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Gold Surges $30 And Silver Up $1 But The Best Is Yet To Come For Gold & Silver - see our charts!

Friday, July 30, 2021: The West is committing Financial & Economic suicide.

Updated Sections: Long Term Commodity Charts, Commodities expressed in Gold ,

A pity the Bank Peter Schiff stands for (Euro Pacific Bank) is of a much lower quality than his first-class thoughts


How to invest to be safe

For years, we have explained why precious metal ownership is so essential to the wealth preservation objectives of sophisticated investors, both individual and institutional. But on the wise and hence contrarian road to precious metal ownership, what good is the journey if the destination itself is unsound?

That is, it does make NO sense if your safe-haven assets are stored/held in un-safe institutions (i.e., commercial bullion banks and/or other precious metal dealers) who are themselves integral parties to the very broken system (and systemic risk) you originally set out to avoid?. Also, Banks can an do deny one's access to a safe deposit box for whatever reason.

The world’s major commercial banks are signaling the need to avoid (or more likely, prepare for) another banking crisis. Those trusting familiar banking names for storing their precious metals are doing so at great risk.

The banks are simply placing your precious metals in “unallocated” paper/transactional, accounts. The same is true for Stocks, Bonds, ETF's, etc..

Within the fine print of the bank account documents you sign when opening an account is the buried reality that the precious metals (and securities) are not in fact individually owned by the client, but by the bank first. There are no gold bars or coins (securities) with your name assigned to them waiting for delivery when needed. This makes the client an unsecured creditor to the bank, not a direct owner of the gold (securities) that the bank is allegedly “storing” for you.

If the bank tanks, well, they’re really out of luck, aren’t you? Thus, should another banking crisis, bank holiday, or depositor-freeze occur for any number of likely reasons, bank clients will be standing in line behind other bank creditors rather than taking immediate delivery of their gold and silver?

  1. Even allocated bullion accounts are at risk. First, there are the counterparty risks associated with the potential failure, insolvency, or mismanagement of any of the intervening middlemen, custodians, and sub-custodians—from outright fraud to inadequate insurance coverage.
  2. Secondly, the number of intervening parties between your account name and the final vault means as a bank client, you cannot speak to (or access) your vault directly; only your bank or its contractual middleman can do so.
  3. Thirdly, even in an “allocated bullion account” wherein you are promised direct ownership of say 100 ounces of gold, your 100 ounces are likely part of a 400-ounce bar of which you only own a ¼ interest/claim.

This is what we offer:

Serious precious metal investors seeking direct ownership of precious metal assets in specified sizes owned entirely in their names (and with direct access to the private vaults that store their silver and gold), and metals held outside of this openly fractured and highly risk-heavy banking system are the superior option. The Metals are either stored in your private box or in a fully Lloyds' insured Vault.

Liquidity Options

A concierge service is of the utmost importance. You will also wish to work with private bullion storage providers who offer instant liquidity options for two-way transfers in all major currencies in the event you chose to liquify all or a portion of your metal assets into actual currencies when and if needed. In other words, at all times, you must be able to move metals in and out of the vault and to convert these is the currency you wish and have the funds transferred in the account(s) you require.

Fully insured or just “insured”?

Fully insured bullion is the only bullion worth holding in private vaults. Are you, the client, (or just the vault or client representative) the ultimate insured party?

What are the coverage exclusions? The coverage maximums? Who are the underwriters? Lloyd’s or someone you’ve never heard of? Is the transporting of the metals to or from your vault fully insured as well, and if so, by whom and how much? (we are Lloyd's insured) .

Secure delivery of client precious metals is an integral component of any credible private vaulting service, and the premier services will engage only the most reputable and fully insured carriers (i.e., Brinks, Loomis, etc.).

Regardless of one’s domicile nation, your private vault service should also possess the full logistical sophistication to arrange pick-up and delivery (as well as all cross-border protocols covering any applicable duties or Value Added Tax) of your metals to any location in the world upon immediate request.

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Wednesday/Thursday, July 28-29, 2021:  The COVID-19 Scam and We’re Paying For It…and for a lot more nobody mentions.

Updated Sections: Bitcoin & Cryptos, Solar & Rare Elements, Agriculturals,
Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous & shares, Inflation Index  ,

In France, Europe, as of August 1st, you get 6 Months of Jail if you enter a Shopping Mall, a Restaurant, a Theatre,... without being vaccinated. Do you think this is NORMAL? A large crowd of people protests all over the country, just like many others in the EU and Australia against Covid restrictions, and in France against the "Sanitary Pass" without which one cannot go to a coffee shop, cinemas, restaurants, etc, even work. Nurses who say NO to the vaccine will lose their job. French are starting to rebel against such abuse of their core liberties. Medical staff, and even Firefighters, have officially opposed it.

Remark: This COVID-thing is TOTALLY a POLITICAL issue used to create more DEBT & CURRENCY like there is no tomorrow and to CONTROL the people even more.  With the help of COVID, the EU, West-Europe has become a COMMUNIST entity. Because of COVID, the USA is rapidly becoming a SOCIALIST entity. Both will die, disappear once all the money of the others has been spent. 

The Hyperinflation threat is real and the US could become the new Weimar Republic. - The problem is that most Western Currencies are guaranteed by the U.S. Dollar (The Reserve Currency) and that anything happening to the U.S. Dollar will severely impact all these currencies: Sterling, Euros, Swiss Franc, Yen,...Countries like China and Russia try to distance themselves from the U.S. Dollar and acquire as much Gold as possible.

 Physical Gold & Silver better than Real Estate
 Why inflation now is really 13.5% and will get higher. Shadow statistics are EXTREMELY BAD!

There is no doubt that we've come to a point where Central Banks are - for obvious reasons - moving to digital money. Once we have hyperinflation, it becomes a lot easier to create fiat money out of thin air without too much Mainstream Media attention. Also, each time they need to take some ZERO'S away, it becomes very easy to do so: just change the settings in the Money computer. No need to print and issue new banknotes.

Once they move to a digital currency, they can impose negative interest rates and just take money out of your account at will. People don’t realize what this really is. . . . I believe Bitcoin was started by the government to get this whole ball going. If I gave you a $100 bill, they don’t know where I got the $100 bill from. However, if I give you that in Bitcoin, not only do they know I gave it to you, but they know where I got it from. It can be completely traced all the way down. That is a tax authority’s dream. You have to understand what they are selling is really a totalitarian regime.” Last but not least, with Digital Money, they can even force you to spend it before a certain date or limit access to your own money for whatever reason they decide.

How to invest to be safe: see Friday's update

Important Fundamentals:

  • If the ECB adopts a virtual currency, it’ll likely follow in the footsteps of China and will result in full control of your wallet. You may even be forced to spend your digital before a certain date...or lose it.
  • The ECB wants a DIGITAL EURO and is introducing it!? 

Important Technicals:

  • Current levels of equity markets are not only big bubbles divorced from the economic and business realities but are repeating the madness of crowds that led to the Wall Street crash of 1929—1932. The difference is however is the money: gold-backed dollars then compared with unbacked fiat today. This difference makes it all even more explosive than 1929.
  • This is WHY the Dollar is holding up for the time being.

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Monday/Tuesday, July  26-27, 2021: The Government's solution is always a bigger drama than the original problem.

Updated Sections: COVID-19 a complot? Vaccinations SAFE? , Natural Gas & shares, 
Uranium Shares, Bank & Fin. Shares (charts)

When Government gets in the way of the Free Market it ALWAYS creates an even bigger problem than we had in the first place. The rule is that Politicians are uneducated losers, psychopaths who have never employed anybody and have no understanding of the World of entrepreneurs. The problem is that THE HERD doesn't know this and its members are so stupid that they blindly follow these dangerous leaders.

Learn more about Repo, Inflation, Velocity, and the dangerous Bubble we are about to see exploding. Learn WHY it will and can explode even when the economic activity falls. Communist Bureaucracy is alive and killing today's economic system in the same way it killed the USSR.
Saving Money won't save you, Real Estate won't save you...only GOLD & SILVER will. It is only a matter of weeks, months before South Africa is another Zimbabwe...The Whites will be pushed out of the country through the same port they originally came to Cape Town.

Since I left South Africa in 1995 the Rand has lost more than 80% of its exchange value versus the Euro and the Dollar (and the Rand will drop to ZERO in the near future).  At that time, after criminal Mandela was put into power, it was obvious that it was high time to leave the country. The arrival of Nelson Mandela was the end of PARADISE and the beginning of POVERTY for Whites and Blacks.  As expected the same Main Stream Media who pushed out the Whites and brought in the Blacks are not heard anywhere...[see section Rand-Gold & Rand for financial charts]

Whoever did not sell all his South African assets in 1995 and got rid of his South African Rands, lost +80% of his savings/purchasing power.  Today, those who were stubborn and stayed,  don't even have the financial means to emigrate. They chained themselves to the sinking South African Titanic.

Only for Subscribers: how to invest so you are protected?

All Hyperinflations end in deflation because hyperinflation renders worthless most asset classes.

The BIG RESET everybody is speaking about is happening RIGHT NOW under our eyes.

Remember that they can and will not allow a crash or severe correction to happen. Therefore, either some accident will happen and it will all happen overnight, either stock markets will be inflated so much that your portfolio won't even buy 3 eggs.

Also, Central Banks are stuck between a rock and a hard plate: they cannot raise interest rates, for if they do the system implodes, but they can also not push interest rates further down because if they do, the Dollar would immediately lose its status of 'reserve currency”.

What they can and will do, on top of printing fiat money out of thin air, is increase taxes.  

“The end of capitalism will be due to the unbelievable amount of debt that is currently being created. This will create monster inflation that will destroy every currency. The only currency that cannot be destroyed is gold. When investors realize this, we’ll have the makings of the greatest bull market in gold ever seen.”



Wednesday/Friday, July 21-23, 2021 - “There are no free markets anymore; there are only interventions.”

Updated Sections: Recession Proof Shs (LOCG), Recession Proof - hold, Bio Tech-Pharma,

“The whole damn system is corrupt.” People will have to “unite to protect liberty and freedom,” and it’s going to be a long fight.

FANG“The facts don’t count. If you show the facts, it’s misinformation if you put out facts. It’s a conspiracy theory when you put out facts, and in the United Soviet States of America, you are not allowed to put facts on any social media because they will ban you. You are not allowed to say anything to disagree with the government or the (so-called) ‘health experts.’”

No one will mention the fact that half the country already has natural immunity, according to Dr. Marty Makary at Johns Hopkins University. With death and injuries from fully vaccinated people going higher by the thousands every week, there are no facts that will sway the pro-vax crowd. 

The IMF, BIS, Central Banks are, with the help of Politicians (Governments) and Mainstream Media using the COVID-virus to create each day unlimited amounts of Fiat Money. This Money is required (REPOS) to keep the financial system afloat and Stocks rising. However, what they still don't realize, is that the marginal productivity of each additional created amount of FIAT MONEY has now become NEGATIVE. In other words, each unit of Fiat Money now makes it all worse.

Every financial crisis ultimately boils down to a liquidity crisis, namely: Not enough fiat currency to keep the financial wheels sufficiently greased.

The creation of Fiat Currency out of thin air is sending false signals to the Entrepreneurs and Politicians. (Ludwig von Mises). In a world in which consumers, corporations, and sovereigns have falsely confused debt-based growth as actual growth, a liquidity crisis is not a theoretical debate, but a mathematical certainty.

For years, politicians, central bankers, and mainstream financial “journalists” have downplayed the growing $280Trillion debt elephant in the global living room. That debt has been “monetized” by debasing the currencies and rising money supplies created from central bank mouse-clicks rather than productivity, as evidenced by the embarrassing fact that global GDP is less than 1/3 of the global debt. The "monetized debt" is what will soon result in "Hyperinflation".

"Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate love money printed out of nowhere and lent at almost ZERO (and artificially repressed) interest rates."

The corporations have been borrowing trillions to buy their own stocks and making stocks go up rather than down. Even the Central Banks have been and are buying securities (stocks, bonds) in order to keep the sun artificially shining. Because the marginal productivity of each additional created unit of currency is now  NEGATIVE, it is only a matter of weeks and/months (timing is almost impossible) before we shall live the real consequences for society. Social unrest will follow the financial crisis and the 'perpetrators’ (politicians) blamed.

What does this mean for investors? - only for Subscribers

to be continued...

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Monday/Tuesday, July 19-20, 2021 - Hyperinflation Will Collapse Biden Administration & EUSSR!

Updated Sections: Index In Real Money/Gold, Long Term Charts, Royalty Co's,
Gold & Silver Majors , Miners & Gold vs SPX , Gold & Silver Juniors, Juniors fundamentals,

Inflation has arrived...and it will soon get a lot worse! The Politicians, authorities, and Central Bankers are lying through their teeth about the inflation figures and are silent about what is coming. An easy job, I must confess, as 90% of the Earth's inhabitants (and this includes professors in Economics) don't even know the correct definition of Inflation.  Even worse, they don't even know HOW to protect their savings from inflation and hyperinflation. 

For some dark reason, most they keep their Savings in the Banking & Financial system, they keep buying Real Estate (this asset becomes a LIABILITY during times of hyperinflation), keep buying and holding Stocks (not realizing that each time we had a financial crisis, Authorities simply CLOSE the Stock Markets and one's assets are frozen for weeks and months).

Hyperinflation Will Collapse Biden Administration & EUSSR. The scenario painted in today's video BELOW (banned on YouTube) is GRIM but certainly possible. Even plausible when one sees the developments in Venezuela, Cuba, South Africa...and certain states in the U.S. And A. Few realize that the problems we have in Cuba and SA are the prelude of the end of the US dollar (and Fiat Currencies) and that COVID is a huge catalyst of the Depression.

The Western world is indeed led into the Abyss by a bunch of irresponsible, sick psychopaths alias politicians, assisted by The Herd or a majority of brainless people who think they will be able to continue to survive in this LALA-Land where Central Banks each day create out of thin air more than ONE TRILLION currency.

All empires die because of hyperinflation after the money has become unsound and the wealth of “the others” has been consumed by Socialists and Communists. Because of hyperinflation, and because they continue to blindly trust and support these Bloodscukers of Politicians, 95% of the people lose ALL of their savings and purchasing power.

In 1789 (French Revolution) every member of the family had to work to survive. It was either work for food or starve. Once the people lost it all, they lose it all. What the leaders (and the elite, the nobility, the King and Queens, the Upper Classes) fail to understand (amongst other things), is that each day, the odds that they will end decapitated increase, and the elite, the nobility, the King and Queens, the Upper Classes will lose their lives. The Endangered Species of today are Biden, Trudeau, Maduro, Merkel, Ursula, Rutte, Macron, Michel, Decroo, Besos, Bill Gates,...but also your local Politicians, local Bankers,...

The video is grim..but the scenario is plausible.

Important Fundamentals:

  • USA:  Evictions forces prepare for July 31st,

Important Technicals:

  • Majors

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Thursday/Friday, July 14-15, 2021: Hunger and Looting in Cuba and South Africa show us what is to happen in the Western World soon

Updated Sections:  Rupee Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold, Euro and €-Gold, Candollar & Gold,
British Pound & Gold , Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold
, World Stock Market Indexes

SA looting 2021 07 12The inflation will hit the lower and middle classes harder than the Pandemic. Once people have lost it all, they lose it all, and Hunger and Looting in Cuba and South Africa show us what is to happen in the Western World.  Don't for a split second think and hope the politicians will make it better. NO, these ASSHOLES always make it worse. About 2,000 years of history proofs these words are true. Don't hope The PEOPLE will stop it. They NEVER do. About 2,000 years of history proofs these words are true. The PEOPLE only start to protest after it's too late. This because the HERD always believes in the LIES of the Authorities. (click on the picture to see the videos)

"The inflation will hit the lower and middle classes harder than the Pandemic."

Imagine you have no fire weapons! South Africa is in the midst of total societal collapse as roving bands of rioters, smash, loot, and burn businesses in the city of Durban & Joburg. The government has announced it has "lost control." Armed citizens are firing live rounds into rioters, capturing some and whipping them in the streets. (they will not show this on your local television channel)

South Africa is in shear chaos today as tens of thousands riot, loot, smash, and burn. It initially began as a protest to "Free Zuma." The protests descended almost instantly into criminal "get free shit." The situation is so bad that even 'the food chain' is disrupted.

South Africa’s rand slumped to its weakest level against the dollar in more than two months as rioting that started with last week’s arrest of former President Jacob Zuma spread, weighing on the outlook for an economy already strained by a resurgence of the coronavirus. In the 1970s', South Africa was one of the richest countries on the planet Earth. To top up your car, ONE RAND did. Ever since the Rand lost almost all of its value and you need a lot more to top up your car.  (since 1994 (Mandela became president of the RSA), the Rand lost more than 80% of its' value...and continues to lose value.

South Africa Riots May Blow Over, But the Damage to the Rand (and South Africa) Is Done. In the debt market, yields on the most-liquid 2026 government bond climbed five basis points to 7.49%. The country’s risk of default, as measured by credit default swaps, headed for its biggest jump since June 23.

 "Last call for your 2nd PASSPORT. A second PASSPORT is a lot more than you realize! Become a coaching member and find out now."

The inequality of wealth and income can correct itself in two distinct ways: REVOLUTION, WIPEOUT, OR BOTH.  

  • Either a revolution like in France in the late 1700s or Russia in the early 1900s. This would lead to a general fall in economic activity and redistribution of wealth in a new Marxist system. Asset markets would crash leading to everyone being worse off until Marxism is rejected by the people. In Russia, last time, that process took around 70 years. It started at the end of WW I (1919) and ended in the bankruptcy of the USSR in 1989.
  • The other way is a collapse of asset markets leading to a massive wipeout of the wealth of the rich. The poor would also be worse off due to the general deterioration in the economy.


Store goldWhat institutions appreciate with physical gold is that it represents instant liquidity. Over $180 billion of gold (mostly paper gold) is traded every day. Gold can be bought and sold around the clock at the quoted spot price plus a small margin for physical delivery.

Throughout the centuries and for thousands of years, gold has proven to be the most stable form of money. And, it has managed to hold on to its value/real purchasing power throughout almost all long periods of economic uncertainty. IT is the safest way to keep and preserve your purchasing power. That on the condition you hold PHYSICAL Gold and hold it OUT OF THE BANKING SYSTEM and OUT OF POLITICAL REACH.

Where NOT to store Gold and Silver? The Big Banks—Anything but Safe. As our recent report on the Basel III regulations suggested, the world’s major commercial banks are signaling the need to avoid them as they expect (and prepare for) another banking crisis. In case of a bail-in, a brokerage account could be safer.  It certainly makes no sense to store your safe-haven assets like Gold in un-safe financial institutions who are themselves integral parties to the very broken system you originally set out to avoid.

We at Goldonomic know exactly HOW and WHERE to buy, store and sell gold & silver safely. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Those who think it is safe to keep Gold and Silver at home, are in for a terrible surprise...any idea what Operation Gutt was?? Become a Coaching member and find it all out!

Important Fundamentals:


Important Technicals:

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Update Monday/Tuesday, July 12-13, 2021: A Propaganda Masterpiece | Perspectives on the Pandemic XVII: MARK CRISPIN MILLER.

Updated Sections: Foundations & Trusts (new section), Real Estate, 

Goebbels“Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government,” wrote Edward Bernays, the father of modern propaganda. In this video, Mark Crispin Miller, professor of Media Studies at New York University, discusses the propaganda onslaught that defined the year 2020, when what was dismissed one week is confirmed the next, and why questioning official narratives "necessarily means taking ‘conspiracy theory’ seriously.” 

"Joseph Goebbels has orgasm after orgasm as even intelligent people have been convinced that they are under attack and are doing even the most perverse thing as masking children!"

This COVID is dangerous Propaganda that could lead to another World War, or something as bad or worse. This video is A MUST SEE! Note that, in several parts of the world (the EU) it is almost impossible to watch it on YouTube.

“Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government,” wrote Edward Bernays, the father of modern propaganda. In part one of Episode 17, Mark Crispin Miller, professor of Media Studies at New York University, discusses the propaganda onslaught that defined the year 2020, when what was dismissed one week is confirmed the next, and why questioning official narratives “necessarily means taking ‘conspiracy theory’ seriously.”

It seems that the year 2020 and then the first half of 2021 have comprised a global propaganda spectacle of unprecedented scale and sophistication. I for one believe that we were subjected to a series of carefully planned psychological operations over the course of 2020 and just beyond. I think it started with the roll-out of the virus. This particular instance of fear-mongering is the most persuasive, the most compelling, the most devastating kind of fear-mongering that’s ever really been used in the history of propaganda and that’s really saying something. We’ve seen the fear propaganda moving from the Hun to Communism to Terrorism but now it makes the crucial move to the thing itself. The evocation of The Virus All Around Us was enough to turn the wits of millions of highly educated people. It’s a very easy matter to get people to do what you want. Just convince them they’re under attack and that anyone who argues with that claim is putting them at risk.”

It is a fact that the COVID is used by Governments to lead Democracies into Communism. To build a VIRTUAL Berlin Wall around countries and continents. This is only one of the reasons WHY we advise our readers to keep a large chunk of their assets/savings OUT OF POLITICAL REACH. Remember, when they started to build the Berlin Wall, there was little time to get out of the DDR...

"In Spain now BY LAW, everybody will own nothing and be happy. This is a total economic and social reset."

This is what is coming down for all of Europe.

  • In the event that a state of crisis is declared in Spain (“situation of interest to National Security” is the name given by law), the authorities may also proceed to the temporary seizure of all types of property, at the intervention or provisional occupation of those that are necessary or the suspension of all kinds of activities. That is so vague it will allow the government to seize all your bank accounts and even your home – PERIOD!
  • However, this new duty to surrender all property does not stop with individuals. This ALSO applies to companies and legal entities to collaborate with the authorities to overcome whatever crisis they in their sole discretion determine.
  • The new legislation also addresses the media. This draft includes the obligation of the media to collaborate with the competent authorities in the dissemination of information of a preventive or operational nature. In other words, it terminates the freedom of the press. The press will be compelled to put out only the government view.

This will be a big surprise for the Elite...they will also get poor and lose all their power when the catharsis happens. The current monetary system has given the 0.1% elite illusory wealth and power. But that is a totally artificial and temporary situation. As the current currency system collapses so will their power and illusions.

Money fabricated by pressing a button by an index finger can never be worth more than the cost of moving the finger. Still, these small finger movements are generating trillions of dollars, euros, yen, RMB, and other currencies in an illusory creation of wealth.

How Valuable is Something You Create With a Keystroke? We also have to consider the time and effort it takes to produce gold and silver. The Fed and most central bankers today create a new currency with a computer and mouse—point, click, voila! Producing real money takes a full decade—from exploration and discovery to development, production, and distribution. Most currency today is basically “imagined” by a central bank, with the new digits credited to banks and other entities. Easy peasy.

fiat currency vs Au Ag 2021 06 28

How valuable is something that can be created in literally seconds, with little effort? This is one reason a gold standard can work; it takes real work and lots of time to bring gold to the market, which limits the amount of money spending politicians can do (which is why they’ll fight it if it’s ever introduced again).

BITCOIN – $10,000 NEXT? For anyone who believes that cryptocurrencies will take over from gold, they should think again. There are around 10,000 cryptos today and over 1,000 have already died.

Bitcoin is of course the biggest. As I have said before, BTC is a wild binary bet. It can go to $1 million and it can go to Zero. Governments are unlikely to allow it to go to $1 million except for as a collector’s item without any practical use. They are more likely to force it to zero as it is banned by an increasing number of countries.

And anyone who thinks BTC will replace gold must think again. It might be a great speculative investment but it can never be a real store of wealth. And the extreme volatility makes it very unsuitable either as a reserve currency or as a wealth preservation investment.

We have seen $65,000 for BTC this year and now it is down 46% from there. Technically it looks like BTC could go to $10,000 and lower (see chart in the Financial section). If that will be the case, it will certainly not be suitable for widows or orphans.

Believe it or not, there are now upwards of 7,500 cryptocurrencies in the world today … trading on 475 different crypto exchanges … and boasting a total market cap of about $2 trillion. That’s bigger than the market cap of Apple, Inc., Alphabet, or Facebook.

sinking real estateOn Real Estate: what we see now all over the world, is the BUY CLIMAX or the last spike before the Real Estate market dries up and comes sharply down. And yes, a drop of 60% of the Real Estate prices will probably be seen.

"This is comparable with the NEGATIVE interest rate you have to pay to banks on your bank deposits."

What most people fail to understand, is that a Real Estate Asset becomes a Real Estate LIABILITY in times of high & hyperinflation.  This happens as soon as the RENTAL INCOME (real or calculated income) does no longer covers the REAL COST of a property. Or the income no longer covers the taxes, maintenance, mortgage, amortization,... The fact that because of the high inflation rates and the recession, RENTERS are no longer able to pay their rent, and/or LANDLORDS are no longer able to honor their mortgage adds to the drama.

As soon as Real Estate becomes a liability, the market dries up and prices start to come down. The forced sales often push the general level of prices down by 40% to 60% and more when expressed in Real Money or Gold.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Over the coming years, any and all of the excesses of the last 90 years will eventually be driven out of the market. 
  • This is the SCARY reality, a scary picture of the American household!  Better think twice if you still are holding US-Dollars.

the usa balance 2021

  • This is the fundamental value of GOLD expressed in Fiat Money. Never has it been so cheap!

Important Technicals:

  • Now in the recent and aged weekly momentum moves—

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Update Thursday/Friday, July 8-9, 2021: Gold is insurance against a system already on fire.

Updated Sections: Crude Oil price evolution, Gold-$, Silver ,Rupee Gold , 

"The architects of the global financial circus are worried about the monster they created and which they can no longer pin on the COVID."

Gold is insurance against a system already on fire on the condition that there is: Zero counter-party risk, 100% ownership. Despite even Basel III’s attempt to make allocated gold a risk-free priority over unallocated paper gold on their own balance sheets, we also know and have known for decades, that even the “allocated” gold held by their bank customers is not in fact owned by the customers, but by the banks themselves. That’s why we store our clients’ fully insured precious metals outside of this fractured and band-aid regulated banking system in secured vaults where the gold is held, insured, and marked in client names, not ours.

The Pointlessness of Holding Bullion Continues to Sink In. (The Financial Times on April 16, 2004 - Gold was $400.46 oz.)

Home prices and rents have done something they never did before...or this is a BUY CLIMAX! This is the result of the creation of exponential amounts of fiat money out of thin air. We also have the highest GAS prices in 10 years on both sides of the Atlantic.

Everyone could see home prices are spiraling out of control, and now we are seeing some solid numbers that are just shocking. Home prices are rising at the fastest pace ever recorded, and millions of potential homebuyers are getting increasingly frustrated with how competitive the housing market has become. All across the country, average hard-working American families are being completely priced out of the market.

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The buy Climax of houses and Rentals in the USA point to an imminent Real Estate Crisis. The median price of a single-family home in the U.S. reached a record $350,000 in May, rising from the previous record of $341,600, set the month before, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported. Prices have increased 24 percent in the last 12 months, the fastest year-on-year gain since 1999 when the NAR began keeping data, the group said.

Important Fundamentals:

  • The Japanese Government Bond market is nearly $10 trillion in size. 

Important Technicals:

  • Silver's natural order trendlines picture a potential
The time of Silver & Gold has arrived.  Elliott Wave Silver

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Tuesday/Wednesday, July 6-7, 2021: This Market with Bad Breadth is Still Going Up until it doesn't!

Updated Sections: Commodities expressed in Gold, US Dollar, Euro and €-Gold

powel money machineHow to create and spend unnoticed $ 1 trillion a day?! Easy, find and use a FLU-VIRUS and, with the help of the Mainstream Media, scare the hell out of THE HERD. A piece of cake it is.

The BIS (Bank International Settlements), the IMF, the Central Banks, some intelligent politicians know the Financial System can implode ANY DAY. They know that the day it happens, they not only will lose their JOB but probably also their HEAD.

When people lost it all, they lose it all. That very day, even the (artificially generated) fear for a FLU virus will no longer stop the Herd. It will be a remake of the French Revolution, a remake of the Boston Tea Party, and the birth of a new 4th of July, 1779.

The REPO market is the SPINE of the Bank/Financial system; when this market fails, it's game over!

The REPO drama started in September 2019 and Central Banks together with Authorities welcomed and used the Coronavirus to start creating BILLIONS of Fiat Currencies in order to save the system. In order to postpone the inevitable.

Thanks to COVID-19 they could do it almost unnoticed. Ever since the REPO-DRAMA has grown like a mushroom and today it has the size of a MONSTER. Tomorrow this Monster will eat most of us.

Why force or scare people to get an experimental vaccine when there are so many reports of death and injury from them? This is not about medicine! It is about using FEAR to HIDE a bigger DRAMA that is unfolding.

This past week, the Fed spent nearly $1 trillion in one night in the reverse repo market. The Fed does not want rates to fall below zero, and on the other end, it is spending $120 billion a month (at least) not allowing rates to rise too much in the repo market. Got that? Just know something is very wrong at the Fed when they have to spend $1 trillion in a single night. There is no fix that is going to happen. They are just going to keep it going until it blows sky-high.

Cut back on risk is my best advice. Normally, if history is right, ONLY Physical Gold and Silver holders will be safe. On condition, they keep a large chunk 'out of political' reach.

Note: REPO's are the funds, the money Central Banks have to create each day to try to avoid that the financial system implodes.

Bolivar 1900   2021

"Venezuela tells us what will soon happen to the Western World as a consequence of the Trillions of Fiat Money created out of thin air."

Venezuela To Chop Off Six Zeros From Bolivar In 3rd Currency Redenomination In 13 Years. Prior attempts of the Venezuelan government to get a handle on several years of hyperinflation included the dramatic and unprecedented recent step of issuing 1 million bolívar bills. The high denomination bill issued in March of course did literally nothing to solve the underlying problems which started in earnest in 2016 under a collapsing system, but it only made ordinary Venezuelans' lives harder.

A single 1 million bolívar note would not currently be enough to buy a single cup of coffee, as a million bolivars are worth just over $0.32 US. The vast majority of working-class people still need cash for daily transactions, including for public transit or local grocery and goods stores.  And now the next iteration of an attempted "solution" to the ongoing crisis is a fresh currency redenomination, which will mark no less than the third one in 13 years.

Several Real Estate Markets are peaking. We have a Buy Climax pointing to an imminent Real Estate Crash. Remember that at first the volume, the number of trades will dry out. Next, the prices will crash with probably 50% to 60% and maybe more.

If you want to find out WHAT the Real Price/value is of something, you have to compare it to Gold and/or Silver. There is simply no other way. The price of Crude Oil can double in price when expressed in a currency but remain the same when expressed in Gold. The same is true for Copper, Sugar, Corn,...Therefore, the 2nd most important section of this site is the page where we express the price of commodities in Gold (or Real Money)...click here.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Gold is INSTANT LIQUIDITY...and, if you can't exchange it for a CURRENCY, you can use gold for BARTER. The same applies to Silver.
  • Stock Margin Loans are just like during the late 1920s at an all-time high. This is a reliable precursor of a GREAT CRASH.
 People buying stocks with credit. This is a Buy Climax. The end is near! This is a Buy Climax.
  • Japan restarts the nuclear reactor. 

Important Technicals:

  • We might have seen
After the breakout, Silver will spike to $35-$38
Even cycle analysis points to a short-term bottom.
Rising Interest Rates go hand in hand with rising Gold. The Dow Jones is preparing for a CRASH worse than the 1929 Crash.

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Happy 4th of July weekend!

Thursday/Friday, July 1st-2nd, 2021 - Orwell 1984 is HERE!

Updated Sections: 

central banks marxOrwell-1984 is here and Central Banks, the FED, ECB, BoJ, BoE, even the IMF and the BIS...are Marxist institutions controlled by Governments and Politicians. We know that the NARRATIVE is different and politicians like to keep the idea alive that these are PRIVATE institutions. Not So!

Marx said that the Centralisation of Credit had to be in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.

In most cases, the Narrative still exists that National Banks, Central Banks are private institutions while in reality these are completely controlled by Government. The National Bank of Belgium is a perfect example of the former.

As a matter of fact, it is the BIS, Central Banks, IMF who, today, are trying to control the price of gold. Just like happened during the 1960s...that is until 1968 where their efforts failed and a BANK HOLIDAY was declared. After the holiday, the price of Gold doubled and started its' journey to a level of $850. The price of gold went up by a factor of 25.

Today, because of the exponential creation of FIAT CURRENCY, we expect to see AT LEAST a factor of 50. OR the price of gold will rise to a minimum of $100,000.

REAL MONEY is the fruit of WORK, TIME, ENERGY. Fiat currency is the result of everything else. It has been so for 6,000 years and it will be so forever.

time to create currency vs Au Ag

Important Fundamentals:

  • Gold is financial insurance. The time to buy insurance is when it is cheap and when no one wants it. Once the disaster arrives - it is too late. 
  • Gold is cheaper than in the 1960s'. See below for more fundamentals.
gold cheap 2021  

Important Technicals:

  • The markets have been in an overbought position since the end of April.
  • The US-Dollar

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