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If you aren't keeping your savings out of political reach, your home task is not finished!

Monday april 29 through Wednesday May 1st, 2013 - Bank holiday in many countries -

Updated sections: US-Dollar , €-Gold & €/$ (LT euro bearish or bullish?), Aussie-Gold & Aussie/$/€ (short term BUY or SELL?) , Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€ (bullish or bearish flag?), Can-Gold & Loonie/$/€ (BUY or SELL NOW?!),  ¥-Gold & ¥/$/€ (which trend for ¥-Gold + correction for Yen?) , £-Gold (trend?) & £/€/$ , ZAR-Gold & R/$/€ ,

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goldader mountainlandsGold: This is the exception to the rule where an increase is (paper) supply also increases (physical) demand. The worst thing they (central planners) could have done was to smash the paper gold price down into an unprecedented bull market for physical.  Should it ever occur again, the results will be the same.  What this has done for the keen observers is to reveal how the future mechanism for gold price discovery will in fact be set. Paper trading in gold means nothing as the physical market explodes, the central bank smashing of the paper gold price has backfired by triggering enormous demand for real metal.

Understand in two minutes why gold will hit $ 6993,-

A Civil War is pending: Spanish protesters clash with 14,000 (FOURTEEN THOUSAND) POLICE MEN!

During the last months of 2012 about € 45 billions left the EU

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Friday April 26, 2013 - The big dirty secret is out - there is no Gold !

These are the prices you had to pay today for Physical Gold/Silver in PANAMA:

1 kg bars $ 59,435.47
Krugerrand 1 oz. $ 1,996.72
Eagle 1 oz. $ 1,952.34
American Silver Eagle $ 41.29
Chinese Silver Panda $ 59.15

Gold/Silver shares are holders of Physical Gold: A***s + 7.5% , A****N +50% , G**** +9% , G*******r + 8.64% , M******d + 17% , P********l +18% , S******p +7% , D******d +7% [these shares are part of the shares we hold in our Shopping baskets!]

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Thursday April 25, 2013 -  $ 9 over spot for Silver coins !

Gold and Silver Markets experienced similar volatility in the past. This time however we have a PARADIGM SHIFT and the END GAME!... Financial authorities are fools running the asylum...their last stupid action (the 4-12 coup) has a extremely bullish effect on the PHYSICAL Gold market. Britain’s Royal Mint, established in the 13th century, sold more than three times more gold coins this month than a year earlier as prices declined. Sales are more than 150 percent higher than last month, according to Shane Bissett, director of bullion and commemorative coin at the Royal Mint. Gold is down 11 percent this month, heading for the biggest drop since September 2011...more

Where Caesar, Napoleon and Hitler failed will not be achieved by a bunch of intelligent psychopaths. The EU-zone will break apart and the Frankenstein will NOT survive. Even in Germany people are rising up....

  • Too many houses in Spain, too many factories in Germany, too many civil servants in France...
  • Fracking is forbidden in the EU...soon energy will be unaffordable and only Government officials (they get the gas for free) will be able to travel.
  • Cigarette packages will soon all look alike. Designers and package manufacturers will have to off-lay thousands of people and counterfeit cigarettes will take over the legal market. [the official responsible for the implementation of this law openly stated that he doesn't give a f***K about the  people loosing their jobs.!?]
  • Car manufacturers are closing down in sequence. Salaries and other regulations are killing the entrepreneurs...
  • Visa and large Chemical companies are planning to leave Europe...the steel giant Mittal is leaving...
  • An ECB rate cut from almost zero to almost, almost zero won't be able to repair the damage...you don't have to be an Einstein to understand this. why then does Mario doesn't get it?..or does he.

bend eiffel towerUntil quite recently, my assumption was that a French debt crisis would occur between 2014 and 2017. In light of the extraordinary malfeasance of Hollande and his current government I have changed my mind and believe that France is now extremely near to the abyss. Fasten your seat belt in Europe—the world’s last truly Communist country is about to implode.

Politicians managing France’s economy have organized a system such that the public sector can continually pillage the private sector. This institutionalized method of stealth robbery has created a self-reinforcing cycle of economic decay such that lower corporate profits feed into reduced private investment, and so on to lower economic growth, resulting in rising unemployment levels. [similar conditions occur in Belgium]. In France the Government part of GDP has become larger than the part of the private economy...

Elites in France are convinced that communist technocracy is a superior system to capitalism, and this belief has been accepted by a large part of the population.

France’s economic malaise is a failure of public morality. The public sector elites not only detest the private sector, but they also believe that it is a higher calling to steal money from entrepreneurs and give it to civil servants.This moral bankruptcy means the situation is irreversable—when the population is bombarded with propaganda that wealth creation is somehow dirty, while it is morally permissible for the state to expropriate all private gains, it will be hard to build an environment for economic growth.

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Wednesday April 24, 2013 - The banking/financial system is a concrete airplane; it will crash and kill all passengers !

If you put money into a Fractional Reserve Banking system  you should know that as soon as you put it into a bank account, AT LEAST 90% (automatically)  of it is lost ! . Fractional Reserve Banking is an absurd and extremely dangerous game and it is an accident waiting to happen. The problem with the banks is that they play at no risk...if there is a loss, the public is picking up the pieces. If you in the 1950's lended money you did not have, it was a criminal offense and you would hang. Quantitative Easing  is counterfeit and legally this would send you to prison.

According to the Boston Consulting Group there is only one way out of the euro crisis: basically all citizens will have to pay for the restructuring of the European government and bank debt. That means anyone savers, property and landlords will have to pay, even if for example you have repaid your mortgage.

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Tuesday April 23, 2013 - China has so far bought 1/3rd of the World Gold Production !

The Gold Pool (intelligent psychopaths believing they are Gods) has overplayed its hand. As I expected, instead of scaring people out of Gold, they are attracting more buyers. As of April 14, China had already bought 1/3rd of the World Gold Production...as a matter of fact, the fact that the coup was widely advertised all over the world by the Mainstream media was the best promotion Gold could have received.

World Gold Production was 2700 Tonnes or 225 Tonnes/month
China 370 T
Australia 250 T
USA 230 T
Russia 200 T
RSA 170 T
Peru 165 T
Canada 100T
Indonesia 95 T
 *2012 figures

Stock market indexes: looking at the action on Wall Street in the last 5 days, it's hard to avoid the suspicion that computer traders and Hedge funds are pushing the volatility around within the current range limits so as to scalp extra dimes while making all long-only investors super-nervous. The correction was expected and we now have test the resistance levels which have become support. See subscribers' sections for important levels.

On Gold and silver mines: following the decline in gold prices over the last week, and the even quicker deterioration in the shares of gold miners, deeply oversold conditions are now evident. To put this in perspective, in the last decade gold has posted a number of upward accelerations which saw prices become overextended relative to the 200-day MA by between 25% and 29%. Last Tuesday's low gold prices had become almost 20% overextended relative to the 200-day MA on the downside. Add to this that the relation Physical Gold/Paper Gold is AT LEAST 1:100. Even better is that the Gold Coup created lots of GAPS on the candle charts of Gold/Silver shares, and...GAPS ARE ALWAYS FILLED! [Buy: Royal Gold, Silvercorp, Franco-Nevada, PAAS (Pan American Silver), EGO (Eldorado), Sandstorm, First Majestic Silver.]

On physical Silver: almost impossible to buy Silver coins below $ 30!


Owing gold and storing is not enough. How you own and store becomes of critical and possibly terminal importance. Investors with significant deposits in the system (banks and brokers) are in the dead center of harm's way. Retirement accounts are also in the cross hairs of central planners.

The entire thesis of protection has become increasingly more difficult. The entire theory of gold insurance now depends on how and where. The concept of the gold ETF is completely wrong.

On Copper and commodities: According to Alexandra Knight at National Australia Bank, best forecaster for industrial metals tracked by Bloomberg over the eight quarters, says these lows are not sustainable in the near term. Our PF and Candle charts give us a similar picture: strongly OVERSOLD.

QE in Japan, the US, the EU will ensure prices of Gold, Commodities and Stocks continues to go up (because the perceived value of fiat money continues to come down).

fredgraph with gold apr13

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Monday April 22, 2013 - Gold will be a roller coaster, but it will continue to go up as long as the banks don't advice to buy any !

The reason they blasted the gold market was to camouflage the fact that the fractional reserve gold system, which is very important to financing and to the government, failed.  The truth is that when we take out these futures markets on a failure, gold is going to $50,000.  Not $3,500...

"This has been to stop the revelation of what the central planners are so panicked about, and the fact that the US is going to get Cyprused.  They have now manufactured a situation right here at this point in time where it is almost impossible to save yourself."Jim Sinclair The point of no-return was passed long time ago and banksters and Central Banks are flying through a CB without instruments....

Cyprus is a blue print for the financial failures in Europa, Canada and the USA...no place to hide, except for Gold. In the USA the Cyprus debacle receive so little mainstream media coverage that many people don't even know what happened. [for those who missed it: there was a holdup and anything over € 100,000 was stolen by the IMF/ECB]

Part of the 1.4 quadrillion is infecting the gold and silver sector. DERIVATIVES: or 1.4 quadrillion derivatives is so much money that it actually is impossible to create such an amount of money without blowing up the financial system.

European car sales are (like American car sales) sharply down: -30% in Germany, -20% in Belgium,...These figures are the precursors of a DEPRESSION. Automobile sales have for ever been one of the most reliable indicators for the economy. When Sales are down, the economy enters of sits in a recession/depression. When sales are up the economy enters an boom.

Talking Heads clearly don't know what happened in Cyprus and  they still talk about "money in the bank"...

After Luxemburg and Liechtenstein, it is official that Switzerland will now be FORCED to end its Historic Bank Secrecy. Not at all a surprise for me, nor for the attentive Goldonomic reader as I have warned you several times. We have entered an new area where Bank Secrecy can still be pursued...in a different and more sophisticated way. Welcome to the 21st century.

The video clip is about Financial Fraud and Inside information. Explosive video about the 21st century Al Capone's. Clinton was actually the mean culprit since he was the very one who deactivated the Glass-Seagall act which separated the Deposit banks and the Speculating banks. The moral environment of Wall Street is pathological: these people are out to make billions of dollars and have no 9moral) responsibility against nobody. They are greedy and out of control. We have corrupt politics to the core and the corruption is every where...A wet dream for Al Capone who probably NEVER would have imagined these kind of situations would ever become reality. Dramatic for the investor seeking security as Financial Markets are permanently RAPED by these gangs.  As they hold the books (they know who's buying and selling and how much), it's no problem to trick the markets so it generates a maximum profit.

Too much legislation and too much taxation is killing European society. Governance Is Everything - not least economic governance which is lacking in Europe. Consequently, growth will remain slow and the old continent  poorer region relative to many other parts of the world.

Europe Faces a Crisis in Energy Costs:Britain has been unable to reach a deal for its first new nuclear power station since the 1990s. Spain and Germany, once clean-energy enthusiasts, have finally slashed their backing for wind and solar power. Belgium has problems with the Nuke power stations and over-regulation. In France the Government system ha become bigger than the private economy. Even the European Union's flagship Emissions Trading System for carbon dioxide, is beset by existential doubts...

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Friday April 19, 2013 - Sometimes repetition is more important than over-loading you with information !

I suspect that what has just occurred is a near collapse of the fractional gold system. The keys are the many years to re-deliver gold to Germany from New York and AMRO’s suspension of its gold program...and it was all visible in the dramatic decrease in the stocks of Gold and Silver of the LME, COMEX and CME...Get PHYSICAL NOW !....a $ 575 subscription can save you a LOT.

It is NOT because the price of Gold was manipulated down that I am wrong, on the contrary...details and scenario's will be explained in the updates for next week!

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Thursday April 18, 2013 -  If you decide NOT to move your savings out of political reach, you may NEVER have to wonder how to repatriate these...because you will never have to!

Updated sections:

Soon the manipulation of the Paper Gold Market will come back with a revenge: from now on the price of Gold and Silver will probably start to accelerate and Gold and Silver mines will bounce back a rato of 10% to 30% a day. Citizens in Bangkok are doing the right thing: they BUY.  Over in the USA and Europe traders buy Gold from panicking clients and pay a price with a PREMIUM over spot! (in normal conditions a seller to pay a premium under spot)...more

If Gold doesn't recover but continues to slide/crash it warns us that the Financial System is coming apart and we are about to move into global bankruptcy. As a result all the Fiat Money you have in Bank accounts, Treasuries, most bonds, (life) insurance co's, pension funds and bank manufactured products (TAK21, TAK23) ,etc..simply  will EVAPORATE overnight.

However, I am fairly sure Gold and the mines will recover and that we shall see much higher levels before the peope realize Central Banks and Authorities are bankrupt and nothing more than common thiefs...

Get your money out of the Euro zone before they come to you! What we see is power without limits and the sooner these criminals are swept away the better…Don't  believe the antidote is to buy Danish, Swedish or Norwegian Krona. There is NO ANTIDOTE in CURRENCIES, FIAT MONEY or BANK DEPOSITS!

Don't let you scare out of the Gold sector…continue to accumulate real money (see investment pyramid) and move it out of Political Reach. Do NOT believe the nonsense sold by the Media. This is PROPAGANDA meant to scare the hell out of you.

CME (CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE) Group Destabilizes Precious Metals Markets.

For those who don't know it, the CME Group is the operator of the U.S.'s paper-fraud markets for commodities. The role of this crime syndicate is an important one: to keep commodity markets generally depressed, in order to hide the extreme/excessive currency dilution resulting from the out-of-control money-printing of the Western central banks.

Prices would rise A LOT MORE if there were no interventions!...and PRICE is  what the Herd observes and understands. The meaning of VALUE has unfortunately been flushed away by the propaganda.

Most people subscribe to financial newsletters because they want to MAKE MORE MONEY...not because they are seeking more safety for their savings.

 If you decide NOT to move your savings out of political reach, you may well NEVER have to wonder how to repatriate it...because you will never have to!

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Wednesday April 17, 2013 - under construction - You need balls to bet against the Angel of Death or profit doesn't come for free!...

Updated sections: Crude Oil, Coal , Copper , Natural Gas, Agriculturals ,

As usual it's only the little people who get shaft. The Central banks is where the cancer starts FED, Bank of Japan, Bank of EnglandECB...all completely bankrupt holding mountains of junk bonds bought with counterfeit money. They should be tried like war criminals. This is a disgrace, banksters and central bankers have looted millions of people and NOT one has gone to jail. Bankers and central bankers are counter feiting money and not none has gone to jail...instead they are looting the savers to pay for their losses. Is there any morality left?

“It’s pure short selling in the paper market.” Make of that what you will.(A Maguire)

The State of Arizona has decided that Gold and Silver will be accepted as legal tender starting in 2014...

John Kemp at Reuters has calculated that based on a normal distribution, you would expect to see movements like Friday's and Monday's only once in every 500 million trading days, or two million years. The news which would justify such a price swing is curiously absent -- in fact, my view is that the market ought to be bullish for gold. Something doesn't add up.

Massive runs on the banks in Europe will be inevitable. Smart investors will have no choice but to flee to private assets (Gold, Silver) and out of the troubled Eurozone area. How is the average person to judge the credit of a bank when they are out of control, routinely engage in  manipulation and concealment as demonstrated by the LIBOR interest rate scandal? The ECB and the FED have been manipulating the government bonds. The whole derivatives bomb is completely opaque and a atomic financial bomb. There are also those derivatives that are Over The Counter products which have no balance of funding but represents a billion-risk for the whole banking sector.

Following video clip is all those who just for a second did panic, considered selling their physical gold and started to think we don't know what we're talking about . Ever heard of Gold leasing and fractional Gold banking...? Before you shoot the pianist, watch the clip!...and BUY MORE GOLD !  We have over the past years accumulated Tonnes of PAPER GOLD. Therefore a Gold run could end the game in a flash.

The dangerous phase of the crisis that we have now entered is that even mainstream economists who understand the debt-related nature of the problem...are still supporting, however unenthusiastically, the attempt of the central banks to inflate their way out of the problem, even though some of them know it isn't going to work.

Why? Because they are desperate. They know that the alternative is either default and a short but savage depression that will absolutely ruin most of the world's wealthy and powerful or the collapse of the global financial system and quite likely a fair amount of the various political structures as well. So, they are hoping against hope that the central banks will be successful in inflating their way out, but if one looks at the debt statistics, it is perfectly clear that the strategy is failing because debt/GDP is still growing. While we don't know when the financial engine, increasingly clogged with debt, is going to seize up, we can be certain that sooner or later it will.(Vox Day)

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Tuesday April 16, 2013 - The winner takes it all - If you can't stand the heat, go out fishing...if you can BUY, BUY, BUY,...

winnertakesitall1The winner takes it all and the choice is simple: it is not about he who GAINS most at a certain time but about he who loses the least in the end.

If the equity and bond markets collapse (financial system implodes..bank deposits are lost) and a deflationary crisis submerges the world and most equity and debt papers lose most if not all of their value and the only asset left standing, as it has been for centuries, will be GOLD because gold cannot go bankrupt. Gold is the only instrument to measure wealth and has no counter party. Shares will suffer temporarily but always survive. In only 6 months after the Big Crash of the 30's they recovered most of their losses.

Your choice: worthless Fiat Paper Money, worthless digital Bank Deposits or REAL MONEY....

A further decline of the price of Gold will indicate we have a pending collapse of the financial system. Such a collapse would destroy all Bank Deposits and Treasuries and those holding on to these will loose it overnight.

Having said this, what puzzles me is that at a time when Gold is weak (do we have a 2008 style deleveraging?) and Europe is a mess (Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain AND France), the US-Dollar remains WEAK!?  NOT A GOOD SIGN AT ALL !

Mainstream media incorrectly state that Central Banks (and Cyprus) are selling their Gold reserves. It is pure BS to pretend that this may affect the open market as larger quantities ALWAYS are traded OUTSIDE the market- for example from Central bank to Central bank. Those why pretend Cyprus is the culprit, don't know what they are talking about....

central bank purchases gold 2012

Gold is in an uptrend since the 1920's: and we haven't seen the apocalypse yet!

bear trap2013 long term gold value 1925now 
2013 bear trap  Gold price 1925 - today


I warned you for this Storm...and it ain't over yet!...

DELEVERAGING is a FORCED ACTION. Gold PF figures charts overview.. . If the price continues to come down and all trend lines are broken - something which is absolutely not sure - we may soon well find out that something really bad is happening. This accident will in turn set the coming parabolic rise of Gold. If not there will be two of a kind: those with Gold and those with NOTHING. Which side would  you like to be on?!

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Monday April 15, 2013 - The matrix, as being implemented today, will have to blow up, but whether that happens this year, next year, sometime....  - one cannot predict. Got Gold?

Do we have a bear trap !?...the updared sections give a straight forward answer and clearly show the action of last Friday...

Let's face the truth, Gold was bombarded by selling over 500 tonnes of Paper Gold on Friday afternoon while the physical supply is drying up....! and everybody was preparing for the weekend. Don't you for one second forget that "they" also have their analysts, that "they" also know $1550 and $1500 are important support levels with lots of stops which were activated as soon as price broke down. Or this is just another way to collect more physical gold! Remember Authorities and Banksters don't take prisoners...and Friday's push proofs it again.  Remember they have unlimited amounts of fiat Paper money to play with and when the King sells the COMEX and LME don't request any security deposits. This may well be the biggest Bear Trap ever!

What happens on the LME and COMEX (futures) is a pure PAPER GAME...not one oz. of the Gold traded last Friday will ever be delivered!....and if they loose money, they will simply print it.

Gold chocolate bars, gold coins, gold bars,...physical gold is selling like hot cakes...the Herd is about to stop believing the Authorities!

 If you have savings, you're game, you will be hunted down and served...what we see,is just the tip of the iceberg!

debticebergThe situation in Belgium is CRITICAL and it is now or never to make your home work and position your savings OUTSIDE of the BANKING SYSTEM!

We can clearly see amongst the gold banks and policymakers that there is almost a terror present in their determination to keep the system alive. What we see and experience is the TIP OF THE ICEBERG and honestly, my guts tell me that the reality it A LOT WORSE. Everything is not as sound as the central planners would like to have the public believe. Those who don't make their home work will probably loose all their savings, just like happened after WWII (operation Gutt) in Belgium. Currency controls are sure to come as the Red Authorities lose control over the exchange rates of currencies, inflation, and the price of gold.

Bank secrecy abolished in Luxemburg not later than 2015. Thanks to Jean Paul Junker, ....It comes amid a Europe-wide effort to crack down on tax evasion as governments across the continent try to balance their books. Jean-Claude Juncker, the country’s prime minister, told MPs that the time had come for a change.

“If the government changed its position on this issue, it is not under European pressure. Nevertheless, pressure did exist, as 25 of the 27 Member States are in favour of an automatic exchange of information,” he said.

Like Cyprus, banking secrecy helped Luxembourg establish itself as a key financial centre. The industry is about 22 times the size of the country’s economy. The changes come into effect from January 1, 2015 and will apply only to EU citizens.

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Friday April 12, 2013
- it took +500 tonnes of paper Gold to bring the price down today (a friday afternoon)!

comexgold stocks13

Updated sections: Oil shares (note the yields) , Uranium shares (note BWC) , Gold and Silver Majors and Juniors, $-Gold, Silver, €-Gold, Natural Gas, Crude Oil

Maybe we did not pay enough attention to the news we published a couple of days ago, but here you have it again: 30% of CNT Silver Inventories Withdrawn from COMEX Vaults in 2 Days!

Similar story and different figures for Gold. Over the last 90 days without any announcement, stocks of gold held at Comex warehouses plunged by the largest figure ever on record during a single quarter since eligible record keeping began in 2001 (roughly the beginning of the bull market). Nearly 2 million oz.’s of gold (roughly $3,000,000,000 dollars) are being  removed from the warehouses.

More valuable information for today inside the subscribers' sections of the side.

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Thursday April 11, 2013 - Yesterdays' raid on Gold conducted by the Mainstream Media (Cyprus) and Lafarge (IMF) failed completely !

"The time to buy gold stocks is when nobody wants to buy them... when even you don't want to buy them."

Our central banks and our central planners are literally out of control. "The entire world is on fire and most people don't don't even realize it.  The world is literally ablaze with the creation of money, and there will be hell to pay for what is taking place right now.  The monetary policy of Japan has now spread out from Japan to Europe and will eventually infect the entire globe. JSinclair

Is the action of the gold market an absolute confirmation that we have seen the lows of this reaction???. 

There is however one big seller. CYPRUS has to sell € 400 mln of gold reserves to finance part of its bailout (Troica orders) Or about 10 tons of gold. The deposit outflow was probably greater than the worst case scenario and thus Cyprus needed more cash?! As for the buyers: central banks buying at the lows. [Important is to understand that these trades are NOT handled by the COMEX nor the LME but directly between parties].

We have a 'Walking Dead' housing recovery.  With the mainstream media becoming increasingly worked up about the pending real-estate 'parabolic' surge and 'now is the time to buy', the reality of 'zombie foreclosures' and 'foreclosure stuffing' continues to grow. While most prefer to ignore inventory as an issue, knowing well that at some point these huge volumes of vacated but still 'owned' homes must come to market (once the foreclosure process picks up). The reality is that there is plenty of supply to come and with it the accompanying downward pressure on prices...

Spain has set the Template for the future.The Andalusian government has as of tomorrow the right to expropriate the banks and their REAL ESTATE properties.  For a  maximumperiod of up to three years the banks will not have the right to foreclose on homes and evict the residents if these meet certain conditions and are in danger of falling into social isolation.Moreover, from now on banks and landlords will be fined up to 9,000 euros per case if they do not rent out their property. Andalusia counts at least 1 million empty homes which can be rented out. The legislation will without any doubt dramatically push rental and property prices down ....

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Wednesday April 10, 2013 - ALL Eu-savers have become game and the patriotic-holdup-propaganda has started -

wolfgangWe have further confirmation of a bottom   xxxxxxxxxxxxx sector...

If you're not 100% ready, you're NOT ready at all and you're ZERO % safe!

Wolfgang Schauble, the most dangerous man of Europe...or the situation in the EU-zone is critical and those who do nothing will pay a high price for their immobility. Schauble worked out the financial plan for the unification of East and West Germany. He introduced the "solidarity surcharge". Today this tax has become an integral part of the tax declaration of every German citizen.The same man is now actively drawing the blue print for holdup on the savers of EU-zone...

What happened in Cyprus was not an ordinary accident. It was and is a life test of a template which will soon be used all over Europe. Remember we have fractional reserve  banking and DERIVATIVES and 95% of the BANKS in the EU-zone (incl. Switzerland and Luxemburg) are technically bankrupt.

Cyprus-style confiscation of depositor funds has been called the "new normal". Bail-in policies are appearing in multiple countries directing failing TBTF banks to convert the funds of "unsecured creditors" into capital; and those creditors, it turns out, include ordinary depositors. Even "secured" creditors, including state and local governments, may be at risk. Derivatives have "super-priority" status in bankruptcy, and Dodd Frank precludes further taxpayer bailouts. In a big derivatives bust, there may be no collateral left for the creditors who are next in line.

In Luxemburg and Switzerland there are positive and clear indications the bank secrecy and anonymity is being abolished and savers will run into problems with the tax man, the real danger however is that deposits will be looted like happened in Cyprus:a 60% tax cut of all deposits over euro 100,000 and capital controls on all deposits up to euro 100,000.[give or take a little]

As usual The Herd and those who 'refuse to make their home work and/or fail to understand how the financial system functions, those who refuse to listen to specialists will pay the highest toll. The Herd ALWAYS listens to the mainstream media and to Authorities and therefore they ALWAYS end up paying the bill.

property taxToday there are still LEGAL ways to protect yourself in the best possible way. Greedy people and/or people who prefer to play their own doctor will soon pay a  lot more than the cost of a subscription and a coaching fee to find out what is legally possible. Remember, we forecasted years ago what is happening today: first they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.

In A bank crisis is expected in Slovenia (Belgium sits actually in a worse situation) and in Spain business is currently done with  30 alternate currencies, the value of the Bitcoin has increased dramatically....

After the accounts of the EU-savers have been cleansed out, the next step will be to increase the taxation on all real assets which cannot be moved: REAL ESTATE. If you have more than a homestead, it is strongly advised to sell your secondary residence and rental properties NOW. [during the Weimar crisis, one month rent barely bought a loaf of bread).

The surest way to loose your savings is to keep these as bank deposits, saving accounts, bonds-treasuries, paper money under your mattress and stock certificates inside the EU-zone.

sprott video

 What next Dow Jones !?  The medium term target of 14750 I forecasted has almost been reached....

INDU candle1
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Tuesday April 9, 2013 - we're screwed ! - correction for common stocks and a bottom for Gold and Silver shares -

chaplinUpdated sections : Krona-Gold, Renminbi-Gold , Indian Rupee Gold , World stock market indexes (ongoing correction) , Gold and Silver Majors and Juniors (a definite bottom?) , 

No Paper Is Safe From A Bail-In! The risk of the Canadian government not honouring its insurance on deposits is as close to zeo as you can get," says Craig Alexander, chief economist at TDbank.

"The government proposes to implement a bail-in regime … designed to ensure that, in the unlikely event that a systemically important bank depletes its capital, the bank can be recapitalized and returned to viability," says Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's March 21 budget, on page 144.

The West is in fact destroying itself, committing financial, economic and social suicide. Japan has now clearly engaged in the monetization of its debt and the odds are that we shall actually see HYPERINFLATION in Japan before we have it in the USA. Having said that, there are some signs that the USA may be next (the Euro-zone is an austerity zone). Important to understand is, that when the USA enters a cycle of hyperinflation, the Dollar will become worthless...and such will negatively affect the balance sheet of Western Central banks...and could push the EU-zone into a Greek style deflation spiral.

China may soon allow its currency to trade directly with the Australian dollar, according to officials from the central bank and a top government think tank.

The official at the People's Bank of China, who did not want to be identified, said moves were afoot to allow direct trade settlement between Australia and China, rather than through the US dollar, lowering transaction costs. He said the possibility was under discussion at the Boao Forum, on Hainan, but refused to provide a time frame. The US invaded Iraq and Libya because Saddam and Khadaffi had decided to stop trading Oil for DOLLARS. Will they now also invade China and Australia?!

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Monday April 8, 2013 - Last Friday Gold showed it has balls...$ 1550 is a Rock Solid bottom !

Updated sections: $-Gold  , Silver , ¥-Gold & ¥/€/$, £-Gold & £/€/$ (critical) , Rand-Gold & R/$/€ ,

By restarting the money press The Bank of Japan has signed the Death verdict of Japan...

Plunging Yen makes Japan one of the words' strongest Stock market, that is after Teheran. Other stock markets are entering a CORRECTION. Mr. doom (Faber) warns of a crash potential...Mr. Doom doesn't understand the power of communicating financial vessels. Japan is the country where they declared me insane because in 1989 I forecated the crash of the Japanese stock market, Japanese Real Estate sector and Yen....

Bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria. The time of maximum pessimism is the best time to buy; and the time of maximum optimism is the best time to sell. John Templeton

Location, location, location: the next single most important factor of successful investing in the 21st century. Socialism dies when all the money of the others has been spend. Today as most has been looted and spend Authorities are exploring other areas. I doubt the hunt will be rewarding. After all, more and more people vote with their feet and after the tax payer has moved to another country, some greedy tax man stays behind with empty hands. Unbelievable the Western world makes exactly the same errors the USSR made until to 1989.The hunting season for the Middle-class savings has been opened. Time to liquidate anything Government can lay its hands on.

fiscal paradises in the worldRome was built on a swamp. Because of an advantageous tax system it became the first cosmopolitan city with over one millions inhabitants...unfortunately is was destroyed by Fiat Money and Taxation...

VOCSouth Africa is a special case. The country survived without too many problems the sanctions of the 1980's - 1990's. By doing this it showed the world SA actually can survive an economic depression of the West. South Africa (with the help of Chinese capital) rules a large part of Africa, has a surplus of minerals (gold, silver, uranium), fish, meat and agricultural products. Countries north of South-Africa are booming: Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania,...Communication is being improved (glass fiber internet),... The RAND suffered during this 18 to 20 month correction of Gold...but this could well change on short notice. The death of Mandela will change little to a system which was founded by the Huguenots in 1671. Huguenots emigrated to Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina,  Australia, South-Africa,...
The exodus of Huguenots from France/Europe created a brain drain, as many Huguenots had occupied important places in society. Europe did not fully recover for years.

  The gold price was $35 for years -- and suddenly there was no market at all...

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Friday April 5, 2013 -The Herd is stupid...so stupid...and lives in a bubble, in LALA-land!

Updated sections: $-Gold, Silver, Dollar, €-Gold & €/$ , Aussie-Gold (xxxxx) & Aussie/$/€ , Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$ (xxxx) , Can-Gold (xxxxxx) & Can$/$/€ , Derivatives , PPT (plunge protection team) , Gold Pool

Would you exchange your Gold for one of these notes? The emperor has no clothes and the real value of these NOTES is ZERO !...The point of NO return has been passed. There is NO WAY back. From now on it will be more money printing (QE) , more Taxation (legal theft), more inflation (invisible theft), more austerity, more recession, social unrest,...

ten dollar note ten euro note
nixon monopoly ten pound note

 If you don't ACT NOW...you will be too late!  Cyprus was a warning for the coming Tsunami ....(Following clip has close capitioning (CC) and subtitels (beta) are available in most languages.)


 For more charts and more information, click here.

Thursday April 4, 2013  - Gold will go up as long as we have negative interest rates...whatever Authorities and Banksters try

 Updated sections : Junior fundamentals (Banro)
The real problem lies in the framework that is created by politicians, preventing free markets to deal with excesses in the way capitalism always does. Cyprus is a very good example of this. The problem is not Cyprus. The problem is the Euro.

In Cyprus large depositors lost their money. Small depositors have not lost their money...but there are capital controls - or - "THEY CANNOT HAVE IT!" Bottom line is that Governments are BANKRUPT and INSOLVENT. Massive selling of the US Dollar will set the stage for Hyperinflation. Sure is you must be prepared to ACT FAST once the final act starts...

How long can they continue to rig the Game? What must happen before the Herd sees that : "the Emperor has no clothes!" ? How big will the collateral damage be? Never forget they have $1.4 QUADRILLION DERIVATIVES to play with...and this is exactly what they used today and yesterday during their last failing pushes.

The Savers and Workers are PUNISHED while the DEBTORS are rewarded: Banksters and Governments simply STEAL in broad daylight (Cyprus) but also in a hidden way: rigged LOW INTEREST rates, cooked inflation figures...This will end BADLY,....If you still feel uncomfortable when the Nominal price of Gold and Silver comes down, you ain't understanding nothing!

It doesn't matter if the price of Gold/Silver and the shares goes up or comes down. What does matter is that you are holding these assets and NOT Fiat Worthless money, worthless bank deposits, derivatives,...AND you are keeping these out of political reach...

ALL BANKS ARE TECHNICAL BANKRUPT. The situation is getting worse each day. Important is to maintain minimum balances. Banks are bankrupt because they run on Fractional Reserve Banking.  [one must make a difference between Commercial banks and Investment Banks]

ING is suffering from a major failure in its Internet Banking. It is unclear how many customers are affected but judging by the scale of responses on Twitter (#ING) it is widespread. Some customers are reporting overdrafts, and incorrect balances; and are reporting cards not working at supermarkets.

 For more charts and more information, click here.

Wednesday April 3, 2013 - Tout vas tres bien Madama la Marquise !? -

euro titanicUpdated sections: 

Recovery is around the corner!? The Bond markets are doing well, Commodities are doing well, faling banks are bailed out or bail in. Inflation is low, Interest rates are low, there are little or no major currency fluctuations, BNP is slightly positive or hovers around zero. Thanks to fracking, the Peak Oil problem has been kicked down the road...Even Stock markets are doing well: the SP500 and Dow Jones are at record levels....and Gold and Silver price is stable.

But unemployment is rising all over the world. Youth unemployment in Greece and Spain has reached cruel levels. Real inflation figures continue to go up (Shadow statistics) and Real spendable income continues to fall. Jim's vicious circle makes overtime...and DEBT continues to go up. Bankruptcy rate soars. When companies don't file for bankruptcy, they simply close their doors or move to parts of the world where labor cost is affordable, and taxation and regualation decent. Savings which are required to form the capital requested to build the future and progress is destroyed by the irresponsible acts of authorities.

Youth Unemployment

It doesn't matter if the price of Gold/Silver and the shares goes up or comes down. What does matter is that you are holding these assets and NOT Fiat Worthless money, worthless bank deposits, derivatives,...AND you are holding these out of political reach.

The slow motion run on the European banks will accelerate (huge amounts are leaving Greece, Spain, Italy,...France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and even Switzerland and Luxemburg). As soon as the situation becomes critical (like we had in Cyprus), currency controls will be put in place by the ECB (and we shall have a financial and convertible Euro). The wealthy depositors didn't get to be wealthy by being stupid.They won't all withdraw their money immediately, but a good portion of this money will leave the banking system in what can be described as a "slow motion bank run".

 For more charts and more information, click here.

Tuesday April 2, 2013 -  Cyprus is immoral & legal theft of the weakest! Madoff was put behind bars for a smaller crime!

empty nestUpdated sections: Gold and Silver juniors (confirmation of the bottom) , Recession proof shares (China Telecom was replaced by Monsanto) ,

No more Eastern Eggs: From now on customers of an European bank can wake up to find that part of their savings has disappeared overnight -
We warned you and it may not be too late to act it you DO IT NOW!
Subscribers are kindly invited to send us an email if they need assistance*.

The 17 member states of the Eurogroup took the unthinkable step. And they will do it again: all citizens of the European Union must realise they are the target of a financial policy determined to rob them of the fruits of their labours on the pretext of balancing the books. Local puppets in Rome, Athens and Nicosia appear resigned to carrying out orders from Brussels, Frankfurt or Berlin with the reward of public rejection (Serge Halimi).

SECURITY is way more important than chasing PROFITS: today more than ever, you must keep savings with Banks which don't engage in Fractional Reserve Banking. You must keep your Savings in STOCKS and PHYSICAL Gold. NOT in Saving accounts, bank deposits, Treasuries/Bonds, Life insurances, Pension Funds, Structured products (incl. Tak. 21, Tak. 23), other bank manufactured products....Send us an email if you have doubts about the safety of certain investment instruments you are invested in*.

According to a study Belgium is #3 on the Top Eleven for a Deposit Haircut. Slovenia comes next and Germany comes before France, Italy and Ireland.


While the mainstream media focussed on Cyprus, The ItalianBanca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, founded in1472 and oldestbank in the world, hasadmitted thatcustomers withdrew billions...reason behind the action are DERIVATIVES (again) and Super Mario (not and ex-KGB but an Goldman Sachs crook).

What is happening in Cyprus - and no doubt it will happen in other countries - is a Direct Consequense of Franctional Reserve Banking. Bank deposits, saving accounts and Bonds/Treasuries are affected. Money is created out of thin air by an interaction of the Banks and the Government which issues Treasuries in return for the Euro's.

Also see the difference between a DEPOSIT contract and a LOAN contract: In case of a Deposit contract, as funds are deposited within the banking system the depositor entrusts the bank to guard the funds and to return these to the depositor at any moment he should ask for it. The fundamental purpose of this contract is...click here for more

april foolsday

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