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Your Panama residency will cost you $200k more as of August!

Friday, May 28, 2021 - Why is the Government doing this to us?

Updated Sections: Commodities expressed in Gold, Inflation Index,

"Inflation has now become so ridiculous that even the price of a USED car is increasing…by a lot."

This, together with rising oil & energy prices will add fire to the coming (hyper)inflation. Non-stop demand and the lingering effects of the Suez blockage drove a 17% increase in container freight rates this month with a new high of $5,115/FEU.

The entire inflation-deflation discussion, as well as data reports and projections, are ultimately meaningless if the very scale used to measure the CPI inflation is itself as bogus as that 42ndStreet Rolex. My friends who were at the restaurant still don’t hold any gold. Like 99.5% of investors believing that trees, shares, bonds, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and real estate grow all the way to heaven. Like most investors who still have FAITH in the DIGITAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM. This is the deja vu of the 1920-30s.

You get what you pay for. And if you pay people to stay at home, they’ll just do that. People are consuming more than ever. Retail sales are way up because of all the funny money the government is practically helicopter dumping, while a lot fewer people are producing. This is a guaranteed formula for economic disaster. And it’s not just an economic failure but a moral failure.

They’re being told it’s all right to take free money and not produce anything in exchange. In the long run, moral failure is even more serious than the economic consequences. The public is being induced to act like children—or even criminals. D. Casey

I really don't know what is wrong with the World...LALA-land is still alive. Nothing is wrong...The Herd still doesn't understand & doesn't seem to mind what is happening and doesn't see that the PHYSICAL SUPPLY of GOLD & SILVER (coins) is drying up! As usual, the STUPID HERD continues to believe Santa exists and will be late, and only start to buy at double the price.

Orange = buy backs only - Green = available Orange = buy backs only - Green = available
Sold out AU 2021 05 27 Sold out Ag 2021 05 27

Important Fundamentals:

  • I cannot believe my eyes when I see the Mainstream Media and Central Banks preaching the INFLATION is actually GOOD for us!  The world has become a planet of MORONS, DOUCHEBAGS, and IDIOTS believing whatever the IDIOT-IN-CHIEF is preaching. The consumer is chasing bargains, SALES, more for less money. But when it comes to INFLATION, they refuse to accept that Inflation is bad and makes it all more expensive.

Hankes inflation

  • We told you to xxxxxx of Oil shares!   Blow to Big Oil and a total ABERRATION! I did not realize that I would live long enough to see this kind of stupidity. This really is the fools running the asylum.

Exxon - Activist hedge fund Engine No. 1 won at least two board seats on the company's board, which will likely force it to confront growing concerns about climate action.

Chevron - Shareholders voted 61% to cut emissions from the end-use of its fuels, while the firm barely lost a non-binding vote calling for a report newlock

Royal Dutch Shell - Emissions goals were deemed insufficient by a Dutch court, newlock

Important Technicals:

  • see charts, pictures below.
newlock long term Dow
Investment for intelligent, thinking people.
 Investment for insane, emotional, not-thinking people.

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Wednesday/Thursday, May 26-27, 2021 - Hyperinflation as soon as 2022 is a very good guess.

Updated Sections: Bank & Fin. Shares, Crude Oil price evolution, Solar & Rare Elements
Agriculturals, Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous & shares, Long Term Commodity Charts

titanic orchestraDirect taxation and indirect taxation or inflation have reached IMMORAL levels. The Serfs in the Middle Ages (feudalism) could keep 75% of what they produce as the Lords only confiscated 25%. The Catholic church preached that ONLY 10% could morally be taken away. Today the Government STEALS on average MORE THAN 50% of what we produce...Therefore the people start to spend more time on FISCAL EVASION than on actually producing goods and services. And you know what, they are RIGHT as SLIMY POLITICIANS are the worst thieves ever.

"Governments rob the people in two different ways: Direct Taxation AND Indirect Taxation or Inflation!"

We are now at the end of a secular bull market in the world economy which on a global level has reached extremes never seen before in history. Property markets are literarily exploding, especially the high end. We see this all over the world and not just in the US. In the UK for example, HSBC stated that March saw the highest number of mortgages EVER issued. In Sweden, properties sell for up to 40% above the asking price in a frenzied bidding war. Same story in Belgium where it has become a crazy market.

We live the ultimate of all Ponzi schemes. First, the government manufactures the fiat money at no cost and then they pay NOTHING for the privilege of borrowing that money. The money obviously creates massive bubbles in stocks, bonds, houses, used automobiles, boats, puppies, and other massively overvalued investments.

Do you really think this is NORMAL!? Just look at how, the Dow, Nasdaq, etc... have gone up parabolically in the last year in a historically unprecedented straight line. This is the result of a GLOBAL HERD HYSTERIA and of course, most people making part of the herd declare anyone who doesn't agree with them as low-class idiots. So far, they are making the Dollars and they don't for one split second realize they probably will lose it all (initial capital and profit) in the near future on the very day the bubbles burst.

With a Dow at almost 40,000, few realize that in reality, the index lost 80% since the year 2001 (see Index In Real Money/Gold). Having said this, the odds are that the Dow could possibly geyzer to 80,000 but will at the same time lose another 80% when expressed in real money.

Gold and Silver have not at all reflected the massive creation of money in the last 50 years. The catchup phase is likely to start very soon based on both fundamentals and technicals. This will change VERY FAST as soon as (hyper)inflation starts to show.

"Hyperinflation is a NATURAL defense against Government producing FAKE Money out of thin air."

Hyperinflation is the ultimate NATURAL defense against a government that extracts value from real money by printing too many money substitutes (fiat currencies). When a loaf of bread costs $100 it means the government's " money" has become worthless. When it costs $1,000,000 a paper dollar has become worthless. That's when real money like #gold and #silver has become invaluable.

We should never again allow a single institution to control the supply of money (nor its legal substitute) or to have a monopoly on issuing it. Let alone forcing us to transact with it via legal tender laws. Honest money brings peace and prosperity. The past 100 years have taught us what abandoning an honest money system brings us. Not a pretty picture altogether for the vast majority.

"Those who keep hoarding FIAT MONEY and/or ASSETS BUBBLES will lose it all!"

How to invest to ensure you don't lose all of your savings:

Only for subscribers  newlock

Important Fundamentals:

  • After the Gold window was closed in 1971, US federal and total debt, as well as money supply, has gone exponentially parabolic and the dollar, the world’s reserve currency newlock

dry shipping costImportant Technicals:

  • We have a long-term BEARISH divergence visible on the long-term Dow Jones chart. newlock
  • The US-Dollar is nearing a newlock
  • The current market activity suggests that newlock


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Monday/Tuesday, May 24-25, 2021 - PAPERS PLEASE!

Even if you NEVER live permanently in Panama, a 2nd passport opens many doors...,

panama1This week, the Permanent Residency & Panama Passport Legislation was amended by President Laurentino Cohen. As of August 2021, the total cost of the procedure for a new residency will increase by $200,000 (this is the amount that every single new candidate will have to invest in Panama in order to receive his/her Permanent Residency).

We therefore STRONGLY ADVISE starting the procedure AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Unless of course, you don't mind investing an extra $200,000. With our help, you can have your paperwork ready in 5 working days...and it will cost you only a small fraction of this amount.

Papers Please! Today, governments use passports to document and control their citizens. In my view, the world would be better off without them. Of course, passports are not going away. You will continue to need one to travel. This is why you’re better off having more than one.

A second passport keeps the government from locking you in. Without it, the government in your home country can effectively place you under house arrest by taking back your passport. Among other things, having a second passport allows you to invest, bank, travel, live and do business in places you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

"A second passport allows you to invest, bank, travel, live, and do business in a way you wouldn’t otherwise be able to!"

Obtaining a second passport is a fundamental step toward freeing yourself from absolute dependence on any one country. Once you have that freedom, it’s much harder for any government to control your destiny. During these COVID-restrictions, those with a second passport have always been able to TRAVEL. Only the losers got stuck.

"No matter where you live, you can benefit from the political diversification that comes with a second passport."

counties to retire 2021

Panama really may be the best choice for you. There, you'll find:

  1. Excellent hospitals and doctors (many English-speaking) with all the latest equipment...and health plans you can actually afford...

  2. A low cost of living: most ex-pat couples say they can comfortably live on $2,000 a month... sometimes less. 

  3. A year-round balmy tropical climate on the coast and a near-perfect temperate climate in the mountains. (And Panama is outside the hurricane zone, no worries there.) 

  4. You'll enjoy absolutely fresh seafood, free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, fresh produce, and more. Best of all, local markets sell these items for pennies on the dollar compared to what you pay for similar weeks-old items. 

  5. Welcoming communities where people are happy and treat you with politeness and respect.
  6. And plenty of activities: surfing, hiking, fishing, swimming, golfing... There are plenty of volunteer and cultural activities, too, including sporting events, concerts, English-language movies, live theater, and more.

  7. A travel HUB. You can quickly get back home to visit family and friends. In less time than it takes to fly from New York to Los Angeles, you can be back in the States from Panama. (Flights to Miami take just 2.5 hours.) Flights to and from Europe take 10 hours and there are daily direct flights out of Madrid, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.
  8. The economy of Panama is VERY strong. Unemployment is low and, therefore, so are crime rates. Panama is safe. The government is politically stable and you won't have to worry at all about "big brother" or government intrusion.
  9. And as for retirement discounts: Panama is—hand down—the country with the best Retirement Program in the world.
  10. Originally designed for Panama‘s own senior citizens, the government has generously extended the benefits of this program to foreign retirees, too.
  11. You can bring your household goods into the country duty-free—including your car—and get tremendous discounts from 10% - 50% on everything from utility bills to medical bills, airfares, restaurants, entertainment events, and much, much more
  12. In Panama, there are ZERO inheritance taxes and you pay ZERO TAXES on your international income. 

"The first time I set foot in Panama, I realized BELGIUM was an ordinary BANANA-KINGDOM!"

Ultimately, the concept of having multiple citizenships is about having more baskets… and spreading your eggs around. It means having more flexibility, no longer being constrained by the limitations of a single country. 

plan B panama1) Safety. Nobody is burning Panamanian flags in the streets of Pakistan to protest innocent deaths at the hands of Panama’s fleet of unmanned Predator drones. Some nationalities are a bit more high profile due to the actions of their governments. Others aren’t.

2) Travel freedom. Did you know that most passports aren’t particularly useful to travel to South America? Citizens have to obtain a visa, in advance, just to travel to Paraguay! Or Brazil. Plus Argentina and Chile both charge ‘reciprocity fees’ on arrival. Further, did you know that you can be barred from traveling to some Middle Eastern countries if you have an Israeli immigration stamp in your passport? Once again, multiple passports mean more options, and more freedom… in this case, the freedom to travel.

3) Business and investment freedom. If you’re a US citizen, many foreign banks don’t want to deal with you, foreign brokers don’t want to deal with you, and most foreign investors don’t even want to risk getting in bed with you. FATCA, Dodd-Frank, UBO, CRS,..etc. all make it so difficult for citizens; nobody wants to risk the IRS or SEC knocking on their door. As a result, many citizens have been kicked off the boards of foreign companies, had their foreign bank accounts closed. Having another citizenship normally circumvents these hurdles.

4) ‘Citizen benefits’. If national healthcare is your thing, there can be a lot of benefit in having second citizenship– in many cases, you’ll enter the public healthcare and pension system, giving you a potential backup in case you need it.

5) Relocation and work possibilities. With a second citizenship, you’ll always have the right to live and work in another country. Imagine, for example, having a European passport, entitling you to work anywhere in the EU. If you’re living in the US or Canada now, that could potentially open up an entirely new line of lucrative opportunities to pursue.

6) The insurance policy. Ultimately, having a second passport is like having an insurance policy. You might not ever need it… but you’re going to be really glad that you have it in case you ever do. Again, history is full of catastrophic events that have caused tremendous turmoil in nations… and people who have been trapped inside with no way out have had their lives turned upside down.

A second passport can be that ticket out… safe passage for you and your family to a new place where the opportunities are better, safer, and brighter. It’s a scenario that no one can really imagine…but history shows that few people ever do...unless, as usual, it's too late! 


  • Did you know that to keep your residency alive, you only have to spend one day every 2 years in Panama
  • There are many more advantages which we only reveal to our coaching relations
  • The total cost of a RESIDENCY is a lot LOWER than the potential TAX-savings*. Especially so for certain professions & individuals.
  • We also do USA-residencies but they cost a lot more.

"Interested? we only reply ON CONDITION you send us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with your FULL NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER. We must exactly know WHO you are."

Important Fundamentals:

  • Institutional investors are moving away from Bitcoin and back to traditional gold in a dramatic change in fund flows, J.P. Morgan says. The institutional investors gave it it try but didn't like what they experienced.

gold vs bitcoin 2021 05 20

Important Technicals:

  • The Gold & Silver sector is breaking out...


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Thursday/Friday, May 2-21, 2020 - The institutional investors gave Bitcoin a try but didn't like it!

Updated Sections: Bitcoin-Cryptos, What triggers Hyperinflation? (new sections 
in the Education Hall)

musk bitcoinHow can somebody who doesn't trust a currency, trust Bitcoin and borrow currencies to buy more Bitcoin & Cryptos?

Bitcoin is supported by a decentralized network of computers. This network confirms all transactions, and these are recorded in the blockchain. To verify the transactions, complex mathematical calculations are performed by computers, and new bitcoins are allocated as compensation for this work.

This is how people get hurt: "take all your money, buy Bitcoin, then borrow more money to buy more Bitcoin."

The number of bitcoins allocated to maintain the network is also constantly decreasing. So you have to use more and more computing power to 'mine' the same amount of bitcoins. This is called halving. At the moment 900 bitcoins are still being mined every day. To maintain the price, enough buyers must be found for these new bitcoins every day.

Click here or on the picture to read more in the Eduction Hall.

"Inflation is a quiet but effective way for the Government to transfer resources from the people to itself, without raising taxes."

What triggers hyperinflation?

Argentina Venez CubaWe teeter at the pinnacle of the largest credit bubble in history. It was fraying already in early 2019. Beginning of that year economists forecasts a rate hike no later than 2020. The fed funds futures market implied an 80% chance that the fed would cut rates. This was long before China exported its virus from Wuhan.

In September 2019, the REPO market implodes (see updates for 2019 on Goldonomic). The Repo market is the primary funding mechanism for Treasury bonds and mortgages. Repo funding costs surged overnight to a 7% premium over the fed funds rate. Within two weeks and In order to contain the drama, the Fed had to print $181 billion to fund the repo dealers to prevent the credit contagion from spreading. A week later, Powell announced that the Fed's balance sheet would begin expanding indefinitely.

"If there would not have been this Chinese virus, the Central Banks would have to invent one."

Six months later the virus gave the fed the excuse it needed to spike its balance sheet from $3.7 trillion (Sep 2019) to $7.8 trillion today. If there would not have been this Made in China virus the Central banks would have to invent one.

The Fed's money-printing was necessary to bail out the repo dealers and to cover the federal deficits. The federal deficit which was projected around $2.3 trillion this year has already been surpassed by the Biden regime who plans to generate a $3.8 trillion deficit this year.

 picture text translation: Democratic economic systems that ACHIEVED the impossible: Argentina without MEAT, Venezuela without OIL, Cuba without SUGAR.

Click here or on the picture to read more in the Eduction Hall.

Important Fundamentals:

  • Institutional investors are moving away from Bitcoin and back to traditional gold in a dramatic change in fund flows, newlock

Important Technicals:

  • The Gold & Silver sector is breaking out...newlock
  • xxxxxx
  • Dangerous DOME-distribution formation for BITCOIN....watch out as the support line has been broken (see yesterday's chart)
  • The US-Dollar is nearing xxxxxx
BTCUSD candle1
DANGER: a STOP LOSS it is !!!!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2020 - The world was (temporarily) saved by the COVID-19-virus!

Updated Sections:Recession Proof - hold, Bio Tech-Pharma, Oil Shares, Natural Gas & shares, 
Uranium Shares

repo 2020 03 18The Repo-problem got out of hand end of 2019, beginning of 2021 but was saved by the COVID-19 virus. The problems of the Repo market started in September 2019 and the initial intervention of the Central Banks (FED) was bn $ 75 each day. This amount rose to bn $1,500 per day. March 2021, the FED provided bn $30 per day overnight per financial institution (bank).  At this time, the intervention amounts to bn $80 per day per entity (financial institution).

Most people are losing their time and energy on details...very dangerous at a time where the GLOBAL PICTURE is far more important for the future.

 Since January 2020, NEW car prices have increased 9.6%. But USED car prices are up 16.7% over the same period. This is pretty extraordinary given that used cars are supposed to depreciate. According to one used car dealer, “What is normally a depreciable asset has been appreciating. It’s certainly surreal...” People who lived in South Africa in the 1980s-90s EXACTLY KNOW why car prices are up. A BAD OMEN it is!

It’s not just used cars, of course. Prices across the economy are rising rapidly. NielsenIQ retail price data sets show that consumer goods have been rising in excess of 10% over the last year on everything from beauty products to seafood prices (which have risen by 18.7% over the past three months).

There's always a shortage of goods when there's a surplus of money. The Central Banks can print lots of money for consumers to spend. But it can't print goods for them to buy. If it prints enough money there'll be a shortage of everything as sellers will refuse to accept it as payment.

"More on the REPO's, money printing, and (hyper)inflation in tomorrow's update!"

DEBT UP 31 times – TAXES UP 6 times. The balance is financed by creating fiat money out of thin air. No one must believe that the US government has any intention of repaying its debt. With a couple of years exception years when debt went up every year, US debt has increased every year since the early 1930s.

"Russian roulette: Both technically and fundamentally stocks are now reaching the end of this secular cycle whether it takes a few weeks or a few months."

Important Fundamentals:

  • Can Gold Rally As The Nasdaq Falls? newlock
  • Can Gold Rally As The Dollar Spikes? newlock

Important Technicals:

  • The Gold & Silver sector is
  • Dangerous DOME-distribution formation for BITCOIN.
newlock newlock
newlock newlock
BTCUSD candle2  

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Monday/Tuesday, May 17-18, 2021 - The coming inflation is "not" transitory!

Updated Sections: Miners & Gold vs SPX, Gold & Silver Juniors, Recession Proof Shs (LOCG),
Recession Proof - hold, Bio Tech-Pharma, Oil Shares, Natural Gas & shares, Uranium Shares

Each new day I get new evidence that the world is controlled by PSYCHO-IDIOTS. Banks have become "compliance concentration camps".  Requests by bankers are most of the time requests by people who live in LALA-LAND and are completely disconnected from reality.  The GENERAL EDUCATION level has fallen to unseen low levels. Today's WASH & WEAR-PLASTIC SHOE generation has no self-respect, lacks education, is very arrogant, and is most of the time also very impolite. I try not to be a PESSIMIST about what Planet Earth has become, but things really don't look that good. Today is the perfect recipe for a SODOM and GOMORRA scenario. It really is a pity one cannot emigrate to the Moon or to Mars...for, as history learns, only a BLOODY WAR with a lot of bloodsheds will be able to correct it.


The coming inflation is NOT transitory and will end with HYPERINFLATION (because the DEBT is Monetized) - Japan did NOT monetize its' debt!  If inflation was measured like it was in 1980, the figure would be much larger than 10% !!! In short, if every product needed to feed, house, clothe and move consumers is rising by high, double-digits, how can we trust a Fed, Central Bank, or CPIndex scale that tells us consumer pricing is hanging at the “allowed” 2% range?! Why does the HERD keep believing these lies?

IMPORTANT: Watch out for what is happening in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine. This is kiddies playing with matches in a powder room and any spark will have international implications. When we get a war in the Middle East, the situation will be far worse than what we have now because of a HACKED PIPELINE. Is it not weird that there were no Israel-Palestina problems while Trump was in charge!?

There were 62 cases of Hyperinflation in history. In all cases, the value of the currency decreased to ZERO. If you have hyperinflation, you can wipe out the currency in HOURS. That is as fast as it sometimes goes. Once inflation goes up that fast, the currency loses its purchasing power that quick and you can't import anything. We did not see hyperinflation in countries that did not monetize their debt. Japan is a good example.

The source of ALL hyperinflation problems was CENTRAL BANKS creating fiat currency that is backed by NOTHING. Printing presses are run to run Wars, and to cover the COVID-19 disaster at a time where the economic system collapses (for example the USSR) when CROOKS runs a country (Zimbabwe, the EUSSR,..). By definition, MONEY is only REAL MONEY on condition it is the result of the production of Goods and Services.

Note: the biggest handicap of cryptos is that these are not linked to a "convertible" currency and that they are highly speculative assets.

Only for subscribers - YOU MUST WATCH the VIDEOs below!


The Venezuelan Bolivar is a FAILED CURRENCY. (lost 98% of its value) Reason? today it is producing as much oil as it produced in 1913.  So, the Authorities have no alternative but to go to the central bank for funds. Note that the OFFICIAL EXCHANGE RATE of currencies is totally irrelevant. If you want to know what the REAL situation is like, you have to go to the black market and compare the exchange rates of the black market. Because of socialist mismanagement, Venezuela has become a country without OIL, Argentina has become a country without MEAT and Cuba has become a country without SUGAR.


  • Years ago, a friend sold his house in Caracas, Venezuela. In order to take the funds out of Venezuela he had to convert the Bolivars into US-Dollars....and guess what, he was able to do it with HOOKERS!
  • The Mainstream Media WISELY don't publish details about REAL LIFE in Cuba. Today, thanks to Socialism, CUBANS ARE STARVING...there is no bread, no meat, no chickens, no veggies, no toothpaste,...

The ‘Shocking’ inflation is now double the Fed’s target and a ‘harbinger of things to come. The big-time inflation picture has reached 5% and a compounded 5% inflation rate means 5% x 12 = 60% yearly inflation rate.  Note how fast inflation figures are going up and how fast Prof. Steve Hanke is adjusting and reviewing his previous video.


"It's the Money Supply, you stupid!"


  • Velocity newlock

Important Fundamentals:

  • As if America does not have enough problems, what is being called a “Mega-drought” looks like it is going to become even more entrenched in the western U.S.  Experts say it is going to get worse as we go into the dry season out west, which starts in May. 
  • Since Biden got in office, the DIESEL prices DOUBLED. [Democrats (socialists) are so good for the people...so good!]
  • Gold settles at highest since February as Fed newlock

Important Technicals:

  • As expected, just like during the 1960s', at these technical levels Central Planners Intervene In Gold Market. And just like during the 1960s' the interventions will work until they fail.
    So things quickly reversed, with gold and silver making new daily highs and the dollar falling to its low for the day. Then we got some price capping in the precious metals and what looks like an intervention to keep the US Dollar Index above 90. newlock
newlock newlock
US-Dollar oversold? Bitcoin is completing a Top-Distribution Pattern?

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Friday, May 14, 2021 - By definition, good fiat money is impossible: there is no such thing as good fiat money!

Updated Sections: PF-charts for $-Gold & €-Gold - Targets of the cup & Handle formations,
Index In Real Money/Gold, Long Term Charts, Royalty Co's, Gold & Silver Majors,


50 years socialismYou can ignore the reality, but not the consequences...and those who do will suffer. And the reality is that just in this century over $200 trillion of debt or fake money has been produced in the world. That is 200% more than all the debt monies created ($100T) in history until the year 2000. This sum obviously excludes promises and lies in the form of global unfunded liabilities, (medicare, social security, pensions, etc) plus up to $2 quadrillion of derivatives which will end up worthless.

"Few realize the consequences of the world’s insatiable need for fake money. The superbubble will inflate until it one day it totally implodes."

Most investors don’t understand gold or the role of gold. This is why only 0.5% of world financial assets are invested in gold. Very few investors are aware that gold has outperformed virtually all asset classes, including stocks, in this century. For some dark reason, many are attracted to these dangerous and stupid cryptocurrencies.

"Gold should not be seen as an investment but as an asset for “freedom and benefit”."

In an investment world that consists primarily of insanely overvalued paper assets, worthless digital money, physical gold (and Silver) represents sanity and eternal wealth. Gold is also the ultimate insurance and wealth preservation asset against a very fragile financial system. Anyone who fails to protect his family’s and future generations’ wealth is not only irresponsible but stands to lose virtually everything as the most epic asset bubble in history bursts.

Only for subscribers

gold silver and overpriced landThere is no such a thing as good fiat money.

"Anything that can be produced in unlimited quantities at no cost can by definition, not be worth more than ZERO."





Important Fundamentals:

  • Year to date, and despite that “2.6% CPI inflation figure” sold by the Governments (they are taking you for IDIOTS), prices have risen by the following percentages for the following “real world” goods and assets: Gasoline Up 47%; Crude oil Up 31%; Heating Oil Up 8%; Propane Up 26%; newlock

Important Technicals:

  • Check the sections for the $-Gold-Targets and €-Gold-Targets of the completed CUP & HANDLE FORMATIONS. Targets are newlock
newlock newlock

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Wednesday/Thursday, May 12-13, 2021 - on the road to hyperinflation and no way back: The Fuse Has Been Lit In Commodity Prices!

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes, Index In Real Money/Gold, Long Term Charts,
Royalty Co's, Gold & Silver Majors,

civil warFrench Generals warn for a CIVIL WAR in France. It’s difficult to not see the historical parallels when reading the daily news in our own times. Meanwhile, 15+ months into COVID-19, we still have dictatorial politicians playing God with people’s lives, telling them what they can/cannot do, what to wear, and how to live.

Recent FBI statistical releases, for example, show the number of murders in large cities across the United States has soared by 32.2% over the last 12 months. Vehicle theft is up 11.9%. Arson is up 56.9%… no doubt due to the mostly peaceful protests that we witnessed last year. Not to mention there’s been a disturbing trend in violence at airports across the United States-- places that are supposed to be full of security.

The number of ‘unruly passenger incidents’ has reached more than 1,300 so far THIS YEAR, as opposed to an average of roughly 100 to 130 per year over the past ten years, according to data from the Federal Aviation Administration. The Internet abounds with videos of full-on brawls at airports like Detroit and Miami International, with airline passengers beating each other to a pulp because of seating issues, baggage fees, masks, or just about anything else.

"In its effort to give people more bread and circuses, the government is ready to spend $11+ trillion on every socialist program imaginable, at a time when the US national debt is already closing in on $30 trillion."

Please WAKE up and be aware that in the next months and years, 95% of WEALTH will be destroyed. We approve and agree with Peter's message.

Make sure you preserve and safeguard the REAL Purchasing Power of your assets for your own future and for the next generations...because the next Boom can and will ONLY be built with REAL PURCHASING POWER ( real savings). If REAL SAVINGS are not available, then FIRST real purchasing power will have to be built through real savings and the next BOOM will take much longer to become a reality. [Ludwig von Mises]

The Robinhood app is the most downloaded app of the year. The shoe shiners & Bell Boys, taxi drivers of 1920 are back in town.  The herd is 100 % positioned for an armageddon. Markets are terribly distorted. You must therefore STOP following the HERD and build your position well in advance.

The laws of sound money, fiscal rectitude, and economic gravity can't be defied indefinitely. There will eventually be a horrible reckoning. So now is the time to get informed, focused, and prepared. Now is the time to GET OUT of the DIGITAL Financial system. Now is the time to move your REAL MONEY out of Political reach.

"The earlier you are, the more choices you have...better to be one year early than 1 second late!"

Only for subscribers

We expect a gigantic short time FAKE recovery to keep up the illusion to buy some more time!  newlock

This is global currency debasement. Prices go up, wages not. newlock

Important Fundamentals:

  • The South African rand’s 30% gain newlock

    homeowners stimulus program 2021 05 10
  • Major American Pipeline shut down in CYBER ATTACK. Spiking GAS prices in the USA (no inflation?). newlock

Important Technicals:

  • The DOW and the S&P 500 Index (SPX) completed a small  newlock
  • Following Gold & Silver shares are clear BUY newlock
  • The conclusion resulting from the analysis of both PF-charts for Gold below is that the DOLLAR will, over the coming months and/or years fall AT LEAST by 22% versus the EURO.newlock

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Monday/Tuesday, May 6-7, 2021 - Bill and Melinda Gates divorce..maybe time to divorce from Microsoft and Apple?!

Updated Sections: all short candles in the Gold & Silver sections are updated, US Dollar,
Rupee Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold, Euro and €-Gold, Candollar & Gold, British Pound & Gold,
Swedish Krona & Gold, Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold


BIDEN SUPPORTS PATENT WAIVERS FOR VACCINES. The communist administration of Joe Biden plans to support a temporary waiver on intellectual property rules preventing developing countries from mass-producing generic COVID-19 vaccines. Not only is waiving vaccine patents an unconstitutional taking of private property, but it's also a bad policy. Pharmaceutical companies will be reluctant to risk their capital developing vaccines during future pandemics knowing government can confiscate their profits if their risk pays off. More about the Pharma industry below in the Subscribers section.

Ludwig von Mises in Human Action: Out of the collapse of the boom there is only one way back to a state of affairs in which progressive accumulation of capital safeguards a steady improvement of material well-being: new savings must accumulate the capital goods needed for harmonious equipment of all branches of production with the capital required. One must provide the capital goods lacking in those branches which were neglected in the boom. Wage rates must drop; people must restrict their consumption temporarily until the capital wasted by malinvestment is restored.

If commodities cannot be sold and workers cannot find jobs, the reason can only be that the prices and wages asked are too high.

Some commentators are of the view that easy monetary and fiscal policies (low-interest rates, minimum wages, Covid-premiums) are likely to boost overall demand, which in turn is going to raise the production of goods and services. As a result, the increase in economic growth is going to generate the required funding. The problem with this argument is that demand does not generate supply automatically; there must be first an adequate amount of real savings to enhance the infrastructure, which in turn will permit stronger economic growth.

"A loose monetary policy that is aimed at boosting the use of idle resources won't work. Idle resources only become profitable and efficient when we have enough real savings. Unfortunately, easy money policies destroy real savings."

Hyperinflation is coming and it will be worse than expected. The USA and the West is NOT becoming Japan but rather ZIMBABWE. The video also explains WHAT inflation is and by which elements it is influenced.

No, there is no inflation but Your cup of coffee costs more. Colombia Coffee Exports Halted by Protests. The Colombian situation is fueling gains for prices in New York, which have reached the highest since 2017. The Brazilian drought has been the primary tailwind for coffee prices over the last few months. Coffee is one more commodity experiencing supply inelasticity.

LESS SUPPLY means higher prices: The year of lockdowns unset supply/demand fundamentals and left the commodity markets more susceptible to weather or political interruptions. The result is rising prices for just about everything.

"Inflation is not some potential issue down the road. Inflation is already here."

Those who pretend that all will be ok and that the Western world will follow the Japanese scenario are totally blind and deaf retards. Inflation is not some potential issue down the road. Inflation is already here. As Warren Buffett told investors only days ago, “We’re seeing very substantial inflation.”

This is not some wild conspiracy. Inflation is real. It’s happening. Plenty of companies have already announced price increases to their consumers--Inflation is clearly a concern of the largest companies in the world. Investors are worried. Consumers can see it.

Analysts who pretend we shall not see and have inflation and hyperinflation just don't know the definitions of (hyper)inflation and don't see WHAT the reality of today is like. It is obvious and even while Central Banks are pretending there is NONE, everything gets more expensive. From now on, if they want to continue to publish LOW inflation figures, they will have to change and adjust the weight of the components making the inflation indexes again.

"If you start to prepare for hyperinflation today, you are already late!"

These are the three key drivers of (hyper)inflation:

  1. Less supply - Businesses and factories everywhere closed, and plenty of companies went out of business. Capacity is limited because of the extreme measures that businesses took last year. And you can’t simply flip a switch and bring capacity back to normal. Such takes time.
  2. COVID lunacy - just think about all the idiotic rules that people have to follow. And imagine how much money businesses are spending now on this COVID-SHIT… masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc. Or companies (airlines, hotels, etc) that now employ legions of workers to chemically scrub every nook and cranny of the premises. All of this costs money, and the extra costs eventually get passed on to consumers. Most likely, these measures are not going away… which means that COVID is extremely inflationary.
  3. Trillions in money printing. This is the big one. The US federal government is hoping to spend a whopping $11 TRILLION this year, between the regular budget, COVID stimulus already passed, and all the new legislation they’re proposing. The ECB, Bank of England, Swiss National Bank, Bank of Japan, etc...are all doing the same: creating exponential amounts of fit money out of thin air...and they probably KNOW this only making things WORSE.

The Biggest Monetary Theory test in history or Politic Action by RETARDS!? So will it be that the operation will be successful but the patient died? Sadly I think the latter is more likely. Because the program that the WEST  is embarking upon is an extension of Keynesian economics. In simple terms, whatever is needed in the shape of monetary requirements the country has, you just print. The only difference being that Keynes advised to SAVE during good times (Booms) in order to support and revive the economy in bad times (Busts). Keynes never explicitly advised to Create Money out of THIN AIR. Printing Fiat Money in bad times, DESTROYS SAVINGS and no economy can be kickstarted WITHOUT REAL SAVINGS.

Only for subscribers:

Real Estate NOT in a Boom but rather in another artificial bubble created by low and negative interest rates and the Government interventions: newlock

Important Fundamentals:

  • China’s vaccine diplomacy campaign has been a surprising success: It has pledged roughly half a billion doses of its vaccines to more than 45 countries, according to a country-by-country tally by The Associated Press. With just four of China’s many vaccine makers claiming they are able to produce at least 2.6 billion doses this year, a large part of the world’s population will end up inoculated not with the fancy Western vaccines boasting headline-grabbing efficacy rates, but with China’s humble, traditionally made shots.
  • After SAA has been grounded and will probably never fly again, Swissair is restructuring. In the medium-term future, the company expects to see a structural decline of 20% in overall demand. In response to this, the SWISS aircraft fleet should now be downsized from its 2019 extent by a projected 15 %. This would entail a total workforce reduction of around 1,700 full-time positions or over 20%. It will also entail forced dismissals for up to 780 ground and flying personnel.
  • Stock markets: newlock

Important Technicals:

  • Last week we WARNED for a top-distribution-pattern for shares we follow in the biopharma sector. Pfizer was down 5% on Thursday. What Biden communicated last week, was already to be seen in our PF-charts for weeks.
  • Silver is newlock

 See section for Agriculturals and Long Term Commodity charts for more...SCARY it is!

Lumber is up by 300%  

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Thursday/Friday, May 6-7, 2021 - In This Global Collapse It Will Be All About Survival!

Updated Sections: Gold-$, Silver, Silver Fundamentals, Negative Interest Rates

Note: we have published an interesting video about GOLD on the www.Goldonomic.fr site.

Are you also part of the "herd" and acting like Newton?  If so, be advised that in the next Global financial collapse it will all be about 'financial' survival...and more. Even Newton refused to invest through a REASONING PROCESS and followed the HERD and...ended up FLAT BROKE!.

Newton bankrupt 2021 04 23

Now that Authorities have checked the behavior of the CROWD under stress, they know how they need to act when we have a Financial Collapse. First of all, one must expect a BANK HOLIDAY where all digital assets will be frozen in a Cyprus Style. They will of course allow small withdrawals out of ATM machines and limited payments with Debit Cards.  All your digital assets (bank deposits, bonds, shares, ETF's, Options, Warrants, Futures, Derivatives...) will, however, be blocked until the BAIL-IN and BAIL-OUT have been organized. What many don't realize, is that this also affects Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies.

capital controls

With the Bank Holiday and Capital controls, practically ANY ASSET you have within political reach will be in FULL control of the Authorities. European countries (EUSSR), the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Japan,...will all be affected. Only assets kept OUT OF POLITICAL REACH will be safe. As "Bank Holidays" always come by surprise, it will be too late to move any capital out of Banks, Equities, Commodities, Options, ETFs, Currencies,...Your profits or losses will remain frozen until THE STATE decides what to do and how these will be taxed or seized.

As a rule, the HERD invests like sheep. They focus on one item only and never look at the whole picture. They play RUSSIAN ROULETTE with their savings. They buy share ABC today and sell tomorrow or as soon as they have 15%-25% profit. Immediate satisfaction is very important. Once sold, it's back to the RAT-RACE and the quest for a new share, option, currency, crypto,...where they hope to make another 15% to 25% profit. This behavior is partly the result of the Banks, Brokers, Financial gurus, Financial Newsletters,...who need the TURNOVER and Commissions to survive.

Those who let the Bankers and/or Brokers invest for them (mutual funds, money market funds, hedge funds, pension funds,...) are not better off because their OFFICIAL parties most of the time have 'by law' to invest according to THE LAW. This implies that they MUST buy Shares and/or Bonds even if they know that such is a totally incorrect investment decision.

"Investors relying on momentum want to hear that the money will keep flowing and there is no risk the punchbowl will be taken away. Whenever that desire is fulfilled, we see the stock market climb to new highs. However, when it is even modestly questioned it is cause for profit-taking."

Michael Schacht, 70 years old, is a typical German saver. Risk-averse, the clothing shop owner kept the equivalent of $300,000 in a local bank in a small town near Hamburg. Then, earlier this year, Mr. Schacht’s bank told him it wanted to charge him a negative 0.5% interest rate to hold his money. Furious, Mr. Schacht did something he never considered: He put it all in the market. His portfolio includes investments in stocks and corporate bonds from Europe and elsewhere through funds, plus gold and silver.

"Negative interest rates are an obvious tax on savers so they have no choice but to buy riskier assets."

This is an example of how investors are being forced to speculate. Negative interest rates are an obvious tax on savers so they have no choice but to buy riskier assets. It is a choice between guaranteed modest losses or potential gains with the added scope for bigger losses. This is particularly acute in places like most EUSSR-countries where retail investors don’t generally invest in the stock market.

"Only assets kept OUT OF POLITICAL REACH will be safe."

Important Fundamentals:

  • 73% of the top 50 gold & silver miners are now profitable xxxxxxxx
  • Green-renewable-Energy is a DANGEROUS & expensive Joke. They tried it before. Just like they tried to sell "Flying Automobiles".  Electric Cars are a game for retarded, greedy, short-sighted politicians trying to BUY as many VOTES as possible. The reality is totally different and in the end, only the ECONOMIC reality survives.
  • The Deutsche Bank exposure is dramatic and I don't understand how the Financial World has still not Imploded.
Deutsche bank exposure 2021 newlock
The exposure to derivatives of Deutsche Bank is larger than the German GDP, the EU-GDP! What will the gold price be after the derivatives implode? Too high to call.
EV  1907 EV Saturn
Born in 1897 and buried in 1907 Born in 1985 and buried in 2009
electric cars

Electric Vehicles are something for the RETARDED Herd. For those who refuse to admit that an EV is nothing but a dirty joke.

The joke is ever dirtier as the RETARDED leaders plan to replace the GREEN Nuclear Power stations by extremely polluting GAS Stations.

What few already know, it that on top, the EU (Merkel) has already made arrangements to buy the GAS from her previous boss Putin (Russia)

Important Technicals:

  • Lower Stock Market indexes call for the beginning of newlock
  • Worrisome is that several shares are completing a TOP-DISTRIBUTION pattern.​
newlock newlock 
A Pharma-stock completing a TOP-distribution pattern and a SELL...dangerous! 3 is a Charm or will be a breakout... 

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Monday/Wednesday, May 3-5, 2021 - The Western World is sliding into times of DANGEROUS REVERSED RACISM.

Updated Sections: Gold Targets , 

Note: Because of the celebration of May 1st in the EUSSR, the updates of this week will look somewhat different.

The following video is for all Retarded who still don't see it coming. For those in Denial and those who plan to live the rest of their lives in poverty, under tyranny, in a COMMUNIST regime (like we had until 1989 in the USSR and we have today in Venezuela). Note Huxley is not the only member of the club. Others are Ayn Rand, PragerU, Glenn Beck, Goldonomic,...

Given the extremely high levels of debt and growing social discord, we expect big changes (civil war, world war,...) in the economic policy and financial regime over the coming decade.

The West is DOOMED and YES, it's exactly the same story all over again...with different players!

  • Roosevelt, 1935: “We have established the principle of graduated taxation in respect to personal incomes, gifts, and estates. We should apply the same principle to corporations. Today the smallest corporation pays the same rate on its net profits as the corporation which is a thousand times its size.
  • Biden, April 2021: “Recent studies show that 55 of the nation’s biggest corporations paid zero in federal income tax last year. No federal taxes on more than $40 billion in profits. A lot of companies also evade taxes through tax havens from Switzerland to Bermuda to the Cayman Islands. And they benefit from tax loopholes and deductions that allow for offshoring jobs and shifting profits overseas. That’s not right. We’re going to reform corporate taxes so they pay their fair share and help pay for the public investments their businesses will benefit from.”
  • The EUSSR, April 2021: "Multinationals will have to pay a minimum tax of 21% on all products they sell in the EU. Paying dividends is IMMORAL!"

The government pays for its expenses in 3 ways: taxes, debt, and printing money.

1. The most honest way is taxation. The problem however is that as soon as there is too much taxation, the professional politicians know that they will lose votes and be kicked out of Government.
2. Therefore they prefer to indebt the country (so the kids and grandchildren will have to pay more taxes).
3. By far the most preferred tool is creating money out of thin air. It takes some time for the Herd to find out they have been betrayed, especially because they use the Mainstream Media to sell propaganda that there is no inflation and at the same time they cook the inflation figures.

"If you want to preserve your power indefinitely, you have to get the consent of the ruled" - Aldous Huxley

The West slides into a dangerous NEGATIVE anti-white RACISM.  South Africa has been struggling for decades, but the government's launching of the Black Economic Empowerment program took things to a new level. Egypt died the day a BLACK FARAO took over the country. Most African countries died the day the WHITES were chased away. In Congo, things got so bad that at a certain time, there were no more RATS to eat.

The Western World is sliding into times of DANGEROUS REVERSED RACISM. Many Western countries are putting into place the very same legislation that destroyed South Africa after COMMUNIST MANDELA was put into power in 1994. In South Africa, by law, black people (even if they are totally incompetent) have to be in charge of the economy.  As a result, ESCOM (electricity provider) is running into problems, and there are more and more power outages. SAA (South African Airways) is grounded and will probably never fly again.

"One must follow the master-natural trend and be aligned with it at all times in order to allow your capital to grow."

Stocks, bonds, the Dollar, and most other currencies are likely to come under immense price pressure over the coming years, decade, if not several decades! If you want to preserve your wealth in the years and decades to come. You will first need to conduct an asset class acquisition strategy that is aligned with the market's own master trend, even if such a trend is not necessarily aligned with your original intellectual preferences or expectations. Following the Herd is not really a good plan. One must position itself through a reasoning process and sit tight.

Important Fundamentals:

  • The EUSSR plans to tax all multinationals with a minimum of 21%.newlock

Important Technicals:

  • Copper may be flirting with record highs xxxxxx
  • Treasuries and Bonds still fit within a thigh up-channel. xxxxx
  • Gold: any rebound through $1,820 would be announcing  xxxxx
  • The historic SP500 rally pattern portends xxxxx

google searches housing crash 2021 newlock
A Real Estate Crash is in the Air! End of the 35-year cycle!
newlock exploding federal debt 2021 04 29
UK-Gilts: falling momentum and bearish wedge. DO you really think this is NORMAL?
Those who are still invested in stocks are living in dangerous Casino-LALA-Land. Insiders KNOW and are leaving the Titanic!
worthless stocks 2021 04 22 newlock
Tip: sector to be invested in for those who want to commit financial suicide! Support & Resistance lines for $-Gold.

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