By 2018 Paper Money will no longer exist....

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Thursday October 31, 2013 -  Shale oil postpones Peak oil and boosts the earning of oil co's -

bonds versus sharesUpdated sections:

Silver and Gold are RIGGED! ...and they don't care about hiding it...In a stunning admission last week at The Silver Summit in Spokane, Washington, CPM Group's President Jeffrey Christian, a long time opponent of silver market rigging claims, admitted that the price of silver was being illegally set on the COMEX trading floor. This admission  came during his attempt to prove that there was no silver market manipulation taking place.

Are you prepared to loose 84% of your assets (Cyprus)???

If you knew today that I will come and legally STEAL a chunk of your savings and instate capital controls so you can hide or move out of political reach, would you do nothing???

 Draghi admitted that he will likely implement capital controls + bail-in after Asset-Quality Review (the banking union and the new Bank Stress Test).

"The effectiveness of this exercise will depend on the availability of necessary arrangements for recapitalizing banks … including through the provision of a public backstop," Mario Draghi said on Friday. "These arrangements must be in place before we conclude our assessment," he said.

The Americans really did it…Assange, Snowden,…this is the kind of stories we heard about during the cold war. The difference being that at that time it was about the USSR.  The European Parliament has voted to suspend its SWIFT data exchange agreement with the US. They’ve called for US access to the SWIFT database to be halted following concerns that the US is spying on the EU, and not simply trying to combat terrorism. EU lawmakers suspect that the US has abused an agreement giving it limited access to SWIFT. As such, they voted to freeze Washington’s capacity to track international payments through the site.

Today's picture/chart comes for all those who still think that Bonds/Treasuries/Bank deposits are safer than STOCKS. They are NOT. Certainly not today where Treasuries and Bonds are the safest way to loose your savings in no time. Treasuries and Bonds are the BIGGEST BUBBLE ever! This is especially so for the US-Dollar...

Jim Sinclair forecasts a gold price of $ 50,000. Important however is to realize the future price of Gold/silver is irrelevant....Gold is an insurance against DEBT, the US-Dollar , the Euro and Fiat paper currencies. The Dollar will get hammered as we are heading to hyperinflation and more depression. Fact is that as far as gold is concerned, WE AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET ! The USA could become a Banana Republic, the US-Dollar is about to be used in a same way the Reichsmark was used during the Weimar Hyperinflation. Those who refuse to GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM will soon be transported to the financial extermination camps....they will LOOSE ALL THE MONEY deposited in Banks. Anyone who put money in a bank is an UNSECURED LENDER. The moment you put money in the bank, it is NO MORE YOUR MONEY. Not only shall we see Bail-ins but also will they seize all PENSION funds...and it may be extended to EQUITIES !

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Wednesday October 30, 2013 - Your share of the US national debt is now $1.1 million -

Updated Sections: Uranium (important update!!!, 

Nobody wants Fascism in Europe...! And yet this is what we get more and more.  Europeans want a FREE EUROPE; NO European flag, NO European passport, NO European Euro...Europeans want to get rid of these expensive Eurocrats...and they are right to expect this at a time where secession is a real possibility for the United States of America.

The EU-bureaucrats are sick, out of their mind and must be locked up: they want to forbid the sale of menthol cigarettes, they actually want cigarettes to be sold in packs of 10, they want 'an European regulation for caravans", t hey want an European fishing police, they want to regulate how much wine there is in a wine gum,..they WANT MORE REGULATION and MORE TAXATION...

socialism usaNobody want Socialism in the USA and yet this is what we have right now! ...50 million of the 320 million Americans live off foodstamps. How can anyone define that we are a socialist nation when half the people are getting money from the federal government each month?  According to the most recent numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, 49.2 percent of all Americans are receiving benefits from at least one government program. More than half of the workers at Wal-Mart stores make less than $25,000 a year...Other workers at Wall-Mart stores and also at McDonalds get public assistance. The stock market may be doing great (and will continue for some time), but incomes for average Americans continue to decline.  In fact, median household income in the United States has fallen for five years in a row.

Effective October 28th, the following applies to any consumer initiated transfer with a foreign destination: If it looks like a duck and quakes it is probably a duck. If it looks like currency controls and operates like currency controls it probably is currency controls. After submitting a wire that is to be credited in a foreign country, DCU will email* you a disclosure outlining an estimated exchange rate, any fees associated with this request, the amount the beneficiary will receive, and the date in which your wire is to be received by the beneficiary bank. You will be required to accept the terms of this disclosure before DCU can proceed with your wire request. After you agree to these terms, DCU will process your request and send to you a final disclosure that will include the actual rate and amount. CAPITAL CONTROLS in the USA is from now on a REALITY!


Dear DCU Member,

Because our records show that you have completed a Wire Transfer in the past 12 months we are notifying you of a change that may impact you in the future.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has implemented regulatory changes to Federal Regulation E that impact International Remittance Transfers. This change, commonly referred to as the "Remittance Transfer Rule", provides new protections, including disclosures and error resolution and cancellation rights, to consumers who send remittance transfers (including wires) to other consumers or businesses in a foreign country.

There is a lot of misinformation about crude oil. Although Fracking will temporarily soften the import cost of crude oil, it won't last for long as the yield of fracking can decrease by 50% and more per year and the marginal cost is $75 per barrel.

As the old wells begin to deplete, they need to be replaced by unconventional wells with horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Even though these new wells provide an initial burst of production, they decline very quickly. That means you need to drill even more wells just to keep up—and the vicious cycle continues. The costs are forbiddingly high. Even in known oil-rich regions like the Bakken and Eagle Ford, the all-in cost of extracting a barrel of oil from the ground can cost as much as US$75 per barrel (for comparison, Saudi Arabia can produce oil for as low as US$1 per barrel). To put it in simple terms: cheap oil in North America is a thing of the past.

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Tuesday October 29, 2013 - as oil goes up, commodities and gold/silver go up -

Updated sections: Crude Oil,  Oil shares ,
Brace for ‘Massive Wealth Destruction’

It is amazing how the mainstream media pinpoint the tops and bottoms of Gold, Silver, miners...but also for the Crude Oil price.  It would often suffice to do exactly the opposite of what they are publishing to invest successfully. Sometimes the price of a commodity can be heavily painted by the exchange rate of the currency...price was up in Rupees and down in Euro's ...Having said this, Oil could well be the Achilles heel of the US-Dollar.

crude oil rupees

We are now starting the hyperinflationary phase in the USA and many other countries. This will all start in 2014 and the trigger will be the fall of the US dollar. The canary in the coal mine will be the stock market, the gold price and the Bond market.  At this time it is hard to tell which countries will suffer from hyperinflation and which will not.  The fact that countries and states may leave the EU and USA could make the difference.

Hyperinflation is a currency event.

October 1922 - “Originally, on this day, the German Central Bank and the German Treasury took an inevitable step in a process which had begun with their previous effort to “jump start” a stagnant economy.  Many months earlier they had decided that what was needed was easier money.  Their initial efforts brought little response.  So, using the governmental “more is better” theory they simply created more and more money. But economic stagnation continued and so did the money growth (QE).  They kept making money more available.  No reaction.  Then, suddenly prices began to explode unbelievably (but, perversely, not business activity).

Should one pay off his debt now or ride it through the hyperinflation cycle and hope to pay it off by selling Gold at a higher price? Why sell gold for $1350 now to pay off a mortgage when with patience, it could be paid up with gold at $3500 and require a liquidation of only one third of the ounces? History teaches that "loans" will be reset to equal the depreciation in the currency (dollars, euro's, pound sterling, Yen)  thereby leaving the debt at a "similar value" to what is was before the hyperinflation. The idea is that you will pay off your $50,000 mortgage with one gold coin is historically fallacious.

This economic trick has the same chance of working as does your deposits of $250,000 (€100,000) in ten banks, and your expectation of being repaid by the FDIC $2,500,000 (€1,000,000) in a banking failure. Stop dreaming...You will not be!

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Monday October 28, 2013 - If you have money, you are game and A bank holiday after the holidays -

Updated sections: Gold & Silver Juniors 

Mind the coming IMF tax...at this time the legal structure for the legal theft is being prepared: remember Camille Gutt

The appeal is that such a tax (min 10%), will be implemented before avoidance is possible, and there must be a belief that it will never be repeated (it will however be repeated each time the Authorities are short of money)...so it does not distort behavior (and may be seen by some as fair). The tax will be REPETITIVE and levied on the Global Wealth of the citizen. It will be a “harmonized” tax across jurisdictions and be pursued on ALL properties/funds/money/shares/bonds within Political Reach ( irrespective of the nationality and/or tax status of the owner.

 China is slowly moving out of US Treasuries. The euro has risen versus the US-Dollar, but one currency has done considerably better during the past month and that is the Chinese yuan. The yuan is just soaring. Right now there is a massive of flow of gold from West to East, and I think the West is desperate to hold down the price of gold because gold represents a massive threat to the US dollar.

Don't say we did not predict Iceland and Cyprus...We did predict it. Only we did not predict "where" it would happen.  Actually, Cyprus happened because of Greece...and problems we could have tomorrow in Malta or any other country IF the Authorities do not desire or want to stop the hemorrhage. Banks and Governments are technically BANKRUPT and Banks will rot to the core. What else do you need to hear?  If you have money, you are game! If you have money in a Banks and/or Savings account and/or you have money in Treasuries, Bonds, life insurances and/or any financial instrument based on these, you WILL LOOSE it! Where and how doesn't make any difference, does it?

We have an ongoing (de)-recession, global expenditures keep going up and taxes (government income) are falling...hence Government has to raise the debt ceiling to survive....Raising the Debt Ceiling = Higher Gold price. (click to enlarge)

we have a depression more expenditures and lower income they will keep raising the debt ceiling

You are being LIED to...by the World Gold Council: Eric Sprott, chief executive of Sprott Asset Management, which runs several bullion funds, has accused the World Gold Council of painting a misrepresentative picture of the real demand for gold. Mr Sprott said a massive imbalance between supply and demand was not being reflected in the gold price because widely followed statistics circulated by the WGC were misleading...more

You are being LIED to by the CPM Group : CPM Group Alleges Whistle-blower Maguire Has No Metals History - Silver Summit . The famed whistle-blower who allegedly told U.S. regulators that gold and silver prices are manipulated by the likes of JPMorgan Chase has no background as a metals trader, according to precious metals research firm CPM Group. Andrew Maguire, presented in the media and on his current employer's website as a trader with more than 30 years of experience, actually has no real trading experience, alleged CPM's managing director Jeff Christian during his presentation Thursday at the Silver Summit in Spokane. Rather, Christian said, Maguire's background is in vehicle car leasing...more

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Friday October 25, 2013 - thank god it's friday -

going verticalUpdated sections : US-Dollar , €-Gold & €/$ , Inflation index , Bonds , 

Today prudent contrarian investors can buy gold stocks at the same prices relative to gold last seen in the very first months of an epic 10.8-year bull run where they multiplied capital invested in them by nearly 18 times! 

Shares don't go up because of fundamental sound economics but because of exponential money printing. In fact, what we see it is the value of Fiat Money which is coming down...Having said this, shares are real assets and will survive the coming financial collapse. Gold and Silver also will. They always do! Gold and Silver Miners will be the BEST PERFORMERS. 

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Thursday October 24, 2013  - The good news is that you will soon all be Billionaires. -

Updated sections:

Goldonomic is as a rule 1 1/2 year early with its predictions (this can change without warning). We predicted that the expected Hyer-inflation could already start in 2011/12. John Williams predict we shall see the early stages of hyperinflation in 2014 (next year). Once the USA looses it role as a reserve currency it will catapult the price of commodities (oil, natural gas, copper, uranium,...) to the stratosphere. The full impact of the US-Dollar entering hyperinflation is hard to forecast as this will be a 1st time experience for a RESERVE currency.

Once the US-Dollar looses its reserve status, you're off to the races....The NECKLINE (see candle and PF charts in the sections for the US-Dollar and €-Gold) is an extremely important level which is probably in the process of being broken. Once broken, we need a successful test before we can predict with a 99% probability the beginning of Hyperinflation. When the neckline is broken, I expect that the US-Treasury market will also slide/break down.

This is no longer a matter of making extra profits...but rather a matter of survival and wealth preservation!

We are at a point where you want to PRESERVE your assets...Therefore you have to hold certain assets through the crisis to survive...and forget about the pricet. It is IMPORTANT to be OUT OF CURRENCIES when this happens and have 90% of your savings invested in Gold and Silver, miners, oil shares, energy and recession proof shares.

$100,000 for 1 oz of Gold means at least $115 for one tomato.

Things are gonna get so bad that $ 2000 per oz. Gold will look REAL CHEAP. But if gold is up to $100,000/oz., the price of goods expressed in fiat dollars will also be a lot higher. IMPORTANT is to move your assets OUT OF FIAT MONEY and BANK DEPOSITS (and out of the Bank system altogether) and to move your assets OUT OF POLITICAL REACH NOW. Don't bother about what it's gonna be tomorrow or next year. If you don't do the right thing now, you won't have to bother because the assets will be GONE.

Hopefully this Whistle Blower is right...and Wrong. But the video clip is an interesting one....fact is a currency MUST be backed by REAL ASSETS and nit by DEBT (like it is now)

You must not only move your assets out of political reach but also make sure you have no or a minimum of counter parties: Gold must be stored in YOUR VAULT outside of the banking system. Shares bought and kept by a financial institution which has its legal roots outside your political entity. For Europeans out of Europe and for Americans out of the USA. Under no condition one should keep respectively (depending upon the country) more than €100,000 , $250,000 , etc...into a bank account. If you decide to split accounts, these must be opened in the name of "different legal entities": accounts in your name with 2 or 3 different banks are NOT a valid protection.]

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Wednesday October 23, 2012 - w-type reversal-bottom formation for the almost completed.

united nationsUpdated sections: Gold & Silver majors , Gold & Silver Juniors , 

The economy experienced just as many recessions with the 'expert' management of the Federal Reserve as without it. In the 100 years prior to the establishment of the Federal Reserve, there were 18 distinct recessions or depressions:1815, 1822, 1825, 1828, 1833, 1836, 1839, 1845, 1847, 1853, 1860, 1865, 1869, 1873, 1887, 1890, 1899, and 1902.

Since the establishment of the Federal Reserve, there have been 18 recessions or depressions: 1918, 1920, 1923, 1926, 1929, 1937, 1945, 1949, 1953, 1958, 1960, 1969, 1973, 1980, 1981, 1990, 2001, 2008.

Never before in history have so many ignorant people possessed so much influence in a society. I'm talking about members of the main-stream media, some actually pretending that the crisis caused by a "small-radical-extremist element has been averted.  What are these simple minds looking at? I can only hope members of the media run their personal finances as Washington runs the nation's accounts.

French EDF (Electricite de France) to built nuclear power plant in England...I expect that this kind of information and articles will again slowly become part of society. French are Nuclear Energy experts (fusion and fission)  and France is one of those countries which has the highest number of Nuclear Power stations in the World.

Gold stocks have literally never been cheaper in almost the entirety of their wildly-profitable secular bull! This pricing anomaly is the result of the most extreme bearishness imaginable. Investors have totally given up on gold stocks, they have convinced themselves gold stocks will never rally again. This has led to a self-feeding vicious circle. Discouraged investors dump gold stocks, driving their prices lower. This ramps popular bearishness even higher, leading even more investors to capitulate and run for the exits.

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Tuesday October 22, 2013 - Those who even for a nano second think the price of Physical Gold can come down have a mental problem !

Updated sections:

The EXPONENTIAL debt situation becomes clearly visible as the debt ceiling is raised at a faster pace: 2 years, one year - 6 months and now 3 months. Next February the ceiling will either be abolished or raised every 1 ½ months…and so on...

In Europe Red Communist/socialist Media either fail to see or refuse to publish the fact that almost ¼ of all Americans live off food stamps. Today Food Stamps have become a Credit on a "Privileged Debit Card".

The USA is BANKRUPT and close to live the Weimar experience but the Mainstream Media still fail to see and understand this or simply refuse or are forbidden to inform the people. In Europe because the Authorities KNOW the system can collapse every moment, everything has been put in place in preparation for the end game: a limitation on the withdrawal of funds (to avoid any potential bank run); and a limitation on International banks (SWIFT)transfers (Dexia, Banque Postale-France, BNP-Paribas-Fortis are examples of technically bankrupt banks with severe liquidity problems) are limited or simply not allowed (to avoid money laundry…lol). Last week American banks (Chase) have - because of liquidity problems - also started to prepare for the inevitable: the ATM cash withdrawals and wire transfers have been limited.  

I expect the result to be chaotic conditions in the market for long-term rates and the dollar.  The beneficiaries will be the precious metals and non-financial stocks as people flee the dollar to get invested in real assets.  They will do this directly or indirectly by owning shares in companies that own real assets, which of course includes the mining companies.  Bonds and even short-term government instruments will drop precipitously and are an accident waiting to happen.

Brace for a collapse of dollar purchasing power and soaring precious metal prices. That such is about to happen is clearly visible in following charts. If you still think the Gold/Silver price can continue to come down (or stay low) and will not dramatically go up in the near future you may have a serious mental problem. With  very little reasoning it is not hard to understand what will happen to the Gold & Silver sector - and this includes the miners - once this artificially created situation explodes.

gold holders ST 2013 Gold holders per oz

 There are 55 paper holders of Gold but only ONE OUNCE available physical Gold on the COMEX. Add to this the DERIVATIVES and other PAPER CLAIMS (ETF's, Warrants, Options) and the situation becomes EXPLOSIVE (the end ratio is at least 1:100 )!

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Monday October 21, 2013 - Stop thinking linear...and stop thinking "this will never happen" !..Banks are bankrupt and/or insolvent...so are Governments.

plunder Bastiat1Updated sections : The Gold Pool , Bank & Financials , 
When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.Frederic Bastiat

The fiscal situation in Russia and countries surrounding it (Moldavia, Roemenia, Bulgaria, Estland,....) has completely changed compared to the RED Communist regime of the USSR. Few are those who lived before and after 1989 (when the USSR went bankrupt and all the changes came) who even imagined that a fiscal regime could change that drastically. Instead of financial and fiscal repression, those countries see now the opposite...

Banks are bankrupt or insolvable and so are Governments...either you take your savings out of the Banking system and bring these out of Political reach OR you will loose these! There is NO DOUBT something will happen as Authorities are already preparing the legal side of the action. This is all happening right now and they don't even try to hide it....

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Friday October 18, 2013 - US debt ceiling suspended and Government is there to legally take away your savings ! -

capital controlsUpdated sections: US-Dollar , Euro/US-Dollar , 

As part of the bargain codified in HR 2775 (which President Obama signed into law), the Treasury Department is authorized to SUSPEND the debt ceiling. In other words, for all intents and purposes, there is now NO LIMIT government borrowing. This limitless borrowing authority will expire on February 7, 2014. But it sets the precedent that dismissing the debt ceiling is a perfectly viable course of action. Congress has effectively removed their handcuffs... so you can almost assuredly bet down the road that this provision will be extended, and ultimately become permanent.

 It's official, capital controls are coming (see yesterday's update). Good for those who took their precautions...Bad for those who did not and still think they are safe....but it is still not too late...better hurry up...before all exits are sealed!

This is a plausible scenario planned by the french government:

  1. if a country has no inventory and/or doesn't know the net value of each taxable citizen, make one.
  2. tax each taxable entity retro-active (if people have moved assets out of political reach, they will be taxed anyway)
  3. in case the tax is not paid, the Government can either confiscate assets directly through the banking system or seize and sell real estate or tax present and future income.
  4. close borders so capital and valuables can no longer leave the country.

The US-Dollar but also all Fiat Paper currencies passed away in 1971 when Nixon (temporarily...De Gaulle did not buy the joke) closed the Gold window (a lot worse than Watergate).  If you're still holding Bank notes and Bank deposits, you're OUT OF YOUR MIND !

If Gold acts in a similar way it did after the Gold Pool collapsed (and this is a conservative scenario), we will see at least a nominal price of $ 13,800 per oz.

Important Technicals: today only for subscribers...

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Thursday October 17, 2013 - Politicians and Mainstream media are not worth one second of your time !

The can-kicking in Washington continues.  I expect the same craziness to return in February 2014... What else to expect from Intelligent Psychopaths...and brainless, cute looking talking heads. I don't see much reason to celebrate it at all. This is the beginning of the end!

ou MUST watch this video clip... 

Chase Bank has moved to limit cash withdrawals while banning business customers from sending international wire transfers from November 17 onwards, prompting speculation that the bank is preparing for a looming financial crisis in the United States by imposing capital controls.

Chase Bank Limits Cash Withdrawals, Bans International Wire Transfers. Chase Bank confirmed that all business account holders were being subjected to new regulations. They indicated that customers would have to pay a fee on every dollar withdrawn over the limit. Given that even a relatively small grocery store or restaurant is likely to turnover more than $50k a month in cash payments, this appears to be part of a wider move to shut down businesses who mainly deal in cash. Chase told us customers would have to upgrade to much more expensive accounts to avoid the capital controls, meaning larger corporations will not be affected. The bottom line is that banks think your money is their money and will do everything in their power to prevent you from withdrawing it in large quantities.


 Important Technicals:

  • Oil shares: buy, hold or sell?
  • Recession proof shares...a year end rally for which shares?

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Wednesday October 16, 2013 - the US debt ceiling and shutdown is a disgusting Hollywood style orchestrated thriller!

Updated sections: Crude OilCoal & coal shares , Copper & Platinum , Long term commodity charts , 

The odds that the Debt Ceiling will not be increased, is ZERO!. A reality not perceived by the stupid mainstream media and the Herd. Having said this, America, the United States is gone, finished, cooked...this is the beginning of THE END! Both Democrats and Republicans have ruined the American dream.

Janet Yellen will print even more dollars than Bernanke printed during his term and she will be remembered in the History books as the 1st female in charge of the FED during a time of Hyper-inflation.


We are honored that Peter Schiff has accepted our invitation to be our keynote speaker at our April 22, 2014 Symposium:


Important Technicals:

  • Crude oil expressed in Euro (but also in $) ....
  • Agriculturals is preparing for ............and there is a positive correlation between the index and Gold.

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Tuesday October 15, 2013 - Desperation does as desperation needs.

Updated sections: $-Gold, Silver, US-Dollar, €-Gold & €/$ , Aussie-Gold & Aussie/€/$ , Swiss-Gold & Swiss/€/$ , Can-Gold & Can$/€/$ , Yen-Gold & Yen/€/$ , £- Gold &  £/€/$ , 
ZAR-Gold & ZAR/€/$ , Krona-Gold & Krona/€/$ , Renminbi-Gold , Rupee Gold , Gold & Silver Juniors , Oil shares , Natural Gas & Shares, Uranium shares , Bank & financial shares         

This makes is unbelievable hard to end up with decent financial advice and more important, to explain and convince the investor the vision is correct and the smoke screens of the authorities are not:

As is becoming more widely known, all US and many European financial markets are 'assisted' to behave in such way they inspire confidence in  the economy. And in the authorities. Intervention is so blatant it has become visible even to earlier sceptics; This is merely a smoke screen to let investors think the markets are safe, while objectives desired by the authorities can be pursued by any means whatsoever with absolutely no intervention from the regulators. Daan Joubert & Francis Schutte

Important Technicals: According to some analysts commodities are not the place to be and commodity companies (ex. Billiton and Rio Tinto) are a bad idea. What does the REALITY look like?..see updates this week for details and charts

        • Copper, beautiful pattern and a....
        • The CRB index is completing ........
        • Palladium has potential for a ........
        • Soybeans: the volume points to a ...........
        • Sugar has .........
        • Wheat is on the verge of ................

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Monday is Colombus day in the USA and Thanksgiving in Canada and financial markets will be closed and/or activity low.


Friday October 11, 2013 - 6 days to go until October 17th...and higher debt levels - Financial markets are steady..so much for the correction which we may not see this month.

Updated sections:
exponential stockmarket Venezuela-stock-market-index 2012
Brace for a 700,000 SP500 Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Iran,...same scenario

We have an exponential equation or we've come to a point where the DEBT (which doubled during the Obama term) will start to rise exponentially (even at near zero interest rates). This is probably hard to understand for the average living soul, but we've passed the point of no return since long and therefore the authorities in the USA, EU, UK, Japan, Russia have no option but to continue to print money (paper money and/or digital money) in an exponential way (Tapering has simply become impossible and QE will have go up exponentially). For the same reason the debt ceiling must be raised October 17, 2013 …and it will be raised again in 2014 or Congress will have to abolish it…If these actions are not put in place, the American and World economy and financial system will CRASH.

Former has important implications for the financial markets:

  • Because the US-Dollar is a reserve currency any US-action will also impact other fiat paper currencies (including the Chinese Yuang and the Euro).
  • Because there are more US-Dollars abroad the USA than within its national boundaries, it is possible but not certain that the US-Dollar may all of a sudden crash versus other currencies. Such is possible if for some reason non-domestic holders of US-Dollars loose faith in the Greenback. [note shares expressed in US-Dollar are real assets and any price drop of the Dollar will be compensated by a higher price of the stock].
  • Because of former monetary action, the USA will enter a Hyperinflationary depression.Remember Hyperinflation is a monetary phenomenon and not an economic one.
  • Unless stringent action is immediately taken by the ECB, Bank of Japan, Bank of England and Bank of China, Hyperinflation will also spread to those part of the world. Chinese could at that time unpeg the Yuang from the Dollar and make their currency convertible in Gold. If they do, the Yuang will de facto become the new reserve currency of the world.
  • The dramatic exponential increase in debt and money (debt=money) will impact the communicating financial vessels and push stock markets, shares and Gold and Silver to unseen levels. At the same time, Bonds, Treasuries, Real Estate, Bank Manufactured products will crash.


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Thursday October 10, 2013 - 7 days to go until October 17th...

Updated sections:

Janet Yellen will be the 1st money printing woman in the world..ans she will do it in an exponential way! Obama nominates Janet Yellen as president of the FED and signals hereby the shutdown of a superpower. Yellen is the EXPONENTIAL money creating edition of Bernanke. She will ensure the Dow Jones soars to at least 30,000 and Gold/Silver to reach levels never seen in history.

Gold and Silver remain the most hated assets and being a contrarian such is excellent for the future price evolution of the sector. Many people are laughed at when they confess they have Gold. Others have not made their home work and have stopped believing Gold has any upward potential left and incorrectly reclassified Gold as a worthless barbaric metal.

The tremendous amount of outstanding debt, unchecked deficits and intractable entitlement program spending virtually guarantees that the Fed and other Central Banks will have to increase its monetization of Treasuries at an even greater level than the incredible trillion dollar annual pace. This unfortunately means that inflation and our addiction to asset bubbles will be growing in ever-increasing fashion over time.

debt ceiling and gold st-louis

Chinese are doing the right thing....the lower the price of gold, the more they buy!  What are you doing? cursing, selling, sick and tired of waiting,...or are you holding your positions and also buying!? Actually, did it never crossed your mind that the Chinese could be rigging the Paper Market so they are able to buy more physical gold at a lower price???...this certainly is what I would do!

cheap gold and china buys

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Wednesday October 9, 2013 - We are in for one hell of a move in gold and silver over the next six to eight months.

Updated sections: Gold & Silver Majors , 


A highly troubling “urgent bulletin” issued earlier today by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that it has received information from the Main Intelligence Directorate warning to expect a “radical change” in the government of the United States, possibly within the next fortnight, based on information they have received from “highly placed” sources within the Pentagon...


President Barack Obama is preparing to invoke the powers given to him under 50 USC Chapter 13 to hold that various American States are now in a "state of insurrection" thus allowing him to invoke the National Emergencies Act under 50 USC § 1621 and invoke the highly controversial "continuity of government" plan for the United States allowing him, in essence, to rule with supreme powers.

Obama's greatest fear, and reason(s) for declaring a National State of Emergency, this bulletin continues, was outlined yesterday by his US Treasury Department who released a report yesterday warning of potentially "catastrophic" damage should Congress fail to raise the debt ceiling and prevent the government from defaulting on its debt...click here for more

The Fed is so desperate to defend the (US) dollar against gold in the foreign exchange markets that we are moving ever-closer to an inevitable LBMA & COMEX default, with a cash bailout of the bullion banks.  Wholesale demand in London remains well over elevated (historic levels), and it’s been in sovereign size this week.  And any dip under $1,300 would again bring in large central bank buying.

Important technicals:

  • There are increasing ‘angles’ in gold, silver and the HUI (Gold Bugs Index), and the angle has accelerated with each move.  How will the next ‘angle of rise’  be?
  • Only 9 days to go before October 17, 2013....

This is a pausible scenario for the HUI-index after decisive trend reversal and breakout.

HUI month

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Tuesday October 8, 2013 - there is simply no other option, either increase the debt ceiling and settle Obamacare of drown -

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I don't expect the Mainstream media nor the average politician to understand this...but there is simply no other option, either increase the debt ceiling, print money and settle Obama-care of drown. The end game has began...common stocks will now continue to raise until the bubble - but also the system bursts. The coming months could well be the most difficult for the average Gold & Silver holder to understand. It will because I expect that during the coming months the PROPAGANDA (Hollywood) will be MAXIMUM.

For the average investor who's not confronted with financials and economics, it may all seem bizarre...out of space. But not even Hollywood is able to window screen the reality of mathematics which have become EXPONENTIAL. As usual Authorities which feel the Titanic is sinking will pretend that "All is well Mme La Marquise". But he knows better...Even in Russia finances are again so bad that they are forced to steal away the Pensions of the citizens....The logic is that when the Dollar and the Euro collapses, the Paper Ruble also will. As +6000 years of financial history teaches us only physical Gold & Silver will survive..

debt ceiling

We have communicating financial vessels. Once it becomes apparent that the debt ceiling will be raised again (mark my words: it will be raised each time it becomes  necessary) financial markets - that is common stocks and the Gold  Silver sector will geyser upwards.

Religion is ALWAYS an excuse...

Robin Griffiths (an old rat and the broker of HM the Queen of England) warned global stock markets may now be set to plunge, but he also said that gold would see a spectacular surge as stocks cratered, and he even gave a price target. Because of the communicating financial vessels I personally disagree with Robin that the Common Stock markets would crash and Gold/Silver will soar. My vision is that during the next phase both Common stocks and Gold/Silver will geyser....until the financial system collapses. When it does, stock markets will indeed crash and the Gold/silver sector will probably continue to go up because the capitalization of the sector is extremely small and savers will see it as The Ultimate Safety.

During the war between Angola and South Africa (1066-89), cases full of diamonds were flown out of Angola. Any idea how much a pilot case full of diamonds is worth!?

Having said this, CAUTION must be exercised as long as stock market indexes are positioned around their historic tops. Only AFTER the historic tops have been broken AND tested, one can safely increase one's exposure...in the mean time one must keep the Gold Insurance.

The first indication that positive momentum is returning to the market would be a move back above $1,420.  This would complete a reverse head and shoulders extending back to May and give a target of $1,600.

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monday october 7, 2013 - there will be no tapering and QE will be increased -

fredgraphupdated sections:

It's all about simple mathematics and dilution of Fiat Paper Money. The more money, even REAL MONEY, the more inflation. The problem with Fiat Money is that it is so easy to create that no politician can withstand clicking on ENTER for it buys VOTES and POWER. The problem however is that it tricks the economy and allows for too much debt,,,and that debt from a certain point on is SELF-FEEDING (exponential). In order to contain the Hemorrhage, the Authorities have no alternate but to also create money in an exponential way.: they monetize the DEBT. This is how hyperinflations are created and how financial systems are destroyed....This time won't be different. Whatever is said or written, from now on Money will have to be created in an exponential way to keep to financial and political system alive...and this will happen until a massive discontent and mistrust of the HERD stops the music.(click to enlarge)

Once Financial Markets realize QE will continue to grow exponentially the Dow Jones will sky-rocket to 30,000 and higher and Gold will shoot through the $3000 level...

 Important Technicals:

  • Recession Proof and Oil/Gas shares which have broken out and/or show BUY patterns - only for subscribers

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Friday October 4, 2013 - common stock markets are overbought and the Gold & Silver sector oversold -

 Updated sections: US-Dollar, Aussie-Gold & Aussie/$/€ , Swiss-Gold & Swiss/$/€, Can-Gold & Can$/$/€

The danger is that there are more US-Dollars abroad than on the domestic American market. When these come back to roost, the fire will go nuclear and embrace all other Fiat currencies! Got Physical Gold???....or are you still in DENIAL?

Bubbles, bubbles...we have two important bubbles: the Bond market (Treasuries) and the fiat currencies: the US-Dollar , the Euro, the Pound, ....most people don't realize they have (indirectly) invested in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain and that if one of these countries falls into bankruptcy, they will loose the bulk of their assets. Not many people understand that even when they are holding Euro's they in fact are also holding US-Dollars. Few people know that there are more US-Dollars floating outside the U.S.A. than there are in circulation inside the country.

As many investors discover, buy-low-sell-high is not as easy as it sounds, for psychological reasons. Buying when the crowd is selling is a courageous contrarian move, provided that you have some tangible evidence that the decline is not only overextended but also ending. Conversely, lightening positions in a runaway uptrend is a courageous contrarian move, because markets often overshoot, in both directions. Those moves are eventually followed by reversions towards the trend mean.

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thursday october 3, 2013 - In the short run, money printing does work...

 Updated sections:

The problem with the EU is that the figures are cooked...incorrect (as we are used to)...like the unemployment figures in France. The euro-zone has lots of problems, but it is apparently (if figures are not cooked) experiencing some economic growth despite the ECB reducing its balance sheet in the last 12 months by almost exactly the same percentage amount that the Fed increased its balance sheet. In addition, the euro-zone government deficits  in terms of percentage of GDP are lower than those in the USA. The euro-zone actually, despite all its highly publicized problems, has improved its financial shape relative to the USA. Also, in the last 12 months, Japan, the world's third biggest economy, has gone from negative growth to strongly positive growth. The consequence of printing yen at a prodigious rate.

Assuming the economy starts to grow all of a sudden because of the inventory cycle, we are going to start to see inflation grow. Gold will become again a good news story in media. That is the point at which we're going to see people wanting to have gold.

Goldman Sachs & Co. really think and act like they are God and they keep going for the perfect picture: strong and over valued treasury markets, low interest rates, rising stock markets and weak Gold & Silver prices. Any professional knows it doesn't take a lot of money to rig the Gold & Silver paper market on a daily basis as the sector has a very low capitalization…

QE, Tapering and direct market manipulation by the Gold Pool, Plunge Protection Team has broken the annual seasonability of the financial markets. Normally we should have a setback of the stock market right now: stocks should correct and Gold & Silver go up…but nothing seems to happen. Cycles seem to be death, gone for ever...?

godotGold & Silver is a highly manipulated market where the physical delivery is extremely difficult. One must be aware that one only can control the paper market and that by doing this one adversely affects the physical market: the lower the price of gold & silver, the smaller the physical supply and the higher the price will go once the rigging stops.

If you're Waiting for Godot, at some point you can reach the conclusion that Godot may never come. But in the financial markets Godot ALWAYS comes. Therefore PATIENCE is more important than it has ever been at any time in the past. It is not because something hasn't happened that it will not happen. QE is overwriting all the short term cycles..but they may not have over written the 10 year cycle…and the longer it takes before the natural market forces correct an inbalance, the bigger the swing.

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wednesday october 2, 2013 - Obama & Co. are in the Woods until mid-October -

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The European Media are incorrect when they publish that the banks in Panama were closed during 5 consecutive days without prior warning.  The action was widely published before the Banks were actually closed one day longer over the weekend in order to allow the implementation of a new computer system. [first hand information  provided by our contact in Panama City]

Russia and China are thankful to the Gold Pool and continue to accumulate Gold each time they slam the price down...(like today)

russian central bank gold reserves 2013

The US-Bond market (Treasuries) are the Achilles Heel of the US-Dollar, the Financial System, the Banks, and all Governments/Central banks which have US-Dollars in their reserves (most of the world).

USB candle2

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tuesday october 1st, 2013 - best case scenario stock markets will be oversold by mid-october -

Updated sections:

I expect that Paper Money will completely disappear within the next 5 years. By 2018 your banker will be both your Financial Police agent and your executioner. Tax avoidance will be extremely difficult...

The world is collapsing before our eyes...it is so visible that the upcoming and active generation REFUSE to see it. They "naturally" keep BELIEVING in what they think "the values are" they were raised with by the Media, Propaganda and Politicians. People continue to vote for the same (politicians) bus drivers who keep driving their bus full of children into the ravine....People keep chaining themselves and their families to some bricks and mortar because "they BELIEVE" the value of Real Estate will continue to go up...whereas the real estate bubbles which have busted in many countries should be seen as a warning. For some reason they don't understand they are part of the RAT RACE....

The irony of the tale is that they are racing for WORTHLESS FIAT MONEY and making the wrong investment decisions because they are part of the HERD!

 The system has failed - Banks will ROT to the core and the day comes where savers will try to lynch their banker. Wall street biggest banks face $ 1bn earnings cut. Analysts reduced their expectation of net income by $210m for Citigroup, $128m at Bank of America, $123m at Goldman Sachs and $97m at Morgan Stanley, according to Bloomberg data. Those forecasts strip out the distorting effect of an accounting rule that forces companies to take profits or losses from changes in the value of their own debt. Alarm bells rang this month after Jefferies Group, an investment bank that reports before its bigger peers, reported an 85 per cent drop in fixed income revenues in the three months to August compared to the three months to May...click here for more

There is NO SOLUTION for our problem and it is 10000% sure we're heading for a HYPER-INFLATIONARY DEPRESSION. When the Authorities cannot print more money they will STEAL ALL THEY CAN OUT OF YOUR POCKETS....Authorities get delusional...Hitler did, Napoleon did,...and that is when they fail and the system collapses.


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