February 2022 - This time all Turkish Real Estate owners and investors are the biggest bag holders!

Impossible to move Real Estate out of a country when the currency crashes. Impossible to hide it when the Government hikes the Real Estate Taxes. Very hard to accept the losses on Real Estate investments once the currency (Turkish Lira) crashes a lot more and double the price increase of your dwelling. In Turkey, Real Estate also DOES NOT PROTECT you from high inflation and Currency devaluations!


dollar vs lira 2012  2022 Euro vs TRY 2012 2022
Hard to make up an 80% currency loss with real estate! Hard to make up an 85% currency loss with real estate!

The Turks who kept their savings in GOLD & Silver are the absolute winners of the year 2021!


2001 Turkey came out of a hyperinflationary depression with a shortage of good housing!

Today, February 2018, we are however advising NOT to buy any Real Estate in Turkey - under no condition - and to sell ANY existing Real Estate property and export the funds.


Real estate sells for a fraction of what it sells for in European countries...click here for more

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