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Wednesday February 29, 2012

Those who believe in Fiat Money and Government like they believe in God are in for a nasty surprise.

super mario2After Super-Mario I  we have Super-Mario II ....and he just bought the EU a new life. Super-Mario creating another Euro  500 to 1000 billion (LRTO or long term financing operations) out of thin air.  Silver and gold prices rose dramatically today on the news that the European Central Bank will provide low interest three-year loans worth up to 1000 billion euros to banks and companies in need of investment funds. The Italian and Spanish banks used the funds created in the previous round [1st batch of Euro 500 billion] to massively buy Italian and Spanish debt and by doing so were bringing down interest rates in those countries. A welcome action both for Italy and Spain. The idea is that this will buy more time and that as the so said recovery "lies just around the corner" the extra time will allow those countries to restore their financial situation.  Clear Super-Mario & Co. don't understand we have a paradigm shift and the point of no return has been passed.....from here it will only get worse until the financial system blows up. [it is utmost important  to keep the interest rates as low as possible in order to avoid bankruptcy of Governments]. These funds will according to our principle of communicating financial vessels flow into certain parts of the economy and financial markets....FOLLOW THE MONEY!

The more fiat money is created the less impact it has on the system, that  remains in the system and that it will be this Fiat money which will create the Hyperinflation once VELOCITY picks up.

Getting Bankrolled: beware for unregulated and uncontrolled bank manufactured investment vehicles...even Options. They are there to take away your money. Never invest in Common Funds, Hedge funds and similar if you don't know that they are invested in.

As the depression sets in this has important consequences for China and countries whose economy is heavely depending on China. We found out which countries...

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Tuesday February 28, 2012 - MOVE...do something...don't be a sitting duck and risk to be shot !!!!

Updated sections: Treasury Bonds in the EU, Corporate Bonds, Bond Fundamentals I & Bond Fundamentals II, LT Commodity charts, Gold and Silver Majors

News Anchor shocked as gas price jumps 10 cents during live report. This proofs how ridiculously stupid the News Anchors are...and how dangerous misleading it is to watch television. It also proof that the majority of Americans (which are still buying gas-guzzler's) don't realize that a 0,01% increase in demand can result in a $400 price hike. Years ago I predicted PEAK OIL and what is happening right now...you had to be blind not to see it....Why did people REFUSE to act accordingly while calling me a pessimist for what today is becoming reality?

The HUI index (Gold bug index) is completing a secondary consolidation right on top of the 27 year resistance line which has now become support. Once the index breaks through the 600 resistance, the objective of the congestion/accumulation which is in the make right now is 1100 (or an increase of more than 100%). This is how Gold stocks normally behave. Today's math becomes tomorrows magic...but only after the weak holders and those who stopped BELIEVING have been kicked out of the market. Many refuse to invest in SHARES because too risky and prefer to live in the dangerous denial of Bonds and Bank instruments which most of the time are directly connected to bonds...see section r Gold and Silver majors for the candle charts

Dangerous to BELIEVE. Those holding on to Bank stocks because they used to be the investment vehicle by excellence of the conservative investor so lost a fortune. Those in the USA and Spain, Ireland and Greece holding on to Bricks and Mortar but also to land because they BELIEVED such was safe lost a fortune. Many are so unlucky that they are at present paying off AIR to their Banker. This is no time to BELIEVE but rather one to understand and to reorganize your saving accordingly. Those who prefer to live in denial will simply loose their savings and Fortune...

How come there are so many idiots wandering on Planet Earth!? What is wrong with all those who bought Real Estate at the top of the market and are now paying off AIR!? What is wrong with all those holding on to Real Estate in those countries where the crash has  yet to begin and refuse to liquidate their holdings? What is wrong with those holding on the Bank and Financial shares and even to those which are buying these worthless stocks today?   Why do people refuse to listen to professionals and spent only years ago $ 250,000 for a 800 sq.fr dwelling in Southern Spain? Why did 2007 people buy property in Florida for $ 500,000 when they could have bought it for $ 170,000 today? Why do so many people REFUSE to care about what they have worked and saved for during a life time? Why do they continue to listen to Bankers and Brokers which most of the time offer extremely poor research and live off transactions and manufactured products (money market funds,....)?

People get the politicians they deserve and people seem to get the financial advisers they deserve....many will read this line and won't understand the meaning.....the HERD makes the market and it is the HERD who pays the Piper....make it BELIEVE anything and it will buy it....really frustrating!

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Monday February 27, 2012 -

Updated sections: US-Dollar, €-Gold and Euro, Natural Gas, Coal, Crude Oil, Agricultural Index, Copper, Platinum, Bonds, Derivatives

canofdebtThe municipal bonds crashed...(see Bond section). A canary in the mine shaft of US-Bonds of what is yet to come. Bonds are nothing more than an option to buy Worthless Fiat Money and buying power must be transferred into REAL ASSETS (which are not HOCG like Real Estate*): stocks, gold, silver....Many secured/insured Common Funds (inflation protected bonds/funds, TAK,...) are equally VERY DANGEROUS. Same remark for life-insurance, re-insurance, insurance and pension funds. Because based on Government Bonds these are in fact WORTHLESS.

When does notional value become real value? That is, under what circumstance would a credit default swap require financing to 100% of its insurance undertaking? The answer is in default.

The brick wall is Hyperinflation: Authorities are doing all they can to keep this “may believe” recovery alive. However the odds are that all of the cans are to hit a brick wall by the end of the year. That is just AFTER the American elections.

Remember at all times that in the present financial system MONEY is DEBT and DEBT is MONEY.  The impact on the economy of EACH additional created unit of money is decreasing in an exponential way and past a certain point becomes NEGATIVE.

Quantitative Easing to Infinity: MEXICO CITY -- The world's leading economies worked on Sunday to line up a deal in April on a second global rescue package worth nearly $2 trillion to stop the euro-zone sovereign debt crisis from spreading and putting at risk the tentative recovery. Germany said it would make a decision some time in March on strengthening Europe's bailout fund, a move other Group of 20 countries say is essential to clear the way for throwing extra funds into the International Monetary Fund. The two actions are part of the G20's efforts to build up massive international resources by the end of April -- when the group next meets -- and convince financial markets they can stem the euro-zone's deep problems...more

Gold will be the last man standing in terms of asset categories when the piper must be paid, more than likely in June of 2015. In Europe it could be game over in June of 2014.

Little doubt that Barak Obama will be re-elected. The Republicans hardly can be called an opposition: Romney is an apparent liar, Gingrich has a bad track record and Sanctorum likes to pray in public.  Republicans don't seem to understant that at a time where Politiics and Economy should be separated, Religion certainly must. The only art theses guys are good at, is mud throwing. Ron Paul has been discredited by the Media months ago and sits on the side lines while watch the disgraceful spectacle.

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friday february 24, 2012

barak obamaThose telling we can drill ourselves out of this hole either are ignorant or are not telling the truth... President Barak Obama during his visit in Florida. He knows he is unable to bring "the change". At last somebody being honest.

Technical breakout all over. Positive Breakout for Silver. This is absolutely in the line of my expectations. Hopefully we’ll see a test of the breakout level so we can add to our positions.

Peak Oil we have. Gas soars to $ 6 per gallon in Los Angeles and to $ 9.50 per gallon in Europe. Americans who did not believe did would happen, now sometimes pay over $100 to top up an empty gas tank.

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thursday february 23, 2012 - if you don't get sick by watching this video clip, you have a  mental problem!

Keep listening to the Bankers and Authorities, keep your savings within reach of these gangsters, keep investing like they are telling you, keep believing in Fiat Money, Bank Accounts and Treasury bonds....and will end up loosing ALL of your savings. The same guys pretend Gold is worthless and are in denial of 6000 years of financial History.

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Wednesday February 22, 2012 - Dow Jones breaks through the 13,000 level !

zimbabwe welcomeTwo sections which were hard to find are the Weimar hyperinflationary depression and Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe is a good example for what is happening today to the Dow Jones Industrial index.

Welcome to Zimbabwe: during the fall of 2011 Subscribers were advised I was wildly bullish on the American Stock markets. Today the Dow has breached the 13,000 level (2008 top). Selected stocks in the Recession Proof section have performed extremely well. See subscriber section for more...

The success of the Dow Jones is partly due to the fact that Capital is increasingly fleeing the sinking EU-Titanic. I am convinced that contrary to what several sources try to sell Greece won’t be allowed to go bankrupt and will leave the Euro-zone and this will request exponential amounts of fiat Money which will keep seeping into the Stock Markets. Candidly it should be understood that it is not the value of the stocks which is going up but rather the value of the Fiat Money (read our Zimbabwe section) which is coming down.

Certain US shares are highly undervalued and a safe heaven for European capital. Important is to understand in how far the bull run for the North-American stock markets will affect Gold, Silver and the Gold and Silver shares. This must be seen in conjunction with the Derivatives and Manipulation by Central Banks.

Legal theft is fashion and on the rise: on top of the creation of Fiat Money, European politicians will increasingly use Taxation to make up for the deficits…Don’t expect the Authorities to have mercy with your savings. On the contrary, they will take away as much as is socially possible! I expect Europe to come into big trouble not later than 2014. No doubt Europe is a DEAD MAN walking. The day is close where capital exports will be controlled and the trap will be closed.

There is little doubt in my mind that both Canada and (South)Africa will become the RICH countries of the future. Both countries have a lot of Commodities, Agriculturals and Canada has plenty of Energy. South-Africa has liquefied coal and access to the Angola Oil fields. The Canadian banking system has suffered a lot less than most other banking systems (see PF chart of the Imperial Bank of Commerce in the Bank section) and the 5 majors Canadian banks are very powerful. (see South African Rand and Canadian dollar sections).

The Greek can has once more been kicked down the EU boulevard and I expect it will at some time in the future be kicked again and again...until the EU and the Euro collapses. It has become a waste of time to discuss this matter again and again like it has become a waste of time to list the American banks which are closing down each week....

The GLD (gold ETF) strip in the subscriber section is an impressive forecaster for the price of Gold...don't forget to check it!

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Tuesday February 21, 2012 - Monday was president's day and markets in the usA  are closed -

goldeneggsnestSummer 1938: " I must get out of Germany before it is too late!" (German Jewish citizen). Germans who decided to leave had to leave all their belongings behind. It was a country to get out off, even if you had to do it naked!

There is increasing sable rattling between Iran, Israel and the USA...same kind of rattling as some years ago with Iraq: the Al Quaeda melody is playing again...

This is the time to put your savings in a few baskets only, watch them closely and keep the basket out of political reach.

At a time where the Propaganda Media are admitting we are entering a Recession, I confirm we already are in a DEPRESSION. I really cannot understand those who still refuse to admit we have a paradigm shift; that the Authorities will over the next years confiscate either by taxation of by inflation the bulk of your savings and that you will be left behind naked. Those chasing some quick profits, those investing in order to make more fiat money are in for an extremely painful surprise. The irony is most of the people don't UNDERSTAND what is happening and they still keep BELIEVING in a bankrupt financial system. We at Goldonomic know better...

oil barrellsRemember the multiple Bullish Head and Shoulders formation for CRUDE OIL and the $ 100 neckline!?. Remember the propaganda of the Saudi's stating they would NOT let the price of Oil break through the $ 100 level !? The price of Crude Oil (Brent is even more expensive/$122) soared to $ 105 after cutting through the $100 with no problems whatsoever. Contrary to earlier statements Saudi's are reducing the output and Iran has stopped delivering Crude oil to French and UK companies.

Exporting crude to British and French companies has been stopped ... "we will sell our oil to new customers," spokesman Alireza Nikzad was quoted as saying by the Ministry of Petroleum website...more

The world’s top oil exporter, Saudi Arabia, appears to have cut both its oil production and export in December, according to the latest update by the Joint Organizations Data Initiative (JODI), an official source of oil production, consumption and export data. The OPEC heavyweight saw production decline by 237,000 barrels per day (bpd) from three-decade highs of 10.047 million bpd in November, the JODI data showed on Sunday...more


At last politicians in France and the USA are telling the truth about each other: liars....

sarkozy liar

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friday february 17, 2012 -

Today is going to be a HUGE intraday bullish reversal for a lot of the shares we advise in our shopping baskets!  This is the 3rd and final warning....don't miss it!!!!


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thursday february 16, 2012 -

If Greece doesn't get the Drachma back we are to see something very horrible, a civil war! Note the fancy way the other European representatives are chatting during this important statement and how they dont's give a f..ck! Did you elect these?

The end of the bankers’ monetary fraud is near and its demise closer than most want to believe. At $1700 gold is cheap; at $3,000 gold is cheap; at $5,000 gold is cheap; at $7,000 gold is cheap. Wait till the central bank sale ends and you will realize how cheap gold actually is. As the bankers’ ponzi-scheme of credit and debt disassembles, central bankers will find it more difficult to contain the price of gold; and when gold does break out—as it will—the price of gold will exceed the $10,000 price it would now command if it were not for central bank intervention. All fools who trusted the Governments (like Greece) and bought Government debt and keep their savings with the Banks (which best case scenario use these to also buy worthless  Government debt) will end up getting what they deserve and will loose it all. Over the last year Greeks have withdrawn an amount equalling 17% of the GNP from the Greek banking system!

Not the 1st time we caution you that the Banksters have no mercy with your savings. Those amongst your which lost because they invested in derivatives and/or let the Bank manage their savings experienced it the hard way. Click here to read two extremely interesting articles posted by our French Site Manager....click here for Goldonomic.fr

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wednesday february 15, 2012

warvietnamThe fact that the euro hasn’t after all broken and confirmed the MAL/MDL is a HUGE RED WARNING light for the Dollar.

First comes the Economic war, next a bloody one.  We have an economic war between the USA and Russia-Iran, an economic war there also is between the USA and Europe: Moody down grades European countries at a time many American municipalities are in a worse shape … This time it applies to the UK, Austria and France. There is little doubt this kind of action takes the attention away from the Fiat Paper Dollar and the domestic American problems. [expect a vertical (Middle-East) and a horizontal war (civil war, revolutions) to rage at the same time]

Any government intervention prolongs a free market correction and makes the final Catharsis worse. After bailing out large Banks, governments now also run into problems and it is very naïve to believe China will bail out the Western World. The only arrow left, is Printing money, debt monetization and Hyperinflation.

After Europe, Singapore now also plans to regulate DERIVATIVES hoping to avoid future MF disasters.

Not long ago the Saudi’s pledged not to let the price of Crude Oil go over $100!?...it already has! Even more important is the technical picture of bullish multiple Head and Shoulder formations which are about to be completed. Breakouts of bullish HS formations are strong and powerful!

Technically the indexes of the Dow and SP500 are completing BEARISH wedges. At this time we are cautious about the Stock Markets in general because the current short position of the commercial traders is now larger than at any point in the last ten years. This is a warning but never forget that any shorter sooner or later has to cover and will at a certain time become a buyer. 

Bond markets are topping out and sit in a dangerous bubble and must be avoided. Ready for a bear market in bonds? As the bond market shows initial signs of finally choking on the FED's and ECB’s easy money policy, it's time to be vigilant.  Manias can last a very long time and become more extended than reason should allow. But wise investors should prepare now for the upcoming interest rate shock and continue to accumulate anti-dollar and Euro-investments. Once the bond bubble explodes in other countries as it did in Southern Europe it will destroy the dollar along with it. That’s because the sellers of U.S. debt will be forced to abandon dollar based holdings completely. That will mark the end of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency and the restoration of gold as the global store of wealth.

 All The World's Gold

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Tuesday February 14, 2012 - This is the age of aquarius !

 If this investment vehicle was to continue to go up like it has since the beginning of the year (+12%), it would go up by 132% by the end of this year.. !


Because of the communicating Financial Vessels, all investment vehicles are inter-connected. This vehicle will resume its uptrend once the Greek situation has been cleared (and believe me, it will). Once the markets are reassured, the Dollar will WEAKEN (If one takes into consideration the EURO-problems, the Dollar already is abnormally weak), money will flow out of the Dollar and the bond market into the Stocks and into xxxxx...[taking into account the reactions of Goldonomic members we NOW probably have an intermediate low. By becoming a Goldonomic subscriber you are doing yourself a favor - this is better than Insider Trading and also legal].

The REAL bandits are Government and the Banksters..and what is happening in Greece will happen all over the Western World. To be honest, they are sending millions into poverty and deserve what they are getting.

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monday february 13, 2012 -

buffettbanjo 1835910bWarren Buffett is an Idiot or a super manipulator.  It is not because one has been lucky to collect a rather large amount of "Money" that one can be called an intelligent person. If this guy is pretending Gold has no value, he is in demise of 6,000 years of history. Also at this time he probably has become a puppet of the Establishment..or trying to bail out Goldman Sachs. Some advice: "keep playing Banjo Warren and stay away from the Media" ....more

EU Agrees Rules for $700 Trillion Derivatives Market. European Union diplomats and the European Parliament agreed on Thursday to overhaul regulation of the roughly $700 trillion derivatives market, a move that will make it easier to control one of the most opaque areas of finance. The new regime, which could be largely in place by the end of 2012, will overhaul a market that boomed in the decade before the economic crash and was blamed for amplifying the crisis by hiding risks from regulators. Under new EU laws, banks, hedge funds and other buyers and sellers of derivatives will be encouraged to move away from the unregulated 'over-the-counter' market, which accounts for almost 95 percent of all trades. By forcing increased transparency, the rules are likely to challenge the half a dozen or so large banks that dominate the market now. These banks, including Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Bank of America and Citigroup, design such products for customers and trade them among themselves...more

World debt

QE will go to infinity because there simply is no other tool that can create the amounts of liquidity required instantly by the destruction of the Western world financial system. This destruction was delivered to us via those that have securitized everything. When you add to this that no default will be declared a default by the International Swaps and Derivative Association you have a guarantee that QE will go to infinity at the cost of the US currency market first and the US bond market second. I put this epic event in the year 2015. I give the US dollar no longer than June of 2012 before the cracks in its armor are visible to all.(J.S.)

The repeal of Glass-Steagall? 1998 is the year where the dices were thrown by and Republicans and Democrats.  That happened in 1998 under Clinton, with the full support, yea, the insistent urging, of the Republican leadership. (Shepherded by a certain Texas senator, who also called Alan Greenspan the "Greatest Central Banker in History." I still fondly recall Senator Gramm, an economics professor in his prior life, who I think all in all was a very good senator, if just a tad overenthusiastic about Greenspan.

By 1990 similar legislation was introduced all over the Western World. Banks became Banksters and Independent Financial advisers (which used to be the whistle-blowers) were banned. Anybody touching money and investments was requested to have a "Special Bank Licence" and was appointed by a Commission of Bankers. Ever since the Bank manufactured investment products (which are taking society to the Abyss now) were blossoming: derivatives, money market funds, investment funds, click-funds, inflation-linked funds.....

Note: the Glass-Steagall act was voted after the Great Depression to separate Deposit Banks and Investment Banks.

vietnam goldVietnamese inherited their Gold knowledge from the french occupant.  The Agence France-Presse story from Hanoi demonstrates a few things not plainly understood by the financial news media and even economists in the West:

  • Gold is money, and sometimes much better money than governments offer.
  • Because of that, governments seek to control gold and its price.
  • A negative real rate of interest -- what in the West is starting to be called "financial repression" -- pushes people out of government currencies and into gold.
  • The gold price is much higher when people take delivery of the gold they purchase and don't have access to or participate in sophisticated gold derivative markets, such as the derivative markets in the West.
  • People will participate in black markets if governments try to suppress public markets.
  • And as a Vietnamese sociologist says here, "Empires may fall, currencies may change. ... Gold will always survive."

HANOI, Vietnam -- Stashing gold at home rather than having cash in the bank is a generations-old habit in communist Vietnam, but a recent surge in prices has sparked government attempts to bring the yellow metal to heel. Last year the country bought more gold per capita than India or China, according to the World Gold Council, and domestic prices soared by 18 percent -- far outstripping the global market's 11 percent increase. And old habits are dying hard, according to 60-year-old retiree Truong Van Hue, even if an ounce of gold bullion can now cost up to $100 more in Hanoi than anywhere else in the world....more

Also read: Vietnam, Inflation and Gold...click here


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friday february 10, 2012

Another normal day at the Hellenic Statistical Authority. Soon we shall see similar figures for Portugal, Spain and Belgium...are you prepared?

We learn that: Greece's manufacturing output contracted by 15.5pc in December from a year earlier. Industrial output fell 11.3pc, compared to minus 7.8pc in November. Unemployment jumped to 20.9pc in November, up from 18.2pc a month earlier. I have little further to add. This is what a death spiral looks like (Jim's formula). It is what can happen if you join a fixed exchange system, then take out very large debts in what amounts to a foreign currency, and then have simultaneous monetary and fiscal contraction imposed upon you.

Germany discovered this on the Gold Standard when it racked up external debt from 1925 to 1929 (owed to American bankers) in much the same way as Greece has done...click here for more

Zimbabwwe here we come and QE to infinity it will be!  The European Central Bank’s second injection of long-term liquidity into markets could reach as much as 1 trillion euros ($1.33 trillion), analysts predict. Initial estimates for the February 29 operation of three-year, long-term refinancing operations (LTROs) suggested that there would be only about a 100 billion euros take-up by Europe’s banks, but those estimates have shot up in recent weeks after the success of December’s operation became clear. December’s action by the ECB has spurred a stock market rally after increasing the supply of cheap money, and ECB Director-General Francesco Papadia even suggested that the bank could say “mission accomplished” after the operation.

Silvercorp Metals Inc. today announced that its Board of Directors has declared its third quarter fiscal 2012 dividend of CAD$0.025 per share to be paid on or before April 21, 2012 to shareholders of record at the close of business on March 31, 2012.  Today’s declared quarterly dividend is the second Silvercorp has announced since increasing its dividend by 25% from the previously paid CAD$0.02. The dividends are considered eligible dividends for Canadian tax purposes.

The Company first began paying dividends in 2007 with an annual dividend of $0.05.

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thursday february 9, 2012 -

Money has to be treated different to tomatoes!



Now that we have been informed Bank Notes are worthless, now that we know that the money you have in your bank account is nothing but some digital computer digits, it's time to move into REAL ASSETS like ENERGY stocks (Oil shares have been updated). Many offer a more than decent yield (up to 3.5%) and represent Black Gold and or Natural Gas. Oil shares show very bullish technical patterns and the Index (XOI) has broken out of a bullish formation. We have added YIELDS where applicable...energy stocks are coming alive and nobody seems to notice!

Gold and Silver juniors have also been updated.  Remember Juniors come instead of options, tubo's, warrants,..and represent a potential higher profit but also are riskier.

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Wednesday February 8, 2012- end of the correction of oil ?

If the Euro breaks through the neckline of the Reversed Head and Shoulder pattern, we may xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx before the Summer .

February will be HOT, HOT, HOT for the profits published by the Gold and Silver mines. HARMONY made record operating profits of R2.1bn in the December quarter as the group increased gold production by 5% and cashed in on the average gold price of R438,183/kg. That gold price was 11% higher than the R396,405/kg achieved in the September quarter, reflecting the depreciation of the rand against the US dollar. The dollar price of gold actually dipped 3% to $1,683 for the December quarter. Key developments from the group’s South African mines were the 14% increase in underground grade and the 6% drop in cash costs to R249,356/kg (September quarter – R265,288/kg) through an operating performance that CEO Graham Briggs described as “very pleasing”. Yamana shows a trile top  breakout, Newmont and Barrick are hot buys NOW, SLW is breaking out of a bullish wedge...don't delay the purchase of seniors which are now listed with YIELDS...more

RANDGOLD Resources will invest a billion dollars over the next two years in building the Kibali mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the further development of the underground operations at the Loulo complex in Mali.

macewenUS Gold Corp (UXG.TO) has become McEwen (MAQ.TO). TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 24, 2012) - McEwen Mining Inc. ("McEwen Mining") is pleased to announce that the previously announced business combination (the "Combination"), pursuant to which US Gold Corporation acquired Minera Andes Inc. and was renamed McEwen Mining, has been successfully completed and closed today. The Combination was carried out by way of a plan of arrangement under the Business Corporations Act (Alberta), which was approved by the shareholders of both US Gold and Minera Andes on January 19, 2012 and the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta on January 20, 2012.

Shares of McEwen Mining will commence trading on the NYSE and the TSX, subject to final exchange approvals, under the symbol "MUX" on Friday January 27, 2012. Holders of Minera Andes shares will receive 0.45 of an exchangeable share of McEwen Mining - Minera Andes Acquisition Corp. for each one (1) Minera Andes share held. These exchangeable shares of McEwen Mining - Minera Andes Acquisition Corp., will also start trading on the TSX on January 27, 2012 under the symbol "MAQ". The exchangeable shares of McEwen Mining - Minera Andes Acquisition Corp. are convertible on a one-for-one basis at any time into shares of McEwen Mining. McEwen Mining will have an aggregate of 267,084,203 shares of common stock outstanding and issuable upon the exchange of exchangeable shares.

Minera Andes (TSX:MAI) and US Gold (NYSE:UXG)(TSX:UXG) will continue trading in the ordinary course on January 25 and 26, following which Minera Andes will delist from the TSX and OTC and US Gold will continue to trade as McEwen Mining...click here for more

Remember I am wildly bullish for designated stock markets as the Zimbabwe effect is kicking in (the South African Stock market is making new high after new high..)  and Authorities will rather risk Hyperinflation than let Greece step out of the Euro. The section of World Stock markets is being updated. The North-American (USA, Canada) and British (Footsie) markets are resuming their uptrend. The Swiss and German stock markets have bottomed out and are building something which looks like a decent UPTREND channel. Brazil was a bear trap and has no also resumed its uptrend...more in the subscriber's section

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tuesday february 7, 2012

greek2euroGreece has 750.000 petty government officials or 1 in 5 is directly employed by Government. A second one is indirectly employed by Government. Only 1,2% will end of this year see a salary decrease of 40%. One year later they will be licensed. Austerity measures include a reduction of Pensions, more taxation, privatization of what is left of public property (sell the silverware) and structural reforms.

Hard to blame capitalism and Democracy for the crisis we have when in reality the Western World has for years now stopped operating under such a system. Today what is designated as Capitalism is more like what used to be defined as Communism and what ‘they’ call Democracy has become fascism.

Central banks are ruling markets to a degree this generation has not seen. Collectively they are creating money to a degree never seen in human history…and they are cooking the statistics. Most people are not thinking rationally and are economically ignorant. They BELIEVE rather than REASON and make an easy prey for Politicians and Bankers.

While the official US government inflation rate is 3%, Williams’ calculations (shadow statistics) point to a real inflation rate of closer to 11%. That means unless you took home more than 11% in returns last year, your investments have actually lost value. Tricked inflation numbers also result in false National growth figures….

We're dealing with criminal personalities on both sides, and criminals are basically very stupid - meaning they have an unwitting tendency to self-destruction. One thing to remember is that most of those in power in the West still believe the old economic fallacy that war is good for the economy. People like those in power still suffer the delusion that it was World War II that ended the Great Depression for the US. Actually, it was only after the end of the war that the depression ended, in 1946.

The US could be the biggest threat to peace in the world today. After all they don’t want the world to find out that they are paying for all of the imports with worthless fiat money!? Most people don’t seem to gauge what would happen to the dollar if all the PETRODOLLARS all of a sudden, because of a loss of trust, decided to travel back to the USA. . If countries stop using it, demand for the dollar would fall, at the very time the US is greatly increasing the supply of dollars. The day is coming when trillions of dollars outside the US will only be spendable inside the US. At that point it's game over for the dollar. The VELOCITY will pick up and the USA will spin into Hyperinflation and the dollar become worthless. The security of your stock portfolio may become the least of your concerns if the US starts a war with Iran that touches off WW III. If that happens, the US government and population will both turn hysterical, and the whole country will be locked down like a prison.

Today the Empire is manufacturing the DEVIL which will be blamed for all the problems the banks have brought the Western world in and which will be used to initiate a new war. In the old days the devil was a Jew. Today it is a Muslim. (absolutely illogic is that social governments in Libya and Egypt are replaced by Muslim governments)

Villa-moneyPancho Villa is a story of a Great man who to get in power decided to print fiat paper money. The irony of the story is that the printers wanted to be paid in STERLING SILVER. Nickname Pancho Villa – was one of the most prominent Mexican Revolutionary generals. Villa and his supporters seized hacienda land for distribution to peasants and soldiers. He robbed and commandeered trains, and, like the other revolutionary generals, printed fiat money to pay for his cause. In 1923, he was assassinated. The Bankers, ECB and FED are nothing more than modern bandits, they practice usury and the Ponzi system they use is pure, immoral theft.

There is absolutely no difference between a AAA bond and a C- bond: both are worthless, There is absolutely no difference between paper money issued by a government (ECB) or issued by a private company (FED). Both allow transferring all assets from the People to those who have issued/printed this fake money.

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Monday February 6, 2012 -

suicidalBanks are in fact also orchestrating their own destruction. [There are idiots and there are super idiots…but what does one call somebody doing this?] Banks are bankrupt. But instead of assuming their bankruptcy and call it “game over” so society can start over from scratch, they preferred to be bailed out by their buddies (politicians) – or vice versa (politicians bailing out bankers for their own survival) and are so ensuring the coming apocalypse will be worse. ONLY when the full amount of misallocated funds (fiat paper banknotes and digital bank deposits) are being washed out of the system, society and the economy can recover. One has the option to either hold on to such imaginary buying power and risk to lose it all ‘overnight’ when the system and computer crashes, or take it out of the system NOW and store it in Real Assets (Gold isone example only) which for centuries has proved to be reliable. 

There is NO WAY today’s situation can in any way be compared to the situation of the1980’s. I understand it is hard to see the difference, especially because of the growing amount of propaganda (media), tricked statistics and the short financial memory of the Herd. But one doesn’t has to be an Einstein to see what is happening in Greece, Portugal, Spain, the USA. PROPAGANDA is a powerful political instrument which is tricking our brains on a daily bases. Just show some blood and killing and overnight any leader becomes a devil. As a rule nobody minds to find out where the blood and killing is coming from and time many are emotionally lured into the dirty game.

War tensions keep growing. War is a game where NOBODY wins from. Any War game only has losers and is a meaningless destructive game. And yet, idiots play it over and over again. Nobody seems to understand why the civil war in Syria doesn't seem to come to an end and WHY Russia and China vetoed the UN proposal for armed intervention!? Saddam Hussein was quickly eliminated after his intentions to quit the Dollar became public. Likewise Khadafi was destroyed as soon as his own plans to issue Gold backed Diner leaked. Today Iran, India and China are making agreements and plan to pay for Crude oil in Gold and in the East more and more agreements are made so the usage of the US-Dollar can be eliminated. Especially those countries with NO or LITTLE FOREIGN DEBT try to break away from a Bankrupt International banking system. This process however endangers the position of RESERVE CURRENCY or the US dollar. Not hard to understand what will happen once the Dollar looses this status: the days of free money will be gone….Unfortunately a game built on a Mirage can only last for so long and when the Herd realises the Emperor has no clothes, it is Game over. Unfortunately the Herd may have to experience a WAR (civil War, and a Revolution mixed with a World War) before this actually seeps through. Not hard to explain how handy your Gold coins will be if we have to experience some social and/or political disorder. And if you are one of those convinced that we shall see no more war, PLEASE do yourself an intellectual favor, stop believing and check the reality in any history book.

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Friday February 3, 2012 - Belief starts where reasoning ends -

PARATROOPERS-medium260A war in the Middle-East (Iran - Israel) and a subsequent World War III is also in the make. Very disturbing is that Authorities are preparing and brain washing the Herd for what is to come. War is too often mentioned...A story by Eric Schmitt in the New York Times on February 1 reported the testimony of January 31 by James R. Clapper, the director of national intelligence: Iran's leaders "are now more willing" to consider attacks inside the United States..more

Following sections have been updated: $-Gold, €-Gold, Cangold, Rupee Gold, Swiss-Gold, Krona-Gold and the Investment Pyramid. Important updates for the Investment pyramid, Euro-gold is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, we nailed xxxxxxxxxx India-Rupee gold, the Swedish krona is showing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx versus the Euro and hereby is confirming that the Euro and the Dollar have been xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

TRADERS are LOOSERS and just like all those in quest for Fiat Paper money, they ALWAYS loose. The art is to understand what and how to invest and to position you properly. Next comes PATIENCE. Especially if you have not nailed the bottom, patience will yield when time has come. Time comes when the Herd moves into those investment vehicles that were properly selected by REASONING and Technical Analysis.

Crude oil is forming a  text book example of a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Banks are bankrupt and will rot all the way to the core. Belgium has already taken over Dexia (or better nationalised what is left after the political CEO's destroyed it) . France is about the do the same. February there are Presidential Elections in France and Sarkozy doesn't want to spoil it...more

US charges 100 Swiss banks in tax fraud case!  We told you there is something fishy about Switzerland.


Told you last year that I was wildly bullish for the North-american stock markets..do you start to understand or do you still believe!?....how long is the bull run gonna last for?  Become a subscriber and understand.

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Thursday February 2, 2012

No recession, no depression…the recovery around the corner!? This is what authorities through Propaganda and the Media made believe us in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Today the situation has become so bad they slowly have to admit what the cruel reality is. Those who called us pessimists must finally admit that what we published was the reality of something to come. Today this reality has arrived and it will get a lot worse before it gets better. Better keep your breast wet.

A Baltic dry index at 25 year historic low is only is an indication of the price which is being paid for sea freight but it also is a RED LIGHT and a warning that the Recession will get a lot worse and in fact is a Depression.

Whether we have a recession or a depression won’t affect the price our expectations for Gold and certain stock markets - which as always - will respond to our Communicating financial vessels. (see subscriber's section)

Following video clip is in French and many will unfortunately not be able to understand it. Basically it is a geo-political and geo-financial explanation of what has been happening in Libya, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Greece, Italy, the IMF, the ECB,….The presentation of Alain Soral is extremely clear and transparent. He explains the War in Afghanistan, why the situation in Syria is different to the situation in Libya, it explains why Ron Paul hasn't got the slightest chance to become a presidential candidate and why Romney will….It will take over an hour to watch it. Do yourself a favour, take the time....it's worth reading 100 books.

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Wednesday February 1, 2012

Authorities and Banks have engaged in QE3. Unlike Tarp, QE1 & QE2 this time, in order not to scare the hell out of the Herd, we have an undercover action. But action we have. Interest rates must and will be kept as low as technically possible. Last year I was already WILDLY BULLISH for the North-American stock markets. 2012 is an election year and this together with the undercover action in the DERIVATIVE MARKET (CDS) is the best insurance for a bullish market we can dream of. The shortage of Money/Debt will be filled with more and more money until Hyperinflation results. Remember hyperinflation affects HOCG and LOCG in a different way: the nominal price of the former falls while the nominal price of the latter rises exponentially.

derivatives end users

We have updated the section of Credit Default Swaps with important information (scroll down)

European stock markets are still in a process of bottoming out and the stock markets of certain EU countries and certain selected stocks may be acquired. However one must continue to avoid Stock markets of those countries in financial turmoil. We have a selection of shares in the Recession Proof shopping basket section.

As energy will get more and more expensive and oil gets scarce the pattern of live will change. Employees will increasingly use xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and work out of their homestead in order to save on gas and avoid commuting.

A table with actual price, low risk entry point and objective has been added for xxxxxx shares.The market is almost oversold and the BREAKOUT levels are being tested. The section has been updated and a table with low risk step in levels and objectives was added. Technically the pull back of the shares is an excellent opportunity to buy shares. [Technically speaking we had a breakout on high volume and we are now testing the breakout level before shares will resume their bull run].

Gold and Silver juniors and Gold is somewhat overbought…a small correction is possible.

Bond markets are topping out and sit in a dangerous bubble and must still be avoided.

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