March 2021

Once assets climb too far from the plow of real valuation, the end is not only brutal, but inevitable.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2021 - HAPPY EASTERN: Goldonomic is geopolitics, economics, and investing in one!!

Updated Sections: , 

30 year silver: from  $4 to  $30 = +650% or 22% y/y

30 year gold: from $200 to $1800 = +800% or +27% y/y

"The Covid-politics, are nothing more than a controlled demolition of the economy!"


Most Politicians and people, in general, don't understand anything about finance and the economy. Let alone the definitions of money, currency, and store of value. Long live our education system...

The slime balls who started all this plandemic are making big bucks...everything else goes to hell and poorer. These little clown boys, girls, and black and white and trans are responsible for this. They destroy the global economy and millions of people with this made-up COVID crap. About two-thirds of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and are just trying to survive from month to month. All over the Western World, like is the rule in Communist countries, the Last of the Classes are taking control of the economy. We all know that such ends like it is ending in Venezuela...only, most refuse to admit it and few take precautions.

More vaccinations and more tests. They will go so low to blame an ordinary FLU-virus for the BIG DEPRESSION on the 21st Century.  The way the Authorities took care of this Covid thing, will be remembered in the history books as the BIGGEST APRIL FOOLS' JOKE EVER.

"The financial markets are what they are. Mainstream Media (journalism) ALWAYS find some excuse. Even if the excuse is total nonsense."

There will be no economic boom after the pandemic COVID! The underlying cause of this claustrophobic, sad, and ruined world is not the Covid itself but rather the tyranny of the incompetents, their ineptitude, their deceptions, and their indifference to the suffering of others. Do not link these dictatorial measures, typical of a state of war, with the epidemiological reality, because this typically communist nightmare of bans and police controls is supported neither by science nor by the evolution of the epidemic.

The following pictures prove how nefast the end of the convertibility of the Dollar into Gold in 1971 has been for the Western World. And it will get worse and end with blood. It always does.

CPI long term 2021 03 27 world inflation 2021 03 25
See how the inflation rate started to spike after 1971.
Only idiots (& politicians) believe there is no inflation!
productivity and salaries real wages 2
 Wages, the compensation for WORK stalled after 1971!  Even the REAL WAGES stalled...

income top verus bottom society 2021 03 27 real estate crashes 2021 03 27
This results in a Louis XVI society with too much
concentration of Wealth and growing poverty.
As a result, we have more and deeper Real Estate crashes AND Civil Unrests (Revolutions).

"Central Banks have tremendous power over the Economy. But the men and women who wield that power are completely clueless about economics. This is a toxic combination that can only end in a complete economic and financial catastrophe. Are you prepared for this outcome? "

Important Fundamentals:

  • The central bankers continue to injects again billions to crank up the stock markets. As we forecasted: $ 1.9 bn Biden-fiat money creation sends Dow & SP500 to a new historic high. The only thing that seems to be “healthy” today is the biggest stock and bond market bubble in its history, the Central Banks want to keep that bubble growing rather than naturally popping. The stock market is a bubble "bigger" than the bubbles that triggered historic market crashes like the dot-com bust and the Great Depression.
  • Goldbanks to relieve pressure on Gold & Silver markets as soon as next month. Those who don't make their move now will be trapped. There are delivery problems in Australia Switzerland, Liechtenstein and in the US, there is a shortage of Gold and Silver Eagles and of some other gold and silver coins. 
  • Silver is money AND a commodity.
  • Real negative yields make Gold rise. If real yields on the US 10-Year were honestly reported at -8%, gold would be ripping to the moon right now (it skyrocketed in the 1970s when real yields were -4%).

austalia silver

Important Technicals:

  • Bond markets (interest rates) are OVERSOLD...this points to LOWER interest rates, a lower Dollar, higher Gold & Silver.
  • Both the US-Dollar and Pound Sterling are OVERBOUGHT versus the Euro.
  • Gold & Silver are OVERSOLD.
  • See charts below. These are all STRONG buys at present levels. [except for interest rates - UST30 year]

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Monday/Tuesday, March 29-30, 2021 - Today is one big 'narrative' circus and illimited quantities of bread!

Updated Sections: Corporate Bonds,

Who is John Galt? Today's world is controlled by BIG OIL ( Seven Sisters), Big Tech (FANG), Big Automobile ( in order to survive, manufacturers merged  & try to launch EV), Big Banks (going for digital money), ...

"What is called "Capitalism" is no longer "Capitalism" but actually IS Communism."

Big PharmaMarketing was initially a business of informing the consumer to allow us to make the best possible choice when buying goods and services. Since the 1970s however this has evolved into something pathetic. At universities, students were taught and learned how to LOBBY (bribe politicians) so that they would take legal decisions favoring the sale of particular goods and services manufactured by particular corporations.

Marketing was a business of teaching what the consumer should buy?! Informing has become "changing consumer patterns". Today we have come to a point where, because of Lobbying (BRIBING) the world is largely controlled and regulated by large entities and NGOs. This is done by buying the Political leaders which so become  'the de facto' employees of the former corporations.

The Jogging narrative was invented to sell more SPORT articles and NIKE-shoes, Tourist-cycling was promoted to sell more cycling tourists and bicycles, Global warming and renewable energy is promoting windmills and solar panels, COVID is selling pharma products and vaccines, the regulations around COVID are also selling 'digital money', Computers, software, hardware... At the same time, the Middle Class is slaughtered in favor of Ali Baba and Amazon...One can compare it to what happened in Greek Mythology were the GODS were playing Chess with Ordinary people.

Amazon, Ali Baba, eBay, Apple, Microsoft, Google, YouTube, etc now rule the world!

50 years ago, Venezuela was THE RICHEST COUNTRY on planet Earth. So as Venezuela goes, so goes the western world!

Venezuela ruinSo goes Venezuela, so will go the Western World! (last Bolivar reset was on March 10, 2021). Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, 8 million more Americans have fallen into poverty, 10 million more Americans are now in danger of being evicted from their homes, and more than 70 million new claims for unemployment benefits have been filed.  With so many people deeply suffering, it is extremely insensitive to publicly flaunt your wealth, but many rich people are doing it anyway.

Creating GDP with debt only works for so long. As soon as the marginal level has been exceeded, each additional amount of Debt (Fiat Money) creates RECESSION rather than economic growth.  And the marginal level of debt has been exceeded months ago. As well in the U.S.A. as in Europe.

Because of the excess creation of Fiat Money and the fact that the Authorities COOK THE PRICE-INFLATION FIGURES, the REAL SPENDABLE INCOME of the consumers disappears and in the end, with the income of a salary, a pension,...it becomes only possible to buy 12 eggs and 2 pounds of cheese.  Therefore the level of unemployed becomes totally irrelevant. Only the REAL SPENDABLE INCOME is relevant. In Venezuela, unemployment is only 6.5% but the real income of the employed people doesn't suffice to feed the family. This kind of inequality ALWAYS results in CIVIL WARS & REVOLUTIONS. (see pic. below)

"With each reset Equities, Real Estate, the Bolivar became almost worthless!"

Venezuela’s spiral of hyperinflation took another step. The Central Bank of Venezuela has put into circulation a new banknote that reflects the hyperinflation that the country has been experiencing for years: the 1 million bolivar banknote, the highest denomination in the country’s history.

Despite this high number, its real value is very low: US $ 0.52 at the official exchange rate last week, when the BCV announced its introduction to all banknotes and coins in circulation. The forecast, however, is that it will depreciate quickly, as price escalation remains uncontrollable and Venezuela continues to experience one of the most severe economic crises in recent history. According to BCV, price indices (price inflation) increased by 2,665% last year.

Each time there is a currency reset in Venezuela, the worthless BOLIVAR is replaced by another worthless Bolivar. Each time the Stocks, Bonds, and REAL ESTATE become almost WORTHLESS when expressed in Real Money!

Today 14 x 1 oz. SILVER coins pay for all your yearly expenses (incl. shelter). Even if you live in Caracas (the most expensive city in Venezuela).

Stocks DO NOT PROTECT YOU! on March, 10 Chavez came up with a new currency, 2 days later the stock market crashed and stocks became almost worthless. Few realize that this is the direction the whole world is moving in.

As long as we have no GOLD comments on Bloomberg & Mainstream Media, we know that only a very small portion of the investors realize what really is going on and understand HOW to invest in today's murky, NARRATIVE waters.

Are you also a deer in the headlights!? As always, everybody waits...and will only move with the HERD. Only at that time, it will be "as always" TOO LATE.

"Everybody who keeps holding on to their 401Ks and pension plans, portfolios & Real Estate will end POOR!"

one big bubble 2021 inequality 2021 03 24
The day is close where the Bubble will burst! This ends with a Revolution!
PE ratio 2021 02 20 venezuela unemployment 2021 03 24
 Stocks, Real Estate, Bonds,..will continue to
go up until the QE stops working...and we have a CRASH!
The level of unemployment is irrelevant because
the working class has no Real Income!
venezuela deficit 2021 03 24 venezuela marginal 2021 03 24
Venezuela moved further into a depression, even
with a growing budget deficit (more Government
The US-budget deficit is 15% or
the same level it was in Venezuela in 2015...when
deficit spending stopped working!
gold silver in venezuela 2021 03 24 Caracas stock market long term
Those who realize by how much Gold & Silver
went up in Venezuela, know you can almost
buy a whole street with some gold coins!
 Each currency reset ends with a crash.

Note: very hard to find prices of real estate in Caracas, Venezuela. Especially in Bolivar. Prices in US-Dollar don't reflect the reality...but know that in Caracas one can already buy properties for $25,000 and less. If you look at the percent price increase of Gold and Silver (see picture above), it is not hard to understand that at this time a real estate property costs only a few Gold coins.

Important Fundamentals:

dollar value 2021 03 16

  • We expect no real surprises in the FOREX markets. Central Bankers have come to an agreement to keep the exchange rates more or less steady. This is done through SWAPS. As long as one can create fiat money out of thin air, such remains extremely easy.
  • Japan's persistent year-end selling led to an adverse domino effect around the globe, which eventually sparked a global bond - and stock - market turmoil. However, that's now over, (the fiscal year in Japan ends on March 31) and Japanese banks are about to start buying massive amounts of US Treasuries again once the fiscal year is over. And while it remains to be seen where stocks will trade in the coming week, it now appears that Quarter2 is set to start with a bang, as the S&P is set to finally rise above the mythical 4,000 level. Remember: THIS IS THE VENEZUELAN PATTERN!
  • Q. How Long Can Natural Price Forces be Repressed?  A. As long as Bloomberg & the Mainstream Media don't focus on Gold.

  • Key to the survival of this open scam and price suppression (in play since 1990) is to keep the short contracts on these precious metals perpetually rolling over rather than expiring, for if the contracts were to ever expire, actual physical delivery of the underlying metals would be legally required. That would immediately kill the GoldBanks as well as the COMEX & LMBA. That’s because these same big boys would default on actual delivery for the simple reason that they don’t actually own enough gold and silver to honor their levered contracts. Not even close.

    To make it even worse, if they couldn’t make actual delivery of the metals (and they can’t), the 8-GoldBanks would be forced to cover their own COMEX-LBMA shorts and go net long once gold and silver prices climbed (i.e. “squeezed” them) beyond their control.

    This short-covering would cause the price of precious metals to skyrocket. But even the big boy’s pockets aren’t deep enough to ever afford going net long to cover their own shorts—this would require trillions, not billions. Not even a bailout from Exchange Stabilization Fund could help these bullion banks at that point. The Authorities would be forced to close all banks (Bank Holiday) in order to save the planet. See our section "The Gold pool" for details.

    In short, this small handful of big boys shorting the gold and silver contracts on the COMEX are playing with gasoline and matches.

    All of the big boys, that is, but one…JP Morgan knows better!

Important Technicals:

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Friday, March 26, 2021 - If you haven't stored your Gold & Silver properly, you only made half of your homework.

Updated Sections:

Our Vault is Better than a Bank where Safe deposit boxes aren't safe!

VaultMost of the time, goods kept in safe deposit boxes with banks are NOT insured. Also, access can be blocked at any time (bank holiday, death, an argument with your bank, the decision of the authorities, etc.). The danger that the Authorities can 'legally' seize your holdings held with a bank must not be underestimated. It has happened in the past and it will happen again in the future!

All Gold & Silver stored in our Vault is underwritten by Lloyds' of London and is insured in a special and unique way: in case of theft, Lloyds won't compensate you in cash but will physically replace your Gold & Silver.

Hence, the vault is synonymous with security, and you can store your metals in a vault after you purchased metals through Goldonomic's metal trader.  The entire process is A LOT easier than buying Gold & Silver through your local dealer.

It’s easy. Just let us know your choice during checkout, and your gold and silver is safely transported to the vault - or shipped directly to your home (100% insured door to door).

While inside the vault, metals are:

  • Stored in your name (or foundation) – you own all of your coins and bars outright; no pools, fractional ownership, or paper certificates.• Fully-insured and verified – your metals are insured for retail value* every step of the way. Metals are automatically insured for 100% of their value when kept in the UL3 safe. (we even offer the option to insure your holdings against political theft)
  • If you prefer to keep metals in your personal safety box, the insurance is included in the box fee and you are able to select insurance coverage from $10,000 to $100,000 per box.
  • Liquid – want to make a move? Call or send an email to add to your holdings, any time.
  • "No mailing metals or driving across the county to a local coin shop valuables in hand."
  • Decide to sell some of your holdings? Not the slightest problem, you even don't have to travel to your box. The concierge service does it all for you.
  • And if you change your mind…You can request home delivery of your metals at any time. Or partial delivery. Or transfer to a different vault here in the US or overseas.
  • The metals are always 100% your property, it’s up to you. You have complete and total control of your gold and silver at all times. Using our services is so much better than a safe deposit box…and you decide who has access to your box, even after your death.

legal theftIt’s the ultimate way to invest in physical metals. Your metals are outside of the financial system (and out of political reach), protected by professionals, fully-insured, wholly owned by you, and can’t be lent, melted, moved, or used in any way without your permission.  Even not after you passed away.

And for a limited time, NEW Goldonomic subscribers can try vault storage, free. Vault storage is the most secure way to hold your metals... AND it’s also the most affordable.

All that’s involved is a small, monthly fee based on the value of your assets, conveniently billable to your credit card or paid by wire transfer. You can even pay with Silver or Gold coins.

The cost is on par with annual gold and silver ETF expense fees, and with fees invoiced by banks for a safety box, except with vault storage you own physical metals outright. It’s the real thing. But many people don’t realize how easy vault storage is…So, let us prove it to you.

It is still not too late to act!

  • You can either try to ship your Gold & Silver out of political reach to a SAFE vault or simply buy some abroad and have these shipped to your personal box.
  • The worst possible option is to keep your Gold & Silver with a metal trader. Here, on top of a 'counter-party risk,' there is also a higher risk of Legal Government theft.

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Wednesday/Thursday, March 24-25, 2021 - Those who don't make their move now, will be trapped!

Updated Sections: Real Estate in SpainCommodities expressed in Gold, Inflation Index,
Treasuries in the EU

turkse liraUkraine Calls for Help to Calm Frontline 'Escalation'. Russian tanks drive into Ukraine; Kremlin mobilizes entire fleet' ' as Russia breaks contact with NATO after US demands to stop Nordstream pipeline to EU'.

Turkish Lira loses 17% in one day and Turks expect capital controls! Read: once capital controls are in place it will be extremely hard if possible at all to buy Gold and Silver (physical). The Turkish lira collapses on the currency markets, losing more than 17% after President Erdogan liquidated the governor of the Turkish central bank over the weekend, a penalty shooter capable of restoring confidence in the markets after months of pressure on the local currency, replacing him with former parliamentarian Sahap Kavcioglu, a former member of Erdogan’s AKP and economic commentator of the pro-government daily Yeni Safak. If Turkey implements Capital Controls as we think they might do, it will no longer be possible to buy physical Gold & Silver.

"Turkish Bonds and Stocks tumbled as a result of the shock."

The Turkish currency stood at 8.47 against the dollar in the Asian startup trade, up from 7.22 at the end of last week, losing more than 17%. Turkish Bonds and Stocks tumbled as a result of the shock. In August 2018, the Turkish Lira already lost 25% of its value. At the same time, the value of REAL ESTATE also lost 20%

"Real Stock Market Gains are 85% lower than you realize (see subscriber section)"

Real stock market gains are 85% lower than the HERD realizes and are about to lose another 95% soon. Most people still measure their assets in currencies like dollars, pounds, euros, which are dropping faster than Niagara Falls.  If you want to know your real stock market gains since 2000, you should deduct 85% since that is the loss of the dollar’s purchasing power in real terms since then. Index In Real Money/Gold. More than 99% of investors will have lost money on that basis. So maybe they are not so clever after all. 

Greed and the need for instant gratification stop people from looking for the truth. Oh, how wonderful stock market gains are until you realize that it was all an illusion due to governments’ and central banks’ complete screwup of the economy and the currency.  Governments and central banks have learned from master manipulators like Goebbels that you can fool all of the people all of the time. And this is simply because greed and the need for instant gratification stop people from looking for the truth.

"Only important is how your savings do when expressed in Real Money...for everything else is a DREAM, a Fata Morgana."

helicopter moneyCovid caused & causes massive money printing like never before. In 2019, the financial system was about to freeze up and could have collapsed. Because the velocity of money fell dramatically after the lockdown, Covid stopped it. Now that the world is re-opening, Central Banks resume the exponential creation of fiat money with the excuse that such is required to save the world from covid.

Most people still don't understand this as they are still focused on what was made of a FLU-virus. Now that in many countries on this planet it is required to wear a mask, it is extremely easy to see how many idiots roam this planet. Super-idiots even wear a mask when traveling alone in an automobile.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Germany to Sell Record Debt of Up to $576 Billion in 2021
  • As has been reported by Goldonomic and many market observers like Alasdair Macleod, there are major shortages of gold and silver on the London market (and also in the U.S.A.). To alleviate this the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is issuing gold swaps to the bullion banks so that they with paper gold can make up the major physical shortfalls. This juggling of paper gold by the BIS is a desperate attempt to cover up major shortages in the physical market.
  • Inflation is likely to surge in coming years and so will interest rates. See section for Agriculturals. But just like in the 1970s, real inflation will be running ahead of interest rates, creating negative real yields which is very beneficial for gold.
  • As of now, JP Morgan has closed its short positions and is market-neutral rather than net short gold and silver.

    In fact, they are stacking their physical gold and silver bars in London warehouses, controlling over 1 Billion ounces of Silver and over 25 million ounces of gold.

Important Technicals:

  • The coming move in gold will be extremely strong and take everyone by surprise
  • The major structural shortages of physical gold and a failure of the gold paper markets could make physical gold unavailable at any price. 
  • In the coming bear market for currencies and bull market for precious metals, gold and silver will not just maintain purchasing power but massively outperform and become the must-have investment. You can today buy this insurance of gold and silver at a ridiculously low price. Don’t wait.
  • Bond yields continue to spike higher. 10-Year Yield Jumps To 14-Month High - 10-Year Yield Spikes Higher. The 10-Year Treasury yield jumping 9 basis points to 1.73% which is the highest level in fourteen months.

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Monday/Tuesday, March 22-23, 2021 - US-Treasury Injects A Record $271 Billion In Cash In One Day, Sending ST Rates Negative.

Updated Sections: Bank & Fin. Shares (charts), Bank & Financials II (fundamentals),
Agriculturals, Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous & shares

messina monsterIn slashing interest rates to record lows, the Central Banks have sailed right into the Strait of Messina. And they’re about to find themselves stuck between two monsters. On one side of the Strait is the Inflation Monster, which grows stronger and more menacing with every dollar the Fed creates into existence. On the other side is the Deflation Monster, which will eat us once the FAITH of the Herd in the Authorities and Banks is no more.

The financial problem existed well before the COVID-19 came to us. COVID-19 was welcome as it shut down the demand for money. Now that states are opening, there is AGAIN panic in the short-term loans REPO market (like we had in 2019).

The banking crisis was held off by killing the demand for money (COVID-lock-down), but it never went away. It was hidden by the economic effect of COVID-19. Now we are back between a rock and a hard place with states opening up for business. Modern Monetary Theory is only an empty tool bag with a nice name to calm you. It is only a name to make you think there is a replacement for all failed previous central bank policies. There is no MMT. A REPO the Fed allows to be repaid in more than one day is a cover-up for more QE.

"Treasury bills maturing through mid-May are yielding between -0.015% and 0%."

March 17, the Treasury cash held at the Fed in the Treasury General Account dropped by from $1.361 trillion to $1.090 trillion, the lowest since April 2020...As a reminder, we said that once this avalanche of liquidity in the form of cash and reserves hits the system and once deposits soared, it "would trigger a multi-faceted domino effect across assets, potentially pushing funding rates (FRA-OIS, repo, etc) negative", and sure enough that's precisely what happened, with the rate on overnight general collateral repurchase agreements sliding below zero amid the monthly influx of cash from both the Treasury and GSEs:

The Fed has two options to choose from, and neither is good: raise rates and cause markets to crash. Or, don’t raise rates, and have inflation. They have decided to choose the latter...because they have no political choice. Last year the Fed increased the supply of US dollars in the financial system (M2) by 26%– the single largest annual increase since 1943. The Fed has nearly doubled the size of its balance sheet in the last 12 months alone, and nearly 10x’d its balance sheet since the financial crisis of 2008. In simple terms, the Fed ‘creates’ money (out of thin air) and injects it into the financial system. This is a form of debasement, not much different than how ancient Roman emperors cut corners by reducing the purity of their gold and silver coins. Historically speaking, debasing the currency eventually causes inflation.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Only gold miners produce real money, as defined by all the characteristics of money and no title in transfer making it silent.
  • If "nothing" called Bitcoin can trade at $65,000 then something called Gold will trade at $65,000 per ounce. Something monetary like silver will trade at a minimum of $100.
  • Look at the US stock market: prior to the pandemic, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached a record high of just over 29,000 points. Today, the market is more than 10% higher.
  • And yet–

1. Corporate earnings are DOWN. The average Earnings per Share in the S&P 500 is 30.47% LOWER than prior to the pandemic.

2. Corporate revenue is also down. Yet corporate DEBT is substantially higher.

3. The US economy as measured by GDP is weaker. Consumer spending is still lower than before the pandemic. Unemployment is higher.

4. Government debt is hilariously out of control, and the new ruling party just announced that they want to raise taxes.

  • Lower profit, lower revenue, higher debt, higher taxes–

Important Technicals:

  • COPPER on the verge of a long-term breakout? see section.
  • The SEVERITY of the coming price inflation Tsunami can be seen in the sector for AGRICULTURALS.
  • Gold and Silver are headed to new highs breaking out soon. Gold and Silver will run for at least five years.
  • Remember that volume often precedes price: volume is picking up in the sector for gold & silver miners pointing to an imminent new bull run of Gold & Silver.

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Friday, March 19, 2021 - Why Solar & Wind or green energy will not save us.

Updated Sections: Oil Shares, Natural Gas & shares, Uranium Shares, Solar & Rare Elements
Crude Oil price evolution, Bank & Fin. Shares (charts),Bank & Financials II (fundamentals)

RENEWABLE ENERGYThe largest reductions in oil demand are modeled by BP’s “rapid” and “net-zero” scenarios. Here, global carbon dioxide emissions plummet by more than 95% by 2050, compared to their 2018 levels. This is accomplished by significantly lower usage of fossil fuels, ie., coal, oil, and natural gas.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), last year total energy-related CO2 emissions fell by 3.2%, with the power sector, which accounts for 34% of energy-related emissions across advanced economies, leading the decline. But the need for electricity hasn’t decreased; if fossil fuels in the future account for a lower percentage of the global energy mix, the loss will have to be made up, from non-carbon sources.

Under net-zero, BP predicts solar and wind power will see explosive growth over the next 15 years, with demand reaching around 2,000 million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe) in 2035, quadruple the 500Mtoe used in 2019.

We wonder where they will be able to install all these windmills...maybe on planet Mars?... Also, even the Sahara desert is too small for the total number of required solar panels, so maybe these will have to be installed on the Moon!?

By 2040, according to the "BP" model, the use of renewables more than doubles again, to an amount equivalent to the current total from coal and natural gas combined!?.

According to BP, oil, coal, and natural gas are dead in 20 years (how many times have we been told these kinds of lies?). So BP is telling us that in 20 years, these renewables energy systems, which are not suitable as base-load power because their plants cannot run continuously (they can only make electricity when the sun shines or the wind blows) are going to jump from 2,000 TWh to 16,000 TWh, an 8-fold increase?

EVs (Electric Vehicles) and renewable energy are the popular buzz words, but nobody is talking about how we will supply the energy (and modernize the electric grid) to support our new world economy reliant on batteries. Nobody dares to admit that 'batteries' are unreliable and uneconomic. It simply cannot be done and is probably impossible. Last but not least, during these times of economic recession, this 'Renewable-energy-dream' is simply not affordable.

Plugging the fossil fuel energy gap with nuclear. Only nuclear will save the planet. Quite the opposite of what 'the propaganda' tries us to make us believe. Authorities start to realize this reality and are not only keeping existing Nuclear power stations open but are also looking at "mini-nuclear-power-stations". Our Uranium section has more on these small reactors and on Uranium.

Note: Check our section on SOLAR and be amazed to see that Renewable Energy is more than a mental aberration.

Below is a french-spoken video on "interest rates" - Mars 2021 - at the end of the video, an interesting comment is given on Wind and Solar.

Important Fundamentals:

Electricity cost when generated by wind at sea: 140
Electricity cost when generated by wind on earth: 83
Electricity cost generated by traditional power stations: 40
The total expected cost to switch to 100% Renewable Energy bn $ 2,500 to bn $5,000
The total expected cost to switch 100% to nuclear power stations bn $ 250

Important Technicals:

  • After updating the sections for OIL shares, it became clear that the sector was OVERBOUGHT and we would see LOWER the next few days. This is what is happening right now.
  • Only Uranium (Nuclear energy)  can save us from an ENERGY CRASHUranium has broken out of a long-term bear trend. Rio Tinto has performed very well and has completed its backtest.  Other Uranium shares are also breaking out.  Note we also list a share of a company manufacturing small nuclear power stations.
  • The performance of Natural Gas and Natural Gas shares and Solar Energy shares is the result of today's Green Political authorities. We do have 4 breakouts and STRONG BUYS (see section)...Solar, Lithium, Cobalt shares,...
  • Note that in the section for World Stock Market indexes, we start to color some PF-chart for indexes (Dow) as Hyperinflation items. Most important is not to make Fiat Money, but rather to survive what is coming and to preserve your purchasing power.

This video is for all Tyrans and idiots on Planet Earth...This COVID-idiocy must end NOW! (it already ended in Florida)

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Wednesday/Thursday, March 17-18, 2021 - financial markets are one big CASINO & a Plan B is your ticket to freedom.

Updated Sections: Recession Proof Shs, Recession Proof - hold, Bio Tech-Pharma

Plan BA Plan B is your ticket to freedom. Something you can pull out and implement when things really start to get weird. Something that you always know you can rely on when the world is falling into chaos. Everyone should have a Plan B…It’s no longer a nice-to-have, but rather a necessity in today’s day and age. A Plan B is like taking an insurance policy out on your freedom…And what is more important than your freedom?

"A Plan B is like taking an insurance policy out on your freedom…and costs less than a car"

A Plan B allows you to:

  • Obtain a second residency & passport… so you always have a place to call home...so you can always leave the country you are living in.
  • Build a fortress around your assets…and safely move assets out of political reach.
  • Legally reduce your tax burden through specific systems and strategies.
  • And SO MUCH MORE...

"Contrary to popular belief… Plan B is not just for the rich. Today it has become affordable to all."

[The information we share is applicable to freedom-seeking individuals, just like you…]

A second permanent residence and COVID-19 restrictions.

Anybody with a permanent second residence has been able to travel at all times. To and from almost any country. National restrictions did not apply. Any European national was and is - at any time - able to leave any country he/she was staying in AND could/can legally cross all national borders. Worst case scenario, traveling happened on Humanitarian flights organized by Governments.

Need to travel to Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Panama,..? Belgian citizens with a permanent Panama residency/passport could/can at all times cross the Belgian borders and board airplanes at any national airport. When worst came to worst, these 2nd resident holders could and can even use “Humanitarian Flights”.

A plan B or a Second Permanent residency is a lot cheaper than you think and has A LOT of advantages. Some advantages are evident. Important however is that with a second permanent residency in Panama your local, national government can no longer lock you up. You are FREE to go as you please.

Remember that just before WW2 started, only those who had an American visa were able to leave Europe and travel to the safety of the USA. Including all Belgian and Dutch citizens who were still living the dream that these neutral countries would never be invaded by the Germans. You can compare it with those who today still think that when it gets worse (and it will), Switzerland (and Liechtenstein) will be safe heavens. Stop DREAMING!

"WHEN, not IF, inflation returns and investors finally end their bad love affair with bonds, then bond prices will fall, which means bond yields will rise—which means interest rates will rise too."

silver instead of bondsBonds are contracts to lose the bulk of your savings. Adjusted for inflation, U.S., EU, British, Japanese, a.o. Treasuries produce negative returns. Investors have fallen foolishly in love with bonds and negative-yielding returns despite obvious signs of deception and toxic love. COVID conditions and market risk have sent more investors into the “safe arms” of bonds like a (false) traditional place to “store wealth. But with the Fed buying bonds as well as repressing rates, the net result is that investors are literally paying to lose rather than store their wealth.

Many investors, like star-crossed lovers and pensioners, still feel the need to hold on to illusions, nostalgia, and unfaithful bond markets despite all the danger signs lurking beneath debt-soaked balance sheets. In the end, however, it takes a kind of personal courage to shed illusions and embrace cold math. But we are all, as Nietzsche warned, human, all too human. We love our illusions. We stay too long in toxic relationships. As such, we are prone to prefer fantasy over reality.

"Like hopeless romantics chasing shallow and vapid loves, many investors are chasing empty promises (and yields) from an equally empty bond market."

The Great Financial Crisis in 2006-9 was never solved, the can was just kicked down the road. But this time the can is too big. It is totally absurd to swallow that such a system can even survive. The central banks create toxic money out of thin air. By definition, money that has been fabricated without real labor or production of goods or services must have ZERO value. With this Fiat money, the central banks purchase “poisoned” assets in the form of debt that cannot and will not ever be repaid. These debts are issued by bankrupt governments and other insolvent debtors who can only repay their debts by issuing more debt.

"Debt bubbles can only end in one way. With imploding debt and crashing asset markets."

Debt bubbles can only end in one way. With imploding debt and crashing asset markets. But before that, there will be a final overdose of poison in the form of massive money printing. This is a last and desperate attempt to solve a debt problem with even more debt. No forecast can ever be certain until afterward. But at that time it will be too late to protect yourself. What we know today is that risk is at a maximum. We also know that protecting against this uber-risk is not just wise but absolutely critical. History tells us that in every major economic crisis, physical gold and silver have been the ultimate protection.

"No “orderly reset” can and will stem the breakdown of a disorderly (and distorted) system."

Note: See Bond sections for the PF-charts of American, German, English Bonds.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Banks are in a DEPLORABLE and extremely dangerous state...more in later updates.
  • Agricultural prices keep rising, despite a strong U.S. dollar, thereby adding to the already high inflation figures.
  • Despite a strong U.S. dollar, there is unmistakably a bullish sentiment in oil markets as demand comes back online and inflation figures start to rise.
  • U.S. LNG exports increased in 2020 to an average of 6.5 bcf/d, up 31% from the year before.
  • Once Real Estate prices in a country (Belgium, The Netherlands) get that crazy like they have become in these countries today, one knows that we have a BUY CLIMAX and that the 'end is near.  This "overpriced" 1st property (located near Ghent, Belgium) sells for € 700.000 or $ 840,000.  The 2nd "also overpriced" property in Tesoro Estates (upmarket), Florida- U.S.A. sells for $700,000. See our Real Estate sections for more.
700k tesoro

Important Technicals:

  • When Gold Turns, The Move Up Will Be Dramatic!
  • When Silver Turns, The Move Up Will Be Dramatic!
  • This really has become a 1929-style stock market. See chart below & full-size charts in the sections for World Stock Markets.

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Monday/Tuesday, March 15-16, 2012 - when interest rates go up, the system collapses - when lower, the system also collapses

Updated Sections: Bonds general & USA, 

Once the COVID-19 is conquered, We're not coming out of the darkest period in history, we're just entering it. The problem wasn't the disease but the government's cure, which will be fatal for the dollar, the euro, most currencies, and the economy. There's no vaccine to protect us from a (hyper)inflationary depression. 

If interest rates continue to go up, we shall see massive failures and deflation and only physical gold and silver will save you.

If interest rates come down, it will be because of more fiat currency and we shall have hyperinflation and only physical gold & silver will save you.

This is how important physical silver has become in Venezuela!  Maybe you cannot eat Silver & Gold (like IDIOTS pretend), but it will always buy you food, shelter and pay for the utilities.  Few realize that 14 x 1 oz. Silver covers a year-long all expenses for somebody living in Caracas, Venezuela. These are ACTUAL figures!

Silvers value feb 2021

How do interest rates work?

interest rateThe interest rate is the price for money. As a rule, assuming there is a fixed amount of money in circulation, interest rates go up when there is more demand for money and come down when there is less demand. This automatically regulates the economy. High-interest rates call for more savings so more capital will be accumulated to buy better capital goods (machinery to manufacture goods cheaper).

Today, because currencies (what they still dare to call money) are no longer guaranteed by a fixed quantity of Gold, the previous no longer applies. Because Governments and The People are over-indebted, and because there is no limit on the quantity of currency in circulation, we have come to a point where the system cannot survive high-interest rates. Such has become impossible because the total income of the government (taxation) is insufficient to cover the payment of interest on the total outstanding debt.

In order to keep paying the interest on the existing-historic debt and keep interest rates LOW (and below the marginal interest rate level), Central banks are forced to create more fiat money out of thin air so they can buy the new (debt) Treasuries and so bring down interest rates. However, by creating more fiat money out of thin air, the value of this fake currency comes down (growing supply and less demand). So does the marginal impact on the interest rate level of the additional created amount of fiat currency.

By creating even more money (currency) to buy even more treasuries and pushing interest rates even lower, the very value of the currency disappears...and more and more entities start to sell the currency because they start to mistrust it. The result of more currency creation is temporary lower interest rates, but at the same time also a cheaper currency...

A weaker currency makes imports more expensive and results in a higher trade deficit (made in china) and, more inflation. More inflation is pushing interest rates up forcing Central Banks to create even more fiat currency in order to keep interest rates low....this is a never-ending story...in the end, the marginal impact of the freshly created fiat currency is not only zero but even negative...it is THE END and Hyperinflation.


  1. This is a mathematical equation and there is NO way around it. We are 100% sure the end of this story will be a severe crisis. We only don't know WHEN. Although, because we know we have entered the exponential part of the equation, we know that it won't take years to unfold.
  2. The problem we have is that – because we have an exponential - it is very hard to predict when the bubble will burst. Therefore one must prepare now. Better 2 years early than 1 second late.

Important Fundamentals:

  • The BIS trades significant amounts of gold swaps on a regular basis. This will continue to be
  • Bitcoin has gone from aspiring to be a currency (failed) to now supposedly be a store of value. Reality check: Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, so it can't be a store of value. It is also illiquid, volatile, and has no sufficient history of keeping its purchasing power.
  • This is how the Military-industrial-complex controls the USA (and the World). With Biden & the Democrats back in the White House, they are again 100% in control.

Important Technicals:

  • Very hard to write a correct technical scenario. If interest rates go up and break the "marginal interest rate level" we're in for problems, if they come down, we're also in for problems.
  • At this time, the level of US-interest rates is also a factor determining
  • See larger Candle Charts in the Bond section.

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Friday, March 12, 2012 - Central Banks are now monetizing DEBT = the end

Updated Sections: Gold & Silver Juniors, 

No comment - see video below.

The Fed & Central Banks have been lying about (downplaying) inflation for years. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) scale used to measure U.S. consumer price inflation is an open charade, allowing the Authorities, to basically “report” much lower inflation than we in reality have.

If, for example, the weighting methodologies used by the Fed & ECB to measure CPI inflation in the 1980s were used today, the CPI-measured inflation would be closer to 10% instead of the reported 2%. 

Shadow stat inflation 2021 03 11
The Fed & ECB, need to keep its debt-driven façade of “recovery” in motion and has no choice but to invent a respectably controlled (LOW) CPI inflation rate in order to make Treasury bonds look even moderately attractive to others.

Low inflation figures do have a severe impact on the GDP figures published by the authorities. Nominal growth of for example 3% with a 2% inflation rate, results in only a 1% growth, where a nominal growth of 3% with a 10% inflation rate, results in a 7% contraction of GDP (a severe recession). so, with cooked inflation figures, it is possible for the Authorities and Central Bankers to pretend we have a growing economy while in reality, we sit in a recession.

The artificially created amount of Fiat money out of thin air (inflation) results in BUBBLES or incorrect valuations of DEBT and ASSETS (Stocks, Real Estate).

Today, we are facing multiple bubbles as opposed to just the sub-prime crisis in 2007-2008.  We have another bubble in real estate but back in 2007, all we had was a bubble in real estate.  We really didn’t have a massive bubble in the stock market.  The total market cap to GDP was only 100% back in 2007.  Today, it’s 191% of GDP, and, of course, you have a massive bubble in the bond market.  You have $15 trillion in negative-yielding sovereign debt and a U.S. Treasury at .3% in March of 2020. 

We have a triumvirate of bubbles that are all held together by this artificially low-interest rate.  Here’s the catch 22. . . . We are sending more checks to people, $1,400 checks in Biden’s Covid relief package.  So, we are monetizing debt.  We are creating even more inflation.  If you continue to print money, borrow money and monetize that debt, inflation is going to wax higher and higher...until we have hyperinflation.

They are going to blow up the bond market.  If you blow up the bond market, you will blow up credit, you blow up the real estate market, and then the stock market.  The only buyer of U.S. Treasury bonds . . . is the Federal Reserve.  If they lose the bid of the Fed and it stops printing money and buying . . . rates spike . . . and then you see a massive deflationary bubble from a massive fiscal and monetary cliff.  Whether we have Hyperinflation or Deflation, it’s game over either way, and that’s where we are now.  If you keep printing and keep manipulating markets, you have a bond market crisis and a currency crisis.  Stop printing, you have a deflationary crash of asset prices.  That’s it, that’s where we are headed.” When is this going to come undone?  Probably later this year (the third or fourth quarter of 2021).

"It's game over either way: if you keep creating fiat money, you have a bond market crisis. Stop printing, you have a deflationary crash of asset prices."

This is a very fragile economy. . . .When you see the credit market freeze and that zombie companies can’t issue new debt, and borrowing costs go into double digits and companies start closing the doors and laying off people. A massive depression follows (unemployment figures still go up by 700,000 to 800,000 each week) . . . what is going to be the solution from the central banks?.. The Fed can’t lower interest rates.  They can only increase QE (money printing).  If they create more fiat money out of thin air, they destroy the currencies even more. How do you bail out an inflationary crisis in the bond market by creating more inflation?  That’s impossible.”

Important Fundamentals:

  • If bond markets continue to fall and interest rates continue to rise, the reason will be
  • This time, interest rates will go up NOT because of
  • The stock market is in serious trouble...but not the trouble most investors think it is.

Important Technicals:

  • More TOP-building and a MATURING TOP for
  • Several Long Term buy signals on the PF-charts in the section for xxxxxx.

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Wednesday/Thursday, March 10-11, 2021 - Everything Bubble is Reaching a Limit - Anybody Betting Against Gold Is Going to Lose big.

Updated Sections:Royalty Co'sGold & Silver Majors, Miners & Gold vs SPX, Investment Pyramid
Buy Gold, Buy Silver, Gold & Silver Juniors

"With another $1.9 trillion Corona stimulus package that just passed in the Senate, we are getting closer to finding out how much funny money a country can print out of thin air before it all blows up."

how rich people investRich people don’t need another country home of a third yacht.  So, they are going to put money in something they trust more than the U.S. Dollar, the Euro, the Pound Sterling, the Yen,. . . . Today it becomes clear that money, big money, that is scared to death about what’s going to happen with the dollar, the Euro, the Sterling,... in the future, and they are seeking a safe place to park it.  There is greed too, but the primary thing they are looking for is something that is outside the digital financial system and even better out of political reach.

Apart from Real Estate, which also sits in a bubble and will severely crash once the currencies crash, there really are not a lot of choices. Especially not if you want to stay out of the Digital Financial System (where they can seize your savings with one click on ENTER).

Anybody Betting Against Gold Is Going to Lose big.

A “Great Silver Crisis” is looming.  While the price of the white metal has backed off recently, it is still way up from last year.  Silver is still the most undervalued asset out there, and we expect more frenzied buying as people flee fiat currencies printed to infinity.   Few people know that Silver is both MONEY and a COMMODITY in high demand.

We are reaching a limit on everything across the board with the ‘Everything Bubble,’ the overvalued ‘Everything Bubble.’ What is not overvalued?  It’s pretty much the commodities.  We are going from a financial economy where 70% is a consumer economy and an economy of High Order Capital Goods to an economy of what is needed (or a Low order Consumer Goods economy).  This is the commodity sector.  You need corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, cotton and look at lumber.  I mean all these things are going up.

A crash is NEVER called by the Media...never. Either you prepare BEFORE it happens, either you are HERD and you will die with the HERD when a Crash happens. Cryptocurrencies tell us a CRASH is imminent. Imminent doesn't mean today or tomorrow but rather between NOW and 2025.

There is a point that you can’t go any further, and I think we are reaching that point.  The silver market is signaling something.  The Treasury market is signaling something.  I think the stock market with the NASDAQ getting hammered is signaling something.  I think the Bitcoin surge is signaling something.  I think there are a lot of clues out there, that if you stop and look, they are signaling loud and clear that we are getting very close to what I am calling “The Great Currency Debacle” or currency crisis we have warned about for years.”

This crisis did NOT start with Covid. It started BEFORE...Politicians and Authorities are making it all WORSE (as usual and as one can expect from politicians). This is Murphy's law applied to something which already was about to blow...Openly absurd risk-asset bubbles and the artificial measures central bankers and politicos will and must employ to postpone the inevitable, make it all worse than it already was.

middle east oil

Democrats are barely back in the White House or the BOMBING in the Middle-East has resumed. No doubt they like WAR, bombing, and killing people. Important for the USA however is not only the fact that this sends again plenty of DOLLARS to the US-Military sector but at the same time pushes the price of CRUDE OIL up to around and/or slightly above the marginal production price. Frackers may need a slightly higher price, but I am sure we'll get there. For more details on the production price, see the Oil share and Oil section on the site.

The 7-SISTERS (Big Oil companies) are in financial trouble. Especially those oil companies who have borrowed a lot of money to keep the FRACKING going in the USA.  Higher Oil prices are required as they help these Frackers to survive the Depression and Oilprice crisis we had last year.

Note: After The 7 sisters (Oil co.) we now have the 7 brothers (Big Pharma). Basically the same story but different.

Important Fundamentals:

  • They will "try" to keep

  • Central Banks are Doubling the creation of money supply in order to
  • The debt bubble is the biggest bubble EVER. 
  • Interest rates are NOT rising because the economy is picking up as they pretend it is.

Important Technicals:

  • Another STRONG case in favor of Physical Gold & Physical Silver.
Gold is as cheap as in 1970 (vs. Fiat Money) Gold is as cheap as in 1970 (vs. Stocks)
Silver will be Gold on Steroids. This is a case for PHYSICAL Gold & Silver!
We have a cycle LOW for Gold. A cycle LOW for Gold.

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Monday/Tuesday, March 8-9. 2021 - Another sign the Gold & Silver sector is nearing a bottom. ,

Updated Sections: Real Estate, Index In Real Money/Gold (the most important section of 
the site
, Long Term Charts, Swedish Krona & Gold, Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold

fools gold smallThe financial system was terminated in 1971 when the convertibility of the Dollar into Gold was abolished. Because the Dollar was and is also the reserve currency of other currencies, at the same time, most other financial systems were also destroyed.

I know it is extremely hard to understand why and how it is not possible that FIAT FINANCIAL SYSTEMS by definition cannot survive. They only do for some time (40 to max 50 years). The only way to keep such a Ponzi-system alive is to permanently increase the total quantity of currencies in circulation (understand debt – debt = currencies).

At the end of the cycle, in order to avoid a breakdown and because of the universal mechanism controlling currencies, it becomes a requirement to increase DEBT (and hence Fiat Money) in an EXPONENTIAL way. By doing this, we always create BUBBLES and run into HYPERINFLATION. This is how the Financial System (Central Banks) commits suicide.

Once we have Hyperinflation, the people start to mistrust the Authorities, and the Financial system and massively try to get out of the Financial System and Currencies. This is why and how currencies become worthless: Weimar, Zimbabwe, Venezuela,...

The authorities (professional politicians - mostly patented idiots and/or psychopaths) either don't care, either are too stupid to understand this mechanism and do whatever lies in their power to ensure we get this Hyperinflation.

Professional Politicians only chase and collect “Fools Gold”. That is why they create DEBT (= Currency) like there is no tomorrow. This allows them to get rich over a short period of time. Note that the proof that they only chase FIAT MONEY and not Real Money (Gold), lies with the fact that they personally never hoard Gold. They only go for Fiat Money and Bubble Assets. [only 0.5% of the public holds Real Money or Gold].

As time goes on, it becomes harder and harder to find new ways to create even more DEBT (=Fiat Money). Hence the need for: Holes in the Ozon layer, Acid Rain, CO2, Global Climate warming, Renewable Energy, COVID-pandemia, donations to poor Africans, Wars, a.o. ... are welcome excuses.

Electric vehicles also involve energy-intensive lithium-ion batteries. Few realize how much energy is embedded in an electric vehicle before it is ever plugged in. Over the life of a typical EV, nearly 40% of the total energy goes into manufacturing the battery. The IEA expects electric vehicles will represent nearly 15% of total transportation energy by 2040. If so, we calculate this equates to approximately 850 mm EVs and nearly 65 terawatt-hours of batteries. This is a staggering amount considering global lithium-ion manufacturing capacity is currently less than 0.4 terawatt-hours per year. These batteries will require an incredible 2 billion tonnes of oil equivalent to build. Click here for more

Unfortunately, few people realize how energy intensive the “green transition” will be. As a result, much (if not all) of the carbon savings will be undone by generating the power in the first place. The IEA’s proposal assumes wind and solar makeup nearly 50% of all electricity by 2040 and that some 850 mm electric vehicles will be on the road. These initiatives are expected to reduce CO2 by 55% or 18 bn tonnes per year. While this may sound impressive, simply moving away from coal towards much-cleaner natural gas would itself save nearly 14 bn tonnes of CO2 per year. When analyzed through this perspective, renewables would save an incremental 4 bn tonnes compared with the next cleanest option.

European Banks are in a TERRIBLE SHAPE!

causes of great depressionBanks in Germany Tell Customers to Take Deposits Elsewhere. Interest rates have been negative in Europe for years. But it took the flood of savings unleashed in the pandemic for banks finally to charge depositors in earnest.

Germany’s biggest lenders, Deutsche Bank AG and Commerzbank have told new customers since last year to pay a 0.5% annual rate to keep large sums of money with them. The banks say they can no longer absorb the negative interest rates the European Central Bank charges them. The more customer deposits banks have, the more they have to park with the central bank.

That is creating an unusual incentive, where banks that usually want deposits as an inexpensive form of financing, are essentially telling customers to go away. Banks are even providing new online tools to help customers take their deposits elsewhere.

Banks in Europe resisted passing negative rates on to customers when the ECB first introduced them in 2014, fearing the backlash. 

Important Fundamentals:

  • The pigs have wings and they fly !! 

Important Technicals:

  • Another sign we’re nearing a bottom.

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Friday, March 5, 2021 - It is politicians crushing the economy...not covid!

Updated Sections: US Dollar, Rupee GoldSwiss Franc & Gold, Euro & €-Gold
Candollar & Gold, British Pound & Gold, World Stock Market Indexes

yellenIt is politicians crushing the economy, not Covid.  The situation can be compared to the 1920s-1930s where the politicians and authorities made exactly the same mistakes. One example is that they ordered to have the CROPS burned in order to avoid LOWER PRICES. The Idiots of professional politicians didn't realize that the demand for FOOD was actually falling because the net spendable income of the consumers had drastically fallen.

"The US federal government is now spending over $8 trillion per year while collecting less than $3,5 trillion in taxes. This is unprecedented reckless spending".

Today, exactly the same is happening. Professional Politicians are, because of some bad flu crushing the whole economy. They even use WAR MEASURES like curfews in order to try to bring the total number of casualties to the impossible level of ZERO. You really have to be a psychopath to even think such is even possible. Now that the world economy continues to be slaughtered by measures that don't work in the 1st place, some politicians start to admit their stupidity and are abolishing ALL Covid-restrictions: Texas, Mississippi, South Dakota,...

"Successful entrepreneurs don't go into politics and those who do (ex. Trump) are removed by the SWAMP."

Professional politicians and their staff (the petty government officials) are pushing the USA and the World deeper into debt. They keep suffocating the economy with more legislation (rules) and keep debasing the currencies by printing even more (EXPONENTIAL) amounts of fiat money.   Every student knows that such ends with a lot of tears and drama. The fact that today "exponential" has become part of the narrative, points to the fact that THE END IS NEAR and that those who remain stubborn and don't move their savings out of this DIGITAL financial system will end as bag holders. Just like those who kept playing the Stock Market in the years 1920 lost it all. It was so bad that in New York people jumped off the skyscrapers.

 Politicians are either IDIOTS, either PSYCHOPATHS  Yes, not hard to be smarter than a politician.

Prepare NOW for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

middle class money trapsMost people still don't understand the mechanisms of Real Estate pricing.  Either they are stubborn and protecting their own incorrect vision, either they refuse to understand the reality. We compare it to the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders. Only that when buying Real Estate, the odds are that at the end of the run, you will be left with something but Thin Air in your hands. That is on the condition your property is not SEIZED (1917-USSR), bombed (WW2-1940-45), or heavily taxed (Germany 1950s).

Few people realize that at the TOP of the Market, the Real Estate sector dries out. Impossible to sell at the expected price levels. Selling becomes only possible at much lower levels: -50% to -60%. When this happens, those who bought Real Estate with a mortgage really are in deep trouble.

What most Real Estate lovers don't realize, is that during recessions and depressions, the Real Estate Bubbles ALWAYS burst and deflate because the Real Purchasing power of the consumer disappears. When this happens, kids stay with their parents. Often kids, parents, and grandparents live under one roof. When the former is impossible, people live in their cars or on the streets as we see in the BIG DEMOCRATIC state of California.

We don't doubt that sometime in the near future, Real Estate will offer a tremendous investment opportunity for those who managed to preserve their purchasing power (and such cannot be done by investing in Bonds and/or Shares).  During the Weimar-depression, one could buy a whole street with 2 gold coins only. Things got so bad, the legislator had to put into place a law whereby non-Germans could not buy German Real Estate. In the USA, during the great depression of the 1930s, one could buy a Skyscraper for 2 only gold coins.

More recently, in 1980-1981 one could buy a Single Family house for less than 1,500 x 1 oz. Silver coins. This time, because of the Terrible BIG Bubble Real Estate is in and because Silver and also Gold are terribly undervalued, we expect to see that even smaller amounts of Silver and Gold coins will buy a single-family home.  The TRICK will be to make sure the Government, the Authorities don't STEAL (SEIZE) your Gold & Silver holdings. We know HOW!

Goldreal estate ratio 2021 03 03 Silverreal estate ratio 2021 03 03
In 1980 - 85 x 1 oz. Gold coins bought 1 house. In 2011 - 5,521 x 1 oz. Silver coins bought 1 house

Important Fundamentals:

Important Technicals:

  • Bearish Head and Shoulders pattern
  • The MAL-zones and/or lines are clearly indicated on all our PF-charts

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Wednesday/Thursday, March 3-4, 2021 - “People have an extreme brevity of the financial memory.” - Galbraith.

Updated Sections: Gold-$Silver, ALL charts in sections are updated with fresh comments!

"The problem Gold has, is that Silver is about to break an important resistance level (see charts below), and if Gold runs, Silver will break this level for sure and add dramatically to the already huge losses the COMEX, LMBA, and Gold Banks have."

Goldonomic is for the HAPPY FEW only. For those who desire to understand HOW the Financial system and the economy function and HOW to safeguard Purchasing Power in the best possible way. Goldonomic is NOT for TRADERS, SCALPERS, ALGO-TRADERS, GAMERS, The HERD, not for at least 80% of all investors, Professional and/or private. 

Want more fiat money or want more purchasing power.!? You have to make up your mind NOW. The key is to survive this game...not to play the casino.

Bonds investors worldwide face a very bleak future. Few realize that fiat money holders, pension fund beneficiaries, etc...are also Bond investors. Once pensions get worthless (read lose their purchasing power), people will be forced to sell their homes and will so add the already huge supply.

"Nothing undercuts your rational thinking more (assuming the thinking process is correct) than watching your neighbor getting rich."

In 2008-09 most people who invested in Real Estate lost 50% of their net assets value. During the years preceding the crash, many used the profits made in the Stock Market to buy Real Estate and before they realized it, both stocks, bonds, and real estate crashed.

When stocks rise illogically on the backs of speculative (QE/debt-driven) policies which in fact have no logic despite the credentialed “logic” of their policymakers, the paper wealth which follows and grows in their wake acquires the delusion of permanence, even stability.

Twitter lost $1.14 billion in 2020. Like dollars, Bitcoins are backed by faith, not a physical asset. In short: fiat or belief. “Expert Logic” can be openly delusional, but also in how predictively the mad crowds would follow such expert delusion toward even greater speculation, greater bubbles, and alas, greater pain when they pop.

 "The ultimate delusion is the delusion of paper wealth."

The ultimate delusion is the delusion of paper wealth. Speculative bubbles or even mass psychology, such as delusions of popularity, logic, profit, and even efficiency are historically quite common and very dangerous. Delusions are not only held by retail investors riding a speculative wave that will eventually drown them, but also by what they call “experts”.

Point & Figures charts are an important instrument for investing in a sound way. Following PF-charts avoid one follow Algho-traders, Daily Winners (and losers), stock pickers. It shows us that when the tide goes up or comes down, most investment instruments go up or come down.

"Investing wisely, preserving, and building your purchasing power, is in fact a very easy exercise."

Important Fundamentals:

About interest rates and Physical Gold and Silver:

  • Bond yields

Important Technicals:

  • PF-charts are of GREAT help and seldom betray you. Over the past 45 years that I work with these, they seldom betrayed me. Few know that ALL information always is in the price at all times and PF-charts are charts that show the information over a longer period of time.  The shorter the chart, the less reliable it is. Very important is to go through several key-chart as it is exactly this exercise that tells you what is going on and how you should invest.
$-xxxx - This is a very bullish picture. $-xxxx - This is a very bullish picture.
xxx - This is a very bullish picture. xxx - This is a very bullish picture.
xxxx - This is a very bullish picture. xxxx - This is a very bullish picture.

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Monday/Tuesday, March 1-2, 2021 - “Three Delusions: Paper Wealth, a Booming Economy, and Bitcoin.”.

Updated Sections:$-Gold, Silver, HUI , Indexes, (short candles & PF) ,

Long but very interesting video - a must-watch. FOUR HORSEMEN is an award-winning independent feature documentary that lifts the lid on how the world really works.

  • There is no more “State of Law”. The world is controlled by BIG Oil, BIG PHARMA, BIG MILITARY-INDUSTRY, BIG TECHNOLOGY, BIG BANKS,... who buy the services of the professional politicians and do whatever they are ordered to. Constitutions have become nothing more but a piece of paper...for the simple minds who still 'believe the lies of the Professional Politicians.
  • Fiat Money can – by definition – not survive and never does. Even if they call it a cryptocurrency. It ll started in 1971 when the gold window was closed and the end of the Fiat system is very near.
  • Once the Fiat system implodes (nobody knows when), we will experience severe deflation.
  • Todays' Banking system is a FRAUD, a Ponzi Scheme. There is no way to economically justify that one can create money out of thin air (fractional reserve banking) and charge interest on it.
  • Today's international politics are again (Biden) controlled by the Military-industry (WAR) and this will end in more terrorism and more bloodshed. Terrorists are NOT what they are pictured by the Mainstream Media.
  • The Media are fully controlled by the Professional Politicians and the BIG-CORPORATIONS.
  • Because of what today's society has become, one can be sure that it will all not only end with more depression but also with Revolutions, Civil Wars, World Wars.

World leaders are stepping into the same high inflation trap as Jimmy Carter.  They are raising taxes because their revenues have declined.  This is the mismanagement of the government on steroids.  You have destroyed your economy and raised taxes so you can keep it the way it is, but you never reduced your expenses.  It’s totally insane.  They have destroyed New York City. . . . This is why the stock market is going up, collectibles are going up, coins, stamps, and even comic books are all going up.  It’s sort of like the German hyperinflation. . . . Once the government started confiscating people’s money . . . they started buying everything they could with the cash, and that turned into this hyperinflation.  They were buying anything tangible, art, land, you name it.  That is what this is all about now.  Going into 2024, we are looking at a wave of inflation which will be in equities and commodities, but we are also looking at shortages particularly in agriculture and going all the way up.”

Preparing Rather than Timing the Death of Paper “Wealth”.  “LOGIC” however, misses the historical point that boom-to-bust cycles don’t have clearly defined expiration dates, especially when those natural cycles are un-naturally extended via equally un-natural and illogical “stimulus” from global central banks. Thus, rather than mire one’s self in the “logical” debate of timing a crisis (a fool’s errand), more informed, and hence logical minds, should be otherwise engaged in preparing for one. Once assets climb too far from the plow of real valuation, the end is not only brutal but inevitable.

"As happened for more than 6,000 years (as usual), PHYSICAL GOLD & SILVER will survive."

Three Delusions: Paper Wealth, a Booming Economy, and Bitcoin.

  1. The danger of Bitcoin that people don’t understand is the government is not going to allow competition.  When it really gets to the point where they have to do something, they will just seize all the cryptocurrencies and give you an exchange rate swap, and they will be the ones who decide the price.  Then, you will get the government digital currency.” As soon as cash has been pushed back or stripped away entirely, monetary policymakers can implement an uninhibited negative interest rate policy to devalue debt. Customers can no longer get out of the “bank balance sheet”; the final escape door is then locked...and your savings in BIG DANGER.
  2. Depressions (and history proofs it) always follow Hyperinflation. There is no way around it as it is IMPOSSIBLE to buy yourself out of DEBT by creating more debt and it is impossible to PRINT yourself out of a recession by creating more fiat money. If such was possible, Venezuela and Zimbabwe would be the richest countries on planet Earth.
  3. As we have DEFLATION all wealth-bubbles (real estate, stocks, bonds, collectibles, antique cars, ETFs', bank deposits,..a.o.) will bust and deflate. Savings will be severely eroded and the situation will be even worse as the price of LOW ORDER CONSUMER GOODS (Food, Commodities,...) will soar. As happened for more than 6,000 years (as usual), PHYSICAL GOLD & SILVER will survive.  At that time, the price you paid for your Physical Gold and Silver will then be completely IRRELEVANT.

For subscribers only: There is a shortage of Silver and demand is rising. 

"There was no alternate. Whatever the FIAT money losses are, they had no choice but to hammer Gold and silver prices down so they (BIS, FED, ECB, IMF, JP MORGAN, Goldman Sachs,..) don't get into BIG TROUBLE this coming month and the month of May." [a deja vu of the 1960-70 Gold Pool]

Important Fundamentals:

  • On rising interest rates and weaker bonds.
  • China’s shale boom over before it began.
  • USA shale production 
  • Crude oil 

Important Technicals:

  • We have a FULL MOON 

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