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When Gold leaves through the back door, WAR comes in thought the front door!

Thursday February 28, 2013 - Gold ROARS On Extremely Aggressive Buying - so much for those preaching the end of Gold !

Too many people still fail to understand what Money is and fail to EDUCATE themselves...this includes Financial analysts and Journalists and those who still don't know the correct definition of Inflation....and be advised the MAJORITY of the people don't know it and still believe in VOODOO! -It was Quantitative Easing which initiated the Arab Spring (Tunesia, Egypt, Libya,...)

Too many people still fail to understand that Authorities are extremely dangerous once the Treasury Chest are empty and that they will seek the money EVERY WHERE they can find it.  They are convinced it will "last their time" , that they will be able to outsmart the Authorities, that Fiat Money will remain a safe way to store purchasing power, that the money they have on their bank account REALLY exists...

Too many people don't understand that the Authorities had no choice but to bail out the Banks (too big to fail) because if Bankers disappear (go bankrupt), the ability for Government to Print, issue money disappears...

If you keep believing in CURRENCIES instead of understanding what REAL MONEY (Gold) is, you will loose it all....

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Tuesday & Wednesday February 26 - 27, 2013 - it yields to stop working for one day each month and use the time to adjust your savings -

small reactorUranium has a strong history of being a commodity controlled by the government. The United States did it during the Cold War and sparked one of the greatest bull runs in the history of uranium. With France's supply in danger, the country may also be forced to take radical steps to ensure its supply is not interfered with. This - accompanied with Russia and China already hoarding as much supply as they can - feels like we are in the beginning stages of full-out firefight.

Deal Advances Development of a Smaller Nuclear Reactor - WASHINGTON — The Tennessee Valley Authority will pay Babcock & Wilcox, a nuclear equipment company, to complete extensive design work and apply for permission to build a new kind of nuclear plant, a “small modular reactor,” at a site in Oak Ridge, Tenn., the T.V.A. and the company announced on Wednesday...more

France is also in Mali to prevent rebel activity from spreading to neighboring Niger, where French company Areva has two uranium projects and almost ten million pounds of uranium production. The Rebels France is fighting were actually trained by the French and US special forces to overthrow Khadaffi (the Libyan Regime). Now that their work is done, they have moved to other parts of Africa.

The Gold and Silver sector and the US-Dollar continue to recover...and stock markets continue to react as expected.

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Monday February 25, 201 - what is Quantitative Easing?

As bad as the global economy is right now, it is unfortunately going to get far worse. Many central banks around the world are now racing to devalue their currencies through the implementation of debt monetization programs and low interest rates. Despite statements coming out of the G20 saying otherwise, many insiders and former insiders are fully admitting that there is an on-going global currency war and that this war is accelerating. The Bank of Japan's recent announcement of a massive bond purchase program is the latest episode in an already sorry state of affairs (L.R.)

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Friday February 22, 2013 - Did you hear the bottom ? -

"People who are saying there is no reason to buy gold now, never understood the reason people were buying it in the first place. People weren't buying gold because they were worried about a crisis in the Eurozone or weak US stocks. People were buying gold because central banks were printing too much money. It's inflation that drives the gold train, not political uncertainty."

More charts...

Gold weekly congestions Gold MA
Gold cycles & Targets Gold & Moving Averages
VIX and Gold feb13 Gold and interest feb13
Gold and VIX Gold & interest rates

All Wars are generated by Bankers...and this includes the war in Libya, Iraq,....the assasination of two american presidents (Kennedy) and such is possible because Intelligent Psychopaths (Politicians) can be corrupted. State issued money isn't a solution either. They tried this in Europe, the USSR,...with the same desastrous results! The video also tells us the other side of the Templars' story and why they were executedPoliticians and Bankers are made of the same kind of bad wood and none should be allowed to control money.

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Thursday February 21, 2013 - Don't jump out of the pan - last time Gold was so weak, we had the Lehman Bros Drama...it something similar brewing?

 Updated sections: $-Gold, €-Gold , Silver - Check the GOLD POOL - Don't jump out of the pan

What we have for Gold is a small correction ranging from 10% to 15%.  As a matter of fact, uptrends of Gold expressed in some major currencies show a normal trend. We would need an extremely strong EURO or a very weak US-DOLLAR to see the worst case scenario target for €-Gold. [click on the thumbnails to enlarge]

Gold p3 eGold pf3 CHFGold pf3
$-Gold €-Gold Swiss-Gold
ZARGold pf3 canGold pf3 YenGold pf3
 ZAR-Gold Can$-Gold Yen-Gold

Et voila..those who made mistakes got the goodies and those who did the right thing are being punished... a Masquerade orchestrated by the Authorities, an immoral transfer of Wealth...something is gonna blow up here.  Pay special attention to the questions of the Dumb Blonde...Some one is printing money to buy Treasuries....

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Wednesday february 21, 2013 - This is the age af Aquarius: the world has subsisted on fantasies for years but the emperor has no clothes!

GDP northsouth europe

Updated section: Swedish Krona (important technical signal)

Mainstream Propaganda pretends we have No recession? You must be kidding? ... In my opinion we have a DEPRESSION!

In fact, about half a dozen big-name retailers seem likely to cut locations during 2013 in attempts to improve margins or reverse trends of loses blamed on online-retailers and large discount outlets.
Among these are names very familiar to the American consumer. Retailers such as Albertson's, Best Buy (BBY), Sears (SHLD), Office Depot (ODP), Barnes & Noble (BKS), RadioShack (RSH) and even Gamestop (GME) have seen declines in sales and seek to re-think their retail strategies in 2013.  KMart is expected to close 175 to 225 stores . Best Buy is expected to close anywhere between 200-250 of their 1,056 stores.  Sears will close 200 stores, J.C. Penny 350, Office Depot 150 , Barnes and Noble 240 , Game Stop 600, Office Max 175 , Radio shack 550 ,

In the US we still have 6.4 million fewer jobs than we had back in November 2007.  Even global cell phone sales actually declined in 2012. France is in very bad shape and unemployment is soaring and worse than in 1998. The Greek economy is imploding with 1 on 4 unemployed. In Spain 60% of the youth has no job.  In Italy Gross Domestic Product is contracting...

European car registrations had their worst January on record - an 8.7% year-over-year decline - as consumers hit by austerity are likely to continue to limit spending on big-ticket items. (during the Great Recession, European auto sales only fell 12 consecutive months) - now they are already falling during 16 consecutive months. Freight shipment volumes are rather obviously seasonal, but as Bloomberg Brief notes, the Cass Freight index shows shipment volumes have slumped for four consecutive months and are back to their worst levels in two years. Those who don't see and understand we have a Depression have a serious mental problem....

house pricesLast Tuesday the Spanish property giant Reyal Urbis announced bankruptcy. This is the second largest bankruptcy case in Spain. More than 3.6 billion euros of debt. The bursting housing bubble and the prevailing recession and the drastically falling real estate prices are the cause of the huge debts of the business. The company's stock has fallen by 99 percent since 2007 and is now worth about ten cents.

Quantitative easing also works through exchange rates... The Fed, the ECB, the BOJapan and the BoEngland could engage in much more aggressive quantitative easing, to further lower their currencies.

You want to get rid of your Gold...!? NO WAY JOSE! What will you exchange it for?  Worthless paper money, worthless bank deposits,  worthless and no interest yielding Treasuries, Bank manufactured investment products? Real Estate...??? Are you out of your mind and falling for the propaganda of the Authorities?  The Emperor has no clothes. Central banks massively buy gold (and probably play the market to acquire it at the lowest possible levels as certain weak hands are scared out of their positions...into worthless money.

"The catalyst for a spike into the $2,500 to $3,000 price range for gold will be an announcement by China, probably in late 2013 or 2014, that they have acquired 4,000 tonnes or more in their official reserve position. This will put China on an equal footing with the US in terms of a gold-to-GDP ratio, and validate gold as the real foundation of the international monetary system. Once that position is validated, gold will move to the $7,000 range in 2015 and beyond."

Evgeny Fedorov, a lawmaker for Putin's United Russia Party, said last week, "The more gold a country has, the more sovereignty it will have if there's a cataclysm with the dollar, the euro, the pound, or any other reserve currency."

Gold is the ultimate way to preserve your Buying Power..and Debt the ultimate way to destroy Fiat Money...Be HAPPY that Authorities are manipulating the price of Gold for they are buying time to prepare yourself!!!

Your biggest problem may well be that if you are not properly prepared, you may not be able to sell any gold which has not been acquired through official dealers, that export of Gold may be banned and that holding and selling Gold will probably be heavily taxed. Many EU-countries levy a 20% tax on Silver and today even Switzerland taxes the import of physical Gold and Silver.

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Tuesday February 20, 2013 - yesterday all north-american markets were closed: President's day in the USA and Family day in Canada

presidents day


Monday February 19, 2013 -  Central banks start to buy massively Gold as protection for the coming devaluation of the Euro and US-Dollar !

Updated sections: Bonds (99% manipulation but topping ?!) 

golden eggForget about your pension...you will NEVER receive it! At least not in real terms..inflation will take it all away and Hollande is just another example of how it will be done.

While leaving the issue of fixing the retirement age to talks between representatives of employees and employers, Hollande may propose separating pension increases from inflation, government officials said. He's venturing upon a pension overhaul -- which few of his predecessors have managed without drawing millions into the streets -- as his government says it's unlikely to meet this year's budget-deficit target.

Hollande is preparing "public opinion, rating agencies and markets for a drift in the deficit while at the same time conveying a sense that the country is taking steps to address its structural shortcomings," Gilles Moec, co-chief European economist at Deutsche Bank in London..more

There is only ONE SAFE PENSION and it is GOLD!

India's gold imports in January surged 23 percent from a year ago to their highest in 18 months as traders snapped up supplies ahead of a hike in duty, undermining the government's efforts to control a ballooning current account deficit. The world's top bullion buyer imported 100 tonnes of gold last month, the head of the Bombay Bullion Association said on Friday. This is about 40 percent more than the country's average monthly imports last year.

"The total imports figure for 2012 was around 860 tonnes, so 100 tonnes in a month is too high. Also oil is trading firm above $95 (per barrel), so this will impact the oil import bill and overall deficit targets," said Navneet Damani, associate vice president with Motilal Oswal Commodities...more

German and Spanish authorities finally decide to stop putting money in the stupid Green Energy Money pit. At last a victory for reason thanks to failing financials...and a success for Nuclear Power.

The correlation between the price of oil and other energy sources such as gas, coal, uranium and wood, is obvious. But the correlation between oil and agricultural commodities such as rice, wheat, soybeans, sugar cane, corn or cotton is often ignored. Yet agricultural materials have similar fluctuations to those of oil.

When was the last time that a Wall Street Banker or large Institution was put to trial? Why do the shares of Big Banks trade below book value..?

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Friday February 15, 2013 - They know how to paint the charts -

Updated sections: $-Gold (support of MAL) , Silver , € - Gold & €/$ , Aussie-Gold & Aussie/$/€, Can-Gold & Can$/$/€ , Yen-Gold & ¥/€/$ , Swiss-Gold & CHF/$/€ , 

If Central Banks are buying large quantities of Gold why would you for a second believe the bearish comment of the Mainstream media. The world central banks last year (2012) bought 534.6 tonnes of gold, the most since 1964, as global gold demand hit a record value level, the World Gold Council said Thursday in a quarterly report. Keeping up appearances is the least "they" can do during this G-20 meeting. Remember, tout va tres bien, Madame la Marquise...

Nothing has changed for Gold and Silver, nor the technicals, nor the fundamentals...As a matter of fact, the fundamentals are improving dramatically each day!

Goldman Sachs (a bank) advises to  SELL Heinz (hnz) and next starts to buy the stock from its clients ..Banks, investment Banks nothing but CROOKS, LOOTERS...Dangerous people. These kind of stories I heard 1001 times. Hard to believe there are still idiots on Planet Earth trusting their money to these criminals.

Note: We are updating and maintaining your side right now. Download speed has improved and other items upgraded.

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Wednesday & Thursday February 13-14, 2013 - only the FED, the boj and the ECB are buying treasuries !


Updated sections: Crude Oil (February is traditionally ............) , Natural Gas (technical pattern) , Coal, Agriculturals, Energy and Complex societies , Copper & Platinum (...........)

Stay out of the Yen, US-Dollar and Euro. The patients are death! It is only a matter of time before the World finds out, the house of Cards collapses, we shall see social riots and enter a Depression which will make the depressions of the 1930's look like a walk through the park. The danger (you see, nothing is happening....you're a pessimist...the world will be saved!) is that as long as "Tout va tres bien "Madame la Marquise" the herd is convinced there is not the slightest problem....until a FLASH CRASH destroys their fortunes. The Iron Curtain has been rebuilt in Western Europe by the very people who pretended they terminated the USSR and the Bolsheviks. The book by Boris Pasternak , Doctor Zhivago gives an excellent description of what happens once the people find out they have been lured into poverty by their leaders and is a excellent and scary description of socialism/communism in the USSR .

Pasternak is best known as the author of Doctor Zhivago, a novel which takes place between the Russian Revolution of 1905 and the Second World War. Due to its independent minded stance on the socialist state, Doctor Zhivago was refused publication in the USSR. Doctor Zhivago was smuggled to Milan and published in 1957. Pasternak was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature the following year, an event which both humiliated and enraged the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. After Pasternak's death, Olga Ivinskaya (his wife) was arrested for the second time, with her daughter. Both were accused of being Pasternak's link with Western publishers and of dealing in hard currency for Doctor Zhivago...more on wikipedia

The video clip below is in french but subtitels can be generated in other languages..


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Monday February  11, 2013 -  Venezuelan bolivar devalued by 46% - over 5 mio homes vacant in spain -


Updated sections: Oil shares, Oil services, Bank shares and financials, Uranium & shares

 Venezuelans lost 46% last Friday...in only 12 hours time, unless they have Gold: and, in case there is confusion, this is in process, and coming soon to every "developed world" banana republic near you. this is what they have to pay if they kept their savings in Bank Deposits, Saving Accounts, Bonds, Treasuries, domestic Real Estate. Officially the devaluation is less but the Government/Central Bank doesn't deliver foreign currencies at the official exchange rate. A mockery we shall soon see in Europe and the United States. Those who kept their savings in Gold are safe...those who kept their savings in stocks (especially foreign stocks) losr less. The Venezuelan stock market has been behaving inexactly the same way the stocks markets in Iran and Zimbabwe did: an exponential growth is is. Those who preach Stock Markets will crash have learned nothing, don't know what they are talking about....and are dangerous.

No rules but a fanatical political belief..and to hell what the people in Europe thinks. These are the most dangerous people we have seen in the last 70 years. Rather than to admit defeat these intelligent psychopaths will increase the war of words....

Over the coming months the situation in the EU will increasingly get worse and worse....taxation and regulation will increase as the Old Continent is bleeding to death....The odds are that it can take up to THREE generations and a DICTATOR before any improvement is seen. If the EU gets the wrong dictator or if the future generations don't change their state of mind, Europe is heading straight for 100 dark years. [note that in 10 to 15 years from now more Mohammed's will be born in Europe than Christians]

fredgraph moneysupplygoldprice

to be compared with the graph below....

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Friday february 8, 2013 -  weak dollar will also impact south-america and africa

Updated sections: Gold and Silver juniors (exchanged/added one stock) ,

goldmanifeb7Sometimes (when time has come) Gold rigging stops being possible. Bearish sentiment for the Gold sector is maximum, technical indicators are oversold like the never were, other technical indicators show a fistful of bullish signs...we could have a constellation where even God would not be able to stop a fresh bull  run. A failure is certainly visible on today's line chart....

During the last ten year’s dollar bear market, massive amount of hot money flowed into emerging economies, causing currency appreciation, asset bubbles.But when the dollar turns the direction, so does the liquidity. The virtuous cycle on the way up becomes a vicious one on the way down. Real Estate bubbles in Tanzania, Morocco, Uruguay, etc...could possibly burst once the Dollar trend reverses.

The foreign polity of the USA is based on  disequilibration of nations. Social unrest, revolutions and war is the marketing of the American Defense (War) industry whick already eats half of the US budget. The danger however is that as "what goes along, comes along" the USA may somewhere down the line also become a victim of nuke-case bombs, a biological attack,...Today there is little doubt the problems of Tunesia, Libya, Egypt, Syria are far from solved and is expanding (Lebanon, Mali, Israel). Don't forget Iran where - after imposing sanctions - they now want to force a country which has NEVER invaded any other country, nor is know for any act of War to "talk"!?

Banks and the Bond (Treasury) market and an accident waiting to happen! Big Banks = Big Bangs...The Fed knows that many big banks are technically insolvent. Their balance sheets are painted sound by the FASB allowing the valuation of junk paper as valuable assets. Interest rates are made to please and for survival and the Fed has a tool to prevent the rise of interest rates and will without any doubt use QE to infinity to prevent rising rates if required. The only victim of this tool is the US dollar, the Euro, the Yen, and in a trade war who cares?

There will no place for dissent in the USA nor Europe. Ideologic subvertion, change the perception of reality or this is how the great brainwashing process proceeds in the USA and Europe. Today the process of demoralization (25 years) is complete and irreversible. To change we need COMMON SENSE PEOPLE to take over. Somebody who is demoralized is unable to assimilate REALITY unless he is booted by a military boot. Next step is destabilitation (2-5 years). Next comes a crisis (6 weeks), next comes normalization (the propaganda-word used by the USSR Bresjnev when the soviet tanks moved into Czechoslovakia). The USA is the last country of freedom and if the USA becomes the USSA there will be no place to hide..unless you decide to live on the Antartic. There is no other place on this planet to defect to ! (Yuri Bezmenov - KGB defector)...

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Thursday February 7, 2013 - big banks = big bangs

schaakmatJAPANESE STOCKS MAY FINALLY BE BOTTOMING...(thanks to QE)  - Japan is the canary in the mine shaft for the western world!

Japanese stocks have been worst performers over the last decade. That may finally be changing. The weekly bars in Chart 9 show the Nikkie Index trading over 11000 for the first time since 2010 and nearing a test of its 2010 high. The tumbling yen is a big reason why. Tout va tres bien Mme la Marquise: stocks are up, the Yen down, interest rates stagnating just below 1% and all government debt financed by domestic savings. What NOBODY seems to notice is that the situation is deteriorating rapidly  and that if interest rates rise to 3% the COMPLETE JAPANESE budget (income) will have to be used to pay for the interest on Japanese debt. Worse is that Japan has no alternate but to buy its own Treasuries and that the lethal interest rate level is rapidly coming down to 1% !

1989 it all started in Japan when the Japanese Real Estate bubble, the stock market and the Yen crashed. Japan was the canary in the mine shaft for the rest of the world and probably still is. Any idea what will happen if JAPAN has to declare  bankruptcy!?

Gold imports into mainland China from Hong Kong surged 94 percent to an all-time high last year as rising incomes in the world’s second-largest economy underpinned increased demand and helped the metal to post a 12th annual gain. Mainland China imported 834,502 kilograms (834.5 metric tons), including scrap and coins, compared with about 431,215 kilograms in 2011, according to Bloomberg calculations based on data from Hong Kong’s Census and Statistics Department. Imports in December rose to a monthly record of 114,405 kilograms, according to data from the department yesterday...more

GOVERMENT is the main obstacle between progress and poverty. It is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back. This comes on top of tax, general production costs, raw-material availability and bureaucracy, which have led to a deterioration of the investment climate in Germany and Europe. Worlee-Chemie GmbH, a family-owned company that has produced resins in the city of Hamburg for almost a century, is trying to escape the spiraling cost of Germany's shift to renewable energy.

A 47 percent increase on Jan. 1 in the fees grid operators set to fund wind and solar investments is driving the maker of paint ingredients to Turkey, where next month it will start making a new type of hardening agent at a factory near Istanbul. The levy will cost Worlee € 465,000 ($620,000) this year, the equivalent of 10 full-time salaries, or one-third of the company's tax bill. As German labor costs rise at the fastest pace in a decade, the price of weaning the country off nuclear energy by 2022 is crushing the so-called Mittelstand (middle-class), the three million small and medium-sized businesses like Worlee that account for about half of gross domestic product.

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Wednesday February 6, 2013 - technical + fundamental analysis =  success !


Updated sections : World stock market indexes expressed in Gold (still bearish?) , Gold and Silver majors (3 days in a row and what now?) , Gold versus Gold shares & versus common shares (a bottom for Gold/silver shares?), Gold & Silver Juniors (more than a fistful of technical signals on the candle charts)

I had NO sex with Monica (B. Clinton). Why does it take so long for the Sheeple to see they are being ripped off, looted by the very ones elected by the Majority.. who pretend they are there for their own good, for their own security? See what happens in Italy, in Spain,...a never ending story since centuries. [Italians knew Berlusconi was a crook and yet, they reelected the man...!???]

There is No such thing as left or right, there is only UP or DOWN. R.Reagan

There is no such thing as left or right, there is only PROGRESS or POVERTY. Francis D. Schutte

Seven million will lose insurance under Obama health law. ( Eat this Socialist Main stream Media) - No doubt NO European Talking Head will mention the expected dramatic negative turn Obama care is taking! Add to this that a lot of people are simply loosing their job as entrepreneurs rather fire a full time employee and hire part timers because the cost is lower.

President Obama's health care law will push 7 million people out of their job-based insurance coverage — nearly twice the previous estimate, according to the latest estimates from the Congressional Budget Office released Tuesday. CBO said that this year's tax cuts have changed the incentives for businesses and made it less attractive to pay for insurance, meaning fewer will decide to do so. Instead, they'll choose to pay a penalty to the government, totaling $13 billion in higher fees over the next decade.

kirchnerIntelligent psychopaths we also have in Argentina. Why is this woman and her government doing something WE KNOW is NOT WORKING!? The previous one to who tried it was Mugabe in Zimbabwe..

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Argentina announced a two-month price freeze on supermarket products Monday in an effort to break spiraling inflation.

The price freeze applies to every product in all of the nation's largest supermarkets — a group including Walmart, Carrefour, Coto, Jumbo, Disco and other large chains. The companies' trade group, representing 70 percent of the Argentine market, reached the accord with Commerce Secretary Guillermo Moreno, the government's news agency Telam reported.

With all due respect to the gold stock bears, I don’t think they really understand the fundamentals of this crisis. Most of them are pure chartists, obsessed with a head & shoulders top shape that began forming on the HUI & GDX charts back in 2011. Head and shoulders patterns DO FAIL...and when they do, the swing tends to be dramatic...in the opposite direction.

We have intelligent Psychopaths in charge: they rig interest rates,...they rig Gold,...they will make it more and more difficult for people to buy gold and next they will peg the price of Gold at $5000 or higher

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Tuesday February 5, 2013 - Not all professors understand economics, farmers often have a better understanding  -

Updated sections: €-Gold and $/€ , US-Dollar , Silver (ready to jump..or to crash?), Investment Pyramid , $- Gold , Aussie - Gold , Swiss-Gold (ready for a new Bull run?), Yen-Gold (how do Japanese Gold investors really feel?) , Swedish Krona-Gold , Renminbi - Gold , Rupee Gold , World stock markets (overbought or oversold and which direction now Mister Dow?)

homegolddec12The Housing Market "Recovery" Is A Complete Myth. But since the mid-2000's, when the nature of the housing bubble was as obvious as was the internet/tech stock bubble that preceded it, the housing market has been a source of irritation because the general public was in denial and painting me as an idiot. When you analyze the critical variables underlying the housing market, it leaves no doubt that the market is still fundamentally damaged and overvalued, with a very high probability that market has another serious decline ahead of it. Today and expressed in Gold, the Real Estate market looks rather scary...so do all those who in 2006 and 2010 were thinking I was fliving on planet Mars.

I do understand that it often is difficult to UNDERSTAND  the mechanisms of the financial markets. Smoke curtains, window dressing and so said Professors who don't even understand the definition of Inflation make it very complicated. Add to this the lies of the Politicians (who often don't understand themselves how it all works - as long as they can profit from it).  IMPORTANT is to be aware that  there is a clear disconnect between the ECONOMY and the FINANCIAL MARKETS (stock markets, currencies, gold,..).

In the USA during the 1930's we had money which was guaranteed by GOLD (the gold window was closed  in 1971). Hence the monetary system followed a scenario which was dictated by Gold. Less Gold meant less money and lower prices.   In Germany however, the German Mark was NOT covered by Gold. It was a pure Fiat Paper Money (like we have now all over the Western world) system. Hence the scenario which unfolded in Germany was a scenario of HYPERINFLATION. More money meant monetary inflation and price inflation..Today we have a Fiat Paper Money system based on (leveraged) debt.  Because of the leverage one can expect to see an even higher Hyperinflation. [many American analysts don't seem to be aware of this important difference and incorrectly try to compare today's situation with the situation the USA was in during the 1930's]

Central Banks (ECB, BOJ), BOE) and the FED are taking over from the National Banks because the Banks and the National Banks are bankrupt...But the reality is that the Central banks are also bankrupt and that the quantity  of money needs to be  increased exponentially just to keep the system alive: this leads to Hyperinflation and not to Deflation like some people pretend.

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Monday February 4 , 2013  - Tout va tres bien, Madame la Marquise and a wall of worry...

Updated sections: Can-Gold & Loonie/$/€ , US-Dollar (bearish it is) , Aussie-Gold & Aussie/$/€

fredgraph with goldfeb13

governmentDon't think the Americans are better off than Europeans...or WHY you MUST keep your savings OUT OF POLITICAL REACH.  American authorities happen to use the same tricks Western-European Authorities use so they can legally steal the money where they can (still) find it. : Retirement Savings Accounts Draw U.S. Consumer Bureau Attention. The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is weighing whether it should take on a role in helping Americans manage the $19.4 trillion they have put into retirement savings, a move that would be the agency’s first foray into consumer investments.“That’s one of the things we've been exploring and are interested in in terms of whether and what authority we have,” bureau director Richard Cordray said in an interview. He didn't provide additional details...more

 Hyperinflations are always caused by public deficits which are largely financed by money creation. This is the very reason why so far we did not see a Hyperinflation in Japan until now. In Japan – so far – the deficit was financed by domestic savings. Whereas the budget deficit remains, the government tries to maintain the parity (fixed exchange rate) between Real Money (gold) and new money by trying to enforce its use (gold pool market manipulation)....but history teaches that in the end such action ALWAYS fails.

SPX candle3The markets are somewhat overextended.  The markets have been going up since 2009, for almost 4 years now.  We need to have a correction, that’s a healthy thing for the market.   That kind of environment where the price level goes up 100% to 200% a day, and where you don’t want to hold any kind of cash, we’re not in that kind of environment at the moment.  Having said this, I remain EXTREMELY BULLISH for the selected Stock MARKETS.  See subscriber sections for IMPORTANT details!

zimbabwe welcomeImportant are the historic tops, whether we're gonna break through these and test the breakout level in a positive way or not. This only applies to the selected stock markets (see investment pyramid) and it is my conviction that one must not invest in the RED-West-European-Stock Markets for the time being. [click on the chart to enlarge - the red arrows are the previous historic tops]

Because of COMMUNICATING FINANCIAL VESSELS, the money has to flow somewhere and by elimination, there are not many safe places where it can flee to!  The general level of interest rates being LOWER than in 1945, the Bond market and Bank deposits have become a NO-GO...except for those who are committing Financial suicide.

Historic long term i rates 2

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Friday February 1, 2013 - shares are real assets and bonds, bank deposits worthless fiat money

When you (the USA) act like Europe, you get growth rates like Europe!

No Recession!? : BEST BUY closes 15 shops, Arcelor Mittal keeps closing plants in Europe and at this time VOLVO is planning to close down all or part of its assembly line in Belgium...this is a DEPRESSION !

85 $ billion in quantitative easing (QE) per month but  GDP growth in Q1 will be insufficient to check the US Government's surging debt levels. (the effect of each additional injected Dollar is less and less....in the end, it is even NEGATIVE).

us debtFederal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke’s latest round of bond buying will reach $1.14 trillion before he ends the program in the first quarter of 2014, according to median estimates in a Bloomberg survey of economists. Bernanke will push on with purchases of $40 billion a month of mortgage bonds and $45 billion a month of Treasuries, according to the survey of 44 economists, even as some Fed officials warn his unprecedented balance-sheet expansion will impair efforts to tighten policy when necessary.

Inflation is the tax they gonna levy! The Herd doesn't (want to) understand, doesn't see that Government is the REAL SOURCE of Inflation. 

Interest rates will, in the end go up. Eventually when interest rates go up, this will blow up the financial system...even the too big to fail.

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