The Ghost of Cyprus...or if you have money, you're game...

Wednesday July 31st, 2013 - The Manning trial is a SHAME to the USA! -

Updated sections: Gold & Silver Juniors (yield added to tables), Gold & Silver Majors (yield added to table) , Oil shares (yield added to table) , Recession Proof shares (yield added to table)

London Metals-Fraud Revealed: approximately a month ago, the Corporate Media began leaking bits-and-pieces of information about "warehouse problems" involving the London metals-cabal: comprised of the LME (London Metal Exchange) and the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association).

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Tuesday July 30, 2013 - Expect a short squeeze in the physical Gold market soon - Real Estate is a HOCG !

detroit propertyUpdated sections: The 1961 Gold Pool

This Is For Everyone Who's Thinking Of Buying One Of Those $500 Homes In Detroit. In theory, you can buy a bunch of houses in Detroit for $500 or less. We've already seen people talking about scooping some up, just as a speculative investment. But it's a bit more complicated than that. We turned to a couple of the subjects from our earlier profile on young professionals moving to Detroit, to provide some color about this phenomenon. They said it's not quite so simple as just plunking down a week's salary. In many cases, if you want to purchase one of the bargain properties, you will also have to pay all the back taxes the property owes...more

JPMorgan is exiting physical commodities trading, the bank said in a surprise statement on Friday, as Wall Street's role in the trading of raw materials comes under unprecedented political and regulatory pressure.

Those who are so greedy they don't even spend $ 575 to have access to untainted, decent financial information, are not even worth the money they have worked for all their live...and will probably loose it all anyhow!

After spending billions of dollars and five years building the banking world's biggest commodity desk, JPMorgan said it would pursue "strategic alternatives" for its trading assets that stretch from Baltimore to Johor, and a global team dealing in everything from African crude oil to Chilean copper...more They are however NOT getting out of the Gold and Silver markets.

I expect a short squeeze in the physical Gold market soon...the squeeze will be DRAMATIC when compared to the squeeze we had in the 1960's because of all the paper gold, fractional gold (100:1) and Derivatives. Those who still preach that the price of Gold will come down are out of their minds, illiterates, not listening to the tunes of the fundamental factors...

The majority of today's market participants have a memory shorter than the memory of a GOLD FISH and 95% don't even know that there was a Gold Pool and a SHORT SQUEEZE for Gold in the 1960's...

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Monday July 29, 2013 -  Do you believe in a once in a lifetime opportunity?

riddle july2013Updated sections: Gold and Silver Majors & Juniors

This is an ad-random selection of one the shares we are following in the Subscribers' section of the site.[click to enlarge]

The logic is that the next top for the Gold and Silver sector will be higher than the 2011 top. As the calculated potential profit only takes into account the 2011 top, we therefore expect the end value of an initial investment of $ 1,000 to be a lot higher than $11,500.[click on the picture below for the video clip]

 gold bottom

The following chart shows how an investment of $3,500 in 2001/02 has become $22,000 and how by extrapolation this amount  will become $121,000 in a couple of years from now....answer to the riddle in the Daily Update for subscribers.


 Quota's, import and export restrictions, price rigging NEVER worked and NEVER will. Why then are the Intelligent Psychopaths making the same mistakes over and over again!? The European Commission says it has reached "an amicable solution" with Beijing in a row over imports of Chinese solar panels. Both sides have agreed a minimum price for the panels, EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht said. The dispute erupted after the Commission - the EU's executive arm - imposed temporary anti-dumping levies on the imports. It argued that Chinese firms were undercutting rivals. China is the world's largest producer of solar panels. Its exports to Europe totaled 21bn euros ($27bn; £18bn) in 2011...more

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Friday July 26, 2013 - The Gold and Silver sector requests guts, but is always extremely rewarding.

Updated sections: Oil shares , 

Following video clip may not be viewable in the USA (censured). Reality is that the cost of life is rising fast in the USA and that what used to be "The land of the Free" may be on the threshold of Hyperinflation.

The Authorities, Bankers and Mainstream media are BLATANT, DIRTY LIARS. What makes me sick is that the authorities and banksters keep pretending the economy is recovering...that all is well Madame la Marquise...NOT SO...things are getting WORSE each day..The scenario is EXACTLY the same we had during the 1960's and 70's each time a currency was about to be devaluated. (The fact I HATE these politicians does has ancient and deep roots)

Dennis Gartman (the Gartman letter) is a dangerous person. He either doesn't understand what is happening today, either he refuses to write the truth. During the 1960's he would probably also have denied that there was 'a gold pool'. Gartman insists that there are no conspiracies in gold. Gartman pretends that the Federal Reserve, the BIS and Central banks are altar boys:

  1. The Federal Reserve has no secret gold swap arrangements with foreign banks, since such undertakings among two or more entities would define conspiracy, and Fed Governor Kevin M. Warsh is lying when he admitted such secret arrangements:
  2. The Bank for International Settlements is not constantly and secretly trading gold, gold futures, gold options, and other gold-related derivatives on behalf of its members, which are exclusively central banks -- again, action undertaken secretly in concert by two or more entities, or conspiracy -- and that admissions of such trading, including the BIS' own annual reports and Power Point presentations, are lies or forgeries.
  3. Gartman probably also denies that the Physical Gold stocks are coming down at breath taking rates...COMEX, LME, Brinks, JPMorgan.

Two years ago around this time JPM had over 3 million ounces of gold in its possession. New low is 436,000 ounces.

Every religion needs his pastors but every religion also has its devils: inexperienced, uneducated youngsters ...

The COMEX Gold Market will never FAIL...the problems however will cause a lot of havoc. First the margin requirements will be lifted to 100% and next he outstanding deals will be settled in Fiat Paper Money (of course). New York's COMEX commodity gold market has been one of the two most important venues referenced for determining the price of gold for all other trading purposes. Yet this market, which largely reflects the trading of paper contracts rather than physical metal, is quickly heading toward the point where it may no longer be used in setting the price of gold in the physical cash markets. This function will be taken over by other Commodity Markets outside the USA. The Americans are damned because they have fooled too many people for too long...Hard labor builds an society, not Hollywood Propaganda and "made in China".

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Thursday July 25, 2013 - We cannot help it that our realism is negative - if you cannot stand it consult the mainstream media for sweet lies!

red fishUpdated sections: World stock market indexes  , Crude Oil , Uranium mines , Natural Gas ,

Many investors who hold bonds appear to be unaware of the risks when interest rates raise…. The majority of them were probably highly successful people who succeeded in various careers, and then opted for the lower volatility of bonds relative to shares, plus the fixed yields, when investing their savings during the 30-year plus environment of falling interest rates. They can be compared to those investing in Real Estate (Real Estate started to raise in 1946 and did without interruption until 2007-08).

Interest rates will rise and Governments will call for a moratorium of their debts...

Most investors have a memory which is shorter than the memory of a Gold fish....and they like  to live in DENIAL (the Nile is the longest river)...especially in financial denial.

The constellation is such that a) either the Dow Jones and Stock markets need to correct strongly , b) either the Gold and Silver sector must rise sharply or c)  either Gold must rise and the Stock markets must continue sidewards or correct slightly and Gold has to continue to go up slowly.

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Wednesday July 24, 2013 - are you ready for the next big crisis?

Updated sections: Aussie-Gold & Aussie/$/euro

All the phony wealth is going to evaporate and only the DEBT will be left...your own home will be your nightmare instead of your dream.

Believe me, it takes BALLS to protect yourself! In order to postpone the inevitable, the Authorities and Banksters will accelerate Quantitative Easing (money inflation) until we have a Hyper-inflationary Depression and the Financial system and Economy collapse.  Fortunes will be lost and Fortunes will be made....which side do you plan to be on? Will you be a looser, a bag holder or make the necessary decisions TODAY to survive financially!?

piggy wings and tailA warning sign for the western world. Unfunded liabilities or this is how the story ends when the little pig with the curled tail arrives: pensions and other obligations are cut or simply disappear. Those who have been working during a life time now realize they are conned. Detroit wants to cut the pensions it pays retirees like Ms. Killebrew, who now receives about $1,900 a month…more

At the heart of Detroit’s problem is a growing unfunded debt on benefits owed to current and future retirees — some $3.5 billion, according to its emergency manager, Kevyn Orr — which mirrors a circumstance being seen across the U.S.

From Baltimore, Chicago to Los Angeles, and many points in between, municipalities are increasingly confronted with how to pay for these massive promises. The Pew Center for the States, in Washington, estimated states’ public pension plans across the U.S. were underfunded by a whopping $1.4 trillion in 2010.

Spain's government is so insolvent, it was just forced to "borrow" from its social security reserve to fund pension payments. In Belgium the unfunded liabilities are 655% of the BNP; for Spain and Greece the figure soars over the 800%; for Luxemburg it is 1228%.[average public debt in the EU is 99%]

Iceland the aftermath of how it will be like tomorrow in Japan, the USA and Europe.

icelandisWithout doubt, Iceland was the canary in the coalmine for the sovereign debt crisis that is unfolding across the world right now. Today, Iceland is held up as the model of recovery. 'Famous' economists like Paul Krugman praise the government for rapidly rebuilding the economy without having to resort to austerity. This morning's headline from The Telegraph newspaper sums it up: "Iceland has taken its medicine and is off the critical list". It turns out, most of these claims are dead wrong. Despite being so widely reported by the mainstream financial media, Iceland is not a story of model economic recovery. It's a story of how to fool people. And for now, it's working. Iceland's state debt tripled, almost overnight, in 2008. And from 2007 until now, it has increased nearly 5-fold. Government is spending a back-breaking 17.3% of its tax revenue just to pay interest on the debt. While people do have jobs, they can hardly afford anything.

The next black Swan could well be coming out of Japan...or China. China is a High Order Capital Good country and will suffer in an exponential way...as a consequense of the Depression in the West.

Real Estate in the US starts to dip again and in Spain the situation is getting worse. Domestic demand is likely to remain weak as house prices continue to fall and a 10th of households have no breadwinner. House prices are down 35.5% from their peak, having fallen 15.7% in real terms in 2012. A 7.6% decline in the house price index last quarter suggests prices have further to fall. House prices may drop by another 13% in 2014. Real Estate is a one sided bullish investment and the best investment to loose A LOT of money over the coming years.

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Tuesday July 23, 2013 - a Dow Jones of 30,000 soon...? -

crash arrowUpdated sections: $-Gold , Silver , €-Gold , 

Are Stocks Setting Up For a Truly Epic Collapse?  NO WAY ! At this point, the market is beyond overextended. What’s truly worrisome is that stocks are rallying higher and higher while economic fundamentals get worse and worse. GDP estimates for the second quarter have been reduced to 1% or even lower. Goldman Sachs has growth at 0.8%. Barclay’s sees 0.5%. And Morgan Stanley sees us hitting 0.3% growth. These are truly horrible forecasts But we have communicating financial vessels and there are other factors which decide about the general price level of shares.

When we compare nominal versus real (inflation-adjusted) stock index results over a 15 year period, using the S&P 500.  We will find an interesting similarity to the 1970s, with a series of what appear to be roughly similar nominal highs, but which turn out to be false highs when adjusted for inflation. This analysis confirms that shares are cheap and must be bought (certain countries and certain sectors only).

Thanks to Ben Bernanke’s promise to keep the money printers running traders shot for 1,700 on the S&P 500 last week. Likewise the Bank of Japan and the ECB keep printing money at an accelerated rate. [we already know the Japanese stock market is on steroids now, don't we!?)

  1. Off course the economic activity will continue to get worse as the depression gets worse.
  2. Off course the Central banks will continue to print even more money (in an exponential way).
  3. Off course the general price level of shares will continue to raise in a Zimbabwe fashion.
  4. Off course the Dow Jones will over time climb to 30,000 and higher...
We have landed in an era of multi-lateral tax agreements where there is no hiding place…so we need to talk!

gibraltarAfter Liechtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland, Andorra, Gibraltar is now also obliged to share financial information with the EU countries. This is important news for anyone who is an EU resident and/or own real estate in the EU. Even if they own the property through structures set up in one of these "ex-tax free heavens".

Government is there for your security...or is this a HUGE LIE!? In 1980, in an infamous episode of "American Justice"; the Hunt Brothers were charged (and convicted) with attempting to "corner the silver market" - i.e. an attempt to monopolize it. At the time prosecution commenced, the Hunt Brothers had only managed to acquire less than 20% of total global inventories....or Never Ever forget that the Templar's were arrested, tortured and killed so the King of France could seize their Gold.

Gold is one way to stay under the radar of LEGAL THEFT!. While the paper gold price languishes below US$1,300 per ounce (and broke through this level yesterday), physical demand out of China is now reaching previously unforeseen levels. If you've heard this story before, it's more of the same, except that the demand tonnage is now so high as to be almost comical.

Gold has rocketed ferociously higher in the past 24 hours, breaking through staunch resistance at $1,300 and running all the way up to $1,330. The lightning move above $1,300 triggered a wave of buying and forced gold bears to scramble to cover their short positions. With bets against gold near all-time record highs, the mother of all short squeezes could be taking shape.

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Monday July 22, 2013 -  Detroit filed for bankruptcy but Zimmerman is all over the Mainstream Media...sickening!

aeroflot air hostessUpdated sections:

There is NO GOLD....or the ratio physical to paper Gold is at least 1:100 ! After ABN now the Dutch Rabo bank has also terminated its (physical) Gold accounts/business. Those who liquidated their (physical) Gold positions during of after the April Coup probable took the WORST INVESTMENT DECISION in a lifetime. Same remark for those who sold their Gold and Silver shares. Investors have a financial memory which is shorter than a GOLD FISH. They are so concerned about short term satisfaction, about short term fiat paper profit that they aren't even prepared to study what happened in the 1960's with the Gold pool (it's all in the education section of Goldonomic). Gold positions with the Rabo Bank will either be transferred to another institution or settled in Worthless Fiat paper money...how brilliant of the Rabo bank to get rid of Barbaric money right now! [the banker really is your biggest partner and friend...and the pigs have wings and fly]

Only 13 years have gone by since the USSR fell into bankrupcy. Russia only needed so much time to recover: socialism/communism was terminated. Taxation was reduced to a 13.5% flat tax and Petty Government officials (Custom and Immigration, TSA) which used to check cars and trucks with mirrors & K-9 teams which were passing Checkpoint Charly and/or were moving through other border posts were fired. Aeroflot now has a fleet of new and modern Air busses and the good looking Air Hostesses are dressed in a fresh, sparkling, sunny orange. Russians traveling to Florida go back home with the most expensive Apple computers...while a bunch of overweight, lazy TSA agents check the Aeroflot plane for Terrorists...They actually use the same kind of mirrors used at Checkpoint Charly!

trabantBerlin has a DDR museum: "How to live with Socialism". It displays the Trabant and tells stories about the STASI (NSA, FBI, CIA, Patriot Act) and how DDR-citizens were subject to a blanket surveillance by the Government. It displays the blue FGY shirt, the Erika typewriter to the landmines used on the German-German border. Visitors can experience how the New Socialist man had to live...and understand that even "The Wall" and propaganda could not stop people from fleeing this so called "Paradise of Democracy and Socialism". Exactly the same Paradise of Democracy and Socialism which is being built in Western Europe and the USA.

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Friday July 19, 2013 - Detroit is the 1st large city to file for bankruptcy !

detroitUpdated sections:

Detroit filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history Thursday after steep population and tax base declines sent it tumbling toward insolvency. The filing by a state-appointed emergency manager means that if the bankruptcy filing is approved, city assets could be liquidated to satisfy demands for payment. Kevin Orr, a bankruptcy expert, was hired by the state in March to lead Detroit out of a fiscal free-fall, and made the filing Thursday in federal bankruptcy court...more

The Nikkei 225 futures just collapsed almost 600 points from the US day-session highs... five days of gains gone in 30 minutes. Welcome to Zimbabwe and more volatility on the financial markets. Stock markets will fly and stall in function of Quantitative Easing: either additional exponential amounts of fiat money are created or the system collapses. Those who don't understand as well as traders and short term investors will get emotionally lost. Fortunes will be made and Fortunes will be lost!

It becomes unimportant whether Stocks are cheap or expensive. Important is to have and hold on to RECESSION PROOF SHARES which will survive the coming crisis.

We have fractional Gold 1:100 . The recent decline in gold prices and the drain from physical ETFs have been interpreted by the media as signaling the end of the gold bull market. However, our analysis of the supply and demand dynamics underlying the gold market does not support this thesis. Many recent events suggest that the Central Banks are getting close to the end of their supplies and that the physical market for gold is becoming increasingly tight. Some analysts pretend the recent sell-off was all orchestrated to increase supply and tame demand. We believe that central planners are now running out of options to suppress the gold price. After taking a pause, the secular gold bull market is set to continue.

Major Genetically Manipulated food company Monsanto 'pulls out of Europe'. Monsanto, one of the world's biggest and best known genetically modified crops companies, is effectively pulling out of Europe, The Daily Telegraph can disclose...more

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Thursday July 18, 2013 - Today's Bernanke's speech was good for a $ 30 smack down of Gold !

Updated sections: US-Dollar (still no cigar) , €-Gold & €/$ , Aussie-Gold & Aussie/$/€ ,

Bank depositors in the UK, the USA and the EU may think that their bank deposits would not be confiscated as they are insured and no government would dare embark on such a drastic action to bail out insolvent banks. They cannot make a BIGGER MISTAKE.  Governments will seize whatever they want. They always have. They even went so far to torture and kill people to get hold of their money: if you have money, you are game! Justice is a joke and used by Government when it pleases them and as it pleases them.

Ask your local police, sheriffs, lawyers, judges the following questions: (so why are banksters allowed to steal your money?)

  1. If I place my money with a lawyer as a stake-holder and he uses the money without my consent, has the lawyer committed a crime?
  2. If I store a bushel of wheat or cotton in a warehouse and the owner of the warehouse sold my wheat/cotton without my consent or authority, has the warehouse owner committed a crime?
  3. If I place monies with my broker (stock or commodity) and the broker uses my monies for other purposes and or contrary to my instructions, has the broker committed a crime?
  4. I am confident that the answer to the above questions is a Yes!...more

Rob McEwen: "We Seem To Be Near The Bottom Of This Correction" . During a time in which the mining sector is struggling to survive a Darwinian period, legendary mine developer Rob McEwen was kind enough to share perspective on the state of the market. Rob is the founder and former Chairman and CEO of Goldcorp Inc., which is by market capitalization, the largest gold producer in the world...more [Rob is currently the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Owner of McEwen Mining Inc.]

There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that the Gold pool is slowly but surely loosing its grip on the Gold sector. Gold was breaking out this morning above $1300 and silver above $20, both key resistance levels, when The Gold Cartel struck ... with yet another financial market terrorist attack. But, this attack was on fumes. They are in trouble.

Any hike in interest rates will simply destroy the financial system and bankrupt Governments.

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Wednesday July 17, 2013 - Only Real Assets will survive the this financial crisis: in Argentina Gold sells for $ 2,000 !

Updated sections: $-Gold  , Silver (bottom building?) , Inflation

Welcome in Zimbabwe: Central banks will have to and will print exponentially rising amounts of worthless fiat money. They simply have no choice, it's this and drown in Hyperinflation (for which they will blame others) or suffocate in Debt (for which they have to blame themselves). Hence Real Assets (with the exception of HOCG) are the safest place to ride through the financial crisis. Depending upon the flow of capital (out of danger and into safety) some stock markets will outperform while others will under perform. Having said this, it is absolutely not certain the Far East Stock markets will be safe heavens. Japan is one example.

Better prepare for an increasing number of lower ratings over the coming months and years (and this includes the ratings of Central Banks). Fitch-agency says it lowered the rating for the European Financial Stability Facility — or EFSF — by one notch from AAA to AA+ as a result of its downgrade of France last week. The EFSF’s creditworthiness depends on that of the countries that provide its financing, which includes France. Banks are technically bankrupt!...more

Impossible to watch certain European video material in the USA. Today I tried to watch a Dutch video clip about Fracking. Not Allowed. Fracking is a controversial activity allowed in the USA but not in Europe. Fracking will soften the energy bill for the USA over a maximum of about 7 years. Anything else is propaganda. Having said this, Nuke power stations remain the least dangerous and polluting form of Energy. Noteworthy is that the price of Natural Gas is a lot higher in Western Europe than in the USA.

It is not a question of IF but a question as to WHEN the Financial system will implode. Exponentials are lethal and you have only so much time left to ACT! Gold and Silver will survive like they survived over the last 6 centuries and like they survive in Argentina where Gold actually sells at a premium of $ 700/oz. Those preaching $ 700 and $ 400 are nutcases.

Economists and Politicians tend to contradict themselves. That is the only was to always be on the right side.Goldonomic stayed bullish on Gold since 2004/05  when we called Gold. We stayed bullish and walked all our relations through the 2008/09 dip like we are walking them through the 2011/13 dip now.  It certainly takes GUTS to stay in the Gold/Silver sector when 'they' rock the boat like they have and are rocking it. This is not a fair-play battle but rather one where all tricks are permitted and where the "below the belt coups" are favored by the Authorities...of course, all happens for your security!

Understanding INFLATION is extremely important to navigate through this storm. Especially because Hyperinflation is preceded by some Deflation and there is an increasing amount of PROPAGANDA by the Authorities and Central Bankers trying to delay the Hyperinflation. (Hyperinflation is largely a mass-psychological event).

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Tuesday July 16, 2013 - Any European keeping funds in excess of € 100,000  in any bank or financial institution is brain dead.

Updated sections:

In countering the relentless gold-bashing propaganda of the mainstream media; readers have listened to the many virtues of gold (and silver) recited again and again by the (legitimate) commentators within the sector. However what has been neglected somewhat is to focus on the worthlessness of the paper we are fleeing.(Jeff Nielson) . The Dollar, the Euro, the Pound Sterling, the Yen are already worth ZERO...

But the Mainstream Media, Politicians and Bankers keep on pretending all is well and the recovery sits around the corner: all is well, go to sleep, tomorrow all problems will be gone!  The reality is that the problems get worse each day...if you want to understand WHY, check out Jim's Formula.

If you keep more than € 100,000 in your bank account, you're brain death, if you have no physical Gold/Silver you have a serious problem. If you BELIEVE the Government will ever pay out your Pension, you're retarded (Portugal has just seized the pensions of the Portuguese...). If you BELIEVE your bank manufactured products (TAK 21, TAK23,...) and life insurance are worth something, you're in for a bad surprise. If you still live in the conviction Real Estate will save you, you're about to be drowned...If you don't trust the Banksters, you're right...but if you keep worthless fiat monopoly paper money under your mattress, you've missed the point.

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Monday July 15, 2013 - Would you ever have believed you would live the day where dissidents flee from the USA to Russia instead from the USSR to the USA like it was in the past? -

It has been established that a fish has a memory up to 5 months...longer than most of today's Hedge fund managers and market participants have. This is the main reason the stock markets are not an indication of the economy but an indication of events.

Uh...no inflation...same story as most people don't remember what the prices were like one year and even six months ago. Following chart is a refresher and a life proof of the LIES sold by the Mainstream Media and Authorities...but the Herd is still buying it..how come? [click to enlarge]

commodity prices 1960 to 2013

An article by Benny Johnson details how the prices of many of the things that we buy on a regular basis absolutely soared between 2002 and 2012.  Just check out these price increases...

Eggs: +73%
Coffee: +90%
Peanut Butter: +40%
Milk: +26%
A Loaf Of White Bread: +39%
Spaghetti And Macaroni: +44%
Orange Juice: +46%
Red Delicious Apples: +43%
Beer: +25%
Wine: +60%
Electricity: +42%
Margarine: +143%
Tomatoes: +22%
Turkey: +56%
Ground Beef: +61%
Chocolate Chip Cookies: +39%

Veterans start to become scarce and this may be one of the reasons why the market is getting away with so much stupidity...at least for the time being. Today 50-year veteran Art Cashin warned that if the gold market holds its recent lows we may see a massive upside spike in gold because of panicked short covering.  Cashin, Director of Floor Operations at UBS ($650 billion under management), also warned that the Fed's position is becoming increasingly desperate.

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Friday July 12, 2013 - Authorities and Central banker are loosing grip on the Gold & Silver market -

Updated sections:

Following two charts show the difference between the Smoke curtains of the Authorities and the Reality.

mainstream media gdp july 2013

corrected real gdp july2013

Following chart will be remembered for what will be called the biggest rally for Gold in 2013/14. The number of "incorrect shorts" has soared to a historic record. As always those who panicked, those who were not patient because they invested by their emotions will end up being the biggest bag holders.

 shorts june13

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Thursday July 11, 2013 - The next official World War will be mainly be fought in the Middle and Far East -

rocketsUpdated sections: Silver , 

Saudi Arabia is targeting both Israel and Iran with powerful ballistic missiles, new satellite photography shown by military experts to The Telegraph suggests.  Images analysed by experts at IHS Jane's Intelligence Review has revealed a hitherto undisclosed surface-to-surface missile base deep in the Saudi desert, with capabilities for hitting both countries. Analysts who examined the photos spotted two launch pads with markings pointing north-west towards Tel Aviv and north-east towards Tehran. They are designed for Saudi Arabia's arsenal of lorry-launched DF 3 missiles, which have a range of 1,500-2,500 miles and can carry a two-ton payload.The base, believed to have been built within the last five years, gives an insight into Saudi strategic thinking at a time of heightened tensions in the Gulf...more

The GOLD COT data for week ending 7/2 show a 35% reduction in Net Commercial Position to ‐22,776 contracts ... the least Net Short reading since Jan 8, 2002 when gold was $279/oz.  With a Net Long reading not far off, a significant upside reversal for gold is clearly in the works.

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Wednesday July 10, 2013 - Obama to call troops back out of Afghanistan...like the USSR did months before it went bankrupt !

Updated sections: World Stock Market Indexes

Real Estate has become the biggest trap ever. Not only does the price come down, but even worse it becomes impossible to sell...and heavily taxed. Those who keep investing in Real Estate have a serious problem.

real estate lt

Life is so good in the U.S. and  A. : With tremendous volatility continuing in global markets this summer, John Williams, of Shadowstats, warned that unemployment just hit a shocking new high of 23.4%, even as the monetary base continues to go parabolic. A slashing 90% of the American debt is financed by printing Dollars. Soon the Americans will fully understand what it means to have all goods manufactured in China and let Central and South-Americans grow their food crops. When this happens the Hollywood dream bubble will be completely gone...

Guns are only dangerous in the minds of Authorities fearing that sooner or later these may be used against them. The following clip wasn't filmed in the USA, nor in South-Africa...it comes out of peaceful Switzerland. [As most of the homicides in South Africa are committed with BRICKS...should this be a reason to outlaw building houses!?]

Capital is protecting itself by demanding higher interest rates, and as interest rates climb, the fallout will be immense. Bonds Markets & Bond indexes have fallen in STOP LOSS and Interest rates are rising because of QE.  Does could indicate we have reached a tipping point, meaning that QE can no longer keep interest rates from rising.  The market is now focusing on the dark-side of QE, which is the inflationary consequences of all this money printing. If this assumption is correct, the FED, ECB, BoJ & BoE will have to print even more money to try to slow down the rise of interests as much as possible...the power of each additional created unit of Fiat Paper Money decreases exponentially and finally becomes NEGATIVE!

According to CNBC and a lot of other commentaries gold and silver are dead!!! That is the best buy argument you can have for buying the precious metals. Mind my words within 2 years gold will have touched $3,500/oz and silver $15. The present correction will largely be compensated when the miners go up by 600%-800%.

It's all for your security. Paper reveals NSA ops in Latin America. BOGOTA, COLOMBIA — A Brazilian newspaper on Tuesday published an article it said is based on documents provided by the former American contractor Edward Snowden asserting that the United States has been collecting data on telephone calls and e-mails from several countries in Latin America, including important allies such as Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

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Tuesday July 9, 2013 - The herd is selling the gold sector – so you should be buying !

Updated sections:  Literature (new interesting book) , Crude Oil price , Coal, Natural Gas, 

We have added a new book to our library. Exchange, Prices and Production in Hyperinflation: Germany 1920-1923 by Frank D. Graham...What is unusual about Professor Graham's 1930 book is that it views the events in Germany without foreknowledge of the Great Depression, the Nazi takeover, or the madness of the long-running Soviet state. In that sense, it is an innocent book. For instance, the professor makes a passing reference to what we now view as the market crash of 1929, but to him it is just another Wall Street panic, barely worth a mention — not yet known as the harbinger of nearly twenty years of depression and war.

Welcome to Zimbabwe...! Just like in Japan...Bank of England surprise statement sends markets up and sterling tumbling. Economists interpret MPC statement as sign Mark Carney is likely to keep supporting more QE, as ECB discusses rate cut. Stock markets roared ahead and sterling tumbled after the Bank of England and European Central Bank took unprecedented steps to quash investor fears that they were preparing to reduce monetary stimulus...more

The money becomes worthless as soon as the Herd stops BELIEVING in the money.
"Next to language, Money is the most important medium through which modern societies communicate," and more than ever Money is based on TRUST: Fiat Paper Money. 

History rhythms: The political violence was justified in part by blaming nobles and counter-revolutionaries for galloping inflation in food prices. It saw "speculators" banned from trading gold, and prices for firewood, coal and grain became subject to strict controls. At the time of the Weimar revolution Germany turned viciously on its Jews. It blamed them for the surrounding evil as Romans had blamed Christians, medieval Europeans had suspected witches, and French revolutionaries had blamed the nobility during previous inflations. Today the multi-nationals and the speculators are blamed...

In fact the Authorities have to be blamed for the disaster resulting from money printing. It is the "artificial and iniquitous redistribution of wealth" which inflation imposes on society without being specific who creates misery and poverty. What actually happens is that artificially created money redistributes wealth towards those closest to it, to the detriment of those furthest away. Absolutely no social operation, on the contrary...

Intelligent psychopaths are from all times : The Weimar Central Bankers actually contended that their extraordinary printing of marks did not cause the extraordinary increase in prices. Indeed, prices actually tended, until the last couple months of the inflation, to surge a bit ahead of the printing presses in anticipation. Toward the end of the insanity, prices couldn't keep up because no one could rationally anticipate in such circumstances. Political slime balls always try to find a way to lure the Herd into their obscene game.

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Monday July 8, 2013  - He who pretends to nail the short term fluctuations is either a liar of a family member of Paulson or Bernanke -

Updated sections: World Stock Market Indexes , US-Dollar , 

Canada's banks are considering a plan to make Toronto the first North American trading hub for China's yuan , joining a global race for a share of trading in the currency of the world's second-largest economy. Some of Canada's largest banks, insurance companies and pension funds met with government representatives and the Bank of Canada in Toronto on June 21 to discuss establishing a yuan trading hub, according to the Toronto Financial Services Alliance, an industry group that set up the meeting. Representatives of Chinese banks also attended the meeting, the group said, declining to name them.

The Americans have been playing a dangerous game for years now...but they are LOOSING..not only financially but also politically (Egypt, Syria,...) The European Parliament has called for the scrapping of two agreements granting the US access to European financial and travel data, unless Washington reveals the full extent of its spying on Europe.[note Halliburton at the end of the clip and the fact that the CIA likes crashing planes. Even Yasser Arafat barely survived a crash flying back home in 1990]

Bolivian President Evo Morales, whose plane was diverted in Europe this week due to false rumors that US surveillance whistle-blower Edward Snowden was on board, says the Latin American country does not need the United States Embassy in La Paz.

COMEX beware...Singapore launches world's first physical precious metals exchange. Precious metal investors now have a new platform to trade with the launch of the Singapore Precious Metals Exchange. It is the world's first precious metal exchange that is fully backed by physical precious metals. [Russia and China will be following soon].

The Gold and Silver sector is preparing "A Bull Run" which will end up in the Stock Markets' History books ! Millions will curse themselves they kept listening to the Mainstream media instead of making their home work...!

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Friday July 5, 2013 -  by selling Gold and Silver and miners you do exactly what the COMEX, LME and Central banks want you to do....jump out of REAL MONEY into worthless paper...

supply and demandUpdated sections: Rupee-Gold, Renminbi-Gold, Swedish-Krona-Gold & Krona/$/€ , ZAR-Gold & R/$/€ , £-Gold 
& £/$/€ , $-Gold , ¥ - Gold & ¥/$/€, Can$-Gold & c$/$/€ , Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€ , Silver

Law of Supply and Demand: When physical supply comes down and physical demand goes up, price MUST rise. If a price rise is artificially kept low, it will dramatically go up once the manipulation stops working. The longer and the more it is manipulated, the stronger and the higher it will shoot up.

"Think Your Money is Safe in an Insured Bank Account? Think Again." When Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem told reporters on March 13, 2013, that the Cyprus deposit confiscation scheme would be the template for future European bank bailouts, the statement caused so much furor that he had to retract it. But the "bail in" of depositor funds is now being made official EU policy. On June 26, 2013, The New York Times reported that EU ministers have agreed on a plan that shifts the responsibility for bank losses from governments to bank investors, creditors and uninsured depositors. [REALITY is you loose your money the moment you deposit it with a bank..!]

Even Gartman (who did not call Gold in 2003/05) has now become a raging bull on Gold: "You had an outside reversal day. You had absolute, abject panic. You had throwing overboard of positions. You had commercials on the futures market having their smallest net short positions -- almost to the point of being net long -- that we have seen in many, many years," he said, noting that gold prices had seen a 27 percent decline. "And when you listen to television, when you listen to the radio, when you read the newspapers, all you got were bearish implications for gold," Gartman added. "That's the sort of circumstance that gives you a turnaround, and I think you had it. ...

"I use the term 'watershed' very rarely. It's the term that I use when I'm making a major change in sentiment," he said.

"And where do I think gold goes from here? Higher. Probably a great good deal higher. Probably several hundred dollars higher. Where am I wrong? I'm wrong at last Thursday's low. I think the risk/reward is probably to the downside $75, to the upside several hundred, maybe $300 or $400 higher, and I think the odds of success are far better than a coin toss. I'll take the trade."

At lower Gold prices, production may be endangered. Gold is nearing a point at which miners are forced to scale back their operations, thereby pinching supply. Not only is diminished production likely to halt gold's downward trajectory, but an imminent supply crunch could also propel gold back to new highs. The likelihood of a strong rebound is supported by both a struggling mining industry and gold's performance during the last great bull market of the 1970s.

The recovery is a 21st century FAIRY TALE ! The recovery mindset is mostly driven by misguided consumer sentiment, unreliable government data, and, most importantly, the Central Bank's ongoing injections of cash into the economy.

Portugal running into trouble and interest rates spike to 8%...but this was expected...nothing new...as usual the ECB will slam the rates down by printing more paper money.

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Thursday July 4, 2013 - Independence day - markets are closed -

Army ousts Muslim Brotherhood and Morsy in Egypt...as requested by "We The People". That is the way it should be: Politicians should FEAR the People and not the other way around. Intelligent Psychopaths who refuse to listen to the people should be arrested and put in jail.  Hopefully we see a similar action in Turkey...

It's a matter of financial survival, not a matter of making profits....

"When you have a notional (one) quadrillion dollars of derivatives and they change by 1% on one quadrillion, that's 10 trillion dollars right there.  It's just incredible.   It would wipe out the (entire) banking system. It's a zero sum game, except the guy who's losing can't pay.Then of course they whole system comes crashing down because everyone worries about counterparties....

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Wednesday July 3, 2013 - 5% turnout in the European Parliament - more and more confirmations of gold market manipulations  -

snowden assangeUpdated sections: Gold and Silver Juniors , Rupee-Gold , Swedish Krona-Gold , 

Snowden has become a Whistle blower in despair. The man gets ZERO ASSISTANCE and the Herd has already forgotten about him. They prefer to watch the Kardachians, American Idol, the Marlins, ...this is TERRIBLE and a shame to all of us. Today full media attention goes to Zimmerman or the racial fight between the Latino and Black communities.

Who would actually believed some years ago that 2013 somebody out of the Free USA had to flee to China and Russia? [Orwell 1948]

The situation in Egypt is getting worse by the day...the fuse is burning...

Are you also voting for these CRIMINALS???  A 5% Turn-out in the European Parliament at a time where measures must be taken about the +60% youth unemployment in Greece and Spain!  This is worse than a mockery, this is theft, cheating, criminal action...and it won't change until The People decide it has to stop.

More and more sources confirm we had a 4-12 Coup because there is a dramatic shortage of physical gold. Same scenario as during the 1960's...where the price of Gold almost doubled overnight. Of course the Coup has affected the credibility of Goldonomic...but the reality is there and is visible for all prepared to make their homework. So stop watching the PRICE and look at the EXTREME VALUE. [the proof on the cake will come when it's too late]

Italy technically bankrupt ! Italy has lost about 30% of its entire position in derivatives.  The 30% number on the over one quadrillion dollars of derivatives that exist globally, results in a (total) number of $300 trillion (of derivatives losses).

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Tuesday July 2nd, 2013 - how to survive the sinking financial titanic?

Updated sections: $-Gold , Silver , €-Gold , US-Dollar , 

The USA was/is also spying on the EU. Most Embassies are giant SPY centers. It of course not is welcome that people like Snowden and Assange make this kind of practice public as it makes the HERD think.

Egyptian General Says Army Will Intervene If Crisis Not Resolved In 48 Hours. Syrian problems getting worse. Turkish problems not resolved....

If you fly form Argentina to South-Africa you need to have a certificate of Yellow Fever vaccination!?. If you fly to South-Africa with a small pet (dog) it MUST by law travel as cargo and you need to go through a special import procedure.  In Argentina where inflation is totally out of control., Cristina seized the pension funds, instated capital controls, media controls, price controls and export controls. She hired a central banker who's printing money like there is no tomorrow and filed criminal charges against economists who publish REAL inflation figures. (a Zimbabwe scenario). Cypriots are experiencing first hand the pleasures of fractional reserve banking, bail-ins and capital controls (an account holder is only allowed to take so much out of his account). Whoever can is taking all the funds out of the Cypriot banking system!  What would you do? Why the heck did people wait so long....we warned it would happen...like we are warning again it will happen in other countries.

monthly change in cyprus deposits

The banking system is as broken as it was in 2008. The thing to own is the thing that everyone hates more than anything, which is gold and/or gold mining stocks. So I think these stocks and the metals are the one thing that will protect you from the out-of-control central bankers, and it’s the one thing that everybody seems to agree is going to trade at some monstrously low price. ... These prices will turn around when psychology starts to change.” The banking system like is it today is what 90% of today's population has been experienced since they were born....and therefore they are unable to understand that the system will explode because it is a system of fractional reserve banking thriving on worthless fiat money.

Gold, dead cat bounce or bear market? Gold is up $30 and all over the American Mainstream Media...that is how fast they flip their vision. Same story for many financial analysts. The real pro's are those who tell you to buy Gold and the Gold sector during the corrections in a secular bull trend and will advise you to sell when the market is topping out. Don't count on the Mainstream Media to tell you when to buy Gold. They will NOT...until it is too late!

Gold and Silver Juniors the opportunity of a life time!? Even if you go all the way back to 2002 – before the gold bull really got running, and gold was going for just $315 an ounce – junior miners still weren't as cheap as they are today. One need not be a speculator to see that the junior mining sector offers spectacular opportunities right now. At these historically cheap prices, even a risk-averse value investor would have to seriously consider investing in junior miners. Be careful however when shopping around...and try to avoid those stocks traded on the Vancouver Stock Exchange.

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Monday July 1st, 2013 - if you have money, you're game !

Updated sections: $-Gold, €-Gold, Silver, Gold and Silver Majors and Juniors (important technical signals)

Technical analysis of a manipulated market like gold has been tedious nonsense since 2012, but these days, with virtually infinite paper dropped on the gold futures market at illiquid times to drive the price down even as the physical market remains strong, technical analysis has become insulting. Our special Point and Figures charts are still providing a good roadmap...and are at this time being tested...my guess is that they will once again survive.

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