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    Francis Schutte

  • The majority is never right. Never, I tell you! That’s one of these lies in society that no free and intelligent man can ever help rebelling against. Who are the people that make up the biggest proportion of the population — the intelligent ones or the fools? I think we can agree it’s the fools, no matter where you go in this world, it’s the fools that form the overwhelming majority.

    Hendrik Ibsen-

  • The mainstream (corporate) media is nothing less than the unofficial accomplice of the banking crime syndicate which is running/ruining our markets and economies. Nowhere is this despicable relationship more apparent than in its deliberate efforts to grossly misinform investors on the critical subject of risk.

    Jeff Nielsen

  • The business of investing rationally becomes problematic when market participants are pursuing maximum nominal returns without a second thought as to the real (inflation-adjusted) value of those returns and the location of the savings. Our Goal is to maximize safety.


  • Comparing the currencies is like picking the prettiest horse in the glue factory. The history of all fiat currencies shows they all end up being valueless. Gold’s nobody else’s liability and it has no counterparty risk. It’s provided protection against destruction of wealth for centuries and we’re at the cusp of another major chapter in its illustrious history.


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Tuesday July 31, 2012 - Bonds are the Super Bubble of the last two centuries !


Updated sections: Stock market indexes expressed in Gold , 

Central Banks, the Federal Reserve, Banks, Authorities are not the solution to the problem. They are the origin of it. If it was not for Central Banks, the ECB, the Federal reserve and Government bailing out the banks (because they need them to create fiat money) the system would already have collapsed in 1987. Without Central banks, Fractional Reserve Banking would have brought down the financial system years ago. Without banks and central banks the Authorities would NEVER ever have been able to create that much DEBT.

Hitler, Assad, DSK, Nixon, ....all were elected democratically. Politicians are "Intelligent Pyscopaths" . They have all the knowledge and qualities to get elected but have absolutely none to lead a country in a decent way. At all times they will continue to appeal to the emotional vote of the Mass....and do whatever (bread and games) is necessary to consolidate and maintain their position. This includes killing and torturing and using the Police force and Army (ex. Libya, Syria, Egypt,..Occupy Wall Street,...) [also see the Peter Principle]

I absolutely DISAGREE with the research of Hoisington Management which has been bullish for nearly two decades now. Those who buy Bonds at these levels play with fire and will almost surely burn their fingers. This is the biggest bubble seen ever and Greek, Spanish and Italian bond investors are already feeling the heath. And after all, why risk you capital by buying Bonds if you can buy all these goodies.... Remember that Treasuries = Fiat money = Bank deposits = saving accounts...[see Daily Research for more...]


more in the subscribers' section... 


Monday July 30, 2012 -


Updates sections: World stock market indexes (extremely relevant technical formations for certain designated stock markets not to be missed!

Legislators are infected by the "Clojo virus". The virus makes retarded idiots out of intelligent adults. Once infected, acquiring votes and staying into power becomes their number one goal. To achieve this goal they are prepared to put the most stupid law into place like in Alaska. Using snow from your neighbor to make a snow man is forbidden but  using it to built an iglo admissible. Or in Belgium where from now on "whistling a girl" will cost € 250.  The same legislators are about to make overtime during the Summer Holiday because if the printing presses are not cranked up NOW, they will loose their jobs tomorrow....if they do, they will also loose their jobs and probably also their live...later.

Authorities are not even using duct tape to stop the economy hemorrhaging. As always they are running behind the facts. We have a vicious circle [Jim's formula] and they are just not doing the right thing to solve the situation. As a matter of fact, they make it worse. Read and re-read Jim's formula. Read what we have about High Order Capital Goods in the Academic section and you will understand what Authorities but also CEO's of companies like Arcelor Mittal and Bekaert still don't seem to grab.

Cranking the money/debt presses will not only make the Gold and Silver sector fly, it will also make all holders of shares (see investment pyramid, world stock indexes, recession proof shares) happy If they ain't keeping shares which have their roots in the EUCCP. Remember what happened in the USSR...!?

Got Real Estate ? If so better prepare for a new LONG down leg. The 2012 correction for the Real Estate sector which was due for 2012 may well be over and the next down leg will last until 2033. 

  • Foreclosure filings rose in almost 60 percent of large U.S. cities in the first half of 2012, indicating many areas will have more distressed homes on the market later this year, RealtyTrac Inc. reported.
  • Contracts to purchase previously owned homes unexpectedly dropped in June for the second time in the last three months, a sign of limited momentum in housing.
  • The index of pending home resales decreased 1.4 percent to 99.3 after a revised 5.4 percent gain in May that was less than initially reported, figures from the National Association of Realtors showed today in Washington. The median forecast of economists surveyed by Bloomberg News called for a 0.3 percent June increase.
  • Real Estate in Vancouver also starts to come down. Price of condo's in Toronto and Montreal is coming down. Canada has for a long time be blessed by the Chinese who kept the real estate market at record levels. Soon this also will be over.
  • Real Estate sales plunged in France. Mortgage interest rates are at record low levels but banks have become so stringent and prices so high that they made the market stall. French real estate has initiated its' 26 year down cycle or a bottom we shall have in 2038 only. The french Real Estate crash will be accelerated by Hollande's extra taxation on real estate owned by non-residents....

When the economy tanks, Real Estate prices come down, Bonds spike and interest rates are zero to negative, where than does the money flow to?...see the communicating vessels for the answer.


guns owned_2012-07-27_at_12.29.51_PM.pngIn the US gun ownership and gun death rates vary greatly by state: in Wyoming more than 60% of people own guns. In Washington, D.C. fewer than 4% and yet the state accounts for the highest rate of gun death. [rate includes suicides, accidents and homicides]. The pro-capita ownership in Switzerland is the 3rd largest in the world and yet in that country there are little gun related casualties. Authorities HATE guns because it puts the People in a position to take over and punish them for mismanagement. For this very reason the RIGHT to own guns is listed 2nd in the American Constitution. [business for weapon manufactures is excellent and their stocks fly].   

Note Finland's and Serbia's position on top of the list....and stop believing the Propaganda issued by the Legislators who are only after MORE CONTROL.

more in the subscribers' section...  

friday july 27, 2012 - in the eyes of government anybody with some savings is rich !

french holiday homeUpdated sections: $-Gold , Silver , US-Dollar (key reversal) , Euro & €-Gold (breaking out?!) , Aussie & Aussie-Gold (Short term buy signal??), Swiss franc & Swiss Gold , Canadian dollar & Can-Gold , Yen & Yen-Gold , British Pound & £-Gold (overbought), Rand & ZAR-Gold (breakout??) , Swedish Krona & Gold , Renminbi Gold , Rupee Gold

Europeans who have a holiday house on the French Riviera or in France receive special attention of french tax authorities. Taxation is increased and rental income has to be declared. This comes on top of the existing 'taxe fonciere' . and the 'taxe d'habitation'. The problem is that it has become very hard to sell Real Estate in France and that it is even harder to move a house to another country. As explained over and over again, Real Estate owners are eazy game for the Authorities which have an urgent need for more cash. [The Spanish Hacienda has already taken care of its non-resident real estate holders].

 We had a key reversal  for the Dollar index/Euro. The Dollar is overbought and the Euro is oversold and nothing goes up or comes down in a straight line. Super Mario today declared he would defend the Euro-Frankenstein to the last euro cent and although soon it will be "Game out" he has still some lives to burn (Swap agreements, derivatives,...).

The Pound has held a progression of higher reaction lows against the Euro for the last year. It broke successfully above €xxx  in April and encountered resistance this week near $xxx having developed a short-term overbought condition. A sustained move below the 200-day MA, currently near € xxxxx would be required to question medium-term scope for additional upside. At this point the Pond is OVERBOUGHT versus the Euro but OVERSOLD versus the US Dollar. Interesting go between.

Communism we still have...Freedom is still unexisting. In China last week, a young man was sentenced to four years in jail for spray-painting "CCP Game Over" on a wall. China is a High Order Capital Good country and will suffer more than the West during this depression.

Syria could collapse into a Lebanon situation in which it disintegrates into regions held by various factions, with no effective central government. Lebanon is very close to Israel. If Syria collapses, Iran may have lost one of his last partners.

 more in the subscribers' section...


Not a recovery but Hyperinflation lies just around the corner. The price of food commodities is geysering. The draught affecting the USA could well be the BLACK SWAN which will push the world economies into Hyperinflation. Goldonomic readers know that I forecasted that the Hyperinflationary depression was to start any time since the Summer of 2011. I know that I am most of the time 1 to 1 1/2 years early with my forecasts. Hence reality may well kick in any time between now and the end of the year. Producers have been covering up price increases by down sizing packaging but such also has its limits...

Welcome to Zimbabwe or the next step is to blame the speculators for price increases. The Herd doesn't understand that speculators play a vital part and that in fact they limit price increases. Politicians will use this to window dress their own mismanagement and in order to stay in power, they will "try to control the price increases" by putting PRICE CONTROLS into place. As usual the result will be empty shelves...a black market and further price increases. Whether the ruler is Mugabe (see Zimbabwe) or Van Rompuy or Obama....they all react in a similar way. The results are logic...elementary Mister Holmes.

The more Fiat money they print, the less it is worth and the fewer goods it will buy. This is the result of the elementary law of supply and demand. Because Hyperinflation is a MASS PSYCHOLOGICAL PHENOMENAL, deflationary PROPAGANDA can delay the action for a certain time. In the end however, reality always kicks in and the actions of the Mass can't possibly be stopped. This is the next faze of the hyperinflationary depression: those who have been saving realise that prices won't come down as they hoped for and they start massively to exchange Fiat Money for REAL ASSETS and FOOD COMMODITIES. Hyperinflation becomes reality. 

It makes little or no sense to put Fiat paper money in a safe or under your mattress. Although it can serve short term purposes, in the medium run, the value will be less than the rental price of the safety box. Hyperinflation is a mean thief....Got Gold and Silver coins? Only specific instruments will help you to survive what is coming...on condition you store it correctly: what good will it be if your savings are locked into a dying financial and political system and you cannot take it with you if you decide to travel to better horizons?  

It is only a matter of time before the top rating of Germany, The Netherlands and Luxemburg  will be taken away. Governments are bust and the technical bankrupt banks will break their backs. 

more in the subscribers' section...

Wednesday july 25, 2012 - are you still believing the lies of the authorities & Banks ? if so, your savings are doomed!

2005 Bernanke officially declared on television that there would be NO CORRECTION for the Real Estate market. He tried to make everybody believe we would have a high plateau of prosperity. Only weeks ago Herman Van Rompuy declared that the recovery was around the corner....a bunch of F@$!#$g LIARS they are!!! A crook has more morality than they have.

Money is USELESS..Gold and Silver will buy you anything...except that the Herd still doesn't believe it. As long at they live in disbelief  time is bought for the intelligent investor who is preparing for the worst.

more in the subscribers' section...


bres in dykeThe end of the fractional reserve banking system and of fiat money will be a big reset. It will come either BEFORE or either AFTER Hyperinflation. If Authorities make one misstep or are late stopping a leak in the dike, we may see it happen before. Candidly it is impossible to forecast this.

    • Bonds will be stuck at 1% in the US, Germany, Greece, Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands,...UK and Japan (for this phase).
    • The whole bond market will be dead.
    • Bank deposits & saving accounts will be dead or blocked.
    • We may have an extended Bank Holiday. 
    • Short selling on bonds - banned
    • Short selling stocks – banned
    • Credit Default Swaps – will stop existing
    • Short futures – banned
    • Put options – will stop existing
    • Capital transfers will be highly controlled (regulated, taxed) and probably forbidden.
    • Stock markets will suffer and crash but will survive. They always do. The crash will be a life time opportunity to BUY stocks (on condition you have the means to do so).
    • Gold will possibly move under ground...and will disappear (Gresham's law: the bad money drives out the good).

All that is left is .... Silver and Gold, Stocks, Commodities and Real Estate....on condition Government doesn't seize them. After all they have a police force and we have not. And off course...during the crash the NOMINAL price of Gold and Silver will also fall. Logic Mister Holmes: the more fiat money, the higher nominal price of Gold and Silver and the less fiat money the lower the nominal price of Gold and Silver. 

About Banning Short sales: short sellers play a specific role on the stock markets. Whichever stock, currency or commodity is shorted (sold) must be bought again. In other words the shorters are the only ones who have the guts to BUY when the Herd panics. They buy because they have to cover their short sales to book the profits. Banning short sales is like bridging a fuse....and proofs that the Authorities are stupid.

Those who SELL now are jumping out of the pan into the fire! The times of Mister Profit Percentage are over. If you jump out of the pan, it could be the last time you are able to do it. 

more in the subscribers' section...

MONDAY JULY 23, 2012 - basta !  - the majority of the savers are still is worthless fiat money/treasuries...are you one of them or do you have gold? 

bastaDuring this weekend there were manifestations in 80 Spanish cities. As explained earlier, Spain could well be the country which blows up the Euro and the Euro-zone. Interesting is that in many cities the police took the side of the manifestants. A child knows that a recovery cannot be achieved by increasing taxation. EU-President Van Rompuy who only weeks ago pretended that the RECOVERY WAS JUST AROUND THE CORNER seems to have disappeared....did anybody see a man in woman's disguise flee the EU in the middle of the night?

The euro fell to its lowest level since 2000 versus the yen and reached a two-year low against the dollar.  Think twice before you switch Euro's for any other Fiat Currency and remember that as long as you are keeping alternate currencies inside the EU-zone they are subject to Government control and probably also Legal Theft. I expect Van Rompuy & co. will be very happy that when things slide into the Abyss they can grab Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Swiss Francs and maybe Japanese Yen and British Pounds to pay for their excesses (debt). The PF chart for the Euro is TOP HEAVY and bearish objective dramatic...more

Bonds are the biggest bubble on Planet Earth and to be honest, I think it is better to park your savings in any non-financial stock than in Goverment Debt. By now every body must have noticed that when Treasuries start to crash, it goes very fast. Spain's bonds fell, sending five-and 30-year yields to euro-era records, as the region of Valencia prepared to seek a rescue, deepening concern policy makers are failing to find solutions to the debt crisis. The nation's 10-year bonds fell for a seventh day, increasing the extra yield investors demand to hold the securities as Spain also cut its growth forecast. The Italian-German yield gap reached the most since January and Germany's two-year yields fell to a record. Belgian and French 10-year bond yields declined to all-time lows.  Don't forget that I expect France to become the biggest surprise ever....and that it was french people who started the french revolution after decenna of debauche by french Kings. 

Negative interest rates we still have in parts of the Western World. Negative interest rates constitute a perfect environment for the gold price. During the 20 years of the gold bear market in the 1980s and 1990s, the average real interest rate level was around +4%. The fact that the Federal Reserve will now maintain its zero-interest policy until 2014 should result in prolonged negative real interest rates and thus create a positive foundation for further increases in the gold price.

Investing according to the Pyramid is only half of the solution as we believe that financial repression will continue to crop up in many shapes and sizes and gain in importance over the coming years. Although we are currently faced with the highest level of public debt in time of peace, far-reaching consolidation of public budgets does not seem to be up for discussion. According to Austrian economics, every act of consumption has to be preceded by production. Dramatic is that not only we have no production but that even CAPITAL which is requested to start up production is either chased away by financial repression or locally consumed. Capital is increasingy leaving Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands...(chart below applies to Spain only)

spain capital_outflows

Inflation is insidious because it usually occurs incrementally and is sometimes disguised by food retailers who reduce the weight of items (smaller packaging) provided but not the price. Inflation also compounds because the 10% price increase you may be paying today is a bigger cash outlay than a 10% price increase a year or two ago. Price of food items in the USA is sky rocketing. Even dog food is going up by 20% to 30%. 

more in the subscribers' section...

Friday July 20, 2012 - We will pay a huge price for what the authorities are doing: this is the end of cheap everything!

wired crops

Updated sections: crude oil , natural gas , agriculturals , Copper & Platinum , 

Most naive people believe they only rigged LIBOR.  At this time a car load of items are manipulated: interest rates (keeping these low equals a destruction of savings and the very base of the economy), crude oil, gold , silver, Gold & silver shares, .....manipulation only works so long and reality ALWAYS comes back with a revenge.

We will see barbed wire around crop fields, orchards and potato fields in the EUSSR like we had in the USSR until 1989. Naive people still believe that "the recovery sits around the corner" like politicians like to make you believe. Not so...things will get A LOT WORSE before they get better and I am not even sure we will even live to see the recovery. In Spain meat products are secured with security chips because people increasingly steal food in Supermarkets. Lemons and Avocado's are picked from the trees at night....if they break into your house, they don't steal your HIFI, computer....but empty the fridge!

Crude Oil is aiming for $ 200 per barrel. Natural Gas and Uranium are bottoming.  Buy NOW while the shares (Oil, Natural gas and Uranium shares) are off the scope...more

Recession proof shares - Communication Shares are fashion again.  Expensive energy results in less transportation, less traveling and more and more people working out of home....and INTERNET COMMUNICATION is replacing the automobile.

more in the subscribers' section...

Thursday July 19, 2012 - those who still believe in Fiat paper money and banks NEED TO WAKE UP!

Canadians richer than Americans: On July 1, Canada Day, Canadians awoke to a startling, if pleasant, piece of news: For the first time in recent history, the average Canadian is richer than the average American. According to data from Environics Analytics WealthScapes published in The Globe and Mail, the net worth of the average Canadian household in 2011 was $363,202, while the average American household's net worth was $319,970.  Americans openly state that if Obama goes ahead with his taxation and regulation, they will at least move their savings to the Cayman Islands. Others will give up their American citizenship!

So far this year 400,000 Spaniards emigrated and 282,000 foreign residents left the country. Thank you Zapatero, thank you Rajoy, thank you Papadopulos, thank you Barosso, thank you Van Rompuy!  At least something you did well (destroy the European economy).

Deus-ex-machina-Leo-Lein-051211Why Gold will ERUPT and a story of intervention, manipulation and suppression. We have gold intervention, manipulation and suppression by governments, banks and hedge funds. We have a paper market in gold which is around 100 bigger than the physical market, facilitating this market intervention. Governments dislike gold since it reveals their deceitful actions in destroying the value of paper money by printing unlimited amounts of it. The media don’t understand gold. Financial TV ridicules gold and even the most respected newspapers, like the FT, don’t appreciate that gold is money. But in spite of all the adversity that gold has encountered in the last 12 years, the yellow metal has still appreciated over 6 times since 1999. And even with the major investment demand that we have seen in the last few years, only 1% of world financial assets are in gold.

ETF's are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS investment instruments and Gold & Silver shares will at some point in the future come back with a REVENGE. ETF's are bankster manufactured products and therefore it is logic that they prefer the investor to buy these instead of the authentic and valuable shares....but manipulation only lasts for so long and the longer the manipulation, the stronger the subsequent reaction. This time it won't be different.

I have been called a pessimist, a lunatic, a dreamer, not in touch with reality and an eccentric but in 1989 I forecasted the crash of Japan and the Japanese economy and already in 2004 I forecasted everything which has been happening until now....and unfortunately we're not done yet.  Who then is the foolish one??? Is it not the sick who don't listen to their doctor and refuse to take their medication....

more in the subscribers' section...

wednesday July 18, 2012  - Bernanke's talk makes me vomit and Government is your biggest enemy because they can use legal theft.


Updated sections: Investment pyramid , Bank & Financial shares , Oil shares , Uranium , Recession proof shares , Crude Oil , US Dollar

Bernanke is either a super liar or retarded  (don't really see why one has to stay polite...when this kind of people are pushing millions of people into misery). I've come to a point where I doubt the intelligence of those spending their time and energy to interview this clown. The U.S. Housing bust IS NOT over. This is what the Wall Street Journal published today. What we do have is a correction. Nothing goes up or comes down in a straight line! Real Estate is a HIGH ORDER CAPITAL GOOD and the value of HOCG ALWAYS comes down during Hyperinflationary depressions.

What we think is Money, is in fact worse than Thin Air. Today money has become WORTHLESS DEBT!

The name of the game is not PROFIT but PRESERVATION ! More and more Wealth Managers sell Bonds, Treasuries, liquidate bank deposits in favor of SHARES. Stocks are REAL ASSETS and no Depression will make people stop buying food commodities and other basic necessities. By promising profits the very writers of many investment letters proof they have no clue of what is happening and what is about to happen.

Interviewed today by King World News, fund manager Stephen Leeb not only comes over to the gold price suppression side but earns a dozen tinfoil hats by acknowledging that Western banks are leasing their customers' supposedly "allocated" gold to help keep the price down, that the exchange-traded fund GLD can't be trusted (he recommends the Sprott Gold Trust instead), and that the gold price will explode as banks "get scared that they are short too much gold." Gold has very, very strong buyers near the recent lows, and I don’t think there is any meaningful upside resistance on gold whatsoever.  When the banks finally get scared that they are short too much gold, you will see a major explosion in price.  Silver is going to explode higher as well, and everyone should be accumulating physical silver at these discounted prices.  Just buy it and put it away.  It’s been money for thousands of years, it’s like having a silver bank account.”

important note: What is a bearish triangle ? It is a CONGESTION ZONE. The triangle below is coming to completion.... Note that there is a heavy vacuum above and below the triangle and the outbreak will probably take dramatic proportions.

Triangle descending

more in the subscribers' section...

Tuesday July 17, 2012 - Inflation is a monetary phenomenon

spanish seniors

Updated sections: Gold and Silver juniors (extremely interesting technical patterns)

After los cacerolazos in Argentina we now have los Yaroflautas or Grand-pops and Grandmas protesting before banks because they have been told lies by the Spanish bankers and today they realize that all of their savings are blocked in the banking system. Are you prepared...or are you still blindly hoping that what bankers & authorities tell you through the media are no lies? Spanish Seniors were those who fought Franco when they were young. Fighting Franco was easy because you could actually see him. Fighting the Financial world is a lot harder because it has become an invisible world. There is however a weapon that can be used against these institutions and by using the weapon you also protect yourself: GOT PHYSICAL GOLD?

The public now senses that the Fed’s and ECB and Central Banks' actions, especially since 2008, are enormously inflationary and will cause great harm to the world economy in the long run. They are beginning to understand what so many economists still don’t understand, which is that inflation is a monetary phenomenon, and rising prices are merely a symptom of that phenomenon.  Prices eventually rise when the supply of US dollars (paper or electronic) grows faster than the available goods and services being chased by those dollars. (see Eduction Hall for more)

FOIA docs reveal Treasury officials cited for soliciting prostitutes, accepting gifts.  Treasury Department officials have been cited for soliciting prostitutes, breaking conflict-of-interest rules and accepting gifts from corporate executives, according to the findings of official government investigations. The revelations of unethical behavior at Treasury are detailed in little-noticed documents posted this month on, which publishes agency responses to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. While it is not uncommon for departments within the executive branch to have personnel issues, it is unusual for these types of documents to become public. They provide a rare glimpse of internal probes within the Treasury Department, exposing different episodes of misconduct...more

gold shares 2004Government is paying for Bank debts using the tax payers' money. Banks however are bankrupt and bailing these out requests even more tax money. Debt incurred by the banks is transferred to the public by instating austerity measures...the model is IMMORAL! 

These are the stocks which we advised to buy in 2004...Even in 2004 and during the following years NOTHING went up in a straight line. All shares however did well.  See the subscribers' section for more and the details about  these Gold shares.

more in the subscribers' section...

Monday July 16, 2012  - US debt/deficit problems are worse than Europe!

Want to know what we wrote and advised in 2004? ...  click here to read the old newsletter. Everything forecasted at that time has been fulfilled or is becoming reality.

Banks are technically bankrupt. There is no collateral whatsoever, the system is being kept alive by swapping the debt...banks will together with governments continue to suck wealth out of the Tax Payer. The Argentinean model over and over again...ACT NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE !

There are several Californian municipalities which are bankrupt. There is a flood of tax refugees fleeing to Nevada, Arizona and Texas.  Stockton, CA is the largest city ever to file for bankruptcy. San Bernardino filed for bankruptcy....and there is now even a criminal investigation.

Germany is planning to introduce a sales tax on gold. The Euro debt & bank crisis will soon spread over to Italy and by spring 2013 it will be in France (Peugeot is laying off 8000 workers). Spanish and Greek yield have broken the 6%-7% danger zone and soon Italian yields will also. Greek, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian stock markets are still showing a distinct BEARISH orientation and I have the feeling other stock markets will soon show a similar picture: France, Belgium, The Netherlands,...The RICH are increasingly leaving the sinking Titanic (french president Hollande plans to put a 75% tax in place for the rich and will increase heritage taxes). European Banks are seeing a HUGE CAPITAL FLIGHT out of Europe and do all they can to convince the account holders that "All is well Mme la Marquise".

Yields breaking the 7% danger zone are sending Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian Treasuries and Bonds to Hell! This has not only severe implications for the private treasury/bond holders but also breaks the back of the allready weak re-insurance, insurance companies and Pension Funds. If for only one moment you think the measures imposed by the EU and enforced by the national puppies can reverse the slide to an EVEN WORSE DEPRESSION, check the figures in the table below....DRAMATIC!  This is what we will also see in Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands,....

Greek hell

more in the subscribers' section...

Friday July 13, 2012 - If gold and silver shares are sliding down instead of going down, they must be a bad investment (incorrect common belief)

iron curtain 1I will never understand why so many investors fail to buy when prices are cheap and over invest when prices are high while they do just the opposite and correct thing in normal life.
If you sell your euro's but keep these inside Europe, you can as well keep them...(Argentinian saying)

An invisible financial wall, potentially as dangerous as the Iron Curtain that once divided Eastern and Western Europe, is being erected inside and around the euro area. 

The interest rate gap between North European creditor countries like Germany and the Netherlands, whose borrowing costs are at an all-time low, and southern debtor countries like Spain and Italy, where bond yields have risen nearly to pre-euro levels, threatens to entrench a lasting divergence. The best managed Spanish or Italian banks or companies have to pay far more for loans, if they can get them, than their worst-managed German or Dutch peers.  The longer that situation goes on, the smaller the chance of a recovery in Southern Europe, and the bigger the wealth gap between north and south will grow. With ever-higher unemployment and poverty levels in southern countries, a political backlash — already fierce in Greece and seething in Spain and Italy — seems inexorable…more

 more in the subscribers' section...

Thursday july 12, 2012 - The Euro-zone is in a reality worse than communism.  the chaos will accelerate

“The fact that this LIBOR scandal has come to the surface is interesting.  It’s an indication of the depth of the corruption in the system.  The LIBOR scandal is just one of the many manipulations going on in the world at this point.”

“To me the biggest one and the longest running manipulation that no one will acknowledge is the gold and silver suppression scheme.  This has been carried out to keep interest rates at low levels, and to suggest that the monetary policy being invoked is correct."

To me, the best thing about the LIBOR scandal is more people are going to start waking up to the fact that virtually everything in these markets is fake..  John Embry

 The Euro is a tool of a central planned system, a tool of COMMUNISM.

It is unaceptable that the production of a certain product is subsidized in one Euro country and not in another. As a matter of fact, this is worse than communism! It is unacceptable that banks are not responsible for their own mismanagement and debts (read bailed out), it is unacceptable to see common debts (or not) making member countries responsible for their own debts.

How your bank account could disappear.

The U.S.'s so-called regulators are now reporting that somewhere around $220 million in customer funds is "missing" at a financial institution known as PFGBest, once again closing the barn door after all the cows have run off. With at least one out of every four bankers at U.S. big banks surveyed thinking that stealing is part of their job descriptions, it's very important for people to realize how little protection there now is between these thieves and your bank accounts...more

florida"The state of Florida has been struggling for months with what the Centers for Disease Control describe as the worst tuberculosis outbreak in the United States in twenty years.

Although a CDC report went out to state health officials in April encouraging them to take concerted action, the warning went largely unnoticed and nothing has been done. The public did not even learn of the outbreak until June, after a man with an active case of TB was spotted in a Jacksonville soup kitchen. The Palm Beach Post has managed to obtain records on the outbreak and the CDC report, though only after weeks of repeated requests. These documents should have been freely available under Florida's Sunshine Law."

How many times did I tell you these guys are the scum, the worst, the devil!?  Did you vote them in place?

Last week, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to reject ACTA, striking a major blow to the hopes of supporters who envisioned a landmark agreement that would set a new standard for intellectual property rights enforcement. The European Commission, which negotiates trade deals such as ACTA on behalf of the European Union, has vowed to revive the badly damaged agreement. It's most high-profile move has been to ask the European Court of Justice to rule on ACTA's compatibility with fundamental European freedoms with the hope that a favourable ruling could allow the European Parliament to reconsider the issue.

While the court referral has attracted the lion share of attention, my weekly technology law column (Toronto Star version, homepage version) reports that there is an alternate secret strategy in which Canada plays a key role. According to recently leaked documents, the EU plans to use the Canada - EU Trade Agreement (CETA), which is nearing its final stages of negotiation, as a backdoor mechanism to implement the ACTA provisions. [UPDATE 7/10: new post on why the concern over ACTA in CETA is warranted] [UPDATE 7/11: EC responds by saying ACTA ISP provisions removed from CETA. Appears likely most of remaining provisions remain]..more


The REAL problem is not only Spain, it also is these Morons....note the red socks one of these idiots is wearing. Difficult to stay polite after hearing all the nonsense these guys bring out. This is worse than LALA land.

Rajoy: "Read my more taxes..." Spain Deepens Austerity Under European Pressure and VAT (GST) increased to 21%!?

...Or these guys must be out of their mind to even think that one can bail a country out of problems by increasing taxation. The president of the euro-zone, Van Rompuy is Belgian. The guy even doesn't realize the Belgian state was formed in 1830 after the taxes on BREAD (energy today) was once again raised by the Dutch. How can one be so illiterate?

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced a swathe of new taxes and spending cuts on Wednesday designed to slash 65 billion euros from the budget deficit by 2014 as recession-plagued Spain struggles to meet tough targets agreed with Europe.

Rajoy, of the center-right People's Party, proposed a 3-point hike in the main rate of Value Added Tax on goods and services to 21 percent, and outlined cuts in unemployment [cnbc explains] benefit and civil service pay and perks in a parliamentary speech interrupted by jeers and boos from the opposition...more

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Wednesday July 11, 2012 - I smell a rat!!

The media openly start to admit we have gold manipulation...and Gordon Brown was a key party in the game. We're in the middle of a currency crisis!

The Daily Research reserved for subscribers shows CLEARLY that we're on the brink to Hyperinflation and that the Hyperinflationary Depression will get a lot worse!

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Tuesday July 10, 2012 - A Giant Ponzi scheme and the medicine is killing the patient!

The same bundle of money going round and round in circles.  Leaving Nigel tempted to describe it as a giant ponzi scheme (which off course it is.)

EURO officials should be ashamed!

PLEASE stop reading and don't pay attention to the idiocies published by Jim Rogers. The man is a danger for any healthy reasoning process. This is what has been published recently, "Legendary investor Jim Rogers remains a long-term bull on gold, but thinks the precious metal’s correction may still have a long way to go. At around $1,600 an ounce, gold is down about 17 percent from last year’s record peak of $1,924. Gold has been in a bull market for the past 11 years, and Rogers, who has owned it for longer than that period" tells, “I don't know of any asset in history that's gone up 11 years in a row without a correction.” Click here if you have time to waste.

A crisis, recession and depression, is more than an economic problem, it is also a social and human problem.  In France "Healthy companies" won't be able to lay off long as the company is profitable....You have to hear it to believe it. How stupid can people be?

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Monday july 9 , 2012  - This is the age of aquarius - Those seeking immediate gratification are doomed.


Authorities and Banksters try to postpone what I know will sooner or later happen....


Imagine, we're talking about $ 100 BILLION bets here...into a single Market Index...the situation is so great that the trader is moving the market....manipulation? off course it is! I really don't understand WHY these stories NEVER hit the frontpages of the Media. We're not JPMorgan or Goldman Sachs and hence we don't know what their books/positions look like...however, we do know who's ass will be whipped at some time in the future...and it won't be ours!

bloomberg swaps 

Why Gordon Brown sold Britain's gold at a knock-down price. A great deal of Gordon Brown’s economic strategy would strike a sane man as troubling. Not a great deal was mysterious. The orgy of gordon brown1consumption spending, frequent extensions of the cycle over which he would “borrow to invest”, proclamations of the “end of boom and bust”: these are part of the armoury of modern politicians, of all political hues. One decision stands out as downright bizarre, however: the sale of the majority of Britain’s gold reserves for prices between $256 and $296 an ounce, only to watch it soar so far as $1,615 per ounce today.When Brown decided to dispose of almost 400 tonnes of gold between 1999 and 2002, he did two distinctly odd things. "Brown was facing a problem that was a world scale problem where a number of financial institutions had become voluntarily short of gold to the extent that it was threatening the stability of the financial system and it was obvious that something had to be done.”..more

Moscow lashed out on Thursday at the Western position on Syria, saying it could aggravate the situation to the point of war.  “Their [Western] position is most likely to exacerbate the situation, lead to further violence and ultimately a very big war,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. The West has also distorted the Russian position on Syria by suggesting Moscow should offer Syrian President Bashar al-Assad asylum, he said. “This is either an unscrupulous attempt to mislead serious people who shape foreign policy or simply a misunderstanding of what is going on,” Lavrov said. He also warned that Russia will reject any UN Security Council peace enforcement resolution on Syria, since that would be “nothing but intervention.”...more

The system is broke but it takes time before it falls apart. Time means months and years. I started to talk about what is happening now in the early 2000’s (see newsletter in the archives for 2004) and there is luckily still no cigar! During the crumbling process Banksters and Politicians/Authorities will do all they can to persuade you that there is no problem, that there is nothing wrong….in the end when it all blows up, they will blame somebody else, maybe a Black Swan…who knows. [those who watched Episode Four of the video we published yesterday, know that most Bankers don’t understand how the system they are working in for years functions and what the mechanisms are].

The situation is so bad that even a reduction of 25 basis points by the ECB won’t and cannot bring any improvement. I only see it as an effort to increase the security margin between the actual general level of interest rates and the danger zone of 6% to 7%.

We are slowly but surely sliding towards a catharsis. The more resistance and the slower it moves forward the Abyss the deeper and harder the bottom of the Depression Dangerous is that because it is moving so slow many lose patience and even more people stop believing something negative is about to happen.

Why is it so hard to understand that Fiat Paper money will become WORTHLESS as money but that vital commodities together with Gold/Silver will be the only survivors?

Paper money, banks and governments are doomed!

The Emperor has no clothes and it is only a matter of time before we hear the boy crying it out.  But remember that the longer it takes, the worse the outcome…

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Friday July 6, 2012 - most people operating in the financial system don't understand how it functions...extremely dangerous!

banking for dummiesUpdated sections: World Stock Markets, Gold and Silver Majors (clearly defined bottom)

Whatever is said and written about last weeks' EURO-SUMMIT, the financial markets decided the resolutions are favorable for European stock markets. As a consequence there is less red and more green in our section of World Stock Market indexes. NEVER forget STOCKS are participations in REAL ASSETS and TREASURIES are participations in THIN AIR. Whatever is going to happen to the Euro and European Treasuries, the European Multi-nationals will not disappear and most will survive the Depression. Holding on to selected European stocks will be a lot safer than holding on to Treasuries and their derivatives.

ECB and China cut interest rates to abnormal and historic low levels. This is an act of self preservation.  Main concern is to keep the interest payments as low as possible for the authorities. Any hike above 7% means the END. The impact on the economy is minimal as bankers are lending out less and less money...

Following 4 movies must be watched by all those who live in the conviction that I am exaggerating. Special attention must be paid to Episode Four.


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Thursday July 5, 2012 -

desperadosCentral Banks and authorities are increasingly becoming DESPERADOS as it becomes less and less possible to control the situation. Gold is reaping the benefit of market expectations for further monetary easing around the globe to stimulate economic growth

Commodities advanced to the highest level in more than a month on expectations that central banks in the U.S., Europe and China will ease monetary policy to spur growth, boosting demand for raw materials.

European stock markets are bottoming out. This is why: Support through the EFSF/ESM is to be available to help stabilise markets, notably bond markets, for countries complying with their budget rules and reforms.  I thought it would be timely to attempt to identify companies that have a reasonable dividend and the potential to keep paying it.

Yet another potential banking scandal continues to loom on the horizon. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission is in the fourth year of an ongoing investigation into manipulation of the price of silver, and Commissioner Bart Chilton already blew the whistle back in 2010 by declaring: "I believe that there have been repeated attempts to influence prices in the silver markets. There have been fraudulent efforts to persuade and deviously control that price." Both HSBC and JPMorgan Chase were named as initial co-defendants in a related civil lawsuit brought before the U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

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Wednesday July 4, 2012 - independence day -

Updated sections: ALL GOLD & Currency sections, SILVER, (Swedisch Krona shows a BEAR TRAP!)

Ever seen how a thief looks which has been caught red-handed? Check the Face of Van Rompuy towards the end of the video clip...and move your savings out of Europe NOW !!!!.unless you look forward to the day you will also smile like the President of the EU does. According to Mister Van Rompuy a recovery and break through was around the corner 18 Summits ago. Instead the wheels are coming off the wagon. Today Slovenia is also asking for EU help! No doubt "they" will some money and give it to them.

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Tuesday July 3, 2012 - Banks think they are GODS and are conducting an organized holdup -

trust a banker

Tomorrow is July 4 and financial markets in the USA will be closed.

The ESM is now a permanent bailout fund for private banks. There is no ceiling set on the obligations to be underwritten by the taxpayers, no room to negotiate, and no recourse in court. Its daunting provisions were summarized in a December 2011 YouTube video originally posted in German, titled "The shocking truth of the pending EU collapse!": (see earlier postings).

English banks caught red handed manipulating interest rates.& Libor (inter bank rate)...If they do it, Central Banks certainly's their only life line. If interest rates brake the 6%-7% wall, it is GAME OVER. The news is that these banksters have openly admitted that they participated in LIBOR-related fraud which exceeds $350 trillion in scope. GOT PHYSICAL GOLD?

20 more banks were rigging interest rates: British bankers now facing criminal inquiry over scandal that was kept secret for years...Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Lloyds...all named as under investigation as scandal widens.Hundreds of bankers across three continents are embroiled in the interest-rate fixing scandal that has left Barclay's chief executive Bob Diamond fighting to save his job. At least 20 banks are believed to be under suspicion, with growing demands for a criminal investigation...more

BNP Paribas is fiddling with deposits and balance sheets. Because of a in-equilibrium between deposits and outstanding credits in Spain and Italy, the bank is transferring the credits to Belgium (where there is a surplus of deposits). If Van Rompuy is allowed to do what he does, why would BNP Paribas not cook its books and more?...poor people having deposits with that bank...they are the ones which will be screwed.

Do understand that as CASH is being ruled out of the economic process the power of Banks is growing together with the power of the Authorities.  By limiting/making illegal cash trades the Authorities are in fact enslaving themselves to the Bankers....

GATA proofs over and over again that the Gold and Silver markets are manipulated and this is even openly admitted.   Banks who are responsible for the financial service of Gold and Silver mines, short the stocks of the co's they are supposed to service??

BNP Paribas is fiddling with deposits and balance sheets. Because of a in-equilibrium between deposits and outstanding credits in Spain and Italy, the bank is transferring the credits to Belgium (where there is a surplus of deposits). If Van Rompuy is allowed to do what he does, why would BNP Paribas not cook its books and more?...poor people having deposits with that bank...they are the ones which will be screwed.

ECB rigges bond markets in Italy, Greece and Spain by lending funds to local banks at 1%.

Finland, one of the eurozone’s few remaining AAA-rated economies, has pledged to block Brussels’ celebrated plans to allow its new bail-out fund to buy sovereign bonds in the market...more

Libor scandal: How I mani- pulated the bank borrowing rate.

An anonymous insider from one of Britain's biggest lenders – aside from Barclays – explains how he and his colleagues helped manipulate the UK's bank borrowing rate. Neither the insider nor the bank can be identified for legal reasons...more

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Monday July 2, 2012 - The EU is keeping every country trapped -

van rompuy hat

Updated sections: Gold , Crude Oil , Oil Stocks, Gold Majors, Gold Juniors , Euro & €-Gold , US-Dollar , Silver

< Click on the picture to read his 7-page note. [Van Rompuy is a belgian politician...I know how these guys think and operate...] - click here for my clarification on the matter -

Financial markets in Canada are closed today and American markets will be closed July 4.

Germany has today given the impression that it caved into demands made by Italy and Spain for immediate euro-zone aid to bring down their soaring borrowing costs, sending the euro and markets higher. The reality however is that Merkel has given NOTHING away! (if you look at the liability risk of German banks - see yesterday - it is not hard to understand why this solution was accepted!)

Under the deal, Spanish banks will be recapitalised directly by allowing a €100 billion EU bailout to transferred off Spain’s balance sheet after the European Central Bank takes over as the single currency’s banking supervisor at the end of the year. After the ECB takes over euro-zone banking supervision next year then the Spanish bailout will “very rapidly taken off balance sheet” and directly loaned to banks reducing Spain’s debt burden and borrowing costs. The Euro-zone has been least for now. We have to wait and see what happens next when Italy or any other EU-member state runs into problems.

This is the Asylum run by fools. EU is saved by an accountant's trick: the bail out funds are paid directly to the banks instead of to the EU-member governments. As a result the official government debt figures won't go up....the total debt however still will!?...but the Financial Markets seem to buy it....

Important for the investor is the fact that it becomes evident the EU-politicians and the ECB WILL NOT ALLOW the EURO-ZONE to collapse and will do whatever is necessary, including QE to infinity!


Bottoms have once again been confirmed and we had important technical signals for Crude Oil, Oil shares, Gold, Silver and Gold and Silver shares. Crude Oil went up by 8.11% in a single session. Important is that the key reversal clearly defines a BOTTOM...and a bottom we also have for other commodities. But markets are and will remain VERY VOLATILE ! Alamos +10% , Axmin +13 % , Fortuna + 10% , Lake Shore + 7%, MUX + 7% , OXY + 6 %, Telefonica + 6.5% , Copper + 4 % (we do NOT advise to buy these shares - see subscribers' sections for details).

 Crude oil  Oil shares  Gold  Majors Juniors

Obama care Simplified: Obama care does a few big things and will have a negative impact on the income of US Health insurance companies and stocks: 

  • Prevents insurance companies from denying customers for pre-existing conditions.
  • Allows young adults to stay on their parent's insurance until age 26.
  • Limits age-rating, or charging premiums several times higher for older customers.
  • Eliminates lifetime insurance caps and restricts annual limits.Restricts how much insurance companies can spend on non-medical costs (overhead).
  • Mandates that everyone acquire health insurance by 2014 or face a tax, offering subsidies or Medicaid for those who can't afford it. The tax would be $ 3,000. Hence the situation doesn't really change for low and no income people. 

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If you sell your euro's but keep these inside Europe, you can as well keep them...(Argentinian saying)

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