  Except for February, this was the most significant deficit since last July, when the Treasury ran a deficit of $302B and was the second-largest July deficit ever.

Everything possible is imagined and used to control the HERD better and to suck more money out of their pockets. Ripley's, believe it or not (I first did not believe it), but in Belgium, they now even have Motorized "CO2 snifflers". Agents follow trucks, measure the exhaust, and fine them up to € 8.000 if the CO2 emission is too high.

"Higher deficits mean more FIAT CURRENCY and more Inflation."

The UK (and most other Western countries) faces the steepest real wage drop in a century.  Living standards in Britain are projected to "officially" plunge by a staggering 7.75% by the end of this year. The situation in the EU is not any Real Estate crashbetter. People struggle to make the ends meet and can no longer pay their energy bills.   According to the report, living standards in the country are expected to fall by an unprecedented 7.75%, given the central bank’s prediction that inflation would jump to 13% in the fourth quarter of 2022 while wages were to increase by just 5.25%. As we all know, the inflation rate is AT LEAST DOUBLE or 26%, and wages are only to increase by 5.25% therefore, by the end of 2022, the living standards are to fall by 21.75% and not by 7.75%.

"This fall, we may see riots, food shortages, massive inflation, social unrest, and higher gold prices."

The current situation in the USA is maybe even worse:

1. 8% of houses reduced asking price over last month, most since 2000.
2. Credit card debt up 20% in 3 months. Americans have opened 233 million credit card accounts since April. Total credit card debt is set to cross $1 trillion for the first time ever.
3. Most aggressive rate hikes in history into a recession.
4. Inflation at a 40-year high.

Those who don't keep their Precious metals out of political reach should consider the following.

german gold restrictionsCentral banks in Europe are restricting the sales of precious metals,  presumably threatened by the fact that citizens are increasingly abandoning the devalued paper currencies and preserving their wealth by purchasing gold and silver. Most European countries—except for Germany and Switzerland — have already mandated that residents may acquire gold only by purchasing it directly from local bank branches.

The Austrian government will restrict the sale of precious metals to $20,000 at a time, which currently amounts to approximately 11 ounces.  The new law — which reflects the growing trend to restrict the purchase of gold in Europe — was passed relatively quietly and took place over a month.

France has made a similar policy change relating to the sale of gold:  Any transaction on the retail purchase of ferrous and nonferrous [metals] is made by crossed check, bank or postal transfer, or by credit card, not the total amount of the transaction may not exceed a ceiling set by decree. Failure to comply with this requirement is punishable. Any amount over 450 euros or $600 US dollars must be paid by bank transfer. The new law effectively makes it illegal to purchase even a single Troy ounce of gold or around 18 ounces of silver in cash. The amount permitted in the law, $600, is not even enough to purchase half an ounce of gold.  This guarantees that citizens who are trying to transfer their savings over to precious metals will be known to the authorities, leaving them vulnerable to government confiscation of their gold and silver later down the line, as happened in 1933 under FDR. There is, of course, still a solution. We KNOW HOW! 

Important Fundamentals:

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This article is so good that it is for premium members only. This article is so good that it is for premium members only.
How do you lose $80k in 12 months while you can tell your wife you doubled her pocket money? Here is an example for the Nasdaq: If you check the figures when expressed in Real Money (Gold), the loss is even more impressive. So, don't tell your wife.

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Thursday/Friday, August 11-12, 2022:
Houston, we have several problems!

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devil democrats

The Democrats have crossed the line. They are now trying to transform the United States into a banana republic of oppression and a direct assault on the very foundation of democracy. The nation has been polarized to the extreme. This is just going to put it over the top. The Democrats are toying with what will most likely end in a civil war and the destruction of the United States. Never in the entire history of the United States has a former president been indicted for any criminal conduct. This has not been because there was never such an incident. Most importantly, the historical precedent is that post-term indictment is NOT legally allowed.

These are the Democrats, the Libertarians, the Klu-Klux-Klan, the Devil at its best.  Libertarians (this is how they call themselves) do everything not to lose the majority in Congress this coming November...but they will.  Former president Donald Trump said in a statement Monday that the FBI raided his Mar-a-Lago home. Trump denounced the raid, which he suggested was ongoing and called it “prosecutorial misconduct.” The former president also suggested that the raid was “an attack by” his political opponents to try and ensure he doesn’t run again in 2024.

“These are dark times for our Nation, as my beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents,” Trump said. “Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before. After working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate.”

1. Democrats are acting like a bunch of Monkeys...pushing through the same idiocies they have been making law in Europe and of which we know they have the opposite effect: more spending, more taxation, more regulation! This time, it is called The Inflation Reduction Act. Really, can somebody explain to me how you can reduce inflation by creating more currency?!

‘The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing repeatedly while expecting a different result.’

2. The recession is A LOT worse than admitted by the Authorities and their buddies, the MSM.  But they don't care, as long as they keep their job and the pocket money (bribes) used to buy their services.

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3. June 26 – G7 – official paper gold selling has stepped up dramatically. 

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The REAL cost of Physical is totally different from the FIAT PAPER cost.

gold 2022 08 09 Silver 2022 08 09
 The price of physical is a lot higher than the paper price.   The price of physical is a lot higher than the paper price.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Turkish Central Bank Sends Gold To London.
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  • We cannot repeat it enough: the stock markets will
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  • Dow is in the
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Monday/Wednesday, August 8-10, 2022: The Big Depression of the 21st century is just getting started."

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"The inflation reduction act is nothing but a JOKE issued by retards, to mislead the herd: an additional $669 BILLION of Fiat Currency is added to the Money supply, which means MORE inflation – not less!"

Biden has no clothesSenate Democrats unveiled the Inflation Reduction Act last week. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 will make a historic down payment on deficit reduction to fight inflation, invest in domestic energy production and manufacturing, and reduce carbon emissions by roughly 40 percent by 2030. The bill will also finally allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices and extend the expanded Affordable Care Act program for three years through 2025. The Inflation Reduction bill will invest approximately $300 billion in Deficit Reduction and $369 billion in Energy Security and Climate Change programs over the next ten years.

We are talking about Weimar-level insanity here..." In the United States, the situation is quite different. The money supply in the United States grew by $ 5.9 trillion in less than two years, from February 2020 to the end of 2021 - unprecedented productivity of the money printing machines.  The total money supply grew by 38.6 percent.

We are in the Great Depression of the 21st Century. So, the last time we had a savings rate this low, we were in a massive recession. Why is the savings rate so low? Because the recession is forcing workers to dip into their savings to pay their bills because their pay increases aren’t enough to compensate for the higher cost of living.

Inflation is not created by workers demanding raises. It’s not created by companies raising prices. It’s created by the government expanding the money supply. When you inflate the money supply, prices go up. Wages are just another price. They are the price of labor.

The video below is about the lies sold by Sleepy Joe and his Democrats.  Peter Schiff and Megyn Kelly discuss the economic data pointing to recession and the government's propaganda media campaign to redefine a recession. Democrats go that far to pretend Higher Taxes reduce inflation!?... Inflation is a CREATION of Government and only Government. Everything else is a BIG, DIRTY LIE! Government ALWAYS screws everything up, and only the Free Market brings prosperity.  The Inflation reduction act is an excuse to pass a bunch of regulations that will make inflation higher.

According to Sleepy Joe & Co., we are NOT in a Depression! GDP fell 0.9% in the second quarter. This followed on the heels of a -1.6 GDP print in Q1. Back-to-back contractions in GDP have historically been defined as a recession, but the Biden administration and their apologists insist we aren’t in a recession. However, We’re going to get a third negative quarter. We’re going to get a fourth negative quarter. We’re going to be seeing contracting GDP for years. This recession is just getting started. [video only for subscribers]

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Putin Turns The Screws: Gazprom Unexpectedly Halts Another Nord Stream Turbine Cutting Flows In Half; European Gas Prices Soar.

cold weatherThe Guardian is such a habitual liar that he lies even when he is trying to tell the truth.  Putin has not reduced the energy supply. Russia has had to curtail supplies as sanctions will not allow necessary repairs to the pipelines to be completed.

The West's foolish sanctions have only harmed the West.  Washington's Russian sanctions have been a total failure – “The ruble is skyrocketing, and Putin is stronger than ever – our sanctions have backfired.” “Western sanctions against Russia are the most thoughtless and counterproductive policy in recent international history. World energy prices are skyrocketing, inflation is rising, supply chains are chaotic, and millions of people are being deprived of gas, grain, and fertilizer.

“Western sanctions against Russia are the most thoughtless and counterproductive policy in recent international history."

The reality of sanctions against Russia is that they invite retaliation.  Putin is free to freeze Europe this winter.  He has reduced the supply of significant pipelines such as Nord Stream 1 by as much as 80%. World oil prices have skyrocketed, and the supply of wheat and other foodstuffs from Eastern Europe to Africa and Asia has all but stopped.”

“British gas bills threaten to triple within a year. The primary beneficiary is none other than Russia, whose energy exports to Asia have soared, leaving its balance of payments in an unprecedented surplus. The ruble is one of the strongest currencies in the world this year, having appreciated nearly 50% since January.

Idiots control and live in today's world.

2 hours for a chargeElectric Vehicles (EVs) require 1 additional nuclear power station every 100 km.  From 70,000 fast chargers, we need to go to 1,000,000 mio units. Once these have been installed, all EVs will need a 30 min stop every 200 km to recharge 80% of the battery. This means that it takes 18 to 20 hours for an average Electric Vehicle to drive from Brussels to Nice.

Over the past 20 years, the electricity demand has leveled off and somewhat decreased.  With no electrical cars, there is zero need for more power stations (for wind and solar). The existing power stations are sufficient!! Also, the CO2 previously emitted by traditional vehicles will, after being replaced by EVs, be emitted by the electric power stations (coal, gas,..)

"The Autonomy of electric vehicles at high speed is 3 times less than official figures. Even five times less with a headwind."

Also, we must not forget the 800 lbs (400 kg) battery 800 lbs or four pax extra...you always have to carry with you. This results in more consumption and less autonomy. We see the EV-idiocy just as another means to mislead and control the "HERD." For the automobile sector, it probably is a way to postpone bankruptcy of the sector. The other life-saving option would be a WAR.

Note:  One hundred years ago, electric cars were a common sight on city streets in Europe and the United States. Many of them had a range comparable to that of today's EVs. during the 1920s, "EXACTLY" the same Electric Vehicle IDIOCY was sold to the Herd. The Great Depression killed the trend. If your neighbor has an EV or a Hybrid, you know what his IQ level is like. Click on the picture below for an overview of early Electric Cars (1895-1925) produced before the Great Depression of the 1930s.  

1920 electric cars

Important Fundamentals:

  • The Bank of England joined the club, hiked interest rates (1/2%), and warned the UK would enter recession with inflation passing 13%.  As the actual inflation rate is already higher (probably 20%), there is no risk that they are mistaken. Interest rates reaching 1.75% really are something to write home about.  This is probably the biggest joke I have seen in the MSM over the past weeks.
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Thursday/Friday, August 4-5, 2022: The Whole Western world is "a Banana Republic."

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Very open conversation on Covid, the Vaxxination, and the dangers of the jab...and a politicized CDC. A must-watch: English spoken with Dutch subtitles. According to Robert Malone, in the coming years, 1 in 800 vaxxed will die because of the vaccination, and 1 in vaxxed 5000 will get a heart infection.  The Covid vaccination changes (and kills?) the IMMUNE system!! Also, Sleepy Joe and Justinflation (Justin Trudeau) are living proof that the vaccines don't protect. On the contrary. As a matter of fact, it is the Highly Vaccinated who ensure Covid continues to stay alive. [note that the CEO of the WHO himself confirms he is NOT VAXXED!]

Robert Malone 2022 08 03

Warning: as YouTube censured the video on covid, Vaxxination, and the dangers of the jab on Monday, August 1, 2022, we are posting a video by Matthias Desmet that is explaining what is happening today or how the new Tyranny is being encapsulated in our Society. - Yesterday, the video was also posted on Rumble. A MUST-SEE! This is the totalitarianism we are sliding in! Scary it is! The Psychology of Totalitarianism is a fascinating book all should read.

totaliarismThe world is in the grips of mass formation—a dangerous, collective type of hypnosis—as we bear witness to loneliness, free-floating anxiety, and fear giving way to censorship, loss of privacy, and surrendered freedoms. It is all spurred by a singular, focused crisis narrative that forbids dissident views and relies on destructive groupthink.  Click here to buy the Dutch edition of his book.  MATTIAS DESMET is a professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University (Belgium) and a practicing psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

Note:  it becomes increasingly difficult to protect your assets, yourself, and your loved ones from such an evolution. Important, however, is to have a PLAN B so you can escape the hardship at all times AND to keep your savings OUT OF POLITICAL reach and OUT OF THE FINANCIAL sector. We know how!

Government and Petty Government officials control almost every aspect of our lives.  It gets worse every day, and one day, a government official will decide where you should live and how many families should live in your house,...This already happened in 1917. Those who don't, believe me, must watch Docter Zhivago.  Today in Sweden, one needs Government approval to open and run a bank account offshore.

"One can be wrong on the Dollar-euro exchange rate; however, we are 100% sure that we are right on the Euro-Gold and Dollar-Gold relationship. The Euro Titanic may sink one week before the Dollar Titanic does...both are sinking, so it doesn't matter, does it!?"

Pandemic, Famine, War, closed stock markets, bank holidays, worthless Fiat Currencies...they all come together or in sequence.  The danger for the average citizen is that they happen unexpectedly and take away everything from those who refuse to prepare.

This video is also a MUST-see.   Every time you get a big famine, you get big pandamonium...and then you can lockdown everybody again!  Global Warming, Dutch Agriculturals, Panama unrest, what happens when energy gets expensive and who is suffering most..and what happens next. Europe is TOAST, including Switzerland, Norway, Andorra, and Sweden.  2023 may be the 1st year of STARVATION and HUNGER in Europe!

Michael Yon, one of America’s youngest Green Berets at 19 years old, joins Dr. Jordan B Peterson to discuss the current state of affairs across the globe. Michael has traveled and lived over half of his life abroad in over 80 countries. Author of three books in the United States and three others in Japan, he is America’s most experienced combat correspondent.

"Those who want to move assets out of Political Reach  only have so much time left. The day is close; such will be impossible."

Capital Controls are already more or less in place, and it will only get worse.  Those who don't believe us must BUY $15,000 at their local bank and see what happens!  Before you know it, the Gestapo will ring your bell and ask you what your plans are with the Dollars.  Even worse, if you don't behave and answer appropriately to their questions, they will send the Cavalry (The Police). Today in Sweden, one needs Government approval to open and run a bank account offshore.

Important Fundamentals:

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Monday/Wednesday, August 1-3, 2022: How often can you be lied to if you don't know the truth?!

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If vaccines don’t stop transmission, how does the government justify vaccination mandates for travel to the US?

We have now had both Dr. Fauci, the public face of the US management of the pandemic, revered in some quarters and reviled in others, and President Biden himself get infected with Covid, despite both being double-vaccinated and double-boosted.

This is based on a cult-like faith. Inevitably, to try and stop the official narrative on the vaccine's benefits from unraveling completely and to encourage continuing vaccine and boosters takeup, they insist that their updated vaccination status helped limit the severity of their infection.  By drawing on the distinction between the efficacy and effectiveness of vaccines, it’s possible to argue that, rather than a pandemic of the unvaccinated, we have witnessed a triple-vaccinated pandemic.

Scientific statistics all over the world prove the former statement is correct. Also, I know many people who were vaccinated and either passed away or were severely sick after receiving the vaccine. Most were after they received the booster.  What happened here (lockdowns, mask obligation, vaccination, booster, was and is immoral and a "shame to humanity"!

vaccine failure 2022 07 25

They still cannot spin their way out of the hard data.  Public health officials can talk and dissemble all they want about the baselines for comparisons and pretend to possess great sophistication in their understanding of the current state of the disease. The claim that the unvaccinated are “significantly overrepresented” in Covid-19 hospital admissions and ICU occupancy is not just misleading, and it’s downright false.

Instead, they are exhibiting a severe case of cognitive dissonance in encouraging the double-vaccinated to get boosted and double-boosted. The ineffectiveness in reducing hospital admissions and ICU demand is sufficient to torpedo vaccine mandates. Doubts on their efficacy and concerns about their adverse effects and long-term safety further strengthen the case against mandates.

moronsThe Titanic is sinking...the Morons are watching...but are doing NOTHING to save themselves and their loved ones.

We all complain about the high prices of oil.  What if we were on an actual gold standard where the trillions were not being printed into existence?  The charts (click here) give an inkling based on oil.  If we take the oil price in Gold, the price since1950 has fallen by about 30%.  It certainly does not feel like oil prices have come down at all. In Pound Sterling, the price is up by 80%, USDollar by 35%, and Euro by 15% after adjusting for inflation. I am old enough to remember filling my automobile for R2.50 (at today’s exchange rate, USD 0.03 x 2.5 = 0.075 , at the exchange rate then, $0.25 x 3 = 0.75 ). In Belgium, the cost was nine Belgian francs x 40 liters or 360 Belgian francs (9 euros) to top up my Jaguar. The irony is that after lifting  (regulations preventing the ownership of Gold (USA), we have all had the ability to have our own Gold Standard just by holding a percentage of the metal in our possession...and those who did would not be paying more for their gasoline.

" You let someone dig Gold out of the ground, process it, then put it back in a hole in the ground, a vault, and it does a better job than Equities or Real Estate!"

When twenty years of Berkshire Hathaway A shares are compared to owning physical Gold,  the incredible outcome is that gold outperforms Warren Buffet. Neither pay dividends. The fantastic thing is that you work your butt off in one case, planning, plotting, looking for suitable investments, negotiating, getting involved in board decisions, running the companies, and keeping track of performance ….. In the other, you let someone dig it out of the ground, process it, then put it back in a hole in the ground, a vault, and let it do a better job. Seems like a no-brainer to me.  The reality is that GOLD has overperformed all other investment instruments over the past years, including Real Estate.

NOT ONE seems to be able to see the REALITY through the "Smoke Curtains" of the Authorities.  There's an entire apparatus — economists, bankers, government officials, and prognosticators — of folks whose livelihoods are predicated on measuring GDP, maintained as the be-all and end-all method for measuring a country’s economic or even societal health.

Politicians, Authorities, Central Bankers & Bankers, Big Oil & the Seven Sisters, and Big Pharma are nothing but an organized CRIMINAL GANG. The pity is that History shows us that EACH TIME, this SAD story ends in the same but different way: hardship, hunger, depression, WAR, Civil Unrest, and Revolutions.

Important Fundamentals:

Examples of what the Political-LIARS/CROOKS are selling to the HERD.


  • When GDP grows by, i.e., 1.5% but "COOKED" inflation figures are 8%-9%, we have a contraction of the REAL GDP by -8% to -7% or a DEPRESSION and not an economic boom.
  • This week, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates another 75 basis points despite a second straight quarter of negative GDP growth. Meanwhile, Congress is debating a big government spending bill to "reduce inflation."  First, it is impossible to combat Inflation by rising interest rates. Second, by increasing government spending, they increase the INFLATION rate.
  • The Cherry on the Cake is that the Democrats are reviewing and changing the definition of inflation to their advantage. This will enable the corrupt Mainstream Media to continue to sell the lie to the Herd. Just check "Wikipedia," and you will see that our statement is correct. As a matter of fact, GOLDONOMIC has been banned from the Wikipedia site.
  • Joe Six Pack has neither the time nor the intelligence to see the reality through the smoke curtain of the political lies. Some politicians probably don't understand how the system works.
  • Things are so bad that many are still convinced that what they have in their bank accounts is REAL MONEY and exists. They can't imagine that Bankers are just selling a HUGE MIRAGE.
  • The day the HERD realizes it has been HAD because Government just stole everything (and more) they had in their bank account, it always is too late.

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